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The Daily Gazette, 50c per month.
Trunks and suit cases at Blackledge's
furniture store. 5-17-tf
Miss Nina Wall is visiting former
)AC students and friends.
Acme Quality Paints and Floor Var-
hish that wears at A. L. Miner's.
Peter Withers, an old veteran . and
former resident of Eenton county, ac
companied by Mrs. Withers, is visiting
at John Rickard's.
Wanted. By young lady to engage
place to work for next fall. Will want
to attend college. Address 446 . 18th
and Tyler streets, city. , 5 24 tf
An auto trip was taken to Eugene
today by Messrs and Mesdames Burnap,
Morris, Silverman and Goodwin and
Women Eowlsrs to Compete Foi
World's Championship. -
Call up the Palace of Sweet3 for your I Mrs. Puriea.
ce cream and sherbets. Free delivery. J Zeb Davis has added anpther curiosity
5-6-tf ' to his warlike display, M. S. Woodcock
H. B, Rankin, of Portland, is in the having brought down for exhibition an
;ity today looking after the payment of old revolver of the "pepper box va
taxes. riety, which his father carried out over
F. H. Kins-ia ovpr from the Soldiers' ,the Plains in '53-
IHome greeting his old comrades and
J. Fred Yates returned yesterday
from Newport, where he had been to
deliver a memorial day address.
A. M. Weatherford has succumbed to
the prevailing malady and is now nurs
ing a severe attack of measles.
Miss Clauda Anderson, of Lents, an
'03 graduate, is here renewing her ac
quaintance with College friends.
For Sale. Canary birds; fine sing
ers, good colors. Mrs. Margaret Joy,
Granger, Ore., phone 3152. 6 1 7 t
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Proebstal, for
mer OAC graduates, are in the city
this week, the guests of friends.
General repair shop. All work first
class, promptly done. Back of Beal
Bros., blacksmith shop, Wood Bros.
Portland, Michigan, has elected Miss
Blanch Vaughan, a former OAC student,
as principal of the High School at that
- Joe Smith is seriously ill and his
many friends are quite anxious about
him, and they all hope for his early
Messrs Britt and Grimm, two old
soldiers of Yamhill county and friends
of A. P. Johnson, are here for the en
campment. .
R. W. Allen, who has been directing
the work of installing the new experi
ment station at Hermiston, spent a few
days in Corvallis last week.
One of the ten graduates in the class
of '88, Mrs. O. W. Robbins, who was
then Miss Anna Lilly, is in Corvallis
visiting relatives and friends.
A position as draughtsman in an
architect's office at Salem has been se
cured by J. J. Karstetter, a member of
the OAC senior class in engineering.
MoVED Mrs. Carrington can now be
found at 335 South Second street, across
the street from her former location.
Call there for all kinds of plain sewing.
The editorship of a government civil
service publication has been awarded
to S. A.Brown, afT '08 OAC graduate,
who is now in the National forestry
service. -
It's Luck to Smoke Puck. -
The Better than 5c Cigar
The Cigar in the Green Box
5 28 lOt
The Benton County Commissioners
court is in regular monthly session to
day. Several matters of importance
are to be considered at this meeting.
The $200 reward for the capture of the
Col. S. F. Blythe, of Hood River,
past department commander, Oregon
G. A. R., and Capt. James P. Shaw, of
Milwaukee, who is prominently, men
tioned as the coming department com
mander, are here for the encampment.
Both of these veterans are old news
paper men, Col. Blythe having been
formerly associated with the Hood
River Glacier, while Capt. Shaw is now
editor of the Milwaukee Record. They
are pastmasters both with the sword
and pen.
City People Will Ride
Electric Cars Soon
Following the announcement that
Portland capital is to build an electric
street railway in Baker City and an m
terurban line through Powder Valley,
taking in all of the country from Baker
to North Powder, Anthony Mohr, who
Tourney to Be Held In New York Will
Be Conducted Under Rules of East
ern Ladies' Bowling Contest Fig
. ures For National Bowling Tourna
ment Reach Huge Proportions.
Every woman bowler In America is
Invited to enter the individual compe
tition for the world's championship to
be held in Madison Square Garden. In
New. York, on May 24 to June 12. dur
ing the three weeks given to the na
tional championships for men by the
National Bowling association. Final
arrangements for the tournament have
been perfected with the United Tour
nament company, which has been or
ganized to handle the National Bowl
ing association events.
Thi is the only tournament for wo
men that will be held in the big gar
den. There will be no entry or other
fees of any kind, and every competitor
will have free admission to the garden
during the tournament. Club member
ship is unnecessary, as the entries are
all made by individual registration. In
recognition of the eastern ladies' bowl
tag congress, an organization of 300 or
more members,, that has done so much
for bowling among women tajthe east,
the garden event will be conducted
under Its rules, which are the same as
those of the New York Bowling asso
The first prize will be a valuable
diamond emblem, probably in the form
of a brooch or locket suitably engrav-
pil This trnnhv will In rpcnirnized ns
represents those mterestea, is masing . emblematie of the world's champion
ship. Other medals of gold, silver and
bronze are for second, third and fourth
court house robbers will be turned over
to Chief Wells, who will give bond to I family is temporally occupying
cover its final disposition. I house at 1260 Jeff erson Street.
preparations to begin the , survey.
Not since the early '90's has Baker
City had a street railway. At that
time there was a line that ran down
Front street and west on Center street
to the O. R, & N. station. Horses
were used as motive power and finally
it was abandoned. "
General interest in the new enterprise
prevails and it is understood Portland
people have raised sufficient capital to
put in the line.
Domestic Science At Baker
Encouraged by the excellent exhibit
made by Baker City school for : the Se
attle Fair .Superintendent Churchill will
make an effort to add a course of do
mestic science to the school work next
year. Last year he inaugurated man
ual training and it has proven so thor
oughly satisfactory that the entire com
munity is anxious for this kind of train
ing to continue. ; With domesticrscier.cf
added, the course of study in the city
schools will be complete, and occording
to Professor Churchill, "no boy will be
graduated who cannot use a saw, and
no girl will ever receive a diploma who
cannot cook a square meal and darn a
sock. '.
Here from Oklahoma
C. O. King arrived in Corvallis yester
day with a carload of household goods
and farm implements, from his former
home in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Mr. King's family preceeded him two
weeks and have been visiting with rela
tives in this vicinity. He is a good
farmer and is in the market for a ranch
in the neighborhood of Corvallis. The
Persons Ordered Away For Examina
tion Want to Return, Even if Well.
Oue of the curious phases of life at
the Molokai leper settlement was il
lustrated when seveu persons from the
settlement were taken to Honolulu,
in Hawaii, a few days ago to be re
examined to determine whether they
are now afflicted with leprosy or not.
They are all persons who have been
at the settlement a considerable time.
most of tHern several years. They are
to be re-examined because when the
members of the legislature visited the
settlement some weeks ago these indi
viduals showed uo outward sign of the
disease, and their re-examination was
asked for by some of the legislators.
But when these seven were directed
by the superintendent of the settle
ment to get ready to go: to Honolulu to
be re-examined they all demurred.
They declared they did not want to
leave the settlement, even if it should
be proved that they were free from
the terrible disease. They asked that
assurances be given them that if they
were found ; free from leprosy they
would be permitted to return to the
settlement as kokuas or helpers to
This is not at all an unusual experi
ence, l hough the dread of being sent
to, the settlement is so great among
the Hawaiians that they hide their af
flicted until hiding is no longer pos
sible, once they live at the settlement
the life there is so care free, so. well
provided in material comforts, that sel
dom is there any desire to leave. '
OUR COFFEES every Week by Wad-
ham and Co. of Portland Oregon, Ensuring Freshness
and Cleanliness.
40c per pound 25c per pound
Please give these Brands your attention when ordering
tasks' matches need
Constant Repairing
Their method of carrying them is
responsible for the fact. Pinned to
the waist or hanging on a chain the
delicate mechanism is easily disar-
ranged. ' We pay special attention
to ladies' watches, and when re
paired by us you will find that they
keep in order longer.
E W, S, PR ATT, Jeweler and Optician
These Garments for Ladies and Misses
are of excellent quality. . The styles speak
for themselves and ..: the prices are really
less than the cost of material and making,
Henklo & Davis A
prizes. Each woman will roll three
games, total pins to count, as in the
individual competition for the men
and boys. Games will be rolled only
in the afternoon.
Quite as much interest has been
awakened among the women In the
west over this tournament as among
those In the east aDd in Greater New
York. Miss Gertrude Hull of Chicago,
who won the Olympic championship
at St. Louis; Miss Birdie Kern, daugh
ter of Martin Kern of St. Louis, the
former national champion; Miss Herr
mann, daughter of Garry Herrmann of
Cincinnati, chairman of the national
baseball commission; Miss Bergman of
Philadelphia and many women bowl
ers of note will all be competitors for
the diamond medal.
In the garden they will meet for the
first time the best of the east, among
them Mrs. P. J. Riddell. who defeated
Mrs. Hull at Rochester last year, and
all the stars of the eastern ladies'
bowling congress.
In this competition, as in that for
the men and boys, where tournament
conditions make the result extremely
open, every woman bowler will have
an equal chance to win the diamond
trophy and the world's championship.
Rather remarkable are the results
when a person with an inclination for
mathematics ' delves Into figures per
taining to the national bowling cham
pionship tournament. .
On the basis that r00 five man teams
will compete, there will be 30.000
games rolled 300,000 frames. Figur
ing on eighteen balls to a game, 540,-
000 deliveries will be made.
With each- ball traveling eighty-five
feet and back, or 170 feet to each de
livery, means that 91,800.000 feet, or
about 17.386. miles, will be the dis
tance covered by bowling balls In the
garden. This is six times the distance
between New York and San Francisco.
Each ball weighing sixteen pounds,
a total weight of 8,640,000 pounds will
be lifted, or about 4,320 tons, the
weight of an ocean steamship. Each
bowler will lift and handle nearly half
a ton. '. , "
Approximately 5,400,000 pins will be
knocked down, a weight of 17.550,000
pounds, or 8,775 tons. The combined
weight of the balls delivered and the
pins knocked do.wn will be greater
than the weight of the steamship St
The time for bowling will extend
over eighteen days. There will be
$50,000 In prizes. $1,000 of which will
be given to the winning five man team-
There will be three distinct titular
competitions five man, two man and
Individual. ' .
Eighty-five per cent of all the en
trance fees are returned to the bowl
ers in prizes.
Thirty thousand score sheets will be
necessary to record tne games, eacn
sheet having room for three games
and beinsr issued in triplicate. ..The
aerial scoring system, by which every
person in the garden may follow the
progress of each ball rolled, will cost
$1,500 to Install. : : -
One team will enter from Germany
and one or more teams from the I'a
cific coast. The tournament will be the
largest bowling event ever held, both
In point of entries and spectators. Of
course a mathematical person, fond of
research to an " exhaustive degree;
might attempt to ascertain the amount
of skin worn off ' the fingers of the
bowlers or the amount of nervous en
ergy wasted in expressing the feeling
of a man who has just missed a spare
In the' tournament or encountered an
Impossible split.
Butterflies to Entertain Passengers on
. an Ocean Liner.
What will they have next on an
ocean liner? A few days ago truck
farms and strawberry beds were an
nounced as the latest novelties. When
they lengthen the ships Just a little
bit it may be that they will set up a
sort of forest preserve at one end,
where the gembok and the Thompson
gazelle may be : hunted without the
necessity of going to Africa.
'' Now it is live butterflies some of
them the size of sparrows which are
to flutter about the Hamburg-American
ship Kaiserin Augusta Victoria
and beautify the Ritz Carlton winter
garden.' Perhaps in course of time a
few bumming birds will keep the but
terflies company. ' Who can tell?
When the brilliant lights are lit at
night the butterflies will come to life
and circle about among the diners and
the growing plants, the beautiful col
ors of their wings blending pleasantly
with the illumination. The diners, of
course, will be astonished and delight
ed. "?lf now-a few blue herons, ma
caws, golden pheasants and other birds
were freed upon the big ship the pic
ture would be even more attractive.
Successors to .
Second Street, - - Corvallis, Oregon
Dealers In
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
rators, Graniteware, Tinware and Builders'
; Hardware.
Sole Agents for ,
Congo Roofing and Quiok Eeal Ranges
Stencils to Replace Inspection Labels
- on Incoming Baggage.
Dishonest travelers returning on
ocean liners will hereafter have diffi
culty in eluding customs regulations,
according to a Washington dispatch.
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Reynolds has issued an order directing
that the paper labels heretofore pasted
on baggage to indicate that it had been
examined by the customs inspectors be
replaced in the service by erasible
stencils fixing the mark directly on the
baggage. --.'".
Customs officials have long complain
ed that the pasted labels are frequent
ly removed by the owners of the bag
gage after the custom house is passed
and then used on other baggage not
yet examined. The stencils will stop
this practice, and as the ink to be used
comes off easily the marks will not
last long enough to confuse officials.
German Prizes For Operas.
Publisher Curt of Berlin, XJermany,
offers two prize's of $2,500" and two
consolation prizes of $500 for the best
boeras and librettos, which must be in
flerman and "sent in by May 15, 1910.
The winning works will be performed
M the Municipal theater. Hambuwc
Decoration Day a Misnomer, Says
General Order of G. A. R.- '
Memorial and not Decoration day is
the proper designation for May --30,
under a - declaration in general order
No. 10 from the headquarters of the
G. A. R. in the state of Pennsylvania.
"It is noted that some comrades will
persist in calling this day set apart for
decorating the graves of our deceased
comrades 'Decoration 'day,' " says the
order. "This is an error! , We under
stand how. easy it is to err in this mat
ter, but remember, comrades, that Me
morial day is the proper designation
for May 30, and the people should be
educated to so name it."
Zoar, O., to Revive an Old Custom of
Its Communist Colony. ,
- Cider pumped from a big cistern will
quench thirsts at Zoar, O., after next
falL .The cistern, whose walls are of
cement, has a capacity of 100 barrels
and Is in the public square. It is being
cleaned -and will be filled with apple
juice. The cistern was used for this
purpose years ago when the Zoar com
munist society was in existence. .
, With the advent of the Rose local
option law the residents determined to
restore -the old custom. . A pump . will
be installed,- and the beverage will be
free to all who care to work the han
dle. - '-: Ji ''-
Big Diamond In His Cigar.
Levi J. Satterfleld of Mllford, Del.,
wondered why a cigar that he was
smoking the other day did not draw.
On investigating he found a handsome
diamond . of 2 carats. worth $300,
firmly imbedded In the "filler." The
only theory that Satterfleld has as to
the ownership of the Jewel Is that It
was dropped Into- the tobacco by - a
packer before the cigar was made. - '
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
i Glass, Haviland and Chinaware,
iiramer : Elates -East . ,
During the Season 1909
via the ,
Southern Pacific Co.
- -
To OMAHA and Return - - $62.60
T6 KANSAS CITY and Return $62.60
To ST. LOUIS and Return - - $70.10
To CHICAGO and Return - - $75.10
. and to other principal cities in the East, Middle West and South.
-. Correspondingly low fares.
. . , On Sale June 2, 3; July 2, 3; August 11, 12
To DENVER and Return - - $57.60
On Sale Miy 17, July 1, August 11
" Going transit limit 10 days from date of sale, final return limit October
3ist. '
These tickets present some very attractive features in the way of stop
over privileges, and choice of routes; thereby enabling passengers to make
side trips to many interesting points enroute.
Routing on the return trip through California may 1 e had at a slight
advance over the rates quoted.
Full particulars, sleeping fear reservations and tickets will be furnished
by R. C. LINNVILLB, Southern Pacific local agent at Corvallis or
WM. M'MURRAY, General Passenger Agent
Portland, Oregon
The Benton County
Real Estate Agent
Corvallis, Oregon
T If you have anything to buyt sell or exchange, see us. No padded
prices. 1 As to our responsibility, ana metnoas 01 aoing Dusmess, we reier
you to tne Dusmess men 01 worvauis. u some spienaia Dargains sena lor
list. ; :" ' ' . ' ' .--.
The Jackson Loan & Trust Co.
Fort Worth, Texas Jackson, Mississippi
i -V.

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