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Excellent Attendance at the Classes
Thus Far Given Another Fine Con
cert Given Under the Auspices of the
Star Lyceum Bureau.
John Curry has arranged to occupy
the barber shop to be vacated by S.
A. Waters,- oyer the post office on
"Water street, after October 1, when
Mr Waters -will go West.
The Ladies' Aid society of the M.
E. church are to have a sale of fancy
articles at the church parlors on
Wednesday, September 29, commenc
ing at 3 o'clock p. m.
The trustee's sale of the lumber
and wood-working machinery, sash,
glass and other material belonging
to the insolvent estate of Charles II.
Park is advertised to take place at
the works in Union City at 2 o'clock
p. m. to-morrow. W. H. Hurlburt is
the trustee.
H. A. Soper, who has charge of the
Ireight depot, returned from his va
cation on Tuesday.
Those who want to see a good deal
of a play with lots of fun can go to
the Jacques to-night and take in the
"Sidewalks of New York." It will
be sensational enough for any one.
' The asphalt roadway at the east end
of Center bridge is being put down.
It will be a great improvement over
the mud hole that is generally there
after a rainy season.
The annual meeting and election of
officers of the King's Daughters
takes place on Monday evening, Oc
tober 4. The entire membership is
requested to be present, as a social
gathering"wi'll follow.
Commencing ' Monday, September
27, the Bates Comedy company will
open the Gem opera house for six
nights and a matinee performance,
with a change of play each evening.
The prices are to be 10, 20 and 30
At the prayer and conference meet
ing to-morrow evening at the parish
house' the topic will be "The King
dom of God." Article IX of the
Congregational creed : "We believe
that Jesus Christ comes to establish
among men the "kingdom of God."
It is a service for all. There will also
be a prayer service at the M. E.
church to which all are invited.
The - Good Will Social club held
their smoker to-night to which a
number, of their friends ave invited.
They anticipate having a number of
6ongs, recitations, musical special
ties, refreshments, etc. Occupying
Bornum's hall us they now do, gives
them a much better chance for their
club w.brk than formerly.
The second ' of the star bureau
course of, popular entertainments
under the local management of I. A.
Morse too oTace last evening and an
audience of some 200 people enjoyed
one of the finest concerts that has
been given here for some time, the
artists being the Amphion Ladies'
Mandolin and Vocal Quartette of New
York city. The programme was
varied and pleasing, the part songs
were rendered in fine style and the
solo work excelled. The selections on
mandolins and piano were also heart
ily oncored. The third and last of
the course will be on October 13,
when Herbert Stanley Benton, jour
nalist and traveler, will tell his great
story of Hawaii, and a day and night
in a volcano. About 150 pictures will
be shown.
The health officer informed us yes
terday that there was only six cases
of diphtheria then in the borough, he
having just had notice to disinfect
three places where the patients had
The Andrews building, occupied
by John M. Page & Co, has been
braced and strengthened by long iron
rods so that the long braces support
ing the north end can be taken away.
The board of warden and burgesses
Will meet to night. Bids for exca
vating and laying the Church street
Bewer will be declared as they were
received up to last Tuesday evening.
There is also considerable other busi
ness to be attended to.
If the weather holds good the Wes
terly Concrete Co will probably com
plete the job at the east end of Cen
ter bridge. It will be a marked im
provement over what it was.
Friday, October 8, is the date for
the flrst annual social of the Crystal
Social club at Benahan's hall.
Quite a number went to St .Francis'
church this morning to witness the
marriage ceremony uniting Miss
Kittie Deegan and John J. Barrett,
the Rev Father Sheridan performing
the ceremony.
"The Buckeye" will be the opening
play for the Bates Bros' comedy com
pany at the Gem opera house on
Monday evening. About all the plays
they offer are new to our people. The
company is very well spoken of
south of here.
Quite a number went from here to
Waterbury last night to take in "Mc
Fadden'a Bow of Flats."
F, K. Perry is to address the Iron
Moulders' union at Union City tonight.
With the cooler weather and longer
evenings comes renewed activity at
the Y. M. C. A. rooms. September
11 the gymnasium class for young
men resumes its sessions. The four
lessons thus far given have had an
average attendance of 21, which is
good for so early in the season. The
juniors will meet the first time Satur
day morning, October 2. The busi
ness men's class vtill resume Mon
day. October 4, at i o'clock. The date
for the organization of the women's
class is Wednesday, October G, at 4
o'clock. There bids fair to be large
classes this season.
A 12-year-old girl of Mrs Anna
Claffey on Ward street was reported
ill yesterday with diphtheria.
D. P. Mills, who has been absentin
Maine for a couple of weeks, returned
yesterday. '
A new platform scales is being put
in on Church street in front of An
drews' coal office.
The best salve m the wold for cues,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
gores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and a)l skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It Is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money rerunded. Price 25o
For sale by Apothecary Hall Co's drug
The Fan-Shaped Napkin.
To fold the napkin Into a fan de
sign is simplicity itself. First, place
the napkin on the table, with the hem
at top and bottom before you, and
fold it through the center to bring
the fold at top. The next fold is ac
complished by turning up one side to
bring hem level with fold at top. Af
ter which turn napkin over from right
to left to bring the under part upper
most, and then fold iiD this side.
It is now ready for pleating up; to
do which, place napkin lengthways
before you and arrange it in nice even
pleats, which must be well pressed
with the hand so that they may retain
their form. Take the napkin in the left
hand, with the two folds at the top,
and the fold with single edge either
side at bottom, then you can open out
each pleat and press down the inner
point with a pencil or the finger-tip,
as clearly shown by the diagram.
Having done all the pleats thus, turn
the napkin over from left to right and
proceed to pullNthe top of each pleat
down as you did the other side. Press
the base of the pleats firmly together,
and pull the fan out, like the fan de
sign,' when it will stand on the table,
leaning against the roll of bread,
which should be placed at the back.
Threefold Screen. With Glass Effects.
Although glass is comparatively sel
dom used for screens, when well paint
ed it is both useful and ornamental,
especially when the reflexion of the
bright fire, shines through and en-
livens the design. The pattern is con
ventionalised lilies, with yellow
calyxes and petals, standing straight
upright amidst green leaves, the dark
blue flowers at the top are simply
painted in one background shade, with
white outlines. The panes of glass are
framed in wood, and painted blue to
match the flowers. The frame stands
a yard and a quarter high, by half a
yard broad for each panel, then comes
a wooden moulding and a narrow gold
beading round the glass.
Fuddy Saw Greggs just now. He's
proud as Lucifer.
Duddy Why, what's happened to
Fuddy The doctor says his trouble
is the gouf:, and, you know, he thought
it was only rheumatism. Boston
Don't give them tea or coffee. Have
you tried the new food dirnk called
Grain-O? It is delicious and nourish
ing and ta"kes the place of coffee. The
more Grain-O you give the children
the more health you distribute through
their systems. Grain-0 is made of
pure grains, and when properly pre
pared tastes like the choice grades of
coffee, but costs about 4 aa much. All
grocers sell it. 15c and 25c.
A Complete Outfit Found Near the
Railroad Bridge Adjoining Smith's
Eeservoir-Selectmau Harper Makes
an Investigation Something More
About Electric Lights Several Men
Serve On the Jury Personal Mat
ters About Town.
Early this morning the startling
intelligence was spread to the effect
that a man had committed suicide in
the reservoir of Seymour Smith &
Son's, located at a locality more com
monly known as Rockdale, situated
between this place and Oakville.
James Skilton on walking down the
Watertown road discovered a mys
terious collection of articles in the
woods adjoining the highway and
upon going further into the under
brush to in ,-estigate more fully the
outfit, saw laying carelessly and in
a disordered state, a large black
valise, soft felt hat, a pair of pants,
coat, vest and shirt. The clothing
had every appearance of being flung
off in a hurry as they were disar
ranged and soiled. Iis first impres
sion was that some poor mortal had
become dissatisfied with earthly toil
and brought life to a sudden con
clusion by throwing himself out and
over into the black, deep depths of
the waters in the Smith Co reservoir
which Is directly across the road.
The scene here is a lonely one,
an extensive track of woodland
on one side of the highway
makes the whole vicinity dark
and lonely. There is no house
or habitation from the top of Candee
hill until after the railroad bridge is
reached. The discovery was made in
a pathway leading into the forestlong
since overgrown with weeds and un
derbrush, and on both sides are huge
ledges of rocks. Mr Skilton, who
was on his way to the train, could not
enter into details, and after making a
hurried search for the body about the
underbrush, left the clothes and
valise as he had found them. On his
way to Welton's station he informed
Mr Hubboll of his find and sent word
to First Selectman Harper to further
investigate the mystery. In a twink
ling the reports spread like wildfire,
stating that a man had com
mitted suicide by jumping into the
reservoir. Soon large, crowds of
curious people were upon the spot
and looked over the ground with
silent awe and anticipation. Select
man Harper, accompanied by a
"Democrat" reporter drove hurriedly
to the scene as soon .as the dispatch
was obtained. Upon reaching the
locality tranquility and silence
reigned supreme, not a person was
about and the anxious searchers
could not trace the articles that were
causing so much consternation.
Next Sunday at 10 :30 a collection
will be taken in the morning at Christ
church for the purpose of securing a
sum necessary to light the church
property for the coming year. It is
to be hoped that a large sum will be
Three Watertown men are serving
upon the jury in Waterbury to-day,
Mr Lockwood, Clark Woodward and
James Silton.
Nothing but politics now, men can
think of nothing else, one hears it on
the street corners, in the stores, post
office and barber shops. Election is
drawing near and the proposed can
didates, or at least those who think
they are in it, arc scouring the town
to rake up old friends, shake hands
and talk tip old times and in the nat
ural course of conversation it is in
timated that "I happen to have .some
pretty good old Jamaca gin and grape
wine down to the house, better come
down old boy," and he comes down
with a willingness that quite sur
prises the politician. Well, there'll
be great old times at the polls this
next month and the republicans are
determined to rule the roost while
the democrats say "not While the roof
stays on."
The K. of P. members are request
ed to meet at their headquarters this
evening, where the regular weekly
business meeting will take place.
Last evening the Epworth league
and Christian Endeavor society held
meetings to large audiences.
The town workmen, under the prac
tical supervision of Stone Mason
Scott, are building a new bridge
across the highway directly opposite
the residence of George Pritchard,
and the work is to be done at once so
that the telfordizing can proceed.
While the work is going on a tempo
rary structure has been strung across
the stream.
Electric Bitters is a medicine suited
for any season, but perhaps more gen
erally needed .when the languid, ex
hausted feeling prevails, when the
l'ar is torpid and sluggish and the
need of tnnic and alterative is felt. A
prompt use this medicine has often
averted long and nerhaps fatal bilious
fevers. No medicine will act more
surely in counteracting and freeing
the system from the malarial poison.
Headache, indigestion, constipation,
dizziness yield to Electric Bftters. 50c
and $1.00 per bottle at Apothecaries
Hall Co's drug store.
A Well Known And Experienced
Operator From Seymour Will Send
Communications First Telegraphic
Connection Ever Established Here
In the History of the Town The Y.
P. S. C. E. Peach Festival Not In
the Parish Booms The Ladies'
Sewing Society Hold a Five O'clock
Tea Other Little Jottings.
Oakville for the first time in the
history of the town, is to have a local
telegraph station, owned and con
troled by the Western Union Tele
graph Co and the Consolidated Co.
This intelligence coming so suddenly
as it has without any previous ink
ling of the proposed intentions of the
telegraph company has taken the
public completely by surprise. Yes
terday all the latest, new and im
proved instruments, batteries and
other pharaphanalia were received
by John B. Weymour, formerly tele.
graph operator at Seymour, but
recently elected by Supt Beach of the
N. Y., N. H. & H. B. B. as station
agent at Oakville and Adams express
agent for the local districts. Mr
Weymour will be located at the new
office in the railroad station at all
hours of the day and until 9 o'clock
at night, ready at every time to send
messages all over the country with
out additional labor or expense to
the sender who hereafter will be
saved the trouble of taking a trip to
Waterbury. Of course the wires will
be used also to some extent by the
railroad company to record the time
of arrival and leaving of trains. The
Watertown station is placed within
an instant's communication with
Oakville and the general offices in
the Brass city. This revision and
vastly improved order of affairs has
its own particular meaning and im
portance looking at the subject in
various lights. It demonstrates that
the Consolidated railroad company
realize the importance of this town
as a great manufacturing center, its
excellent shipping advantages, its
factories, passenger traffic, which is
immense and composed to a consid
erable extent by laboring people. It
illustrates also that this town is
springing into no small degree of
prominence lato years socially, finan
cially, and in a business point of
view, we are continually increasing
our resources, chancement of real
estate, a marvelous building boom,
water privileges and an infinite num
ber of other public and private im
provements from which the town de
rives its high commercial standing.
The Western Union, that tremendous
corporation with its millions of dol
lars are aware too that in Oakville
they are starting in a growing town,
first on the field are they and within
a few months a remarkable large
amount of business can be worked up
which tends to increase the treasury
of the company. In being the first
warrior on the battlefield of competi
tion the Western Union will obtain
an enduring hold upon the people
here who will readily appreciate the
increased advantages and patronize
the new industry in their midst.
Hurrah for Oakville and its ceaseless
advancement of public improve
ments, its booming real estate and
everything combined. Just keep your
eyes on Oakville for some time yet
and when you see it again you wont
recognize it.
In a moment of absent-mindedness
the north parish rooms was substi
tuted for the chapel rooms in which
the peach supper is to be held to
morrow evening. It is under the
auspices of the Y. P. S. C. E. who are
too well known here to call for fur
ther comment. Everyone is invited
to bring cake, etc, and come person
ally. The date is this week Friday
evening and the members of the
society will spare no effort to biing
enjoyment to the faces of everyone
present. The supper will consist of
various articles with peaches and
cream to "top off." The proceeds will
go to the church treasury. The ladies
of the parish rooms wondered when
the' saw the word parish which was
incorrect. Let all come and enjoy a
pleasant evening.
The grocery team belonging to F.
S. B. Douglass, while opposite the
residence of Mr Bavier, was left for a
moment by the order clerk while he
entered the house. The horse became
frightened by the action of some one
near a window and ran away, the
wagon swaying from side to side,
breaking the shafts and sending the
articles right and left. Fortunately
Frank Taylor saw the escapade and
ran hnrriedly to the scene, caught
the horse by the bridle and held the
runaway until the clerk arrived. The
horse was scratched somewhat.
William nungerford sat up a short
time yesterday, it is reported.
Oakville is indeed in the midst of
revived business. An all night gang
has been added to the regular force
of the Pin Co to keep up with the or
ders. May it long continue.
The Ladies' Sewing circle met in
chapel yesterday afternoon and en
joyed a 5 o'clock tea. Many attended.
"It beats the Dutch !" ejaculated a
citizen, "how the 'Democrat' is forg
ing to the front." The early bird
catches the worm; those reading the
"Democrat" catch all the news. Sec
the point? Our agent will be pleased
to receive your name.
Harry Ellsworth Abbott will con
duct a discourse on the subject,
"Losing One's Life and Finding It,"
in the Congregational chapel this
evening at 7:45. His actual experi
ences in every day life will be nar
rated, and one and all, both great and
small, should attend the meeting.
Edith Kern escaped from a serious
accident while riding home from
work last evening, striking a large
stone in front of the school house
which was placed there by the schol
ars in playing ball. Her front wheel
was damaged and she slid quite a
distance, luckily landing on her bi
cycle, which broke the fall some
what. She escaped with a few
Miss Ellen Goodwin of New Britain
is visiting with Mrs Joseph Atwood.
Every day reckless bicycle riders
descend the pin shop hill at a terrific
rate, and those who persist in so
doing will in the future find it to
their advantage to exercise more dis
cretion, as yesterday two people
escaped miraculously from almost
inevitable death at the sudden c.irvs
in the road near the residence of
Walter Straw, teams coming up the
hill blocking up the path, and before
the violent momentum could be de
creased a collision seemed imminent,
and but for the loud clanging of the
bells an obituary notice would re
place this article. Every one knows
the danger incurred in coasting and
should take warning by this example.
Waterbury People are Talking About
it on Every Corner.
It is sometimes an easy matter to
fool the public, but you can't keep it up
very long. They are sure to find you
out; and every time a man is fooled
another skeptic is made. Skepticism is
allowable when reading in a home
newspaper about some incident occur
ing in San Francisco or Iowa, but the
circumstances are entirely different
when it refers to someone right here
at home, friends and neighbors, people
you know, whom you can see, and with
whom you talk it over. This is the
kind of evidence at the hack of Doan's
Kidney Pills home statements by
home people and the astonishing local
work they have been doing has caused
more talk among our citizens than the
doings of any other modern wonder.
Read the following:
Mrs Patrick McAvoy of No 34 French
street, says: "I had backache for some
time, caused by lifting while at my
work. I did not pay much attention to
it at first, but it continued to grow
worse and bothered me a great deal.
I concluded my kidneys must be out of
order, and seeing Doan's Kidney Pills
recommended so highly, I got a box at
H. W. lake's drug store. They did
everything I expected of them. I have
no trouble of any kind now and should
a recurrence take place I know now
what to do."
Doan's Kidney Pills are for sale by
all dealers. Price 50 cents. Mailed
by Foster-Milburn Co, Buffalo, N. Y.,
sole agents for the United States. Re
member the name, Doan's, and take no
The members of Co G, C. N. G. are
requested to meet at their rooms in the
Armory, on Thursday evening, at 8
o'clock sharp.
Per order,
The Selectmen and Town Clerk of the
Town of Waterbury. will be in session,
for the purpose of admitting to the elec
tors oath these persons qualified, in the
Citv Court Boom, City Hall building, on
Saturday. September 25th, 1897, from 9
o'clock "in the morniug until 7 o'clock
in the evening.
We are closing out our entire
line of Ladies and gent's Pocket
books at a
In fact at prices that you wil.
always have money left to
put in them.
Newsdealer and Stationer,
127 Bank Street.
Telephone 242-2.
Stepping toward the time when boys
must have new clothes. Let's talk
this matter over. Suits like boys want
are now here a plenty hundreds of
them in newest fall styles and stud's, and
we know nobody sells as good suits for
as little money as we do. You'll find
some revelations in economy at the
"ROCHESTER'S" Boys' Clothing De
partment. Come !
REEFER SUITS, 8 to 16 year sizes,
navy blue, invisible plaids, Scotch
checks, gray and brown mixtures, $4.09,
3.9S,.S2-4S, 51.48.
year sizes, free, comfortable outfits,
made of extra line heavy, strong blue
serge, clay worsted and mixed effects,
preitilv trimmed, 0, 4 and down to 98c
NOBBY" VESTEE SUITS, 3 to 7 year
sizes, knee trousers, vest and sailor coat,
olive, green, gray and brown mixtures,
blue cheviots and serges, finished with
fancy braid $5, $4, J3.39 and $2.93.
CUTAWAY SUITS, 12 to 16 years.
Three button cutaway coat, vest and
knee trousers, made oi heavy fiue Scotch
tweeds, tip top of style, 4.50 and $1.
WOOL TROUSERS, ages 3 to l6
years, twenty difieieut checks and mix"
tures and blue and black cheviots, spe
cial values, Soc, 00c and 4Sc.
Rochester Clothing Co,
3Dr TOe "STor
Guarantees to cure every case of
chronic disease which he consents to
treat. The Doctor makes a specialty of
treating all forms of chronic disease,
all diseases of the lungs, bronchial
tubes, heart, stomach, liver and kid
neys, also all diseases of the nervous
system, the blood, skin and urinary or
gans, together with female derange
ments, etc. Dr De Ver's method of
treatment is the most scientific known
to modern medical science, and effects
cures where all others fail. Dr De Ver
has had wonderful experience in the
Dublin, London and Edinburgh hos
pitals, as well as in India, Africa and
America. Office and residence 148
North Main street, Waterbury, Conn.
Office hours, 10 a. m. to 12 m., 2 to 4
and 6 to 9 p. m.
Best Set of Teeth, $8
Fine Gold Fil'ings, 51 and Oj
r7.ee!r filleti with Silver, 50c and the
leeth cleaned , v 75c
Teeth extracted, " 25o
Gas or Air administered. ' 25c
We never wedge the teeth before fill
ing. Teeth extracted without pain by
the use of gas or Ryder's Vitalized Air.
Crown end Bridge Work, a Specialty.
The only dentist by the name ot
RYDER in the city. '
The General
That the best FURNITURE is sold
by Burrall & Co is being supple
mented by another that Burral &
Co s prices are the lowest if quality
is taken into consideration at all,
Both are true aDd represent the Fur
niture condition in Waterburyi at
present. However, a call at our
warerooms will convince you of the
desirability of buying Furniture
nere. ,
Spring Lamb, Chicken, Uea ,
Mutton, Gh cago Dressed
Beef and Native Beef. The
Finest quality of Vegetables.
A vvays fresh.
The "Old Reliable" Market s
the largest in the city and
keeps the largest stock to
se ect from.
S. BOHL, Prop'r,
64 South Main St.
Olden by telephone promptly attended
J.M. Burrall & Co
60 Bank St.
UNDERTAKING In all its branches.
Telephone, D. M. Stewart, 101 Frank
lin St. Messenger Boy for C. E. Sey
mour, 184 Maple street.
Done in First-Class Shape
Knabe Pianos.
We have an elegant stock of tilcM
high grade instruments which weJv
vite the public to inspect.
Driggs & Smith Co.
Call and hear "The Watertmry Two?
Step" by Fred H. Lewis.
Money Save J Is Money Made.
Look at this :
Suits made to order 18.00.
Rants made to order $5.00 up.
First-class material and workmanship.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
All work not satisfactory may be re
turned. John McEvoy,
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist
Graduate of New York College of Vet
erinary Surgeons and School of
Comparative Medicine.
Telephone call, 49-5.
Residence, 325 Bank street.
Office and Hospital:
169 East Main street.
Rear Waterbury Furniture j
Oj r aieruury, uocn.
Teaches the latest ballroom dances.''
Glide Wltz taught in six private les
sons. Highland Fling, Jig, . Buck,
Skirt, Tambourine, Sailor Hornpipe,
Open daily.
108 BANK STREET. . . y
L. J. Arm truster's
Choice Liquors, Ales, Wines an4
All the favorite brands of Cigars.
Coolest place in the city. Give us 1
call. ''
Hellmann's Beer 1
Imported Erlanger , Hoffbreau,
On draught at
For Medicinal and other purposes.
The largest stock of Bottled Goods ia
the city lo select from. Fiegenspan'
Bottled Ale and Porter is the best tor
Family use.
05 South Main St.
Store is filled with wood Mantles 56.00
Fire 1'lace Grates, $2.50 upwards.
Fire Sets, Tongs, etc. $3.00 upwards.
Spark Guards, $1.00 upwards.
Glazed andUuglazed Tile for Hearths,
Floors, Bath Booms.
Call and see our elegant Oak Mantel
with beveled Mirror for $12.50, can be
set against any wall. No need of fire
place. We have put closing out prices
on Mouumeuts and Headstones, too
many of them. Open evenings.
AnnhwsBr-Busch Brewing kod&tin
on draught. The most wholesome
and popular of beers.
M. J. McEvoy's Cafe,
Exchange Place, Waterbury Conn. '
Wholesale and Retai Dealer in For
eign and Domestic Ales, Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
34 AND 36 EAST M,fN ST
Goods delivered on if,-iDw00 '. ,:, .
any part of the city. ni-h.. f

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