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The Old Fort News is pub
lished each week in connection
with the Marion Progress.
Editor and Business Manager.
The funeral services for J. C.
Sandlin of Old Fort, familiarly
known as thte "'Squire" and affec
tionaltely known to many friends as
"Uncle Lum," who died Tuesday,
were held Wednesday, June 11th, at
the Presbyterian church with the
Rev. M. E. Hansel officiating.
Although he never applied for ad
mittance to the bar, Mr. Sandlin was
recognized as a legal light and was a
friend and benefactor to many per
sons in distress. Judge Michael
Schenck, presiding over Superior
court in Marion, upon hearing of his
death Tuesday morning adjourned
court out of respect to his memory.
ine paiiDearers were F. m. Brad
ley, George Moore, C. F. Noblett,
Johnson Nesbitt, J. R. Harris, W. S.
Epley, I. L. Caplan and D, F. Arney.
Surviving are his wife, who was
bei'ore their marriage Miss Sue Mc
Canless; one son, George W. Sand
lin; one daughter, Mrs. P. H. Mash
burn; one sister, Mrs. Alice Hoyle
of Portland, Oregon*, three grand
daughters and one grandson.
At Mr. Sandlin's request, his col-!
ored friends sang two songs, "Swing
Low, Sweet Chariot" and "There is
Rest for the Weary" as the casket
was lowered in the grave. Interment
was made in the cemetery at Old
Out of town people attending
were Mrs. Locke Craig, Mrs. Ella B.
Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Winslow,
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Payne, Mrs.
C. N. Allison, John Morris, Guy
Crawford, George Lee, Mr. Green
wood, Mr. and Mrs. Don Mashburn,
Rev. Neal, Mrs. Tom Pritchard, Mrs.
Don Young, Mr. and Mrs. Clapp
Greene, Mrs. Ballard, Mrs. Irving
Patton and others, of Asheville; W.1
E. Landis, Mr. Beaman, W. L.
Smarr, Mrs. Wm. Treverton, Mrs. A.
V. Nolan, and J. L. Nichols, of
Marion; Mr. and Mrs. Will Sandlin,
Garland Posey and Miss Sarah Ruth
Posey, of Andrews; Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Sandlin and George Sandlin, of
Bryson City, and Mrs. Anne John
son and family, of Hickory.
The sun rolled majestically across
the heavens and gradually sank to
rest behind the purple mountains,
leaving peace behind. The mountains
cast long ghostly shadows over field
and plain; while one by one the
stars appeared above. Little lights
suddenly darted here and there and
everywhere; the fireflies were danc
ing in the dusk.
Presently into this silence there
sounded an indistinct voice afar off,
coming nearer and nearer until the
valley echoed with the plaintive wail
of the whippoorwill. The country
band was tuning up for its evening
concert! Crickets chirped from the
grasses, while gruff voices sounded
from the mill pond—"Knee deep!
Knee deep! Peep! peep!" An owl
hooted dismally in the distance.
But what? Everything became
motionless; they seemed to be en
tranced in a dream listening to the
beautiful voice of the nightingale.'
Beauty? Yes. Peace, contentment,
happiness; all these are found if we
tune our hearts to interpret the
message sent to us by these lowly
Master Edward Jones Burgin cel
ebrated his second birthday on June
12th with a lovely party. About 15
little guests were present, who en
joyed many interesting games' with
him. After an enjoyable afternoon
dainty refreshments were served the
little people by Misses Alice Laugh
ridge, Pauline Gosorn, Mary Marga
ret Johnson and Gladys Rowe.
Camp Elliott opened their sum
mer season this week with an atten
dance of 75 boys. Many improve
ments have been made in the camp
and the Y. M. C. A. officials are ex
pecting a very successful season for
this camp.
Stanley Cole of Johnson City,
Tenn., visited friends in Jofmson
City during the week.
Miss Marion Nelly, Miss Natalie
Epley, and Robert Mackelfresh, of
Asheville, were visitors in Old Fort
Harry Bishop of Knoxville, Tonn.,
visited friends in Old Fort Sunday.
Miss Janie McSwain is spending
her vacation in Old Fort.
Prof. S. B. Smithey spent the
week-end with homefolks.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Silvers of Mar
ion were visitors in Old Fort Sunday.
Mrs. Baxter Moose was a visitor
in Old Fort on Friday.
Miss Susan Allison of Asheville
spent Sunday in Old Fort with rela
Mrs. Maggie Long and small son,
Gene, were in Old Fort Sunday.
L. J. Epply made a business trip
to Marion Monday.
Mrs. Hicks Hemphill of Marion
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H.
Early Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Grant and two
small children, Evelyn and Betty
Jean, and Elizabeth Jones, of Forest
City, were the guests of Mrs. M. G.
Turner Sunday.
Miss Laura Curtis of East Flat
spent the week-end in Old Fort.
Mrs. Geo. Moore spent Monday
in Asheville.
James Robinson of Asheville
spent Sunday in Old Fort.
Mrs. Annie Graham, who has been
spending several days in Old Fort
with relatives, returned to Asheville
Mr. Ellis Joseph, student at Duke
University, spent several days last
week in Old Fort as the guest of
Spence Ncblitt.
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Fowler, of East
Flat Rock were in Old Fort Friday
night enroute to Greensboro.
Miss Frances Grant is spending
several weeks in Gastonia with her
Mrs. W. S. Burgin, Mrs. M. J.
Hunt and Mrs. D. Y. Grant were vis-!
itors in Asheville Monday.
Edward Prince of Asheville spent |
several days in Old Fort last week, j
T. H. Allison is spending this week
in Asheville.
Miss Evelyn Feldpouch of Evans- i
ville, Ind., is the house guest of
Mrs. Etta Kelly this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mason and
children of Nebo were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Long on Sunday.
Mrs. Fred Wilson of Marion was a
visitor in Old Fort Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Gosorn of Den
ver, Colorado, and Mrs. Kate Van
dever of Higginsville, Missouri, are
visiting at the homes of Don H. and
T. H. Gosorn.
Mrs. P. D. Mangum of Marion was
I a visitor in Old Fort on Monday.
Mrs. D. H. Gosorn attended the
! Eastern Star convention in Asheville
last week.
Miss Myrtle Lytle, who has been
I teaching near Mooresboro, has re
turned to her home here for the
[ summer.
' Miss Clyde Terrell left Tuesday
! for her home in Andrews. She was
accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Car
| rie Bach. The latter will leave Sun
day for her home in Philadelphia,Pa.
| Pat Rieily of Johnson City, Tenn.,
[ was in Old Fort Thursday.
Miss Laura Lipe is visiting in
Mrs. J. A. Swann spent Thursday
in Asheville.
Joe Lee Grant and John Lee Rob
inson left Thursday for Fort Bragg
to enter military training for thirty
Mrs. W. A. Fleming spent Thurs
day in Asheville.
Miss Lula Mae McDaniel, a nurse
at Oteen, is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed McDaniel.
T. R. Kanipe made a business
trip to Asheville Thursday.
Mrs. Alice Baker and Evelyn Ba
ker, who have been visiting Mrs.
Hoppis, returned to their home in
i Lincolntor Tuesday.
| Miss Janie McSwain, student at
J N. C. C. W., is spending the summer
i in Old Fert.
j Mrs. Janie Reid and Mrs. W. P.
j Artz were visitors in Asheville last
j Friday.
j Mrs. C. W. Watkins, who was the
; guest of her anut, Mrs. J. C. Sand
lin, the past week, returned to her
home in Raleigh on Friday.
Miss H :len Watkins, of Raleigh,
attended the funeral of her uncle, J.
C. Sandlin, here Wednesday. She re
turned to her home Thursday,
i Mrs. Tom Pritchard of Asheville
i was a visitor in Old Fort Monday.
I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yancey of
Salisbury were guests of Mrs. S. F.
I Mauney on Sunday. They were ac
companied home by Miss Mary
! Mauney, who has spent the past ten
! days in Old Fort.
Miss Nelle Hemphill of Salisbury j
spent the week-end with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hemphill.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Westermann
spent the week-end with Dr. and
Mrs. Alfred W. Dula in Lenoir.
Misses Kate, Mildred and Levann
Edwards, of Mullens, S. C., are
house guests of Dr. and Mrs. Chas.
Jenkins this week.
Miss Bernice Hooper of Thomas
ville is the guest of her aunt, Mrs.
S. F. Mauney.
Misses Anne and Nelle Porter re
turned Tuesday from Greensboro
where they attended North Carolina
College commencement.
Miss Annie Brackett of St. Peters
burg, Fla., who has been visiting
her aunt, Mrs. T. A. Porter, left on
Monday for Chapel Hill where she
will attend summer school.
Miss Anne Porter has as her
house guests Miss Martha Hall of
Stanley, Miss Babe Wain of Granite
Quarry and Miss Gladys Mitchell of
Local officers of the city and coun
ty Sunday afternoon arrested Ernest
Brownie, formerly of this place, and
lodged him in the county jail. He
was charged with having stolen
clothing and other goods in towns in
Tennessee and this state.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Tate, Mr. and
Mrs. Millard Hensley, Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Hensley and Mrs. Lon Burgin
attended the birthday dinner given
in honor of Mrs. Will Haynes at her
home in Montfords Cove last Sun
day. Several hundred guests were
present for this occasion.
Employees of the Southern Rail
way Company were in Old Fort the
first of the week to place the arrow
head marker on the base, which was
completed some weeks ago.
Quo Vadis?
Policeman (to motorist who nearly
collided)—Don't you know tliat you
should always give half of the road
to a woman driver?"
Motorist—I always do, when T find
out which half of the road she wants.
—Boston Transcript.
Full of Rats
Old Lady—Oh, conductor, please
stop the train. I droped my wig out
of the window.
Conductor—Never mind, madam,
there is a switch just this side of the
After-Dinner Speaker
"I understand your husband is
something of an after-dinner speak
er?" said Mrs. Brown.
"Yes," answered Mrs. Tomkins.
"What he is liable to say after dinner
is the reason we cannot keep a cook."
Poor Papa!
He—My dear, you talked in your
sleep a long time last night.
She—What did I talk about?
"Well—er—it seemed to be mainly
abuse of me."
She—I wasn't asleep.
Milam Tonic
Rheumatism, Eczema, High Blood
Pressure, and Stomach Trouble.
No alcohol or dangerous ingredient.
Old Fort Drug Co.
Bradley Drug Co.
Old Fort people are reques
ted to send news items for the
Old Fort News page, in the
Marion Progress, to Miss Ger
trude Dula, editor of this page,
and not direct to the Progress
office. This is to avoid the same
news item being printed twice
on the page. Mailing boxes for
Old Fort News items will be
found at the Old Fort Drug
Store and the Bradley Drug
Store. Postoffice Box 191, Old
Fort, N. C.
Finest Lilies
SCIENTIFIC methods of raising
water lilies are producing finer j
plants in the United States than
can he found anywhere else in
the world.
A few years hack, no one con
sidered pond lilies of sufficient
importance to spend any time on,
but that enterprising Polish wom
an, Helena Rubinstein, discov
ered that water lily juice has a
curious and beneficial effect on
the skin.
Experiments proved that the
juice must be fresh and as water
lilies are seasonal, it seemed im
possible to make any commercial
use of her discovery. However,
the United States is blessed with
a variety of temperatures and by
purchasing lakes and ponds in
various sections, she was able to
keep a continuous supply of the
fresh flowers.
Hundreds of people are em
ployed in their care and carloads
of the fragile flowers are shipped
in refrigerated cars to her labor- ,
atories in New York and Canada
every year.
More gardens have been planted
in Greene county this year and the
acreage to corn has been increased j
40 per cent according to reports. j
Having qualified as Executrix andj
Executor of the Last Will and Testa-:
ment of John S. Bradley, deceased,
notice is hereby given to all persons j
having claims against said testator
to present, same to the undersigned
on or before the 13th day of June,
1931, or this notice will be pleaded
in bar thereof. All persons indebted
to said estate are requested to make
immediate settlement with the un
This 30th day of May, 1930.
Executi'ix, and
Executor of the Last Will and Tes->
jtament of John S. Bradley, deceased.
TAXES—NO. 1247
Take notice that under and by
virtue of an order of the Superior
j Court of McDowell County, N. C., j
entered in a civil action entitled
Lee W. Williams vs. Matilda Green
lee heirs, said action having been
instituted for the collection of taxes
due McDowell County for the year
1927 by the defendants, the under
signed having been appointed as
Commissioner to sell said land for
the purpose of satisfying judgment
rendered in this case, will, on Mon
day the 23rd day of June, 1980, at
ten o'clock, a. m., at the courthouse
door, Marion, N. C., offer for sale to
the highest bidder for cash the fol
lowing described lands. Listed for
taxation in the years 1927, 1926, in
Old Fort Township in the name of
Matilda Greenlee heirs as 52 acres
and bounded and described as fol
lows: Beginning on a black gum on
the spar of a ridge, the beginning
corner of the Grant, and runs N 34
poles crossing the creek to a stake;
then E 14 poles with the meanders
iof the creek to a stake; then S 55 E
| 60 poles up the creek to a white oak
'at the point of ridge; then E 12
| poles; then N 85 E 20 poles with the
I top of said ridge; then N 55 E 30
; poles; then E 60 poles crossing the
■ ridge crossing, same course 7 poles
! to a pine on the E boundary of said
!tract; then S. 60 poles to a black
'oak, SE corner of said 100 acres on
'the E edge of said ridge road; then
iW 100 poles to a spanish oak and
j white oak; then N 40 W 100 poles
! crossing the creek three times to a
Spine; then S 60 W 20 poles to the
i beginning.
j The terms of the sale are cash and
i subject to confirmation by the court,
i This 12th day of May, 1930.
We will unload a car of Red Ash Egg Coal
this week $5.75 per ton delivered. Buy
now at Summer prices.
We will sell for cash only.
Henry C. Fisher
W. W. LeFevre
Old Fort Dept Store
Opening Sale continues with outstanding
Bargains in
in latest styles and designs.
A Complete Line of Men's Suits.
An Attractive line of Shoes for both
Men and Women.
Old Fort
Department Store
Next to Grady Nichols.
A Big Dress Sale
Mr. Blomberg, of Rosen Dress Company,
will have on Sale 250 Dresses of newest
styles at Mrs. W. Crawford's Store
Prices rangins $4.85, $7.85, $9.85 and
Don't fail to come.
SPECIAL-—20 per cent off on all Shoes.
The Crawford Store
Old Fort, N. C.
Keep Your Money
in the Bank
Are you troubled by having your money "burn a
hole" in your pocket? That is a common fault of mon
ey. If you have your money in the bank, whether it be
much or little, it will not burn any holes and it will be
there when you need it.
Money carried on the person is a temptation to
spending. Money in the bank does not offer this temp
tation. You may hesitate before writing a check where
you would not hesitate to spend it if you had the mon
ey with you.
We offer you the advantage of our banking facili
ties and invite you to open a checking account with us.
J. S. BRADLEY, Pres. F. M. BRADLEY, Cashier
P. H. MASHBURN, Vice-Pres.

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