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Committed Suicide With a Razor While
Sick, IVmniless and Despondent Lived
"U Wife in Two Toorly Fur
nished Rooms on Canal Street.
Because he was in poor health, shor
or runds and saw uo hope of beinir able
to do anything in the near future, Wil
nam Ualdwiu, one of the best known
characters in the citv, cut his throat with
a razor, , m his bedroom at the rear of
the laundry of E. K. Davis & Co, 17 Cana
street, shortly after G o'clock this morn
incf. . ; .
Isald win's wife was preparing the
oreaKiast wnen her husband appeared
After performing his usual morning ab
juiiouu ne waited about the house aud
finally complained of a corn and wen
around looking for a razor, which hi
louud. After a futile efiort to remove
the corn he sat upon the lounge, stil
Holding the . sharp instrument in his
nana. Airs Ualdwm took the razor out
of his hand and put it in her pocket, but
alter a few minutes her husband de
manded it again and then walked out of
the kitchen and entered the bedroom.
The woman still continued preparing the
breakfast aud when it was ready she
went to the bedroom door to call her
husband and found him lviug dead in
a pool of blood.
I he shrieks of the woman attracted
the neighbors, and a few people ven
tut ed iii, and seeing the situation, at once
notified t lie medical examiner. After
viewing me remains ur. (..raves gave
permission to have the body removed to
Bergin & Sons' morgue.
Shortly after the tragedy a reporter of
the Democrat visited the house and
found the dead man's wife in hvsterics.
As soon as she could summon up enough
strength to speak she told substantially
the story as stated and added "31 v
husband had not tasted a sup of liquor
for some time, and appeared to be will
ing to do what was right. lie com-
plaiued of a pain iu his head right along,
anu said he could not work anv more
e were both born and reared in the
same house in the town of JUountrath,
vueen s county, Ireland, and were mar
ried there by our own minister, and came
to this country as husband and wife.
We have no children.'
It was a sad sight to look at the old
woman as she walked from one part to
another of the dingy little tenement,
wringing her hands and talking incoher
ently of her younger years, and stepping
back in an affrighted manner when
reaching the entrance to the small room
where but a few minutes before she saw
the lifeless corpse of her husband.
The deceased was a blacksmith's help
er, and had worked iu almost all the big
factories about town. About a vear ago
he got into trouble with some of his
neighbors in Je fiery alley and was sent
to jail. Since that time he has never
been the same man. lie could not con
tent himself at work, and his mind be
came a fleeted so badiy that on one occa
sion he tried to end Ins life bv choking
himself with a piece of wire. Finally
his condition became so serious that the
selectmen sent him toAliddlelown, where
1 e remained uutil a few weeks ago,
when he w as brought hack to the alms
house. A week ago to-dav Blacksmith
liiggs of Scovi'll's factory sent for
Baldwin aud offered hhu a iob. which lie
accepted and held until last night, lie
was preparing to start for the factory
this morning wheu he decided to put au
end to his earthly career. lie was known
as a harmless fellow, and until recently
hed quite a good many friends, lie was
a good earner and an equally good
spender, and to the latter habit, it is
said, can be traced much, if not all, the
troubles which came upon him during
the past fewy ears. His wife appears to
be an honest, industrious woman, aud
much sympathy is ielt for her in her
desolate-condition. The remains were
removed to his former home this after
noon, aud the funeral will take place at
3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon, with in
terment in ixiversu'c cmetcry.
.ho KwilLADkLfJr-!IA.
The Investigation Shows How the City c4
ISrotUrrly Lcto Is Knbbet!.
Philadelphia, Nov. S3. Yesterday
afternoon's session cf tho senate investi
gating coraiuittco was productive of the
most sensational testimony yet heard, ce
rJous charges being made against Samuel
McKoe. a bridga foreman on city work.
The name of City Erid-o Superintendent
C. A. Trlk was also introduced.
' Tho oharges against ftlcKeo vrcro the
outcome of testimony uiven. by General
Agent Addis, Thomas Warren and Fred
erick II. Roll, forrnorly employed as la
borers on city bridge. work, and west to
show that HcKee swindled tho city out of
considerable money from May to Septem
ber of this year.
Agent Addis , produced copies of eight
Day rolls, covering that period, to which
3jere attached affidavits of Superintendent
'afrik that they were correct. According
to tho pay rolls, Warren and Roll received
$3 per day. Both men denied receiving
that amount. Warron said ho get but 3
per day, r.nd Roll paid he only received
1.50. They said McIIeo paid them their
wages, and Warren edded that ho always
held a blotter over the figures on the pay
The latter witness also said that two of
McXee's sens wore employed as appren
tices At f 5 a week. The pay rolls showed
they were each paid 53 a day,
Electricians In tho Hotsl Weldorf Annei
Went Oct.
New Vcns:, Nov. 23. The electricians
employed en the Hotel Waldorf annex
quit work out of sympathy for the strik
ing iron workers. .
J. B. & .T. 2I. Cornell, Milliken Bros.,
the state board of mediation and arbitra
tion and the strikers arc prepared fo? a
long elejre.
Chairman Purcell of tho state board of
arbitration has returned to Albany.
Walking delegates, went to Siogol, Coop
er & Ca'fi naw building, which was tho
only placo whero work was being done,
and at their request tho bricklayers at
work threw down their tools and said
President Lary cf tho housesmiths and
bridemen'i union is still confident that
the strikers will win.
Tvro Men Hilled at Crossings.
Buffalo, Nov. SO. Two men were
killed at grade crossings hero. John Yal
quetfc, a;;ed 74 years, was struck at Black
Rock, and Joseph Gunning, a flah peddler,
at Green street, both by New York Cen
tral locomotives
S. VT. 'Williams Wins Ilia Suit Ajralnst
George J. Lilley and Wife.
Two decisions have been rendered by
supreme court judges, which are of in
terest to Waterbury.
Judge Feun in the case of Samuei P.
Williams vs George L. Lillev aud wife,
rendered a decision for the plaintiff. The
case was a long and conplicated one. It
is the first case of the kind ever tried in
Connecticut. 3ir Williams leased the
four upper floors of the Lilley block for
a term of ten years, for $3,000 a year,
payable in monthly installments
This was on Jnne 24, "1890. lie had
the oplion of purchasing the block for
$120,000. The rent paid was to go
toward payment of the block. When
$20,000 was paid a mortgage of 100,000
at live per cent, was to be giveu. Wil
liams was to pay taxes, for repairs and
heating. Ou April 9, 1S03, the
block was damaged by fire. 31r
Lilley received the insurance
and repaired the building. Wil
liams claimed he did not spend
$9,000 of the insurance money and
wanted it allowed to him on his pay
ment for the block. He asked for the
deeds and offered the 100.000 mort
gage, claiming he had paid $20,000.
His claims were ignored. September
1, 1S94, a summary process was served
on Williams to eject him from the block.
ah injunction was granted ov Judge
Feun. By agreement of counsel on both
sides the matter was left to Judge
Prentice in the superior court, who was
to render a finding of facts on reserva
tion lor the supreme court. On this
finding Judge Fenu in the supreme
court renders his decision, and the
Lilley block now becomes the pos
session, if all the agreements are carried
out. of Samuel P. Williams.
Judge Torrance rendered a decision
for Henry W. Cumuer against Beniamiu
Sedgwick and wife. )n September 1,
1S93, the Sedgwicks owed S10.000.
lhev gave a mortgage on their home
stead to Cumner as trustee for the cred
itors. Uheynnid un to StoOOO on that
mortgage. Foreclosure proceedings
were brought last June by Attorney
Bronsou, and Judge George Wheeler
gave judgment for the amount and fixed
a law day last August. Attorney
O Weill annealed to the sunreme court.
which now sustains the decision of
Judge Wheeler.
The Pacific ocean Is 11,000 miles
and over 8,000 miles wide.
Near Coulee City, Wash., there is a
email lake which popular tradition assigns
to tho class "bottomless."
Green lake, Colorado, is said to be tho
most elevated body of water in tho world,
having an altitude of ?J),2b2 feet above sea
Explorers say that there are places in
the Kongo river where it is so wide that
ships may pass and be out of sight of each
If the Atlantic ocean could have a layer
of water 6,000 feet deep removed from its
surface, it would only reduce tho width of.
At j. t. 1 J i -
iiiub greiiu uuuy oi water one-ua.ll.
Every favorite should remember that
his rival is liable to appear at any time.
Every one who puts himself in the! way.
of punishment forgets how bad it hurt tho
last time. " . '
Fat men would not look so bad if they
were fat all over, but they are fat all in
one place.
It would shock every man if he knew
what a small corner is assigned to him in
his wife's air castles. :
When a woman isn't invited to a party,
she says that her health is so poor that her
physician would not allow her to attend.
Atchison Globe.
.fcrcr w. jjreene, president or tno s?us
pemded Savings and Deposit bank of Lead
ville, Colo., has been arrested, charged
with having received a deposit of S40G
from X. H. Cunningham after the.bauk
had failed.
lltrict of "Waterbury.
ss Frobate Court
i ' 1NOV 20. 1SV6.
Estate of Chumeey II. Ford of "Water
bur jr. in said district assigning debtor.
,'l'he Court of Trobate for the District of
Aaterbury huth limited and allovred throe
months from the date hereof for the credi
tors, of stiid estate, represented insolvent,
in which to exhibit their claims thereto : and
has appointed
William Townsend and James E. Morris,
ommissioners to receive and examine said
Certified by James J. Cassin. Clerk.
1 he subserioers eive n tleo that hey hall
meet at the Probate office on the 2orh
any of Dee. 1895 and the 20th dar of Feb.
1896. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon in said
Uaterbury. for the purpose of attending
on the business of said appointment,
w .lliam Townsend and James E. Mrrris
... v. , ' , .Commissioners
All persons indebted to said Estate, are re
quested to make immediate payment to
Wakeen L. Hall. Trustee.
of "Waterbury. ss.
Probate Court
a- Jvov
OV22. 1S95.
sfxtw of ,Tor Melvany. late
ateroury in saia aistrier. deceased.
Up u uo apflt uii a f Aio j ma eo Ululvany
pravnijz that letter- of administration rawy te
ffrantHi on said estwtc and that an instru
ment in writing purporting to be the last will
and testament f said John Mulvany de
ceased, miy be proved, approved, allowed
aud admitted to pro at a per application
on file more fully appears, it is
Ordered that said application he heard and
determined at the Probate Office, in Water-i-ury
in said District on the 2Cth day of
Nov ember. A.D.1K35. at 9 o'clock in tho fore
noon, and that notice be given of the pen
dency of said application and the time and
place of hearing theroon. by publishing the
ssmfl one time in some newspaper having a
circulation in said District.
By order or the Court,
James J. Cabsin. Clerk of Probate.
' 'ourt.
Estate of Omer Ilebert of
insolvent, debtor.
ss Probate
Upon the application of Omer D' ert in
s lvent debtor, for benefits to be allowed t
him undfr the statute laws of this state, it
a r pears to thU court, by he affidavit of th
sjld . mer Heoert, i hat he has coiti plied with
tho law-s of hetiteof Connec'icur. requir
ing insolvent debtors to convey their prop
eity to the trustee, to file a list of his credi
tors with their places of residence and the
amount duo to them, and a schedule of his
assets and to make conveyances to the trus
tee rf nil hi prope ty within and without
thi state which is not exempt and prayin
that benefits may to showed to ium. under
tho provisions of said statuto laws. now.
thrfore. it is
Ordered that a hearing on said application
hall take place in iho probate office ami be
fore th- court of prohate.af res i.d.in Citv hall"
Wut rbury. on Saturday, the aoth !ay of .No
vember. 1895. at 9 'ch'ck in the 'orenoon. and
that all persons interested .'hall be pr?sent
at the time and place of said hearing and that
Piuhe notice of the time ard plaice of aid
hearing shall bo given by publishing this
order in tho Watekhury Democeat once be
fore the time ;f aid hearin ant that tho
pernio or shall give notice thereof to ogcr
Aewell. tbe trustee on said insolvent es
tate, by mailing to him a copy of this appli
cation and order, in tho postoflflce in u ater
Pry. po tage paid, addressed to him at Bris
tol. Connecticut, i n or lieforo Monday, the
25i h day of z,ov mber. 1895.
By Order of the court.
J ames J. Cassin. Clerk of Trobate.
A few copies of the DEMOCRAr
souvenir may be.obtaimd at the office
or of the newsboys: They contain a fin?
portrait of Father Duggau and a picture
of St Patrick's church. ' ,
The funeral of 31 rs John Coleman
took place yesterday afternoon from
her late residence on Jackson street to
St Patrick's church where services were
read by the Rev Father Sheehnn. The
bearers were: Mathew J. Smith, Hush
Crouin, S. 31. Guilfoile, William Holler
an, Florence Clohessy and John Laugh
man. Interment was in St Joseph's
Wants, For Sale, To Rent.
TVOST. In the vicinity of Bishop street, Fri-
day noon, a cold chain bracelet, with
locket engraved "May." Please return to
Democrat office.
&Y ANTED. A girl for general housework
, Aprly at once to Dr Johnson. Nauga.
TXOTEL For Bent.
" for sale. Leas;
Furniture and fixtures
,oA Moonco I irrt 1 Chan.
nson nouse, iinageport, conn.
Reliable man. permanent nosi
V tion. Stamp and
uare tins paper.
TTOR SALE. My horse, 164 hands high
7- nt for driving or any work. 10 years old.
fuu mm. or a rcsponsioie person can
have him to use. as I have no use for a horse
t present. John J. Gerachty. JSew England
iMioe utore.
KENT. Saloon and fixtures. Inquire
j . xs,. i.uarun. isa xuver street.
T70R SALE Entire household furniture.
5 looms, all new three months aco. Will
co sold low. with rent of tenement in go d
locamy u aeirea. Apply at Democrit
T.OST. Pocketbook containing sum o
money, on South Main street. Reward
ui o ior us return to tms ouiee.
pO BENT Blacksmith shop, formerly cc
eupied by John Dempsey. No li JeiTerson
strpot. Inquire of Eugene McCarthy, 326 East
.mum street.
A RESPECTABLE' ' young man woul
iiko board and ro.m. Address A. B.
euro jjEiiocBAT omce.
Iuquire Michael M'cGrath. 2S Magiil street
"PL)RRET. Tenement of 3 or 4
also a barn, at 178 3Iaple street,
WO REXT-Tenement of
floor. S5 Charles street.
3 rooms, second
THURXISHED ROOMS to rent-Aecomraoda
"7 tions lor transients, at No 31 Jefferson
b-.itet. iurs xiace. proprietor.
Stoves and Carpets.
xne Bssortment is still good in carpets
ana our line or iianges and parlor Stoves,
is the largest in the city, A 12 inch cyl
inder stove from C6 Oi) to f 14.00.
Ranges from $G.OO to f 45.03.
Exchange Furniture Go,
25 and 27 Abbott Avenue.
A Chapter on Overcoats.
leaders now are
warm, woo, splendid
$7.50 Overcoat.
For 7 50 we have blue or black strictly
all wool Kersey coats, same grade of goods
sold by other houses for 10 CO.
A man who earns his money fully ap.
predates the worth of a dollar. He isn't
goiDg to throw it away. He isn't going to
pay 15 00 for a coat that we offer for 10 00,
but he knows that 5 00 saved is 5 00
Cmr large contracts with manufacturers
erable ns to drive competition into the
$15 Jersey Overcoats
We have the best 15 00 overcoat in the
city to day.
,. Thf y are Indigo dyed Middlesex kersey,
heavy, lasting lioing, sttap or tape bp anas,
15 00, Worth every cent of 20 00. Sitin
sleeve lining, will wear two years, or be
re-lined free of charge.
A Rush for Boys' Clothing.
The bargains in boys' Suit3, Overcoats,
Ulster?, Efefers, Capes and Gloves this
last week has drawn many new faces to our
That we are giving better values than
ether houses must be, fact
Our boys' overcoats, Suits and Reefers
for 2 00, are the same you ray 2 50 for at
other stores.
Our $2 50 Suits,
Reefers, Ovei coats and Ulsters are the
kind. yon alwvs pay 3 50 for. And so it
is a ftenerl reduction on every arliclo fm
our Boys Department.
Boys' Sweaters, Winter Caps and Gloves
at all prioes.
& Go.
Ti irv
New Shopping Mart,
142-144-146-148 S. MAIN ST.,
(Opp. Scovill St.,)
Waterbury National Bank.)
Ladies' fine dcngola kid button shoes,
regular price 1 50, special
Jjadies trench dongola, kid button
and lace shoes, all style toss, regu
lar price 2 50, special 1
juadies nne .French kid hand sewed
welt, button and lace, cloth and kid
top, all style toes, regular price 3 25
to 3 75, special 2 89
50 doz ladies' regular 35c overgaiters,
cpecial i70
Men's fine calf, congress and lace
shoes,, regular price 1 75, special 1
Men's fine calf sewed shoes, both con
gress and lace, regular price 2 00,
special j
Mm's fine French o If hand sewed
welt shoes, all style toes, congress,
lace, regular pric 3 75, special 2
35 doz ladies' fine kid gloves, 4 button
and 5 book lacinc, all the latest
shades, regular 1 25 gloves, for Sit
urday Ladies fine kid gloves, seal top, spring
clasp, embroidered back, regular
price 1 50, special
A line of fine cashmere and fleece
lined gloves, regular price 25c, spe
cial Ladies' fine hand made cashmere mit
tens, regular price 25c, special
Fine umbrellas, fast black, natural
wood handles, regular price 98o,
28 inch umbrellas, steel rod nam.
gon frame, close rolled, regular
price 1 49, special
Finely, made satin shirts, full ruffle,
regular price 93c. special
Ladies' night dress, Hamburg yoka,
regular price 50c. special
Ladies' muslin skirts, Hamburg ruffle,
regular price 75c, special
Ladies drawers, 4 tucks, one ruffle,
regular price 35c, special
Children's, eiderdown cloaks, angora
fur trimmed, regular price 1 25,
Children's Tom O'Shanters. in red.
blue and Scotch plaid effects, regu
lar price 69o, special
Good fitting and finely made corsets,
regular price Saturday
50 doz corsets made of fine French
contille, perfect fitting, 3 steels over
the hip, 6 hooks with patent cork
protector, regular price 98. special
Women's Jersey rioDed vests and
pants, in natural and white, regu
lar price 39c, special
Men's heavy merino shirts and
drawers, white and grey, 39o qual
ity, special
Boys' and misses heavy fleece lined
cotton hose, stainless and seamless,
lUo quality, special 12?;C a rjair
jiien s camel nair natural and bixck
wool half hose, regular price 17c,
special iQlo
Men s all linen collar, all the latest
styles, special 8o
.Ladies pick boucle iackets. 2 hnttnn
effect, box front, regular price 11 50,
ssaturday 9 50
Conlon Bros,
New Shopping Mart.
142-144-116-148 South Mais
(Opp. Scovill St.)
J&EAK Entrance, 147 Bank St,
Opposite Waterbury National Bank.
23c pound,
lbs for $1.00.
Butter House,
147 South Main Street
Boston Dentist.
DENTISTRY in all its Branches,
at moderate prices
141 Bank
Office hour, from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m.
Sundays, from 8 am. to 4 p. m.
ID Walters.
Dr E. R. Patzoltl,
and silver
gold and
Fine gold
fillings a
Also fine
CTTQRE rjorcelain crown nnc
bridge work. Satisfaction guananteed or
money refunded. Very moderate prices.
Consultatton in English and German.
Open Evenings.
00 Bank Street, Waterbury, Conn.
Best Set of Teeth, $8.00.
Fins gold fillings, $1 and up
Teeth filled with silver 60o and 75o
Teeth cleaned 75
Teeth extracted. 25o
Gas or air administered 25o
We never wedce the teeth before fillinc.
nrt -. . . . . ..
ieem extracted witnout pain, toy tne use
oi gas, or liyder'g V italized Air.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty
J 133 Bank Street.
Over Miss Fitzpatrick's millinerv store.
The only dentist by the name of RYDER
in tne city.
Have locg been a specialty with ug, and
we cave
more Extension. Tables during the last
season than ever before civins our cus
tomers a good article
.1 v
smaller amount than they could find else
where. That is the
they Bing.
J. M. Burrall & Co,
j "The Old Reliable."
j 60 Bank St.
( In Ali Its BRA.KCHE3.
; Telephone -fo"D. Jr. Steytaet, ioi
Franklin: M-reet
! Messenger Boy for C. E. Seymour.
i 18t Maple btreet.
A1 Great Spread : :
Is not our aim. Wo don't wnt fn f!ir fn
ugh. Wo vrant to be 5SOLJD with the pub
ic, and tho oualitv of "roods wo ppH iholn.
ins us togetthete? f
2Tot. ITstst. But Sure.
Wo are ' TrennrVl for thA ThnkcMvincr
Those nativo Turkevs. to ioc. nr lh
22 lbs Granulated Sugar for $1.00
. ape uoa cranberries. lOe Perot
j'iiio'ina i iunes ai u liaisins. 5 ana se per lb
Janoy Table Cartoon liaisins. 20e lb
ATarorated RasnherHes. o lh
Extra choice Citron. Orange and "
Lemon Peel, 20c lb
The best Table Butter. 25c rer lb
ne best Mocha and Java Coneo. 34c cer lb
or 40c will sell as good Oolong and
Japan T.a ns ever bought for GOc
We sell llr.&t-elass goods at cash prices.
A. full stock of flour. Ha v. Oats and C,
-mm .1- - - 1 1
try cnenp. jhu ana see us ana price our
gooas. ue guarantee 10 per cent less on
prices than any store that runs order wagons
or aoes credit business. -
. N. W. Heater,
26 and 29 North Main street.
Not 'Marked " Up.
Clothing Sale at
116-118 East Main St
Suits, Overcoats, Ulsters,
Pants, and a full line of furnish-
St Patrick's Block.
F;7C ' is;;..
,,..., w -
Special offer for ten days
One lot of Men's fine beaver
Overcoats "of1 the latest stvle
make, and very fine finish, at
9 50, other dealers sell the
same for 13 00.
5 dozen of all wool Jersey,
black overshirts at 50c, worth
1 00. To look over our stock
is putting money m your
pocketw :-i
A very good boy's cape over
coat size 3 to 14, for 1 50, can
not bethought anywhere else
less than 2 50.
10 doz camels hairsox, 2 pair
for 25, worth 25c each.
Small expenses and smaller
profits has made our store to
be a money-saving place for the
..... -Respectfully,
Boston Clothing House
116-118 E. Main St.
Opposite the Church,
v-v i ; Waterbnrv Conn.
Boston Clothing
Two . Great Facts
The People of This City
and Vicinity Want
Bedding and
That's one of the great
tacts. The other great
fact is this.
We have a lanre varietv of
Parlor, Chamber, Sitting Room,
Dining lloom and Kitchen fur
niture, Mattresses. Soring
"Wool Blankets, Pillows. Com
forters, Kitchen stoves, Parlor
Moves, Window Shades, Lace
Curtains. Carpet Sweeners and
Wheeler . & Wilson Sewino-
Machines, that are all rteht in
btyle, Quality and Price.
Select the Good
Avoid the Bad.
In order to do this you must
see both.
Visit our store to see tho
goods and if we cannot convince
you that our goods are as erood
as any, and prices and terms
reasonable, we do not expect tn
lo name the rmVps
terms w ill be sufficient.
The Goods Speak For
118-20 South Main St.
Why is the i rade of the Water
bury Grocery Co Constantly
jljio reason why is this. We give the
Flo the;r monev's w rth.
5 pounds Milk Cra- kois.
5 pounds Oyster Crackers.
5 pounds liiee.
10 pounds Rolled Oats,
tring Beans, per can.
Peas, per can.
Tomatoes, per can,
C rn. per can.
Just a word about
We do not try to fee how cheap wo can sell
Tea. but try to give the te-st l ea in Water
bury for the mos ey. We sell for Mc per lb.
Formosa Oolong Tea, that we challenge the
whole town to equal.
The Waterbury Grocery Go,
Importers and Fancy Grocers,
TKe Automaton Piano
Among the many wonderful inventions
of the nineteenth century few, if any, ars
destined to leave such an indelible im
pression, or exeroise such an unmistak
able influence on the home and musical!
culture of the present generation.
The Self Playing Piano
By means of a single attachment "which
can be fitted to any piano, thousands of
people unable to play may cultivate and
gratify their taste for music. Call at cur
warerooms and see and hear thi9 wonder
ful piano.
Driggs I Smith Go,
179 Bank Street.
New York, Old Point Comfort,
Washington, Baltimore,
With time to spare for side trips, if da-
sired. Skirting the seaccast for, IS hours
in tne neauutui, last, new B!eamshi
of the
Old Dominion Line
and returning leisurely by rail.
Tickets include Hotel Accommodations
at Points named, as well as rail and
steamer fares for the entire tiip. Total
Also shorter trips to Old Toint Comfort
and Bichmoad, including cost of hotel, for
$16.00 and $17.00.
FavcritG ocoan and rail route to Atlanta.
Ga. Swcial Rates on account of the C it-
ton States Exposition.
Seed for copy of "PILOT," oinUinins
description of short and delightful trip?.
Fike 26, Nohtii Bivee, New Yoke.
Vi'e -I resident and Tr.ilfi? Miuagar.

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