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A Starving Republican Lays All
His Troubles at Their Door.
A poor man, a republican, one
of the howling, rantanl-rous kind,
called on a friend in this city the
other evening, a pop, one of the
shouting calamity-howling kind.
The republican looked forlorn,
cs.re worn and poverty stricken,
and boa- no evidence of having
been struck by any of John Sher
man's waves of prosperity for at
least a quarter of a century.
He was out of money and out of
work; the fire had gone out in the
the scanty homo and the little
stomachs were sufferings of hun
ger. - . ;.
.' He had no overcoat and had
come .to ask his friend if lie. had
.. an old pne to give' him, or any
other old c?st. off clothing. Or did
. he know of anyone who had' any
old clothes' to give away;';. ;
He was disconsolate and ' des
perate and had come to his friend
for advice. ' What should lie do?
"Keep right on voting, the re
publican ' ticket,'-' replied the un
feeling : pop.- '. "(ipld standard,
money good in Yurrup, the destruc
tion cf the silver dollatylow prices,,
no work,, business paralyzed,. sta'rv ..
ation and want is what you have
been voting for; take your medi
cine! : -
"I know we have never agreed
on politics," said the. republi
can, '' "and :' you ' have for
years been preaching this
stuil . to me, but d - n the demo
crats! They are the fellows' who
have caused the trouble. If the
A republicans had been in power the
'past three 'year's we would not now f
have such hard times." -
I "Oh, you talk like you had
' wheels in your head. You have
'( followed .blindly so many years the
Vlead of a lot of political tricksters
H.fl.o trnn rirtt cnncivnnniH'li tn
yy .
'reason for yourself. ... Do you pre
tend to sav that the democratic
party is responsible for the great
- national, county,, municipal .and
private indebtedness .. which has .(
been placed upon the people in the
- , , '
past twenty-five years, the interest !
Oil Wllll.ll ni: . saj'ivu niv- ..jr nv.
out of the laboring and producing j
. classes in this country ? - , 7 1
"Do you not know that ' when j
M.h,, ren.il)llcan uartvlwent ouCof I
business three years ago that they
....-.-...-.'....: ..-.r
lull . ine ircabiiay umj.uy .nuu
Vins of obligations .lue'and unpaid
and that democrats issued interest j
gations? 1
"Do you not know that John I
Sherman, the prince of rcpubli-
cans and chief conspirator, aided
Cleveland and the Wall street ring ;
1,1 tlm nw-tinn nt I ho tlvir !OI-
lar which took from the hands of
the people . 4 .2, 50.1,001. a month,
. t. .. 1 .... 1 ......I rJt KiMn..JL- '
Cduaiuij i ic uu.uiv,, v. '"--"-r-" f
falling prices, no work Dut surva-
tion for the -laboring masses.
. "Not only Jolin Sherman, but
-verv republican in congress save j
. :i :,u .i. a... .,.r. '
.UILllt.ll. nun III-- tivinw i - '.
Vall trct t. Mritt-li. croM 1 hli; riti tr i
.1...;. ......t, ,.t..V -..,.V
r.V-'.'J.-'- I I - '
. . .
neon hi s Diisiih -s.
'Nk c spcriinvii, yoti arc to lie ;
1 ,
ikltlir -atKMIl hOUUl IUOU , KOIM
r utJjr-1, monf-v t.uij in vimv,
" '
''lil tfu-n rriiuis- lu'io 1 ircitiif I ox
iasi on luiinii;;. i rp on muh.--,
" tlx- rcpulilii :;) tu l.i X an ! in vt y tit
voii will rumi' ,irou:) I v. :'.liout rt.iy
Votlii"i at nil war tin.; mih Im.ly !
kk ull."
!. li. r,.is . ... ! I f.M.I t.'stli'tu .1
lot tl.i-i. 1 ai; 1 1 oat, l.t;,; .1 I
hit t !1 p.ttt'. 1 1"! a littlt t.-'st r o
his snf 1. 1 te t-t .m l !; r t I
, r .i , t.t.n t '! ! r. t';;;ik.;i,;
t oia a at a.," I " I mat. U I
t.!i. .) t i- ..I SO
t . ;it a t-.
l t it 1 1 t
I !!) I Ho -
I III!" I .
.llll.l . -t'l
. i-'!v i
V I ' .
y ,i .
.tii .t
) ,! o- I t
II .1 t I
t f 1 I
M t,' ' '
I l- v.
M 'I I ' t '
.i O
!; .1.1 I II s; I I .1
1 1-
Another Evidence of Prosperity.
The Nebraska Savings and Ex
change bank, of Omaha, closed its
doors Monday. The directors
on Saturday adopted the follow-
ing: ' .
Whereas, The long continued ;
business depression throughout the I
country, and especially in the state
of Nebraska, has made it difficult
to realize satisfactory profits in
business, and as we do nut consid
er it sufficiently remunerative as to
profits in future to continue the
business of ihis bank, therefore be
Resolved, By the board ol di
rectors of the Nebraska Savings
and Exchange bank, that we now
voluntarily take the necessary steps
to wind up the affairs of this bank
as soon as practicable.
Thus the gold standard, "sound
money" and "the best banking
system the world ever saw": is; dc:
souring, the very class of men
whom it. was calculated to : benefit.
.The failure aggregates $150:000.
President Hush announces that the
institution .stood up as . long as it
could, but - business continued so
poor, w ith no prospect of .'immedi
ate Improvement ' in view the di
rectors concluded to go into, "vol
untary liquidation."- As. usual, the
assets' ' are-sufficient J ) . to pay. otf
the depositors in full. The great
er portion of the., assets consists of
real estate and mortgages, which
require a little life in business to
make them worth their face value.
Let them rest easy. When John
Sherman's wave of prosperity ar
rives -which was to immediately
follow the destruction of the silver
dollar and the adoption of the gold
standard "sound money" theory
they may see "a little life in busi
ness." Since all things come to
those who .wait, let them, possess
their : soul in patience. Mean
while tuey should not kick; they
got what they voted for.
John T. Dorgan has donated a
car of coai for the benefit of the
city. Next. .
Ex-State Aiulitor Denton is one
of the jurors in the case of ex-State
Treasurer Hill. Comment is un
necessary, j
If you must kick on these hard
times,, have your foot look neat.
We - se shoes, U. S. Shoe .Co.,
n,,. b Atn-et. ' !
At least two of our grocery houses
have "arkttl their goods down to
hard times prices. II. A. Bowman
tSiu- () and the Good Luck
grocery, 1 107 O. They are enter-
inrisinr d.-alers and always. UP to
i : o . .-
'the times. JSee their .Rotations in
another column.
Judge Waters Wednesday on the
Ghari:e of selling coal on short
A eight. I f he had been a member
0 the gang, and selling coal to the
asylum or some other public insti-
m i.. n-titTli Invn i.-n rivi :i
chromo for his shrewd- business
tact. ;
v.. I.. iJ1 Ha,. I ... Ill
q street'. f..f .-. burgainH in Jackets i
mid Opes, We are closing out
our sti k ot .child reii k'oo.I at
Call and examine our line
hsfore buying
I ho J.cntlcy Id'ock at nj Siuitb
nitii vtrett. ii 1 1 1 rt- storv liru k. i
1 . 1 i .. f . . 1 . . t...,
was. ucuyi-M iy uia mu.u.iy
morning, l.nss, cstitnatcd at al out
. , 1 1 I . ,,...r,i. i
ru. mi iiminiB """""-",-j
It is whjnriid that tin? tire w,n of!
.. i i
iiiiculi.irv origin. insiiraiKi
imiiicy 111 litest- hard tnnt'-i 1 oir.ts
t ry )i;ii)'l mhdo tiim-s.
I h' if is a n w it) tli- ivp'iMn .111 ;
tamp in tin- 1 1! ot r tin- appoint-
no nt oi a 1M1.! i 1 oi.t . 1
J .
Mimic, a tipuliln an .irl lit'.it,
is jt 1 S to Mi !i ii'i shofH. an l.ts
.1 1 .' lit I' IIH'llln lN I I hf I II'!
t t!ii hi l.t! 1 1, .1st 1. .tr
I . ' 1 1 1 II li 1 1 . I 1 1, ill I I
.t i .
. 1 1 Sis.
! j i . ,lt tl.i ti- in s,.i,;
I j I t ' t tl
I t!
. 1 ,
1 '
i 1
ii .
1 . I t
t I
.. .i ! I
v ill!'
ti - ' t
, fl--:,i
! I j'
- . I 1
Arthur H. Nichols, a farmer liv-J
ing near Raymond, this county,
accidentally killed his little nine-year-old
daughter, Ethel, Wednes
day morning. He vas attempting
to drive a fractious colt into a lot.
Tllc ani;iiai being about to get
. Nichols nicked up a stick
of wood and threw it at the colt,
missing his mark and striking the
little girl about two inches below
Uhe right ear, when the child fell to
the ground and died instantly. The
missle struck over the pneumogas
trie nerve, which leads to the lungs
and heart and is supposed that the
shock was sufficient to kill her.
The coroners jury rendered a ver
dict finding that ...Ethel Nichols
came . to her death by reason of a
wound caused by a stick thrown by
Arthur 1 1. Nichols at a colt, mis
sing which it hit . the .deceased,:
causing her. death. , We' further
find that, no blame attaches to
Arthur II:-. Nichols, ."
Farmers Feed and
1118 K STKEKT,
.. ' Lincoln, Nti:.
One" hundred Armenians employed
at tho Whiting- macliine works t
Whitensville, Mass., refused to work
longer unless the firm would discharge
four Turks, also employed by the com
pany. The condition was not com
plied with and the Armenians at once
Stopped work. ....
The new comet discovered from the
Lick observatory is increasing very
rapidly in brightness, and wiLl be vis
ible to the nuked eye in a few weeks.
The Kentucky court of appeals has
upheld the stutute imposing a 'i per
cent tax on each 5103 business done in
the htate by foreign corporations. It
is claimed that this will drive seven
teen associations doing a business of
$.'00,0UQ from the state on account of
being unable to compete with home
lirtns. ,
The superintendent and other
officials of the Great Northern have
put all employes through an
examination as to whether they be
longed to the American Railway Un
ion. Very Mv men could be found
who would acknowledge they belonged
to the order. It is believed that the
company Will request those who are
affiliated with the order to withdraw
from it or sever their connection with
the roud.
At Lincoln Xeb-, startling develop
ments were, made in the trial
of Washington Davis, ehaiged with
wrecking the Rock Jslund pas
senger train last year, and killing
fifteen people. Kd Craighead, a nert
witness, haid Davis confessed the
crime to him. He had asked Craig
head to help him remove a rail and
then flag the express to get a reward.
He refused. Davis later told him he.
removed the rail, but the train was
wrecked before it could be flagged.
At Emporia Kan., Dave Hender
son, the school tcuuher who chop
ped four people in the head with a
hatchet the other evening at Dunlap,
had a hearing before a justice
of the peace, and was released on
the evidence, his plea being self-defense.
The parties whom lie assaulted
are placed under bonds to keep the
peace. Henderson is now in Htnporia,
but says he will go back to Dunlap
a :nl teach school. -Should he do so,
more trouble is liable to result.
. Kvcry effort of the administration
will be directed towards, secur-l
n-. the locution of the next Demi
erratic national convention in New
jork city. The announcement that
pix Secretary -Whitney bus decided
tii take nptlie tight for New York is
Kliiil to )e specially significant. Mr.
leveland's friends are said to feel
that the influence upon tin1 Democratic
party of t he convention held in New
1 ork citv would tend to udvanee the
cause of scuud inouey inside the party
.... . .. t , . I
At iiiiMon me Home .iianei -iuo!
,...i ........ . .i,
hull Inst evening. IJ 1 lay hvnna C i
IcntiesM-e, i harle Kmory mithfi
I'liilttolim, rvMlltlxter to i:usii
and editor of the finlud.-lph; ITps
nil. I ex Senator Warner Miller of New'
York nuide the print pjl t-peechcii.
Ainei'ii'uu ages f.ir A iiiericau work j
men and protection to American inar-l
ketn v(s I lie key note of lh-1 relunrk-t,
fernt cvi-rv ittenl ixli nf 'i Ih.iuMs Ii. keit '
r Will.um .V. Umley called f.rt It great
ri "' (
.... 1 . - . 1 ii 11 .... ..1
were ir 1 1 ti ll nt Lnwriim- K411 . bv
,!, ..It II n,l!,i. 11 ......... 1 1. 1 ..I II.-
c r'. fat er, l. . I i.metMl, of
I'.-'V It-f'it Mt. !, iVt.'i.i i-uiity, M.i,
tin- tu I .ill h'.inV liiiiii tl.al pit e
1 1 1. .11 1 t .1 11 11 ! 1 ti -.' a 1 n It 1 1 -r
t li'-m .1 tu' '" t't tiii; were !. t t
I'V H e I' 11 'ill i ihiii'i. i,l!n ,r 111
I ilHTi .i A til'.-I Wt . .fit . I IJ
1" I l si H 1 ' .till 4 In it I i ft Id
tie (- fl is III ..i.' w.'tt - ui 1 t
11' . t . Hi .1 1 , , ., I t.e I ,1 11
In ; I Ml I 1. i . .1 I I H.e I1M..I if
f , .el. ki I - . 'ii - -ii' 1
i ,,v 1 nil 1 I
I t ' tt f
t. ..-. t. I,
f 11 r. ituii, ,i
n i 14 i.i.i-
' f ' ll t !lt lilt
. ,f 14 it t.i
I ! :r t .
1 t
t f
t trr -.
, 1 i.ir
- Mi.
h t ... ,,
I t. i.-.
i t f I
I I' "I
Is Selling the Following Goods at Half Price for
the Next Ten Days.
'. Tic
Can 1). ). Tomatoes
" Bui'i I) IVuehes.. ...... .',
" " 1) Tears . ,
Scrub Hrush ... .:'. '...-..
3ottle liluing.. .. ............
Cake Wild Koso Toilet Hoap . , ,
Can California 1 Vnrs.
Shoe Blacking. .
Package Stove. Polish . . . . '.
Qt Sour Pickles.
Cako Toilet Sonn. . . . ........
Jb Japan Tea. . .... ..........
Can Sardines.
fim Monarch Ped Kidney
Kipperal Herring
Sale Commences Friday Morning, Nov. II
GO A L !
$2 to $10 Per Ton.
Office 1100 O Street.
Yards 14 and M. ?. Ry.
Phones 343 and 488.
For Hm1 IJugs,
For Hoacltfs, Mens, Ants,
Moths and All Vftmin.
For Sain Only by
ii4j osti:ki;t.
IN'iiif nilicr, we give a las-, of
Soila water with every o cent
An tlhihlriiteil .Journal t 1 1 -inir
all ulioiil Hi" workiii'H of
a l.i v t: S-'IkmiI in a I.ivk city
that is making n pt-riHlty f
trainiiioj l.i liiinesh nun
i ()M.Mi;i;oi.i.sTn)ii:s.
Short llnin!, Typewriting, etc.
Vott tan't iniiiiH' hovv in lit h
it will help Soli ill th" fell r
tinfi of tin riyht in'hool In at
eii.l ss itlioitt mi; a eopv.
! i 1 tu M lel it fret
i lili.!.iiu;iM;r.. s.t y.
I.iiitnln !iilin tfli
I., i ..I... N. I..
Physician and Surgeon.
I .:, ill I KM II H.
Ih. .!., :'
1 1 ii I--..SI . t) 'i -, S i r " i
r. ! i, . .. o ?
Surgical Diseases cl Wcio,
And Chronic Diseases
. , , .
10 c
2 A
, 10
1 rc Suck
Lincoln, 3STe"breLsk.eL
1 1 . i-wtrtr.SV
The Best School for Musical Training in the West.
Wouiil adsifc'' all those ilestriii"; a first class musical education
to read their catalogue and Prospectus for 1S5I5-I5. (iraduales from
this school, can enter the Great European Conservatories without, ex
amination Yon et a thorough mimical training. A beautiful
home for ladies and gentlemen.
A. A. IIahi.ey. Business Manager. M its. L. P. Hrooks,
(J. 3lolt 8, Musical Director.
Found Something at lastfor the Babies
The t'libreakiible Doll at thu
Great 10 cent Store.
The (i rent Tell Cent Store has received ulioof the fineht line of
IhdU ill the City. One partii uUr doll I warrant from brenkint:. 1
is one if the nicest tlolU out and they nre just u t ln-ap at a common
doll iiinl I vih cmtv l.i'ly wouM cull Hinl iiisiei t our line of dolls
They ar iioss mi s..le. Also iceeised a i-oiisiyn ii'ent lot of China
'imiiIs ss hirh are k' in ' be sold at very low tijjmv.
11B S 12th.
Kennedy, tie
1029 OSt. Lincoln,
1 1 ti . i U i vT t !n fi ! t r,.oi..',' r
Cabinols 2.00 Per
ImU-hX Stylo Small
mi .... r .--.., -.'u i
'ii y i f i ii h I . I! i nt' 'u ' -1 ! h '
Turn Peppers ',0c lb
" Alepico 20c lb
" Whole Pepper 20c lb
110c Vinegar . 15 c
i:c Pink Plv mouth Hot k Gelatin-. 7 A
One (iallon (Jenuine Apple Cider- . .20
sOe " .'Syrup
20o Can French IV-as
2"ie Holtlo Purity Extract Lemon,
10c Package of Gloss Starch ... .
'10c ' Sago
20c " Muccnrorii (imported) . .10
H0c Jar Extract. oE JWf 40
10c Bottle. Mustard '
20c Can Monareli Little Neck Clams.lO
Corn Meal
Lincoln, Neb.
Secret rry.
Neb. Noble tudio.
i li in t in' i"
Photos $1 Per Do.
' e '
f .-! .. i.' .r it)'- - ( .
t I
i i.,, ,.,. . . u k'li'NNI'liVN
Abl Aitiiri..,, l... I, '
lU'JDO Street.

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