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He Warns Factory Men Against
Bryan—Democratic Leaders
Talk in New York.
By Cable to The Dally Gateway
New York,Oct.28—William H. Taft,
republican presidential candidate,
spoke at Troy, principally to the work
ers in the shirt and collar factories.
While Mr. Taft is still feeling the ef
fects of his strenuous campaign, he
has recovered from his recent collapse
much more quickly than his physicians
had anticipated. He spoke with vigor
last night, declaring that the election
of William ,J. Bryan would bring on a
panic such as the country has not be
fore experienced, incident to placing
the government in the hands of new
and inexperienced men
William Jennings Bryan and Lewis
Stuyvesant Chanler held five meetings
in New York last night, speaking to
immense crowds of enthusiastic sup
porters. The streets were filled with
monster parades.
The McKinley House, Fifth avenue,
board and lodging $1.00 per day. *
Window Shades at Hofman’s.
Notice of Application for U. S. Patent.
No. 07.
U. S. Land Office, Jim we, AVsko. Jidv 8. 100S.
Notice 's iieveby give a that Lou << G. veeo
baum. whose i>osi office i»Oi;t*css is S«’Q F*« ocV
co. California, by C. a. Fletciw, ;»:«ptio* 'ev ia
fact, has made application for a Ceded Su ies
Patent for the Empire Lode. being Sur
vey No. 291. and situated in t»ie Uo‘;a
District. Alaska, aud more puvl'CuU1 l.v det
cribed as follows:
Beginning at corner No. 1. at intei seci'on of
N. K. end line and lode line identical wda cor
ner No. 5 of survey No. 290. mouth of tunnel
No. 1 bears south 74 deg. 45 min. west 555
feet, mouth of tunnel No. 2 bears south 67 tleg.
30 min. west 850 feet, mouth of tunnel No, 3
bears south 66 deg. 15 min. west 890 feet,
whence IT. S. Mineral Monument No. 2 bears
south 11 deg. 50 min. west 241 feet distant;
thence south 47 deg. 30 min. east 300 feet to
corner No. 2. identical with corner No. 2 of
survev No. 290; thence south 56 deg. 30 min.
west 1500 feet to corner No. 3; thence Dorth
47 deg. 30 min. west 115 feet cross creek 300
feet to corner no. 4 at intersection of lode line
500 feet cross small creek 600 feet to corner
no. 5; thence north 56 deg, 30 min. east 1500 !
feet to corner no. 6 identical with corner no. 6
of survey no. 290: thence south 47 deg. 30 min.
east 300 feet to corner no, 1, the place of begin
Area. 20.04 acres.
Magnetic variation, 20 deg. 30 min, east,
The notice of location of said Empire Lode is
of record in the office of the Recorder of the
Unga Mining district at Unga Island, Alaska,
in Mining Record A. at page 29.
The adjoining claims are as follows; On the
northeast, the Little Joker claim, Louis Green
baum claimant, survey No. 290: on the south
west the Alaska Mine. Louis Greenbaum. claim
ant. and on all other sides there is vacant
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
mining ground, vein, lode or premises, or any
portion thereof so described, surveyed, platted
and applied for, are hereby notified that unless
their adverse claims are duly filed according to
law and the regulations thereunder, within the
time prescribed by law. with the Register and
Receiver of the United States Land Office at
Juneau, Alaska, they will be barred by virtue
of the provisions of the statute.
JOHN W. DUDLEY. Register.
It is hereby ordered that the forego
ing notice be published for the statutory
period in the Seward Gateway, a dally
newspaper printed at Seward, Alaska.
JOHN W. DUDLEY, Register.
Hate of first publication. July 29.1908.
Business Men and Politicians of
High Standing Implicated by
Leader in Tobacco War.
By Cable to The Dally Gateway.
Tiptonville, Tenn., Oct. 28—Red
Burton, one of the leaders of the night
riders in Tennessee and Kentucky,
yesterday made a full conlession to of
fleers, involving many of the best
known business men and politicians of
the two states in arson and assassina
tion. The names of the men implicat
ed are witheld by the officers, but
many sensational arrests are expected
to follow the confession.
The night riders terrorized the to
bacco growing regions for three
months, and were not finally suppress
ed until the militia and several hun
dred special police were sent into the
field. The object of the raiders was to
prevent the sale and delivery of the
tobacco crop to the agents of the
American Tobacco Company, known
as the tobacco trust. It was claimed
by the riders that the tobacco trust
was attempting to drive out competi
tion in buying and beat down the
of raw tobacco.
The difficulty of suppressing the
night riders was increased by wide
spread sympathy and support in the
ends they were seeking.
Improvements In Postoffice
Miss Gordon is making some changes
in the postoffice which will add to the
comfort and convenience of the room,
chief of which is the placing of lino
leum on the floor to shut out the cold
and make it easier to keep the room
Consignment of Goods
Miss Phillips, who has recently re
ceived a large consignment of goods for
the Elite Candy Kitchen, has most of
the supplies unpacked and in the cases.
She has ordered two new show cases
which, when placed in position in the
store, will add materially to the ap
pearance of the place.
New Hydrant Installed
A new hydrant has just been placed
at the corner of Third avenue and
Adams street for the purpose of afford
ing better protection, in case of fire, to
the residence section of the town.
We sell our Eastman Kodak goods
at list prices. Seward Drug Co. *
You can get anything in the drug
line at the Seward Drug Co. *
Choice sweet Breakfast Bacon and
Haras 20 cents at Carsten9. *
Season’s Output for That Region
and Valdez Creek estimated
at $450,000.
The output of the Yentna and the
Valdez creek districts this season will
be close to $450,000, according to esti
mates of all late arrivals in Seward
from the new diggings.
The surprise in the Yentna district
has been the discovery that some of the
best gravel so far is on the benches,
where it was least expected. The dis
covery was made by the Murphy party
in the digging of ditches to bring wa
ter for sluicing. Some of the bench
gravel has yielded as high as $1 a
The permanent value of the Yentna
as a big camp is now established, say
the miners from Cache, Kahiltna and
other creeks, and all are expecting a
travel to the new field next spring and
summer which may take on the pro
portions of a genuine rush.
P. T. Murphy, who spent the last
two summers in the Yentna district and
recently came back to Seward from a
hurried trip to Seattle, says he be
lieves there will be 1000 prospectors
come in from the outside next spring
for the Yentna alone.
Valdez creek also will attract several
hundred, says Mr. Murphy, and all are
coming by way of Seward.
The completion of the government
trail from Girdwood to Indian creek is
widely known and its importance is
appreciated fully by the prospectors
and miners who are getting ready to
go into the two camps with supplies
and outfits.
Duck shooting by Seward sportsmen
is the favorite pastime these crisp
days. Strings of five to fifteen teal
and mallards in an afternoon are com
Word comes from Valdez that Re
ceiver Goodwin will begin extensive
repairs on the Alaska Central wharf as
soon as he arrives on the next boat.
The Methodist parsonage is taking
on a new seven-foot porch, with Rev.
L. H. Pedersen as superintendent and
workman in chief.
The new concrete dam being put in
at the head of Lowell canyon by the
Seward Light and Power Company is
about completed. *
C. T. Daggett,dentist, leaves for Val
dez in about 10 days and will not return
before spring. *
Meet me at the Branch. *
Admits Mistakes Were Made,
and Says Some Employes
Were Dishonest.
By Cable to The Dally Gateway.
Chicago, Oct, 28—A. C. Frost, [(resi
dent of the Alaska Central railway,
just returned from Alaska, admits in
an interview that there was extrava
gance in the building of the road and
that he was deceived in the fitness of
some of the men he employed to man
age the work, fie says, too, that some
of his employes proved to be dishon
est. But the merits of the enterprise,
lie says, far surpasses his expectations,
and he declares the Alaska Central
will be one of the most profitable rail
roads in America. He believes the
London syndicate with whom he is ne
gotiating will be the successful bid
ders at the foreclosure sale, but ad
mits that lie will have no direct con
nection with the new company. He
expects 1500 men to be put on the con
struction work in the spring soon after
the foreclosure sale.
Try the Palace Grill—We guarantee a
first class service, excellent meals
and courteous treatment. * *
I * —
Wall paper at Hofman’s
NO. 390
In the United States Land office, Junca*.
Alaska, Feb. 28,190*.
North western Fisheries Company, assignee of
Tlarv Rollins, being entitled to the benefits
of Sec. 23C'6 of the Revised Statutes of the
United States granting additional lands to
soldiers and sailors who served in the War of
the Rebellion, has made application to this
office to make pi oof and entry under an Aet
o* corgi ess cporoved May 14, 1898, for the iann*
embraced *n U. S. Survey No. 393, in the Dis
tUct of Alaska, described as follows:
Beginning at cor. No. 1 a point at ordinary
high water mark on the left bank of Kvichak
river at the junction of said Kvichak river and
Graveyard Slough, from whence cor. No. 4
Sur, 510 bears N. 28 Degrees 05 minutes E. 20
chs.; Peak of Sugar Loaf mountain bears N.
84 degrees 14 minutes E.; thence meandering
high water mark on left bank of Kvichak river
up stream, 1st course N. 58 degrees 20 minutes
W. 1.80 chs.; thence 2nd course, N. 76 degrees
59 minutes W. 9.20 chs.; thence 3rd course, N.
41 degrees 30 minutes W. 6.50 chs.; thence 4th
course. N. 8 degrees 15 minutes W, 2,50 chs. to
cor. No. 2; tbeDce N. 47 degrees 5 minutes K.
4.C3 chs. to cor. No. 3, from whence Cor. No. 8
Su*\ 72 bears N. 2 degrees 56 minutes VV. 20.84
chs.; thence S. 42 degrees 45 minutes E. 17.90
chs, to cor. No. 1, the place of beginning Va
lVtmaot all corners 23 degrees 10 minutes
East. Area 6.°i ceres.
As additional to Mary Rollins’ original home
stead eatev No. 1/85, at Bonneville. Mo., made
M av 50.1865.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
poit'on of ^a:d laods a e > oqubed to file an ad
veise claim in mj*s office during the period of
public, •••on or t’ds not'ce, or within thirty
davs tbeiev<ke*. oibeiw’ce Pcoof and entry of
said lands w'U be made bv sa*d Northwestern
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the fore*#*
ing Notice be published for the full period of
00 days in the Daily Gateway, a daily newspa
per published at the town of Seward ana Dir
trict of Alaska, which is hereby designated as
the newspaper pubUshed nearest the ..land
described. _ _
John W. Dudlby, Register.
Date of first publication, October 3, 190&
Date of last publication. December 14 J196&,
* iv iiUiAi

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