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î Silver City Nugget î
John Lamb, • Editor and Publisher
V V V $7.00 Par Year V» V» V»
FRIDAY,»APRIL 3, 19*13.
$ Owyhee
County, Idaho I
Artesian Wells.
Bordering on the Snake riv^r nearly
the entire north side of the county are
extensive tracts of rich lands, wanting
only water for irrigation to make them
equal to any agricultural lands in the
state. Tho greater pertion of these are
subject to homestead entry, They
would provide many prosperous homes
if irrigation were practicable. Within
the past two years a number af arte
siau wells have been drilled on these
plains and in ever instance a supply of
water has been the result. The aver
age depth of the wells is about 600 feet.
Etch one supplies a flow of water,
which if conserved and used only as
required on the lands is suffleent to
supply a ranch of c itisidoralile size.
The cost of drilling these wells is not
great, and thus lands that may be had
for the entry can be made valuable.
This presents the opportunity for
home making which is not to be over
Hot Sprli\g3,
There are numerous springs in Owy
hee worthy of note. Some of the hot
springs have acquired more than a
looaljfam ) for possessing curative prop
erties and are resorted to by persons
afflicted with various complaints.
In the great Brutieau Canyon, not
far above the head of tho valley, a hot
creek joins the river, fed by springs of
which but little is known, on account
of their inacessibility. Beautifully lo
cated near the head of Bruneau Valley
several springs of very conslerable vol
ume, with water at almost scalding
temperature, gush from the ground
Many people resort to these springs
for bathing.
On Castle Creek is a large spring
from which the water emerges at a
boiling heat. Ou the south border of
Snake river are several hot and war m
springs, one of which with its accomo
dations for the public, with bathing
house etc, is now extensively patroniz
ed by persons troubled with rheumat
ism and kindred complaints.
Game And Fish.
The wild and picturesque portion of
this couutry abounds iu wild game and
its streams are wellstockei with moun
tain trout, Black tail deer, some aute
lope, occasionally a mountain sheep
constitute the larger game, while
mountain lions or cougar are frequent
ly hunter's trophies, Sage hens and
willow grouse are found in great abuu
dauce both on mountain and plain.
There is plenty of shootiug for lov
ers of hunting and similar [recreations.
Snake river supplies our local markets
with larger ilshes, among the best of
which are sturgeon and salmon 1
Camping Out,
People coming from the Eastern
States whore the rainfall is greater
than here aud the fall of the dew heavy
at night can scarcely realize the enjoy
ment one has in camping out on our
streams iu our mountains. Hunting
and fishing parties of families and
friends, ladies gentlemen and children,
establish camps at favored spots aud
enjoy out-door life aud recreation for
a few days and weeks. The days will
be all sunshine and the nights always
cool aud refreshing. Tents are only
taken with snch parties to secure priv
acy. The open air, under the blue
starlit canopy with - plenty of blankets
to keep them warm, is all the shelter
required. Oue does not swelter
through a hot night and get up in the
morning enervated. Hot nights may
be good for crops of growing corn, but
they are not [conducive to health and
restoration of energy. Our almost
cloudless summer skies, our cool
nights and invigorating atmosphere of
our higher altitudes have in them a
charm the residents of the less favored
localités little realize. If you feel en
ervated and worn out, come to Idaho
and enjoy a season of our out-door life.
One need not feel that ho is going
beyond the pale og civilization in com
ing to Owyhee. The peoplo are quite
as relined in manners and accomplish
ments as in scattered comrtiunities
anywhere. In fact they are made up
from the more energetic classes of the
older states. Churches and fraternal
society organizations are to be found
here, conducted with as much zeal as
elsewhere. The public schools are in
charge of experienced teachers and are
most liberally supported. The people
are as law abiding as any community
anywhere. Our civil aûd criminal
courts hold only a very brief session
because of the little business coming
before them. Our great mining indus
tries give us in their employee a
considerable population which is con
tinuously shifting, but the western
precious metaljmiuers are the peers iu
inteligence, industry, morality and
honor of any class of mechanics or
working men in the world. They take
and read a greater number of daily
and weekly news-papers, magazines
and books than most other communit
ies. Tramps are few. JDead beats,
hobos and bams are not a minus
quantity among us, the broad mantle
of charity audj the tolerance of tho
people suffering them to exist in our
Mines and Mining
While thé live stock, weol growing
and agricultural interests ,of the
County are large aud important, Owy
hee is essentially a miniug county. Its
ranges of mountains are seamed with
veins of gold and silver bearing ore
which so far surpass all the other
sources of wealth that all other indus
tries are dwarfed by comparison.
The products of our mines have been
the foundation of many large fortunes.
The future of the industry promises
many more fortuues. Iu fact it may be
truthfully said that the industry is yet
iu infancy. The surfaces only of many
of its districts have been touched aud
tew and important discoveries are con
tinuously being made. Owyhee is still
a most inviting Held for prospectors
as well as for investors.
A brief description of the numerous
discovered mining districts is all that
can be told of them in this little folder.
Further information
may be
of any business meu heae, who will ro
j ou to parties informed regarding the
pistricts about which inquiries may be
War Eagle Mountain
The first location of a quartz vein
was made on the mountain—the first iu
this portion of tho state—was made in
1863. Mining was carried on on this
mountain with great activity from 1865
to 1875. The production of bullion
during this decade is variously esti
mated from records of shipments at
from 321,000,000 to 330,000,030.
tunately all this business was controll
ed by San Fraueisco stock speculators,
and with a great bank failure in that
city, in 1875, "the bottom dropped out,'
Tho principal properties were tied up
iu litigation, the mines filled with water
and buildings and costly machinery al
lowed to go to wreck, and for nearly
fifteen years only the smaller
ties, owned by individuals vere worked.
Now titles baye been straightened out
aud a new era of activity is beginning
based on legitimate business princi
ples. On the eastern slope of the
mountain is a great string of
nearly a mile long, iu former times
owned and operated by a number of
separate companies. These have all
been acquired by one company, which
instead of attempting to work them
from the top down as was formerly
done, has run a tunnel 6300 feet, cut
ting tho system of veins at a depth of
2100 feet and proposes to work the
tire series of mines through this tnu
nel, establishing a new camp, with
ductiou works east of the mountain.
West of this[system of veius crossing
the summit aud nearly to the foot of
its western slope are so many veins of
ore of more or less
value, all covered
by ruining daims that the brief space
will not admit of a mention of all
them. Among them is the great Poor
man mine, with a record of more than
36,000,000 iu production. Even further
west, under the town of Silver City, are
other veins—a valuable vein ot ore
crossing the center of the town. West
of Silver City is
Florida. Mountain.
seamed like its neighbor with great
veins of ore. Here the Trade Dollar
consolidated company's properties have
within the past ten years made for
tunes for the shareholders. Other
companies have recently been organiz
ed, acquired other properties which
promise to become rivals of the Trade
Dollar in value of production.
DeLamar Mountain.
located seveu miles west of Silver City,
has produced nearly if not quite 310,
000,000 from the property of one com
pany. And there are a number of
other promising properties on that
mountain, only awaitiug the magic
touch of capital to bring them out.
Gow Greek,
Four miles northwest of DeLamar, is
a district with splendid surface show
ings from which much rich surface
mineral hag been taken, but not suffi
cient development work yet accom
plished to demonstrate its real value.
It is a district worthy of investigation.
Tho Rooster Comb District,
Nine miles north of DeLamar, has re
cently been demonstrated to carry
large veins of very high grade ore.
The district iu which veins have been
discovered and located covers a con
siderable area. Men with ample means
to demonstrate their value have ac
quired some of these claims and the
present year there will be a good deal
of work done there.
Flint District
This district is located eleven miles
south of Silver City. There is an ex
tensive outcropping of silver-bearing
quartz veins in the district and there
has been a considerable production of
bullion from them. A number of
years ago the producing mines became
the properties of some B. & M. railway
capitalists who have permitted them to
remain idle. However, local men have
developed claims outside of the Flint
company's holdings, have put up a con
centrating mill and are making a suc
cess out of their enterprise. There are
other similar opportunities iu the
Mammoth District
Is looated five miles east of Flint on
Boulder and Mammoth Creeks. Some
very wide veins of low grade silver ores
have been located in this district.
Ample water power is available for re
ducing the ores of the district and it is
claimed it can be so cheaply concen
trated that a profitable enterprise
could be established here.
First-Clwss Board
By the l>ay or Week.
Meals at All Hours, from
(5 a. m. to 8p. in.
Royal Bl'tl'g-, Washington-st.
Executed with
Net ness and Dispatch,
At the shop of
W m. Parr,



Silver City,



0, D. BR.VMBAVGH, Proprieior

Gardner McGovern
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
The finest rigs in the city. Good careful drivers. Excellent saddel
horses. Patronage of the public solicted.
First-Cla-ss in Appointments
Simple R_ooms for Sal . men
Stage Office and Wells Fargo (SL Co.'s
Express in Hotel
Connors tSl Etions, Vrop s \
Sampson & Irving
Stables at Silver City & Mvirphy
Murphy, Silver City,-Dewey and DeLamar
The best facilties for transportation between the railway terminus to and from
Silver City, De Lamar, or other points in Owyhee. Keep good moan
tain rigs, with good stock aud careful drivers.
Hotel Deweys
Best Equipped Hostelry
In Owyhee Covinty
Heated By Stea-m
Lighted By Electicity
MARK C 0 LB 0 RN, Mgr.

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