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Preliminary Caucossing in Progress
With Nome Asking Every
thing in Sight.
By Cable to tha Gateway
Seattle, Nov. l.Y Alaska convention
politics are redhot today, in prepara
tion for the opening session this after
noon. The tirst tight will be over the!
election of a chairman, and next over
the admission of delegates who are
reallv residents of Washington hut
who have large interests in Alaska
which keep them there part of the:
The Northwestern dtdegates caucused
in the Butler hotel for hours last
night, and finally appointed a steering
committee composed of t oh IVrkins,
H. B. Bunn, Charles Herron, - A. Z.
Watson and John Carson to confer
with delegates from other sections to
see if the convention organization I
could not be settled without a squabble.
The chances are good, however, for a j
ftome Hants the Delegate
Nome wants tlu* convention to desig
nate one delegate to congress, who will
he Richard S. Ryan, and to declare I
for a change in tlu* federal mining law j
providing that an annual tax of *-•*> a j
claim he substituted for tlu* existing j
provision requiring *100 worth of as- ,
ses>ment work anhually on each located
claim. This proposition includes a
provision ihut the fund derived from •
this tax on claims be utilized to con
struct territorial roads*
Dudley Duhose is favored by the
Nome delegates for chairman of the
committee on resolutions! and .lohn
Carson for chairman of tlu* credentials
committee. The Northwest also favor
ed Gov. Swineford for chairman of the
convention* but he declined, and a tight
over the place has been precipitated,
SoJthwest Molds CaucJS
The delegates from Southwestern
Alaska also caucused. Some opposition
to Ryan for delegate was shown among
them and it i> doubtful whether he
will **et the sup|X)i*t of that faction.
The Southwest agreed to support Sam
Archer of Nome for chairman of the
convention, but will probably stand
with the Tanana in support of Col. K.
M. Carr for delegate to Congress.
The Northwestern delegates will try
to inject into the convention their light
for Col. Perkins for governor. The
Southwestern delegations feel that as
Gov. Brady is under investigation by
the interior department it would be
lletter taste and better policy for the
convention to leave the governorship
issue alone.
Few of the Southeastern delegates
have arrived yet, but a crowd of them
is expecte l on the Dolphin which is
due here at o,clock. lhose already
here have done little but keep tab on
the northerners while waiting lor
others from their own section.
Santa Ana Sails Tomorrow
By Cable to the Gateway
Seattle, Nov. 15—Steamer Santa Ana
will sail tomorrow for Seward. Part
of her cargo is steel rails for the
Alaska Central Railway Company.
She has a small passenger list.
Biis ta Carry Alaska Malls
By Cable to the Gateway
Washington, D. C., Nov. 15—The
postmaster at Seattle has been instruct
ed to advertise for bids to carry mail8
from Seattle to Valdez and Seward from
January 26 to June 30, 11)06.
Government Geologists Report Very
Strong Indications of Petro- I
leum and Gas.
By Cable to the Gateway
Washington, 1>. < Nov. 15 The
annual geological survey report states
that the past year's investigations
have shown that valuable petroleum
fields undoubtedly exist at Coal hay,
Copper river, Cape Yakutaga and Con
t oiler bay i 1 Alaska.
The report describes the seepage ot
oil in all those regions to be strong,
indicating the existence of petroleum
in large quantities. Wherever the oil
veins have been tapped a big How lms
been secured, and gas bubbles show
strong indications of both oil and gas.
Shaw Will Not Dip into Money Market
By Gable to the Gatcwcy
Washington, D, (’,, Nov. 15 Secre
tary Shaw of the treasury department
today authorized the statement to be
made for him that he will pot interfere
in the money market unless the string
ency threatens general business. He j
had been asked to release treasury de*
posits on account of the tightness of
Col. frank Pow ell Dying
By Cabl^to the Gateway
Cody, Wyo., Nov. 15 Col. Frank
Powell, a noted scout, and friend of
Buffalo Bill, is dying here.
Storm Causes Magnetic Disturbance
The storm today caused magnetic
disturbances which interfered greatly
with the operation of the cable. The
messages had to be taken directly
from the clicking of the wire, like
ordinary telegraph, as the tape would
not register accurately.
Elks to Give Thanksgiving Dinner
Local Elks will got together Thanks
giving day and have a dinner and so
|c*ial. They will meet tomorrow even
ing between 8 and D o’clock in the
Owl drugstore to make arrangements.
Opens Coal and Teed Store
P. J, McDermott, who came to Sev •
ard on the Corwin two weeks ago, has
opened a fuel and feed store in the
building just vacated by the Troy
laundry, next to the Coleman house.
He will carry coal, wood, hay and
giain. Mi*. McDermott is well known
| to all the Nome people in Seward, as
he was there several years, going from
Montana in the first rush.
• _:—
L. F. Shaw donned his mushing
j clothes yesterday and went out to the
Falls creek mines for a few days to
watch the hoys work.
Dr. Burns has moved into the house
recently vacated by J. B. Cameron,
near the old railroad office.
E. L. Whittemore expects his bowl
ing alley plant on the Oregon. A
cable message promised it.
The canvas roof was taken otT the
! Methodist tent today and a shingle roof
! will be put on.
The Oregon is hourly expected to be
reported from Valdez.
Nome papers are still making a great
fuss about the tin developmente of
that district.
Temperature at 2 p. m. today—41.
Western Extension of Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul to Rush
Coast Line.
By Cable to the Gateway
Seattle, Nov. 15—The North (’oast
Railroad Company today filed an appli
cation for a franchise from the city
council to enter the city with a new
railroad line. The company is con
structing a line for the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Caul road and is allied
with the Pacific Railroad Company,
which is building down the north bank
of the Columbia river to Portland.
The company is also the holder of
title to all the Milwaukee tide lands in
Seattle and Tacoma, which were pur
chased more than a year ago for rail
road terminals. Surveyors for the new
line are now at work all along the
proposed route from Chamberlain,
South Dakota, to the Pacific coast.
Will Build Denver Line
By Cable to the Gateway
Denver, Nov. 15— President Feni
more of the Denver & Yellowstone
Railroad Company said today: “We
intend to build a railroad from Denver
to Seattle and construction will start
Butler St Company Will Soon Have
Water Power Line.
i ■ .— - ■ ■"
Butler & Company have 1600 feet of
pipe laid on their line up Lowell creek
to generate electrical power for their
new plant at the foot of Jefferson
street. The men are working steadily
and as the most difficult part is done
the entire line should be completed in
ten days, barring accidents.
The pipe is laid in gravel all the way
and in order to get the best results in
digging the ditches Butler & Company
advertised for placer miners to do the
work. The town has a lot of them and
enough promptly responded to put the
job through with a rush.
The pipe line is to be 7190 feet long,
from the powerhouse. Above the pipe
line a few hundred feet of flume will
be laid to the point where the water is
to be diverted from Lowell creek. At
the lower end the pipe is 11 inches
in diameter, The next section is 12
inches and the tubing is graduated, 13,
14, 15 and 16 inches. Each section
above the 11-inch link is 1250 feet long,
By the gradual reduction in diameter
of the pipe increased pressure is
The power house is nearly ready.
The big water wheel was put in place
some days ago. This afternoon the
work of laying the cement floor for
other machinery began. By the time
the pipe line is ready the dynamo of
the Seward Electric Company will he
moved to the new power house. Later
an engine room and boiler house will
be added. Into this the steam plant
of the Electric company will be moved
to he used in case of a breakdown of
the water power.
The new water plant is of 200 horse
power. The machinery is of the latest
invention and includes a big automatic
safety valve which will shut off the
stream in a moment whenever the
pressure becomes too strong and opera
tion is crippled in any way. A hydrant
with tremendous pressure is ip the
power house for fire protection.
" *
Railroad Employes Object to Roose
velt Plan as Antagonistic
to Their Interests*
By Cable to the Cateway
Washington, I). Nov. 15 Repre*
sentatives of all the union orVfts of
railroad employes met here today. It j
is expected that they will take 4 ^Und
against the Ksch-Townsend railroad
rate hill which was passed by the last
House and will he introduced into the
present (.'ongress, and which has th©
sup])ort of F>resident Roosevelt,
The bill proposes to give to the in=
terstate commerce commission power
to regulate railroad freight rates. The
railroad men at the convention say
that this is antagonistic to their inter
ests as it would probably have the
result of reducing the wages of rail
road employes.
Needle Slides Around Until it
Points Toward 44 Change”
The barometer is creeping upward
and at 2 o’clock the needle pointed:
toward 29.4, which signilies change. It
would probably take a Philadelphia
lawyer to tell what kind of a change '
is coming and the (lateway will report |
it after the fact and indulge in no I
F, H. Youngs, paymaster of the rail-1
road company, who has been in Seward :
two years and a half and has been j
running a little weather bureau of bis
own, turned back to the record yester
day and found that the barometer had
been lower but once since he began
keeging tab. Yesterday it slid down
to 28.85, The lowest in Mr, Youngs'
record was 28.7, November 4, 1905,
For a day or two it has been snowing
intermittently at tho summit on the
railroad and beyond. Between snow,
falls it rains, producing a line article
of slush.
Literary Society Meets
The Seward literary and debating
society had a good attendance at it*
regular meeting in the Methodist tent
last night, in spite of the driving rain.
It had been expected that the revision
of the by-laws would come up after
the literary program, but the com.
mittee asked time to report and the
matter went over to next week. The
society then fell upon a huge pan of
doughnuts provided by Mrs. Pedersen
and with the assistance of hot coffee
demolished the contents utterly.
Oregon; sailed from Seattle 11th;due
in Seward Kith,
Bertha; sailed from Seattle 10th; due
in Seward 20th.
Santa Clara; arrived Seattle, 7th.
Santa Ana: arrived Seattle, 9th:
sails Kith.
Portland, sailed from Seward, 9th.
Excelsior; sailed from Seward 12th.
Bank Carelessness
A New Yorker who employs a man
servant said to his valet one morning,
“Hoskin!” “Sir,” said thp man.
“You are getting careless, Hoskin.”
Oh, sir, I hope not, sir.” “You don't
brush my clothes regularly any more.”.
“Oh, sir, I assure you”—“‘There, Hos
kin, that will do. I left a dollar in my
white vest pocket yesterday morning
and—it is still there.”
• <«✓
Sends Aides to South with Dicta
torial Powers aad Promises
Relief to Peasants.
By Cable to the Gateway
St. Petersburg, Nov. 15 -The czar
decided today for tin* purpose of quiet
ing the disorders in the Southern pro
vinces to $end sides there with dictat
orial power*. They will be authorized
to grant an eight hour day for labor
and other changes to ameliorate the
condition, of the peanantry.
\Var*a,w> Nov, 15 Food.is* d:\ily grow
ing scarce*/ and the common people are
able only to obtain the coarsest bread
at almost prohibitive prices. Many
tradesmen today joined in a petition to
the government to permit them to
alleviate suffering at national expense.
Two Men Come to City Hospital
Two men were transferred yesterday
from the hospital on mile 42 to the
city hospital. One wa* Tim Markham
who lost one eye in a l\last at the
Rich and Harris tunnel a few days
ago. The other eye is affected hut the
doctors sav it will he restored. Charles
Iren, who accidently put a rifle ball
through one foot at Gilson’s tie camp
a short time ago, was also brought
Tad Hillery is compelled to move
his mansion today to make room for a
tenant who will pay more ground rent
than he does.
All Alaskans jroin* to Seattle on bus
iness or other purposes are cordially
invited to have their mail addressed to
themselves In care of the Industrial
Bureau of the Alaska Central Railway
Company. Lumber Exchange Building.
Seattle. Wash., and to make their head
quarters at the Bureau while in that
At Richards’ Store
The elegant collection of books in
this up-to-date library should app©a
to every intelligent person in Sowarc.
! At tho low price of 50 cent# p«r
month you can read the latent and b#*T
books published.
By P, Welch & Company, contract
ors'on the Alaska Central at Turn
again Arm. Station men, rock me
ax men and laborers. Steady work
all through winter and next summer.
Top wages paid.
... "" » *' mmm 11 *
For the best and cheapest recreation
in Seward, subscribe to Richards' up
to-date library. Only 50c per month
to read as many hooks as you wish.
Now books arrive on every boat.
Don’t overlook the Troy Laundry
for up-to-date and first class work,
ladies' and gents* work a specialty.
Nanaimo Coal: $15 a ton. Delivered
to anv part of tlie city. Seward huH
* *
Will build house to order for anyone
advancing few months rent or will
lease ground—corner lot—Adams street
—address M. H., Gateway otlice.
A new stock of Lowney’s candies
just arrived at Seward News Co.
Mrs. Campbell of Atlin will open a
restaurant on Fifth avenue, Thursday.
Regular dinner from 4 p.m. to 8:30.
Lunch counter in connection.

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