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One Dollar per Month; Ten Centsa Copy
SEWAltl), ALASKA. OUT. 28, IU08
Steel Shavings Used for Cleaning and
Polishing the Hoor.
The Northern is busily engaged in
putting the howling uticys ui »->ocu
shape for the winter's games. After
long use the alleys become dirty and
gummed. In order to remove inis
steel shavings are used which the
workmen place beneath their feet, and
then by foot and leg power the alleys
are cleaned and at the same time | o.
ished, after which a coaling oi >hcliac
varnish is applied.
The bowling alleys of the Northern
were in constant use during the winter
and summer. At the present time
there is a lull between ine two sea
sons, advantage of which is being taken
in order to put the alleys in shape for
the better times which will be ushered
in with the announc nnent of the presi
dential election returns next i uesda\
Alaska Game Field of World
J. A. McGuire, editor and owner of
the Outdoor Life Magazine, of Denver,
‘•In fifteen years from now Alaska
and Dritish Columbia will be the
stamping ground of the sportsmen of
this continent.
u Alaska not only grows the largest
bears in the world,but a!>o the largest
mouse, and these two facts will invite
the attention of the whole world to
this great land.
CHAS. PERRY, Manager
City office: Owl Drugstore.
Home office: Up stairs in Richard building
Legal Notices
No. 010.
r. S. Land Ofllce. Juneau. Alaska. July 8. 1008.
NOTICK is hereby risen that Louis (Jreen
baum, whose postoitloe address is San Kraneis
eo. California, by C. A. Kleteher, his attorney in
fact, has made application for a Knifed States
Patent for the Lode Mininy Claim composed of
the Columbia 1 «»de. Bertha Lode, Liberty Lod \
Kodiak Lode and Union Lode, the said lod -s
heinycontiyuous, and beiny respectively Min
eral Survevs Nos. 21)0, 300, 301, 303 and Hot, situa
ted in the Cnra Minbiy District. Alaska, and
more particularly described as follows:
Beyinniny at corner N<>. 1. identical with cor
! nPT* yrv, t of yim i'v Vn. ant. whence TT. S Min
eral iVommo,:. No. 3 bears south 42 dey. 11
min. west 77817 feet distant: thence North 18
dry. (tomin. west 300 feet to corner No. 2, inden
, t’cal with eorner No 3 of survey No. 301, a post
marked S. 22b No. 2: thence north 72 dey. 00 min.
east 342 feet across tramway i 1 to feet to Wit
ness corner at lb *'h water mark of Souaw harbor,
feet to e »rner No 3: thence south 18 dey.
' 00 min. east 72 fret at hiy h water mark Squaw
Harbor. 3 *0 feet t<> corner No. 1 at intersection
! of lode'line 000 f: et to corner No. 7>; thence
south *2 dey. <»• min. west. ir>o,) teet to corn<*r No.
a. whence N. K. corner of quart/mill hears
south 0 dey. 30 mip east s.» feet distant; thence
north Is dry.00 min. west 150 feet across tram
i way 3(H) feet to corner No, 1, the place of beyin
; niny.
i Area. 20.00! acres.
Variation 20 dey. 35 min. east.
K.\pres<b- exciiHiny and exceptiny that por
jtionof said Columbia claim lyiny on the tide
j land at the N. K. corner No. 3. in area .0054
Beyinniny at eo ner No. 1. at intersection of
i lode line and. S. W. end line of Bertha Lode
| on east ‘dope of mountain, in alders.
whence 1s. 51 ’ ' ral Monument No. 3 hears
j south 2 dry. 28 min. west 2053 feet distant, a
post marked S. 300 .no. 1: thence north 18
dry. 00 min. west 30 ) feet to cornet* No. 2. a t>ost
; marked s 3<o No. II; thence north 55 dey.
j i;> min. east Tin feet to creek 150 * feet to corner
! No. 3 identical with corner No. 2 of Kodiak
I ,ode. survey No. 303. a post marked S. 300 No.
Ill: thence south tsdey. 00 min. east 300 feet to
! corner v<>. 1 ill mtioal with eorner No. I of sur
vey No. 3o3. tkh> fe» t to corner No. 5. identical
with corner No. 0 of survey No. 303. a post
marked s. 300 N ». V: thence south 55 dry. 45
min. west I poo feet to creek. 1500 feet to corner
No. 0. a mom marked S. 300 No. 0. whence Min
eral Monument No. 3 hears south 5 dey. 00 nun.
west 2374 feet distant: thence North 18 dey. 00
min. west 300 feet to corner No. 1, the place of
Area. 10.835 acres.
Variation at all corners. 20 dey. 35 min. east.
Beginning at corner no. 1. identical with corner
No. 4 of Union [.ode. survey No. 304, whence U.
S. Mineral Monument No. 3 bears south 38 deg.
00min west 6382 feet distant: thence north 18
deg. no min. west 3<X) feet to corner No. 2. a post I
marked S. 301 No. II: thence north, 60 deg. 30
min. oa^t 1500 feet to corner No. 3. a post ‘
marked S. 30! No. lit: thence south 18 deg. <M) ]
min. ('ast H00 ft et to corner No. 4. identical with \
corner No. 1 of survev No. 299. Columbia Lode, j
150 feet across tronnvay, OK) foot to corner
No. 5, identical with corner Vo. 0 of survey no.
299, a |>ost marked S. 301 No. 5: whence N. E. j
corner of quartz mill hears south 6 deg. 30 min. 1
east 85 feet distant: thence south 60 deg. 30 min. 1
west 85 feet across tramway 950 feet across ;
tramwav 15o0feet tocorner No. 6. identfeal with
corner No. 5 of survey No. 304 on south slope of
hill 15 feet below railrord track, a post marked
S. 301 No. VI: thence north IS degrees 00 min.
west 800 feet to corner No. 1. the place of be
Area. 20.246 acres.
Variation. 2“ deg. 35 min. east.
IJcginning at corner 1. identical with corner,
Xo. 4 of survey No. 3oo. whence U. S. Mineral ;
Moninm nt No. 3 1 ears south 21 deg. 10 min. !
west 3145.6 feet distant: thence north 18 deg. oo '
min. west 3oo fe«*t to corner No 2. identical with :
corner No. 3 of survey No. 3oo: thence north j
55 deg. 45 min. east 15oo feet to corner No, 3. j
inentieal with corner No. 2 of 1 nion Lode, sur
vey No. Hot; thence south is deg. oo min. east j
3oo feet to corner Xo. 4, 6oo feet to corner No. j
5, identical with corner No. 6 of survey No, 304; ,
thence south 55 deg. 45 min. west 15oo feet to
corm r No. 6. iden ical with corner No. 5 of sur
ve\ Xo. 3oo: them*' north 18d('g. oo min. west, i
3oo feet to corner No. 1. the place of beginning.
Area. U). 835 acres.
Variation 2o deg. 35 min. east.
Heginning at corner No. l, at intersection of
lode line and S. W. end line, identical with cor
ni r No. 3 of survey No3o8. whence U. S Mineral
, Monument No, 3 hears south 3o deg. 52 min.
• west 5;*51 teet distant; thence north 18 deg. 00
i min. west 3oo feet to corner No. 2. identical with
: corner No. 3 of survey No. 3o3. a post marked S.
• 3t t No. II; thence north tVJ^di gr. 3o min. iasc l5oo
! feet to corm r No. 3. identical with corm r No *2
jf idtn rty 1 .ode. survey No. 3o!, a post marked
| s. Hot No. 3: thence south 18 deg. 00 min. cast
' ;V>0 feet toeorm r No. I. identical with corm r
| No. 1 of survey No. 3ol. at intersection of lode
• line. 600 feet to corm r Ko. 5, identical with cor
! ner No. 6 of survey No Sot. whence shaft hoars
I west 455 feet and winze of tunnel No. 2 bears
south 80 deg. 00 min, west 635 feet distant,
tunnel No. 1 hoars south 67 deg. 00 min. wi st
! 51o feet distant, a post marked S. 8o4 No. 5;
thence south 62 deg. 30 min. west 62o feet to a
| poit t 2o feet he.owtl e S. E. corner of black
; smith shop by mouth of tuiira 1. 15oo f et to
I corner No. 6, identical with corner No. s of sur
: vey No. 3o3. a post marked S, 8o4 No. VI; thence
north 18 dee. 00 mil . west 800 feet to corner
i No. l. the place of beginning.
! Area, 20.377 acres.
Variation. 2o deg. 85 min. east.
The several notices of locations and reloca
tions of the different claims are as follows:
Those of the Columbia Lode are of n cord on
theJUnga Mining District records, designating
For the information of the many prospectors
now planning to enter the A uldez Creek Alin
ing District, and the creeks tributary to the
YentnaVivor during the coming winter, via the
[The only practical Winter Route
from the Outside to the Susstna
Valley and the Valdez Creek Mining
the Alaska Commercial Company wishes to state
that they are now prepared to supply the rap
idly increasing trade of the District from the
large stock of Merchandise which they are car
rying at Susitna Station.
Pianos and Safes IVicved
Give us yocr orders for Goal & Wood
General Forwarders phone main seward,Alaska
Seattle-VaIdez-Seward Route-Direct Service
Str. SANTA CLARA £“.» ?“• ro,urninB““ls
ry - ^ 'V'f T/^1 A HP A XT Sails from Seattle Nov. 1; returning
£)tl • : uVjA 1 i-\JLN sails from Seward Nov. 8.
•Str PENNSYLVANIA from Seward Nov. 10.
* Connects with S. S. Dora
Alaska Peninsula Route
r*. (jiAAn i p Sails from Seward 15th of each month (or Unalaska, and way ports
oil. i/v/laCY Return in if due in Seward 5th of following month.
jgk.AH sailings subject to change without notice
JOHN H. BUNCH, F. & P. A., Pier One, Seattle
m*.. -
said claim under the following names, to-wit:
Name Date When and Where Recorded
Ounalaska, July 21, 1887, July 30, 1887, Book A,
|l). 04.
Ounalaska. Jan. 1.1892, Jan. 1.1892 Book B P 55.
Ounalaska Jan. 1, 1894, Jan. 1, is d, ^ B. p.» 9*
Columbia, Jan. 1, 1890. Jan. 1. 1896, B p. Ho.
Those of the Bertha Lode are as follows:
Name Date When r.fid Where Recorded.
Trio. Aug, 4, 1887, Aug. 11, 1887, Book A. p. 83.
Trio. Jan. 1, 1892, Jan. 1, 189.\ ‘it B, p. 60.
Bertha. Jan. 1.1896. Jan. 1, 1896. B. p. 120.
Those of the Liberty Lode are as follows:
Name Date When and Where Recorded.
Gildea, July 21. 1887. July 30. 1887, Book A, p. 58.
Gildea, Jan. 1,1892, Jan. t, 1892, ” B. P. 56.
Gildea, Jan. 1.1894. Jan. 1,1894, >4 B, p. 90.
Liberty. Jam 1, 1896. Jan. 1. 1896. B, p. lli.
Those of the Kodiak Lode are as follows:
Name Date When and Where Recorded.
i Mocking Bird. July 29. 1887, Aug. 10, 1887. Book
IA p. 63.
Mocking Bird, Jan. 1.1892, Jan. 1.1892. Book B.
[p. 08.
Mocking Bird, Jan. 1,1894, Jan. 1,1894, Book B.
I p. 92.
Kodiak. Jan, 1,1896, Jan. 1. 1896, Book B, p. 118.
Those of the Union Lode are as follows:
Name Date, When and where Recorded.
Beowa, July 24, 1887, July 30 1887, Book A, p, 59.
Beowa, Jan. 1, 1892, Jan. 1, 1892, “ B, p. 57.
Beowa. Jan. 1. 1894, Jan. 1. 1894, “ B. p. 91.
Union. Jan. 1, 1895, Jan. 1. 1895, “ B, p. 117.
Said group of contiguous claims extend from
Squaw Harbor along the range of hills to with
in half a mile of the divide between Salmon
creek and Squaw Harbor, and are what is
known as the Bruce Lode or Vein. There are
no known adjoining claims.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
mining ground, vein, lode or premises, or any
portion thereof so described, surveyed, platted
and applied for, are hereby notified that unless
their adverse claims are duly tiled according to
law and the regulations thereunder within the
time prescribed by law, with the Register and
Receiver of the United States Land Office at
Juneau, Alaska, they will be barred by virtue of
the provisions of the statutes.
JOHN W. DUDLEY, Register.
It is hereby ordered that *he forego
ing notice be published for ilie s.atutory
period in the Seward Gateway a daily
newspaper printed at Seward, Alaska.
JOHN W. DUDLEY, Register.
First publication, July 27, 1908.

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