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The daily Alaskan. [volume] (Skaguay [Skagway] Alaska) 1898-1899, July 02, 1898, FOURTH OF JULY EDITION, Image 4

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Local Mention.
Krvoh ranch always on han<l at
it t le Star.
I he Al Ki is expected hcnirly from thei
V ?ui;J. She is now two days overdue.
? IVn'.'t forgot Satrer an<I Kilcy the I
r cipHr^nannfurtaiiTS.
If voj liave property to sell, buy or rent
see Ross.i & Walker, MonJainin hotel.
Wanted For Cash? Steamer or
N>i| lith bunch or k<kh] sailing Y;icht.
Arttrst be cheap. Apply L. K. this office.
Why Joes'nt some one get the baby
Jo tkey and put hiin in the celebration of
his c > mtry's birth Jav.
Okk A>SAYKD.- If vou have any spe
din is vj i .lesire assayed, call oil Rossa
A Walker, MonJamin Hotel.
l'omorrow evening there wiil be union
servias at Union Church. Rev. J. A.
Sinclair will officiate.
If v m have .1 mining claim to sell, see
us. Rossa Walker, Mondaraln Hotel.
Best ice cream is at parlors on State
If ail the Jogs of Skaguay could be
parjJeJ on the Fourth, what a s!*ht it
??>: J! ! There must be thousands of
thein. ,v -
Do not forget the Grand opening next
Saturday eve n ..g at the .Wuogram for
merly the Kentudcey House. Good mu
sic and a nice free lunch. 3-t
If vou want a Jioinr cooked men! you
? shtuiid gy to the new Vienna, Mrs. L.
t ne Indians should fcrm an interesting
. of the parade. If thev could only
v e tr ?her isettesjthat were niaje for the
cunmit ( their cup of happiness woulJ
? K\ . mplete.
We p ck vour freight to L ke Bennett
?i?J i! points at lowest rites. Quick 'and
?its ? y guaranteed. Rossa & Walker.
V ? ;r?r.i, fori! -rlv the Kentucky
H ? to have a grnnd opening
i iy eve ; July 2, i8y8.
I invited. j-t I
:e Indians are camping in the j
C Th b.i iar.ee are *?cattered !
. :n v;k ;.t houses kindly j
.oa;.r . . y t. . owners.
-Three te- ,n<c. nplets (hor
ies, - vv;ii;.' < ,;rty t. ns of toed;
n\ .;*j'.inJ meal.) Evervthing
rs: jiiire Creuaier & Noves,
e;.' 'Jot?!, pyea. 6-jo-j\v
Mcians iiired for the Fourth
;?? . ,;5 each of their pay for the
?0: I . committee. They are re
.e. i ry day so that they will be
j!. . ; red to meet the emergency
1 ui' ite? the ti.'lebrit(il olu
k " j.*:""' 1 y hoUlori iu Ih.i iJ
v*- Green last evening received a
;tf<r : ? ' itnJ at White Horse, dated
1 le reported things getting
i Hi says about eighty boats
? ind or.ly nine peopli were
Fr. ed to Lake H -nnett at low
est : . . e some good business open
13? . ty for sale nrJ rent in all
. art ty. Rossa & Walker.
Mr. 'iow living at c wnp three
: lie . .he east fork, most of his
Tie" rklng up there.
elm stiiok oNnuiti
i *t -r? oui! 'ing and I t
v W ' ? i ? :er AV ndamin I
?117 ay h."s completed the .
?4^ 1 1 aHm h.i^ c0nc 1
n : v ,-rk 1 syond the 1
and hair building j
. i.j 'dw. - , renting for 5roojt?r'
r.< ? .u.. cdirurv low figure. 1
- M ? mil H tel.
brink's out a good lot of '
"dusi. xpected, so that it can be
>,>.?? .1 .* ? State before the St. Mi
chel* < there, every ....ng will be i
ofr w ,4 " il water route."
ll' > that :iri: fresh, go U
C ' ret id A. Co. v te street, p
pu-si'i r hlook. 6-27lot :
The I s.;iw brought up word from Jr.
11W 1 tii it i : ? \i Ki hid rev ived iuju-y t a j
her amciiiuery <>nd would not be in until
WANTKD! A position as bookkeeper,
cashier, saleslady, or housekeeper, by a
lady. First J ass references. Address box
?14 Skaguav, Alaska. 1 |
Evervbodv should remember to make \
le ciiiidren have a ti
little ourselves once.
the children have a tine Fourth. We were
A man of genius join* to the gold fields |
will give share of what he finds for the
use of a few pack horses to Bennett. Ad- 1
dress A. Erastus, Skaguay.
Citizens of Skaguay have given enough
prizes to justify the committee in expect
ing large entries for the contests. The
day ought to be an enjoyabltf one for
Rev. Father Rougis will hold service
at Mrs. Doyle's, on McKinney street, next
door to the DAILY ALASKAN office, at 9
o'clock Sunday morning.
Anonymous communications are a
coward's device. The difference between
the "weakley weekly" and the "only
onlv" is that "Attorney" and "American"
would be compelled to father their fabri
cations in the Only L*aily in Alaska.
The Colorado lodging house, is one of
the best tilnccH in Skaguay to pet a clean
comfortable bed. East end of Ilolly
Street near Hotel Astoria.
The Rev. L. S. Wooden, an Episcopal
ian minister, arrived in this city a few
days ago, was sent by the Mission board
to Rev. Dr. Campbell to assist him in the
Mission work In Stagtiay anJ Alaska
Dr. Campbell says that he has not yet
decided on how those two points are to be
supplied, but the probability Is that a
portion of Mr. YVooden's time wfll be
given to Skaguuy while he is visiting
other points. _
G. S. Ohurchwanl <k Co.. carry a flne
line of fruits.
Everest sells sash uud doors at cut
There are now five clergymen in Skng
uay, .ill of them proposing to remain.
They must think Skaguay needs "the
word" pretty badly.
Evtrrat sells rubber gan'.en hose*
Ev. rest sells John Stetson lints.
The grape vine telegraph to Bennett is
in fine working order these days. Reports
come thick and fast.
Parker vt Aggers, (Jem-nil Commission
Merchants, Seattle and Skaguay.
Ev rest sells Hour $<>.00 a bt>l
For ;;ood, clean IhhIs at a reasonable
price go to the Colorado lodging house
Ea?t ?*nd of Holly Street.
All parties making water connections be
tween now and August ist will be given a
rebate of thirty per cent.
A. JACKSON, Manager.
The Skaguay news depot has a com
plete lire of flags, stars, bunting, festoon
ing, lantenis, etc., for the 4th of July cele
bration. '
Everest sells all kinds of groceries at
The Spencer Atkins*. n Co1 has the
most oinpietc stork' of groceries in tfie
city, ,iii>l sell at wholesale and retail.
The Iiookery Itcstaumnt llmadway j
L-t. l>oii(1and .Mi- Kinney St.fcK Cream.
i < t Kin <m J( x?Ti('i:.
All the merchants and business men j
who Intend to participate in Hie p.imds or
trades display will please notify the com- !
mitteeat once. We hope all whocan will j
do something.
J. A. ENNIS, Committee.
If you want a good gla?s of l>eer, go
o Ga." Schade the "JU'r King 'of Skug
a ay, Louvre Cafe. Holly (ttth) Ave., few
(Uk below Theatre U?>yal. Ueer lo
?.eu 'might.
lo.irtli of July Notice.
- executive committee announce the
follow ing sporting contests for the day:
1 Horserace ? X mile at low tide.
2 too yard foot race? Open to all.
j 50 y 'rd sack race? Open to al|.
4 100 yard fat men's race? 200 Jpounds
or over.
5 75 yard ladies' race? Open to all,
6 Bicycle race ? Lenght of whrrf.
7 Pole ..limbing contest? Open to all.
8 Tug of war? Eight men.
Entries for tnese contests must be made
not later than Saturday evening, to T. J.
The committee will Consider any other
contests th it may be offered.
('ii.trler Continue ( mil Mm.;ua>
IS tii ! in orpnr;<.tc<? Clt y-1'licii
Muy be Amended ?
lt? rroYt.itout.
'I . ; Co :i.cil met l is: evening in regular1
weekly sion; and passed the water J
franchise. :jecr<. . try L. vis w is not pre- |
sent at tile meeting, still as the provisions I
of the b II had beem fully agreed
to in conference his pres
-i\v was not necessary. The bill as
it pasM-d pr >v*ido thai the franchise shall
:o.uin.ie ia . >rce until the town shall have
been regularly incorporated under Federal
; iw, and until a town government shall be
elected under jt. Then such town govern
ment snail nave power to amend the fran
chise in any reasonable manner. In the ;
mcautiiae the city sitali pay to tiie water !
company per month for water for fire i
service. The council has the right to lo-l
cate tne pipes. The company agrees to !
maintain the *ysteni iq good order for the I
supply of a sufficient quantity of water t<> I
serve the city at all times.
After the council had agreed to the terms !
of the franchise, in conference with Mr.
Lewis, that gentleman said it was the
intention of tlie company to present to the
city a receip ed biM for the first years
tire water. The new bill will become a '
law as soon .ts it is signed, accepted and !
Resteurant doing one of the best busl- 1
ntss in the city for sale. Rosaa & Walker j
\ Mondamin H >tel.
FOR RENT? Fine office rooms Qn Broad
way. Rossa Walker Mondamin Hotel.
FOR SALE? Finest restaurant ontfit in I
Alaska, very S cheap. Rsssa & Walker
, Mondamin Hotel.
HOUSE FOR RENT.? Inquire of G- S.
Churchward. State street near 3rd. Ave
nue. 6-27- lot
The Spencer Atkinson Co. Ik located
on the north side of Bond St. near
V- ????. j5?^Ji?jKi -.V -7
(Jreat Parade, Sports, Fire
works and Ball on the
Water Front.
Coiumlttoc Ha* All lit Arrange*
niciilM ^Indr for a lirnnd
From early morn 'till dewy eve everv
Skaguayan should enjoy himself and her
self to the fullest extent. The committee
has remembered the eld folks, the young
folks, men, women and children, all may
find sport and enjoyment suited to Ills or
her taste. The committee alone will be
too busy to have much fun. The commit
tee has completed its plans for Skaguay's
celebration of the Fourth.' The music, the
parade, fine floats, and the trades display,
the sports and prizes to insure full and hot
contests; the ball game, the fireworks and
the tinal ball? all are practically ready for
the Nation's birthday.
The programme, complete, is as follows^
Prog rum of I'nrnde*
ist Divison marshal!, staff and partici
pants to meet on McKinney, between
Broadway and the river.
2nd Division? Marshal, staff and par
ticipants to meet on Bond street between
Broadway and the river.
3rd Division? Marshal, staff and pal*
ticipants to meet on State (Runnals) street,
between Bond and Water front.
4th Division? Marshal, staff and par- j
ticipants to meet on Holly street, between
Broadway and the river.
Grand Marshal, C. W. Everest. Aid* : ;
Frank Burkhardand A. P. Tonlg.
Music? Band;
Kxorutlve Committee.
W. F. Lokowit/, T.J. Watson, \V\ !
Ahreits, J. A. Ennis, T. M. Word.
Marshal? S. L. Loyell. Aids: ? G.
Bullon and G. Moody
Members ot the Grand Army.
Ch' -en's Floats? GoJJess of Liberty.
Ui.v. jivaluide.
Float ''lay of Skaguay Home Indus
tries, by w. City Brewery.
Gentleman Cavalcade.
Diverse Grotesque Characters.
Mar' ? Chas. Hansen. Aids:? J. G.
Price and Sam Roberts.
Members of Clubs, Society and Secret
Float Displays of Merchants.
Money King's Grand Panorama.
Bicyclists? Ladies and Gents.
Float Display of the First Weekiy?
(The Skaguay News.)
Skaguay News Boy's Association.
Marshal? VV. Whiting, General Super- i
intendent of Skaguay's first railroad. 1
A Js: ? M. HeanvandJ. Wilson.
Members and employees of SkaguayN ?
first Railroad Enterprises.
Float Display of all Trades and Me
Float Display of the First Daily Pape:
?The Daily alaskan.
Independent Newsboy's Association.
Chiikat, Pyramid Harbor and Haines
Mission Indian Tribes.
Marshal? J. Smith. Aides? J. Tanner,
H. Brooks.
First Regiment of Alaskan Militia.
Uncle Sam (and Gen. Fitzhugh Lee.)
Float, display of U. S. Man-of-war.
J. H. Brooks' Pack Train.
After Parade, Disbandment. ;>
Speeches on the Wharf.
Programme of the Evening.
1 Reading, by Sllva Hill? "Soldiers'
2 Song, by Miss Lottie Clayson? "The
Heroes Who Sank With the Maine," ac
Office ?'-? Itond Ml.
Stop at the White ?asi
companled by Wenzel and Cowslet.
3 Jo? Floyd.
4 Recitation, by MlssSllva Hill? "The
American Flag,"
5 Reserve Son#, by Miss Lottie Clay
son? "Break the*News to Mother."
Orittory t'oiumliire.
2 W. Church, Chairman ? "Forty
j Ninth Star."
5 Dr. Campbell? "'Freedom on Wash
j Mr. Jenkens? "Gone."
4 Judge Shelbrede-" ?"
Prlxc* for Dance*.
First prize for best waltzer for lady, No.
2 extra fme Imported perfume case of three
Second prize for best waltzef, for lady,
pair ladies' shoes.
First prize for best waiter, gentleman,
Stetson hat. .
Second prize fot best waltzer, gentleman, i
box of 25 cigars.
First prize for best fancy dancer, for lady
ladies' toilet set.
Second prize for best fancy dancer, for
lady, pair ladies' slippers.
First prize for best fancy dancer, for
[ gentleman, iC cream charlotte.
Sporting (initio*.
1 loo yard foot nee, open to ail. ist
prize, cash Si6.- 2nd prize one pair gents
| slipper.
2 50. yard sack race, open to ail. ist
"prize, one pocket knife.
3 100 yard fat man's race, contestants
must weigh 200 pounds or more, ist
prize, one keg of beer. 2nd prize, one ham.
4 75 yard ludies race, oj>en to ail; ist
prize, one ladies Burmah hat. 2nd prize,
$2 psh.
5 Bicycle race, length of wharf, ist
prize, one box cigars, (25).
-6 Climbing greased pole, open to all.
Prize, one cigarette case.
7 Tug of war, eiglit ;uen. Prize, cne
half barrel of Bock beer.
? Horse race, one-fourth mile at low
tiilf. ist priijc, one gents' sweater.
2nd prize, 01 e ham.
) Ind an canoe race, ist prize, c ish
aii ! one blanket. 2nd prize, cash. 3rd
I pr! r, ciiSh.
. prize for best decorated float, one
?!' er napkin ring holder. 2nd prize one
| M" of vases.
i <t prize for txst decorated hor^e ot lady,
op-- pair ladies leggings. 2nd prize, one
1; -s hose supporters.
2^t prize for best decorated horse of
Rents, one Stetson hat. 2nd prize, one
briar pipe.
I'ti rize for most original costume of
lady, one ladies broache. 2nd prize, one
laJies sweater.
isr prize for most original costume of
jrentten *n, olnt bottle champagne. 2nd
prize, one box (25) cigars.
V ill hALK: Ouu elegant -piano in
quire at this oiiico.
J Mi.i mb-T 'bnt Snger urd Riley man
tf. ti ro th ! I est cigars in town for the
White Navy.
. . >'/ WINDS' & Liouofes.
m . r of I.'rc< <hray & Bond.
G. A. / nderson.
? D> 'Jem in ?
i[ mu)\v vrcr. t- x~s
?!. Schmidt A* Co.
Finrst of Liquors and Cigars
All Kinds of Lunches and
Beer on Draught, ioc. Holly Stieet.
SmI door to fteriuu linker) .
>f) The Packer.
filnlilmoii Trnil llriir 1 1 r I <1 .
> Motel lor ? good Meal.
manufacturer* of
Woven Wire and
Top Mattresses.
Factory Hobart and BrwuUvay HtrveUi.
4th of July
Speciul Bargains in 011'
Ladies' Waists and Hu$
Black Silk Waists, former price, $7.50, this week, - $5.(1
Sal m " " $8.50, " ,4 - $(5 0
Fancy Silk ?' " " $10.00, " " - $7 ?
" Plaid " " " $12.50, " " - $10.0
Navy Blue Worsted Suits, former price $15, this week, $12
Tan Covert Cloth $10, " " $13]
Dark Green Alpaca " " "$17. *>0 " " $16]
Black & Gold Brocaded" " " $3, " " $2..j0j
OUR SAILOR HATS are selling fust, only a few mow
of those $1 trimmed sailors left.
KAUFMAN BROS., ,19 Broadway.
o u> {
Z *
? ? 2.i
3 ?.
5 o
t z.
? I
? ??
0 5 1
O 01
? o '
F *i
AFirst-Class Hotel.
Rates Reasonable.
: 13 1
. 'Vtm Thos. Whitten, Manager.
Bond Street, between Main anJ State.
Tlie Pack Train Saloor
? The PACK TRAIN INN, Lake Benneti
It is a Little Early
<*^to talk about the
riillionsof Nuggets
that will come out of the Yukon this year, I
it is just the season to buy a
Summer Suit at Reduced Rates
Before the Next Rush Comes.
Call and See the Beauties at
Oil AS. A. SAAKE, F roprietor.
Manufacturers of
Made of tlie Purest and Best Hops and Malt. S
Special attention given to FAMILY TKADi
Main street, "between Holly and Shonp, :*k.i?Uay* A1a&
y\RE closing quj
Their Business It will pay you to see them be
fore buying your lumber elsewhere.
GOODS forwarded to Lake Bennett or intermid
points on >kagua_v trail. All goods contracted
will be guaranteed to be landed in first-class cond
tion. Kor information concerning rates, etc , call
headquarters, > ?' v1?;
- v*S,??iV?*V- V

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