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, COPrniOHT.
One day in Smvijato ly sumo extraor
dinary chance I found a pin. and up
In tho darkest corner of the it 11 wall K
eratehed on the paint : j
Let tho strti'Ven ar (en ircon
And th hart unitiilfil WO'.
Jtor noniu inn! wit;-5, wliiio pome r.itv.t sloop.
Thus runt thr ro7hl a-jray.
Theso lines were there through r.U
tlio ugony cf my mraroer.-tion. and trial,
but when the thunderbolt f- Ll ami I w.w
WRlking back to thst Lftlo room with
tho doom of "life" pronounced upon
roe what, thrmpht do you suppose came
pushing into my mindr
Thorn was I wr.ikmrr throuoh the
UUt. prourni ston- corridor iot.cimg
from the OM Bailey eourtv. iom to my
coll, doomed to lifelong ir.ip-i--NEier!,
nnrl the uppormer thought in my mind
Was of the linos I had scratched on that
Wall 1 said to myself they worn ton
gloomy and depressing: tint it was a
cowardly thonght ami mo.ssr.go to leave
bohmd mo for some other r.i fortunate
inmate, and I resolved, if it escaped tbe
fhilisrines paint pet. to leave a mes
sage of hopa or high resolve. When the
next inonsmg ojrao Thursday it wm
tuid tho first of sentence I scratched
rbeso lino?! :
' la the reproof of chance
Lies te.o tree untof ef men.
An hour after I insane. My mind
fceeamo a Msnk, and I know and re
membered no more until tho following
Sunday, whon 1 awoke like one out of a
trance and for.rd myself in a convict
uniform in a cell, r.nd there, with that
hriok arch ovrr my had and thi stonw
floor nndr my fort, for 20 yoara I livd
and mowA and had ivy hein. W li-Tsvl
in Fouth Brooklyn, nrar to oM Ko. IS,
tho Dofrrnw rtrpf t pnhlio whool. To that
I Wtis set, and thrvo pot ail tho pclnoa
tion I vs ever fatrd to hnro at any
School fxoppt tho rrhool of lifp and px
ppriirnoo. I titferu!? for vr-.o yrnr., nnd crm
now 1 ci-vnnot recall without a f-riili tlw
ntwcrA inrorfprtonoy of c vrry on? r. n
notfd with the iKWimrion nr. 1 t.r;r
otter igrtorno of the art of imp.-rrinjf
lni"wkdpn to ohildrnn.
At hotri I had picked rip that prand
Bi t of rca.:iirg an went to school to
learn the- rhc iw R, with nriy trifo
that I rr.irht hotcsni flouting aronnd
promisrTvmiily I oo-tainly hopo onr
pi'ifh lanrd rnhrio aT0 eoadnrt
ed on hr'or lir.o:n'vw -.'is.-: thn: if not,
th y inv frauds from thn fonndr.tiim.
It Wip all very pitiful. U.T hlood hoiU
evo.i now vi'cii I think cf the traitors
cbison aal to sowt fnlly eniptiod
ard arraofl ro hoi,-.n th V-attle ef liilp
V'h" 1 -'.'t Mo v i-.'l f',:!J:! if. V? ,-- pons
Whieit uor.lt'; !hivfr into fr;irce.m at
tho first th'V-k of o.-ni!-.-.
I lrft Ji'.'' A of old Ko. 13. rr'th
Its al'cki-a. J.gio. jh:lrerhy ( heaven
Bar? tho word! , and Bdranoi'd rrrarr.nmr,
unable rtTwiivo a ;rainmttioal .wirrno).
Intlx-d I t ''v; it for framed lhar in tho
good olrl ("!i.vs AriHr hvd inven'""-!
vrn-d tr.t'h a. hs nannvi th-N s''.im.ils,
nr.d, oi exi.-irie, snipMcvl th;t he fpoko
food Knplish. The lenowL'dg of his
tory I pained at ii'i. !'i was utriot'y lira
iUd nr.d eseeeinfiy piimiviro. I knew
the Jews "ii t:i ol.t srs wem a l ad
lot; ll-.at Frrit-.s had l.iin CfcV;'j ;
that tito llayrlo-.Tor iied laitdoi our
fnrhors on, l'lymcath It-rk ; that wieic
d Goorj-o i'fl wa. t yrar.t. and haS
the boy.-, in Pnom had thrown a rai
keftlo at hi a bend. I knrw all ahor.t onr
GtvTi' md t.ho eh'T'vy trw. and tlMVO
my iiitno; i.s,l !r.i wied -ndvl
So h't-y It.!;-: V.troi.--, n'. nt iu th
World a r.odol tolnlar irrr.!iu;--',-l pra
firient, in ftrumtiiar, history, lo;rio, pJti-losoph.j-
and aritiir.io; io, hr.t rot in U; j
fnl knowi.'.'.pe r. burK-iri.'i'j, nnahl" to
irjiell or own wr'tc a ir Tniati - ! h'ffor
nd nnvor.4'd in t' o wars of tho world
a worUl, '", v)i t.' I would bo oast
Rtiroiy rtpoii my own ros'nn.-;H
My homo lif. wa h:;ppy. ily father
fctvl lost his fr ip on tho world, h-nt his
Jui'h in tho t'nwon reoai:iorl. My
ruTtiior, eaniiXitli' for this life, lived
In ajid for the njiirimal. Tj her hoaveu
Was a plai-v ;;s ta r h rs :!:' .- iii.i-.-y vil
lage whoro :;'io was born. fUje tv:s nev
er tired of talk'np to ns oh'hiroii ::boi:t
its golden K'roots and the rest thw aftor
the toils a:td pains of !' . Pit, -yy-like,
wo (lis-' unitol r.ll Ao raid aiul folc
we war.ti'-' hihic of thit w rhl '.x'forewo
knookod ai tht i'ao'.-:
Kvory r. ';:!.. o i !.
6ho v. c i, hi i . oio to i
mo, ov, r Ktln as
clattpivi ny hand. "
if yoti v,-rvo i. pas . i
ill po ir:y o-;:l Iv.t"
lunoJi niitvr to V
the hoavrni ro t. "
havo Hon woll hail
donio '. i i hl'.y wi-i!o
of tho m xt.
y lito :n thoo daya
:v ,.d t ) r'av i',n
kis- od r-.e car
so::, remember
v. h.olo life hr
i it wor.hl nc4
! y.".i a rain to
ti a -hill w-lp.M
i.ly taupht :r.s
:li ir. at fhf.
it, he'd
1895. 9Y The AUTHOR
all essential knowledge wa.s kept from
me. I beinc left to learn the ways of
man iu that terrible ?ehool of eipcri
onen, tho conf eqnnca br-in that when
aftr Hnmo months I wa.s lannehivl ont
in lifo 1 was a rips and upt vietim to be
eansht in tlio world's lingo snare. Ir
faet, liad my parents defiiroed me to
hoeomn a traveler in tho Primi-oso VTay
tlioy eouhl not havo educated rao to
hotter purp-eso.
Pave when in the fehel I hnd never
beT. prniittr 1 to asrooiato w;'.h other
boys, but was kept in the house, and np
to my pixteonth year herd It dreanted
thera was ovil in th9 world. I was t ild
much about the "wiekoJ." bn; thought
that meant t.Vso who smoked tobacoo
or drank whi.oky. 1 hardly thought any
women cr.nw unner that category ; hnf,
if any, then ir must mean tho.e who
rami around relli'i. apples and ornnfes.
Tlio Trader will e that whru inee
away from the shelter of home, in
tbtradin.'C the world's de-virr.1 ways, I
T.-enld he oroKslhr: the rxwinjr t' frent
"on the peril. -is footii-.r; of ast -e.r,"
all but rrrtaia to fall into the flood bo
niath. Dnrtnr; my last year nt nehool and for
a lonsf timo after lesrinit it my father
and mthfr were never tired of tnlkirjr
about my riv! ednestion. possibly they
were not very food judges, hnt 1 am
c-rr.5!!ent that they, after all, did not
realirjO the importat ce of a boy lvinj
well equipped in that resjr.rd. Their
thnnijhts and minds were so bent on the
other world and thir.jrs unseen bulked
so hugely on their mpntal vision that
there was small space left for thinfri of
this earth. They. fxd. a-'mple sonls,
wrre made for and onflit to hr.ro lived
in the folden a;e, when ail men worn
brave and all women true, where neigh
borly 'yes reflected tlio love and l'.iith
within, hnt "n onr utilitarian days they
wer sadly out of place, and little won
der if they had lost their way in this
lis thrir intense lencrinp for tho life
beyond the fravo. their pas-i.mato le
piro to walk the str-.ts of poll, the".
by their actions, seemed to ferret we j
were on this e-irth, aial tliat- -. o wro
hero with many eharp reminders of the
The same pnil-'loithes-, was manifest
ed in their ohoiroef o-.r- hre readings. I
The books 1 wart nllewed -cress to in !
the hoo.se were "Tho life of Kin? D.v
vid. " "The Hist cy of .Trrr.alrm, " i
"De.xter's ?aintv' P.t-nt," "Th" Immor
tal D-oamor's Pi'iprim" r.-.d FosV
"r k of M.ij-ryrs. " T!is flr-t r s-ty- is
t-toph "".i. hi ! enoh wps ray ;rr s io.-o-rjnoi
of hi fWy that I r.lwaysm-;po.sl
HW'vh.in !iad h-en mrnor-l ly th-
"turch of TV-re w mo--.-.?! f . -'
I'.ir a boy who bed his own way to make
in the world. t
tYuving o:ht ' t-entsl food then "Tho
L'o of Yi-fl," 1 vtsed to o'u-ii ji.m:o:
with a rbr.ra d buy that do.oinb'.e
theft, "iv'ol n-!m line's Omii," then i-.i
tVw.r sod tc'""ihi:M 'to"1.1 crort t sai
uppor room and road "The Hsnntett
Uiutr-e" or "The (ihiHw of t't!i Ivy"
tin 1 my hair -vd e-d in a i f
r'rt!! ;e h.TT V'-'; . or th 't-tT-'-iT: a.'v ---t-.r--.-
ef ".Tee!: the Rmtr" t p.ra'e
t'l. iiX" r.ntil ray h-ain tor.k f.ro o.d a
ini.rlity u-";-e sreM every f t--r. i.n
t l.'v.R mo 1 1 fallow in their footsteps.
1 had remB'r.'d M?ly at heve fe.' some
rix months after my hsppy re1e-"e from
es-bo-il, when one e;rht my fatlter re
turrtrl fr m Kew Vtrlr r.nil satl. "My
too. 1 hnv found a sintHKin for yon."
Thar whs fVliRhtfr.1 r.ews, -ml when T.
wont to bed tha niwhr I was too excited
t' !oep.
S.i now at Ifl 1 was hoe.f to sail out
of h hor. and how equipped!
A!-: h.tcly wit hear o.'.-.u--' ion. vo;d of
worldly wibdom and in ray h yih b':'n
(hvi.llr. the ii . rid int.") two sivtione.
In r.'va was King Tk.vid itbtyin.t tho
l-'ht jitii'.e.s or dancing before the ark.
la tho other were Jack the Rover and
tho 1'iraie I'hief. Ikrwrsay to g-aiva tno
seip.ipl! Yot I was :vt a bad boy far
from it. I or.'y ny-iel wise jrnidare
atxl g"nl ei'T-:piinionhip. ae.d an the is
Hi irar-N ami omdtty of my eharaTor
driivpt d off tli innate virtne mine by
1-avful heritage won 11 have 1 een cl
voli-iaed Ibai pitehf.-rirl ir.t -i the wild
whir! of Wall s-troet and iv fist Fet of
'('.oil yoti'h, the , Tat es of the Primrose
Way to lostna't:on were hold wide open
to my euor f.'.'t.
'rli( pituatiin my father had obtained
for i '.o was with a Fnj-::r hrokr-r of tho
nam." of Waiorhury. Tlo wa a partm"
iti a large r !h'..-ry, his eotee' beins its
t'. lih Wat or .street Ho was a. n o-m-Rrv:itive
old man tvv 1 1 thingn rnn aj
easily. His ch.iof clerk, Mr. Ambler,
was every in.'h a rroitlsman, who,
o-.iir!;iy percei vina what nil ignoramus
one knew VOS
the price be
fore trying it, he'd
be surprised to find it so rood. If
one learned the price after smoking
be astonished to find it so
Bijr v alue and .Little Aiou-
never got closer than, m
this tobacco. .' i'l
T was, ont of the"f oodness of liis Eeart
resolved to toaeh me something.
There were two sharp yonng men In
onrafflee. They liked mo well enonfh, -but
nsed to pny me unmercifully for my
Bimpiioity and elcmsrinrss. One of them,
Harry by name, was something of a
wapofraep, and poon acquired quite a
power over rue. I stood in much fear of
his ridicule and frequently did thhiffS
for which my oon;'V"r.oo reproached me
rather than rtard the flrn of his rail
lery. Tho ptvato.it harm ho did me was
in flriij; ray imo.ijiitRtioii with stories
of Wall street, of t;e fortunes that wens
nnd could ! made in the peldroom or
!! 'ehanfe. He made tolerah ly clear th
nicies operandi of spor-e.la.-ors, and I
fco-retly rf-e:rM that some day I. too,
would try my fortr.re.
My friend Mr. Ambler's hpplth was
bad. and fr"euent attacks of illr.oss
nitavi him to ho away from tho ofaeo
for w-ks tit iv time, r.nd that reear.t
mtirli losntomo. Whet I had rx"n there
aho-e.t a vetr. he resip-.ed his posificn
and went as munaver for a factory In
iow ITaTcn. rnf bo i ore loavinjt ho iu-tor-vted
himself so far in my welfare as
to sreuro mo a position with a Srm of
brokers iu Now titroet nt a salary of
0 a week. My employers were pood
follows. leve of pYatmro rmd men of
the wtM, not so--r.pli'.!- to talk freely
with r-o of their vntions advm'ures out
o? b-as'-ins lvmr?. 1 had lost vnncli of
n'y as !;wardne" and percho msnners,
lind ttrdee the $10 fs wi". k r.rruipemont
benn to drers fairly welt. BTv euiplor
' ?-s di-.l p. brokmaK'' V'-.-ia-'noss and spocu
: lr.rod a.- well on their err. account.
?1y dut 'es ne:--' deriih uly lipht and
, pleasant .sai l bi or.vlit. rue int c mtacS
s'nto cf too fth arrest as well rs
the met fim ius mi'.i in tho srreet.
Vj'.tor.g th wes s biilliant yonag men
' f re.y ovni Ko. who tok a prcst fancy
to me f.r.d r cfir rr. ly prop.w! that vo
liberie! stdit for oursnlves. Eoinpdooot
fnl of my pow ers. 1 rhranlc frojn ritkinR
my r-cs-ty fr.-v'.s in any ppornltive ven
tnto. Murh to ray mother's concern I
-s.d he.Tc.n .tt-rtdinK the t' -eater, and
t :ie niirh on my friend Woo l's inrita
i;on 1 v cnt with him to Niblo's. After
;ho j-ierforman-o wo went t supper at
IVlmonieo's. and T was perfectly fas
inatod by fu" com pan r r.nd narcir.il-
ir.r;s. ffi-Tij hon-.o l.a1
diff-Tfnt man ihan I had laat left it.
Tl o rest oav TA ramp t-s the oflee and
iel i'a to lro.a'li. wh 're. M'tfr
ainp :i r.r.rk- ah.
of tlio
r.nrr cnt of
.rs, 1
;o iu'ri i'.iieo r.i i. h:s ui
t'Cv ; in a lrury f t his tr
1 ivti -i -:
itfT. After
bris'nena that day we v.i!V.d up town
tuf-cther. and, pr- mpred hv J"d, T order
ed 10 -w orth rf piirrr.onts, then v ent
to h's ertfl-tc- ioel
iMi-.l ftir.'-'rai' ir i-h-;-:
or-l"r(vi nocrV roi
-'. tiof , fh.ves, etc.
v nriii Tejo:!r '--o- that v. he-i.
le.trr, I v. l'Lo.1 n to rur
-me '1 !';. -. in .b. my
'.itcc. w i!.o'- i (10 a VT'-'-.
i -e.
. i
(1:1 I -.'
m th.s lof-v.-Kif-dod
tfror. p'Y;'
i pt;',:i :
nvtotl a-,.
ln-s waa
"c- t.;..'.n v hen I had
. r lir.lo (Sjo. P'-on
hi. 1 vrnrv'.-.i or
l ei- hily 1 won. in-
.-.sir. and within 14
1 1 pai 1 my tailor
my i
- a f : o
: th;s 1
ai t' If
d more
ov. --!
M ll.!
. hi
f ti-"' I li
'h 1 "':
ir OM.--)
lt '''! on
'i-tS TO
:r tl
-. -1 V. I'slt
wll In
rt.ve ro .
T -( a'-,
''li'A VC!
.- h--r.v
i h'rn
l 1-
.-ere f r:
o'-s of cvevv
ai"-sl wrshli
- 1 y 1---S: s t .!
e'vrnh'it ii e
d 'Oi-r firm
'no of 1 rokcr
-he -: ho V all
remissions ia
try, bn one's
i::;-. f - ' ' at
v ,t,c
t o-m-'
. V'l
a t'o.o i.'
.t tunit.ifu
th.v duv?
nbs-ks :n
rover ;m
. bv dav
-.' ,,1 ejo, tern nit
t. thr. wn ht.it
nivht. Tkiw.
iiu h t;n-es for
r. for men were
bu.aio:! th. r.itv
r.i. -o b.,n'y. t were
il Tho r xeb.anpe.
-.11 vt h.n.-i
'.cor f-"o::
o-.-'.o. d
id w
. v.'i
C ".t.
::t n;
1 1
HI no.
.1 -.
!"! t'Vi5! v
no ejin-ta u fitr.s were nightly stsk'd
.n tl v' up town games. These were ev
rywhern, all protr-eted, ar.d the propri
etors in reared the;- rr'stey for rent, fix
t i.Tf -ts. etc. . with sr much confidence
fid kept th.r-.r diiori ea.cn r.q freely aa if
etr.bMrke.-l in a lofitimaxe specr.lation.
Hrmd-cd- who spenr the bns'r.oss hours
. -f tho dxy in the mid excitement of the
"vohaiij-e f( Lod a"'"i"d t!" preen cloth
;t ''iflit, devoting tJ-e ff.ne intentirv- of
thotiitht r.v.d brain to the tnrr.i",'; c a
ard which oariier hi tho fh.y they load
:,i : h: m.ai i-t r.-;vir:ji of the world.
I'tiii 11 wonder t'vit c.oath eat such wide
- wath.t in the army of broker-. Ftatis
hi.i show teat it w. more fatal to lx
i!t to that .rxiiT t han t -i ia arniv in the
V.'.- h-al latterly r -metvhr.r ne-Ioctc l
'uisuKt'.", oir real In-flners long nt
ai;;ht, when r. e mrdo tho pursnit of
pleas-ire hard work. SMimi tho finances
f our f'.rio. ni-t only ran low, but v.i ae
n thrro sever".1 cvt.sior.s exhausted, so
thrt wo ii -t fitly hid r' course to be.r
rowirg. but vein barely s-ved from
hankmptcy by ltborsl donation.-' fr no
"l's ps-euts. Pis father was a fr.-. jol
iy . 1 1 ,-' u'-tnan and t. k it f;uite a.j a.
i latloi cf c-'ni'Sn tha; it was his. duty to
'jolji i;s . ff the rooks when we rail on
ilioin. IJypaiti er t4.k everything easy,
but I. having no ii de.lg rt parent In
hand me over ready to drau a check.
' gr.n ti bn nniai-yoi.r th.e financial
if.iat'c-i. rrittigi'ly enona'-. however.
- never o'enrreo. to me to cut down r-jy
crsov.al expomes, ucd I erntiav.etl liv
i :g at t'ao sarao oxtxavaaut rato as
.lion money was jilftity, diniug and
wining and being; dined nnd wined,
lust here mi important character, one
iestined to Itavo an iiiflnencofor evil tin
my f ntnrc life, camo upjn tho scene,
wid I will halt for a moment ftf lay riaf
rative to give some account of hira.
Tliis man was James IrvhiR, popnlar
Iy feaown as Jimmy Irving, chief of tho
Kow York detective force, and a bad
hearted, worthless scamp he waa. I was
with several friends in the Fifth Avenue
hotel one cold January nipht when he
eamo in and one of onr party, knowing
him. introduced us. H was a man of
medium height, rather heavy set, blond
mustache, pleasant eyes, but with a
weak month itnd chin and a flushed j
face?, tellinir a talo of dissipation. It j
wns when Boss Tweed mlod supreme in I
Kew York, and the whole adminitrs- I
tion was honeycombed with corruption.
Except under similar political condi- j
tions could tmch a nsi attain to so re- '
sponsible an office in a preat city as !
that of chief of tho detective force a
position which at that time invested
him with all hnt r. uToeratie power, an
old rounder and barroom !cfer, without
one attribute of trne naKalineM and no ;
possessed of any quality which would
point him out as a fit man for the pla"?.. i
Ts overt helfw-". when tha position became
vacant his political pull caused hi so- .
lection. Thrvm beinR a mere deteetivs 1
on the staff he beoame chief. And truly
this meant something in those days.
Ti-.e ;r-oat civil war had but lately end
ed, and the eonnrry was still reeling
from the micthty conflict. The flush
times resultant from the enormous
money issue of tho government kept
everything booming. The foundations
rf society were shaken, and vioo no lon
ger hid itself in the dark caves and dens
of the great eh.y.
But to ruturn to my friend. Captain
Jim 1,-vrjfr, who, beftro our p;u;y had
separated, had opened three buttles of
wino. Before leaving I had asked him
to call on ma rt the St. Nicholas. The
nc.t day he came and invited me to
take a drive with him to Fordham the
following L-rmday. On frv.uday h ap
peared behind n fast trotting horsa and
in every respect cn elegant tnrnont. ;
Peon after flark we returned to my
hotel, r.nd after dinner, lighting onr ci
gars, we started for police headquar
ters. There he attended to some routine
hnsiness, having first introduced me to
two of h''s ehi' f detectives. Many who
read this will roooaaiino the men, but
in this narrative they will be known, as
Stanley and TThite. I will not further
describe them nre-. but t'S they will ap
pear in the story from tine to time tlvj
reader will b-' able to Jtxrlgc what rcan
n er of men thi v were.
For th- next ei-ht weeks my life
wort ovi r 'id the srme ?s usual. In
oc.r brtsincr:. v, p. mao.- come money, but
by one unfortunate invesrment lost our
entire capital, and, v.'hat proverl worse
io. my par ner's health began to
Pi'.r-tr'.'tion, lute end hrarr drn-
n" e. ii i nl t-ror.lsr h"nrt began to breek
a nr.; f i-'ur.-.-er? costit-ircn : com-e-i-iently
rein fetrtr.Vry he abmptly an
i on , ).i..- tntrnr'on of w-Uhdrawhi
rr -m .h.o part'n r: hip to taKe ti trp ti
Flcrope. Th e wsa soiVing to divide
sav the 1'nvi-lrnre in onr offoe, which
he prcsorv cd to 'o. Tli" fellowinfr
vC(vhi( day ko Miilfd with two members
.if !ns i'e-vly. T Raw him otf, m'dtting
hi-a tvl-"i pre red to ht a h"C farewell.
1 loft th v.-hr.i-f ris -1:!.fr v.-ry !oiely and
ti!i'";;''!n. It ltmy be well to remark
here thai h (' id -r-ir lr.i r in Italy,
i tie more victim ' f a fast life, while I
was -pared, br. t took no warning from
his 1-tc Tn rir'li. I was in the rVim-
... Tl'ry, v hi- 'i is ever f'-nnd a most
t ir-r'-n' -n' K.-i-1 rrh.jppy thoroughfare.
Toect in-; Irving from lime to time, he
v. : s n '-si fluttering in his attentions,
while 1 was yonng etiongli ftnd silly
"n orth io '.o .!(:'( il v.itii his notice.
; ia r-eto : r ah. o. i thistimo 1 mer l;im
r.hilc comr-g out of Wallnck's theater,
t'h-.'.k oi'." bands warmly lie invited me
o. -.-rye!' Ft what was then known an
qpp; " l"lna
it :' t . the m.
ami I '-'vtt-tl
ives Sfai.ley
was orderM,
,. ,. ::-t, p -i,
ico s
After srrper. walk-
Pco.shi-.l a' t -.road way
street, v, o found Pteet-nn-.t
7h.i'.e. rtero wine
and long after midnight
y first- havin'j exacted :
"i- 'iia. i- i .line v nh them tha
hi',- night i.'. Deimonioo's, at the pan-.
time watting that they wirhed to make
tn a- business profociticn.
At 1 ' I arrived md entered the re
it'urant, v. Hii at ora-o recoynized by a
waiter, evidently on the leekout, and
!-h.Tod into a private room up stairs.
Only White had arrived, but seen Irv
ing and Stanley came, and mp-per wns
vd.Ti J With such gentry at these wine
is alvsys iu order. Then they 1-ecsme
confidential, and the conversatian tnmesl
to tho subject cf making money. Very
skillfully they c.rraeed the confession
that I hu:l none. When er.eifed by the
'j;!k and the wine I cried ont, "Ty
heaven, I want money !" Stanley grasped
my bund and said. "Of course yondo
a man's n fool v ithout- ir. " lining in-tevje-.-o"!.
"Axe you game to do r. a
.Y.vor ai.d mtA" (-10.000 for yonnelf?"
"Ihit h. w'r" I pnsped. "Go to Etiropa
and nog. 4 inte fs-rae stolen boada wa
liovo, will ytu?"
F' r lt. 000 to become accessory to a
crime !
It was a;; appalling prepoalrioB, and
I shrank from it with na aTeriHon I
conkl :.-: coTicoal any mors than he and
Ins c;r.ift.;erat.-s could ccrvneal their
hagrln "ver the way I took it and over
tho fact that their secret had boati its-
I ".4rc foti cfTfe te do . n fwor and
i make, f 10.CS0 tor your set ff"
j parted to another. More wiso waa or-
ceroa, ana reraro-we punea x naa prom
ised not only secrecy ; but, worse still,
I hnd also promised to consider the prop
osition and give my ameVer the follow
ing night.
Aa my evil genius wonld have It, that
very morning I had a visit in my office
from tha agent of my landlord reqnest
lng arrears of rent and from a trades
man whom I was owing demantimg im
mediate payment of aa everdne bill
Pressed for money as I ww, tba flO,-
000 seemed a large sun and offered an
easy way not of nry difTlcwltiss. I shall
never forget that day nor how Its slow
rainntes dragged dnrlng tho mental
strngglo. Time after time I said, "What
could I not do with $10,000?" How
vast the possibilities before me with
that sum at my command t Then, after
all, had nht the owner eif these bonds
lost them forever, and why should not
1 have a share instead of letting these
villain detectives beep all? And through
all I kept faying to mysalf : This of
eotm i rmW nneenlarion. I will never
do thie thin. "
At last tbe stars eame ont, and I
startied for a lmg walk alone up Broad
way to Pittk avraue and into the park.
Since that park way formed few men
have ever passed ite vralts ra whose
besfrms rsgs-fi such a tmanlt as in mine.
I wns young, in lev with pVoaemre, and
poverty seemed n fearful thing. I kept
KRying, "I cannot dp this thing," and
then I would add, "How am I to keep
np appearances and how am I to pay
any debts?" TJhahappily I had taken an
tncniT lato tha cii-adel In tho misery
ef the (ti-ugglo 1 drank heavily.
In my excitement I exaggerated my
poverty until it seemed impersonated
and esfmraed the guise ef an enemy
tkreeteairg to enslave me. From 8
o'cleickte 11 I paced that mall, and then
left it to keep my appointment with
Irving Co. , -with one thought surging
through my brain, and that was that I
dared net be poor, tho result being that
before vets parted, to tbojr renewed ques
tion, ' 'Trill you do this for us?" "Of
course I will !" I cried, and my feet had
slipped a gecij many steps farther down
the Primrose V,"ay to death. I
The present generation has become 1
tolcrahlv familiar with defalcations and
robberies involving enormous sums.
Previous to lPfl they were eorr.paxa- ;
tively unlrr.oTiTs, the reason being that I
tho currency c f the rcnnWy was strictly I
limit-d. There wnre absolutely ho ger
, cTrmient rtoads of rtiweney, while the
few bonds i?mod by eorporations were
riot usually made payable t.i bearer and
therefore were i-.ot n-ogotiable and were ,
of no use to the robber. Bnt ia 18S1, to I
meet the e-oponscs of the war, tae stata !
banks were tttated or.t of etisteace and
our present national currency system
came into being. In addition to the
mormons isras of greenbacks, hrmAa
payable to bearer amounting to hun
drtds ef millions were issued by the
pemeral povernraent, by the indiTidual
Kates, eonTitios, terms and cities, all
becoming popular iaveeerarnts. "Tfie
bnsineae ef the cjrpisMts compirales of tha
Ignited Ftatw flook a ew phmee, ad for
flie frpt. time fa their hiiiry they hefjaa
ro be the e!trrioTi of TR3t snms from city
to city. i'h-n it was trat those pcntle
roen who voik vtdthfmt the pale ef tbo
law dieceverorl tmw prerpeets ef wealth
and re-ilired th3t even tocrneb a safe er
vmiltof a pt ivuto firm would he reward
ed by a Mud of bonds that might amply
repoy all risks ef robbery nnder police
protection, while to execute a successful
raid on a car ar even an express deliv
ery wagon en tbt street would mean
wraith. To burglar-ire the vaults of a
bank meant, if undetected, anything
fr.-r.i opening a magnificent bar or hotel
in New York to a steam yacht and win
ter cruises in the tropics and summer
nights on the Mediterranean.
The firft coup m this line, which at
men bet-,: me fsimens, was startling in
its ease and ranpnitude. It was known
and still is as "the Lord bond robbery. "
Lord was a very wealthy man, who had
inherited his millions. FJis office was
in Tlroad street, where he managed his
estates. He had invested f 1,500.000 in
T-SO bond?, all payable to bearer.
Pur the thief, if he bad airy knewladge
if finance and knew how t aagaviate
them, sni-h a sum as this In beats wai
bettor than the same emomat la gpald.
This wa-s realry th frrt f as any
great bond rohherinf, and It strttec the
popular fancy, but it stirred Wall street
greatly. TVho shall describe the frenzy
f fvoirem'nt that broke emt at 800
Mnlberry street police headqnarters
when tho first vagne rumors of a gigan
tic robbery were fnlly confirmed and it
became known that Hod Ennis nnd his
pang had a million and mora of plun
der? All rings and polls and gangs' were
smashed, combined and reeonibined
again. While each end all were In an
agrny erf four lest the booty should be
omened to tb ewner, mians a per
ecntsg fiivtdcd between the gag aad
tbe ring, or isolfl to some elanar f oar e, who
would plut tiia bonds away safely and
gtll thexn in Eoropa fr om tiasa te timo,
kcophrg all for hfataalf aad they to
have no abare. 'What virions ef diamond
pinfl, ef eight or twelve earara, all Bra
fi'iNn stones, of swift, high stepping
horses, of the keaven of Harlem lan on
Sunday afternoons, with a bottla er two
nnder tho vest, haunted the sleep of all
tho dotoetiTS force.
What a look of relief and triumph
swept over tbe faeee of Irving, Stanley
and White when I gave ray consent t
their proposal tf take the stolen bonda
to Europe and negotiate them thaw.
They wdd me mmy amusing lies as
to how the seenririea eame into their
pos.jcsEien undas to who were tha right
ful owners. The truth was, a I after
ward loamed, they wera a yert af taa
Lord bond rohbdry.
The aoxt ruoraiag. Tuesday, Irving
met tue aor tbe exchange aad with
coins trepidation 4iw feem an inaar
poelrrt. na envelope acDtaiaing tha tba
atittd doJiir bead. Wiihoat waiting to
exumina it I walked off, guying, 'Til ba
Uui ia tea minut. " Bo waa rridAiifr-b-
alarmd, and, lilra all retfnea, rc3J)
citnis (rf every ea. He probably had
ymQ wild Idea that X waa hkytac rrao
lor mm. in ma ignorance oi money
methods be thought it wonld be a long,
perhaps difficult, negotiation to borrow
money on the bond, bnt of course X
made short work of it, and Jimmy was
more than delighted when within the
ten minutes I walked in, with ten one
hundreds in my hand. A trifle like this
made a great irapreatiea upon Irving,
nnd from that; time 6a I had his entire
confidence. Tuesday evening I said good
by to my mother, aieraly remarking in
explanation of ray journey that I had a.
commission given me to execute In Eu
rope, ueaving ner, i went to ourrenaez
vons, near Broadway anj Astor place,
where I found Irving, who handed me
over his "boodle," as he termed it, r
marking confidentially that I waa to
give him on my return hia share into
his own hands, aud, singularly enough,
each of the others did precisely the same
thing. About 1 1 o'clock the other two
came in, and after some parley White
handed over hia bonds, and Stanley In
formed me he would give me his on
board before the steamer sailed tho nerti
morning. I had already paid my billj
and sent my baggage over to Jersey
City, so about midnight I set out, they!
accompanying me as fa as the ferry,
and there, after shaking hands a half
dozen times, wo said goodby. Having;
bought my ticket and engaged my oabinj
I went direct to the steamer and went,
to bed. In the morning Stanley appeared
and gave me his bonds. Ten minutes
liter the hawsers were cast off, and we
were steaming down the bay. Two
hours later Firo island sank beneath thOj
horizon, and wo were alone on the soa J
Wtiy Should Ho So Greatly Mlaa th
Thine Tti at Are Not?
A philosopher dwelt in a boose ownedj
I by Cleou. But one day Cleon came to
j tho philosopher and said, "Why have
' yon not sent ine the money for lasti
I montn s rent: xne pmiosopnorsaia net
i i Jr - -1 . . v. V i s 1
ikHtiw ui uu rrasuu UAi-vpr tuuo uu ana no
mdney, having gotten to the bottom of
: his purso.
1 "You will have to move out, " said
Cleon, "to make room for a cordwainerj
! I know who wants this house and has'
"Would yon, then," said the philoso-j
pher, "turn me out when I am so oom
fortable bore, having dwelt in this house,
SO years?"
"It is my comfort, " said Cloon, "and
not yours that I consider. "
"Then jmi prefer a cordwainer, I.
conclude, to a philosopher." j
"No," said Cleon; "a landlord boa
no preference except to prefer rent mon-j
ey to no rent money." j
So the cordwainer moved into the-;
philosopher's house, and the philosopher,1
went to live in the moon hovel of tho
cordwainer. j
Bnt ones there, although contented''
enough, because he w.-.a a philosopher,)
yet he eonld not avoid tho cbtrusivei
facts of the abwnce of nil those thing
which In bis fejnn habitation had''
grown hbiiga,l to him.
This wos tha trst thing that puzzled
him how that which was not could be
so obtrusive. "THsat, " said he, "can bei
so entirely nonexistent as a negation?
And yet here I am confronted with an'
obtrusive negation. " j
"I miss," said he again, "a chest of;
drawers, a table, a fireplace and tho
scenery from the window where I used'
to sit. I wonder if it will be so after we;
are driven out from onr bodies bocause(
death, the final, ine xorablo landlord, de-;
mands. a rental we cannot pay. "
In time, however, the philosopher
gradually ceased being oppressed by tho
obtrusive memories and grow accustom
ed to now associations. j
"I wonder," said he, "if it will be
so when wo are immortals after death
at first painful regrets for what we have,
lost, and in the end nothing of the oldl
but faint memories nnd a new sot of ap-
eociaticns. I wonder always and woil
dcr most if philosophy will ever be an
thing better than clever wonderi
bout the wonderful "-Chicago Op
Why chew
cheap stuff!
when for the
same money
you can get
B. L. Tobacco.
It is best and
cheapest, as it
is made from
the best leaf
Lasts longest.!

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