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Waterbury Democrat. [volume] (Waterbury, Conn.) 1895-1897, September 02, 1895, Image 7

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VVtfvA i I,Cio? .
Mild J t.-i v i ; a F inc. I
r.3T. 1
IK AKEP.ICA1 tu-Ios ClW'lt 5J-ttSS!a
Do not bo deceived by infringe- !'
ments of came, paLkc-e or cigar-
sweet 02pi8i mittj i
Bear thcUi; sintiii s!r,nturc ol
on the pac'tc and r.n c-rl: c'rtartttc.
Bomo wotM qnnf ' Hr neeta
From cM-vt-u er.es i f uold.
That hi;.- .-. ; 'v. il -. r.
With sal.n 1 ' niir ti--!,
x'.i..!r a 1 '! .i i ' -nruuve
Of lascry ur.t. M.
Bom' v..r.l '
rrom ' r.v... 1
Tie !..- 1 I
.k :.f.i- :
In .Irov.-., .
'i'lirc-.i -li . .-'i
I3nt I w nl i .-'
Vi.k- f i !i
Pur 7. - liyi 9 I -
' t 1 i . 7'
AH f'-nv.: '; vi:i
And m U-i v, in-"
r iv npcta?
i . iy,
.' .-.o i . i S3,
t tililU anl slips.
-.- -,-. tar
-- e-'j fervor,
v . r.r.
It i i. v r
It. r - r. i
I. r..: :
TI- i '
. rv. utg,
- win".
r.:n Cbaprnan.
Anlninls Fndct .t.v 1 Hygiene.
Enon.';h is now kit -swn -.-f th. iiunuo
of aniinul rnfria r.:?.Vr-t cs-itv in
terest fjid c.u 'nsir. Thc'.-o is s;i:i ':tnj
evidonco thr.t m.'.'.iy r; - U:t--r- ainl
constantly M'.Uo u-" ;!;'' ?.-i-.i:o
for df(i!ii:o :':.r..'t.-. -:..! sr th-- f:;:n
tinio obtir-rve rnVM ' f I.nsiih tn vrliioh
only tho In; he -a e-vi :ii'i -:i -r t'i
tion of rc3 jcjc- . ::;a
mull t il L'cr. :
It has ln-f- s-.r.-.-.t ''--t t'o .
1 mipol.i
- -ni-r:il
conditio:! of t:;v;:r;l ' "
ill the civet '..- h.-v'
corrosii-jTifi--? r. r h';,7::.:'
SUi'h U ihps r;.: the l-i
almost solply :'.
vratcr, liv.a; o ':::i .y
modoratn in r.!l .:
cause the ir r: ! '
ablutions. Li.'-.o t!--:n,
Luvo uo ind-.: :! 'i '.-v-':
nmiibs'i- - f ' '
rcgtiiar f.v in r. ;
and drink :i!y ar !.-.- !
them Mvuro '.i,.:v: N c:"
tho r;i''ntr:,t laolurs in
:-ion f,1
. .if1 v.vr.i i v .
;r; ;.; . f. id
v.. : ' :iiy i f
v"c. or
hruiih, by mi-
grt.t '.en.
This i. i) it oi.f-!;rd ti
boas;?, f...r tko u ri;;c
yator p::rtiy 10 j;-t rid of .-"
and rotr.ru 3 to tkc ?. ton
epuvruiKf. V'Uh rhtmc
chaiifro of h;'t and i rrfe-
b'rils nn
r, t ;.( F.'ft
:. r.nraaiio
;-rn:t r.ftor
v-i i.f o'limnto,
c r'.f!-t!y !K-":iH!-.y
babit3 tbtir lint i-f
thoti5h tho- lOTrlily f
ta,d us dis-ao jast :i
cf tho Hamran AiwV
health'.- livt-rs and p.
l'M'i dti.s is 5!mrt,
virtim.'i to f.m
: I-por'.itly iMiinbM'fl
i i.f Uio Pv.ii:iv..
r: Jlti'.ahiians us
tho Hoitiaiis '.h'msohe.-. frioiida and f. 1
low htuitors with .v;ir amitol l!akor,
porislictl oi oi.'iit.u.'ii -as f. vor on tho
banks of tho Kilo tributaries. Loudon
33 me. t'auro.
One of tho ambition.-! of aTni". Folix
l"Tire, wii'o i.f tho tuosidi-:!;. f IYjuicc.
Tto beooiuo tho h .ide.r
Ml ropuMio. as tho K;
"BS for tho rmipiro, at-.-' .
of fa:
ii. :i. fur
report. t jnst'qnc-n; ly Plv not on;y
dressos osquisitely. V.tit !wrs tho uauio
of her inodi-sto aud millirior a svorot. Ar.
tho Grand Prix races she v. ore a cos
ttime so boant-ifnl that tho fashion pa
pers not otily dosovibotl it at length, but
illustrated it in colors. Ii was aoreathm
of brown satin, chid'on and croam lace.
Paris Letter.
! Tho experience of failure is ono that
'comes in a n-ator or less degree to ev
'ory ouo at tiinos, trying tho metal and
probing the character as no pro:-poi-;ty
can do. Victor llu-o.
It is only after one man trios to pet
something that tho crowd who wouldn't
Lave it as a j;i:t strive for it. Las
Angeles Exprps.
Don't be
anJ t.-tlit- s. mc ether
1-. j-.J i.f ...nJ:me.t
mlik. tl-.-:ikii: ii ifl
'- lust as oo.l " as
It Has Ho Bqual $
Caveats, nnd Trsde-Mjirk. rt--. cir-'d fcr.d all Fat-1,
cat busmerssci-nctiirtf.i ior modeatc Fees. i
Oon Office isOfi oiTf U . s. Prtcnt Orrict J
and v-c c;ini . . r pirnL ia l.jia Uuic itixa Ihsc
remote fti-m War.biiiv 1. a. S
Scad ii idrl, draw 1:15 or v "to., with eir-rip.
n Qi-srrip-T
't, lire of J
rcurrd. S
turn. We ftd.-irC. n pa--ni.lie 'T ni't. iv
jcliarge. U?r ice mi: cue ti'. -1 -nt sre
ost tit sau-.e 111 tne L, b. vxa toreiua countries
sent free. AiMr, vt
Oep. patent Office. VVucmincton
1. O. C. J
"V. TV -V
Alas! how easily things go wrong,
A sigh too much or a kiss too long.
And thero follows a mist and a weeping rain.
And Ufa is never the same, again.
Alas! how hardly things go right!
"Tis hard to watch on n Rurany'a night.
For too sigh will come, and ti5 kiss will stay,
And tho summer's night ia a. winter's day.
And yot how easily things go right,
If tho sigh and the kiss of a winter's night
Conio deep from tho soul in tha stronger ray
That ia horn in tho light cf the winter's day!
And things can never go badly wrong
If tho heart lio true, and the hive ho strong,
t'er tho mist, if it comes, und the weeping
Will ho changed by the love into sunshiuo
George MacDonaltl.
Tho poverty in tho village was very
general, and but for Pietro Oozz'dli
the keepor of tho wineshop mipht have
lowered his blinds and pulled his door
Tho fishing alonpr tho Knples coast
had been bad for many weeks, raid in
Basuio every man is a fisherman and
fvery woman a fisherman's wife or
.laufrhter. And so tho poverty was
great, and Pietro was tho only man
who stul t-iiHiiied a
ch-arettes and et ill $
daily handful of
r.t regularly in tho
Ho had been to England, and had
?omo back with a fortune, find was in
dependent of the va.cr.ries of tho fish and
tiio weather. "Ah," sifched the vil
lagers, as they placed their hrr.ids in
their empty poeki "what a lucky man
is Pietro, and -what a rich idace that
Unfriend mu.-t ho!"
Ono day ia the early sprinp, the news
went about that this mnn of fortune was
rtov.-u insatiable, and was Kohi.3 away
a'jain to make more musio for iio fov
t liners and to pet yet more franee--coni.
And evrry fisherman was sick with envy
that he, tee, eer.ld not leave tho l-aro:i
iiarbor and pn to tl;o nort'iern J H 1 Jl.i
rad.i. lint Pietro Hozzflli alone v, as
pr.pre:-sed of tho frieat sum that v.-.s
wanted to pay tho steamboat peepio and
to biro tho orpin.
And v. ho w uld ho take with him?
VVhieh of tV.o dark eyed villa&c bennt'es
vould he invito to bo liis compani'm
t:.ud to Flir.ro iiis gainb? Many wero tho
lungint; looks thrown to hm and ma'ty
i!ie pno. ers whisp.eved to tho Faints bv
jirctiy ones whos-' fancy raw countless
bright, rili'o ;:is and sahc.-, tho posses
sions of her who Flu uld "00 ciie.- evi.
A day or (-.roniow, nnd it was known
i !::.! Ti -.-a V'uiu-ia vas th ha ;vy -. i i 1
oi'si ira ii to bo raised to opt: ;':.. : and.
early ono in' tniir. she nod Pietro kit
i-'-i nio fcr tho Ion, lc.pty walk to
Is aides. Andtlior.txt day tiny v.cio
st:,ndmn 011 tl-.o deck of the m cantor,
wcieli'!-- t!:t shore li'.'.o dio tint as tho
pea prow deeper and bluer.
r)ur:ror tl.o voy;;;n he tinrht h r t1-
v.'i.Kis .f l-'nplinh lifi r-.. c-teij cud
la'ki-d to her about tho life in L--:: "1 "O ;
h.w that tiiry itpvj to worjc very hait
and speT'd. very little, tht th-y rtt '!;!
have nni'-h to t:re lvmo wit e thn-:. And
she. still rj-.ei li.at she hsil f ; -vl r-ro-i
in his sirrl-.t, smiled agreement to everv
th,ri:. A week after tliey had wrked out of
Casino, hrar.tifnl even in its poverty,
they were citizens of tht ltalinn colony
in Lond'iu, makinji munic about tho
streets during the days and passing tho
nichts in a p.-.rrot in an evil smelling
court at tho hack of Saffron liiil.
Pietro w:e: tho muKioian, and hour
after hour f.-r many hears he toiled at
tho organ kindle, now with le't hand,
and now with right. Tesaa carried tl-.o
tray for the c.fferimrs of tho pasyer.shy,
aud as she was pretty and hc.,-i; -d v.-it't
:i chnrminsj smile, her apmn pock"ts
were usually heavy with ceppcr coin
when tho cvrnir.g and tho time to re
turn hem" came.
Then Pietro relieved her of tho
weirht. anil counted out tho pence and
took them t-i rome shop near by a:el
changed them for silver. When thero
was oihogii ef silver, it war. arted w o h
for and somethintr was added to
tho little pile of ravines.
Those 5av!!tRS were kept in .1 tin box,
hidden under a loose beard in tho cor
ner of the room. Not a very ;,'ood treas
ure chest, but Pietro did t understand
tho Kierle h bankiiuT systrm, ami thero
v,-as no ouo in Easnio rich euongli to
s nd money to for safe keepin.tr.
Three years went by, and the yellow
hoard was so increased that Tessa's eyes
fhouo and her fancy wandered as Pietro
counted and recounted it in the even
ings. "Shall wo not go homo to Eanio
now?" site s.iid as onoo she watched
him. "Have we not cnuufih?''
"No, not quite enough. V," o will stay
this summer and go back when tho
f opsy days come. ' '
(Of course this was spoken in musical
Italian, but I have brought it into Eng
lish for tho benefit of the ono or two
readers who otherwire might not under
stand. )
Tessa pouted a littlo at tho reply,
and consoled herself ly going out to
talk to Fillipo.
Fillip -j was a native of Sardinia who
had lately como to London to enter tho
profession of ice cream merchant. Bat,
ultluiaijh it- was early summer, tho days
were rather cold than hot, and thero
was no demand for ices, either lemon
or ra.;plt-rry, aud Fillipo was drifting
toward bankruptcy.
His rent was owinp; aud his barrow
miTirjaned, and ho wept as ho told Tessa
of another nnsucefsful day. And sho
wept too. An exceedingly foolish thinp,
for f hr had known Fillipo only a month,
and Pietro, whom she had known for
years, had told her that ho did not liko
tho younj ad-.-ente.rer in ice cream' aud
that she must uot talk with him.
Nevertheless sho wept, and told him
how sorry ie was. And as tho pity
grew in her, the thought how mucii
better looking he was than Pietro, aud
how tired sho was of tho streets, aud
how sho longed to see tho blue saa and
sky again. Would Pietro give bor a
share cf the savings and let her go?
Hut no, that would not be enough for -
two. Oh, why was not Pietro Fillipo
ind Fillipo Pietro?
How bandsomo he was, and he was
but a boy, and Pietro was raoro than 40.
She spoke her thoughts, aud hope
jame to Fillipo's face, and ho took bor
hand and befinn a long, eager whisper
ing. And at that moment Pietro chanced
to pass, and 6aw them, and hesitated
for a step or two, and scowlod and
went on. They wero earnest, in their
whisperings and did not soe his coming
and his goin..
"Tomorrow then, Tessa," said Filli
po, "and together to my pooplo. Ho
will not know, and cannot follow. "
"Yes, tomorrow." And she returned
his kits and went back to Pietro.
Tho next morning Pietro wa.i unwclL
Nothing serious, ho said; his head
nc-hed a little, and he was tired and
uecded a rest. Ha would stay t homo
nntil the evening, and would then ro to
Ceeo's and play domincon as usual,
and bo all right axain in tho morning.
So that day Tessa pushed tho organ
about tho streets without ar.si.-ta!!ca..
But during part of tho morning she
rested aud talked to Fillipo, who seemed
to have forsaken hi.-t 1 arro7 to follow
her. Their talk reunited ino-mo agree
ment, for, a? ho left her henaid :
"Then, Tessa, I will bo waiting at 8
with tho tickets. And romwibor we
must catch t'-n bo-t, atid you must
tieim ge that Pietro ia out," aud she re
plied :
"I will get it ; ho will bo at Cazzio's
fit 8."
At dark she returned to tho court,
raid, as sho pa.vl, Fillipo u-,:Med to
bor from tho shrvlow of tho coiner and
shawed two tickets.
tri'.o climbed up tho rieke'y stairearo i
to the room she hai
id shared with Piotra i
Ho was not there ;
it must bo dono at ;
She crossed to the corner near tho
v:indew. The beard moved easily, and
e:ho felt for tho tin bo:;, and found it,
and carried i. to the lamp.
The box was very littht, and fear
c.tino to her as sho opened it and miv
thst it was empty snvo for a fold cf
tliny p.'pT.
With trembling fivers sho undid tho
paper, and held it to tho lamp and read
tho words :
"t-.oodby, Topsa. I have decided not
to wait for t !'. fec,s- Wo will shc.ro novr
lonl I -rt. Veu si'.nll have Fillipo aud
I the money that was hero. (ioodby,"
Written in Ph .-tro's rr.t'e serawk
Fillipo v.e.io-d lei-.a; at tho corner,
and at la-t ere ?d to the huts", and,
learning from the woman standing at
tho door that Fi.'tro was out, walked np
the stairway e.i-.-.l into liie room.
Then he, too, read tho paper, and
Irs sorrow was j ii:-.,d to Tessa's.
Fdg.tr S. Turner in Sketch.
Tli Durtintn Uitt-H.
Tl-.o "D,-.rh.aui litc.)" speak of a great
sfov - of ancient n:e:m '-(.ipi; posse-i? imI
by the hov.se to bein thn inoti'::i in thir
i adv. Tho "l,::es'' go on to say how
the store iuclud. d "the old anueient
written doctors i f tho church, as other
prof.:'- ' r.ut!i..Ti5, with divers other Irdio
men's ou; ',;-, s.iih .t ev , one dyd
studyo what .0-nNor p!e..se:l them bast,
havinge tho Libiairie ar all times to go
Uitd sluuyo in, Ix-.ydea their carrell "
From the sair.9 "Rites" we laru that
in the dormitory each monk had a little
chamber to himself with a window, or
a bit rf a wndow, and in the window a
rie.-k for books, so that ho could study,
if ho pleased, hi tho hours spent in the
dormitory. Sp"eial directions wero
given that tho niouk and novice3 vrer
not to he diuturbed in their "carrel. Is"
while they were studying.
In their care for education ia days
when all training for the young, save
in arms and field rpcrta, was compara
tively littlo thocght of, tho record of
the monastic orders is an honorable ouo.
Besides maintaining a "song school,"
tho more important houces regularly
trained their novices in other learning;
and again, to use tho words of the
"Durham Ilitcs." "yf tlio Hdaister dyd
rea that, any of thm vre.nro apte to
learuyngo and dyd apj lie his booke, and
had a pregnant wye withall, then tho
Idaistrr dyd let the Prior have intelli
gence. Then streigliteway after, hi vra
sent to Oxford to school." Other peo
ple, ton, sent their sous to t!.f mouki
for r.lueation, which was sometimes
given freely and sometimes paid for.
'dent i.-n has been m.tde of Oxford.
Tho "Durham College," besides tha
pupils sent up from tho abbey, ad
mitted regular students. A purely
monastic college as early as A. D. 13S3
was founded in Oxford for It! monks of
St. Peter's ebbey, (!!otioegter. This, be
f - o tJ-e end of thn thirteenth century, dc
v -1 ped into a great Beuedietiua houae
of learniiig, and a long list of abbeys
united together to maintain this lior.e
dietino college at O.-.ford, which flour
ished until tho reformation. (Quar
terly Review.
A T!ro Curtala of Water.
An effective device for tho protection
of buildings from fires in adjacent struc
tures has been successfully tested in
Boston. Tho idea, worked out in the ap
paratus is to maintain a shet of water
between the tire and tho building to be
protected. This is dono by ;?lacinx oa
every open nide of the building near the
top a line rf perforated piping for car
rying water. The coutploeo apparatus
consists of a fixe inch etaedpipe, ex
tending over tho upper story. Prom it
runs another pipe around the nides and
front, front 3 to 4 ineh.es in diameter.
On tho front are three revolving sprin
klers, and one is placed at each expose i
hide, in tho center. Tho arms are of
bronze metal, slightly curved. At each
end of the arms is a bell nozzle, such
as is used' by fire departments on regu
lar hose lir.es. At the bso of the stand
pipe is a Siamese connection for four
lines of three inch hose. At the Boiton
test a fire department steamer fnrnhihOil
the power, aud for about 15 minntatf
poured through the rpriuklar a delivery
of 1,000 tfanens a minute, complotely
drenching tho walls and keeping a con
tinuous siieet of water from top to bot
tom. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
his ftsh rrorxY.
A Dellghtfnt and IVeOft-btA Eprleam
Told by a (.Tem-diM Ldajr.
"Speaking ef fairer TuoatleB,"
rrid tho sua witln te tiyed rkitkrr-,
"hut I bad a tinea wceka' toHp in the
Etate of Wdrbingtua m-hicJi TfU e for
ever engravaa ow the Ullaaa af wy
memory. Talk abt fialeiag ym !
"Yoa femnd !ch, AH yem?" rr.rrar
tieolly queried tha men with a caSsraet
in hi a left eya.
"I should remark 1 It was aft ylaro
eslled Fish Luka, and tha awer eS t4
hotel curried all guests Ken fc mH
rorl, a distance uf 16 rjtlrr,, Ska ef
chisryr. He also furntcbed C ji?-; inciti,
hr.it and boats without aaet, mJb wrd
waa only ij'S jer week. "
"He must have been la it for fan !"
snapped tho eataraot raaa as ha tried to
tinker up a broken cigar.
"Yes; I thikkawas," ormHaaod tho
man of tho weed. "At loasr a wi vta
rubber. I had ouly got than -srfasn
icformd mo that ba would jcy 3 ears
per pound for all the fish I s3-h
up to fito tons a wosk. Ai I irar tntma
to tha place I diia'taatck lut S9 yaowZa
lha nr..: tiay."
"Only 2lO lounrlt"
"I raid ouly aed peaads, sir, bat tho
nest duy my eatch was ibnt 600
poundi. Taking day ia as 4 lay oit for
the two wseks, I svra$4 TC9 yoa-ads
per day. In the 14 day I eaagbt t,4
poauds. "
"And tho landlord paij yea $1,Q60,
lss iO for board, did bo?"
"I was ubout to tiay ha Aid, sad ha
wnfl ranch disappointed to think I hadn't
caught mora Ho had forgottica all abaat
tha Hi das for board, but cf acusta 1 rt
mir.dad hiju of it. Yos; be pava vaa a
clieek ca a hank t OlyTopia fe aay
money, aad it was firesafary yaid ea
presentation. "
"Weren't yoa ftnrry te leava thcro?,,
asked tha wan with the cataract.
"Ys, af eoaxsa, hat whtnt eath steps
In it moat alter avr plaa. I got news
that my wife was detad. "
"Ok, year wife died, did she?"
"Po I stated, irir, aaal I believe my
ennneistioa ia clesir. "
"Did alio dia befora kaewin-; that yon
had caught half a ton ef fish aud sold
them on the ape for f 1,9ft?
"Mi AM. I wreta a har to that ef
fect, t i(he was ia tha ahalowy land
before the letter rettd her. Paar
Mry !"
"And yoa yotraaad the mousy to
buy her a monnment?" a.aarli thaeata
ract man, ns he taratd raal hmH white.
"I was abcrat ta reaaark ahart I did,
"With aa anjol on top of It?"
"Yea, sir, with aa augol ou rej ef it
' an angel with outstretchal whtgl aad
' a ftlad snjila on htr fuos. "
"Yes, a smilo cu herfaoal Jf won
der tho smiled I w-ha bad boaa waiiag
the epitaph dowa bulsw,' SaevaA fa the
memory of Mary, viia af the hlggaet
liar in America. ' "
"Sir!" eiclaimod tba wlaewer, "da
! you wish to insult m?"
"Ko, I doa't ! What I wish to haaw la
why ia tlmuder yea didm'to fcaek thsra
' the nsxt nuiuiuer why yeaaiea't thara
this very roiucta?"
"Oh I liii's it I Wall, that's easily
told. That fall there araa a clenabarst
and an uvalaneha, a4 laka aad hatel
were 6wcpt away !aka, laitlard aad
hotel. Under thora aiaoacistauaai I eeald
not retura, hatt I hava nay tyaa"
"Oh! Dsm year eg-ajl" iatarrnpted
the cataract man, asd ha gpt np aad
kicked his chair aside aad &tcd :
"I was there aftac yoa lafl1, and I'll
1 givo yoa a peiater. I star it i tfea klamed
old avalanche myself, and tiaaly thiag
Ihavo to res;;t is that it AVSda't take
yoa in !" Detrait JFraa yroso.
Father (showing a his baby boy to
bachelor friend) TTell, what do yoa
think of him? Fine hef , im't ho?"
Kachelor Frier Tss, vary fine boy,
but he's kald. Sat, than, (glancing at
the father's bald head) ehilfran are rot
satisfied aowadaya aaless thoy can fccgim
where their fathers left of. Tit-Bit
HOOD'S PILLS ear tvrrer IHs,
Biliousness, Iadlfaatiea, Oeadaehe,
A r-sn laxative. All Djogadut
Jy it'vs ausJ Ins i3
lid M -rfSi 0
Tha Qucoa .of Italy never pnAcxax-Cir,
snraa cloven or irtwkinjj1 twice.
Xlwtf Moiitlik of Abytixip.U " tar-dC'?-:
a lcaca lUaf ai Ahuls Ahxba-isaei sWmr
tax all tba aid Kbuiutua ktvtrstrmfr..
Pri3 Georga of Eua'K:Etl 11 !ttt
smta aljiuotte niiiokur. HieesBanrrfrrv.!
4 ta W of tha lift la mill -t aisaB- meat 30
fcacuo aach tiay.
Tha royal family cf Itt'y 'r iS ttf.y
ehamud wish t!.U- new ilrnvwiiraers.. f :i
IHskua el .osta. Qaota li - ;,iix24a. c-;!-aiclly
la a&fyf at tka aiiaiea cot Om jtostjj
Qtteen Tieterla Is a gee-. sclljn for
ilofadi. At tHhoMui, Eals.-.I V.tiv
cr esrarjrthiag woiru liko a'.-,--, i-.cj. i,. and
although IreaoMtly ai;aeitk.'ii i-'J .-.
wail aware la aTasry aaa that is? .: !e.::y
hvooka u iAse liat li-.e jpszity; .jjrir: t
tra put forward to avoid xo ttHiiisii
Tha llBMclia Deert'i..
The wily W ms errf-Tio
PrJluJ clu. to th j'i -r
Aud lu.fccd tt Ui MiaidTia
A miUiua wr uovi
As they mil ea thw fcj3"hs.
Tile hcael- uuj U.iv.-W-re
And ce.h v. ith ttie cthr
Breathed lu th utlt lr.
Then bn die.- ii- t. ', OIjwb
Atd dutlpej sl.t cf st'.-iit
Ajid si-aai fr tlio uiiA-tle
In ti-exuvlou-a fj-vfh.
"Thank beavejr he chn.'-klod,
)oivn di-tfp in ttio ttrinc,
nl wusu't discovtrei
he uoAsouiiuo. "
Hew Tcrk Sun;
RoBg. ou ta Monltpy..
Onaof the professors ef t! a Tttsity
Of Ttass vu eHgaa151' iu eiplatitierj--f.ta.
XhtrwraiaQ theory to his cl.".'-!1.. au'hun liu
ebsarvad that thoy wuro not f aviaqrjfsau.v
"Gonllemen, " said tho -sra&secrr-,
"Whoa I cm erdeavwing to cinl.atr twywu
fha paaallaaitiij ef the nioitltuy,. I wish
yea w.uld look right at- we.'" Vmeus.
Bo scut to Ler, tho ere.-.uleES nwrcs;,
A worn hevsushoe and a fuur &3xrstt : eCtTvcr;,
tSlSo bring thea gocd luck," huiui'.
Though she never had truaaJ acfav.'?mfK-t.
Yet the tcre.-!iboa wr.a bui.- n'r rho dboi:
And tho hjvur cunio th.it, day,.
Though aho tucucbt it a fuuiii tfiihrftini'Jo,,
Yot b 'wiehcd' the elovvr l y.fr-saei:
AnJ tha w-ieh cam tnxa Cit e.-.
hiira atftiviead a practioi,!' guf rt!iis
ha4 osdd If yov -"L ' -t It Sp.nt a Itis,
b4 aaa mawa t-uit vm t Oy.
Iu&iiiuV'hs Jortrar.r.
Aa tUe World 6e.
"Hello! VFhore did ycro ft that box of
''Loudere & PheljV. Just paid a sis
moatts' aocouat, fcili tia aiaxp.ser mr.Co
tae a littlo pvoswt."
"Vhy, I'Ta bauht pcocls thaM fer-uvo
Jtaxs aud was tusv&x oarca ffnii a ti.-ir.ir."
"Oh. yea, but. you jny eash."--Cllhiiii;o
We're Getting Thuro.
Tho enako and sea terpen t ut'ji'ieu rk;. 1
are cow doing such a rut..'vive Ir-iain... i
suggest that tha iiagiutic- cf tl.j
Auicricau puco-a wus avvr in 5 ''
condition. Each ikv stcry b.-j;rf all
tho others. Llvideutly tha gsut A-to-1-cau
novel is soeu ts m bxi. j'iili.uel
phia Press.
For Tun or I'or lity.--?-A
certain young man iu -i-1,. tui'.
nity entertai'-icd Ida best Ixz b un... ;.
evening by playing kcr a 1
blei. Iiukerta (L--. ) tlu.i'
For fry Cettc
get hot enoufTJi to smt-Li:
H it is liot e-iouli, La:j'iV
i Waen at jui,t the rr,-it
E aaaaiaa has trxim warLcurf.ic" ai.4
S TIR. H- K. FAiEi.: C31e?iV, Ci.iits,
i Ed Jy n n n n I
' ( J i
3 Tt O , 5
g IMS, l.y JK .- --T. f - 1- . . IC.,..4 -s
t;CI -erS Cl',59,
A tV'-y Fetssors case ia made Irf
futi ii j ,-.t th u br.stol board tho shaij
cf tle i.',f tve.'.ion and covering tbo'ttxo
jdeee ct beli siiles with lino wliii'o
t'aintt. . h'o'i : me small flowe-j
4ar biiiit eiubroidered. Tho two piece
tew crrpvnanded together, f
is i'srrnt' up ry a r , bin ,11 h
A similar
casa could bo n.cl.-- out of fine, colored
cbusaoio km. but it would be a little
thie&cr ami clr.rr.sier in appenraneo thaa
tho linen one. K. W. C.
Hi: s jda-.-y Id. lliekell is census taker
for CV.ss o'.irey, Minn. , and she has
lovely times riding through tho county
on borsc-baolf.
Almost a Hint.
A littlo boy was told that ho mnst
never ask foe anything at tho , table, as
it was ue.t (,'iod manners to do so. The
covt.,' qui u-v v as that lie was frequently
overlooked. Oi:o day his father said:
"Johnny, get mo a clean plate for my
lettuce. ' '
"Take mine, pa; it's clean," and ha
added with a eijth, "Th' io hasn't boon
anything put on it yet." Texas Sift
F-ati-arhan Lnxuries.
lilr. Citiman Why in creation dd:
you pucker your f.-.-o over those souiv
iji-wu grain's, v. i-.e:i yon can get beauties
:.r tho lruitraau's for 0 mero song:
r.r. Suburb I'-.ey wouldn't taste cf
..1 ait., - -e.
" 'oi iy not .-
"1 laifcd these nivseli. " New Yorh,
'wkiy. '
Ill.Htinrtien V.'ittiout IJifl'erenco.
"Sir," sho f.-.id, stan-.ping her foot,
"I mu.-.t b. g y.-.a 10 cease all talk ol
li,e. I am bee mmi' arry. "
"Pido-.i me," ho corrected with
....tav.ty. "(-h-ttit-K angry. Yoa
ai't V- - rec'itiing, angry."
. : that f- u . how sho kept hot
t, -. llcw York V.
be hot, but don't let it f
cr it will burn. To End if
i'.3 it a single drop of wsttcr. 3
the -u-atcr will pop.
h..j A.iJ i coccirlani vrtath a ewtcr tin. 51
Pi.l..b c.,i.iyc. K. Y.. ;.., ..ta St., ntnoi.

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