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The daily Alaskan. [volume] (Skaguay [Skagway] Alaska) 1898-1899, July 02, 1898, FOURTH OF JULY EDITION, Image 2

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0 no ROE V. OeSUCCA.
Pn>t>i t?-t- >r.
.i>lkNh?il >"vi-ry day except Sunday.
s> i nimox ? L<f> Onto For We?k.
t'OI HTII or J( l.v.
I I >AILY ALASKAN today celebrates
tie : is Fourth of July, the natal Jay
wR pobik, the Jav that marks and
u rU forev er, the beginning of an era
' i I tfa: - jf mei: the like of which the
world, as o|J ;ts she is, *>ever saw before.
I -tl :u-s and Cicero have thundervJ
down the ages of a freedom thev never
-*\\ H '.uer and Horace have sung
sweet n:.-.ic of libertv and peace bom onlv
of r - fertile imaginings Gibbon and
have chronicled the virtues and
f i. the rise and the fall of the two!
\t.. i;ev.,| p,? ?.l!*>fj?s, and Imperial
st Jin a soft, sylvan tongue
' sweet blessing was a Republic ?
' >r Cn-sar.
t ? :itil the sound of the life and the
>! it I raided in that great declaration ?
"w - in the course of human events" ? j
! religious liberty had been a mere
f \\ >rds, .1 tinkling cymbal to
'.lie people dance to the tune of a
wonderful changes have passed j
-? kaliedoscope of human events
? F nirth Jav if July, 1776, when
?> rican Continental Congress gave
Jefferson's declaration, the whole
? r new world was under a foreign
i: 1 foreign tyrant. All the people
we ,'!ess. There was 110 precedent
h 1 set their face, w hen looking
lior ttion of their wrongs. If
/ >1. Cuba today and imagine her
tsed by a feeling that there were
p!e to sympathize with or help
I*" : :t she was therefore enslaved
. , 1 ;t which springs eternal in
a heart, we 'will have almost a
. the condition, .it east of the
d S. .a American states at tnat
ey were then ui.Jer the same
iow truises the heaJ and heart
< -r ot self-congr it illation,
tiu Declaration of hiJepend
tiiw* Fourth Jay of July, 1776,
.e alike to the people of the j
i io.iiesand those of all America
? Worid. But it dl<J not stop 1
lyctre. nurtured in an atmos- ;
tvluii, went back to Li Helle
;,w .it once dipped his sword to the
1 ! .jJ of the revolution, until
the \ "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"
'?vc ?. .rd writing 011 the wall, inter
re >uis Sixteenth on the Place de
In Madame La Guu; .line.
S . .? trumpet blast of freedom,
; ; r, v.*e ik little colony, h;.s
?n '.ed down the Can
v . ,'il Spain is panic-stricken
. tile illicit i>\/ of the sounj.
T i <^s are what the Fourth of
J ' Us celebration is simply
a : 1 1 f our re\ erence t->r the Jay
and or syapaUiy ior
ti nutici tte' in tlu. American
L J-pendi. ee.
i ? to . . a great t>at
l : ..vCorj.n< to the press Jiv
f i. ?? - ! how in . r.v times \> as
l!. ^sfOn u-<J about Dewey in Ma
ilt. . 11, Dew ey was away from tht
te. ?> ni.es and could not be jockied.
? f P. I. says: "file railway from
hliy. . miles are completed, the otlkrr
five, it J. It is expected to be completed
tc 1 i..- ttc-nucit b" tlie end of Julv.
fir -r thou- nd boats have passed lavish
en route to Dawson. Incendiary tires at
Ska^aay were discovered in time to pre
~*Ti ?erw>US lOSS:"
Forgive the P. I. Its effort to tell the
truth is sincere, but want of prnctior makes
t ? !\it flitiie. Practice only makes
pelted. ?
Tin1 Ciinwliu Pwcifie steamers "Tar
tar < r ' Athenian" arrive every Mon
day t I t and sail Tuesday forenoons.
Kr '<kfts and aecoramodations
ai-f Canadian I acitie Ky. ofHce
314 ' way. F. J. lliker, ajrent.
Ici ( > . m at-thr Knokery Restaurant.
Iwto ? ..en eeU to lalm BenMti in
iaij. iii.\ i ? r shape. We can pack your
frv 1 1- l<ake Itennett. guarantee jyood
and ija'ik delivery and a low rate
Rfr Walker. Hotel Mondamin,
"-W;<; y Li>t your real estate for sale
r :? ?>. with us. You will find us ener
jWti< ? t!i vour interests, aud you can
iX>'< i' ? quick action.
T ?' dice, Sam Kwbcrts mixer and
dipj ar.
rtit S|*ncer Atkinson Cojnnany is
> '.ne lakes is beiny pushed rap
, si l?y ienecd
Dissolution Notice.
I Tho partnership heretofore existing
I in the Keal Kstuto tirm known as the
?Skagna.f Kenl Estate aud Investment
Coitipfcny, U dissolved by /mutual con
i\uu>eut, J. Allan Hornnby retiring
iron; thd firm.
J. Allxn Mokxsby.
A. 11. WtVAKT.
J. O. Vkice. -
i t =_r? - \
Noticc of Partnership Dlsolution,
. ? -
The partnership heretoforo existing be
tween Nick Weber and Rudolph Doet
; vwler, under the tirm name of Weber &
! 1) etwyler, in Skaguay, Alaska, is tills
| J iv dissolved by mutual conseht. Said
' NM< Weber withdrawing from said tirm
j inJ Rudolph Doetwyler continuing said
business in his own name, assuming all
. Jinn liabilities and owning all assets of
| said tirm. Rudolph Doetwyler,
Nick Weber.
I Skaguay, Alaska. June 20th, 1898.
Everest sells ham, bacon and lard.
Furnish tip your home* ami lie com
? >rt thle with folding beds, springs, and
; inaUrwJHs, rockers, stands, chenille
. (Hirticrs, lace curtains, carpet x, matting,
I iiuo euui, dining chairs, ti*?il<*s, Lunps.
' olooiK, cook stoves, etc. at the Du Bois
! fyr?Hiirt> company, th?> housi* furni-{i
iTs, Broadway, next to the Moudamm
Hottd, cor. Holly Street.
Official Directory
The following is the official directory
for the district of Alaska :
liorernor ? John (J. Hrntio; Private
: Secrt tary, Mis. Gertrude Knapp.
I'. S. Judge ? C. S. JoIhisoii.
I*. S. Attorney ? Burton E. Benett.
A stant District A 1 tor m y? - A Wflcd
.1 . i>a ly .
[)??? lict Clerk Albert I). Elli"t.
Deputy Olork ? Walton 1). MeNair.
U. >. -J. M. Sioap.
Surveyor General? W; L. Distill.
Ri'gster ? John \V. Dudley,
Receiver ? R-wwell Shelly.
Court Interpreter ? tieorge Koslrotne
Cuiuiuis>i mers ? W.^Tuttle, Sitka :
Xornaiu K. Malcolui, Juneau; K. M,
Jackson, Wraugel ; L. Ii. Woodward,
Cnnlask.i; Phillip (Jalla*;her, Kadiak:
(.' . A. Sehlbrede, Dyca; W. J. Jonee,
' Circle t.Uty; Chan. II. Ishaiu. I'ngu.
Deputy Marshals ? W. A. McNair,
I Sitka; S W. Stale v. Juneau: Andrew G.
Rays, WranjrehJ. F. McDonald, Dong
las ; Edward C. Hasey, Kadiak ; Lewis
L. Bowers, Unga ; James C. Blaine.
L'nalaska; S. S. Taylor, St Michaels;
J. J. liutledgo, Circle City; J W.
Snack, Dyea.
Deputy Internal Revenue Collector ?
11. E. Battin.
Educational Agent ? Sheldon Jack
?cant Agent ? William Hamilton.
of Schools ? W. A. ily.
nis tress at Sitka ? Mrs. A. 51. J
Archa.ijfelsky, >
Po*>U.hu?ter at Skajfuay ? W, B. Samp
customs offickrs.
Collator ? J. \V. Ivey.
Special Deputy ? W. P. McWrido.
Denuty and Inspector ? Wiu. Millmore !
and C. L. Andre vs. Silka
Di'putt Collector ? ? ? Conncll
In-i;>cci >rs nt Juneau ? Lorinj; K. Ad
ams. Louis blunientlial.
Deputy Collectors ? Joseph Arment,
Wranjjel ; E. M. Van Slyck, Mary Is
land. \\* (?. Thomas, Kodiuk: (J. \Y.
Caton, C<?ok's Inlet : T. E. Holmes,
Karink: J. F. Sinn>tt, I'ng'.i : John P.
Word. I'lialanka : ErwJn Anders, St,
Michaels; Charles Smith, Circle City,
i Jos. Hoyd, SkajfUay.
Inspectors Afloat ? J S. Slater, P. A.
Smith, Ox-ar (iard, E. llurrinan, Thos.
S. Lake ard Thos. A. Mnrkham
: : Pioneer Shoemaker, : :
Kepuiriti.; Nently Done.
M:iln str?M't unit Trail, Nkuguay.
The [hicaqo, Milwaukee
1- ? ' * / ?!
ft St. Pau' Railway.
This Railway Co.
Operates its trains on the famous block
system ;
, Lights its tr.tins by electricity thjough
| out ;
Uses the celebrated electric berth reading
lamp ;
Runs splendidly equipped passenger trains
j every day and night between St. Paul
l and Chicago, and Omaha and Chicago;
Chicago Milwaukee &
St. Paul
Also operates steam-heated vestibuled
trains, carrying the latest private
. mpartment cars, library buffet smok
ing cars, and palace drawing room
Pa -lor cars, fue r-.-lining ch :ir cars and
the very bes dii nig car service.
For lowest rates to any point in the
United States or Canada, apply tc
ticket agent, >r address
"The Grotto,"
J. HKNRY FOSTER, Proprietor.
FnrnUheU room* uiirs.
Sixth Avenue, bitwvfa Broadway ^udStuio
Tlte B?siip<dl ?1T Tmdl??
Holly Street.
Fins Wines, Liquors
$ Clears.
A High Class Resort. Mixed Drinks a Specialty
?? I.ee Guthrie, fcroprlctof,
? ? - ROYAL
DAVE BLAKE, I'roprictor. tj ? ? i ? m? m >
Incandescent Lights. Seating Capacity, 1,200. Steam Heated.
| Just Rrriyed~{
A Big Shipment of Fancy
| Greamery Butter |
wwir i iimx :xl. i huimuu 1 1
an J fresh Washington -Ranch Errs.
M. K. Kalem.
Mr. K.tlem, the importer, sells all kinds of fresh vegetables. Call and >ee our display
*-? _ < lirV v /
mT _i
A'- iolutely Pure.
We handle noth'ng but Lake Ice. Office at cold storage.
3rd Avenue ,md Spring St. Opposite Railway office.
New York and Alaska
Trading- & Mining- Co.
Beadqimrt* r&for '
Miner' Outfits, Jlothing, Provisions
and Ladies Wear.
lib i > enue, between Broadway and State.
Architect and Builder
Flans Drawn and Contracts Taken.
It <-sldenc?, corner Kuisur und Ivy si.
Morning Oregonian
Oigar Store. . . .
C TuUuiV??, Ft llits
Nuts and Candy;
Asent Orecjonian ? Skapuay' and Dyea.
Fxpress Nijjht or Day.
Schilling's Best m ean s :
we have taken your money
and spent it for
?r* htklnf pcw^tr
toffee flavoring extract*
?odd (Rd (pice*
as well as we know how to.
Your grocer pays your
money 1 ack if you don't
li':e thein.
1 u
C. W. Everest.
General Merchandise, Storage
and Commission.
J 1
Corner Broadway and Bond K tree tit
l s
? v
Sengfelder, f
Jeff Smith's PARLORS.
Formerly First Bank of Skaguav.
Holly Street.
Vlost Elegantly Furnished Resort in Alaska.
'^ines and
Havanna Cigars.
Special Attention Paid to Service.
STo Cards
No Gnmes.
Alaska Forwarding Co.
Win. J. Meyer?, Managvr.
Spencer -Atkinson Co.
OUTFIT! -..w.
Bond St, Near Broadway
Lilly Brotli 0T3,
Flour, Hay. Feed,
Beans, Raisins, Figs,
Dried Fruits, Cereals.
Salt, Etc.
Reserved for
Kelly & Co.,
Skaguay nod Dawson City.
maintains Stations at all Points in Southern CJClestern A 1
General AlflSkfl
(?ir.mercial HlKIS
Operates Fast Steamers between San Francisco, UNALASKA and ST. MICHAEL, and to ail points between
Sitka, Kodlak and Unaiaska,and to COPPER RIVER ;iod COOK INLET.
KW ELLKST PA8SEWEK SKItVlCE TUB U KOJI HI VKIt by Steamers, Alloc. Bell*, Mar8?i?;
Victoria, Leah and Yukon, anJ others in course of construction.
* %
For all information apply to AIjASKA COHinHUCIAL CO. 3 lO Sa.l.omc Mr S.n;Fr?f.cis?>.

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