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Annual Inspection of the Fire Department
Held This Afternoon.
This was the big day for our firemen,
is far as cleaning up for inspectii'U and
parade was concerned. Although we
have only one company it coiiMSts of
one hundred men, under the direction of
Chief Jerome B. Fuller and A -si! tint
Eugene I. Squires. These men are sub
divided into four divisions, Arthur W. ,
Smith being the foreman of all, tie hav- j
ing five assistants. !
After the inspection, at noon Kilav, of
apparatus nnd house, the compam formed !
on I hurch street, where the lionvi ot tire
commissioners reviewed the men, atier
Which the line headed hy the tire polio
wheeled into Maple street. 'Vh 11 came
Chiefs Fuller and Squires, fn! i- wed by
the American hand of Waterlmi-y ; First
Assistant Foreman Hall led tw my-one
men with jumper No 1 : Sei-oi;.'; AMSt
ant But r, twenty men, with juuii'cr .'o "J :
Third Assistant Noble, I'liiim ( ty divis
ion, juniper 'o 3, drawn hy lxr-es.
eighteen men ; First AsNtant Fnyi'tii.-in
Kicholson and Second As-isiai t I'iilon,
with hook and ladder truck, drawn by
horses, twenty men. These .ei-o fol
lowed by borough officer in ( arriajjes.
and paraded throtijrli Maple -treet. to
Oak, to lliirh, to .M.iiti. to bridge, to
Foundry road, to t liuielt. t
avenue," to Water street, to di
building, where the apparaiu
The band and meu then proce.
opera house where a free co
' ltubber
was left,
led to the
icert was
Many places on the line of n
handsomely decorated. Tin
: ireh were
:' was a
he line.
large turnout of people alone;
The board of burgesses will hold their
regular monthly mceiing at S o'clock
to-morrow evening.
The lady's bicycle that h: S adorned
Kane's window for the :i-t tew weeks
will be disposed of at " o'clock this even
ing. The Glove company paid o:V their em
ployes on Saturday so that they eouM
have the money to use lo-da it hey so
There were were twelve do
borough during the past m
ths in the
it U : seven
ot them being under
One at two vears; two
'tie yar ot age:
it 30 and ' re-
spectively, from typhoid fe
25 from pulmonary plitlii.
from old age at 0". There
deaths in August. lS'H. and
August, 1K.'(. Mir death r;u
one as
md one
iiirieen in
this vear
for August is 17. 2. i
A good many of our faetorv eniplnyei
went out of town to visit over Sunday
and Monday.
The German Lutherans hell a serxiee!
yesterday afternoon in the Swedish J
church. j
M. P. Coen and wife and li iward on
ran and son are Mopping a tUr or t. in j
New York.
Choir Master Minor fnmi-V I the fol
lowing programme at th gre ai ion
al church yesterday morning. Amln-m.
'Oh. ( Tap" Von - llaiais," l-t;.-k : . lori.-t
in C, Buck; te-;onse. ":!.-tr My l':.ei-.
Oh Lord," Si hi, ling, and a ,ii.. !.s .pr.in-i
and tenor, 'T 'Will Magnify V.-;-:' Mo.
senthal. There was a good a '.endane.'.
Tlie board of charities t ri- I tw.i or
three times during lie- : i-i v, , k i.. have
a meeting, but could, not r..i-e i iu.i:i:n.
Another call is made for to-nigb.;.
Architect Smi'h will pvobnbh tie piv-.-ir
as regamiifhis plans l. r the almshouse.
Two Siniversary masses wa re eel -brat
ed in St Francis church tl;U morn
ing, the first for Miss iiliab ill I'.oy'u -v.
and the second for Law ren. -. Near;. .
The school children r.in'io ted u ith St
Francis parish will meet to-morrow
morning at S n'ciocl; in the . 'mhvIi to in
tend nia.- r n-cei e i;i! 1 1:.-; ms rearii
iug their attendance at sil. ie!. v liic'n
opens to-morrow .
It gives the 1 r.M h i: vt pleasure to
notice such a periornianeo as ihai iriv.-ti
by Mr. Henry s uiiii!; rei- It- re on Satur
day evening, and while i!" e.!iip:i:,
could not disnlav . m ing l the -. of
our stage, their special seen'i-v aial dra
pery in the firs; part to as good advan
tage as at other places, i ie talented
artists in their elegant o sim ie gave an
excellent performance, full f wit and
humor, but clean throughout. The vocal
ists were loudly applauded !'-,-tie- large
audience, the clog dancing by Diamond
and MeEvoy, in the second' part, was
excellent, as was the gymnast c perform
ance and pickanniny busine-. md Arthu'
Deming's funny songs and - vinji. in
the third part lienry liiinse,;, w r.h h:
gold cornet and military hand., appealed,
which drew down the house. Then came
for a wind up the marching gladialor
introducing the living hronrc ;atuar .
which was an elcjjant iinisli to ihe vert
best minstrel company that his vi.-iw-U
the town for years.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hopkins left
vesterday for their home in Toledo,
A person to ha.e seen the ernwils of
people that flocked out to hear Hi i leur 's
band on Saturday would have -bought
that we have a much larger pot ulut'i. m
than given by the census.
Mrs. James Hughes and Mrs. llobeit
Morse took in the Gleu is laud excursion
Oil Saturday.
The Glove company used their hose on
Saturday putting out a tire thai had
caught on a flat car loaded with carboys
Of vitriol at Beacon Falls. One of these
carboys burst, causing the wood work
with which the acid came in contact to
burn. The car was run here, ii icing
the handiest place to iiiem-li the tin
which, although not blazing, made a big
An exhibition game of base ball is ad
vertised to be played at 4 p. m. t.,dav
between the Ilich school nine am: the
Y. M. C. A. club.
We are assured that one of our attor
neys has brought suit in an uppwr ceiirt
against one of our prominent i it ien.- for
alienating the affections of the plaintiffs
wife. The papers, if they have not
already been served, w iirbe served so ..
.Tames Penrose, chairman of the ( en
ter district school committee, went to
Colchester on Salurdav, taking w ith h m
a brindle pup a - a ptvscut to a friend.
He will return tomorrow.
Ex-Justice Lawless and his pug d ig
took a trip to the sea shore yesterday.
Warden Stf .-ens was out making some
Slight repay to the bridge vestcrdav.
His men Lfid left a plank on" Saturday
night for ,ople to st limbic over.
Roherjf B. Moise, engineer at the
Pho-nix shop, is away for three days
vioit to the towns in New York along
the sound, scenes of his childhood.
The 15ev. Father I.enahan gave parents
Some very good advice yesterday, as re
gards the keeping of their children off
the streets at nijjlit. their attendance at
shows, the duty of the parent in keeping
the children at school, and also the cou
deruing those, if there were any belong
ing to his parish, who took part in the
outrage committed at the basement of
oiireeational church last week at the
Salvation Army meeting.
The Kev Mr Smile in his sermon
yesterday condemned the act of refusing
to vote an appropriation to the Law and
Order league hy the last legislature on
the ground of economy, and their voting
some tyiiU.OOO to door keepers, pages,
I'nion service was held in the Parish
home last evening, at which Miss Klla
I Clementine Kogers delivered a temper
ance address.
lhunney and Wigmore won the doubles
in the tennis tournament Salurdav from
1 uttle and Varn.r by scores ot ti to 4
and t to 2. The sinnlcs are being plavcd
lii' millinery establishment of Mrs
Brush is being painted today
( 'larence
for Tr;:)ipe.
V. Sew el I and family leave
M iryl.itid, tomorrow' morn-
There were a lar
on our s-, reels -r
Mannerehor picnic
t r.ici a big efowd.
t'e number of people
..;ty. The (ierniau
and bat igame w ill at
At the football game
between the Naugatuck and Woodbury
teams the score was '2 and '2.
Jerry Dunn is erecting a monument
over the remains of the late Lawrence
May in st .lame- teineti ry.
Nelson Wood oi Beacon Falls, aged S7,
di'-d las; nigh.. The funeral will be held
;.; '- o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Samuel Ford and Miss Margaret Dul
lard w re married by the Lev Father
I.enahan on Saturday evening at St
Francis church.
Mrs Devoirs' select school will open
for the fail term.
Trade was very light here yesterday
at our drug sl-u-es for s,la wa'ter. The
cold w cather and al'-entces making quite
a dillerence in the business. We noticed
a few nu ll on the streets intoxicated.
In the poiieie court this morning a
young man named s k-s was tried for
obstructing and ahu-ing an officer at the
opera hou-' on Saturday night. The
borough attorney prosecuted and Attor
ney Baldwin appeared for the prisoner,
h proved that tin- nidge w as i .resent at
t mi
ibe i ii el I ri-.-iii i -nil) iw.lrtre.l
r arrested. Baldwin thought
e not sitttlcient to convict the
.but thought he was laboring
advantage a the judge had
a'rre-t. s l.es w a-convicted
the c id
young man,
under a dis:
Ofileri d i ile
and seiitenc
d for tldrlv tla s.
I here
was no ot
case to be tried to-
A Word
tliM l'UV
.-V'timt iror'riea.
uir g'-oeovies of tb
o,- 'l'iiey carry
mis. also a line sloe
e groceries. The
ounii- m gi'anuiate,
.ry i.i-iii-erv
el -lal
I W '
;r b
I o a-hbur a, re'
- - i a bar:-. !. Th
l'l Hat ivc pt
la S
Tlie OU1 Academy ef Mnale TJcstroyed by
T.Tyitr!en fire.
Ili n tiA Seyt. 2. The Academy o'
Mc.sio, ti e n'.;?w! puSyhruse in IbnTaio, i
in a-.hes. Tho f-o ftsrrrtl myf riee.sly In
the center ef the ht!iirt:rg nndr the stse
and smoldered for soma time before the
smoke wa smelted. A still a'mrm was
sent in, but the chemical man fonnd the
smoke too dene to lemte the f.re, and a
f.re box was pulled. The firemen hroks
thei"- way inn the ground f.opr on the
V.ihinpron sic-cr side of tho bui'ulinj
and groped about for half an hour to find
the seat of f?-e. playing with several
streams meanwhilo with re avail.
The flumes soon after hurst ferth in the
Comstoek store, and the prngress of the
lire from this time ws rapid, lr. a f ; w
minutes it had leaped taronjth the floors
of the stage, mounted tk ties ana envel
oped the eernery. Tke fire ale its wsy
thr.-utli the roof at the rear, hut did not
advance to the front of the house. Pe-reral
stoves w-re gutted. The loss to the thea
tei 1 eliding is perhaps ?S,oef). The loss
of ihe contents is mere '.amrr.table if met ns
costly, f-ir the Academy s's.ge was a Teri
tshio sterehnne of dramatic history for
the pst 40 years. Peyeriil theatrical peo
ple lose Tf arc.-ohes, preperties and scenery
ths.f had been stered there. The Academy
xrnr. erected in 3BS hy Hcary T. Meech,
who died in H7a, s'.ace whem' it has heen
managed coatiauensly hy his sofs, Jehn
, R. nnd Henry I., lieecli.
The insnrance rares were high, and not
half cr.eugh was plscod te relmhnrse the
raorrgages. Ths Meeelies had i insur
ance en their perianal property In the
building. It is unlikly that the huiUlinjr
will be rebuilt as a theater, as its location
is too far down tw to re.alts It desirable.
KUer's JlficBrttl Clinrrh Is Consecrated
With a Military Display.
Berliv, prpt. 2. Kmperer William and
tho Kmprett Anjii'Mi nnd etanr members
of the imperial- family, the (SHeVid Duch
ess of Bad?n nad nnmerons representa
tives ef German princely houses, minister
of state, effleers, yeterant and deputations
were present at the eorsseratlom af the
Emperor William JJemerlal cherek. Tha
emperor and empress arrived at the sire of
the rhnreh with a military eseert. The
doers ef the rhureh were opened to tke ao
eompaniment of pealieg bells and their
majesties ware handod the gelden key of
the church hy a deputation wken they ar
riyed inside.
The services of the dedication was com
menced witn the singing of a choral.
Court Chaplain Faher pronounced the
consecration addre-t, lm which he alluded
to the strong faith, the ckeerful hopeful
ness and the love of the people and his
country which characterized the old em
peror. He expressed tke wish that faith,
hope nnd charifiy might constitute tha
main pillars of the new church.
At tho conclusion of this service the
troops nnd yeterans, Inolndlag the German-American
veterans now vlslring th
city, msrehed past their majesties lm re
view. The veterans sang patriotic airs aa
they marched, in which the spectator
Kenovetetir dela Femme.
The 'great French remedy for female
complaints, Kenovateur de" la Femme,
for sale at the l'hannacie Francuise, 231
South Main street, lias the endorsement
of physicians and is highly recommended
by people who have used it. A guarantee
is given by Mr. Prattc with every bottle.
Earthquakes In Pennsylvania,
New York and New Jersey.
Little Damice Was Done, bnt Thotuands cl
Peraoni Were Roused From an Early
Sunday Morning Sleep, and Some Were
Seared Buildlncs Swayed.
Philadelphia, Sept. 2. An earthquake
shock lasting several seconds was felt in
this city shortly after 6 o'clock Sunday
riorninfr. Tho disturbance by Mothet
Earth of tho quiet of the Sabbath morn
inn was violent enough while it lasted tc
create a good deal of consternation anil
not a little damage. Buildings perceptibly
swayed, windows cluttered and banged,
and eloeki and pictures toppled from theii
The shock was most seYerely felt in th
eubnrhan districts, and it Is said that in
one part of Georges Hill, in Falrmount
park, a fissure was opened permitting the
entrance of a plummet, which extended
down oyer 10 fet without touching bot
tom. A lar-re plate flans window in th
shade store of Michael Lett, 15U4 German
tnvrn nvenne, was split from top to bot
tom. Similar cases are reported from oth
er seeHons ef the eity.
At the Eoetnjrleai gardens the vibration
was clearly perceptible, and the excite
ir'nt which follewed nmon( the animals
cnnttnnpd fex a pond while after the seis
mic diotnTbanee. fiend Keeper Manley as
serts that the trumpeting of the elephants,
the roar ef the lions and tho screeching oi
tho birds nm simply terrifying. At Mr.
Mauley's residence, besides tho breaking
of several window panes, a clock was
thrown from its helf.
One man in the northwestern section ol
the city was looking out of his bedroom
window when the shock came, and the
sash fell on his neck, but did not hurt
him. No damage to life or person has been
The rlerk at the local weather bureau
declared that no observations of a geolog
ical cha'-acter wero taken there, their ef
forts being directed solely to the skies.
Ho had not felt the quake himself and
was inclined to doubt the assertions ol
anybody who had.
Incoming reports show that the earth
qunke was general throughout eastern
I'ennsylvnnia and New Jersey. At Allen
town and Fhoenixville. both in this state,
many persons were awakened from sleep,
buildings swayed and a "wavy sensation''
was felt.
At Bristol. Pa., the families of Mrs.
Sirkol nnd William Yor.ng say they were
"badly shaken up" and Dr. Dinsiee and
his wife wpre nearly thrown out of bed.
Dr. Dingeo experienced tho Charleston
earthquake. Bad declares that today's was
almost as seTere.
Reports of violent vibrations also came
from HurHngton, Palmyra, Freehold and
Tom's Rirer. all in New Jersey, and at
the latter place, it Is said, a second shock
was le!t at 2 o'cleek Schist afterrcon.
The Karthe.nak In Nv Jersey.
Jtcksfy CiTV, ?epr. a. New Jersey fell
the force cf the earthquake, the tremorex
: tending- throighout the northern part,
while theenntkervt section appears to bava
caped the experlenee entirely. Friim all ;
of the eities and villages ta the aerrkera j
section the svry reriT". is the same. Ths !
shot-k was preced mm I aererrpaBied hy I
the lew, rumelimg sud that marks the
tri;e earthquake. This trembling metlen j
last-crl for several seeeads. la seme places ,
tt.e f! vlste ef time is as lew as three s-c- I
onds. vhile ethers place The duration ef i
the disturbnnee at frem IS to je, seconds.
The general nurse ef the shock was
from east to west. There is much differ
enco in the ree-nrtsn to the true direction '
from which The sherk ceme. The early j
1 hour ef the morning Is perhaps respen- '
j sible for this difference of opinion, as tpr
i majority rf these who felt nnd heard the I
! shock wpre awakened from their sleep by
the sound and the vibrations, and the
i quake ceased before they hsd recovered I
i consciousness and were snfflclentay awr.ke
I to renlire the cause of the trouble. j
l The shock does net appear to have been !
j sufficient to canse much damage. In all j
: places the effects appear to have been
about the same. Rouses were shaken, dish-
es were broken, bnt nothing worse than '
this has been reported.
The mountain dirrlcts appenr to have
felt the vibrations the most keenly. That
section ef PntrTson which is situated on j
hir-ber ground was generally shaken,
while the people living in the lower see- j
rions of the town report having felt noth- i
ing of the effects of the qnake. Tke shock I
' name between :08 and fl:05 a. m. The !
towns along the oeean shore report little
! distnrbanee la consequence ef the earth
quake. Kewark wa in the path of the shock.
and buildings in all parts of the eltytrem-
bled violently. In the tenement houses 1
the shocks ransed considerable excitement,
many persons hurrying to the streets i
partly clad. They remained In the streets ;
; for soma little time, fearing a repetition of !
the rtinrks. !
Elisabeth felt the shock more severely !
on the water front aud along the eastern
edge of the elty than in the interior. The
rumbling sen ad was very distinct there.
Tha hoae ef Phillip Barnes, a gasflfter
of IanfayetTe street, vu so severely shaken !
thnt his three iangbter sprang frona thoir j
beds and ran In their nightdresses to tho
home of a neighbor, where one of them
fainted. It wriLF only after the lapse of a
eomldernbl period of time and after pro
longed efforts and th application of re
storatives ay friend that she recovered
At Flair fluid the shock was so severe
that several persons are reported to havi
been i-aken seriously ill from the effects of
the quake. At Lake Hopatcoag the shock
was quite, eevere. At Mount Arlington,
on the shores of Hopateong, the hotel peo
ple and guests reported bo trace of the
trouble, hut on the opposite s de of the
lake persons were aroused from their sleep
and badly frightened by the trembling.
BnooKLTS, Fept. t. Throe distinct
earthquake shocks wero felt by the resi
dents of Brooklyn about ft o'clock Punday
morning. V'o damage to life or property
ia reported from any section of the city.
The districts of East Kew York and South
Brooklyn received the greatest shock, bni
the rumblings were distinctly felt ia oth
er section of the city.
Contradictory report are given as to
the eeverity of the shocks. The first shook,
which waa felt at 6 o'clock, was followed
by a rnmbtiag aoise, like distant thunder.
This was followed by trve other slight
shock, which, according to most of tha
report, died away in a low, grating noise.
Superintendent of Police William J. Me
Kclvey telephoned to polio headquarter
from his Greene avenne residence to tha i
Yfho Can gay ffety Are Tlioran-hlr
Well? Htw They Cam Be Siroag-.
fapsusAi. ve ftps latt nam
T iao't feal very well; I am re H-d atl
rts lima; 1 daa't knew vast is ts ust
tmr -with mo.
Tan hear lha
wevds every ir.
As eften as yon
set your friends.
Jnst so often re
tne words re
peated. Mora
than likely yon
speak the ss.me
FT- mux!
SiJi yourself, sad tra
is nbt
bat thst you
do feel far
a rrom weii
mest of tha
There la a
There is a
remedy ferall
that is cev-
cred by tho werds bo constantly ppokea
by weuien.
Z;,'dt' . Pinbhnni discovered ths
ronreu of asevrly all the suffering endured
by the sex.
' Women's Complaints." these tw
words are full of mere misery to women,
tuna auy tw werdfc that can bo found In
th lnjT-tg i tlie world.
Suidew fiiiotiBf, deprestien of spirits,
rluctoBre to anTvtiar r to do any
titint, haekaehe, "pearing devra," and
kiaired rys"?
torai ef serieus
dlsturhsnee sal
den iairii ky
your fjily phy
sielaa, aai ra
lnctaatly men
tioned hy you.
The revasdy Is
fen 4: tke same
aehl werasa wh9 dteeovered tke eause
of all ynr misery alto wcrked out the
remedy. All insists hive It.
J.ydia E. PlnkVam's Tejetahle Com
pound It the greatest blessing that ever
eie tnto th lives f nferin women.
effect that he had been awakened from a
sonad sleep by ths earthquake. He said
that the kense oscillated, and that tke bed
on whleh he was tlylag kad ken saeved
Di-pnty CemlesioTier f Police Crosby,
who was reppiag at Cesey Island, also
telephoned t headaartnrs that the shock
had beea pretrty savere Ik that serrlea ef
Brooklyn. He described it as a low, rum
bling noli, siid added that bust konsa
had heen ikakea, aJl ef the Inhabitant
htMB; areuwd frea their sleep.
Cenduoter Barry ef the Atlantic Ave
nue railread ta'd that wkea going on dn
ty shortly before o'cletk In tke asornina
he dietiet1y felt the grend cak, anil
then ke keard a rumbling. He easae le
tbe eriBclnsie- that tke earthquake sheak
urnst have heen quite general in its aatars.
.tnmes .iacksaa. a eelered watehasan at
the municipal building, said tkat tk resi
dents cf the Twt'Bty-tfth ward wese etmr
tled hy tkre shoeks in rapid ueeeesien,
followed ry a rnHig aeise. The keases
trembled, aad asany pirtnree aad ether er
nnniearshaBging ea tke walls were threwa
to the P.eer. Two ceadnetors ef rhs Atlan
tic Avenue railroad, who were dlafag la a
restaurant en lTashingten street, reported
to the Firidge peliee station that they felt
the earthquake sheck. The building trem
bled prrerprikly, rrhile the plates and oth
er disbt-F en tk table were moved. They
way the rheek was like th flects of a dis
tinct eTVilosien.
At many ef the hotels the guests were
so frichrraed by the vibrations thnt they
hurried inro the hallways to find out the
r.iuse of the trouble. Th guests at ths
f'iei'rer-or.t House were very much alarmed,
and many ef them went down stairs and
asked the niybt clerk what had happened.
They therght an explosion muet have oc
curred in the hotel.
Ne-w Turk kst Little Shocked.
New York, ept. . According to Fnro,
cater Di.nn. the earthquake reached this
city at . ai , and tb sheck lasted
for tea second. It traveled from seurh ta
north, but. enly a comparatively few per
sons here aprr to have noticed the dis
turbance. These who did do net agree a
to tke enet tlrae ef it oesurronoe. Har
lemlre evidently felt it mere than th
residents farther dewn town.
In the lower portion ef the city it wns
exceedingly dJIBentt ta Cad ny one who
had felt it at all. Bnt in Brooklyn thero
wet pluuty at person ef excellent reputo
for vrracity-whe said they had heen awak
ened by the shock aad seared nearly out
of thlr vita.
fn Lcag: Island, where the vibrations
of the earth were most severe, it is claimed
that theeortk experienced a rolling which
raude houses sway, in seme instance, vary
percepti klr.
That th swaying wan indeed norleonbla
i proved hy the numerous reports of po
ple being rbeewn out of their beds and th
moving keat rf furnituro, the swinging
of hanging pictures and the breaking at
Akcek Velt Ia Ifaay n.ires.
Tltww ept. t n ast Is helleved to
have heen an arth.uak skeck wa felt
her. There was a lead raaabrlag aennd,
reeerabiius the sattliagaf a heavy wagea,
which was at flrxt ikeaghtMh tke wind.
There was a very perceptible vibration,
the abaklng ef houses and tke nattliae; of
wiadewa kelag plainly felt aad keard. Tke
shook lasted tkree er roar seeoad.
Wn.uivaToa, Bel., Beat, t. Quite a
percept'h'e skoek ef earthquake wa flt
in this city. Th vihratioa lasted fee sev
eral second and was observed ia every
section ef th town. K damage has heen
WitxitBaRRn, Pa., Sept. 2. A far aa
eaa be ascertained no earthquake shook
was felt in tki aotl
That Distress
Ib tha stom
ach er fooling:
f fulness at
tar eating ia
prevented kg
Hood- pm.
fkey aid dl
geatiaa sad
aae inflation
ef lead, asav tba aavata easily aad thai
preveat aad ens BQieusaess, Taeytd lirsc,
and OonstrflstioB. They are taertataaa and
do aei trr w aaase vatsu iLlA key aU
Maaatta. laalaa
iae uaaafa.
A New Woman EpLsodo.
"I need recreation," said the new
ts-otnaa as Bhe ordered her bicycle to tho
front ioor, "nnd so I think I'll look ia
a the ioafielarriTe and kill a few hi 11a. "
"Do you nerer think of your pane?
Jrasbandf'' piped n weak voice from a
dint uoimor.
"OftB," said the new woman. "I
thonjrt. td hrra today, when I purchaaod
that new ebina act, nnd yesterday, when
ho pjavo tke baby rren ayyleg, and
Todncsday, when he rat sugar In the
biscuits. Oh, I'm always thinking ot
him poor soul !" Kew York Recorder.
"Here is a cifjar," said tho dealer,
"that I would likp yon to give a trial. "
"All right," said Watts. "Hiuid it
It ws handod over.
"What do yon think of it?" nsked the
"It doesn't deserve a trial," paid
Watts. "It ought to bo lynched." In
dianapolis JotutuiI.
Wouldn't Take It Back.
"O-oh," shesohbed. "Inever thought
it would eoruo to this !"
"What's the trouble now?" asked
" Y-yoxt said that wearing bloomers is
lunacy !"'
"Well, it is," was the dogged re
joinder. "It 'a pantaloonacy. " Wash
ington Star.
A Poor riati.
Miss do Fashion Mothor, what shall
we send Miss de Stle for her wedding
present? '
Mrs. de Fashion Will the list be
published in the paper?
"No; she says that's vulgar."
"Send her a plated saltspoou. " New
York Weekly.
A Bright Idea, Gertrude.
Chawncy Give rno just ono kiss?
Gertrudt No; but I'll lend you one.
Chawncy Why, how do you mean?
Gertrude Well or, I lend you one,
don't you see, which must be returned
in a few moments. Boston Courier.
Frightened Away.
"Is it true that the old Jones place ii
"It nsed to be, but they have a babj
there now." Detroit Free Press.
Headquarters for nice turnouts.
FirRt class teams.
Carriages all new.
Horses bought and sold.
By the Beantiral Kew Steamship
ef tha
To O d Point Gmfort
(Sygeia Hotel,) or
Ulrclnla Beach and Rt
(Frinceas Anne Hotsl.)
any ba mad for
!20ld Point Comfort 16 l!J
iDWirolnlaBeacK 174
of raoisls and bertfc en roate and a day
and a quarter's board at either hatel.
These trips are Ideal, as a considerable
iKrtion is made through he quiet water
jf tha famous Hampton Roads and there is
LUIe likelihood of seasickness.
Akjo tickets on sale, with privilege oi
ing or returning by rail.
Write for particulars of these and ot-.r
delightful trip te
33. ID- Manwaring.
329 Meadow Street,
Waterbory, Conn,
N. Y. N. H. 4 H. DEPOi1,
faterbnry, Conn.
Wadhams Post. No 49, G. A. R.
Will Ops tpi lad and satiaa 8 aiht.
Thuobjeet is t increase the re ief fand
lis there are large aesaaad en tkis feed
fur ciauy of the aid veterans need assist
ance. This is the lost fair ear Pest
i-ipcots to give we we hope the eitieens will
tiskist in making it a grand snooeas. Oar
season tickets besides giving ekaogss en
oaaa goods to the amount of $812, alse ad
mit one person for six successful nighta.
A sraud statre performanoa will be given
aui'h vtmitu: and the cemmitte have seared
no tiblaurt matt it aa ot jsot of interest for all
wuu fuver lid with their i-refreuue
- Grand Opening -
Of the New Jacques Opera
House, Monday, Sept 2.
"Best American Play" K. T. Herald.
Tbe Gir' I Uft lefcind Me,
Management Charles Frehraaa.
Presented in the same manner as seen for
6(M) nights in New York 150 nights in
Chicago. 1 50 nighta in Boston.
Prices as usual.
dscques' Opera House,
Tuesday. Sept 3rdS
Jolly Nelly McHenry
The Bicycle Girl
Friers as usual.
Wkolrsal and Retail Dealt r in Foreign
and Doaifctio Ales, Wines, Licers ana)
34 and 38 East Main St.
Goods delivered on telephone oall to any
part of the city. Telephone T.
Carries the largest stock of imported and
domestie viae and liqaers ia th city.
we ieaa in priee and qaality at gaoda
sola at wtiolaaiUe priee.
SI 0
I no
3 08
3 00
3 00
3 flo
4 09 gal
4 09 gat
4 00 gal
Sold at
1 5ft
1 SO
! 60
t 00
2 00
1 00 qt
All kind ef California wines
$1 00 1 25 1 SO gal
too SSa 40e qt
New England Liisr farehotise,
GorSo, Ma n ana) Union Sts.
Opposite Grand Street. WatrDmry, Oonn
Grand celebration at the West End
grounds in the afternoon under tha ana-
pices of tbe Central I.absr union.
Addresses by noted speakers. Athletio
events, including a base ball game be
tween the St Joseph's T. A. so
ciety and the St Thomas cadets and a
wrestling match between Keating of this
city and Hayes of Hartford. Music by 8
Aloytiius drum corps. There will be dano
The day's programme is a most
attractive ooe.
Fool and Sample Eoom,
77 East Hain street. Cboiea assortment
of Ales, Lager, Wine and Cigar.
Wines and Liquors sold at Barrel priaea)
Ths Big Demijohn
Whiskey, gin, rum, brandifs. Prices: l.TO,
1.75, 2.00. 2 CO, 3.00, 4.00 per gallea;
40c, 60o, 60o, 65e. 75c, l.PO per quart.
Pert, sherry, angelica, claret 1.00, 1.2S;
1 1 50, I 00 , 2 60, 3.00, 4 00, per gallon,
i 30e 35c, 40c, 60c, 66o, 76o, 1.00, par
Sew York Liquor UTarehsnse.
15-17 Grand Street,
Opp South Main.
Bend your order by mail and it will be
if ptly attended to tnd delivered free of
chars e.
Sampie Package ittViW
Of coal foot up an enormous aggregate.
The coal supply of Europe aad America,
acoording to experts, will last Bve hun
dred years at the present rate ef consnmp
ion. However that may ba, it is absolutely
certain that onr cent barn better, laste
longer, and i therefore eheapsr than the
inferior article handled hy some other
dealers. Ton ean dapend upon ear eoal
and wager two to one that any order are de
liver will be fall weight. Peor eoal costs
the most invariably. Biy tha best eoal
from as and bay it aow while we'te dolivee.
iag at bottom price.

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