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Not Buy Your Groceries
Of The
Waterbury Grocery co?
You will find the Largest, Cleanest and Freshest Stock in
Waterbury. Because we carry a line stock of Imported and
Fancy Groceries it is no sign that we do not carry the staple
goods also, and at popular prices.
23 i:ounds of (Jranulated Sugar,
Washburn, Crosby & Co's Best Flour,
Waterbury Grocery Co's Best,
10 pounds of Rolled Oats,
Wo have not bought up all of the peach
necticut, but you can find the Best Native
city at the
orchards in Con
Peaches in this
School Begins.
We extend our congratulations or
ocadolonces, as the case may bo, to the
millions of youngsters who go into
school the 1st of September. It ought
to be congratulations throughout.
School ought to be to young people what
President Cleveland says matrimony is
to him, "one grand, sweet sons." That
Cnrle Sam Was Not at Homo When the
Call Came.
I met a real (Georgia colonol tho other
day and Georgia colonels are as scarce
in real life as they are abundant in fic
tion who told me over so many stories.
This is one of thorn: This same Georgia
colonel lives on a plantation, as all
is what it will bo when wo have tho ' 4,rRia colonels ought to do, and ho
lias an innumerable horde of black
I servants. One of them is a pessimistic
1 ,,1.1 i.i-iii nm., ,1,1 s, ... ,..n. 1...., .,1,
.T., , , , . t' -J lllllil mini' 14 tCllill , J I. I 11 13 Ul'l.H .1
n iku v. as useless anu tiresome ami
model school and tho model pupils.
VVe are approaching both these models.
hampering in our public school courses
is being gradually weeded out, and
'.earning that will lie of real, practical
rise to the world substituted. Speed the
day !
Meantime the pupils ami teachers are
the ones who will bring into realization
tho beautiful model. Part of the model
education will have come when every
youngster in this land has polite, gen
tle manners and speaks correct Eng
lish in a sweet, clear voice. There
is one part of grammar that is even more
important than the learning of rules,
yes, and much more important than
knowing how to parse correctly. It, is
knowing how to speak correctly in a
voice that is as clear as a crystal bell,
without a suggestion of crudeness, lark
of cultivation, nasality or throat iness
in it. Teachers can create this voice in
Ilieir pupils and in themselves.
The way to learn to speak grammatic
ally is for the pupils to watch one an
other's language, note down the mis
takes made and bring them to be cor
rected in the class. Many a merry, in
structive lesson can be eternally im
pressed on tiie mind in that way.
been loud in his expression of a desire
to die. lie feels that earth is not his
homo, and he. is homesick. One night
last fail the eolcrud went down to Sam's
cabin lor something or other, and as he
passed the window ho heard the old
negro praying that the angel of death
might come and come quickly. The
colonel knocked or. the window ledge.
'Who's dat." :.sked Sam.
"The anvi l Gabriel conic for Sam, "
said the colonel impressively.
'Huh!" said Nam in a, v, :eo which,
he strove to cake e nt'-mm uoi:.-. liou't
you know no boi'.er'n dat . JJat ni.-g.-r
Sam's l on tie- .-o three
weeks. " Washingt ,t.
Wooed In the Wet
Allen Lester F v, lcr. a :
Chicago so -ii y leader, is on.
mat rii d to Mi-s Kiiii'ia Gil
nvjuely cig.iging y, tmg wo
summers. 'tlm i iio.igeiiienl
si-.p'.el to the terrible i";
l-'ow !!. Mis.- ( iiii i n. .Lie
v.i'h Side
1 1 . be
an e
i- a pi t ty
i . of
:'S Hilton
id a boy i ,i; 1 he
The p;;rty had
n ci ;:: y.
i il i in to
a i '.
Importers and Fancy Grocers,
ft ii a a
Laboring Man's Market
At the Corner of South Main and Union Streets.
Labor Day.
For the sec ml time in cur history
Labor day, Sept. , will be celebrated
is a national holiday. It is fast be-
lining as much of a general holiday a.
i'hanksgiving or Washington's birthday.
Hon. Amos ,1. Cummiugs of Xt w
York city was the man vh i introduced
the bill into congress making Sept. 1 a
national holiday. Mr. Cuinminas him
self began his career as a printer. This
was perhaps one reason why he was so
interested in a national lab r holiday
and by he kept his pet measure per
sistently before congress till it was
adopted. Like so many of his ora.'t,
i ke Horace Greeky himdi', Mr. Cu-.n-mings
graduated from his prion r's ease
imo journalism. He was a member of
the staff of the New York Tribune un
der lb race Greeley and afterward was
;ty editor f the New York Sun, till
', sti pped from his high place as a
:e -paper man and became a conress
e.an. Attempts of course are made every
ai- and will b" made to turn Labor
y to parti.-an political ends. This is
, be deprecated. Neither sin mid S. i t.
, be used v. holly as a day of idle meuy
making. h slioald be u.-ed seriously to
advance the highest ;uul ln-t iiiteiv-:s
working people the eouiiliy over,
ihio feature of Labor day this year,
-eiieus or otln iwise. as oil" 1 . l.s at it,
is the desire if Grand Ma-n r V...k:t!.t;
.-overeign for an explosion from the
tanks of united labor condemning ti:
impi isi aiiiieiit without trial by jury of
Debs and his conipanions.
am sail. r.:.d.hou a in tit live miles out
on the lake a si.ddi n storm came up.
and th b,.at v.as ove: turned. 1'uwli r
sui eeeded in getting Mi.-s (iibseii hack
on tho upturned boat. He una, . -d thai
Gih.-.i.u v. : iiie co d.st and lea -t
cone, I'tied of iUe pa-tv, anl l:i ndmiia-
' tc-ige was unh unel' 1.
;.s 1; said finally, "yon
L..-1. t v.. man I ever t .
e toe o i iV w. mull 1 Wi iil :,!
v. ile. 1 love y. u. and it' we
this I want v. hi to man v
tu n of h ;
"Mi.-s i
arc the pi
and yon a;
ma';" my
g. t out of
in '.
hi d .V .
ain, wet feet and all, "
Wl T.
in t in
said V.
d the w.
it lv fall.-
us fomale
J,',, ;.
a eon
o v
ti.f 1
Oil Io
. e ! :n.
i er .
.t r
to I a i
bv an
a pk:y of w
.i.teat.-'-aek 1
v hi.
l. be!
-ib in Ni
Is the star place to trade. Three thing's to
in mind:
1st. Nothing but
etc, are used.
2nd. The lowest
the weather. We
3rd. You may always be sure of square dealing. Everything
sold just as advertised and your money back if not suited.
Goods Delivered Free.
the best of Meats,
prices and positively no advantage taken of
are the pioneers of low
) rices
I The French republic has la-ted a
piarter of a century tho 4th of this Sep
.Lviva lipov len.ber. What the r.mrt h of .Inly is to
11 cl Q (JC11 Americans the -1th of September will in
j time become to the French, an occasion
j for universal rejoicing, for fetes and
T - , r I feasts, for powder and lirecrackeis. We
Poultry aild V egetablCS . of this land extend our heartiest Ko-.a
wishes, as we d every -It li ot .--epti ::
bcr, to our sister republic of France.
I'.ut ibis time we take the liberty of re
minding our rdicr of France ihat if she
dins not do the square thing by ox-d n
sul Waller of Kansas she will get her
self into the hottest of hot water. Wall
er is au American citizen. Vie ludu-vo
he has been deeply wronged and ci uelly
ited, and we shall coin nine to be-
eve so until we are positively as-mea
to the contrary. The Trench do not own
Madagascar, and they do not seem to he
making great headway toward getting
possession of it. The Hovas certainly
owned Madagascar when they leased
i'.") square miles of it to the American
j citizen. John L. Waller. He had a per
! feet right to his property, and it v as
! none of Trance's business. The Ameri
I can government will protect every one
' of its citieus, as Fiance will liad out.
It is to be hoped, however, that she will
! do justice to Waller and not lone any
I unpleasantness between the world's two
! greatest republics, and that next y. ar,
' on her twenty-sixth anniversary, Amer
icans can congrauua'.o her witnoui any
reservation at all.
iried 1
111 .
.An am
who dwi'
elvsiu, v.
to he p.-v
the ii
groga- i, n
TI.m mini
of the .
; hankie 1
l.u n shuddi l ed.
ti.i.nt." was t!
For September.
Geese !)
Two la. lie- to
are stopping at :
t!. Dclaw.i' i iv
took a s iiin n t h
u ; . !
le: hi.
rid. M
i i a- la .
ejacula er mh:;.
i a 1 n
CT-! Ill'
1 1 .
f- -. la 1 1 e c- !
, Thank G- d
' 1-1 ' 1 ' :-- T
d w hy lie w a
et a! V ieh lie i:-t
Ae:hili..' to beat
m-s er. s'cri! iier'e
rt to ll'immrrs.
e. X' w Yi 1 k city who
. "1. ! li r ti -i f III A'- it
r on the .1 r.-ey side
ir win up the I'ot't-
syivaiiia side of the l isir ;a- f ir as i.u
aim ras.
When about to intir the village a
flock of g(v.. attack, d i tie of tlie young
Women, v, In i wore blue Id, i en; i s. l!i 1M1
women were riding slow ly and did n t
notice ;b.o gi e -e ant '. 1 in ai ly upon tie in.
The gec.-o tuggd .at the young lady's
Id. ,onii rs wi; h such force as 1" -v
her. and it r.-.,,!!red tin- effo.-ts of the
small boys and i.er c mpant.-'i b 'rive
them o!V. Tinyr n not. ,1 tie ir w la .
and went in the tiinetion ! Milf I'd.
i'hiktdelpiiia lkes.
Corducatlon a Fratnre of the System AH
Slust Atteml Seliool Tp to the Age of
Fourteen The Subject Tauebt Teach,
era Onulilleatious.
The common school system ot Japan
is in my opinion tho chief sumiort of
; the empire and the promise of the fu
j tnre. There are only two grades of
schools the ordinary ami tho higher.
, Children of both sexes, between tho
ages of t! and 10, attend tho former.
Children between tho ages of 11 and 14
; iuv eligible to the higher grade schools.
Lvery inu!i;e!p...l!ty, township, village,
town anil city is required to build a
! schoolhousc or sciiooiliouses, according
' to the census leturns of children of
school age. The bouses are constructed
according1 to the capacity and require
ments of tho school division. In the
cites tho seliool buildings are quite
ci r,, mi dious aud preti utious, though all
:ae .-temingly overcrowded. In the
country many of them arc poor wooden
! structures. It is obligatory for all chil
dren bctwci n C and 11 years of age to
atti ml a coimcou school until tho confse
is tbii.-ho,;. The law is not rigidly en
.feived bec iv.-o of tho poverty of tho
country uu.l the aasuluto necessity for
children to aid their parents by some
kind of lab r. But. where children are
permutidt i attend seliool there is no
t ouble a hi ut tlie attendance. There is
no such tl iie, in Jan.m as a schoolboy
"ereiuing lil.e a snail unwillingly to
seliool." Th"V go trotting to school
with happy f n . s. Tin-y all wear a black
oe vhite cap with a leaiher visor, and
they carry their bocks in a leather
sa'ch-d. "i i.e majority of them aro sfru
di his and for, d of books. Children of
Vio'orioi.. lv bad character or wlio aro
r.-titi:! ii : ; iy disqualilied for receiv
ing ifetiuc;..at tire not aiimitted to tho
m h. .ds.
In the onlifary or lower grado school
the -id ji taught are nading, com
pes n, ca.h:-aphy, ariihmelic and
g"n:na-t ies. 'I lie latter is optional, ac-
!.! rig to I h 1'li.ir.i-itr of tlie locality.
bi or more ei' tlie 1' blowing subjects
.r e also taugh; in addition to the above:
J..: :e,, in -r:- :;ra; i.v. J-iiiaii'-se history,
drawing, s. .ig and hamiiwork. For
gu i st v i'.,: iii;:v i .e it I' d. In the high
er grade s, !,,, f ihc on ri-'ulnm embracen
r.eral 1 -s, a s. vadig. composition,
e i ! : e ! ;:r ::'', -i ic. dapaneso geog
rii'.v, .b'p. oe iM. lo-cry, foreign geog
i.f '.v, e, fee. drawivg. smgi'ig and
i yui'fist ies. j", i- gn-ls sewing may bo
..''.i':i d. I'i (''.:', g. ,.gv ipiiv and singing
in .v v i lie. : d. ' ' . i more of tho
! o1 wo;.: -!! 'j,e!s mav be added, ac
. !.'.-,:: i ' io. ui : Klemeuts of
.a- - e, ry , I lauiftsc lessons in
; mi l manual
'i ii'- eg. In : 1! tec o ds great stress
f :'. a;- . :. ,g. i'vity class is
t ;n ' ' i " V, ;'el'e singing
1 : a' ei'T ; : . ! . ' 1 . ; t' r i Ut' it w i t U
' :.'.:'. : :ii !'y lea,." themselves
; ' ' r ' " '. ' :! distance. In
' ' - , ; tiie sauif icr vaca-
i I : .. f i i , i , v. eeks and
.' v ' . 'i mi 'in' to five
... - i .' . . .;' !i -kd.-ys shall
n ; 'i v ' year. In
i 1 e .a "v !:v,;,i- military
... In t!, higher
y ' r:t:!:;,!..-' . -f the main
i - , , y. 'i t 'lis branch
... at: .. . : .'re.e'i afd every boy
. h i . '. e i at 1 it. a of lti has
;e ' "i a.l I'r ' . inoii tiie soldier,
in i l-.f ' i i a. y in the manual
end a or' ;n ... 1 ,ey are made fauiil
lar v. ': a lie- 1 a r f-!".: .f discipline.
'l . ae'' is in l,. - -bonis must have dne
u d-h atioes. I ! . y ..re selecte.,1 ana ap
; ofe'l bv .'. e eruor of the prefec
t"re or ibe id'y m whic'i they aro to
t r.eii. 'i'h' e t e.e-hers are regarded as
,j v-.-nnv-:! . i: i ds. and a small pea
se : is fiov, t : i- them wb.en they aro
i . iK.oifiti d ' v ag- ' ! perntaueut i Il
ea : tries are small, ranging
t i .' i veil per month. Texf-
:'. ! roia those authorized
i-T of cd.uca'iion, and aro
e .eoveiiior ot the district
,t of a eoinm.i'lee selected
-t year Japan expt nilcd on
L ll'.e .sum of !.O.-,0.98O
vcrmtn nt m. on i. tins a nam
o :;de .-eh ols, and the conn
uppliod wiih escellent pri-
and i-el'.i ges, which aro
': mi ID yen
ii as. are cd;
.V tho ni:r;
,:, a, .1 .y t
n ! lie i ;
by h in. J a
I'Vol'-U SC.'
y. u. The go
h. r of higii
try is well f
v.itn school-
maiiitaiui.il by luitii-u fees, and in soma
ca.-i s by governnieet iMiitributions to
cover deficits. Last year the numluT of
cbi'. hea i .bieao d in .hipan at public
en ";i:e v a- :;:b'i, .'.', ami the average
dally attei, ia ice v as :.-! Mi.li.'n pupils.
b.hii A. Civkerill in o vv York Herald.
P. S. A trial order respectfully solicited. Careful house
wives will always find a choice and full assortment constantly
on hand and last but by no means least, it is a MONEY SAVER.
c.-v-'. '
. . -s-
- jt -j.i
win els of huge freight wagons and
trucks. There is no reason why the
ball beaiiug idea cannot bo extended
to these as well as to carriage wheals.
Next perhaps the balls themselves will
be fewer in number. It may be found
that the friction of wheels will be still
more lessened by touching fewer points
or balls, at the same time that the
power and steadiness of the revolutions
will bo fully maintained.
Is it true that this government was
going to soize Havana and hold it till
tho Mora claim was paid, as Great Brit
ain held Coriuto three months ago till
tho Nicaraguan government paid the
indemnity due British subjects on ac-
count of the Mosquito coast troubles.'
A Ttliur.iliejit Scrnpi
A force Little to, k place .n.- nichf
neeu'.iy between a s'r; fa ben ni'.i a
large chick , u snake. The Ti e u s-V n a 11
con,-poink lit heard the -a. 'at, and
upon in v gain n h und itie biddy a;, 1
the eef thii i' having it nip ami luck in
the nil 'i niight. Gid biiaiy si med to be
i ti i;n men .-.-ive and was giv ing tee
midnight marauder as go. .1 a.- he sent.
As sen as lite eon 'e-pi mil ut t ,.! in
tl e fit nation he quickly dispatched his
Mial.i hii, and the old hen wen' K.ek
to the ite.-l which she had so gall. ml ly
protected. Florida Thin s-l'nioa.
This Was In Unston.
The tiniest little tot imaginable, with
(hubby die. !:s and a wilderness of Ho sy
bloiid hair, was silling bv I he side of
i her mamma in a sir i t car. deeply in
terested in w hat she saw passing 1 cfor
her. Presently he ear stopped ami a
passenger entered, win reupou the
mother took '.lie child on her lap to
make room for the newcomer. Tho
youngster resisted, saying: "Don't bo
ridiculous, mamma. Ladies don't get
up aud give their seats to gentlemen."
There are some real children lult, but
not man v. Boston Herald.
The cii
Tdi !... ha
l a' ib'e 1 . i.'
o. p,-, .. ' .
e s Oil I ."
a-" in lis
n 1
of tie
out .
et ' 1 i
aicd by i !
Mw a:, r. o
w, .iiii n b;
f ll'.e bl
are the IlorseM.
. 1 if Wb.ite Tigeon,
e;;i"tie,l by a consid-
eitieu.-. of that place
i'roi.i wearing lilooni
u of gallant "whero
i aiieLts that horses
bloomer ajiparitions.
t;ie same state, some
relists revcntly passed
. er stage anil took to
kers and golf stock-
ti. :
Ttie CJiwetH Fetch Them.
,o r, :-o i lb women are not in-
1 ! i .ti in in the general denuncia
, H liolans i.-. because he bui It num-
-sc'os i.-iu his house, ilany closets
ae ,ri le ot' a woman's heart, even
eiae ot' the.), do contain family
ti ins. ( 'if. ago Tunes. Herald.
Ia Thi'M' l-aili;;hleneil Timri,
The captain .t' a Cuieago boat has
b -n elfin- i for the sole purpose of
'eii.c.ig'.n I in l.i at's luck." llowpleas
itig it i- io kin ,v that tb" days of super
stition are past ! Chicago Post.
Tlmt WniiM lie the Livst slrsn".
Lack of evidence may yet turn Molmca
loose on the community as a freak leo
t n i er. Y ash i ugtoi i tSt ar.

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