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Silver City Nugget
*— « LOCAL NEWS *-4
China at Getohell's.
Medallions at Getchell's.
Building and tarpaper at Philipps.
A nice lot of pure maple sugar at
A fine line of Christmas goods ini
eluding Furs at the Silver City Suppl;
Co.'s. 's
A. R. Quigley was here from Mur
piV Saturday.
Get yoar sweet potatoes and cplery
for your Christmas dinner at Bardow'si
The stage line to Murphy is Dop us
ing sleighs as far out as the New Vork
Ju ius Clark, bookkeeper for the
Cumberland, returned Wednesday
from a visit to Nampa and Boise.
Sev ral additional men were put to
work at Sinker Tunnel the-first of the
week aud it looks as though work will
soon be resumed in earnest.
Rowett has received this week, a big
supply of the finer grades of Bon Bous
for the holiday trade.
Paul D. Bouuell of Flint and J. F. F.
Hale of Castle Creek, were in Thurs
day aud qualified as justices of the
peace for their respective precincts.
Come in and see the fine boxes of
'"Christmas candies at Bartow's. It
won't cost you anythiug to look at
Henry Thomas, who has beeu em
ployed in Steele's Cigar factory for
some time left Thursday for Boise.
After a short stay there he will go
L. A. Wright aud Fred Fox, miuiug
and mill men, are recent arrivals here
from Laudore, Seven Devils, where
they have beeu engaged on the Ladds'
Auy persou desiring to buy stoves,
carpets, rugs, art squares or furniture
will do well to see L. W. Walker, at
Dewey. He has on hand a variety of
such articles upon which he can make
prices which will save you money. 30 tf
Auother barrel of cranberries just
received at Bartow's.
The Ladies of St. James' guild will
hold a sale of Christmas aud faucy
articles iu the Lippiucott building
Monday afternoon December 19, at 2
o'clock. A food sale will also be given
in connection.
Miss Pearl Adams, the 16-yeæsptn
Mrs. Robftivt
Adams of Bruueau, died of typhoni
fever at Mountainbome on Tuesday of
last week. A brother of tbe young
lady recently died of the same disease.
Thomas Mahon, who formerly
worked in the mines here, but went
to Minidoka last fall to take up a
homestead, returned to Silver City
Tuesday. He is well satisfied with the
Miuidoka couutry.
Extra select oysters ouly 75c per can
"at Bartow's.
See the notice of the grand ball to be
given Mouday night, December 26, by
the Rathbone Sisters. These ladies
are eutertainers, sure, and it is safe to
predict that this will be the ball of the
season. They extend a general invita
Mr. and Mrs. Frauk Dwight of the
Idaho hotel, are happy over the arri
val of a sister of Frank's, come here
from Oregon to remain. M>ss Dwight
has been engaged as night operator of
the telephone exchauge.
Another consignment of flue Xmas
candies aud CbristniaH tree decorations
just received at Bertow's
Duriug the high wind which pre
vailed here last Wednesday nigh', the
old Potosi shaft house was blown
down, aud oue of Jim Dolan's cows
that had entered the building seeking
shelter from the wind, was killed by
tbe falling timbers.
Frauk Toney and his Oregon bride
arrived iu Silver City Thursday eveuiug
and will commence real, earnest mar
W vied life in apartments they have eu
^■•'gaged opposited the Idaho hotel. They
were kindly remembered by the boys,
who were iu readiness for a grand
charavari but Toney bought them off
aud not a can was sounded.
daughter of Mr. aud
A new line of Heating Stoves for
wood or coal at Phillipp's hardware
A frech invoice of dates and figs just
received at Bartow's.
Born—To the wife of John A. Fraser
at Dewey, December 15, 1904, a son.
Ornaments for decorating Christmas
ees and tables can be found in great
Variety at Rowett's.
Marcus White was in from the
Hemestake Thursday and reports
jwork progressing satisfactorily.
1 Call at the Silver City Supply Co.'s
and look over their line of Christmas
goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Stanford of Rey
nolds and Miss Carter of Emmett, who
is visiting them, are guests at the
George Rasner, who has been in
town several days, returned to his
property iu South Mountain Thursday
He will make a short stop at Jordan
Adelaide Chapter No. 26, O. E. S..
held a rousing meeting last Mouday
evening at which four candidates were
initiated. After lodge a fine lunch
was served iu the banquet room. Offi
cers for the ensuing year were elected
as follows: Wilhelmina Grete, W. M.;
Josephine Bruuzell,
Hawes, treasurer; R H. Leonard, jr.,
sceretary; Ida E. Moe, Coud., Katie
Petitt, A. Coud.
John Martincourl, who went to Cali
fornia some months ago suffering with
miuer's asthma, returned to silver a
week ago and is confined to his room
at the home of A. F. Steveus, where he
is receiving the best of care. The doc
tors in California gave him slight
hopes of reeovery aud he decided to
return to his friends iu Idaho. The
trip from the railroad to Silver was a
severe tax to his failing strength.
Nugget received the following from
Father Dempsey dated from St. Al
phonsus' Hospital at Boise:
Mr. Lamb— Ou Sunday morning at
8:00, I met with a very painful accident
at Nampa. A large five inch nail
pierced my shoe and entered my right
foot piercing it through I am doing
very well at the hospital. I will be de
taided here for at least two aud pro
bably three weeks. My assistant Rev.
Father Haegy will take my place at
Silver City next Sunday. He will at
tend also to Dewey and DeLamar. I
remain Yours etc., A. E. Dempsey."
Last week Nugget announced that a
lelegram was received here from
Durango, Mexico, which, interprets/
from the bad Spanish in which it
written, told of the death of R, C. V
iams, who formerly resided here. Ii
has beeu interpreted quite differently
by an American familiar with that
language, who says that it means that
the gentleman is well a d located in
Mazatlau. We hope he is right aim
the Greaser was "off."
Mr, F. E Wilson, the new manager
at Sinker Tunnel, was over Wednesday
from the tunuel. He has for some
time past been having work done to
represent uupatented claims for the
company, and receutly has bad the
foul air pumped out the tunnel. He
found a cave about 2,000 feet from the
portal which they are now engaged in
taking up. It is not serious, being
merely a piece of loose ground
fallen down. He does not intimate
when the company will resume work
ou the upraises.
Thomas Fry and Charles Hsrvison
have completed and recorded the an
nual assessment ou the Imperial and
Lucky Guess claims for the Imperial
Mining company of Denver. The work
was doue on the ore chute where it
dipped out of the Shafl. It clearly
demonstrates that the ore chute con
tiuues. Mr. Fry is now doiug the re
presentation on the Independent for
the same company. They expect to
con iuue the drift until the face of the
drift is under where the ledge threw
very rich float. From present indica
tion Mr. Fry is quite possitive some
very rich ore will be encounter.
Some very favorable reports are
comiug dowu from the claim being
M.; Liljie
prospected by Kenneth McLeod and
John Hogan west of the old Chariot
and Minnesota mines. They have a
vein about one foot in width on which
th>-y have sunk at seveval points, at
every place revealing rich ore. Hogan
took out of one of these holes achnnck
weighing probably 175 pounds, plaster
ed all over with free gold. Those who
have seen it Bay that the entire chunck
will yield more than a dollar a pound.
The vein iB propaply a stringer run
ning out from the Minnesota or
Chariot. The long string of mines
constituting the property of the Sink
er Tunnel company, has been noted for
such stringers, some of which have
netted small fortunes.
Games of all kinds at Getchell's.
Mrs. Simon Harris who, in company
with Mrs. C. J. Johnsou, has had
charge of the Idaho art and state
school exhibit at the St. Louis and
Lewis & Clarke fairs, has arrived from
St. Louis and is visiting a few days
with Mrs. Johnson. Both ladies were
at the Academy yesterday making ar
rangemeuts with Prof. Faris for au
excellent exhibit from that institution
for Portland, ^bich fair will open June
1, 1905, and all principal exhibits of the
St. Louis fair will be brought there
with the exception of certain foreign
goods which go to Belgium for its next
summer internatioual fair. The gov
eminent will also be well represented
atPortlaud, aud as Idaho's building
was sold to an es husiastic Texan, a
uew design, not yet decided on, will be
erected at Portland. Mrs. Harris is
highly pleased over the seven premiums
awarded on Idaho art aud school
works besides the first and second
world's prizes for other exhi its aud
industries of Idaho. She admired the
grand sight, but deplored the deep
mud in May; admired the best music
of the world gathered there, but des
pised the heat in August; felt proud
of Idaho's success, but shivered at the
thought of the raw, cold weather of St
Louis during November. Mrs. Harris
and Mrs. Johnson will leave for Port
land in time to.have all Idaho's exhi
bits in their line in place by January
I. Visitors at the St. l^uis fair asked
many questions which the ladies say
are yet unanswered, namely, 'Tu what
part of California is Idaho located?"
"Isn't that California fruit which I see
marked Idaho?" "What kind of clothes
do they were out there?" ' Ain't you
afraid of Iudiaus?" aud many similar
questions wh oh show that but f w are
fa niliar with the extent, size and pos
sibilities of our great state.--Pocatello
Dolls at Getchells.
Notice of Dissolution.
itice is hereby giveu that the co
t/rtnership heretofore existing be
'iween John Grigg and Angus McDon
ald iu conducting tbe DeLamar Drug
Store lias this day beeu dissolved by
mutual couseut.
McDonald baviug
purchased Griggs interest iu the said
business, assumes the liabilities of the
said firm aud is solely authorized to
collect all outstanding accounts.
Anods McDonald,
John Grigg.
.DeLamar, Idaho, December 3,1904.
To Whom It M&v Concerned.
Notice is hereby given, that I, the
undersigned, will, at the January, 1905,
session of the board of county com
missioi.ers of Owyhee couuty, Idaho,
apply to said board for authority to
appoiut such deputies as may be neces
sary to properly discharge the duties
of the office of sheriff of Owyhee
couuty, Idaho.
Dated at Silver City, Idaho, this 2d
day of Dec mber, 1904.
Alexander Duncan,
Sheriff-elect of Owyhee couuty, Idaho.
Watch Chaius at Getchell's.
Order for Sale of
Baltzor Estate
Attorney E. M. Wolfe of Mountain
home aud Johu Mitchell of Bruueau
were here Mouday, applyiug for an
order from the probate court for the
sale of the real aud personal property
of tbe estate of Chris Baltzar, the
Bruueau merchant who was declared
insane lust spring aud sent to the
asylum at Blackfoot.
Baltzor was
later released from the asylum and
placed in charge of a nephew who took
him to his former home iu Denmark.
Reports since coming from friends
there is that there is no hope of his re
covering his reasou. Mr. Mitchell who
has had charge of the estate in this
country as administrator and has been
running the store duriug the summer
finds it necessary to close it ou' to
square the indebtedness and the court
has issued an order in compliance with
his petition. The business will, how
ever, run along «s usual for some time
to come before the final sale is made.
Broke His Leg.
Last Saturday morniug. Postmaster
M. M Getchell, after helping load the
mail sacks on the outgoing stage,
stepped onto the brake block of the
coach, intending to ride over to the
Idaho to see the passengers off; but his
foot slipped on the icy brake and he
fell, the foot turning under him when
he struck the ground, breaking both
boues of his leg just above the ankle.
It was a square break. Dr. Hamilton
was called aud soon reduced the frac
ture aud Mr. Getchell is uow getting
aloug nicely, though suffering consid
erable pain.
With the Jokers.
''Once there was a long, slim, lan
tern-jawed customer that used to come
to mv place once a day to get a 5 or 10
cent lunch," the retired resta iy-ant
man was saying, "and after he had
paid for it he always took a match,
put it in his pocket, and went out I
used to wonder what he did it for, as
they were of no account to him. They
wouldn't light an> where but on the
box. Safety matches, you know. One
day, after he'd bien doing it for about
six months, I thought I'd surprise him.
Just before he'd finished his feed I took
all the matches out of the box and
slipped them in a drawer. A minute
later he came around to the cashier's
desk, handed over his dime, and
reached for a match, as usual. There
wasn't any. His face lighted up
quicker'n you could say scat!
" 'Hello!' he said. 'You don't need
this empty box, do you?'
" 'No, I guess not,' said I.
"'Well,' says he, 'I'll just take it, if
you don't mind. '
" 'Take it along,' I says. 'I reckon
you've earned it. '
"Think of it, gentlemen That
durned old tightwad had about 200
safety matches laid away somewhere,
waiting for a chance to get a box he
could light 'em on. Now he'd got the
box and the outfit hadn't cost him a
cent. Some men are too mean to live!"
* »
The inhabitants of the island, after
seeing the light of civilization, met in
mass convention to discuss the matter
of organizing a government of their
"I move, you, Mr. Chairman,'' said
one man, "that we proceed to organize
a republic."
"Pardon me," said another member
who had accidentally found a news
paper that had floated ashore from a
shipwreck. "But I am of the < pinion
that we would do well to investigate
"But what is there to investigate?"
queried the first speaker.
"We ought to investigate and ascer
tain if we have anything here that one
of the 'world powers' might want. If
not, we may proceed. If we have, we
need do nothing, for the aforesaid
'world power' will step in and insist
on teaching us self-government as long
as we have anything worth taking."—
* #
Going in debt is like falling out of a
balloon. Getting out of debt is like
falling back into a balloon.
* »
as abroad when he died. "
"His wife
"I'm glad his last hours were peace
ful."—Town Topics.
* *
A countryman gave the following
reason for not subscribing for a local
newspager: "I get all the news there
is. My wife belongs to the woman's
club, one ot my daughters works in
the millinery shop and the other in the
delivery window at the postoffice, and
I'm the village grocer.—Ex.
John Grigg is in Boise ou a business
Fresh canned vegetable—this year's
crop—at Latham's,
Superintendent' Harry Good has
turned from his visit to Boise.
Call at Latham's for all kinds of
table delicacies for the holidays.
I he little people are all on the
vive'' for the advent of Santa Claus.
William Hocking, jr., of Portland,
Oregon, is spending Christmas with his
Diamond brand canned goods,
auteed best on sale in auy market, at
William Mitchell is expected at home
to spend the holiday season with his
family and friends.
Fresh oysters, dressed chickens and
celery all the time up to aud during
the holidays at Latham's.
It is said that one of our bachelor
fraternity wifi join the benedits about
Christmas time.
The beautiful doll, Miss DeLiimar,
raffled at the Big Store on Wednesday,
was won by Mrs Frank Jolly.
Elia# Saunders has gone to Hot
Lakes, Oregon. He has been suffering
from an attack of rheumatism.
What is more acceptable to pa than
a pair of those comfort-giving and ele
gant slippers ai Swaiue & Helm's.
The Christmas tree committee, Mes
dames Tullis, Wills, Latham and Bow
en are hard at work. An enjoyable
evening is promised.
.Mrs. .lames Lowery and child arrived
from Warduer a few days siuce aud
the family have moved into the Walker
house on Main street.
No more scratched aud torn hands
on wash-day by reasou of broken zinc
aud wood splinters. Just try one of
those glass washboards at Swaine &
Don't forget that Santa Claus' head
quarters are at Swaine 4 Helm's where
you can find all kinds of suitable
Christmas present from a doll baby
for the little oue to a fine aress for
What is Christmas without a dinner?
For that diuuer, if i ou want to make
the table groan with good things, go to
swaiue & Helm's aud get some of their
clean, wholesome aud delicious
All persous detirous of placiug gifts
ou -the tree are requested to briiig
them to the school house ou Christmas
eve before 5 o'clock, market! with the
names of the recipients, so that the
committee cau decorate the tree.
The stores are the center of attrac
tion these eveuiugs by Christmas gift
purchasers. The happy aud expectant
face of the little oues, as well as the
geuiality and good humor of the older
people show that the season of "good
will toward meu" is close at baud.
Christmas Ball
Ladies of
Lower Masonic Hall
Silver Oity, Ida..

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