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Says . There Is . Not a Straight Hair In
III Head and Secures the Acquittal of
His Client The End Not Yet.
There was only one case in the city
court to-day and 'that brought to light a
strange state of afiulrs. Telisphor Phce
iii was charged with injury to the prop
erty of Edward Beaulac at 250 Charles
street. Beaulac said that he rented a
tenement to rhauiix last August.
Later he had Constable Iligney store the
furniture in one of the rooms of the
tenement and locked it up. The reason
was that' Phoenix was working out of
town and owed oyer one month's rent.
Phoenix, he said, went over there yes
terday, broke open the door and took
the furniture away.
Judge Lowe appeared for Phcenix,
and before he got through with Beaulac
the latter was sorry he brought the case.
Beaulac admitted that he failed a short
time ago, but that his property had all
been deeded to him again.
"Your case is in the probate court
now,' said Judge Lowe, "and that is
the way you cheated your creditors.
There isn't a straight hair in j our head,
and 111 have ypu in jail before 1 get
through with you.'
Phoenix and his witness, Louis La
point, testified that no notice had been
served on Plut'inx to quit; that he ten
dered Beaulac 10.:i5 for the rent, in his
saloon; that Beaulac refused to take it ;
that he went to bherifl'Iiigney and ten
dered the amount of the rent, and liigney
wanted 6 costs, also; that he refused to
give it and then went to the house,
found the door open and took out his
furniture. He has a wife and three
children and is
working iu Yales-
Judge Cowell wanted to know if Phoe
nix would pay the rent now.
tkI guess not,' said. Judge Lowe,
"We tendered Beaulac his money twice
and we are through. Don't pay him
one cent," he said, turning to Phoenix.
"I sent him to Beaulacs myself and
told him to break open the door with an
ax and get his furniture.'
"We ought to have Judge Lowe on
this complaint,1' said Attorney Webster,
lie added, however, that no crime had
been proven and uoiled the case.
Judge Lowe at once said he would
bring suit for trespass against Beaulac
t m r!nnlilr't
A err small newsboy, who had just
Bold his list paper, leaned against the
iron lamppost and shouted with all his
lung power: "Pa-i-i-perl Twelvy-claek
pa-i-i-per! Extry twelvy -clack 1"
The boy was working overtime, either
from force of habit or because of his
natural exuberance. It is not uncom
mon in Calhoun place for a boy to stop
short and yell several times, merely to
relievo himself.
It happened that a pedestrian was at
tracted by the shouts cf the boy against
the lamppost. He smiled as he looked
at the youngster and then said, "All
right, give me oiig of your papers. ' '
That startled the boy. Ho looked
sheepishly at the man, rubbed his hand
into his pocket and said, "I ain't got
o'clock paper?"
"Yes, but I didn't mean" It was
too much of an explanation. A professor
of psychology who had studied the laws
cf unconscious cerebration might have
told why the boy stood on the corner
shouting papers when he had no papers
to sell, but the boy adopted a less diffi
cult course and ran away. Chicago
Taking Exercise.
Poor Harry Shehriau, tho long haired
poet who dressed , his entire person to
resemble Buffalo Bill, and who vas, in
fact, . staitlingly like tho greatest cf
scouts, used to tell ino cf a literary
friend of his who had a novel method
of tailing exercise. Ilia workshop was !
on tho top floor oi his house, far from !
the noise of the street, and he used to
write about 15 hours a day. He was
not a Howells or a Bronson Howard,
whose working hcr.rs never exceed four
in anyone day. Ha worked, ho labored,
ho toiled. Ho had no time for a bicycle"
and could not afford a horse. Ho hated
walking. Run ho could not. Swimming
was out of the question. Still he must
have exercise. Ho kept his dictionary in
the basement and his thesaurus in the
kitchen. As he, used both very often it
was necessary to make many trips down
stairs and up again, and in that way ho
kept himself in splendid physical condi
tion. A visitor onco saw lym dashing
down stairs like a madman and soaring
up again liko a kite and was distressed
till informed by John's wife that John
wa3 simply hunting for a wcrd and had
found it. New York Press.
A Pliiladelpliia Itlustaclio.
"I'vo seen eoino peculiar whiskers in
my day," remarked a Ninth etrecfe bar
ter yesterday, "but there was a fellow
in here tha other day who simply beat
the deck for mustaches. They were of
tho long, flowing kind, and when in re
paso hung gracefully down over his
shirt frcnt. After I had finished shaving
him he asked me to dress his mustache,
piving me my instructions how to do it.
First, I gave it a briJJjantino bath and
combed it cut. Then I wuscd it until
tho points .stood out on each side of his
i'aco liko bayonets.. IZo teemed very
proud cf it and didn't object when I
asked him if I might mcasuro
fact, ho seemed rather pleased.
a tapeline and found that from tip to
tip that marvelous mustache measured
a trifio over inches. Ho nest asked
me to curl it. This was a difficult oper
ation, but after csdiaustingEeveral curl
ing irons I succeeded in heating a sec
tion of gas pipe to tho proper tempera
ture and finished tho "job. " -Philadelphia
Wuiktra Succe?de-1,
Binkcrs Has Winkers succeeded in
teaching his daughter to ride her new
bicycle yet?
Minkers Yes, tho is out riding novr.
"Is Winkers with kerf"
'Ko, he's in a hospital. 'V-New
Ycik Weekly,
The executors on the estate of Henry
L. "Welch filed their administration ae
couut iu the probate court to-day.
3liss Kjttie Duncan has returned trom
. . J v.
a six months' visit witii tier nrotnci,
James F. Duncan, clerk in the patent
ollice at Washington.
The anatomical museum of wax figures
at G3 East Main street, will positively
close Saturday evening. The last day
for ladies is Thursday. Those who have
not seen it should do so at once. It is
time and money well invested.
The commutes on public lands and
buildings met last night and recom
mended an appropriation of $I,o00 lor
the care and maintenance of parks and
repair of sidewalks for next year and
$2,500 for City hall purposes.
Joseph T. Smith, formerly in the office
of his brother, Architect A. J. Smith,
recently finished his studies at the Met
ropolitan Museum of Art, and having
successfully passed the civil service ex
amination, has been appointed on the
department of buildings in New York
The funeral of John Bahan took place
from his late residence, 78 Mill street,
at 8:30 o'clock this morning, to lha
church of the Immaculate Conception,
where a mass of requiem was celebrated
by the Bev Father Kennedy. The pall
besrers were Theodore Knapp, James
Whymbs, Peter Thompson, Johu Watts,
Joseph Conroy and John White.
Leo J. Curley and Frank Cuilfoile are
making quite a record for themselves in
college, both as students, actors and
athletes. Curler tdaved the part of
Lily O'Connor in the 'drama, "Colleen
Bawn" recently, the cast being all males.
He is the editor-in-chief of the Moun
taineer, the college paper, and delivered
the address of welcome to the Alumni
association, at a banquet at which Car
dinal Gibbons was present. lie has also
been elected captain of the football
Friends of P. J. 3reMahon of Maple
street will be pleased to learn that he
has passed a successful examination be
fore the examining board of the Yale law
school and has been admitted to the
senior class and expects to return to
Waterbury a full fledged lawyer in one
year. Mr McMahon has been in Attor
ney Lowe's ollice for the past three
years and is one of the brightest young
men that has aimed to be a member of
the bar from this city in a number of
years. He has been connected with the
Catholic Literary association for almost
twenty years and was unquestionably
the best debater the organization ever
"had. He promises to be one of the lead
ing lights of the local bar within a few
Thomas Q. Seabrooke has a new com
edy entitled "Baby Mine."
Miss Maggie Clino will star next season
In a play which is being specially written
for her. ... t .. .
"The Gay Parisians" has been produced
in Germany, and London managers want
the farco.
Howard Kyle's work with Modjeska'a
company has been highly praised by com
petent critics.
Sir Henry Irving's opening at Abbey's
theater has been postponed. Ho will pre
sent "Macbeth" first.
"In Sight of St. Paul's" will follow
"Tho Great Diamond Robbery" at the
American theater, New York..
Sydney Booth and Junius Brutus Booth
have been engaged for John Stetson's pro
duction of "The Bachelor's Baby."
Esther Lyon is credited with as big a
hit as Hetty Drason in "The Cotton
King" as she made in either "Men and
Women" or "Shenandoah."
"The, Newest Woman" was produced by
Miss Dorothy Chcstic, the English actress
who is said to have set the fashion of ladic3
riding horseback man fashion.
Tim Murphy will appear as Maverick
Brander in "A Texas Steer" throughout
tho season. Ho has thrown away his reper
tory of new plays, as he does not need it.
Jessie Bartlett Davis, the famous con
tralto of tho Bostonians, is paying for the
musical oducation of a young woman in
Denver in whom Miss Davis detects talent.
Aubrey Boucicault, who has abandoned
his starring tour in"" Other People's Mon
ey," has been engaged to play the part of
Angclo in "Leonardo," T. Pearsall
Thome's new opera.
Stuart Eobson will produce at tho Gar
rick theater, New York, on Jan. 6 the
adaptation of "Mme. Mongoden" which
Charles Wyndham will present at the? Ave
nue theater, in London shortly.
A Smart Reply.
The burgomaster of A was invit
ed to attend a centenary celebration. He
declined with thanks, adding that it 3
was impossible for him to take part iu
tho proceedings on this occasion, but !
that he would be most happy to come I
next time. Zondagsblad.
In the folklore of almost every coun
try the magpie figures very largely. In
popular superstitions to see cue magpie
is unlucky ; to seo two denotes merri
ment or a marriago; to seo three, a suc
cessful journey; four, good news; five,
Tlie Chance of a Lifetime.
Rubbers and
At the Manufacturers salo that will open
Wednesday, Oct 23, at 8 O'clock,
By the Ma? s-ichuaotts Kubber Cloth
ing Company of Boston. This sale
will tf-te .place at
81 South. Main Street.
Lot No 1 Ladies' Mackintoshes, with
capes, $1. Ntvr sold anywberw else for
less than $1 Dcub'a and Trial a Capes,
formerly sold from $12.50 to J28, and you
cannot buy heru for lees in any store in
Massachusetts or Connecticut, and we sell
them at this sale for $5.
par This Sale
ten days. - Early
will posifively last but
buyers will get first
choice of bargains.
Open every evening until 9 o'clock.
-John Dodds, 30S Washington avenue,
had two lingers of his right hand
smashed while at work at Holmes, Booth
& llaydeus', yesterday. Dr Graves am
putated them at the second joint.
. . The question as to whom belongs
the credit of inventing the new fire
alarm box kej' .seems to be causing con
siderable discussion in the south end of
the city. In justice to the residents of
Simon and Iliverside streets we think it
but fair to state that the honor belongs
to a gentleman on Riverside street, so
that the Simon street people need not
try to claim any of the credit of the
A Practical Husband.
Surely the Monmouthshire man who
caused his wife's wedding ring to be
inieribed, "If thee doesn't work, thee
shasn't eat," was determined that there
should be no mistake in what he re
quired in a wife. The only wonder is
how any woman could be induced to
marry him with such a threat before
her eyes. The exact date of this ring is
not known, but it is previous to the
eighteenth century. Chambers' Jour
nal. Wants, For Sale, - To Rent.
WANTED Girls to make paper
- Steady vrrk and fair wages. A.
throp & Co. 61 Cmal street.
C. Nor-
TTfTANTED A competent
vv housework. Apply
Kirl for ceneral
21 Leavenworth
Baldwin street.
beautiful rooms, at 147
rooms, all
improvements. Inquire at
632 East Main
rpo RENT A tenement of four rooms. 38
Dover Street..
WAN1 ED Tenor and alto. Apply Prof
Bonn's studio. 2G East Main street.
The Morse -Tailor Square and Dart Rule, a
system of dress cutting, is the best and
most practical system in the mnrket. drafted
with only three measures. All styles ot
plain or taney .waists tnnght. the seamless,
daitkss waist, the dartless princess and
others, taught at 110 South Main street, room
9. M. M. Doran.
TO RENT. One tenement of five rooms.
One of four rooms. Inquire of Owen
V oods. EC School street.
IPOR SALE The property on Spring and
Scovill streets -with frontage of 115 feet
on 8covill and 98 feet on Spring. The owner
will sell at sacrifice on account of poor health,
For particulars inquire of Owen "Woods. 63
School street
FURNISHED ROOMS to rent Accommoda
tions for transients, at No 31 Jefferson
street. Mrs Place, proprietor.
Stove Repairing
of AlllCnds.
Or re will take your Old Stoves in ex
change for a new one. We carry the
largest line of Ranges and Parlor Heaters
in the city.
Fourth - Year.
Four Tears In Business.
In enteriDg upon this exciting contest
for fall and winter trade we shall not en
gage- in any wordy warfare, or resort to any
classio literature. We have done better;
We have cut cash, quality and style into
the clothing, electrhity into the prices,
square dealing into our conduct, polite
ness. civility ai:d truthfulness into the
salesmen; these facts, together with an un
beaten rfcord for teepiDg the brightest
and the best, acd with the confidence of
the weenie alreadv established in our
favor, wt are boucd to win the victory,
reap the reward and receive the praise of
hosts cf delighted clothing buyers.
Oar standard black Cheviot suit?, all
w 1 and warranted fast bUck, tor men, at
7 CO, and boys at G 00 k are suits tbat you
sas advertised at 10 00 by oth3r hocsas,
Oar men's etancarl black beaver Over
coats, you might have vheard of them
price 7 50, are good value at 10 00,
One cf the ere.u bargains we nave ia a
heavy 11 ck rongh Chtvxt suits, doubla
at d sir gle bn a t, the regular price on this
suit is 16 00, our price 13 10 CO.
sales ana low prices
sweep tnrousn our dots ae-
Come in ami hear the hum
of voices saying: I will take
that suit, it looks so well and is
one dollar cheaper than at any
other store.
It is not only our suits that
we are selling cheaper, but our
overcoats at $1.50, 1.75
2.0(), $2.50, 3.00, 3.50
4.00, 4.50, 5.00.
On Caps at 25c, 45c, 75.
On Gloves at 10c, 15c, 25c
35c and 50c.
On short pants at 25c, 47c
72c and 95c.
The Freedom of the House to You
Hil fluff & n
L 0. (01 duff Ik Co.
if An loin HWao rfZp
Bargains for
Three Days
all De-
Wrap pers,
bles, Horse Blankets-
Ladies' fancy colored prints and in
digo blue wrappers, ruffle on shoul
der, choice f
Simpson best silver, grey and mourn
icg prints, raffle trimmed wrap
pers, rorth 1 00 for
Choice figured teagowns, embroidered
ruffle, the 1 25 quality, for
Heavy flannelette teagowns, square
yoke, ruffle trimmed, would be cheap
for 1 25, our price
Handsome cashmeretto flannel back
tea gowns, newest sailor collar,
braid trimmed, the 2 00 kind, this
week 1
Several style cashmerette and gros
grain effect, figured teagowns, with
plain and scalloped sailor collar
braid and ruffle trimmed, would be
cheap for 2 25, this week 1
Very choice gros grain affect teagowns,
sailor; collar and satin trimmed, the
2 60 quality, for 1 75
German figured flannellette teagowns,
would be cheap for 3 50, this week 2 19
Very choice henrietta cloth . teagowns,
braid trimmed, worth 3 50, those
days 2 25
Finest imported figured flannel tea
gowns, now only U S
Choice all wool ladies' cloth braid
trimmed tea gowns, worth 5 00, now 3 25
Noxelties in waists from flannellette
to best silks, from 25o to 7
Cloaks and Furs.
Be sure and take in the cloak and fur
sale this week.
10-4 heavy twilled grey
worth 45c, onr prioe
Very heavy double fleece white blank
ets, 90o quality for
11-4 very choice fine white blankets,
worth 1 2o, now
11-4, 12-4 and 13-4 white blankers at
89c, 1 19, 1 39, 1 79, 1 98, 2 25,
2 45, 2 93, 3 25, 3 50. 3 98. 4 25.
4 50, 4 98, 6 50 and 7 50. Every
one a bargain that we could not
duplicate for 25 per cent more.
Elegant 11-4 medicated all wool bed
blankets, worth 5 00, tor
3 98
Solendid line of full size comfortables
from 45o to U 45
Down filled comfortables 2 98
Horse Blankets.
Best make stable horse blanket3 from
89c to 2 98
Elegant street horse blankets from
139b3 98
Just think of it. Best 7 lb all wool
blankeis only 3 98
Boots and Shoes.
See the bargains in boots shoes and
rubbers. Hundreds of other bargains in
the several departments which canunot be
matched outside of the -
New Shopping Mart.
142-148 South Main Street
And 147 Bank Street,
Opposite Waterbury National Bank.
23c pound,
4 1-2 lbs for $1.00.
Boston Butter House,
147 South Main Street
Boston Dentist.
DENTISTRY in all its Branches,
at rnoderatu prices
141 Baxxlc St
Office hours, from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m.
Sundays, from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Dr Walters.
Dr E. R. Patzold,
Fine gold and silver
fillings a specialty.
Also fine gold and
BEFORE porcelain crown and
bridge work. Satisfaction guananteed or
money refunded, very moderate prices
Consultatton in English and German.
Open Evenings.
90 Bank Street, . Waterbury, Coim.
Conlon Bros,
i A A
Best Set of Teeth, $8.00.
Fine gold fillings, f 1 and up
Teeth filled with silver 50c and Too
Teeth cleaned 75c
Teeth extracted. 25o
Gas or air administered 25c
We never wedge the teeth before filling.
Teeth extracted without pain, by the use
of gas, or Kyder'a Vitalized Air.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty
133 Bank Street.
Over Miss Fitzpatrick's millinery store.
The only dentist by the name of RYDER
in the city.
Goods, Quality
and Prices
Are powerful arguments.
Don't jump at conclusions !
Be fair to yourself!
Don't be prejudiced against
your own interests !
Be progressive!
Get the facts !
The only way to get them
is to come and see:
Furniture Exclusively.
J.M. Bui-rail&Co,
"The Old Reliable."
60 Bank St.
In Aix Its Bbaxches.
Tolerhone to IX M. Stewart. 101
Franklin Street,
Messenger Boy for C. E. Seymouk,
184 Maple Street.
Rip Van Winkle said:
"If I am not Rip. who am I?"
If N. W. HEATER does not run the
double stores, at 20 and 29 Jsorth Main,
Who Does?
New Buckwheat Flour. 3 lb package. lie
New Honey. 15 and isc
Now Syrup. 35c per gallon
The beat Tea ever sold, uoiong ana jap
an. 40c. worth GOc
Now is the time t buy Totatoe- Tor a
few davs I will sell tho be.st in the
m a rket for to per bushel
Thisisthseas-n you want good Jtlocha
and Java coflee.
The bet print nutter.
Choice Tub Butter.
Fresh Egprs.
New Raisins.
27 acd 2'Jc
20 and2c
5 and So
Sc per quart
Our Fancy Cranberries.
25 lbs Sweet Rrown Sugar.
Remember we cut tho
best of Meats and
sell them ehe in.
96 lbs White Oats Sl.CO. or 83 lbs S5e, if
taken from store, or 32 lbs per bushel.
N. W. Heater,
26 and 29 North Main street.
On Saturday,
Oct 19,
At 8 o'clock, a. m., we open at
2 11 BANK St
With, a large and well selected
stock of Men's Clothing and
All fresh and desirable goods of this
season's manufacture. No old or shop
worn stock. If you are in need of clothing
now is the time to avail yourself of the
opportunity as everjthiog in this stock
must be sold. We are only here for a
limited time and everything must go with
in that time. Every garment will be
marked in plain figurt s and you will buy
them at half the original marked prices.
Don't miss this opportunity to buy clothes
at unheard of prices, for if you will, you
lose the chance of a lifetime. We are our
own manufacturers and intend to sell you
at wholesale prices, the same as a retail
merchant buys in quiEtitifs, as we are re
tiring from business. Note a few of our
Such as you buy in your city and con
sider cheap for, 12 00 we will sell for 4 50.
others that you cannot buy for less than
16 00, must go at 5 75. Men's fine dress
suits, worth fully 18 00, will be sold for
7 50. Men's French clay diagonal suit3,
such as you pay 25 00 for, you can have in
the latest styles, long cut frocks or double
breasted sacks for 0 00.
Men's fine beaver overcoats considered
cheap at 10 00, we will sell you in double
breasted or fly fronts for 4 50. Fine mel
ton overcoats worth fully 15 00, will go at
6 00.. Very fine half satin lined overcoats
that cannot be bought for less than 20 00
in any clethmg store, must be sold at 7 50
while they last.
Pants. Pas
Men's working pants worth 1 00, for 50c
Better ones worth 2 00, for 99c. Black
and blue cheviot pants,, worth fully 2 2 ,
for 1 12. All wool pants that are sold
elsewhere for 3 50, at 1 75. Very fine all
wool custom pants worth 4 50, for 2 25.
Pants that you cannot buy for less than
5 00, will go at 2 50, 6 00 pants for 3 00,
boya' long pants from 50o up.
Don't forget the date of our opening,
Saturday, Oct 19, 1SS5, and the numbor of
our store, 211 Bank street, Waterbury.
Come early and make your selection while
the assortment iB large. Don't wait until
the last. During this sale wa are opoa
evenings until 9 o'clock.
"NOTICE. To out of tovn customers we
allcw cer fare on all mIm ni 10 00 aud oyer.
Two Great Fact
The People of This City
and Vicinity Want
That's one of the great
facts. The other great
fact is this.
We have a larcre variety of
Parlor, Chamber, Sitting Room,
Dming Iioom and Kitchen fur
niture, Mattresses. Springs. v
Wool Blankets, Pillows, Com
forters, Kitchen stoves, Parlor
Stoves, Window Shades, Lace
Curtains. Carpet Sweepers and
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing:
Machines, that are all right in
Style, Quality and Price.
Select the Good,
Avoid the Bad-
In order to do this you must
see both.
Visit our store to see the
goods arid if we cannot convince
youthat our goods are as good
as any, and prices and terms
reasonable, we do not expect to
To name the prices and
terms will be sufficient.
The Goods Speak For
L. E. Lewis3
118-20 South Main St.
5 Pounds of
Big Plump California
This Week Only
The Waterbury Grocery Go,
Importers and Fancy Grocers,
The Automaton Piano
Among the many wonderful inventions
of the nineteenth century few, if any, ar6
destined to leave such an indelible im
pression, or exercise such an unmistak
able influence on the home and musical
culture of tho present generation.
The Self Playing Piano
By means of a single attachment which
can be fitted to any piano, thousands cf
people unable to play may cultivate and
gratify their taste for musio. Call at our
warerooms and see and hear this wonder
ful piano.
Driggs I Smith Co,
179-Bank Street.
New York, Old Point Comfort,
Washington, Baltimore,
With time to spare for side trips, IE de
sired. Skirting the seaccast for IS hours
in the beautiful, fast, now Steamships
of tho
Old Dominion Line
and returning leisurely by rail.
Tickets include Hotel Accommodations
at Points named, as well as rail and
steamor farts for tha entire trip. Total
. $32.00.
Also shorter trips to Old Point Comfort
Qnd Richmond, including cost of hotol, for
$16.00 and $17.00.
Favorite ocean and rail route to Atlanta,
Ga. Special Bates on account of the Cot
ton States Espositiou.
Send for copy of 'PILOT," containing
description of short and dolightful trips.
Pus 25, Nokth Bivek, New York,
i Yic Piczii au Tr.fTi -I n gx.
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