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• I
"X. - /
Piedras Negras,Mexico, Oct. 2—The
fedreal army is closing in on the rebel
army at this point. The rebels are
fleeing northward, burning villages
and looting the inhabitants. One hun
dred Americans, fearing rebel out
rages, have departed for the American
Eagle Pass, Tex., Oct. 2-U. S.Con
sul Blocker has sent a warning to Am
erican residents of Piedras Negras
that they must tleethe scene forthwith,
or forfeit the protection of the United
San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 2—Cavalry
and artillery are being rushed from
here to Eagle Pass, to protect Ameri
can refugees.
Olympia. Oct. 2—Governor Lister of
Washington has named November 9 as
“Puritv Dav”. On' tnat occasion, he
urges the ministers of all churches to
deliver sermons on social and moral
purity and newspapers to publish edi
torials along the same lines.
Bandits Take Town
Hankow, China., Oct, 2—The out
lying town of 'i'&aoyang, in ( hina, has
been captured by armed bandits, ac
cording to advices received here today.
Five American and four Norwegian
missionaries have oeen taken captive.
Japan Aggressive
Tokio, Oct. 2—The Japanese propose
to establish a garrison of two thousand
soldiers at Hanko, China. The Brit
ish, it is understood, are complaisant
over the plan.
favor Recognition
Pekin, Oct. 2—At a meeting of the
foreign diplomatic corps in Pekin, it
wa> the concensus of opinion, as ex
pressed by a vote, that the republic of
China should be recognized by all for
eign powers.
King’s Wife Better
Munich, Oct. 2—The wife of former
King Mauuel of Portugal is fully restor
ed to health, following an attempt to
kill her by the administration of poi
son in her food.
TheJMariposa sailed west from Ju
neau at noon today.
Fishing tackle at J. L. Graef’s. t
Life preservers at J. L. Graef ?s. *
Meet me at the Branch *
Budweiser beer at the Branch.
New York, Oct. 2—A terrific rain.
; fall yesterday caused the worst tieup
| of traffic in the history of the metropo
lis. For hours the rain steadily de
scended, creating a veritable deluge
j of water. The great subway was
j Hooded and transportation through it
closed down. A million people, una
blt to reach home by the subway,
j were jammed in the st reets and be
i came drenched to the skin.
To preserve order during the ordeal
| large numbers of reserve policemen
j were on duty.
New York, Oct. 2—Following a re
conciliation between I)r. Blake, the
noted surgeon, and his wife, the alien
j ation suit for a million dollars, insti
tuted by Mrs. Burke against Mrs.
j Clarence J. Mackay will probably be
| withdrawn.
Thrown on Streets
j -
San Francisco, Oct. 2—Thousands of
| women of the underworld, driven out
i of the Barbery Coast district by the
local authorities, are swarming about
! the city, seeking lodgingsin hotels and
i rooming houses. The lid is on tight
in t lie ‘old red light district.
Little (Ones Burned
Madera, Cal., Oct. 2-The residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Balbosa was burned to
I the ground last night. Two children
| of the couple were incinerated, the
mother being a helpless witness to the
iTakes His Own Life

Seattle, Oct. 2.—Upon being in
! formed by physicians that blindness
was inevitable in his case, Fdward
Caandall, a local expressman, took a
| dose of poison last night and died soon
j after. __
!Warehouse Burns
| • -
Los Angeles, Oct. 2—Barker’s ware
house in Los Angeles was wholly con
snmed by ffre last night. The loss is
placed at a quarter of a million dollars.
- . —— — - - - -
The Pioneer Meat Market, under the
proprietorship of F. W. Small, the
pioneer butcher, opened for business
in cozy quarters yesterday.
Meet me at the Branch. *
Twenty-gauge, 1913 model shot guns
at J. L. Graef’s. X
Mr. Evans, of the Carstens Packing
Co., will have for specials this week
fresh moose, fresh spareribs, fresh
boiled haras, fresh cooked ox tongue. *
New York, Oct. 2—A tragedy in the j
! upper strata of society is revealed by
the shocking and brutal murder last
night of Miss Lucille Singleton, aged
' 19, by William Craighorn, a student of
I Columbia university.
All the police known about the mat
ter is that Miss Singleton, Craighorn |
| and an unknown male companion took J
an auto ride late last night. As the •
auto slowed down, in crossing a curb,
Craighorn and the other man, unob
served by the chauffeur, stepped out
and disappeared in the crowd.
Hearing moans, the chauffeur inves-1
tigated. The girl had bean stabbed j
with a knife ten times. She died en-i
route to a hospital.
The victim was a music student and !
a daughter of rich, prominent people, j
The police are mystified.
Stanford, Oct. 2. — A young man, en- j
tirely nude, his body smeared with
grease, attacked a girl student of Stan
ford last nignt. After a struggle the
girl escaped unharmed. A hundred
other girl students who witnessed the j
attack from a distance, were panic
stricken and tied in terror from the
scene. The man made his escape.
Kidnaper is foiled
Portland, Ore., Oct. 2—On the eve
of her wedding to another, Arthur
Hammer, aged 25, made an effort to
kidnap Miss Ida Nassang, aged 16.
Two girl friends aided Miss Nassang in
frustrating the plans of the kidnaper. '
Kills Wife and Son

San Francisco. Oct. 2.—Gilbert Dep,
an octogenarian, murdered his wife and
son and then committed suicide last
night. The cause is surrounded in
mystery. Dep was a gunsmith by
trude and was an old-time resident of
this city.
New Seattle P. M.
Seattle, Oct. 2— Edgar Battle, demo
crat, has succeeded Ed. C. Russell,
requblican, as postmaster of Seattle.
The appointee is a brother of Alfred
Battle, a prominent local attorney.
The U. S. coast and geodetic survey
boat MacArthur arrived yesterday
afternoon from Cook’s inlet, where it
has been employed in taking soundings,
charting, etc.
Finch’s Golden Weuaing rye at the
Branch. / *
• ». .—.. ■
Evinrude motors $75, at J. L. Graef’s.
Long distance telephone booth at the
Branch. *
Much has been said and written
about the physical distress and suffer
ings of the natives of Alaska, hut the
relief and assistance so much needed
seem as far away as ever. Why a so
called Christian government should be
so tardy in extending relief to its
wards is yet to he explained.
That the aborigines, need medical
care and attention may he proved by
citing a few cases taken at random:
Recently, on Cook inlet, a native
child died from the effects of a burn.
Medical care would have saved it.
Another child died from a bloody
tumor of the eye. The removal of the
eve would have relieved the affliction.
Another child suffers from spinal
disease. . Death is inevitable unless
medical treatment is given.
A young dative man is going blind.
Can only see a little at night, as he
cannot stand the light of day.
A mother not able to be about for a
year, could be cured with surgical aid.
Years of suffering and untimely
death, with vain appeals for help, are
so common that something humane
should be done.
Dr. Romig has taken the initiative
in so far as he is able, and now pro
poses and will soon have ready a small
building where natives may come and
receive medical and surgical care, lie
proposes to furnish the quarters and
free medical service to those that can
find the means to come and receive
care. The items of transportation,
heat, light and sustenance will be ex
pected from those coming and from
their friends and charitable people.
The place will he called St. Luke’s,
to designate it from the Pioneer Hos
pital, since they will he entirely sepa
rate institutions.
This is an entirely charitable move
on the part of the doctor, with no hope
or expectation of remuneration, and
should call for some help or considera
tion from the friends of the native.
The field and scope of this work is
expected to reach from Prince Will
iam sound to ITnalaska.
Los Angeles, Oct. 2—Bixby, the
millionaire who has been on trial on a
charge of contributing to the delin
quency of girls in their teens has been
declared not guilty.
— .- ■■■■ — ■ ■ ■ ■■
Liner Turns Back
Seattle, Oct. 2—The liner Minnesota,
one day out from Seattle enroute to
the Orient,was compelled to turn back,
due to disabled machinery.
A. B. meeting 8 o’clock this evening,
Thursday, October 2.
Lilly’s fly killer at J. L. Graef’s. *
Savage 22 High Power rifles at J. L.
Graef’s. _ t
Meet me at the Branen.

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