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And Fiarriielaixisr Goods a,t Cost
TfrisisYOTJir mjm fiDCflT PARPAIWQ I See Prices Below.
OpTDOrtTJLXllty U ll tfl I UHll OH J 1 1 0 , We are Strictly one Price. All Goods Marked in Plain Figures.
A $20 Suit for $15. An SIS Suit for $iy.oO.
A 15 Suit for 11. A 12.50 suit for S.O0. A $10 nut for 7.-0.
BOY'S SUITS, -Lony Punia.
A $15 euit for $11. 12.50 Suit 8.00. 10.C0 Suit for I.'O. S.Od
nit for 5.50.
A $3.30 Hat for $3. A 3.00 hat for 2.50. A 2.50 hat for 2.00. A
:; ) hat for 1.50.
A $2 Glove for $1.50. A 1.75 Glove for 1.35. A 1.30 Olove for
1.10. A 1.25 Glove for 1.00. A 1.00 Glove for .75c. .
OVERCOATS -$25 Coat for J7. 20 Coat for 15. 15 Coat for
11. 1.2.50 Coat for 8.00. 10.00 Coat .fur 1'A 7.50 Coat for 5.00.
We also Carry a Full Line of Trunks and Valibes which we will
sell you the same way.
ThC StOCk IS All New and Fresh
and no old stock first marked up 50 per cent and tl.cn cut
continue until the first of the year.
Tli rinnt Polltlrnl flltuntlon Dlaantron
for Democrat!.
SiiDAUA, Mo., Nov. 23. In a Ion?
letter to a leading Democrat of this
city, Governor Stone, enys: ".Justthreo
years ago the Presidential flection
was won. The prospects of the l)em
wraths party, an they then nppearcd,
Lad not been so bright fop over thirty
years. We had won the Presidency,
both houses of Congress and the gov
ernments of two-thirds of the States.
We were victorious, honcful and eon.
lident. Within nix months the party
went into warring factions from one
ocean to the other. At the next elec
tion held in l8'.)4, we were overthrown
mi three-fourths of the mates, losing
several considered reliably Democratic,
and having our supremacy threatened
in others heretofore esteemed impreg
nable. The disasters of last year
were repeated in the elections of tlio
present month. Two and a half years
ago we were a compact, disciplined,
victorious party; to-day we are little
discordant mob."
As for the causo for what he terms
"this amazing metamorphosis;" the
governor says; "You know the cause
and I know it. There can be but one
explanation. The undemocratic finan
cial policies of the administration are
almost wholly responsible for our mis
fortunes. When Mr. Cleveland delib
erately put tha taritf issue, upon
which he had been elected, behind
him, and, within three or four months
after his installation, assembled con
gress in special session for the single
purpose of repealing the only law on
the statute books authorizing the
eoinnge of silver, his party halted ut
once, and looked on in amazement
And then, when he went still further,
aud bought to coerce the party into
abandoning the policies it hail long
advocated, thereby stultifying itself
and adopting in their stead, and as its
own, policies it had stubbornly op
posed, thereby exaltina- what it had
condemned, surprise gave way to re-
ana resistance; resistance nro-
voked conlliet, aud out of that cams
confusion, disorganization and de
feat." ' To avert defent in 18S0, the governor
Insists that he Democratic party must
repudiate Cievelandisin and come out
tijuurely for free coinage.
On the subject of harmony the gov
ernor says: "1 am for harmony, too,
1 am as sincerely anxious for harmony
aud success as any Democrat in the
state, and am moio than willing to
wake sacrifices to secure them. But
if harmony means that I am to doff
my democracy and put on the livery of
the plutocrat, 1 object. If the alter
native offered be the abandonment of
party principle or the aflliction of
party defeat; if 1 must surrender in
the open field or be shot from ambush,
why, then 1 prefer to stand by the old
Hug. If defeat should come, we would
at least preserve not only our
party organization but our party
faith and honor. Hid of those
who would betray if they cannot
debauch, the old party would rise
from the allies of defeat nobler,
lirarer and Htromrer Hum liffnri (.till
the unpurchased aud nncorruptcd ;
champion of good government, of
popular rights, liut if we are brave
and steadfast there will be no defeat,
either iu convention or at the polls."
Tlia Cuban Captain (irnvral Stiowa Why . disposed of tho election contest of
Khri shoulil Not lie lire ngntird. j Judge A If fed llattow of f'iiadroii. ttlm
Nr.w YoitK, Nov. 20. The World j demanded a w rit of u.uiidamiis rcquir
publishes a special cable from Santa ink' ' rceanvus of votes in C.ndron
Clara, tuba, signed by Marline do
CauiHis, governor general of Cuba, lie
ay among other things: " think the
l ubun belligerents' position at present
gives them no claim ou the t inted
States for reeognitinn There is an
ciiv retmllion in Cuba, but tho in
sumeiits holj mi aiaport, no iuierior
town. There are numerous v.lUgea
lintidtn the nup whi.li comi.-.t ef
life r ten htv Siiitetitm. iKe in
mrjfi nt remain f.r a p. r I of time
in I't.i' of tlm hmnUK Wiifn 1 cn I a
eoluma (,f tnup I., it tl.fr div
ppr.ir In th wh. puth!i-.
VMUttr.v tht fnu.t in the only
ilutri.-l In which they othth! Tue
rrejt .North ineri.'ati il..r, l.rnrral
tan'. iMy euerfd the kubpet of the
JH(ttH .f th WHireiu-v uf 111
' in th ftirmer r i. iwtiii If
U'.- Iu jmhlie d.Hiintrnt. with,
I. i( I aw fanolur. Ili4t tlu rr wera
an iriun t for t t. rwu-n , t ',.u
r, n. v nl.rit the iwon
to.tjfut rt,niti.iri hrftl u iit or
Printout .r,rtt trt-ttet a
'""'lnl, and i lMr pn fr oa NIJ
Hl tfeat IU g .itvriluiwm t, ,t in.
Iivtce'.e V 't." t U ! tiiifr.. fotU
P lt prt uf tht t a ''si Mtfc"
laal'laa al K'i'.S la ll,va I ran
I Una I l Jot I u..
11 t till, Ml, So i ,,)
I't a. Ihir'., Ki4ue. I harlrt
Itiney and Lewis Wright, confined In
jail here for robbing llurlington
freight cars at Jleverly, were caught
pouring coals on the floor of the cell
to heat the rock, proposing then to
break it with cold water. The sheriff
was notified by the prisoners and frust
rated the scheme.
Last night the three men suspected
One of thn nriHont!K nf rpnnrlinrr rin
j them and made him go into an upper
ceii. men tney began to make a
noise to attract the attention of the
sheriff. One of them stood at the
door with a tire shovel ready to strike
Sheriff Kerry as he entered, but one
of the prisoners called out to him not
to come in alone, as the desperadoes
were waiting for him. The sheriff
then called in Deputy Dillingham and
they entered and put the three men in
their cells.
Ilauiiihiil Depot at St. . Humeri,
Kt, Joskimi, Mo., Nov. JiO At 4
o'clock yesterday morning tire broke
out in tho old Hannibal and rit. Joseph
freight depot at Seventh and Olive
streets. The strucrure. which want COO
feet long, was soou consumed, along
with eleven cars of the Missouri
Pacific road and seven cats of the
I'.tirlington road. A large quantity of
goods in the ears mid in the structure
was destroyed. The Missouri Pacific
hud the depot rented. The loss to the
Missouri Pacific will bt about 9! 5,000
and to the llurlington about JJW.OOO,
partially covered by insurance. Tho
origin of the tire is unknown.
rriwjwrtuH of the S.iilo TaiwiheiV As
rlii Hon McptiaV'
Li.vixu.n. Nob.. Nov. :!;. The; an
nual meeting of the Nebraska Siatw
Teachers' association will take plana iu
1 .incoli lifo-iuning Deeemiier .'ll, and
continuing three days. Arrangement
have Ih'ch com pie ted for the enter
taiument of delegates uivd members-at
the hotels at red need rates, and one
and one-third rates have been granted
by the railroads. Aside from thes in
dneetnents, a most attractive program
has lieen completed, embracing a wide
range of topics of prime interest to ed
ucators. Special lectures will be- de
livered by Dr. Nicholas Murray, presi
dent of the National VMwrationiJ as
tiociation; Colonel Friyms Y. Parker,
f prominent educator; William tlaw
iey Smith, teacher, lecturer and
humorist, and a special pa-iier on: "The
Ucla'tien of tho l'libli.' Library to the
Public School." by Miss Marg:wet (!.
O Cricn of tho Omaha public, library.
In connection with the general vonven
tion there will be a meeting of the Ne
braska Library association, organized
last spring, and of the State Board of
Examiners, which will conduct un ex
amination for professional state certifi
cates. The educational council meet
in University hall on the evening pre
ceding the convention, at which re
port will lx rroivod from committees
on country schools, school log inlat toil
011,1 h'S1 "ehool
Not ('lifterlnf Outlix.lt for .IiiiIk Nrlly
Majoi-lljr of Two.
f.t.N'i OlA. Neb., Nov. :;i'.. Judge ef
the svprcme court met vestordav and
'precinct. The i ii was Oeniu.l r.ter
'vidi'iice wa submitted b C A. I! il
I liins of this i-tty. TliW ai-tion give V,
II. Westuvur a clear title to the . Ilice
! of judce of ttie Klftceiith judicial dist
inct. I le was eleetitl liy a majority of
eievvu a'il JiMlge 11.11 'ow t-tailued that
, a lei'onnt would ho, that he was
' icallv t liited.
! A rg.uin-ii! w n i-ai d b toecu tin
i (! Wellj-Neri U vae ! Kuruas co in
', The lefet t e's I po I shotted thai
, the miII tsu.k Vleh a 'P ned hud
ln'pn elooig'sl fi'iin l' t i Tlien'
I a evidence .!.owitit tlia' tho tally
' li-l h el U'l-n ii. - d ' lie mark,
makiitu 11 .iii-. ..atsi- of frnul
i" w iUeii (O VAtlMV mM.rih'NS
, iind tin i nu I for . ,. . ., iMiiwtited to tin
j l,iant vi a 'i ut i a-i-iaimt. i'h
I e'ei t i-m-. un mi d. ' f a nanaa
of 1 h a riiMrv . oti i,l .
ta H.iaiei -r Ht.im t a.atik a
Iilii)tis t.. Not i.i'h.r
i i .te t . i . ' u.- I iu ' e- nl
f If, ,'o ! a out
Oil l.i.lll 111, CO li I t Kit-
Ii rtli'l I.e..!,. l.ift.l
.a i. .i ,t ; ,. h i .1 and el,- ,i
t.l H !,.. h... . Ill ' .' I" h,IM
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BaJenr'S ClotliirLg' .
out the two Hum unearthed what ap
peared to be a skeleton. Closer inves
tigation demonstrated beyond a doubt
that it was tho skeleton of a human
being. As the hour was lato and the
discoverers were somewhat frightened
by their grow-some discovery, they did
not investigate further. Both men
were out of tin eity the next day, but
upon his return. Killen went te- the
place to look lor the skeleton and
found that it had been removed,, no
one knows by whom. The matter '.ill
be more thoroughly investigated at
once, and many think that it will fm-'
nishacliie to some of the peculiar
things that have happened in thi
icinity in the past.
Many JRTnnilW-ra nt the Trim.- MiMiMippI
fimeimt Not Aaaeaataeil,
OMAHA. Nov. 20. The Trans-Mississippi
congress convened yesterday
morning at ('.'reign ton hall. 1. W. 'ar
penter welcomed the delegates in be
half of the business men of Omaha.
Mayor Beeiiiis offered then the free
dom of the city:' awl Governor Holeomb
in behalf of the s-tate. Eit-fJovernor
Prince of New Mex'tro responded tot no
welcome addressee Prelimiwios oc
cupied most of the' morning awf aftor
noon. The election of ollieers- will be
the first order of hnwness this morn
ing. In view of the fact that but to
of the delegates' aw on the ground
it is not likely that' the eoPTention
will adjourn Iwfore .Saturday..
Ike. la Itlmlimrgril.
P.K.TRjr i:. Nek. Nov. 2tf. Isaac
Futon, a young nmn'Wlro lives twelve
miles lorth of Heatriee-. was on trial
yesterday in.iimge r.nfow s court on
a charge of rape made hy Cien.. C'al'let t,
whose thirteen year-old daughter was
ihe alleged victim. The girl was- put
on Ilie w itness stand, but gave' llittlo
evidence of a satisfactory nature.- The
bearing was quite extensive, the eotirfc
appealing to three physicians,, whwex
amined the girl. Their testimony
as that she had been misused, but
lhat. it may -have beeiv the resii'A of
tither acts than rape. '11ji younsroaan
a- discharged by t he court. v
Opening of Stale. EHintrr.
I.iv oi.y. Neb.. Nov. 2ti. The fr'han
tvllor ami regents anil faculty of. the
university of Nebraska, Invito-ajl the
vitit-ii of the tato to le p rose at at
the opening of the new library build
ing on Tuesday evening,. Decemlf 10.
Tho building will 1h il unlimited., and
attendant will lie present to mak the
inspection of interest to every person.
It is Udieved that tiere is no state
building equal to it in eeonomrt anil
thoroughness if const ruction.
The incoino tax experimea.t nas
proved So be an c&p'ensivc one fur the
It is said that Republican, sexiitors
tvill invite Populist senators to-attend
their caucus.
The English authorities of Jamaica
who seized the ship U a for tarrying
I ii ban insurgents have released her.
Congressman Kirt.pntrick tt Kansas
says that he doesn't, think Oklahoma
will be admitted U UUehol by thd
present ongress.
Priends of Lieutenant Pogue, who
was coiirt-martialt'd for shooting al
Colonel t'rofton, nre try ing to hav the
Provident pardon bun.
' Salisbury's rep'v ti tilney on the
Venezuelan c,uei lot is not expected
to reach H ii.b.ngton in time to b
trraled in the President ' message.
1 ire in a I mine has tiirown t)
men o it t f work at ."part. Ill,
It i prop.iscl to erect a uionuniPnt
in honor of the Into Dr. S, P. Smith,
author of ' tinrriea. '
secretary ef tae lira Uv attempted
to slaW Attirnrv .tohn brand in a
com triHMii at tirorgrtgwn, Ky.
Mark ll.iro'.d faUed to establish his
idriitin as the on of Mrs Mann, who
iMtniti-r'd mii it hrr nl. near
I i redo .-x.n
Sale and Boarding Stable.
i. Si.,11 "111 IVr M.MitU
t.. x ValU 'J IVr Mouth
t. ni.iU. . ai'i i lt if tt..i.
io.; I't i Hie K"iJ'
. u pio.d. ip.' i i.."t,e, t
M E. MOORE. Prop.
Is the result of an argument between our advertising manager
and the advertising manager of one of the newspapers of the city,
who bet Ins .paper would sell more goods for us than any other
rarer in the citv or 5.000 handbills providing we would take the
j following articles:
f loaves Hread ... .
10 pounds tine ISuJterine.
pounds Retined Lard '.
2 pound pail Pure Home flendered
3 pound pail Pure Itorue llendereu
Sujfar Cured Hams, per poiitnl..
5 pounds tiood iteefsteak
J pounds Pork steal;......,..
This advertisement with the cash entitles the buyer to any or all
of the above goods at the price set opposite - 'each article. This test
will last but four weeks,
iSrOW it you want to boom tne paper you read, ana save money
at the same time;, here is your chance. No one allowed to use more
than one advertisement or hand, bill a daiy. In addition to the above
advertisement we offer
$25.00 IN GOLD
to the1 person guessing nearest to the number of cash sales made by
us during the month ending December 2&th, '95. In every cash pur
chase we give a numbered slip-on which, they may write their name
and address and the number they guess. Deliver the same to the
office of Lincoln Meat Co.; on or before December 22ndr 95 No one
allowed to guess more than 10'; times.
The number of cash sales made by us during the month of Oc
tober is 12,441. This is the largest number of cash sales ever made
in 30 days by any dealer in meats and provisions in Nebraska. Our
figures above will prove our assertion. This mill enable you to
make a close guess-
Dr. I. Queen, Tie Specialist!
Pts scientific I
treatment I
and remnval
3 twenty ;
niiniitt'a I
knife. j
twin or j
a drop
tif tdtM.d I
ijVV.V.S mw Pile ami Tu
mora without pitin, knife or ) of
droof MishI, he aUo eurea Catarrali
Trat, Punfi. lleartand Nrrvoua l'e
gt'KP.N hm ir.ade dUeamea of
the St'imin li. ICi.ltwy, l.iver. Ill.ssl aa4
I'lsea'ws of Ui.mrii a sp-eiall foe
thirty tlvn t-arx He hi restore
sun -n.f to the deaf and U'ht W ta
PC gl'P.P.N is the .peelalit of tK
am ti.wiot in the Treatment and Cure
of a'i ( hroiiie and Private AllmrnU
hat mi; lived in l.iiit .iln and l.iK'air
eount.v for Uortv f ur i-ar
Pv applying; In I'r g.iva. the P.!a.
Ti.mii, ym tan ifrt lixlaitt Kelipf aa4
t Cure from alt Pain from liin iiiiiainas
.Veural va and a'l i ln.n e AUnent
aftrr all iiii'd.. at reined. ha faiU4
laatltut i ax I Ll.'i Ino Path I'..n.af,
Onion Blofk.N E.for. loth ft O
rluMreu'a lia l!lt tll! '
l.nii r tlotu iUi i !! i t'ir titi-oi !
af.taii . a .
N iv at hw I . ! niuM- i . iiiii
r. . t
and Cut,
Sale will
PKlUbb iz5tJ-OW COST:
. . . .25c
f.ard ...".'Oc
Lard. ....... .lioc
ponnds Sausage ......
3 ponnds 1'orlc Choys. . ..
lbs Pork Sausage
id lbs Keticed Lard
Dressed Hog1, per lb..
Dressed half hojj, per lb.
lb Pork sausage
Palace of fashion.
(Mw. .1. II. Hlfwr'h H1 Staii,!.
Planp tn hnv tho Mncf 5vTYI KH HATS
117 South Eleventh Street. -
Nifflv furiii -luti rni. from sfl ti sl IVr Week.
I Ml HSuHi,
I I." It t f Kwrjllnt 4 S rtr l, Sttif. ti .11 Uhm tuU ,
Ml Nttlllll i KNUI SlUKKi'.
1039 O Street.
,. 'J3e
...... ..4Wc
, 4Jfc'c
nff f
inft at vorv Rpannah! PrirtiS-
I.t i i, Ni it.

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