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A Tax of Fifteen Mills Laid in District
No 2.
The freemen of the borough met last
night to lay a tax. L. S. Beardsley was
made chairman. The clerk stated that
the meeting had a right to tax both
first and second districts if they saw fit,
also that S4G,C21 was the sum estimated
to be needed in Second district. This
caused considerable discussion, indulged
in by II. C. Baldwin, Tatriclc Conran,
David Pratt, William Ward, Edward
Kennedy and one of the others. A vote
to lay a'twentv mill tax on District o 2
on list made before October 1, 1S91, pay
able December 1, 1S93 was amended to
read fifteen mills and passed. The meet
ing then adjourned. Owing to the low
figure our grand list is set at, this will
make the taxes for the vear about forty
It was out of no disrespect to the Red
Men's committee that no more mention
was made of the closing events of their
fair in the Democrat yesterday. The
fair was very properly conducted, with
good financial results 'and the committee
is entitled, to credit. Our communica
tion was lengthy, being made to embrace
the drawings. -We forgot that an order
had been issued by the United States au
thorities that any future publications of
drawings would not only make the paper
liable to be stopped from being mailed,
but providing a heavy penalty for pub
lishing the same. This was why the
Democrat did not print the list, and the
reason supposed to be the cause, , by one
or more, did not enter into our mind.
John J. Burke and Miss Bridget
O'Connor were married at St Francis
church at 10 :30 this morning, the Bev
Father Jenahau i)eriorminr tlie cere
mony. John Drscoll assisted the groom
and bride's sister was bridesmaid. The
young couple received many pretty pres
ents from friends and relatives. Thej
left on a down train soon after the cere
mony, for a wedding tour.
Benahan's new building at Union City
is completed for a tenement
It is a hue
view and
building from any point of
does credit to both the owner
and build-
er. .
The following named have letters re
maining in the postoflice : Mrs C. Schwab,
3Irs Lizzie Dibble, John Koster, Michael
Ford, Halter Perry, John Melbourne,
Gideon hite, Charles llultberg
There are Only three parties interested
in the sidewalks ordered to be built on
the east side of Church street, south of
Manic Thomas Xeary, the G. I. B.
Glove company and George W. Andrew
They all say they are. ready to build the
walk as soon as the borouirh brings the
street to grade, which is now being done.
As regards Oak street, the road commit
tee will have to build a wall before aujj
walk can be laid.
The room that has been occupied bv
the Y. M. C. institute until this month
in the Town hall building is now under-
troinr extensive repairs, it will ie a?-
8irned bv the board of charities for the
use of the board of education, whose
quarters on the same floor are altogether
too small for the purpose needed. The
The entire buildingwith the exception
of Bunting's shoe store and Adams' bar
ber shop, is now devoted to the use ol
the borough.
Anyone who desires to examine a fine
stock of albums of the latest approved
styles should visit Stapleton's store on
the lower end of Church street. The
Ev ening Democrat, with all the latest
news, may be also found there every
week day after 5 :30 o'clock. For live
Xaugatuck news it has no equal. Please
ask your friends to give it a trial.
We visited the new west side
building a couple of days since,
we find it well advanced we
think it will be ready to occupy
vember 15. It is riot only a line
by Xo-build-
mg, but nicely located and will show to
good advantage when the grounds are
graded and fences put up. We also
notice that the Water company is laying
mains through the street. There is ano
ther thing very apparent on Highland
avenue. Every building from the Trow
bridge residence to Bebee street is on a
building line, some dozen feet back from
walk, until you get to the last place,
where the burgesses allowed atenemeut
to be built up to the street line, spoiling
the beauty of that portion of the street.
At the east end of the street there are
two tenements that neither the land
nor houses are kept in decent repair,
that impair the value of property on
both .Etna street and Highland avenue.
We also noticed that George A. Lewis
was getting ready to build a wall to pro
tect new sidewalk when built on Hill
side avenue, also that the foundation for
Peterson s - new house at the rear oi
Jerry -Dunnes place is ready for the
builder; that Dr Gorton can go in his
new home, about Thanksgiving time;
tnac tne euro was sec ana wane was
graded! by L. D. Warner's place, but
that the trees must be trimmed border
ing it.
Home , of the places .that keep lookers-
out to watch for officers while they do a
bunday trade will have to have sentry
-a ii Mi i. i i .
boxes Diuiu lor w inter or eise tneir men
will freeze on an extremely cold Sunday-.
v e think from what we hear that after
the revenue license are paid for, there
will be an effort made by the State Law
and Order league to stop all Sundify sell
ing here, both at saloons, hotels and
drug stores.
The Congregational church has an
nounced a concert by the Cecelia Bran-
fdzd trio, on Oetober9, for the benefit
of the Boys' brigade of this borough.
'lnc tickets will E;e 25 cents Cach. ' The
boys, waovt ill canvass for the sale of
them, expect to ssll cnoujrh to realize
quite a sum, which is needed to carry on
ineir worK ana provide articles needed.
nil 1
unepnysicians are again inclined to
make a kick against the loose stones on
our streets. They have to drive a good
deal in the night and to have ahorse
stumble over a stone and pitch them out
on a hill, as could easily be done on a
suutij j-iuxiraa ijuliu JUVCS Oil, Or
on bcott street, js no pleasant thine.
W e have requested to call the attention
of the ttreci. ooaaimttee to the matter.
It is probable that if Patrolman
Grant had arrested Bcnham when he
saw the condition he was in before
start mg from the livery stable oi
u ednesday evening, lie would be
alive to-day. But he as well as those
titere thought he was doing the right
thing hy starting1 him for home, ICurton
promising to iaok out for him. V
cannot at ways tell vhich i for the best.
Finest selection of albums in he val
ley, at Stapleton's.
Miss Grace Bradbury was expected
home from her Boston visit last evening.
Mrs B. B. Tuttle has returned from
her European trio, where she went for
her health. The family of Howard Tut
tle hare also returned from their summer
home at Middleburv.
George Mvors. master mechanic at the
Glove Co's factory, had his thumb split
open by a roll this morning.
William ITvnn of Waterbury and Miss
Catherine Sullivan of this borough were
married at St Francis -church this morn-
inr. The wedding was set forG o clock,
but they did not arrive until after 7.
A month's mind mass was celebrated
at StFrancis church yesterday for the
repose of the soul of Mrs Catherine
Casey. The relatives and friends are
also invited to attend a mouth's mind
for the happy repose of the soul of
Thomas Bropliy on Thursday morning
at y o clork.
McCabe has the contract to tar the
plank walk each side of center bridge,
also to fix the walk
dug up while .put-
ting aown sewers.
After a parade j-esterday afternoon
with a brass band, drawn 'by a team,
and four delivery wagons containing his
six clerks in white jackets, and a large
advertising banner announcing his
opening, Linskey. of Union City opened
last night, without a doubt one of the
handsomest and finest stores outside of
the large cities in the state. Every arti
cle in if . was new, although
ho had a store within fifty feet well
stocked with goods, and another well
stocked on Spring street. The fittings in
tlie stores are entirely of quartered oak,
highly polished, and were put in by John
JicClay ot Hartford. The entire north
side of front store is devoted to drugs,
confectionery and fancy fruit, with an
elegant soda fountain at the entrance.
The prescription clerk, William II. Wat
sou, from Bridgeport, occupies a neat
booth at the end of the counter. The
other side at the entrance is devoted to
tobacco and cigars in a, large, variety,
followed by fancy groceries and canned
goods. Then the cashier's booth, which
one has to pass before Entering the
private office of Mr Linskey, which is
also handsomely fitted up. l'assing by
this we come to the rear store where all
orders for groceries are tilled, which
is also fitted up in keeping with the
front. Here we found the baud who
discoursed good music until 10 o'clock,
hundreds of people going there, each
receiving a souvenir, niany .hundreds
being given out. The Claney brothers
will occupy the next store in the block
with dry goods. Here the postoflice
will be located. The old store will be
partitioned oft", the rear for a store room,
the front for a meat market. Union
City has a right to be proud of 3Ir
Linskey's store.
The best politicians never throw mud.
They throw dust. West Union Gazette.
Tho political bargain counter seems to
bo well loaded this year. Rochester Post
Examiner. u "i "; ! , :
Tho political woods are big, and just
now they aro holding a good many poli
ticians. Buffalo Commercial.
Wo note a continued reluctance, on the
part of tho various presidential forces to
lino up for practice. Detroit Tribune.
A Maino editor has sent littlo Marion
Cleveland a poodle. Most of tho editors
havo been giving her father pointers.
Galveston News.
They used to say that the watched pot
never boils, but they weren't thinking of
tho political pot. Buffalo Commercial
It is easy enough for a man to go out of
business and into politics, but it seems
very hard for a man to go out of politics
and into business. New Orleans Pica
yune. Under the new regime in the Empire
State a would bo voter is compelled to an
swer almost as many questions about him
self as if ho were under arrest and about
to bo locked up in jail. New York always
was queer in some things. Boston Globe.
Kaiser Wilhelm, it is said, is partial to
kirschwasser and American whisky.
Prince Henry of Prussia's year's leave
of absenco is to bo devoted to the study of
constitutional history.
Queon Victoria never removes from her
hand the three rings connected with her
courtship and marriage.
Tho queen of Madagascar appears to bo
ono of those people known as the now
women. Sho is reported to wear light
blue silk bloomers.
' Tho czar of Russia was never strongly
desirous of coming to tho throno, and tho
cares of state do not agree with his nerv
ous system. He spends hours, as did Na
poleon at St. Helena, playing solitaire.
Tho emperor of Austria will celebrate
his jubilee as a sovereign in 1S9S and
will present the famous Prater the Bois
de Boulogne of his capital to tho citizens
of Vienna in commemoration of tho event.
One touch of winter makes the coal men
grin. Syracuse Post.
So far there has been no more distinct
sign of winter than the raiso in coal and
wood. Frost usually precedes such raises,
but this fall even the frost was outdis
tanced. Grand Rapids Herald.
The goose bone is nearly all white this
year, and tho result will be that snow will
lie on the ground from early in December
until late in April. Coal is advancing,
and gas companies are threatening to raise
their rates. Kokomo Tribune.
The Miners' Strike a Failure.
Dubois, Pa., Oct. 22. The threatened
strike in this part of the coal region has
been a complete failure. Less than one
third of the miners called out quit work,
and those who struck are in consequence
ready to return as speedily as possible.
The indications aro that every mine will
bo working before the end of the week.
Pennsylvania. Board of Undertakers.
IIarrisbtjrg, Oct. 22. Governor Has
tings has appointed the stato board of un
dertakers, created by tho recent legisla
ture. The board consisted of J. Lewis
Good and Charles W. Naulty of Philadel
phia, A. P. Burton of Erio, John S. Flan
nery of Pittsburg and E. S. Muller of
Reading. - ' "
He who feels contempt for any living
thing hath faculties that he hath never
used, and thought with him is in its in-
X fancy. Wcr3Twrth, '
Heart Failure Recognized the Most
Deadly Complaint.
Weak Heart Always Comes
Weak Nerves.
rortlfy Your Ilcart and Nerves
tlie Dangers.
Of late a new disease has developed
from our latter-day civilization, a dis
ease unheard of a few years ago, known
as heart failure. So common are sud
den deaths, people dropping dead with
out apparent cause on our streets, in
offices, shops and factories, that the
Boston Herald stated editorially that
"we seem to be in the midst of an epi
demic of sudden deaths," and the Bos
ton Record voices the cry of the public
when it asks "what ia the cause of the
great number of sudden deaths, and
what is the remedy?''
The deaths come from heart failure,
and the cause of heart failure is weak
It is plainly evident that if people, by
overwork, fret, worry, dissipation or ex
cesses, break down their nervous sys
tems, nerve weakness may result.
It is not singular, therefore, that the
heart is the first organ to suffer the re
sult of nerve weakness. A nervous
irritation of the heart is the first symp
tom experienced, causing irregular beat
ing, rush of blood to the head, Hushed
face, cold feet ail extremities, with
nervousness and tired feeling. After a
time dizziness, giddiness, swimming of
the head, dimness of vision, sudden
strange faint feelings, followed by a
sinking sensation in tlie left chest or at
pit of stomach. As the disease pro
gresses there are trembling sensations,
palpatation or fluttering in the left side
ot the chest, shortness ot breath,- espe
cially after exertion, stooping or going
up stairs. The sufferer will be drowsy
daytimes and wakeful at night, and is
more or less constantly haunted by a
feeling of apprehension or anxiety, as of
some impending danger.
Persons experiencing these symptoms
have heart disease and are in mementary
danger of heart failure death. It can
be cured by Dr Greene's INervura, the
great nerve and heart tonic, "'as this
wonderful nerve restorative will im
mediately give strength and vigor to
both heart and nerves.
In any case do not delay. There is no
time to lose and the cure may depend
unpn you taking this medicine immedi
ately. Just read what Mrs J. M. Adams,
or .Llizabethtown, A. 1, says of her
astonishing cure.
"About two years ago i was in a very
bad state on account of heart disease.
was in a feeble state of health, and. from
the action of the heart I was very weak
:?m! did what work I could do, in suffer
had numb spells occasioned by in
action of the heart, which confined me
to my bed for days. All this was brought
on by the grippe three years ago.
"1 found 1 had to do something quick,
and reading of Dr Greene's Aervura
blood and nerve remedy, got and took
the medicine. I found it all that it was
recommended to be, and received great
benefit from it, and found it helped my
kiI can say truthfully that it is the
best remedy that I know of, and I gladly
recommend it to others, and shall be
pleased to answer any inquiries as I have
often done."
This great remedy for heart and nerves
is not a patent medicine, but the
prescription of the most successful liv
ing specialist in curing nervous and
chronic diseases, Dr Greene, of .'J5 West
14th ISt, Aew York City, lie has the
largest practice in the world, and his
grand medical discovery is the result of
his vast experience. The great reputa
tion of Dr Greene, is a guarantee that
his medicine will cure, and the fact that
he can be consulted by anyone at any
time, free of charge, personally or by
letter, gives absolute assurance of the
beuelicial action of this wonderful medi
cine. Disasters or tne ntorra,
Halifax, Oct. 22. Reports of disas
ters resulting from tho recent galo are
coming in constantly. Tho wind has
blown with hurricane-forco for three days,
and a tremendous sea has been running
outside' during the time. Tho American
fishing schooner Alioe Hawks went ashore
on Patrio ledge, Cape Breton, and was
badly damaged. A dispatch from Parrs
boro states that the ship Troan is on tho
rocks at Cheverie, and part of her hull is
gone. The schooner Nora O'Neill of
Parrsboro is also a total wreck at Cheyerio.
The schooner Ethel was blown on a bank
at Fort Apique and will bo a total loss.
Changes In the Navy.
"Washixgto:, Oct. 22. Secretary Her
bert has issued an order detaching Rear
Admiral Kirkland from the command of
the European station and assigning to
that command Rear Admiral Selfridge,
at present head of the trial board at the
navy department. Admiral - Kirkland is
at present on hia flagship, tho San Fran
cisco, en route from Gibraltar to Algiers
Sentenced to Ofe Imprisonment,
St. Louis, Oct. 22. Bryant, Frost and
Mayer wero sentenced at Carlinville to
lifo imprisonment for the murder of En
gineer Holmes several months ago. Moy
er's attorney made a motion for a new
trial, which will bo heard this week. No
hopes are entertained for his release. It is
said that five of the jurors were in favor
of hanging on the first ballot.
Diphtheria and Typhoid Fever Epidemic.
Chicago, Oct. 22. The health depart
ment declared both diphtheria and typhoid
fever epidemic in Chicago. The depart
ment reported 380 new cases of diphtheria
last week, 49 4-10 per cent of which were
fatal. The epidemics are charged to im
pure water, and the health commissionei
has issued a warning against drinking
unboiled water.
Another World's Record Broken.
Louisville, Oct. 22. John S. Johnson
proved that he has not lost any of hia abil
ity to break records, and had the? cot
been a slight derangement to one of the
quads paoing him the traok record for a
milowith the flying start, paced, would.
probably be hovering around 1:43. As it
HMk JUanmxa Jka xatefKBjj, iita 1:44 1-w.
E Is Charred With Infrlnirement of th
Copyright of a Picture.
New York, Oct. 23. Henry Heininecr.
William Unger and Pauline Helninger.
composing the
firm of Heinlnger,
Unger & "Co.,
have brought an
action in the
United States cir
cuit court in this
city against Bal
lington Booth for
$5,000 damages
for publishing a
copy of their copy-
righted picturo,"
general booth. "Don't Fear, Lit
tle One, I'll Take You Home," in over"
50,000 copies of tho Salvation Army War
Cry. One-half of tho damages is to go to
tho government.
General Ballington Booth is tho com
mander in chief of the American division
of the Salvation Army and the publisher
Df The War Cry, which is the official organ
of the army. It is alleged that tho' pic
ture, "Don't Fear, Littlo One, I'll Tako
You Home, " was recently published with
out permission or credit, and tho owners
of the copyright now demand damages.
rest of the Trolley Cable Way For Canal
boat Propulsion.
Buffalo, Oct. 22. A preliminary test
of the trolley cable way for tho propulsion
of canalboats was made in the Erio canal
at Tonawanda under tho direction of
Frank W Hawley of Rochester, vice pres
ident of the Cataract Construction com
pany of Niagara Falls. After the current
was turned on the motor moved along tho
cable for about 40 rods, when the cablo
sagged under tho weight of the motor, and
the latter touched the ground, and imme
diately flames shot out and enveloped it.
The flames blazeu for a oouplo of minutes
and then died out, and tho preliminary
test came to an end.
Mr. Hawley said it would be necessary
to procure machinery to prevent the cable
from sagging before any more tests could
be made. Further preliminary tests will
be made during tho week, and tho final
and official test will bo made on Saturday.
Two boats were hauled the distance of 40
rods before the motor touched the ground.
Tho boats were tho William Yerkes and
the Charles O'Dell.
Marlon Hardcastle Fata a Ballet Through
tho Brain of Dr. Bay.
DALLAS, Oct. 22. Dr. J. J. Ray, a
prominent physk n of Dallas, was shot
and almost instantly killed by Marion
Hardcastle, a well known resident of Dal
las. The tragedy took place on Main street
in tho presence of a crowd of local people
and visitors to tho state fair.
Hardcastle was arrested and lodged in
jail. Tho only statement he would mako
to newspaper representatives was, "Ray
has been my family physician for six
years, and domestic affairs was the causo
of killing."
ITardoastlo met Ray near tho city hall
and thrashed him, after attempting to
cane him. The men wero separated. Dr.
Ray was standing on tho sidewalk when
Hardcastle stepped up to him, spoke a few
words in a low tone, placed a pistol to
iay's right temple and 'sent a bullet
through his brain. Tho tragedy created
an immense sensation.
Movements of the Cruisers.
Washixgtos, Oct. "2. The Castine has
arrived at Bahia, Brazil; the Baltimore
at Woosung,- China, and tho San Fran
cisco at Gibraltar.
Weather Forecast.
Fair; warmer; southerly winds.
Wine Kooni & Fixtures of
lames S Carroll
A thoroughly experienced teacher gives in-
st ructions in all English branches. Lessons
given at homes or at room. d?y or evening.
h xcellent opportunity tor young people work
ing in shops, to extend their education at a
vf y small expense.
Hoom 1 Besiden.ee
e to Contractors.
Pealed proposals will bo received at tho
Selectmen's offico, by the selectmen of tho
Town of Waterbury. Coiin. until 8 p. m,
Saturday, November 2. 1895. for constructing
a Macadam Road, under the Act of 1835 for
the "Improvement of Public Heads."
Information concerning plan3 and specifi
cations can bo obtained at the Selectmen's
otlice, or at the office of W. G. Smith engi
neer. Citizen's Bank building, AYaterbury.
i onn.
l'roposals must bo mado n blank forms
furnished by the selectmen and accompanied
with a bond of ono thousand ($l,ooo) dollars,
with sureties satisfactory to tho Selectmen,
conditioned that if tho contract shall bo
awarded to him. h will, when required by
the selectmen, execute an agreement in
viiting to perform thr work according to tho
specifications, employing only residents of
Waterbury. The right to reject any or all
troposals is reserved.
P. C. Monras,
Geoiige Tbact.
"R1 STATE of Benjamin Sedgwick, insolvent
assigning debtor. Probate court. District
of Vvaterhui'v. October 17. 1895.
Upon the application of Barah J. Sedgwick
skins that tho hearing bffore the commis
sioners on Benjamin Sedgwick's estnta may
be opened: and that the court would lii it a
further time not exceeding ono month for
tho presentation of cairns against said
estate to the commissioners on said estate.
it is
Ordered that a hearing on said application
-hall take place in the probate office in Wa-
t rbury. on Monday, the 28th day of October.
1895. at 9 o'clock in tho lorenoon. and that
public notice of tho time and place of said
hearing shall bo given by publishing this
ordor f notice in some newspaper having a
circulation in said piobato district before
said hearing.
By Order of the court .
James J. Cassih. Clerk of Probate.
District of "Waterbury.
Oct 21. 1895.
ss. Trobate Court
Estate of Owen Clark, of Waterbury
in said distnet insolvent, assiemng debtor.
I he voluntary assignment of said debtor
having been lodged in this office for record
and the prob te thereof.and John W. Webster
of W aterbury being in said assignment nom
nated as trustee for said estate, therefore
Ordered That the 24th day of Oct, A. D
1895. at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Pro
bate Office in Waterbury be and the same
Is assigned for a hearing on tho allowance of
said administration account, with said estate
and this court directs the trustee to
cite all persons interested therein to appear
at said time and place, by publishing this
order in some newspaper published in
Now Haven County and having a circulation
in said district, and by posting a eopy on th
public sign post in the town of Waterbury
whore uie saia insolvent aent r last awelt.
JAMES J. CASSIN. Clork of Probate.
(Jacques Opera House
One Great Long Laugh
One Night Only, Tuesday, Oct 22.
Fourth Season of the Merry Comedy,
3D IF?.. BIL.L
From the Garden theatre, New York
The original production as produced in all
the largest cities in both continents.
200 nights in New York.
Have you Seen It? No !
, Well don't miss it, as it is the
King of Laughter.
Prices as Usual.
(Jacques Opera House.
Wednesday Eve, Oct 23
The Greatest of all Scenic Spectacles
"Lost in New York"
A tlay full of heart interest, vivid pic
ture of New York life, from the battery to
Central park, real yachts ferries and a gen
nine steamboat running at full speed. Two
carloads of beautiful scenery painted by
Arthur Voegtlan. of the Madison Square
theatre, New York. The east river by
moonlight, Grammercy square, Randall's
Island insane asylum, Madison squara
garden illuminated, New York hsrbor, etc.
The New York cast. New Specialties.
Come and See the
at 258Bank Strest.
Something entirely new.
Frnm 2 to 11 o'clock p. m. Beautiful views
ef all tho celebrated places in the world.
First tim ia the United States. Change
weekly. Admission 10 cents.
St Cecilia's Parish.
Fourth Annual Fair
A change of stage programme each oven
ins:. Music furnished for dancins by Trot
Hudolijh's orchestra. Frof Leo Herr promp
ter. Admission 15c. Season tickets 60c.
Last Week'
Dr Heidmann's
Famous panopticon and mu
seum of Anatomical and Me
chanical Wax Figures.
Will positively close Satur
day, fc Oct 26. Last day lor
ladies, Thursday, October 24.
Open day and evening.
For Adults Only
To Order.
R. J. GANLEY, M'g'r,
137 Grand Streets.
"When the north
winds do blow,"
which thev will soon begin to
do with anything but increasing
A warm Top Coat
or an Ulster, buttoned up around
tne ears, is
man should own.
Will do bur part
towards this end. Our Irish
Frieze Ulsters and Chinchilla
. - 'it
and Montagnac Overcoats, from
$15.00 to 30.00, are cut from
the latest styles, made, in cus
tom manner, finished as you
would think a coat oucrht to be
finished and specially desirable
at these little prices.
Many a Man
buys just a new overcoat and a
new pair of trousers to cro
through the winter with. It's
an economical way of doing and
we're interested in your econ
Well made, correctly cut cloth-
mg, isn t to oe iouna m every
store. We've got it though in
the greatest abundance, and it's
the land that few custom tailors
could equal in style, finish and
fit. Understanding the manufac
ture of clothing from A to Z,
scrutinizing every little detail,
there s every reason why our
stock should be the best. How
do these figures on
"Winter Suits
strike you. Men's Cassimere
Suits, from 1.50 to 13.50.
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18 for 10 and 12. Men's fine
worsted suits in blue, black and
brown mixtures, srood
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for the most fastidious and
dressy man, at from $10 to 20,
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stock of clothing and Furnishing could not
be got together than ours 13.
MOTHERS are fast learning about our
children's shop. The little ones are the
ones we want to have for our life long
Hew Oddfellows' Hall.
Shows that our aini is to give
the best goods for the least pos-
money. And therefor
our success,
to cive full
With a sharp eye
we sell.
And now we come forward
with our Full Wcisrht Brand
of Condensed Milk. It will
make your morning coffee; oh,
so nice, and is only 9 cents a
can. Try it.
Sold Only By
The Great A. and P. Tea Co,
29 East Main Street.
Wholesale and Eetail Dealer in Foreign
and Domestic Ales, Wines, Liquors and
34 and 36 East Main 8t.
Goods delivered on telephone call to any
part of the city. Telephone 70.
Carries the largest stock of imported and
domestic wines and liquors in the city.
We lead in prices and quality of goods
sold at wholesale prices.
Whisfcies, $1 50 2 00 3 00 4 00 gal
Brandies, 1 50 2 00 3 00 4 00 gal
Gins, 1 50 2 00 3 00 4 09 gal
Rums, 2 50 2 00 3 00 4 00 gal
Sold at lOo 50o T5o 1 00 qt
All kinds of California wine3
$1 00 1 25 1 50 gal
.25o 35o 40c qt
Hew England Liquor Warehouse
GorSo. Ma n and Union Sts.
Opposite Grand Street, Waterbury, Conn
Pool and Sample Room,
77 East Main street. Choice assortment
of Ales, Lager, Wins and Cigars.
Wines and Liquors sold at Barrel prioea
The Big Demijohn
Whiskey, gin, rum, brandies. Prices: 1.50,
1.75, 2.00. 2.50, 3.00, 4.00 per gallon;
40c, 50c, 60c, 65c, 75c, 1.00 per quart,
Port, slierry, angelica, claret 1.00, 1.25;
1.50, 2 00, 2 50. 3.00, 4.00, per gallon.
30o 35c, 40c. C9c, 65o, 75o, 1.00, prf
Myi York Liquor WareJiotfSe.
15-17 Grand Street,
Opp South Main.
Bend jro- order by mail and It xvill b
rro-i ptly attended to and delivered free
Send 5 Cents for Sample Taetasre.
Baltimore. M1.
2,000 lbs to the Ton,
that's eur weight. It's full and we guar
antee it every time. We deliver Coal.only
coal, clean coal, not coal and dirt. Wa
deal in fuel. Dirt isn't fuel, so we don't
sell it. Now' s the time to make a hand
some twenty per cent investment by or
dering from us. Yon can't beat it as a
money saving purchase. Make it a point
when you order to be sure you're getting
coal, full weight, and that you're paying
the lowest market price for it. Order of
us and your solid on all three points.
Frank Miller & GO;
v ITS --S

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