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•Rain of Block-Busters
j t Rocks Nazi Efficiency
VAUNTED Germany efficiency has collapsed under the im
pact of Allied block-buster bombs.
; Chaos, rioting, and sudden death at the hands of the Gestapo
•re common in the Berlin that a few short years ago was pro
^ claimed as being immune from allied bombings.
_i J _A_ _A
*«uvu5u vi w kj vvii"'
aorship seep terrifying eye-witness
'accounts of survivors of the Ham
burg and Berlin bombing which
Walter Taub describes in “Hell’s
^Doorstep” in the January issue of
Cosmopolitan magazine.
! The terror that swept Berlin as
Allied bombs fell there while the
j smoke pall from devastated Ham
burg figuratively hung over the
♦capital German city is vividly de
• scribed by those fortunate enough
ito escape to the safety of neutral
“As we neared the capital,” say
' the survivors of the Hamburg ter
♦ror who were evacuated to Berlin,
;“we learned that Goebbels had ex
horted the population of Berlin to
| leave immediately unless they were
employed in the city. Chaos had
^been organized with Prussian
♦thoroughness for when we reached
Berlin expecting to find rest, peace
and shelter, we were confronted
by terrifying scenes. The capital
was in an uproar. Frightened masses
of the population were moving
♦through the streets toward the rail
I way stations.
“Crowds, nearing mob hysteria,
were pushing prams loaded with
babies and personal possessions;
0 .men, women and children were
♦carrying trunks, suitcases, baskets,
[and bundles; others, unmindful of
belongings dragged children by
their hands. All were driven by
one thought; ‘Escape from the
^jwrath of the block-busters’.”
Pandemonium swept the city
when the rumor circulated like,
wildfire that the war would end
In November. While Hitler’s agents
were trying to round up circulators,
of the rumor, Allied planes ap
peared over the city and rained
block-busters from the skies.
"It was then that all hell broke
loose,” the survivors said. “Again
and again came the roar of air
craft, the roar and crash of bombs,
the thunder of collapsing build
Huddled in shelters that were far
from satisfactory all through the
night of horror, Berliners crawled
forth the next morning to view a
picture of utter desolation.
"They saw trees standing leafless
and entirely new perspectives
opened up,” the survivors said.
"Churches which were formerly hid
den by other buildings now became
visible; the concealing buildings
had been razed by block-busters.'
The blackened facades of houses
and the burned-out skeletons of
apartments and office buildings were
grim evidences of the hail of in
cendiaries. Corpses, some hastily
covered with sheets, were every
While Berlin has not been de
stroyed, large segments have been,
brutally battered and the block
buster treatment of Berlin and
Hamburg has caused the entire Ger
man people to feel the “cold breath
of death's wings” sweeping over
the nation, the survivors conclude.
Jas. E. McGee, Jr.,
& Buddy Beckwith
Graduate Sat.
Announcement has been received
here by friends and relatives of
two Roanoke Rapids youths of
Clieir graduation from the Medical
College of Virginia, at exercises
to be held at the Mosque in Rich
mond Saturday night.
They are: James Edward Mc
Gee, Jr., and Robert Payne Beck
With, Jr. Both youths will enter
the service following their gradua
tion and internship.
Young McGee will be commis
sioned a lieutenant (j.g.) in the
Navy, while Beckwith will be
$hade a first lieutenant in the
United States Army. They will
serve as internes for 9-months at
the college, following which they
will be subject to call by the
f* The wedding of Mr. McGee and
Miss Jane Liesfield, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Lies
field, 1202 Lake Front, Richmond,
will be solemnized Monday night,
December 20th, at Monumental
(Jppiscopal Church, Richmond, fol
lowing which they will spend a
short honeymoon in New York
It is the plans of Lt. Beckwith
to spend the Christmas holidays
fth his parents, Dr. .and Mrs. R.
Beckwith in the city.
These Pigs Were
Really Barbecued
Ralph Woodruff, proprietor of a
barbecue stand just off Roanoke
Avenue on East 'thirteenth Street,
was this morning calmly going
Cbout the work of barbecuing six
hogs at the pit located just to
the side of his brick building,
when one of the carcasses caught
afire. All six hogs were “reajly
barbecued" as the entire pit quick
$ went up in flames.
Only the quick work of the fire
department saved the destruction
of the pit and nearby buildings.
Outside of the loss of the hogs
and superficial damage done to
‘Se pit, little damage was suffer
The First Sneeze
Is Your Warning
That the disagreeable COLD
ENEMY is approaching you, which
robs you of Energy and vitality
and makes you a victim of IN
Each year millions of people suf
fer from head and chest cold an
noyances, that represent not only
unpleasantness, but loss of time,
from both work and social obliga
MANY thousand deaths each
year could be prevented, if people
would take necessary precaution
to check common Colds in its
early stages. KOLD-TON checks
coughs due from Colds very
quickly. KOLD-TON breaks loose
cold in chest. KOLD-TON is a
Mild Laxative, thereby cleansing
the system of the Cold Poison.
KOLD-TON is pleasant to take
and may be taken safely by both
Adults and Children.
KOLD-TON does not contain
quinine, and will not cause any
buzzing in the Ear or bad after
effect. KOLD-TON is a. liquid
preparation, giving quick and
speedy relief to cold suffers.
Ask your dealer to-day for
Mrs. Glenn C. Thompson and
children are visiting in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Thompson
this week. '
Seaman 1/c A. R. Shirley of
Norfolk, Va., spent the week-end
here with Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
__ — if
The present with a future—
MAS. Keep on Backing the
Mild Cases Influenza
Reported In City
And County
I Dr. R. M. Bardin, city health
officer, stated today that although
there is widespread prevalence of
influenza in Roanoke Rapids and
Halifax County, nearly all cases
reported are of a mild nature.
Reports of the prevalence here
of so-called “cat fever” were given
little credence by health and mid
ical authorities yesterday. Dr.
Bardin defined “cat fever” as
catarrhal fever, which evidences
itself in high temperatures accom
panied by nausea.
Reports from various sources
indicate that influenza is wide
spread here.
Dr. Bardin stated that most
cases of the disease have been
mild and that victims have been
required to remain away from
work only a few days.
Some doubt has been expressed
that the disease, which local phy
sicians say is nothing near epi
demic stage, is in reality influ
enza. In fact, Dr. Bardin said he
was not certain any of the cases
of so-called influenza reported
since the epidemic of the first
World War period have in reality
been influenza.
Reports received here indicate
that a mild form of influenza is
sweeping the country, and med
ical authorities in Chicago are of
the opinion that the situation may
prevent a serious epdemic such as
caused thousands of deaths dur
ing the first World War. Only
a comparatively few deaths have
been reported over the nation,
however, thus far.
Several hundred cases of virus infection
(generally diagnosed as influenza) are
active here and in the County. Take
every precaution to avoid contacting this
malady. Avoid congested places if pos
sible, and at the very first symptom SEE
YOUR PHYSICIAN and follow his in
structions !
See Your Doctor:
Bring Your Prescription
Matthews Drug Co.
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6~t-l-20-44 _^

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