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Imperial Theatre Next Features A
New Hits And A Stage Show Booked
“All Quiet On The Western
Front,” a truthful and graphic
screen presentation of the famous
war novel, which will be shown
Sunday only at the Imperial, in its
new uncensored version is a drama
of deep human emotions and a
timely indictment of modern war.
Now the truth can be told,
scenes removed from this picture
before its original release have
been restored in full, to tell even
more starkly the dross and bitter
ness of the last war and the pres
ent war.
These scenes, as well as new
scenes which bring the panorama
of war up to date, intensify the
drama of Remarque’s famous war
book and aid in telling more sharp
s' the immortal story of “Paul
summer," a youth of 18 whose
,ind, body and soul are subjected
.o the burning white heat of mod
ern warfare.
Lew Ayres gives a performance
that has seldom been surpassed in
the role of the youth transformed
from a schoolboy in a German vil
lage to a soldier boy in the
Slim Summerville, the late Louis
Wolheim and many other players
give unforgettable portrayals in
the film which is truly one of the
greatest ever made.
Winner of countless international
awards, “All Quiet" has many
scenes which remain permanently
etched upon the minds of the au
dience . . . the brief midnight ren
dezvous with three French girls a
cross a river when “Paul Baum
mer" believes himself in love . . .
the ceaseless foraging for food of
"Katczinsky,” played by Wolheim
. . . and finally the death of Ayres
as his hand reached over the trench
for a butterfly. When he dies it is
with a smile of quiet satisfaction
and his death is such a small part
of the war that the day’s bulletin
reads: “All quiet on the Western
James Cagney and Priscilla
Lane, co-starring in “The Roaring
Twenties”, (which is reviewed on
the opposite page), will be present
ed to the Imperial patrons Monday
“Miracle on Mhin Street,” in
which Margo and Walter Abel are
co-starred, will be shown Wednes
day only at the Imperial. The pic
ture was released recently and has
■not yet been reviewed.
“Manhattan Revels”, reviewed
■ elsewhere on this page, will be pre
sented on the stage.
* * * * * *
'An intelligent camera has been
aimed at the Broadway scene and
the excitement-jammed, drama
packed, result is “The Night of
Nights”, which will be shown to
Imperial patrons Thursday-Friday.
The cast headlines Pat O’Brien,
Olympe Bradna and Roland Young.
The film takes us backstage for
an authentic and stirring glimpse
of the people who make the world
behave for brief spells in the thea
tre. It reveals the intimate side
of the great world of make-believe
whose borders are not always
clearly marked.
The Lambs Club, celebrated
haunt of the men who guide the
destinies of the show world, forms
part of the colorful background of
the story which has to do with
IDan O’Farrell, playwright, player
and producer, who skids down the
ladder after a crack-up that fol
lows his wife’s leaving him. Twen
ty years later Dan receives word
from his daughter that she is to
visit New York. Dan pretends to be
a big shot, but his daughter sees
through his masquerade.
With the help of Dan’s old
friends, she manages to rehabili
tate him. He steps forth to re
conquer the street that once licked
him and writes a wind-up to the
film that he’d have considered a
sock finish for any of his plays.
* * * * * *
The Three Mesquiteers will be
seen Saturday only at the Imperial
in their latest picture, “Three
Texas Steers.”
“Overland With Kit Carson” will
be added.
Joe Clauser, whose new stage
how, “Manhattan Revels”, is book
ed for the matinee and night per
formances at the Imperial next
Wednesday, December 13th, is re
ported to have arranged an out
standing show for his 1939-40 tour.
It is said that he has combined an
array of talent that will amuse the
most ardent vaudeville fan, and in
addition will direct his own band,
the “Manhattan Swingsters,” for
the new revue.
Clauser has just returned from
a tour of Australia and New Zea
land, where he is reported to have
gathered some clever ideas for his
show. Now that the war is on in
Europe, Mr. Clauser has had the
pick of several European acts of
the novelty type, which will win
favor in this country. As he has
had a great deal of experience in
producing this type of show, “Man
hattan Revels" is being looked for
ward to with a great deal of en
thusiasm locally.
Among other acts, “Manhattan
Revels” features the Reidinger
Bros., an outstanding acrobatic act,
late of Europe. The two young
men feature a routine called “Mus
cles in Rhythm,” and are said to
work with great ease while per
forming the most sensational feats
of strength.
Another act described as “tops”
in the list offered by “Manhattan
Revels” is Andrews, De Wald and
Madeline, composed of two boys
and a beautiful girl, reported to
have just returned from the war
DIAL R-394
DECEMBER 10, 1939
h Admission ■■ ■■
10c rss 15c
Louis Hayward-Joan Fontaine
Duke of West Point
Added: Mandrake, the Magician
Mickey Rooney-Walter Connolly
The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn
Rita Johnson-Tom Neal
They All Come Out
Bob Steele
Added: The Phantom Creeps
zone in Europe. They are said to
present one of the outstanding
adagio acts to be seen by theatre
goers this season, and are proving
to be a great hit of the revue
wherever it plays.
Other featured acts include A1
Ruskin and Ruth Norman, comedy
team, Johnny Galvin, described as
“the Musical Wizard,” and Danny
Dennis, offering a juggling and
roping specialty. In addition there
will be the band and other attrac
tions on the stage. On the screen,
Margo and Walter Abel will be
seen in “Miracle On Main Street”.
Mrs. P. V. Matthews spent the
week-end in Burlington.
Mrs. Margaret Pappendick of E
izabeth City is the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Pappendick.
Miss Evelyn Johnson and Mrs.
Geo. Pappendick spent Thursday in
Mrs. R. L. Hasty of Seaboard is
visiting Mrs. W. J. Hasty here this
Misses Dorothy Balmer and Ev
elyn Bruce of Seaboard spent the
week-end here with Miss Janie
Mrs. Anna Barnes visited rela
tives at Jackson Sunday.
Mrs. Mildred Moore and daugh
ter, Miss Mildred Lee Moore, spent
Thursday in Norfolk.
Mrs. Geo. Pappendick, Misses
Emma Matthews and Llewellyn
Matthews spent the week-end in
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Walters
spent Sunday in Pittsboro.
Mrs. J. M. Grizzard, Mrs. J. P.
Grizzard, Miss Florine Holt and
Miss Ann Grizzard spent Saturday
in Norfolk.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Lynch and
children visited Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Edmonds in Brunswick Sunday.
Mrs. F. C. Williams, Mrs. J. P.
Grizzard and Mrs. Carrol! Wilson
were recent visitors in Richmond.
Miss Ann Little Masemore of
Wadesboro spent the Thanksgiving
holidays here with Mr. and Mrs.
W. C. Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Rochelle spent
Thanksgiving in Spartanburg, S.
C., returning home by Asheville,
N. C.
Mrs. Eugene Lehman spent Sat
urday in Richmond.
Mrs. Burla White of Portsmouth
was the guest of Mrs. Nolie Ful
ghum Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Medlin and
Mrs. L. W. Clements spent Thurs
day in Richmond.
Miss Wilma McDaniel spent
Thursday at her home in Fayette
Brooks Jeffries returned Sunday
from Petersburg.
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Wyke and
daughters, Nancy and Catherine,
spent Thursday at Richmond.
Miss Ella Lassiter was the week
end guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
Lassiter in Boykins, Va.
Misses Delphia Harris, Christine
Chapman and Evelyn Tilghman
spent Thursday in Richmond.
Mrs. B. Lancaster returned
Thursday from Nashville.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Thompson
spent Thursday in Norfolk.
Mrs. R. J. Jeffers, Miss Ella
Lassiter, and Miss Violet Jeffers
were visitors in Richmond Thurs
Mrs. Beaman Helms, Mrs. Jack
Downing, Mrs. Jimmie Curran and
Mrs. J. A. Stephens spent Thursday
in Richmond.
Mrs. J. P. Pruden of Greenville,
N. C. was the guest of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Earl Rook, Monday.
Miss Elizabeth Faison of Ports
mouth spent the week-end here
with her sister, Mrs. W. G. Bunch.
Misses Bettie Gober of Marietta,
Ga., Bettie Tuscano of Milford, Pa.,
Virginia Haile of Baltimore, Md.,
and Abbey Deshon of Mobile, Al
abama, students of I>uke Universi
ty, spent the Thanksgiving holi
days here as guests of Miss Sara
C. Towe.
Mrs. Fred Floyd and children of
Plymouth visited relatives here
during the week-end.
Rev. and Mrs. F. W. Haynie and
daughter, Jean, spent Thursday in
Earl Rook, Jr., returned Sunday
after spending the holidays with
his grandparents in Greenville.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Cox spent
Thursday in Williamston with Mr,
and Mrs. Stacey Cox.
this Sign
J this Battle_
Joe Clausser
— Presents —
with American and
European Stars:
Andrews, DeWald, Madeline
Ruskin and Norman
Johnny Galvin
Reidinger Bros.
Danny Dennis and
The Wayne Sisters
wwt ■ ya b ni|| q mi I ilLJ r J 1 ITTTiFl
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