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A Few
New Arrivals.
Men's medium weight merino l rider- , Ven! : 1 1 1 :it
"ThP Girl I Left Hohind Me" at the
opera house to-nipht.
John Muriiaiio of South street is con
fined to his homo threatened with
typhoid fever.
The hundred person? went to Coney
Inland on the excursion on the Natifra
tuek roan this momma;.
A lloy Who Stole t oal l.et Co W ith a Ke
priiiiaml Frank .'.nllHKlier of New urk
ill Ouraiioe Viio for Stealing a Fair of
otlli'.T llailev saw men enterinir the
live hundred persons attended the ex- ! S;I,)(II1 ,.pt hv Daniel assidv. at Tt.S
cur-Inn of the Bricklayers" and Mason-' !.,nk street, vesrerila v nioniinsr and went
, union to Savin llovk this morninc. j hiinsoit. lie arrested tour men in
j The fifth anniversary of the I.aiiies h here, who fjave the name.-, ol .lohn 11.
Aid society ot the tieiniaii 1 .ui herau ; i'lirrell. l-'i auk Kee.-ri. John eitlhvk and
vhiirih u ii 1 be held in oiuoiilia hall on Michael Mahotiej . They were taken to
September 11. t he .: at ion, toil were shoi i ly afterward.
I frol liailev will reopen his school for .hailed out. Each settled his case this
ilaiicii:;' about .-eMoinher 10 a:id int l o- , moi iur; for :. 1 he -:im- Hpin-t
!:.. the lat.-t dances adopt. "d bv the' 1 '-oii'l 'assidy. for keepm-open on .mi-
1 Yew Yovl.- I ).,,,. mi, a- I 'r,,f,.i,m sooiel-- Mm. W 11 S , 1 jo 1 1 V I led II tit 1 1 I llUt'Sll:! V OV 111;;
i T!t" members of the Yotiltjr 1. a, lies
j "-ml-iliH- ot I ho Instil:;, ulato "inception
to the absence d l'r. scutim; Areiit Mat
tison I'votti the eitv.
i -......: '.-.... . i. v.,.i ,..;t.
, , . , t M.lllll .H IIVIIiIll It ,t- U i. I'll . .
I . ' .'':, , "' i- (ul oijm'v to private proper! v. A. 1 .
i vent hall at ,:.!! this ovoinnsr. l-.vof. . .; . ... ' ..
. , 1 1 j.. i . . . 1 a . no es a i -i r a :n. n u .-. i eei . i..
WCr. WPllts HUU iiHitm.i nuui, ' ---.- iianieei I- r.M'.-eieii :o at lean.
and durable, 50c each. n,,. Marl ford Post tin
;ai t here
owner of property at 'JO North street.
Mourning Goods Skidmore & TurniDiill.
We are showing fall lines of every
thing pertaining to
This week we desire to call special atten
tion to oar display of mourning
Hats & Bonnets
As we now have the largest and most
varied assortment ever shown in the city.
MOURNING VEILS in nan's veiling,
silk, and face veils with fancy boarders.
Exchanos Place.
Second Hand Bicycles.
and camel's hr.ir color, that wo will sell
for the bulanco of the week at 39c each,
value COo.
Onr first instalment of Men's Fall Neck
wear has arrived. Techs, foiir-in-bamls
and bows, are re; -resetted ia all the new
colorings and stjlts, piioe 47c.
We are celling the new YVashbouru ad
justable enff holder, absolutely Beenre,
best thing yet introduced.
pa- SEE ir.
Ijelies' Lovell Diameml
... . , ,- . , : IMUIl'- C I 1. 11. LIiU li VITI---,
We have a lot of men's Fall weight. 'i: ' !e s, -,-, e-s , certain localities he- ,.,, ,-, ,, ,. ,-in . but on .rime 10 lrtie.-.' R.-utk.rd.
jersey ribbed Underwear, in light bine cause the HrM ami Seooud regiment s j ,,,, ,v,.,j ; , ,. , 1,.- ;m-. mises. jo North st root . j-idjos; iMjimjila Swift.
.... r, . , ... . ... r. . ... .j r ,.( .,!, i 1 1 1 a i iiiioi.iii nil icii 1 1 1 Li (jpi js Victor.
erilios who .itlen.ieil t amp Coflhi. the iii'lit of AllffiM !! or 20 and took ! (ieiit'' ih.rtfoVd.
List of letters d ert 'ned a! the Water- : with him a shell and ali owe.! me- and tj-nts; l-'eatliei stone.
lll jH'-l I'llin . l.'l .ll ll.lllll1 HO, I.UI- IMH-O.ill llioillll.- IV. III. .IV
noev Krllliir. Uiidicei Kiirx . i:ny 'the wali where he removed th" -heii.
le.'oiil:. .loli-i (ili:!lc. oail.i - lllllvel'i. Tlie k'-j lu lies . the doo; Were also
A ieko n .hihrj on. .lohu !in V, .1- i.a - pmced op and I'bc !.e was not re-
iii- r, Aeries I.. Stone. turned. Seholan and his wife said that
Mr- liee favlor. aSed 2-.' vears. wife he had le ! I x ! ., she! ; in th- cellar. It
of M. K. 'I':.', lof. dici'l at her home. 11 w a-only :t common hoard and Seho.a-i
the fr.-'""' KiKen n on weews neiorc ne ion.
I he key he nail lost an I he only oweii
i,i -hall momh's rem. .Iui!;e t 'oweii
-aid tenants w ho -kill oil in the nielo
Haying Tools . . . .
Sporting Goods
( iv:i:i;r court vesieinav
:: r.-il will take place at -o'clock
to-morrow- altenioon from
,lie lions., with sei-viees In- ihe l . , -a a I 1 e u.l lit S U I lo Mi
Mr MciVacken and iiiiermeii! in l.ivcr- ai.diu.j ire property d.-ervc to he pun-
side Ci Ilieii-I V.
as .en
30 oo
13 on
P its' (small tire) o.oo
And iois of , .Huts. Largest line of BICTOLK
tsi NJJltll'.S in tho eity. t.ei airint; neatly
di ne.
49 to 53 South Main Street.
D. B. Wilson'
13. 15 17, East Main 3t.,
The alarm from box 2." called the tire
ileparintem loa Mtiaii lire ai tht corner
ol' North .Main and Hid streets, at half
;i-i one this afternoon. hen i iie iirc
lad lies had clinihi d ihe steeji hi'l they
o;:nd that one of the wooden r-hantie
used at 'hat held A 'hat field's ipiarrx 1
h;i- ,".lmn-l con-unied. The halll v va-1
ra.-ed, and two streatltsof water soon
evtiuiVU'lFiicd the ihllllc.-. I'll.' In... :!-
slight. I
l-'redr-rick Ojrgessen ol New Haven, a
isiieii. Me nneii nun s; ami costs anu an
ap eai wa. taken under f 10 bonds.
I'airiek Ileidy, cl-.aied with iirunken
ness, received a severe calllne; down.
.Iud:rc ( ow ed told him that his mot her
received help from the town arid sup
ported him and that he never worked,
lie wa- s" u j cticed to ien d:! s in the town
hou-e. Thi.n.a- 1'". lelaiicy. cl'.ai ij.-d
wiih ilrunkeMUess, was lined '."i and
Co -1 s,
Thomas l:an. a lit:!" boy cripple of
!.'. was charged with se' idne- coal from
the t hv 1. umber .V t oil ( o's vard.
leation to M:"-s I ,, iwr tor -ome ii
, ... o i ' apparant lv ur.knowuto Ids wile. v. h
t 1 .-rt...- .lic-r.i.iiitirtii -.ni-iol i
vl fini umiiiu"ii. ' T'v 1 'o' inonrninr; his d:-ai
pnros to clubs. acation J(iort
iiifr erootls. suc-h as l'ishiuo
Ttvklf, (inns, recycles, etc. A c
have soniethii'i;- to interest
The Miller I Peck Co
Ladies' Separate Skirts.
List weok we filled oar window with
ready-miidd skirtH at 1.20 Everybody
wondered how we conH sell them at that
price, and our surprise wa3 as great as
tbeir'a. Tho sliirtu are lined throughout
nnd while they la.st will be tbe same price,
1 ii.
I d i rsir ill A i r- 4- -
lame prompid who is well know n in ; j e,, Hek i'ov le and Patrick Keatine-. t.in- v-- w. . n. vvoiobo.
-.bi-cit v. is absent from hi- home and i ,.i,,ves .f the vard. said they etmsrht tli. Here is another thine that everybody
wile, an-1 Mis. Katie lleilinier is a So , .n' last at urda I'diintf a small express will bt interested in. at 4 98. You can't
niiiiS. Oirp has l , p; - i n at- j w a'ir - : i l r..m i he a rd hi li'om of : he bins. trnv the m ilenal for that: only 25 lett.
I hey had seen liim there hclore alai
waned him away. Tito boy adult: t
:b:l he look ihe eoa I lb- v. -ill doVI:
lo..;;h:i' tor p'.ee.-s of ice around i he ,1 , Wo haven't said a word about them in
Me had ::cer picked up eoa! there be- j tome time. tiec-lRfe phirts haricg bad the
o re lb- . w It.iv'e -n-il Keidiiii' ar.d ei.U. From this time cn white shirts will
mat i ers w ovso Mr- 'e-sen Ii::- recei ve. ,
a teieirran: Irom M:s I o-i li s i j; r e plai '-
im; l In ronton tor her le.-, ins; ami statuisr
.hat h.-r husband will probably inn r-
turn to her.
oven bo.1v in almost every Ime 1 v,.(i-,o- ,.r. ihe ..ne.-;..:, t n.-r:-. i . . -. i
of bushie:
90 and 94 Bank Street,
Opposite Post Office.
Telisphone '. 13-1.
Uwuu i
.pira i:ou
d in ih
:.i la.:
1 v.
ipeis. j, a hii
Oied ihe stall--'
ttllV IH'.sflkes 11
..!.!. I :
! -a u-..; !:iju.-:- . pnnt
:! ' :U"' other M.-sle
iivsieadi'.a-. cou
nt thai i 'lore w .mid be
ale ,.,.;,.. .e i! e ha!!..:.
1,1.. the e ,-,.:!.; ov -. The
: rl !. i- radically :vn; ..u "lie su'jeei.
a- the ad provid. . thai i'.i - l.ali. ! -hall
be of a c ' ,r " dill'e rent from lie- edicr 1 1
: :. t !el.": ." i'l :- . s i:,. : pi -itial ir
the f',1: lo the a.: i. -.a ,:' , -iii,r 1'erri
ai..! be a pri r r-ati :;ua i ,1 rjain-i
Men's white Shirts.
Do not miss an item in this "ad". You can save money on
each one.
"We offer the following at about half what the goods cost to
manufacture. Among these goods will be the following:
1,000 yds all wool colored twilled flannel in navy, scarlet
drab and other colors at 19c a yard. Good value at 38c to 45c.
984 yds of "Sanitary" diaper, short lengths, at 3c and 4c a
yard, usually sold at 5c and 8c a yard.
983 yds of furniture cretonne, just the thing for covering
lounges, chairs, curtains, etc, at 7c a yard, usual price 12c to
784 yds of fancy outing flannel at 5c a yard, usually sold at 10c
a yard.
Fifty doz of pieced towels, suitable for shop or common home
use, at oc each, usually sold for 12Jc each.
1,350 yds of yard wide blue heavy print goods, usually sold for
l'2Jc a yard. Sold AS IS at 4.Jc a yard. .
Skidmore & Tmnbull.
Jf3 This week we have reduced the prices in our
children's department. Parents should avail them
selves of this opportunity. The sale in this depart
ment will last but one week so don't miss it.
Where "WalcrlMiry tVoee are tOiintr for
the Summer.
Miss alary Maher is spending a week
in 1 he P.erkhire bills.
.lames . i -,rr,.ll i:a. return- d from a
w.-ei.'s vacation in the perk-lii:e hii:-.
Mr a:ul Mr- William 1". ( ,,y!e ,,' 1'..,---i
i, -1 - ui ar-' x is '.: in their da. minor. Mr.
M. 1'. Malui.ev . i
Mrs .lohn Monaha-i an 1 her -i-!-;-. 1
Mi-, hale h--li:i ol h:.'-,.n. wle- ha-
o...-:i vi-iiiiu; .b-. taieii ol ,l..lin tuain
lid not oi ii lloie i le carl when he did
-. :' them. I - a- l.uh-r oi I he bo.V Saul he
had wo; i.,ai lor lie ci inpaii y bo- lour or
live i ar : thai he - ,, ; o nw ii-ir-
i-o. .llloe t ,-W. ,i old l,o. u.,!,: Ii e
die bo . . a i: w ....id ! a !;!'! hid i.-l
die t.,i.iii . i! si.-j ! .1 :u U ee: .
I'r . . I, ill -a .s . h.-re; : wiih ih -
ih. li ol of ; m- -em ;h ... re ,.,'
!.. i-id.-!io.a! ..f ;17 H .:-.', -i .-: on la-t
:-. . . . N oiue' e; lehiat: sod lie-
l oa-.-i-s w.-r.. -a ,,ri h &1 and i.i-:,':e, .i
i hem --i.i l .a 1 i iu in,- iil ihe !,.-. lb:::-.
. h a an . ki.iihe 1 I.!,--.! --ill -e-.pia
-- oihee, : i, .ahl.-d '...ILuli. . a- ..."
ai- n w lioiii !i - :w oKI; , ii a oalr ui
,. .!, I' -!:: : I , 'v i:: -j: -(
.!!. i ,1 'a;; 1 ici -a id le- 1 !..,! in New
oik ii.-! I...ivi 'be p o,,s i-oa-..n
on i'i'a -i. e t .;- ;l'.v cm-,
i hiu . r I ,!e-v -aid li-- ane-'eai loiilah. -
o'i Meadow -I: -el all, I lie loM two dile-l-
eni -i.n:. . a I. o 1. 1 i : ,. a i-,--. I 1 lie i . ...
io- w a . e. i ' : , : ; . : . . ..a - ;it: i i-..-. -.
.1 am,s . . . ; 1 : e I , i i . ii.ii::; I ; a i a. a !.,
.-! 17 u !i. tl. ' iil ..! 'I!
l ie: .'li. u; - id.''. .! f- rde.l l. I ... ---
il .1. M. :!:. i i. I ! :-r t i . :.i
- ::d hi- eti-.p! -, , r to' I bim net io
!-. lb' .', y' in the I,. - .h ot.
i.II I he .111 V id 'lie -l--.il.il. I'.ro, le-,
tried lo e. Hie Hi .i:.'l le Olls'ied hiill OUi.
i In- !.,.: I in 1 1 1 1 ' n w 'el ids.- :u iiiui . i .
)e the m')re favored. Wp have thfi bt
Trie one ou enrtb. RHionr frirnishinR man.
fry him and see if it is so; first cotiDter
o lett.
Boys' Pants.
Wt have nrni- a preat variety, Of which
will be hnril to mutch ir price.
Wh iteS H O E Store.
116 State Street,
New London.
88 Bank Street,
Waterbury, Conn
Men's (Neckwear.
No better assortment in the town, per
hnps nut as good.
Dress Goods.
At OJ? Double fold mistnres and
ceill cuccks, not priutsd goods, bat
woven. They ort tha -5c kind.
Tabic Linens Z Towels
Tf you V int anvthin,-; of this kiml, don't
pars as. Our prices are rock bottom.
Fall Dress Goods.
Are arriving daily ftud crowding out th
muirucr stud.
I o KhiL
l'n,- .-iL-r
i i.- ri ,ii--
de -I:-.--., 1.1! lor New 1',, l
i,,. oi. w la : e i he w , i :a : i
a-,- ,d' iheir broth--:-. M: r;
h'-.-i, take plae ,o-:ie-!:-.
i :e
1 :h
. but v is he:,; b
-.-HI. V. hi'.'
1 -. . - : 1: w :m.:
Tils MUls? I Feck 0a.
Our Loss Is Your Gain.
Vll old stock must p;o to make room for our larpc and ele
gant new stock. NOTE THE REDUCTIONS:
Men'B sinple and donble breaBted Saok Suits, formerly sold at $10, 12 and 15, mu
and will be ftold at $4.87. .
Another lot of men's stylish Saok Snits, formerly sold for $15, 18 and 20, go during
this sale for $6 87.
Another lot of men'fiand young men's Frock Suits, $15. 18, 20 values, now $4 87.
liig Fot8 KuiiB ic neat single and double breasted patterns, regular $8 and 10 valuta,
nrotii!r lot of Big Boys' Suits that formerly Bold for $10, 12, 15. reduced to ti 87.
Children's Snits nlmost given awav. One hundred Sing'e and Double Breasted Suite
for boys, ages 4 to 15. formerly $2.50. 3 00. 4 HO, will bo sold during this sale at 98o.
Another lot of Boys' Knee I'ant Suits, regular $o and G values, will go quick at $1.63.
Three hundred pairs Men's Pants that sold $2 and 2.50, now 93o.
ill 0 pairs Men's l'ant that formerly sold tor $3 and 4 00, now $1 50.
150 pairs Fine Dress Fants. regular $5. S 00 and 7 00 values, during this sale $2 87.
T'n.,ic T.inpfi nnllnrR. Tepnlnr l.So value, now 5o.
I Children's Huts, Men's Neckwear, Overalls, numerous other articles given away free.
,ir Take Notice All purchases can be exchanged or money remnaea.
eeaed lid--
Tin- (iirl I 1 ! IVIilml V
I. eoie-s oT.f-a t.oi:-,. w i
m, I , h.e 1..
'v e nie'..
be d. The !.
I r.-e.Ib iii-.i . w I. . foil w ed hi-:
W I iio l.iill. He tlletl I blew ' il"
sell ,:,-, II-:-. .tilde.. I '"Weil li 1 1
s-'ll il II i eo-l -.
1 ill I'-
-:-:iek bv
d hi'il iil t-
ll V s.
i : 1 ,
1 1 i ; ar v '' b t lie ii'' 1
, .;r 1 l.etl Hellilal le." Ill- il-ei-
ii an Indian i. li ,ie'.Mre.iii.- eh.-ir.ierer.
1 Id- ha, ii. -i , !.. ,-ti 'i' ii.' -1. bii! ihe
.i. :.i.;:.! Nt hi.- ..' '' r I., b re ;hi- j.k.x v.a.
e. : ir.en -i en l'n 1 ,, idui.i'.iai1.-- l.imlollie
full e'aire oi t he foot li-jht -. The i. ,ri-i le; a
; ol i h, l-.iliiii:- t:; tin till' w , -t and I heir u
lie-ielhn: "t .1 Sloekaile, 1'lirtli.ll thei i,;
I 1 sonibe'- -ide of 'lie I'liV. I lie 1 i'l 1 1 e r ' j J V, ,1 - I i ":
: ide res'. . 1, 11 the loM' luakil, of -er.tl :1 few l:
' eoiq.,'-.. :i!l of w noni are i no youni; oeopie
! oi li e e.-irrisoii.
M.irrtsi.n'- I--.nist ."
Earlv (lolivi-rios allow IIS to i An atiriietiou ot v bieh nun h bus been
heard I- .i orrisoli s laillou. l.rooiie, . Il
-:i ih the
.Inc. Til"
l,oi:i ll-e
V "Meriiteli T.-.llit-ter I nM ' lit ! v K ilteil in :l
wl wui i ninu.
Art no lo.sgir an extin,vtneii. Of ccnr
J3e s;r. of tha pockethook tii-a a rt dfl
111 . :o dry with the style of Ccrtaia selected,
i t.r.t our I'urtuira r.ve ell ir. good taut-- and
i id nccord with tho prevailing style, and
j whether you pick out a pair costing
I 11 1 ; n v. s v .
ir.eitr. in -h '.bn 1
i::ol -'i. :i liinii i.aii.i i-i,i;,ii,e.i b x
1 ml-ie ( oe. w as in-l au: i ki'h.-d al 7:15
hi. iimniin. liedi-oM a iaiir oi neal-.s,
u hii-ii ran :i'.i' . Ms -.'li !; "... :lii-'U:i
,l!l lei- ill le ''s i':.l hi- -he!! irae:,ired.
-.-led i.tel eanie f font t h'.-a-b.
offt'r ti;o now tall lino one work
earlier than usual.
75c or $75
Y in pre sure to have the best it is possible
"nan. to retail at that price. We are showing ft
x- ! larpe and comprehensive line of
Vv'hit,c, Ivory and Ecru
Remember The Number, 83 Bank Street.
Rennacker & Go's
Waterbury Clothing House, 83 Bank St.
Ituve -1ite.l One Ili.a.iU'l New Suti-ljj
seiil.rr. ti t!ie Telephone Sevviee. I I J
II,,. .eli.ei tie- S.lll llet'll NOW 111':'- I UU rft
,.d Tau-i. .los mi:: be - ,-ii M !(. i ,,()() -1', i . ,1 , , . : i , ,-oniiianv in i.iakin,-!
op, an I. mi -e on i, i -.i., ,;, .11 ; u ,,;, .,,, ,-, diulioii iu prtees h:i- been a
. j 1 1 1 s , - e, i : 1 ' i i- not. .il :is a ''...,,.,.,.,., in;, re-i throue-ioii; tl, Mate
i-M-.-ileie e of tbe e. u t : l any. 1 or i' .;,,.,. ,,.. u,.,,,,,,.!,! w. nn:,;e i.boiit
25 cases of hat received within v',..;. rr,::";yo!..;;,,;.:ri;'.o 'i'l.thi-oniiho.;: M,!.;.vi.:;ew7:'i:w:''.r;;!;o;i ,,7
a few daVS. : tt.- lr...l...-ti-t-. ne'm:i:.sl.:'el.ei :i a bledto tin ',i-l of
"The Uieycle lill.'' , ,. , . , .1 , ,, ; . , .s , , ' - rs : . i ! h i -t I e . a : al I 1 1
,'..:', Vel'ie M -1 lelli'V will be the it. , .OM, (eic bn-e. n-e"bli. t e, t,f,,.iMu, wil ll
Our popular prices arid the -.' 'tZJZ
flUulitv that JJOCS wit'.l each well kimmi anlis tltr..ii'.! ! -,li:i,-- numi in whieh ilii-i- ar.' working
1..,.. l,,,,"f f,.v a v.i li iike.-i :e- N -en- .iii-.,',ir . Mr- I'. i- hen fere, - in various parts oi stale i
l"lu "", "i' V . . , ,, ih, .i.-.ce ire e ehiidhood. and. , ,, : le ::: n,. . -I . la . 1 !e-v e'.i-et M have
if ;: ni.v'i I lv - e'avel ill ev-- ih.-niaiie: w :-.::. .; ..-!. r in a'-oiit aj
;-; die a! i :M in .TI1( ,-iea .-writhe 1 mi- 1 : ,. ,: : h . l,.l)-',e ia.-t i- Ut in p'.iee .
en. i ; f ' a::ad '. ."nil is e. .'leeeded ., be ,-.en; l.-l serv'i.'e in tile ens', will I
j., ,.,.,jtt ve-sai ie anil vivaeious an isle . j,,. ,-st abl'.sb-'.l in this iate. 'Hie e-,i:i-
: on ihe Anieriean -t;i". i iiaav now h e- iln- reueoKable number of ,
1 j 11,4 , I'diMibones ill the sty;,, limits, bv
& en in The Ijilmrint Mnn- Hurkot. ilar ihe irreaie-t immber the oomianv
'- 1 " . .v- i-.,r. oroorietor of i tie 1 a t hi r-l . . - r l , , t . -, ; , I , o : i i i .i si i 1 1 1 1 : ia be r ii it-lease
$'2.(M) and .'i.5(). Colors brOWn ire ,- ,i-li market, eoi ner ,-f -.eith is ex.-ele,l w-iilifti . f. iii..:iilis.
j in ir, Mill anno: ii:e eo:i:.a:i imii
hol;-h t'ne o: 1 laslioli ! iiiM "ii.uenl w i:h
15S to 10,8 Grand Stbeet.
M$ t
lai'irest hat trade in the citv.
These are the privo-t.the quality
you must see for yourself.
fl.25. $1.45,
A. P. Cov;les.
i Our Summer Sale
Has exceeded onr highest expectation.
Onr goods have gone freely.
We now have a few remaining remnaats.
from which we knock off our former 60
per cent reduction price, as we don't care
imieh what the remainder brings. We
want them out of the wy, for our Fall
Goods will soon begin to arrive. Come
in Rnd see if yon want Hats or Bonnets,
trimmed or nntrimmed at any price, which
menus 60c, 76c. 990 and $1.88 for your
choice of trimmed hats.
We will continue our 60 per oent reduc
tion KP.le on the following goods a few days
longer: Croohet Cotton, Macrime Cotton.
TCnnninnton Cotton, brown and black
linen Thread, Hooks and Eyes, Laoe
Tidies, linen Art Thread, etc.
We qnote prices b fmluss n am io real
as an essmiBsnom vm jwctb.
99 &101 So Main street
A. W. ( a-ll.-.
Main ::'i.'i 'nioti .. r. . 1 s, is a hur-tlrr. Ili-biisiii,-
is oi iisiant'v inoriaisin-, for tie'
vei v ' " 'd rea-,m linn ho sells th- 'Inesi 1 a e,-...,.,,!,..! eireuit. i In'-.'-i
at ol ineat ami ite- t resin si ve.-;e;a:':es v..,r Here were oi.lv o.M ni-t niments 111
:t the very low est priee. for ea.-h. : tiie-tMle !rr.miiilei!.:)ii'i 't is probable that
i'miw i hiiie- is hist as ad vert i .i il ui , ilii- h-i irroiiiiiled insi rilliteiu in the list
e'.'ine quall-V rail DC tOU;;iU lOl ,r . ... ,,..,; ,,, u readers in ! w ill he removed before the end of the
elsewhere, and 110 did Stock tO '.ai rbm ami Naujiiitm-k are iavite.1 to j year. 1 he inerea.-e of eleetrio loads anil
i vail. lights m vinos an,i inw ns uas inane
irrouiah il telephone a.lmost ll-eleSS.W hen
Cliilhiiieon Creiltl. , t he f-i mt llern New lallU'iatltl l'i 'inpall y
There ;s no i-vn-.i' now adii'-s for AV:r ; bee-in its h'isine-s is isse,, r. mini wires
lerbniw people to wear poor elnthes- i w i re pr:ietieaily universal. In ls'fll) the
The ( reiht 'tothiin; Co, (',2 Hank street, I meiallie reiitrn wires Iwym ti be the
I has a tine nw U of elothin:; wh'uli I rule anil sinee then the irronnileil instrn-
? ' whieii is sold at lowest cash priees, on ments have heen tradiiiillv ilisappearius;
easy weekly payments. All business is
strietlv i-ontiiletitial and the rule is
st riot I v one privet') nil. You are iu-
iteri to oall.
and black.
Kverv hat -?-"'e to 50c less than
ia!i-v can be bourht for
Jonas. Morgan S Co
- i t
C!'-.i?rs, Halters i Furaisiers,
96-08 BANK ST.
Lis buy nil in and drops the price of
Pi'lshnry's best to 4 75
1 of this I Washburn-Crosby Co ti 4 0
Jones enperimviTB -.a
If you give my man an empty barrel.
This i5 all old flour and it will make
more bread, whiter bread and lighter
bread, and the bread will keep moist lon
ger than that made from new, and good
bread is if.ightier than the sword and pen
oumbined, because it is tha staff o lif
hen made on the home made plan, such
as I mahemy New England Afternoon and
The friendly league hall hall Is for rent
for daytime and evening.
Hnrthquuke Tolt ut Han bury.
PANHl'KY, Sept 2. A disiinot shook of
eartlinuake was felt here yesterday
in irnitip:, lusting for twenty seconds.
Windows rattled, but no damage Is re
port ed.
E. T. Turner & C
Mattings! Matiings!
YES TVE If AVE TBEM and offer srfelal
rcn9 there out. This i
the time to save money on Carpets as we arj
i,'..il,. trioat Rrnuil T make it from tld w l,-,j.lr nt reduced nriees ani
floor, sweet milk and compressed yst. ; u rnmitnre ' ,-fJJm,?"'hfj
which is the only method of maMn, i M," nd "-ht"
stantial, oig6jntoi6 n swmi orea.
Baker and Farmer.
irClrtkt 'n n Its rths amd at
lowt rHw -.!--' Calls answered at Dia
riet I5crPl-
188-170 South Main Street
While this weather rases and work is
worry, every man who attempts to do any
thing is snrronnded by about seven otoerl
who watch him do it. They say that such
a fashion is peculiar to America, and it
certainly is onr fix. About every other
establishment in the town has snocmnbed
to the weather and finds its only occupa
tion in watching us work. For their
amusement and the public's benefit wo
propose to keep pushing as long as tha
Lord gives ns strength and our buyers
give ns Bargains.
White do met flannel, the 8o quality, at
3Jo a yd.
All linen dish and hand crash, we say
all linen, at 3Jo af-d.
Large siz- Turkish bath towels 36x20,
regular 121c goods, at 8o.
1 case 10-4 white crochet quilts from 750
to 5Po each.
Lawns, dimities and organdies from 12
and 15o, at one price 6Jo.
The best 12io outing flannelette st 7o
Kemnants of black and oolored dress
goods at half price, some rare values st
this counter.
5 pieces bine and blaok storm serge,
from 69 to 60c.
Lot of fancy silks for waists and dresses,
all this season's goods, worth from 75o to
1 00, at one prioe, 40o a yd.
A few left of silk chiffon jabots at 2o
Dress trimmings at3o a yd.
12 colorings all wool SO inch flannels,
splendid goods, the regular prioe of which
is 50o, at 33c a yd.
LIKENS, 63 inoh cream table damask,
very tine and beautiful, has sold for and il
worth 63o, at 49o a yard.
72 inoh bleached table damask, really
worth 1 (, at 69o a yard.
72 inch bleached table damask that oan
aet s natehsd fer less than 1 25, our sale
prise tOe a yard.
E. T.Tarner k Co.

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