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One Dollar per Month: Ten Centsa Copy
army medal lor ray cox
Heroic Act of Signal Corps Corporal
in Alaska l » Be Rewardea
by Congress.
By Cufcle to Tiit4 Daily uatcway.
Washington, D. C., Nov. *--A cer
tificate of merit wiil be awarcied to
Corporal Boy tox of th * i nited ^taies
signal corps in Alaska when congress
meets in December. Corporal Cox,
who was stationed on the ^ ukon, was
last winter engaged in repairing the
telegraph line when he came upon a
wood chopper severely injured while
cutting wood. No >urg?eal aid could
be obtained nearer tliau lcirt (lihbon,
sixtv miies away. I he corporal took
the injured man on his sled and ii h
his dog team made ail possible speed
through one of the waist blizzards of
the winter to Fort Gibbon, arriving in
time to save the man .> lile.
Kxtra pay at the rate of $2 per
month from the date of the distin
guished service is allowed to each en
listed man to whom a certificate of
merit is granted.
Guy C. Groat and Ghas. Steen went
out yesterday to Snow river where
thev have a cabin and supplies.
They will spend the winter hunting
and trapping. They eame to town
with a moo>e l'hui\mlav night
The Yucatan will leave Valdez for
Seward tonight. S. G. Mortord and
K. 11 Gray \n i. 1 return on her from
attendance at court.
Steamer Bertha arrived from the
westward at 2:20 ill > afternoon, and
will sail for Seattle this evening.
Bertha; sailed for Seldovia oth.
Yucatan; sailed from Seattle 1st.
Dora; sailed for l nala>ka ITth.
Pennsylvania; in Seattle.
Portland; in Seattle.
Santa Clara; sailed for Seattle 4th.
• r* i jl
Meet me at the Branco.
Temperature at - pm.
Maximum since midnight. •>>
Minimum since midnight. B
Barometer at 2 p. m..‘>0.08
You can <;et anything in the dru#
line at the Seward Drug Co.
City office: Owl Druir Store.
Come office: Up stairs iu Rie'-ard buildiDX
Legal Notices
No. 010.
r. S. Lend Oftice. Juneau. A'a^k . J:; .v 8. 1908.
NOT(02 L hereby given Hup Lou * Hreeu
been* \viio>.e i »os; oilier adorers K Sa i PTancs
eo Oalhornu* l>' C\ A. Ele.eher. »n a,.otney u
fact has •mule « pplica*loo for a ITn»*r( Sta-.es
T';> * en for Hie Lone M iu t og (1i;* * m com pow **(, < > i
the ('oh*miea Lout*. I'**** hi* Loue. l^»•>«*•*»\ Lode,
Kodiak Lone and Union Lode, tin* Li lodes
hein"’coiP i'/uous. line being resi*eci ively Min- |
ei*a 1 Surveys Vos. ‘>9° 3<K). 301. 303 ane 301. situa- |
led in the Unao } initig Distrito Alaska, and j
more particularly desorllied as follows:
B'*imiingat comer >To. 1. identical with cor
I nei No. 4 of survey No 301 whe.ice U. S. Mm
a. vonume No. ,rvv- *.om»i t? ilea. M
i.iin. \ves» i*s’1 T feet pislvib: Mimce Not lit I'
tK»*r. romin. west 3',) feel »o coim1' No. *2. iuden*
lie 1 with coiner ,vo. 3 o* survey .'To. 301, J* nosi
in. ; •;(*(; S. -99 No. •?: thenci uo»«>* . 2 beg. 00/n*n.
e. st 3«»feet. ac*o^-» ». p\v, \ »V0 Tcei to Wit
ness i o ne* a' hia'h »va»et n« • a* ol >oua'\ listi hor.
i;,(: i to corne** \o 3: t iieoce >ouf h IS deg.
rn uiin east 7- fc*i*i a Ida • *,vte\ mark Sipiaw
Hav’oor 3o;i feet to cot ••e** No. 1 a* intersection
of lode line poo fee. to come- 'To. 5: thence
co iiiii. west i o fee • o corner No.
t\ whence \. II. co- iC* o» nP< B/ mill bears
south b deg. 30 mi-* e. - F5 fee, oKpint: thence
north IS deg. 00 Vi>o». ' est 150 b'Ci across tram
way 3,00 ieet lo co. oer No 1. the place of begin
Area. *20.09! peiO<.
Variation ‘.’Toe*:. 35 min. east
Kx*»r«‘sslv e::< leeln- and excepting that por
t ion of -aid (’otnnnl, claim lying on the t i«]o
land at the N. K. comer No. 3. in ari a .00>1
Beginning at corner No. 1. at intersection of
lone line and S. W. end line of Bertha Lode!
on <>ast slcpo of mountain. *n alders,
whence (T. S. Mineral Monument No. 3 bears
south *?d<‘g. *28 min. west *>053 feet distant, ti
oust marked S 300 No. I: thence north IS
deg. co min. w 30) fee» to corner No. 2. a post i
tiuM-ked S 30 No. TL thence north 55 deg.,
!5 inin. east no feet to creel; toO)feet to corner
Vo. 3 ioeoiicel with corner No. 2 ot Kodiak,
Lode Ml vev No. 303. a lH>st marked S. 300 No.
lilt hence south IS deg. 00 min. east 300 feet to 1
corner vo. ! identical with corner No. 1 of stir- j
v«<\ Vo :n‘.i non fret to corner No. 5. identical
w > ro. ot*. Vo. 0 of survey No. 303. a post
;rd s 3('a No. V; thence south 55 deg. 15 ,
,, o vest ft ') feet to creek. 1500 fi*«'t. to corner |
> it a oof i .«> rkeb S. 300 Vo. 0. whence Min- :
, n i' ooueneni No. 3 bears south 5 deg. 00 nun. j
v\ m t feet oLiant: thence North IS deg. (H) ,
min. w< -i 3C0 ieet to corner No. 1, the place of
111'** i i»«) i og.
Arc.*. 19.S.I5 acres.
Va»i;»i ion at all corners. £0 (leg. 35 min. east.
1ming at corner no. 1. identical with corner !
Xo j of U.non Lode, survey Xo. 301. whence IT. ,
s >) I mmv : Afnon.ppnt No. 3 bears south 38 deg. |
(tin n vest . ,32 feet distant: thence north 18 j
< \ < it.* n. \ ('st 300 feet t<* corner No. 2. a post j
marker s 301 No. IT: thence north. 00 deg. 30;
,i v ca.si iron feet to corner No. 3. ;t post ;
marked s. 301 Xo. Ill: thence south 18 deg. 00 ,
min e;*st anofeei to corner No. 4. identical with j
cornet No. 1 of survey No. 290. rolumbia Lode.
1*o feet across 1 rainway, 000 feet to corner i
Xo. 5. idenne il with corner No, 0 of survey no. ]
*299. a post marked S. 301 No. 5: whence N. E. j
corner of ouart/. mill bears south 0 deg. 30 min, ,
east S5 f(M‘t distant: thence south 00 dog. 30 min. .
west s > feet across tramway 950 feet across i
tramwav I500feet to corner No. 0. identfeal with j
cornm* No. 5 of survey No. 304 on south slope of j
bill 15 feet below railronl track, a post marked j
S. 3ni No. VI: thence north is degrees 00 min. j
west 300 feet to cornor No. 1. the place of be
Area. *20.216 acres.
Variation. 20 deg. 35 min. east.
Beginning at corner 1, identical with corner |
Xo. 4 of survey No. 800. whence U. S. Mineral;
Monument No. 3 bears south 2i deg. to min. ;
west 3745.6 feet distant: thence north 18 deg. 00 ,
min. west 800 feet to corner No 2. identical with .
coiner Xo. 3 of survey No. 3oo: thence north
55 deg. 15 min. east 15oo feet to corner No, 3.
inautical with corner No. 2 of T nion Lode, sur
vey Xo. Sol: thence south is deg. 00 min. east j
800 feet 10coiner Xo. 4. 600 feet to corner No, 1
5. idem icrl with corner No. 6 of survey No. 304; j
thence .011 th 55 deg. 45 min. west 15oo feet to ,
comer No. 6 identical with corner No. 5 of sur
vey No. ,800: theme north 18deg. 00 min. west
800 feet to corner Xo. 1. the place of beginning.
Area, RS85acres.
Variat ion *?o deg. 35 min. east.
i Beginning at corner No. 1, at intersection of
lode line and S. W. end line, identical with cor
ncr No. 3 of survey No 808. w hence U. S Mineral
i Monument N<>. 3 bears south 3o deg. 52 min.
i west 5o5t feet distant; thence north 18 deg. 00
min. west 3oo feet to corner No. 2. identical with
i corner No. 3 of survey No. 3o3. a post marked S.
SCd No. II: thence north 02 deg. 3o min. east 15oo
1 feet to corner No. 8. identical with corner No. 2
j *f Liberty Lode, survey No. 3ol, a post marled
IS. 3o4 No. 3: thence south 18 deg. 00 min. east
Soo feet to corner No. 4. identical with corner
No. 1 of survey No. Sol, at intersection of lode
• line. Goo feet to corner No. 5. identical with cor
! ner No. 0 of survey No Sol, whence shaft hears
west 455 feet and winze of tunnel No. 2 bears
! south 80 deg. 00 min. west 685 feet distant,
tunnel No. 1 bears south 67 deg. 00 min. w*est
51 o feet distant, a post marked S. 3o4 No. 5;
' thence south 62 deg. 80 min. west 62o feet to a
I point 2o feet below' the S. K. corner of black
smith shop by mouth of tunnel. 15oo feet to
corner No. 6. identical with corner No. 5 of sur
vey No. 808, a i>ost marked S. 8o4 No. VI; thence
north 18 deg. 00 min. west 3oo feel to corner
No. 1. the place of beginning.
Area. 2o.;*77 acres.
Variation. 2o deg. 85 min. east.
The several notices of locations and re-locu
tions or the different claims are as follows:
Those of the Columbia Lode are of record cn
the Unga Mining District .records, aesignatn g
For the information of the many prospectors
now planning to enter the Valdez Creek Min
ing (District, and the creeks tributary to the
Yentna’river during the coming winter, via the
[The only practical Winter Route
irom the Outside to 'he Susitna
Valley and the Valdez Creek Mining
the Al.ska Commercial Company wishes to state
that they are now prepared to supply the rap
idly increasing trade of the District from the
large stock of Merchandise which they are car
rying at Susitna Station.
Pianos and Safes Moved ..
Give us your orders for Coal 8c Wood
General Forwarders PHONE MAIN Seward, Alaska
SeUtk-Valdez-SewarJ Route-Direct Service
cyviT/^ A X1 A XT Sails from Seattle Nov. 1; returning
£)tr# I U vA 1 ; 1M sails from Seward Nov. 8,
•Str PENNSYLVANIA ?S “i ..*“"*
Str. SANTA CLARA from Seward Nov. 24.
* Connects with S, S. Dora
Alaska Peninsula Route
Cfn unnn A 99 Sails from Seward 15th of etteh month for Unalaska, and way ports
Oil ■ UUK A Returning due in Seward 5tl» of following month.
(gjuAll sailings subject to change without notice
JOHN H. BUNCH, F. & P. A., Pier One, Seattle
said claim under the following names, to-wit:
Name Daie When and Where Recorded
Ounalaska, July 24, 1887. July 30, 188,, Book A,
fp. 57.
Ounalaska. Jan. 1, 1892, Jan. 1 1892 Book B. p 55.
Ounalaska Jan. 1, 1894, Jan. 1. 1894, B, P-89.
Columbia. Jon. 1, 1896. Jan. 1. 1896, B p. 11.).
Those of the Bertha Lode are as follows:
Name Date When and Where Recorded.
Trio, Aug, 4. 1887, Aug. 11, 1887. Book A. p. 83.
Trio. Jan. 1. 1892, Jan. 1, 1892. “ B, p. 60.
Bertha. Jan. 1, 1896, Jan. 1, 189(5. B, p. 120.
Those of the Liberty Lode are as follows:
Name Date When and Where Recorded.
Gildea. July 21. 1887. July 30. 1887, Book A. p. 58.
Gildea. Jan. 1, 1892, Jan. 1, 1892. ;; B. p. 5(5
Gildea. Jan. 1. 1894, Jan. 1,1894, #i B. p. 90.
Liberty, Jan. 1, 1896. Jan. 1. 1896, B, p. 1L.
Those of the Kodiak Lode are as follows:
Name Dm When and Where Recorded.
Mocking Bird. July 29, 1887, Aug. 10, 1887. Book
IA p. 63.
Mocking Bird, Jan. 1. 1892, Jan. 1, 1892. Book B,
|p. .)8.
Mocking Bird, Jan. 1,1894, Jan. 1,1894, Book B.
Ip, 92.
Kodiak, Jan, 1. 1896, Jan. 1, 189b. Book B. p. 118.
Those of the Union Lode are as follows:
Name Date, When end where Recorded.
Beowa, July 24. 1887, July 30 1887. Book A, p, 59.
Beowa, Jan. 1. 1892, Jan. 1. 1892. B. p. 57.
Beowa. Jan. 1. 1894, Jan. 1. 1894, " B. p. 91.
Union. Jan. 1. 1895, Jan. 1. 1895, “ B, p. 117.
Said group of contiguous claims extend from
Squaw Harbor along the range of bills to with
in half a mile of the divide between Salmon
creek and Squaw Harbor, and are what is
known as the Bruce Lode or Vein. There are
no known adjoining claims.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
mining ground, vein, lode or premises, or any .
portion thereof so described, surveyed, platted
and applied for, are hereby notilied that unless
their adverse claims are duly tiled according to
law' and the regulations thereunder within the
time prescribed by law, with the Register and
Receiver of the United States Land Oftice at
Juneau, Alaska, they will be barred by virtue of
the provisions of the statutes.
JOHN W. DUDLEY, Register.
It is hereby ordered that the forego
ing notice be published for iLe s.itutory
period in the Seward Gateway a dally
newspaper printed at Seward, Alaska.
JOHN W. DUDLEY. Register.
First publication, July 27, 1908.

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