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VOL. VIII. NO. 241.
They Carried the Sou of the Tamman
Chieftain Off For ltcnnlrs When It Va
All Orer He Va "ot Seriously Hurt,
Amhetist, Map?., Popt. 16. A viprorou
eano rush occurred on the Amherst collei
campus between the momln'i'S of the fresh
man ami sophomore classes. For many
years it has Iwu tho custom fur tho f.vi.
lower classes to entraire in this rush on the
first Saturday evening after the opening
of the term.
The point of contention which brings
about the on no rush annually is the .jues
tiou whether the freshmen shall l.avo i lie
pleasure of walking with canes. It is
usual for the sophomore class to win. a-i
it (lid this time, hut Ioiut he fore t ho celt
test this year run in on it was knmm that
tho rush would ho especially pxc.it inir. ho
cause tho present freshman class is com
paratively largo in numbers and enthusi
astic in spirit.
At half past 7 o'clock in the cvenlna
crowds of freshmen beeaii to gather
around tho Pratt gymnasium, cheii-in;'
lustily for the class of ISHH. Loud cries ot
defiance and hisses were heard from the
sophomores across tho ce.nipus.
Prominent among tho freshmen enthu
siasts was ltichard Croker, Jr.. sen oi
Tammany's chieftain. Tho young man in
many respects resembles his famous fa
ther. Ho has a large, full face, with prom
inent lower jaw and hijrh forehead.
Tounff Croker Camo Prepared.
Jost before tho rush ho had the appear
ance of a fierce football player. lie ap
peared early on tho scene with hr.t oil",
liair disheveled and dressed in football at
tire. Ho was personally very quiet, but his
name anil appearance c:r. atiy er.courn .red
his excited classmen. Young: Croker is of
medium height and rather stockdy built,
weighing about 1("0 pounds, lie, is uf
Bandy complexion and lias light hair,
usually cut pompadour ash ion.
At S o'clock the two rival classes were
ranged face to face on the (-pen part rf I
tho campus. About -0 m. n in all, with I
Btripped shonlders, were leaning inryvard
to 6priujr upon their antagonists at tho
first sicnnl. (broker stood on a rear line.
Crowds surfred about tho students. The
scene was lighted by torches.
your sturdy men from each class stood I
DCtweon tno tyvo masses I'.tili '.ir 1 i- .' i-m;
cane which was to be suught by every loan
in two largo classes. No football loan can
compare with tho crush which piled up
Ond around the cane when tho signal was
Younj? Croker was a most valiant fresh
man, so his classmen say. Xo one else
could tell, for tho confusion of noise,
frroans, college ye'ls and cheers, with the
Inverted condition ot many overanxio is
contestants, made personal recocnitici
Impossible. Itiscertniti t hat Croker failed
to gel bis grip on the cane. I'n fortunate
ly some one's head war, violently am! un
ceremoniously thrust against hi f.or.iT-h
in such a manner as to make his breath
Ing difficult for a few moments. I'liysh al
conditions immediately followed which
probably reminded him of seasickness.
Temporarily Knocked Oat.
Croker was immediately carried to the
office of lr. Edward Hitchcock in Pratt
gymnasium. There he was cemfoi tnhly
cared for by the venerable doctor and tho
college athletic director. Mr. Ncll:;rnn.
Croker was not injured seriously in any
way, having been overeeme only by the
excitement and winding' caused by the
blow on the stomach. Today lie is com
pletely recovered from the experience,
having only a poor appetite to remind
him of his misfortune.
Young Croker enters Amherst college
on certificate Ho rooms with Edward
Kitchio of Uronklyi, purposely secluded
from tho more f.istrai rim: Int'.uences of
the college. He seems anxious to become
a careful student, and does not seek as
yet popularity in social circles or promi
nence in athletics, llowevir, he has played
baseball and practiced foot hail. lie has
boon entertirnod nt s"veial of rk (ireek
letter fraternity lodges and is pledged to
join tho Ucta Theta Phi fraternity.
Fire Iu Brooklyn.
BROOKWX, Sept. If'. Over f U'n.POO
loss was the result of a lire in (Trci op. 'int.
The entire grain establishment of .Ynr-h,
White Co., including the elevator
and extensive machinery, was totally (de
stroyed. Tho Continental Iron works-wore
damaged to the cxrent of ooo. Tho
Bpars and sheds in tho yards of Charles
Wlnant, adjoining, were also damaged.
Lawyer Iiatlcr Ile.nl.
New Toi:k. Sept. '.a. John M. Dntlor,
B member of the law linn of Ibitlcr. :'!iiv,
& Butler of Indianapolis, ilied in the Fii'ili
Avenue betel. Death, was due to In art
failure resulting from a soy ere attack of
the grip.
Murder Over a Io.
SrnixoriKi.n, O.. Sept. ii!. Gilbert
Tohuson, colored, ehot Richard Waller
through the heart at Clifton, killing hiia
instantly. They quarreled over a do.
Johnson was r.lso shot, but not seriously
Mr Twiyln nt Sydney.
Stunt: v, Sept. in. Mark Twain has ar
rived here on his lecture tour through
Australia. II is plan f..r a lecture at Hono
lulu on route was int fen d with by the
utbreak of cholera there.
C!as l iictorlcs Krsauic.
Mll.:..VIl.l.K, N. .L, Sept. it!. 'I
army of uiio.-npl.iyid gl.i.-.v.e-.l,
'I h" Email
erkiTS W.IS
when lliof.
Sunt h Mill-
considerably reduced today,
factories Nos. , Gaud 10 at
lc started up.
BnUoovIs; r.d Thrfe I'ns.enjtera Killed.
I15rssEi.s, Sept. 10. Ly the collapse of
li balloon at Ciiarleroi 1.11 lo-ioiium named
i'oulet and three pr.?-, eers v.erc man
lied beyond roeogult ion.
7lstilct Attorney I'nlul Itead.
Sakatoca, Sep. 30. District A::o-n"y
John Person was found dead in hs barn
bt Uallston rip. Heart disease was the
oavse of his death.
Fete layn In i;!no.
ROMF, -sept. 1. The fetes in coi.-bra-lion
of the t wenty-fifili anniversary of tho
occupation of Koxno by tho Psliau ratii-
Narrow Escape of a 1'nrty of Five Hemmed
In br Flumes.
CAMPCT, X. .T.. Sept. IP. Tho forest
fires reaching from the lino of tho Atlan
tic City railroad southward as far as May's
Ear. ding com inucd blazing. For hours at
a timo tho smoke obscured the sunlight
nt E;;g ilarbor. May's Landing nnd Mo
Keo City. Hundreds of men nnd boys
fought tho names, but the stiff bree.o
blowing made their efforts of no avail.
While lighting tho fire at Kisleytown a
party of five men found themselves
hemmed in. tho names having advanced
0:1 each side of them and then closed on
their back. All tho party wore more or
less burned, but none seriously except
t Jeorge Haywood, ngod ", who was blind
ed by the smoke and fell. Ilo was drugged
to a place of safety by his coiniades.'but
not before he was terribly burned about
the head and body. Ho is not expected to
YA'ATKuroKn, T. J.. Sept. 13. A terrific
fire is destrov'iig thousands of acres of ce
dar swainos near this place. This lire has
been burning. in tho Jackson meadows for
the p.-st. two wec'.ts and has destroyed at
least V'U'.OI' worth of property.
A 40 mile wind drove the lire into tho
big cedar swamps and toward tho "horned
mill" crauh'rry bog, a mile from this
p'aeo. Hi vidents la re drove to the sccno
of the fi'v and are si ill lighting tho flames.
The f.ro is now stretehed in tho big
swamps f-om Jackson to Atsion, a dis
tance of ten miles.
.lust before m an tho teams with which
tho lire thrillers drove to tho scene camo
near being burned, and it was only by
galiopine- through the suffocating smoke
that they were saved. Today it is learned
that the houses and outbuildings on Isnao
Her! lord's places are destroyed, and ono
Italian from the plaeo is missing.
An Eiuberrler Swe.llows Poison Rather
Tlum lo to Jail.
New Yoi;k, Sept. '.('..Alfred S. Jaffc,
!,'. years old, 01" 11- Lexington avenue,
killed l;in 1; in Ids room almost in tho
presence of a p -dice otl'.ccr who had up
per. -cd with a warrant for his arrest on
tho charge of grand iare.ny by swallowing
a quani ity of carbolic acid. Death followed
a fe w miaulos later.
.'a:Te:s employed by Joseph Samen
fcld, a manufae: .iror of cigars at 2D0
Church stive:, and, i: was said, had ap
o his o'
d rollc-oii
,vu account iii.000
il for his employer,
d fur his arre-t from
worth, and the war-
A w.
Oil V
rraiu was secure
Magistrate Weft
r.o.it was put in th.o hands of Patrolman
I'm', rick F. tiarau ol the Leonard street
illation 10 serve, tiargan went to .Tatfe'S
room to servo it. lie found tho defendant
in bed.
When the latter was informed of tho
purpose of tho patrolman's visit, ho madu
110 rcmor.strae.c
but a-.ked that lie bo
given tim
and opportunity to dress hini-
se'.i' and p
f. r bis imprisonment.
Wi:h the permission of the (d'.icer JaiTo
wa- hod ar.d dressed himself most careful
ly. ;i:ul ,nist 1-efore he was about to accom
pany his cif todian said that he wished to
garg'.e his throat. Ho thou wont to tho
wa-iir. oiti. In a low moments he returned
10 his apartment ar.d startled Cargan by
saying ih.-r he h;al swallowed poison. With
ilia: riiiKirk he threw himself on tho boil
and died before a physician could bo sum
mulled. ROW IN A CHURCH.
FartlenH oi' n llni'ti&t Conreffatlon
t'.icgtit Over tho l'ulpit.
Xonwieit, X. Y., Sept. 11'. A scene oc
curred a: tho Laptist church hero growing
out of the factional light whioh has been
going 011 since last 31 ay. when tho pastor,
Uev. T. It. Cass, was dismissed by tho
trustees. Since that timo Mr. Cass and
his loilov.vrs hnvo aliended tho church
wht 1 services w'ero held, but have taken
110 pari in them. Sunday morning Pro
l s -or liri .hr.m of Colgate university oc
cupied the pulpit.
;:tcr toe
iicnediciion momliors of th
:ioii atieinptc'i to take possession
pulp-t and organizo a Sunday
'1 .ley were ordered away by ths
af d upon refusing wore forcibly
Oilier members of tho Cass fac
ile 10 the rescue, and n general
elh.wed, during which thopulpil
.d chairs vero upset and several
lelee f
hi,- ai.d
f the co'
Till. Til.
1:1 ciants thrown from tho plat-
f herili was suinnioned, and he
1 t'e.e congregation to disperse,
was done.
Davls Convicted of Mnrdor.
Al.CANY. Sept. 1 '. The jury in the case
of Charles N. Davis, chartred with nmrdei
in the lirst (hgrooin having caused tho
(leach (f i'. yenr-u'.d Anna May Shannon,
leiaif.ed to the courtroom after havinp
ot en in h. ated discission f..r nearly It!
le.iii-.-. atvl Foreman .N'oycs announced the
verdict, "duil'.y as charged in tho ludict
meat. ''
Fatal Partrlilee Shootlnff.
Gi:kfn: iki n, Mass., Sept. in. Willi
partridge sliooving Leon Hill shot Cecil I.
Allen, aged 21, of Montague, in the head.
Yhe :da.t is supposed to have entered his
brain, and no hope is eiv.erfain 'd of his
recovery. The men were strangers and
were Pol h shoo: i hit at a dock of birds from
Odd Fellows Convention.
ATI ANTIC City, Sept. Id. Odd Fellow
fre.m 1
dav. .
cry see:: ui are here today to partie.
a the con von lion of the sovereign
lodge, which will begin on Tile.
A conservative o.ttimaio of the visit
ojperted places the nuiubcir at 30,000.
will be 0:10
man- Amor:
i:ic Ct-novolent Soeloty,
Sror. 10. The coming week
:ii' rrcr.r io-.i'ortanoo to the Her
(ins of this citv, for with to
o.ay I'oium 'iv. iSk t
the fortieth annual fes
s;on oi the narionnl
convention of tho
K-iety of America.
Cr.lhoiie Jiencvole
Unrctrw Sntith F.se-es.
Dovku, X. ii., Sept. in. Bernard
Smith, the Dover burglar, broke out of
the Strafford euunrv jail in this city last
tValked Into the Oncna.
Catr May, Sept. Ifi.-An unknown
man about '.." years old deliberately walked
into the ocean with Ids street clothes on
nnd drowned himself.
lthongh Kept a Secret by tlte New York
Yacht Club, It Is Given Out Preely by
the Rrltlsli Yachtsmen "Points Made by
the 1-airl.
Lox pon, Sept. 10. Tho letter written
by Lord Dunravcn under date of Sept. 13
to tho America's cup committee of tho
New York Yacht club in reply to a letter
from Mr. A. Cass Canileld, dated Sept. 1 J,
has boeu cabled by his lordship to the
Koyal Yacht squadron for their considera
tiott Lord Dunraven's letter, dated Sept. 13,
to tho cup committee Is as follows:
"Gexti.euex I hnvo the honor to ac
knowlcdpo your letter of the 12th Inst.
You say t hat my letter of Wednesday night
to Mr. Conflold was not delivered at tho
New York Yacht club until 1 a. m. on
Thursday nnd was not in your hands un
til 3 a. in. There must, I think, he somo
mistake. I received Mr. Canfield'fl letter
at ld:20 p. m. on Yrdnedny. My reply
was delivered by my scrrnnt at tho New
York Yscht club at 12 : IS a. m. (Thurs
day) by the club clock. Tho steward or
clerk in ehnriwas called by telephone at
12:30 a. m. and requested to find out if I
Mr. Canfipld was at the Knickerbocker
club, and, if so. to deli ver the letter at 01100.
The reply was that they would endeavor
to find Mr. Canfleld; that ho had but a
short time before left the Knickerbocker
club, and that he had left word he would
call at T a. m. to sco if there wcro any
messages for him. i
A Question nf Timo. '
"The request that Mr. Canfiold should I
not open my letter of tho 10th lost, uutll !
tho (Defender) protest was decided waa ,
unnecessary, as tho cup committee wero !
not hearing tha protest. But whether roino !
of Wednesday night was delivered at 12:15 j
a. m. or 1 a. m., and whether it was in I
tho hands of the committee at 7 a. m. or 8
a. m., and whether my letter ot tho lflth
lust, was read at 12:30 p. m. cr 2:30 p. in.,
nppoors to ma to be a matter of minor im
portance. "Whet is of importance to me, at any
rate is tho totally unjustifiable opinion
implied in your letter of the 12th inst. that
in coming to tho decision conveyed to you
by my letter of tho 10th hist. I went back
on tho ngrecment signed by President
(Miiirh (of the cup committee) and mysolf.
You fray, 'Wo can only regret thnr tho con
ditions you named thereiu as absolutely
necessary should not have been so present
ed when the Ofcrcement to the terms was
formulated.' Permit me to observe that I
named no particular conditions as indis
pensable, -as you will perceive on referring
I to tho letter.
! "I hold that in any match a fair field
nnd no favor is a condition precedent to
any agreement as to terms, and, i'aiiinif
that, any party has a perfect right to with-
: draw absolutely or conditionally. Tho ar
ticles of tho agreement cannot and are not
Intended to lay down ii.ved rules to meet
' every imaginable contingency. Certain
contingencies have arisen, as you aro
aware, confining to myself the subject of
my lettor on overcrowding. As for hack
as Oct. 1 1 wrote concerning the difficulty
of insuring a clear course, but 1 did not
Insist upon my views, because I thought
the persons responsible should bo freo to
take tho steps that they thought best in
Iho matter.
"In view of their failure In this respect
It might have been better if, in my letter
cf the 10th inst., I had absolutely with
drawn. But my desire to sail off tho races
was great, and I withdrew conditionally
and suggested the steps which I thought
would remove tho difficulty. These steps
were not taken, ad I heid to my deter
mination to sail no more, and in so acting;
emphatically deny that I went back iu
iny way on the agreement as to terms.
The Committee's Proposals,
"I did not know whether Mr. Cnnfield
and Mr. Busk orficlnlly represenied tho
rommlttoo when they came to see mo nt
the Waldorf. I jndgrd by their conversa-;"-n
that they did r.or, and I understood
trom that, that tho committee had not
Some to a definite conclusion upon tho lot
;er. I now conclude from your eommunl
rarion that they were oClrlally represent
ing the coinmitteo. In that enso the pro
posal mado by th committee was that I
should withdraw from tho determination
expressed in my letter of the 10th inst.,
and that I should sail the third, and possi
bly the final, race on condition that sufli
rient room was secured nt the start, and
that in any further races, my suggestion
(hat the dates for the races and the time
of starting should not bo mado publio
should bo carried out.
"That proposal did rot rommond itself
to ms. No one denied tiio overcrowding of
the courso. lint in nry case either my
rorupl.Mnt was, In tho opinion of tho com
mittee, unjustlflahlc, in which case I could
not have agreed with them and should
nave withdrawn, being fully convinced cf
Iho necessity and prepared to take tho
full responsibility for doing so. or it was
justifiable, in which latter case tho com
mitter, I think, was bound to give rcdrera
before the neit race was sailed.
"I so far withdrew my letter of tho 10th
Inst. as to fay that I would sail the third
Moo if the committee would undertake to
frclare theraccvoid if, in their judgment,
fi'her vc-sol was interfered with by tho
steamers, the committee puttlnpr anybody
they liked aboard the yschts. I was will
ing to leave the matter in their hands,
itipulatinf; only that they put an experi
rneeci and practical Yachtsman on Yalkr
rie III
An rar as 1 an concerned I havn no
wich to continue the discussion, which you
accurately describe as superfluous, and
a ill conclude fcy repressing regret that if
ny desire to rrssii Tuesday's raoo was
known to exist the regatta coramiftre did
r.ot order it rrssi'.rd under Article 1ft of
!ho New Ysrk Yacht club regulations, in
which case, whatever my opinion ns to
tho c.'.u?o of tho foul maybe. 1 should
have been at tho iVsposn! of rhr commit
tee, ar,d that the enp committee "ou!d not
soo its way to adopting what appears to
bo tho simpler course of holsMnj? the let
ter 'fi' yrttordry, and postponing the reo
to surh timo as they had nrrlrrd at a dti'i
nito conclusion upon my leiter of the IS'-fe
"I havo the horn-,- to remain very faith
fully. Dt:s:.avkx."
The, .entire business portion of Lcnox
dalo, Mass., vcas destroyed by fire.
Fred McGirr the Champion Featherweight
Knocked Out.
The first pri.e tight lliat has been suc
cessfully nulled off in Connecticut in six
years, or since Fanner Plait put .limnpe
Neison out, was fought in a twelve foot
fine; on tho turf at r'airtiekl llcacli Sun
day morning, between Fred MotJirr of
l'i'idgcport, champion feather weight of
Connecticut, anil Prof Lewis Webster of
South Norwalk. The light was for $100
a side, The gal receipts and the state
championship. There wore stxly-llve
sporls present from Bridgeport, Now
Haven. South NorwalJi U.nd New York.
Meiiirr weighed ill ai li-l' pounds
and was in the phlk of condition
and coniiilent. lie is not as sirong as
Webster nnd set in to put his man out in
.1 short Sight. In the first round he
showed his superiority as a boxer and
hitter and seemed lirs'l blood and knock
In the second round ho again forced
the lighting ami with a right hand swing
sent Webster through the ropes. Web
ster was very groggy nnd almost cut.
Time alone saved him.
In the third round McGirr was all
smiles and Webster very weak. Alef-irr
in his over conlidenco turned hi? head to
sic to his friends. "1'vo got a cinch,"
but while talking he got a left handor on
the point of the jaw nnd fell like a shot.
It was only for a second though
and ho staid on tho ground
guying his weakening antagonist until
the limit. He was still over confident,
anil dropping his guard, gave AVcbstcr
a chance to get in a right hand swing
at hi- jugular ami he went down and
-Laid there. lleforeo Dan Mclntyrc
counted tho ten seconds and out. Mc
(tiiT did not come to his senses until ten
minutes after, when lie was iu bed in
the collage.
The police of Bridgeport know that
the light was going to be pulled oil', but
the sports were too cute for them and
only one man knew where tho ring was
to be pitched.
Little sympathy is expressed for Mo
;in lie was so over-ooiitident that ho
threw all caution to tho wind.
I.avcjn Mortality of Children Vndcr Fiv
Year of -Age I'osition of die Health
Hoard 011 (ho Matter of Analysis of
Yl uter.
'ihe mortality report of the state board
oi iu a'ali for August lias been received
1 coin !."r tonus. There Mere L. '152 deaths
reported in the siale during the month.
'l'lu,1wS 44"trc than in July and lli
nor ilian the average number of deaths
111 August lor the live years preceding
tho present. The death rate was 20.5
tor the large tow ns ; for the -.mail towns
j l'.'..;. and -J0.L' for the whole state. The
! deal li from zymotic diseases were f)0l,
being U7.- per cent of the total mortal
ity. I 1110i1g the principal causes of death
I were: 1 'ianlai-al iu children under 5,
I Je'M di-c:ises of the nervous sy.-teiii,
j 1 1 17 : consumption. SS ; pneumonia 15;
bronchi: is, 14; lu-arl disease,,")-.'; typhoid
lever. S-; ceroiiro-spinal lever, lo: diph
theria ami croup 1 1.
Iu view of the number of requests re
ceived by the state board of health for
chemical analysis of drinking water, Ir
l.ii.d-!cy makes the following statement
i:: the August bulletin :
The secretary begs leave to suggest
that the sum of money appropriated for
the expenses of the board does
not enable ir to make a free
analysN of water for every person who
may desire to know the quality of his
veil water. It is therefore obliged to
decline complying with many of these
requests, lint the board will always
undertake the examination of drinking
water without charge, whenever there
is e idence that it may have been the
cao-e of any disease, unless as in some
instances the water is so offensive to
sight and smell as to make a chemical
analy sis unnecessary, to justify the dis
use ol it. The rcijucst for an examina
tion therefore should always be accom
panied by a statement of the facts which
.oinpicd iho rcijucst.
"A quart ol water is insufiieiont to make
a thorough examination. Again, it
would be a waste of the chemist's or
bacterei'iologist s time and labor to an
a! e a specimen ol water put up in
b. 'it a s not thoroughly aseptic, hut con
taining ingredients which would vitiate
bis results. Therefore in all cases ill
which water is examined under the di
rection of the state board specially pre
pared bottles are sent with printed di
rection for collecting the samples. The
chemist of the board will make 1111
analysis of any sp.cimen of water for
the informal ion of any person desiring
il, for the moderate fee of 810."
CITY m:vs.
Spcciri forecast for Connecticut:
( loudy and probable lain to-morrow;
fair on Wednesday, stationary tempera
ture A. I. Pay-ton of l.'!ii West Main street,
for some time clerk at Benedict A llurn
hai.i's ol'.ice. left this afternoon for Cali
fornia for the benetii of bis health.
The case against F. K. Swift. II. K.
Kelt, !-'. j!. Meeie and I. N. S'.ejsou of
the Sunday Herald, for criminal libel,
was called ill the New Haven city court
to-day. V demurrer was entered on the
s! oiir.ds that she article in question as
neither abusive nr indecent. The ease
v as finally- continued until September
Slepb.en Mitcliell of 1 river street re
ceived a bad scalp y cund by beiii: st riu'k
on t lie head with a inutile chain in one
..I the factories to-day. Ir Frost dressed
'.ho injuries.
1 'uy Lngim'or (
convention of the
y orks association
af Ilurliugloii. Vt.
Keeper Moran
aims is attending the
New Kngland Water
which is being held
to-day brought the
Julia Mahonev, who
liree children of
vrs sent to, jail the other day to the
imsliouso. They are Joseph, aged 0
ears, Veunie, 8, and Nettie, 6.
Three Men "Who Stole a l oad of Copper
Wire In Rrtfor1 Cleverly Captured by
the "vVftterlmry I'ollee T-o of Them
TVero Armed nml OCdc-er Keuiimiffh'li
Prisoner Was Heady to Commit Murder.
Several of Waterbury's policemen had
an exciting experience this morning,
and their nerve and coolness probably
saved them from fatal injuries.
Chief Kgan received word within the
past few days that three Italians were on
the road with two tennis containing bags
of copper wire cut up iu small pieces.
Chief Kgan at once communicated with
the authorities of several cities of the
state and learned that the Hartford frac
tion company had losi considerable cop
per and insulated wire. The Ilnrtford
police were notified that the ltialians were
making for Waterbuiy. 'Hie local
police had the route of the Italians down
fine and expected that they would ar
rive in the city Saturday night. They
did not arrive until about noon yester
day. A reporter of the Pkykkuat
passed one of the teams 011 tho road to
Southington at hall past eleven yester
day. Tho wagon contained a number of
filled bags.
When the men arrived in the city they
were at once spotted bv Detective L'iraii
and several ofiioers. and followed to the
store of SIcyer Greenblnt, 3.1 Chat field
avenue. Here they made a bargain with
Mike ( iusmien, a junk dealer, to dispose
of the copper, lj'dO pounds, for eight
cents a pound. The wire was taken to
the shed back of the Karl house, where
Ciusniieu had a store house. The three
Italians were to return at 10 o'clock
this morning for their pay.
Detective Kgan was in waiting at the
shed this morning from 0 o'clock until
11 o'clock, when in walked one of the
Italians for his money, lie was promptly
arrested and gave his name as Michael
lficco. The officer took the precaution
to search him and took from him a
thirty-eight calibre five shot revolver,
loaded, nnd nn ugly looking
dirk with a blado live inches long, a
needle point and razor edge. Ho also
had $18 in money, lie was haudeufiod
and brought to the station.
In the meantime Officers Allen nnd Ken
naugh went to the store of Mr Green
blnt nnd caught tho other
two. Michael Cnniarana, whom Of
ficer Kennaugh collared, at once showed
his teeth. He pulled from his pocket a
dirk similar to the one found on Hiceo.
The officer held him by one arm and he
tried to open tho blade with his teeth.
Officer Kennaugh placed his re
volver under the fellow's nose
and even then the Italian tried to
get the blade open. J he wenpou was
finally knocked from his hand. Kven
then he wanted to fight, but the cool
headed officer slipped the handeufis on
his wrists and led him away.
Officer Allen had a little sport with
the third one of the party, who gave his
name as Vincenzo Ltici. As the officer
attempted to arrest him the Italian
slipped either a revolver or a knife from
his pocket and deftly tossed it behind
him among some bundles. Two
women who were in the store
pounced 011 the officer and endeavored
to relieve the prisoner. Officer Allen
drew his revolver and threatened to
send cold lead into some of them if they
did not desist. He then handcuffed his
man nnd took him to the station. He had
$25 in money in his possession.
Kicci said at the station that the oiher
two men know nothing about tin" cop
per. He had bought it of a fellow in
Winstcd who had it hidden iu the woods
there. He paid V-'O for it.
Cinsmien, who is held on
the charge of receiving stolen goods,
said that two of the Italians wen' broth
ers. He himself come from Ilnrtford
three months atro. lie said that the two
brothers' father worked for the Hart ford
Traction company and was worth
Greenblnt was packing the cut
up copper 111 barrels this morning
when Detective Euan dropped in on him
M. Greeublat, in whos store two of the
Italians w ere arrested, assisted the officers
in their fight by shutting the doors and
preventing them from escaping.
The Italians are voting men nnd are
tough looking customers, and would un
doubtedly have used their weapons but
for the coolness of the officers.
Officer Gaffcv of the Hartford police
force and William Grauten. electrical en
gineer of the Hartford Traction com
pany, arrived in W aterbury on tlte two
o'clock train and at once went to
llalph Hlakesloe's storehouse, where
the wire was removed. The. engineer
identified the wire, as it is an old sty le
in use now only
ford company. They
when the wire whs
by the Hart
do not know
taken. Thev
took the three Italians
to Hartford on
the 3 :55 train and Detective Kgan weut
up with Cinsmien, who will be used as a
witness. Detective Kgan w ill bring him
back here to answer to the charge of re
ceiving stolen goods.
Miners Ttoanaml a Raise.
Drr.ois, Pa., fept. lfi. Six hnndred
miners keld a mass meeting at a central
point twtwetn ktre and fteynolasTifle.
the kedy was mpr of men who aro
anr and atkorc who raeantly were in tho
wpley af taio Ball, Lewis Tates Coal
Villtug ewaapany. Tke enanpany is paying
16 acuta at son t its mines and id at
athers, aaA the aseeting was railed to A
Mand a nalfwrm seal now and an ad
ranee of t rests a ton beginning Oct. 1,
with a propertienate iiavance for rnachino
Wilbur C. James, 19 Hopkins street,
an employe of Ilenedict A Uurnbam's,
met with an accident which is likely to
cost him the loss of his left eye. He was
after adjusting 11 die in a lathe and before
leaving it started to trim a shell
in order to make sure that
everything was all right. While
thus engaged a chip of brass flew from
the die, striking him in the eye, inflict
ing a deep cut, which Dr Frost fears
w ill result iu the loss of the man's eyesight.
To rto Pri'Heiilrcl to Falher Mnrpliy at a
ltcrepthtn This KreniiiK.
A reception will be tendered to Rev F.
.1. Murphy in the lecture room of tho
Sacred Heart church at the close of the
mission services this evening, to which
the friends of Father ASurphy and mem
bers of the parish are invited. A gold
watch and purse of 9v(H), representing
the offerings of the parishioners, will be
presented to Father Murphy.
Char-ed With Entering; a Building 'Wltll
Iiiloiit to Steal Many Other Cases ot
Minor Importance An Order Given to
DrMr- lteor Thnt Had Been Seized.
A bom .1 quarter before nine Saturday
night William Moulthrop went to the
barn in the rear of Fat rick MeOrath's
saloon on East Main street, to feed his
horse which hii. kept in the barn. He
heard two men talking in tho chicken
coop connected with the barn. He went
to the door, which he found open, and
by the aid of his lantern he recognized
one of the men as Thomas Smith. He
ordered both cut of the place. He then
notified McOrath that some men were
stealing his chickens. They went to the
loop and found that several of the
chickens wero gone and that the lock on
the door was broken. J'hey went down in
to the brush near the river and found
Smith hiding in the bushes. When asked
who was with him he mentioned
the name of a certain
Young man who was afterwards arrested.
but whose case was nolled this morning
because he was evidently the wrong
man. Smith was brought to the saloon
and Officer Fagan was called in and he
was taken to the lockup. Later in the
evening three chickens were found in a
bag on the Meriden railroad tracks and
returned to McOrath. James Welch
testified to locking up the coop nnd that
he afterwards found the lock sprung
open and the staple bent. The police
have wanted Smiih for somo time. Judge.
Cowcll found probable cause and bound
him over for entering n building with In
tent to steal, under bonds of a00.
I'rosccuiing Agent Mattisoii had a
seiure suit before the court this morn
ing. I'mler the new law any officer can
seize w it bout a warrant liquor or beer
where it is being sold without a license.
Officer Allen on September 1 seized
twelve gallons of beer in the tenement of
Mary Jennette on Jackson street. Judge
Co well issued an order to destroy the
The enso of TTonry M. Wooster,
charged with drunkenness and breach oi
the peace, was called lirst in the city
court, lie was not present and Prose
cutor Webster asked to have his bond
called. ( hief E tran had just called three
times, "Henry M. Wooster. ns principal,
appoarin court." when Attorney Webster
recollected that he had settled that case
yesterday and at once drew the papers
from his pocket.
James Sullivan and Maurice Flynn,
two tiling follows, are strangers in the
city, but will not forget that police offi
cers of W aterbury are not to be trifled
with. They were drunk Saturday and
officer John Sullivan placed a hand on
each of their collars. Flynn at once
shoyved fight nnd kicked for all he wa
worth. Sullivan got away during the
fight, hut the officer called 011 two citi
zens to hold Flynn and re-captured
Sullivan. All the way to the station
Flynn fought. This morning Officer
Sullivan said they were two
young toughs who ii:id been hang
ing around for a few weeks. The
boys said that they belonged in Hart
ford, caned chairs for a living and had
been in W aterbury five weeks. Sullivan
was lined 6" ami costs and Flynn $15
and costs and fa and costs.
Dennis Doyvling was agniti in court
for drunkenness. He said ho worked iu
Cheshire until lie got drunk. Chief
Egan when asked for his record said he
had a record as long as anyone in W'a
terbury. He was lined $5 nnd costs.
Yesterday afternoon Officer Ahoarn
paid a visit to the saloon in Joseph
Coir's building on East Main street.
He looked through a window and saw
several men in the back room of the sa
loon. A soon as the men saw the offi
cer they scattered in all directions.
The oilicer went into the hall
way and looked through a hole
in the door. lie saw the men
disappearing through another door. The
officer run around totho side door when
four men ran past him. He captured
the last one. y ho proved to be John Har
den. This morning Hayden said he had
only been in the city a short time and
did not know the location of any saieion.
He was coining from Uie rear of the
building when caught lv the officer. lie
was lined sia aud cost y Inch was after
wards changed to 81 and costs.
Marcy Makoski. a I'olandor, was
charged w ith breach of the peace com
muted at the Naugatuck depot
vcsierday. He bad bought
a ii-'ket at Ansonia for I'nion City. Ilo
fell asiei p and did not wake up until he
get to aterbury. lie then insisted that
the conductor should give him ten cents
to go to I nion ( in. When this was re-
' fused he raised a disturbance and Officer
j Allen arrested him. Sheriff McDonald
' said that he was present at the depot nnd
' would have taken Makroki into custody
i himself if lie did not have his wife with
iliim. He was lined 1 and costs.
Fat rick Kay w as fined $1 aud costs
for abusing John Hrennaii.
Joe Simonoviteh was playing; cards
with Joseph Kajumis in the saloon of
Anthony Staczohas last Thursday night
ami wo'u seventy-five cents, hut did not
get his money. A dispute followed and
Kaiunas yvas assaulted. Simonoviteh
said that lie won the money and when
lie did not get il, he thumped Kajuuas.
He was lined and costs.
The case against Fred W. I.awlor was
continued for another week.
StnblK'd Herself Twice.
Ansonia. Sept 10. Mrs John Me
Elvaney of Slielton stabbed herself tw ice
in the abdomen last night and will prob
ably die. She had becu drinking.

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