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17 ISOt
i i . i
Cotrrtstt, I, by American Pre Atwicfa-
la early October, 1865, I traveled on
horseback from Asbeville, N. C, iuto
mat Tennwsee by way of the precipi
tous und picturesque valley of the
French Broad river. Here, if any placo
on the centinetit.one might have thought
that the battle atorni that raged tor four
years oa ither aide of the Great Smoky
range would have been unfeft and the
aoand of its wild tumult be heard only
aa an echo, But the ach heaps marking
the Kites of log cabina, defenses thrown
up to command the weep and angled
of that rtngh mountain road, haggard
men in ragged bine or gray, with one
leg or one. arm, and, more than all, the
aballow graves hastily hollowed in the
thin noil of the bill, told that even thia
sanrtuary bad been defiled by the red
baud of war and its aylvan aisles lit up
by the torch of the destroyer.
During years of fighting and scouting
on the heights and through the valleys
of tho Appalachian mountains I had
never betoreWn so im pressed by the
variety and splendor of coloring of these
wooded crests and slopes. The autumn
tints were bewildering in their brilliant
beauty, the dark green shafts of balsam
and fir serving to bring the crimson
hues of the maples and the rusHot gold
of the niountaiu oaks into intens r
As the sun was setting myself and my
companion, Captain HiiifT of the Thirty-third
Ohio, bolted at a cabin, hoping
to find accommodations for ourselves
and animals for the fright. Dut even
with the. thoughts of self in mind we
had U turn in our saddles for one inoru
glance at the valley of gold and another
long look at the marvelous slopes and
cones of the mountains now bhuing and
Ibiming with the crimson, igneous glow
that one felt must continue to light up
thu landucapn after day had faded from
the crests of (he Cumberland rung to
the west. . - -
It was a double log cabin, with a
meadow in which cattle wero grazing,
down in the valley, and a lurgo field of
shocked corn on the slope above. In
the open vpace a tall, flue looking young
woman appeared in resjHinso to our call.
"Yon una want to stay fo' the night,
eh?'' bo said, and shoshudud her eyes
from the western light and looked down
tbo rood in a direction opposite to that
by which we had come as if expecting
some one. Then as she did not seo the
object of her search she turned to us and
added: "Git oft yer critters and rest a
bit till Andy and Phil come up. I reck
on hit won't be long, fo we nns hez
been lookin fo' 'em back evah aence the
sun drapped ovah Cartab'a ridge. Ah,
lhar they, is, and right smart glad I am
to see 'em, fo' Andy ain't no use of bis
se'f when hit gets dark."
With our bridles over our arms, Sing
er and myself turned in the direction
indicated by the young woman's extend
ed arm and saw two men coining up the
road, which, being some distance below
ns, was in shadow almost as dark as
night. As the men approached we could
see that one walked with bis hand ou
the shoulder of the other, as if for guid
ance. The man who appeared to be blind
wore a faded blue jacket, the yellow
facings of which told me that it bnd
been designed for a Federal trooper.
The woman came out, and linking
her arm In that of the man whose eyes
were shaded by ttie gluzed peak of a cup
that looked very odd under his slouched
cavalry hat she turned hint toward us
and said: "Andy, bur's two strcngois
with critters as seems bound fo' Knox-
2" 05
" A ;. Uar't twn strrnwri ivtth crltteri
u u m pound Jo hiutxvtue vtiy"
ville way, and they set a how they'll
pay f so be we uus ken keer fo Viii
till mawnin."
Without moving his bend the inuu re
sponded, "Mtrengers, we tins ain't got
lunch, but seclt ex bit Is you hum in vi I
iuut to bit." Then, itddrewlntf the
other man: "Phil, ef u be the siren
Ker' t rHt.'i ulii't breachy, i reckon
they'll tiud good puMerdown in the run
metier. Show 'em the way, and ef the
titter in ud toei'lin )' ken bite em
down soiiin afUll mt..ih.
"All ri-jbt, Andy," rpitdtd the
(iu r iu.iu,
l'lul we du"-d in u buttiitiut suit
tint hud ii it Kl )ear i(o, 1 1 lit
grayHt f'lt lint bnd Uvu water uik'
and wi'td tuit out of nhnH, uu. bU
ruty, wrinkled U, tutu which hi
tntiM'i wet t piinhvd attt-r ll llilou
f tti.' i.i.iiiiitniiw, wer ni'l limit, (ilia
sovltst Hi" I.r4 HHI htllllki II till
Its t ( smuud l rt on !lm ankle
while the other was a tavalry U ei
tend tug u tli km slid rt.inn oit at
tti l ip. It yum about iS trars of
tail and 1 r a an Indian, whb h
hi rotund I- and l I g Mailt bat
i itt htm a ivariulthitrv, and be crrte!
biHiKoll ith aa and agrms th.it
ibMi. itUd -dreugtU and activity ltol
that b bad l a st-Kller,
Ott the way ths na.i l l cn
Biiiml Uh l.i'ltr iiiijrkn, t.l
bit HSIM4 was I'hil tbMj thit be
ksd hi id lit Ui l'hiity-"V'iittt Ten
ewr ItifaiUir, and tbiit he bad ha I bi
cfcw k fill uv flahttu.
"Aedy Wsiwvtl it a tlw isiue kia
itb me," coctirnvd Phil Koss la re
sponse to our questions, "but be was a
Yank dnrin the wan and Bt in ttie inn
Kaintuck fo' the gov'ment."
"Did Andy Maxwell lose his siht in
the war?" I aiked.
" Yuas. but Andy ain't what yon uns
moot call plum blin. Thar's a doctuli,
a Yankee doctah, down to Knoxville,
es is a-enrin blin, and he 'lows that An
dy '11 git to see light Xiart aftab a bit,
but his face woo t nevah be mncn io
looks, and I ken tell yo', strengers, befo'
the wab thar wasn't a man in all the
hills ex bad a finer pair o' gray eyes in
his bead than Andy. Reckon you uns
been in the wah? Yes, on the Union
side? Well, hit don't mattah a d n.
a sojer's a sojar to me, and I don't keer
the side befit on so long's he did bis
plum best and wasn't a cussed sneak."
This easy moving, low voiced man
attracted me very much. I felt there
waa a romance in the Uvea of himself
and his " Yankee" kinsman, Andy Max
well, and now that I am reading over
my journal, in which was kept the rec
ord of that trip, all the first Impressions
come back to me intensified, and I find
myself wondering why 1 did not write
out the story before,
We went nntothe cabin, where we
found Andy Maxwell sitting with his
back to the file, at which the woman
was prepuring supper, while ho dandled
a chubby year-old youngster.
We bud wheat flour biscuits, fried
bacon, "genuwine" coffee, with rr;uii,
butter and new milk for supper lux
uries not often seen in the cabins of
those mountaineers.
I was particularly struck with the
appearance of the room in which we
found ourselves. Hido by side from the
pegs thortiwere suspended two old over-
outs, tiio one bluo and the other gray.
A saber with a dented acubbnrd, ft Hpen
cer carbine, n Belgian musket, such us
many of the Con federate troops in tho
west curried; a tattered guidon, with
the stuff broken and a gilt "II" on its
faded bluo field, while two old fumi-
loned rifles, with powder horns- und an
unmistakable Yankee cuutcen, hung
from pegs near by and wuggeiitc d a feel
ing of good fellowship between ut leust
two late foemen which was unfortunate
ly not very prevalent at that time,
As soon us Andy Ross Jeurucu that
Singer and myself bad been in the,
Union pnny und fought in a number of
battles with himself he insisted on shak
ing hands with us, und be ussurod us
again and again that ho was "doggone
glad" to see us, and he promised tbut
If we staid for a week Phil Maxwell
would give us some of "the best wild
turkey shootin to be hud a-top nv the
Lor's fahr artb."
While smoking our pipes after sup
per that night tho men, with thu help
of the woman, Hully, whose status
at first puzzled me, told their story. 1
cannot pretend to quote these kind
hearted, simple minded people, und so
as I ant giving an actual experience J
shall tell the story in my own way,
though I am well aware that my method
violates all rules of literary art.
As in every other port of the Appala
chian mountains south of the free states,
the people of the Great Hmoky range
were divided on the question of the war,
and hence, as elsewhere, those knit by
ties of blood and who had been the clos
est friends became the fiercest enemies
when tho presence of tho Confederate
conscripting officers forced them to take
The fathers of Andy Maxwell and
nil Ross were first cousins, but for no
good reason that any mo could seo or
that they con Id give themselves they
took opposite sides when secession be
gan, and their sons did the sume.
The young men neither had a broth
er wero brought up together. They
played together us children, fished to
gether aa boys and hunted together in.
the mountains when they became old
enough to bo intrusted with a rifle.
They fell in love at tho same time, but
it was unfortunately with the same
young woman, Kelly Jordan. Sally Jor
dan was ut that time the belle of the
Great Hmoky range, and her fame
brought many un amorous youth from
tho valleys to the bills, but If her heart
was touched at thut time by the devo
tion of any of her admirers she kept the
secret to herself.
Tho neighbors, who knew that the
cousins, Andy Maxwell und i'hil Ross,
were "dead a-love with 8lly Jordan,
shook their heads and prophesied trou
ble between the young men. Even their
respective fathers feared they would le
come etiPiiiiei, "all on account of tbut
gal Kally," and they were pluming for
compromise when, following the
thunder of Sumter's guns, tho con
scripting officer appeared in the hill.
There was at find among the moun
taineers a pretty general feeling that
they should stand together und lepel
the men who came to recruit or con
script, but gradually the luteal likes or
prejudices averted tin inxrlvem, and old
iteighlHtrs who adhered to ttie I nloit h
gun to lu.l.l absif from old neighlmrn
whoi anui gradually tosyiuputhUe w ith
ece.iiu, tilt at length tin y puwtcd eai h
other Hi thu blllit without ptkinw.
Anger grew into bate, ami th nipi.
tied that stleiH'cd tint tmiue g vn
pet h tvi the ritb,
the M uwtlli nml the I ! "Win
nigh iifinl.l'ur, so thick ami itva km,"
it was at rtrt Ulw-vrd would In. Id to
gether and taku tides with th I'nioit,
a did a majority ! their friend, and it
w"Kei ally 'I iwed that they would
ail Utim i had it nt l en ltd Kally
Jiddttii, The Kill hei. lt k( lirt t.
neither side, but as I'hil lb and Andy
Maxwell wr rlial lor lor hand, and
i t no lunger "friendly dip vd,"
it net thought tt !( that thvy
l tittl l isny llti'tr otiHit,.H ilt fur
ther and tk i tte sides In the war,
Nritlwt of the! two iohi knew tlw
itt.-si.iint (( (lis word "chlvslile" it I
tttdfrddtitttilrultt U tr . Itviu
the Hal slate diiiUibdi Ki make their
s.mliitmtt tl pbil ' col ut I
wa tit this tiiiiK item! i bhjlilo.
itVuttwusJ ai ti i
TaieTui Wkaui Maiim.
fcorlitl I)ltlnrllon Uiut Won In Olden
Time by Proflciency In It. .
The first requisite is good stuff fresh
eggs, sweet butter, light, lively looking
brown sugar or the finest loaf and flour
not too white, but of the quality that
when squeezed in the hand will keep the
lines and veining of the palm. Besides
these have flavorings a bottle of bran
dy, another of the very best whisky,
spices, homemude citron, raisins, mo
lasses and sherry or Madeira wine.
From such basis you can evolve at
least 20 different cakes, each in its own
way unapproachably excellent, ,
Begin with the butter, Whether fresh
or salt, wash it twice carefully through
clear, cold water; then cream in a cool
place, since in a warm one there is dan
ger of oiling. Beat very light and stir
all the time until mixed with the other
ingredients, '
About the eggs it depends. In winter
they must le fairly warmed; in summer,
chilled with the coldest spring or well
The flour must always be heated set
in the stm after the first sifting, provid
ed it shines hot enough; otherwise put
into a bag und place upon an earthen
dish inside the oven until hot through,
Then it must be sifted again fast as
the hands can move, and at once stirred
lightly into the cuke batter.
Sugar is powdered, sifted and dried,
but not made hot.
Two methods of mixing obtain about
iiually. In one tho sugar is put first
with the creamed butter, beaten in thor
oughly, and the yellow of egg, also beat
en, very light, added a little at a time.
Then comes the flour, also added grad
ually; next the white of eggs, beaten till
Lhedish that holds it might mi turned
upside down withont spilling it; then
Hie flavoring; last of all, whisky in the
proportion of a tablosjs)oi)ful for each
bur eg's used in tim cuke.
That is for lsmnd cake or silver or gold
cake. In fruit or spice cukes brandy
tukes its place. 4
The spirit is used not as flavoring, but
as a sort of chemio solvent, which sof
tens the crude component flavors into a
larmoniouH whole. .
In the other way tho sugar and yolk
f eggs uro lieuten together, the flour
tnixoil with the creamed butter, then the
two components carefully stirred to
gether. Hoverally the whisky and flavor
ing go into the butter la-fore the eggs
and sugar are added.
Last of all conies tho frothed whites;
then after 10 minutes of vigorous beat
ing the cake is ready for the oven,
How "Dog-earl " Kt.oi.lvt.il Their Name,
Originally "dogcarts" were used by
parties of sportsmen in driving to or
from the bunting field, and there was al
ways a box or empty space nnder the
back seat, into which the dogs were put
when being taken to the field. Probably
bis was done in order that they might
be quite fresh to begin the cliase, and
from it these conveyances cume to be
called "dogcarts."
How to rreonra Nairn on Willi MayonnaUa,
Five pounds of salmon are enough for
VI people. Get a piece midway between
tail and shoulders. Boil it the day be
fore and put away in a cold place till
ready for use, To boil it tie it in a cloth
und put 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar and
a tablespoonful of salt in the water. Put
the fish in cold water and stand on a
moderate fire. After it begins to boil
let it boil 2U minutes or half an hour.
Lift it out carefully by the cloth in which
it is boiled nud let it drain well before
removing the cloth. Then place it in a
porcelain dish and set away. When
ready for use, put it on a fish platter, re
move the Hkin and dress it all around
with crisp white lettuce leaves, pour
over it a little tarn gon vinegar, garnish
it prettily with bard boiled eggs cut in
quarters lengthwise, lemon cut in the
sumo way, dash a few capers over it,
und last of all pour the mayonnaise over
it und serve.
How to Hoetirely Fatu on m Hull' Head.
With a pencil or stick push the center
of a circular piece of strong cot ton cloth
up into the head. Push into this pieces
of rug until the head is full. This will
prevent the possibility of pulling out the
largo piece of cloth. Hew the head on
the body by the cloth though the boles
already provided in the neck.
How to Malta Oytrr Cruquelle'i.
Drain and plump und ruffle 23 oysters.
Skim them out and chop fine. To a gill
of liquor that exuded from the oysters
add an equal uutouut of cream, und when
it boils thicken with 2 tabU'spootiful of
flour rublsHl into a heaping one of butter
and stir constantly until it is smooth.
Add the well beaten yolks of 2 egjrs; let
lx.il up mice and remove from tlw fire.
Add teasptNiuful tf celery salt, n tuble-
apooiifulof chopjH'd parsley, n bit of cay
enne ami a palatable aeawuiiu,' of white
pester and salt mid fiduru the oyster,
When cobl, form Into oval or round cro
quettes, dip in lieatcti egg, then into
bread cruuil und fry in smoking hot
fat cuiiiptiwtl of one part butter to two
of lard.
Huw lu liuoiutUe MHl I In HI.
Weight a piece of candle so it will
lb.nt upright in a tumbler (tartly iilicd
wiilt witter. This will lut -veial hour,
Inirniiirf iintil th wh k U Mow the ur
fce of Mte water, and bat lit merit of
Uiilg irf firtly safe,
Hua It hl'l and I.ltt,
('.4 glue will tltMohe III inula but
nearly IhiUihh water, ll cm lie whittled
Uk bt.rw, break itisply, I perfectly
buttle tn dry weathet and lumlir,
traiparvitl apiaranc, Thr-w a piece
Uttl lold Water; if It SWrlU. I'Ut it.tttt
dttuMtWe, ll is gtaxl, The U-nt glue r
autre tw tt' the amount of water to Ihin
it that poof tlu d and dr in tine
nUiiieitt frm He liuh. whi poor
Klu d,vat li,. water,
II t- tlalattt.td1btd I mUtalderf
V.litit tho Ktill thr4l tiw-l in mi
brJ'bry Woui" Urnild, it ran, 1 1
r.ir. W tftsUirtfd by Win ir-t w ttti
tutttvu UHHlvrl!jf twi.
Ho, 183. Word Kqaaren.
1. A part of the body. 2. A jewel. 3. A
part of the band. 4. A girl's name.
1. Affection. 3. Hhaped like an egg. 3.
A veil. 4. A girl's name.
Mo. 133. A Problem.
A man bought seven books, the prices of
which were in arithmetical progression.
The price of the one next to the cheapest
was 8 cents, and the price of the dearest
was 38 cents. What were the prices of all
of the booktif
So, 134. f inal Arrotle.
AH the wordn pictured contain the same
number of letters. When rightly guessed
and placed one below t he other in the order
numliered, the final letters will spell the
name of a distinguished American commo
dore who died on I he island of Trinidad.
Ht. Nicholas. ,
So. ISA. Urop Letter Proverbn.
Here are two excellent proverbs to re
member when tempted to sail too high:
1. "(J-u-l-k-a-o-k-t-u-c-m-d-w l-k-a o-."
2. "C'-t-o r o t-c-o-d u-t-y-u-c-o-b."
Kit, A I uriiter' Kxiwrimeutii.
A farmer who was fond of experimenting
ou his farm il Id to with some of the follow
IngreNiiltH: 1, He beheaded one of bis animals, turn
ed her ai'ouiitl, and great sorrow was the
il. Another he beheaded and minced the,
remains and found it. very tender. ,
8. He removed the head and shoulder of
another, chopped up the remains and found
something with w hich to cook it,
4. Another be beheaded and found a
measure of type.
5. From nnoLher he removed the bead,
chopped up the body, and it Itecame a fairy.
0. Another he beheaded, and it liecame
Ko. 13T.--A Diagonal. .
The upper row of seven letters represents
"the nickname given to one wbo left the
Established Church of England." Home of
these people came to the new world. The
second row, the chief of a Michigan tribe
who formed a conspiracy to drive the Eng
lish from the whole western country. The
Iroquois refused to joiu the plot. The third,
the English master of a small bark who
discovered and named Cape Cod and Mar
tha's Vineyard, When be returned borne,
he carried with him a vessel load of sassa
fras root. The fourt h discovered and named
the river and gulf of bt. Lawrence. The
fifth, the okleMt college in America. The
sixth, a city which has become eminently
historical. The seventh, an intrepid French
man who discovered the gulf of Mexico. '
The diagonal names a government tttump
which is in universal use.
No. liH. About "Ologlett."
1. If you Hhould discover the ncien(
which has for its object the knowledge of
iliHtuiMe, what name would you give it?
2. Any fool can grow biiHbes, but what is
the science of fruit raisingf
3. An odd "ology" is "the doctrine of
4. An elevating science is that which
treats of tho existence and attributes of the
('reator, his government, the duties u-en
are to pract Ice, etc.
0. A modern "ology" ol very great ui
and value is "a collection and explanation
of terms peculiar to an art or science."
0. Due cannot easily Und a more interest
ing study titan the classification, habits,
habitations, etc., of animals.
The reuson it is no joko toidcpoii a tuck
in the dark is because it Is iin'tonMhle to
sco the -Nihil.
What is done cannot ls undone, espe
cially if it is a bard boiled egg.
The deaf and dumb man gets no credit
for having never told a lie,
A lame defense may tm very effective if
it'aln the case of a man whouM a crutch
for a weapon.
The Puritans were not svubitr, and
yet they frftjiicutly bmitted in t-k.
The. eoul miner U generally uUive hi
bu ln- after working bourn
Key to lltf rattler,
Xo, tll.IWbe.lmcitt! I'lea, A wry,
X nwnt, H-wale, Y-eaU
1 III - lli.l, li'ti Trtwat Jleeeli. tn.li. re-
ibir, lieiultH'W, maple, oak, dm, ;rte,
liireti, w illow, pine, popiar, aiit.
Nm. lit , Ihmtile Triauttli i
It K
It I. It
ll : H ii
II V. 11 II A It I l' M
11 K T
Kit, Itv-A Uuls Hoy's -k-t,U- .(- b.
ltd, ila, lad, Whrttg, light, M) iital UisUt.
So. Ibl-A IVlur INmle Itatiii'
Ibtfv. Intlian torn, Striin! ln.
ll. , Cow. ltl', !, l
Xti. IJ. l'ogri I itid'i. Nuh
No. HI,-ItWorieCbiattri I ItoWi'.l
( Ili.U.u, a. Mf N eilrr Halilt. a, Colt-
l.l t; K lirak. t Miin A t'.'
K lr, Mannis WbitHM " ui tU"
TUuiumJ, Ja. kt.ia.
Allen Root, W. C Aixyn .
Stmt Stock Asant Nabrasks SUM CatUs SalMmsa.
Fanners' AUUnoe.
Allen Root & Company,
Boom 220, ExotiBfe Building
UflllilCH I
First If atloaal Bank sf Omkha.
OommarclAl Nstlonal Bank. Omska.
TJ. 8. Yds. Nsttonat Bank, south Omaha.
Mb. SavlBflS at Uxctasog Bank, Omaaa.
OsatrsJ 01J;ttk, Oaatrst City, .
j, w. C ASTOB, Pres. W B. tnics. See. J. T. Rorss, Vlce-Pres A. G aisHaMTia, iraa.
O. L. XdHOH, State Agent.
Farmers Mutual Insurance Co.
Organized In 1B91.
02000000 fpurPC flow fp ffct.i-
J. W. Castor, Emerald. Neb.
J. P. Rouae.Alvn. Neb.
J. h. Hermanee, Raymond. Neb.
A. ureentmjrer, cneeoev, weo.
B. H. DavlM, fayracuse, Neb.
J. A. Floren. Goebaer, Neb.
J. A. Barr, York, Web.
w.j, Hlldretn, Exeter, Neb.
N. , Hystt, President, b
I Ji Tb9 oest Because tne most sirapie
lrl tew minutes' attention s da;
II II will keep It runnlDtf. Most
II ll economical; guaranteed cost of
II H ruQulng la oue cent tier horse
mm power per bour. Address,
No. 401 Southwest Boulevard
Webir Gas & Gasoline Engfnt Co.. Kansas
J Percbcron, EsglisH
! iaiir"-
arv horsa woa mors aoaors iaaa bbt imponn a -r jctt- ...Z3
M Vrr.t.TMiaM! Nabraaka fetata Fair. Lincoln; and ths Kama OUf Fair, seaaaA
UM. Hi Blaoh Percbsroa stallion, Jeannot,
. ' . - . 4 rai.ifM rtvv
SkaTl" inter! and long time llt tb Great City Farm,
on mil distant. Nw lmportttlon )wt rclTd.
r Long tim f ltoa
solicited. 8UMM la towm. Address,
W. J.
Da aot trlfl with toppfil
IMIMIrll&tlOtl, but neud IJ.OO
tr box Turkltth Tanity and
Vtn.uT.uy oX l'tll. mire to the
dr. Hoi4 only by HAHN'S
I'HaKMACY, 2B1J Karnam
St.. Omaha, Neb. By atatl.
Hoisteln Cattle.
Thlrty-flv sows bred for spring farrow, four
mule of June farrow ana a few fall Dtkts at
price 10 suit in umea.
H. S williaVison,
Beaver City, Neb.
For Satc
Electric Motor
la Rood condition. Will, be told
CHEAP U sold soon. .....
Corner lith & M St., Lincoln, Nib
fiPIU IT fii h UpanNa Pa's
VAtlLLJIlnaurowar, will
nt.ke hair arow on baltl heatti
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'm . s. TatS'i Sl.t wii.u. it la ar, tin-,
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HUNTIR A CO., Hlnsdal. N. M
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aw 1 1 a minstian rait.
H OpcralloB. h Dttenllon from Easiness.
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Georoi S. Brown,
Bog Sa'.waaau
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"Bator ihlpplnf ask as tor eeadliiM
Marks'. 1
248 Couth tli Otrt,
Correspondencs solicited from all persons
Interested In mutual Insurance.
Cifv. Missouri,
CI l
rUrl oALc I fakmland.
I bars a lot of excellent good vure bred (reeordal) sUlllau mA
mares, both Percberons sad Engllh fcblr. Also Impart mm
AmerlcsD brad Shetland Ponlss. This stock Is of our own Import
tlons and raining, olean, healthy ard all right. We will sell oa aai,
mal or all, a tb entire slock munt be disposed of. For list mm
descrlpiloa addrsss, A. L SULLIVAN,
Tbo Importlnf Draft Hons Ooopuf.
WIL8011, GrestCB, Iowa.
Sllie, Belgiu ixl Coid Bona.,
rtglan siaUhn, Baaipeon, ner (aid
rtetlynrst-ciass Ueportad ara, lW
ana my tw,
all. wot atr
ma, uimwb, vw. y jia.
. - r
In Clydisdtle, English Shire, Pereheron, Belglta,
German Coach, Yorkshire, Coach and
Cleveland Bay Stallions.
to responsiblt partis.
WROUGHTON. Hastings, Nsb.
Hnndiwdt of remxlleit r put u p fraamntwd to
fiire lout manhood, but they don't do it. Turk
ih Lout Manhood Capmilea are warranted and
money returned for every cane it dowi hot puna
of Weak Memory, Lout lfrain Power, Lost Man
hood. NlKht Kmiaitlofui, Weakneaaof Reprodue
tlTeOruanncauaed by youthful error. Oivu
Til'N Lira. Sold only by II a hn'h fit arm act,
a)l?Kamam Wt..llmiiha. Neb. II OOttoi hy mail.
Fine Stock Auctioneer
1 203 O et.a Ulpoolp, fb
To Make a Trip to the
Beat A3vsptage It Is Es
sential to
: : START RIGHT. : :
If Going to Kansas Don't Call On Us,
Anv point In the two Dakota or Central Wyranina
roll on u. Because the Only llnermu
D I reCt 10 tlivw and tnlermetliHlu pmnb on lu
Own 7.y"' nule of road, it it the Best- ,
W. M. Shipmah, A. 8. Firldimo.
lien'l Ag"L City T'lrt. Agt.
1 1 7 80. I Oth St , Lincoln, Ned.
Depot : Corner 8 anil Sth atreeu.
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