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May 24, 1894
II! I$ Of Wilt
Tea Men Drownnl unit in Every Inntanro
Jloatand Cargo Are h Total I.oa
The Kchooner Cuiumloeii (joea
Down at Milwaukee and Mix of
the Crew IVrlKitManufito
turliur 1 ttf.lt Wrecked.
CiiiCAOo, i;.'., May 21. Tlie storm
which ycKterdity nvvont Lakis Michi
gan wan the most di,ustrou of 'recent
yearn. Light vessel were driven
ashore within the city limits of Chi
cuffo and out of their erews ten men
are known to )n drowned and in every
instance boat nnd cargo aro utterly
lost One, s-liooner, tho Myrtle, wus
wrecked just outside the government
pier, within a half mile of Michigan
Uulevardc, and six of her crew went
down to death in olaln view of the
I boulev
l awful
1 big ho
indrcda of . people who lined the
uvard walks, or watched the
yful storm from the whitlows of the
hotels which overlook the harbor.
Tho wrecks extended from tileneoo on
tho north, where tho Lincoln Dull
went to pieces, to South Chicago, an
air line distance of forty miles.
The Myrtle, on which the chief loss
or lire occurred, not a single man of
ner crew of six escaping, mm water
loggea when Mie appeared off the har-
oor in the afternoon. She attempted
loanenor imt wa ilriven before tne
gale and struck the schooner Kvening
htar, ana, drifting away from the fcv
ening Htar, she struck the schooner
Gilford, and, l hows heing stove in,
she-began to sink rapidly. She
drifted out to sea, her crew being
plainly visible, as tliey huddled to
gether on top of the cabin. One was
X washed away, a heavy wave broko
Wf urilln Hurl limn unlvflipiu wn
WJsiDic. twio or tiiem Jumped on a
plank and floated in close to the break
water, where he lost his bold and
went down. The two men on the
boat went down with her.
mum -.--'iitrrai i nruuiiiouE rue mate,
and Much laiiiuK Wa fullii-teil.
JxniANAJ'ouH, Ind , May 21. The
storm which prevailed in Indiana did
much property damage, and reports
received here indicate that tlx. orm
was general. At Marlou hnndiv.s of
trees were blown down. A portion of
tne rstewart glass factory was demol
ished, also the Marion brick works.
A circus tent won blown down, and a
panic ensued, but there was no one
i i i - . .
ujjureu except, an employe WHO Was
situck oy tne center pole. At flloores
ville many forest and fruit trees were
uprooted and tho damage is great.
At Washington the storm was tho
severest in many years. The, now
iron and steel mills three miles south
of Klwood were blown down, causing
a loss oi ;ti,uoii.
six i.i vi;h i.os r.
Schooner Ctiiuutlnic loaudr Off tho Kn
trance to Milwaukee Harbor.
Mh.wackkk, Wis., May 21. A fierce
galo from the north raired on Lake
Jiicniganyesteraay, ana a treiuendons
' -sea swept into the ha v. At u o'clock
the schooner M. .1. (,'u minings, -grain
laden from Chicago, f) undercd just
south of the harbor piers, aud five
men a and womauperished lie fore the
life saviug crew which went to their
assistance uould reach them.
The Ohetaetaa to Improvement lo Not
Lcn Tlie Ntrlkei and Tariff.
Nkw Yoiik, May 21. R. 0. Dun &
Cos Weekly Review of Trade says:
"Tho obstacles to improvement do not
lessen. Tho strikes of coal miners
and coko workers have not ceased,
but have caused the stoppage of
numerous works this week und em
barrassment to some railroads. Tho
conference at Cleveland exhibited
much angry feelimg and wider differ
ences thun bad lieen expected, and
ems to render agreement more dis
"Proceeding- of the senule do not
indicate that the latest form of tariff
revision has made Ktccdy llnal action
proDai.ir. it-ttlui recuiM-rat vo ab b
ity of the country U so great that I he
volume of Imvlnes trnnac"d N large,
and seems surprisinirly under the
clrcuiuhtance, iiotuihtmuling inllu-
cuees which in any ot'ier lutid would
chum) dire dUaster.
ii-lMm.iii tUrk orrlou.lr III,
W'AtUJii.Tov May K Coiinm
mitu Ji.hu It Umk, Mb.toiirl, I lying
in a critical condition In u rivate
hiual In tins el t wwU
ago he tt eoiiislltnl to submit
a auric! surgical operation
ir aldney trouble It v the
W t opt'iamon of I lie kind cut prr
formed inth national capital. Wlul
the )h,yiik'!aii '(rt'., (topes i.
liK rvvry, M eoii.titlmi Umi. Ii ih.i'
tan fnu. ity Law t t admitted
. Ill ... .
( in 14'i'Mc. iieiiertii iiarK wa
fur l year reiireieutatiie of the
Hi.,.. .
'111.1114 IIIMIK'I, 411. 1 li.r IIIU Mill.-
.number of J t ltrW of th i liou, (
flet lion I.e. l 11.411K . m IliUiilv
i laieiv wa ipiMUit ! a rink in
he unpen U!ll; MM tut.i t , ortil B,
ra a4 HwUrl Mf
t i I VI I, tap. Oi.l.s M il II Jvrsl
.but V W, liiirlttn I of tbe ,iii,lji
itiated aiMM'liklioil, .-.U ! in n v.m .1
ft thu piotmb n ( t of tr-
ahd tri t orkei, I; "Of i'uiir 5
.til Hot Mt l.l l iti' ttilltav.l.
t Iti year, lifjiw. tl.e e.in nti.n I. a
(!u p.it n at to .1 lliit ordcrof bu u
' h'.vlt the Niliy of ttm emuUn
i -a I' I to I mil lined Km
"a i to t oillliue.l I. ill itl'.ri
-HH Ihe Iw.tt, e of the ptnl it ill b.
n Ity wifa r. cm..-Iu,:. tliMt if all mil
c4tnii rtfuwtl.i .iLiitlie Male then
trg nH it nntion;! trUu,'
The Senate .( Down to Real Work at
I.aat Eleven face fJinponeU Of.
Uasijinotox, May 21. White
winged peace hovered over the senate
yesterday. As a result of tho com
promise reached at Thursday night's
drawn battle, the resolution to inaug
urate longer hours, beginning next
Monday, commencing at 10 a. in., was
agreed to, and then the senate for the
first time since the tariff debate
began, settled down to real earnest
work on the schedules of the tariff.
For five hours the consideration was
steadily pushed, the result being
eleven pages of tho bill were disposed
'of more progress than has been made
in the entire three weeks during
which the bill has been eousidered by
paragraphs. The "chemical schedule"
was completed; and the "earth, earth
enware and glass schedule," except
ing items m-'.i2 inclusive, which wero
passed over by agneenient, was fin
Schedule C, metals and manufac
tures of iron and stael, hud been
reached when the senate at 5
o'clock went into executive session.
Tho Republicans won their first vic
tory in their efforts to secure higher
rates than those granted by the ma
jority, They .induced the Jljmocrals
to take rough building and monumen
tal stone, limestone, fret; stone, gran
ite, sandstone, etc., from the free 1 in i
and place them on the dutiable list at
7 cents per cubic foot and to increase
the duty on thisclass of dressed stone
from 30 to ao per cent ad valorem.
The feature of tho day was tho de
nial of half a dozen Republican sena
tors that any agreement had been
reached to allow the bill to ultimately
come to a vote aud the bold announce
ment of Messrs. Frye and Dolph, that
they Mood to go to any length and
use any parliamentary methods to de
feat the passwge of the bill. ;
Mr. Morgan's resolution calling
upon the attorney general for infor
mation as to the existence of a sugar
trust in violation of tho law was
lirpresfiitaUve Iiniiliy Wants the Mat
ter Further liivrtlg;iitfld.
Wahiiixoton, May 21. -Representa
tive Diuiphy of New York had a hear
ing before tho house rules committee
on his resolution to investigate naval
armor plate frauds. He went into the
details of the frauds to show the com
mittee the desirability of probing the
matter to the bottom. Mr. Duuphy
said the frauds for which tiie govern
ment had already assessed the Car
negie company 8140,001) occurred be
tween November, 18(2,and September,
IHm. The same class of evidence, lie
said, showed that similar irregulari
ties occurred prior to November. ItJOfJ.
and subsequent to September,
Speaker Crisp and his associates on
the committee questioned Mr. liun-
phy on the details of the alleged
frauds. He speeHied ono instance in
which an armor plate on tho Monterey
is said to contain a blowhole eighteen
inches long. The man who saw the
blowhole when tho plate was cast, it
was alleged, dropped his card in tho
hole, anil issaid to bo ready to locate
!,,. Anf.. ..!.,,, .....1 I I. ...I.. I. 1...
Hon, but Mr. Duuphy believes they
will report buck the resolution with a
recommendation that will start tho
investigation at once.
Kandr Out on Hull.
Toi'KKA,- Kan.; May 51. Owing to
illness Judge Foster stated yesterday
that he would not lie ablo to hear the
application of the Sanders industrial
ists for rclcasn on writs of IiiiIipilh
corpus, and it is probable the applica-
tion wi.i tie made m
Judgo Williams'
court at Wichita.
Sauders secured his freedom
,V'CS- I
terday by giving a bond in the sum
8300, with K. 11. Snow of Topcka as
A Jockey Killed on tho Track.
Lot isviu.K, Ky., May 21. Only five
races wero run yesterday, tho fourth
being . declared off. in the second
Judjrn Payne fell just beyond the
half mile pole, throwing t.ioodalo. the I
jockey, und Virden who wus last and j
coining at full speed, stepped on his
forehead, crushing it in and causing
concussion of the brain, from which
lie died about t wenty min utcs after
ward, flu was also badly bruised
about the bin! v.
Howard for tha la) lorn.
l'.uooKriKt.p. Mo., May Tho
county court of Idnn county held a
spcciul session and offered reward
of (I, (Min for the capture of lioorgo
and Hilly Taylor, I ho cold-blooded
:w;i;;g:'VMHv,,mn,y; t i
to this amount, Hullivuu county offers
whi ami (iovei nor Htone I no. offered j
,..!... ....i.. t ii
PHsi inr me state.
There U in Jcrtioalcm a branch id
tiie Young Women's t'hrisiiun asms-la-tl.ui
which uuiiitK-rs about rlhlf
" line, do you and mtr
cverllltf,'"' "Yea, air," ,:hi
brut her
lUidv-ii hut a lucky fellow lUuui
rer l! He mm U,rn ullh a silvrr
p-sH In bU tmnith. t.nolge I'll la I
it d.t ted.
li l.iu.l ii. th cilt.ir , n,
J4 back to yini, Mmhlte -Hlldntl
thai a fiiimy, Mi it I, it..
nist..r nai.l t H4ii't,
"oit sloeitdai Im bar.) 4, tl
1" ." ald t- ultuteulal nun.
Yo know It.v v I. ion k mfferiim
Mtiatllli- tin, t in atittg Yei," rf-
died he .on lb ell ii; " and . do
I Sr piibile,"
li rk.M I'ping M lli apvaklnr luU
t bi.tle Ut. vbrtl U Ht
ifni;iitf T.Miri of I in-le ,Ji.!, in,,
"i V, fnuil -tt i nil. nit a Iw ! v
I ve IdiiMH on iii-Vre b-ttii ligtit
till I m lioliil. an' U tb iriiin' i.
He M.iv I asi iour father, MU
Miij.' ' M..a Mrtferv I but will
be lliiliirelt, Mf. Ho. ...lit. I.ul I
fthould prefer that Joa i-ure t'igi polo
Mit of lh four other gentlemen I in
Ifiyryi tt to t hcV are iiuHc M-lrct,
The People's Party Platform Adopted
at Omaha July 4, 1802.
Assembled upon the Hfnij anniversary
of the Declaration of Independence, the
People's party of America, ia their first
national convention, Invoking upon
their action the blessings of Almighty
God,' puts forth In the name and on be
half of the people of this country th
following preamble and declaration of
The conditions which surround na
best justify our co-operation. We meet
in the midst of a nation brought to the
vrge of moral, political and material
roln. Corruption dominates the ballot
box, tha legislatures, the congress, and
touches even the ermine of tho bench.
Tha people are demoralized; most of
the states have been compelled to iso
late the voters at the polling places to
pre ventunlvcrsal Intimidation or brl
bery. The newspapers are largely sub
sidlzcd or muzzled, publlo opinion
ulienced; business prostrated; our homes
covered with mortgages; labor impover
Lined and the land concentrating in the
hands of capitalists. Tho urban work
men are denied the right of organiza
tlon for self protection; Imported pau
perlzed labor beats down their wages, a
hireling standing army, unrecognized
by our laws, Is established to shoot
them down; and they are rapidly do
generating Into European conditions.
The fruits of the toll of millions aro
boldly stolen to build up colosssl for
tunes for ft few, unprecedented in the
boitory of mankind; and the possessors
of these, la turn, despise the republic
and endanger liberty. From the same
prolific womb of governmental injustice
we breed the two great classes tramps
and millionaires, The national power
to create money is appropriated to en
rich bondholders. A vast public debt,
psyable in legal tender currency, has
been funded into gold-bearing bonds,
thereby adding millions to the burdens
of the people.
Silver, which has been accepted as
coin since the dawn of history has been
demonetized to add to the purchasing
power of gold by decreasing the value
of all forms of property as well as hu
man labor, and the supply of currency
s purposely abridged to fatten usurers,
bankrupt enterprise and enslave indus
tries. A vast conspiracy against man
kind has been organized on two conti
nents and It is rapidly taking possession
of the world. If sot met and over
thrown at once, it forebodes terrible
social convulsions, the destruction of
civilization or the establishment of an
absolute despotism.
We have witnessed for more than
quarter of a century the struggles
of the two great political parties
ous wrongs nave' been mulcted
upon a suffering people. We charge
;,. t,silllnv Irtln.niaa (trim In at.,
log both these parties have permitted
the existing dreadful conditions to de
velop, without serious efforts to prevent
or restrain them. Neither do they now
promise us any substantial reform.
They have agreed together to ignore,
I- the coming 'campaign, every issue
but one. They propose to drown the
outcries of a plundered people with the
.i - .Van. nun Oiu faxIW
so that capitalists, corporations, nation
al banks, rings, trusts, watered stock,
the demonetization of silver and the
ppresstons of the usurers may all be
lost sight of. They propose to sacrifice
our homes, lives and children on the
j... t i.i
ww 01 -nn-lnuu' w Bl'-
order to secure corruption funds
from the millionaires.
Assembled en the anniversary of the
birthday of the nation nd filled with
the spirit of the grand generation
whloh established our independence,
we seek to restore the government of
the republic to the bands of "the plain
people," with whom it originated,
j We assert our purposes to be Identical
with the purposes of the national con-
atltntlnn "Tn fni-m a mni-a iiAi-tnct
Ho tranquility, provide fer the common
defence, promote the goafral welfare,
and secure the blessing of liberty to
ourteUei and our posterity."
We deoltre that this republic can only
endure at a free government while built
upon the love of the whole people for
each other aud tor the natlou; that II
cannot be planed tog ethf by bayonets;
thai the ivll war U ovtr and that
every paxkloa and reHOhoout which
grew out ot it mutt die with it, and
.hat we must be la fact m we are ia
ame, the united brotherhood of lre
Our eountry Cads lUelf tftofnotiHl b
coadltioat for which them U no prece
dent la tha hUtor of (Uu world; oar
annul ricultural mKHMoa amoiiot
to bUHoni of dollars tt val i, wttkh
must mWh.t a ft w wsSi or months W
elclitn;d (vir b'.iltonioi dnilaiiul nun
ntudlllns ?aaucd la taeir iroUuMua,
UieiUtiiijf evirrcety SJppiy U h.t'jf
IipmIms, ,i u ike litis ihiitfi tho
rt sn'U are faUinti p-ti, tu (.niiaHna
df lumlims and lisgi i4 h
potai'UlitUCBt Ol th '!
Ye fledge ouravlive tha. It In
jHi r, e aiil Uher Iweoirei t itir
vlU b. wiie aud rMu!ii
ttloa la Rtmrdanc tk the teriDi
of o.ir latform. We bUte that
the Kin tif g-iTtamvBt la oll.
ordt, ot tho people should U
service) as rapidly and as far as the
good sense of an intelligent people and
the teachings of experience shall justify,
to the end that oppression, injus'
t:ce and poverty shall eventually
ccaso In the land
While our s mpathlet as a party of
reform are nr.turslly upon the side of
evtry proposition which will tend to
make men intelligent, virtuous and
temperate, we nevertheless regard
these quebtlons, important as tbey are,
as secondary to the great issues now
pressing for solution, and upon which
not only our individual prosperity, but
the very existence of free institutions
depend; and we ask ail men to first
help us to determine whether we are to
have a republlo to administer, before
wo differ as to the conditions upon
which it Is to be administered. Belle v
ing that the forces of reform this day
organized will never cease to move
forward until every wrong is remedied,
and equal rights and equal privileges
securely established for all men and
"onion of the country, therefore
..-st-Tbat tho union of the labor
forces of the United States, this day
consummated, shall bo permanent and
perpetual. Msy its flpiritenter into all
hearts for tho salvation of the republic
and tho uplifting of mankind.
Second Wealth belongs to him who
creates it, and every dollar taken from
Industry without an equivalent is rob
bery. "If any will not work, neither
shall ho cat." The interests of rural
find civic labor are the same; their ene
mles Identical.
Third Wo believe that the time bus
come when tne railroad corporations
will either own the people or the people
mus. own the railroads, and should the
government enter upon the work of
owning and managing any or all rail
roads, we should favor an amendment
to the constitution by which all persons
engaged la the government service
shall bo placed under a civil service
regulation of the most rigid character;
so as to prevent the Increase of the
power of the national administration by
the use of such additional govern aeut
We demand a national currency, safe,
sound and flexible, issued by the gene
ral government only, a full legal tender
for all debts, publlo and private,
and that without the use of
banking corporations; that a just, equit
able and efficient means of distribution
direct to the people, at a tax not to ex
coed two per cent, per annum, to be
provided, as set forth in tbe subtreaaury
plan oi tbe Farmers' Alliance, or some
better system; also by payments in dis
charge of its obligations for public im
provements. We demand the free and unlimited
coinage of silver and geld at the present
egal ratio of 10 to 1.
We demand that the amount of circu
lating medium be speedily Increased to
not less than 150 per capita.
We demand a graduated Income tax.
We believe that the moneys of the
country should be kept as much as pos
sible in the hands of tbe people, and
hence we demand that all state and
nations! revenues shall be limited to
the necessary expenses of the govern
ment, economically and honestly ad
ministered. We demand that postal savings banks
be established by the government, for
the safe deposit of the earnings of the
people, and to facilitate exchange.
Transportation being a means of ex
change and a public necessity, the gov
ernment should own and operate the
railroads in the Interest of the people.
The telegraph and telephone, like
the postofilce system being a necessity
for transmission of news, should be
owned and operated by the government
in the interest of the people.
Tbe land, including all tbe natural
resources of wealth, is the heritage of
all the ople, and should not be mono
polist d for speculative purposes, and
alien ownership ef land should be pro
hibited. All land- now held by rail
roads and other corporations in xoes
of their actual need, and all lands now
owned by aliens, should be reclaimed
by tho government and held for actual
settler only.
Worth Western Lin Palaoe Sleeper
and Faet Chicago Train Sevvloe.
A alaoe car for Lincoln wople is
now atutuhod daily to the Chicago lim
Hh1, Uaviug Llneola at Ho better
sorvloo. lownat rates.
For lU ket. bwrth rt)orvaUot:s etc ,
cn'l at city ollliHi m U street, or depot
lor. H and Mh street.
Use Northweatem line U Chicgo
Iow rat'. a-l Ualu, UCTce) 11 vf
The (ilt hoU'l U hraJ juarti r i l
W. H, iKvh Ulrleloa romruemlrr if
the Am lent tiJrr of loyal Amrh?
1'. V. H. I'tt ii.
H Pitt la get to St. Paul sa4 ttt
Ureal Kmthweet.
.Hurtrtiht. IhoroU huX -n vli.-t
tfiUiu llao. Tt lva l.irtvoia by othe?
r'Js I to 1m tiirned or Hi tbe North
i't. rtt line enrouw. H tt at you
ttartoaUie "North Wet rn" hy pur
rhadiijf tltlt'Uof it r-;.renUVUv,
A. d. IVIJIng Cty TUsst Ajre HT
. tOth, Hi, K T. .Wwrv a? JMtor.
err -lh anj M stiwU,
t'ee NurlbweiWra l.'es ta Chtoare.
Get these books and our paper as fast
as you can into we nanasot the people,
friends. Buy, read and oircolate.
aauress ail orders to the
Wealth Makeks Ton. Co.,
Lincoln, Neb.
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niieavuieii.ti. Y. (Illy, uovernnient Ownerabla
of Kllr(t paralyiea 'em. 10 cenie eacbi the I
aiaiied, poupaid, lor S ceate from this oUce.
A Co-operative Commonwsaitb.
A book for all who believe the competitive
commercial struggle should be superseded by
a lutt economic eyntem of production and dis
tribution. A book alNO for tbona who believe
competition neoeauary. Postpaid, paper covers
SO cents.
The Railroad Question.
The matter preaented in tbe 4MI pages of this
book, drawn from all tha Amerlean and tfnra.
peau literature bearing on tbe railroad prob
lem, 1 moat valuable. Head thla book and
you will be tborougbly Informed on one of the
great -over-shadowing queetloosof tha day.
Uotbtl.U), , ,
rbe Seven Financial Conspiraclee.
ThlMle book, which has had largest circula
tion and influence in tbe Farmer Alliance,
ebowe bow the Money Power ban gathered lis
viwit plunder. A beok to sow broadcast over
me tana.
60 cent.
Fost paid, to tie., I tor lb cte., 7 lor
Six Centuries of Work and Wages.
Abridged with chart and suramarv. Tha facta
and tbe thoughtaummarrof els large vniumea.
hlNtoric collection of most valuable fnfor.
nation bearing on the prencat crlwle, by Rev.
w. v. r. urn, introduction by Prof, R. T.
r.ly Of tbe Htate L'mveniltr of WiannBi.
i'aoer, 2b cent.
Peopl'ee Party Campaign Literature,
We bare reoeived from Headquarters
at Washington the following list of
campaign literature which can, be ob
tained &t prices given by writing to
Ueadquarters for it:
s lilt
8 8 I
ti a
"Ana!yitof the Money
sjiinuoB '-ey houa
tor Juba P.Junes,...
The Hrlelii-e oi Woliey
II r eeuator W u M
I w
3 uu
II 00
ft S4
C'-lnlug the heeloran'e'
oy eenavnr niewari
1-eiie aoiiele'il Hott.1
-lly.uUr Wu. V.
A li a ,
MiNirV QilMtlon troms
l.ct'Ul Hl..M'IIH -
My -uur M V
Allea,, .,
t he Money ue..iu
it y euatr s m. A.
Ik luioii.e Tat-Hy
tl. t'.i,.., Ml'
l t I'tMH.,'" "t M
II Vl.f. u. u
I Id
1 1
1 W
Mtl.tt illl.t ("Ml if
M..y tir Juuu
I i M
f 11 inrn t,"ietin
Hf ,i.'i;y kiiiiiv-u
- to I to
Tie abova it only a partial list.
Otbt're 1H t addod ei soon a ut
The h.wche are fitraUhrd at ol.
and w trarneetiy nr Ut that alt state,
f ;-vr and lwal (jouimUWve, a)) all
iVoi in ' Tarty C'IjK l'lons and IW
pU tNsrty vUms aUt In etrruUttny
tLI llUiraUfv, UU the twk laa W)
a Irani' oar caie )et aJopwd
A ratUue coti'alttiug a onniele
Ul uf Nfin'ftt taia. 1'auij-hloU, newt
paj vr, li? , w.ll tu itet out fnm hrat
.jar Ur at aa e,r day. Sa one cent
stamp for ta n. Seta a! I on!-, rt ki
U'tutt: S, H. Tt I a-a.lt.
I.0P-bb, Are,
It C T.vt.Jr..jciM CheJrtoa,
tend trw
Vr hex
Schenectady, N.Y.
RATIONAL ... . p
Most Practical Bualneea College In the I
we i. enortnana, Type writing, iiook
keeptng and Telegraphy. (Shorthand
bvMull. Three laaunn a free Inpnrl tnr '
Steel o Wind o Ecl:e
Bas been In use ttaee IMS. It
bas BlAtTY. VKlHtiW, DUUt-
Sum, powtrti.n u ih Ua
eace tui- mill fur you to buy,
Thouaauds bave them I
Our Otssl fowsr
Bave 4 angle steel corner poets,
subeteotlel steel virui anil
braoes; not fenee wire. Tbey
are utHT, I1R0H0, 8MPU m
V0HSTU0JI0 much choapef
the wood tud will taut a life
tune I Onr mills aud towere am
ALL 8TKKL and are FUtLY
UUARAMJkKU. Wrlle for
price and circular. Addrese.
Msotlonlog thf s paper.
kip.kwc:d ekc::e cd..
Arkansas City Kansas.
Pearl Steel Hill
and Tower.
Will run.20 tears wrrrwut H.
Will aend Uium on 30 da,' lest (rial.
ana ii not wiuniuciory to tne pur
cliiiiiiir it n be returned to us
and we e fMieM haHi mm.
IVegive tho tirmftMtmmmtyotanr
. ininy 111 ino uuMinuee. mere
by proUiuting you and your cus
tomer agalUMt loss la case of ao
Write for full particulars and
printed matter.
iiena. aane CO.. in.
Corner Htb and M Streets, Liauoi-s, Mb.
Open at All Hours Day and Night.
All Forms of Baths,
Tuikibb, Russian, Roaan zed Electric.
With siMiclal attention to the application or
Na'ural Salt Water Baths
Several time stronger than sea water.
RhenmatUm. f-kln. Blond and Kervoua Die
eeaea. Liver and KUluey I'ri.ublet and Cbronle
Allmi'im are treated suoreanfully.
may be enjoyed at all eeanone In our large
HAT WiMMlNUfoOl. tKixUJfeet, !i to in
eel reen. healed to uniform temtxrautre of
Bu (tegrveN.
Drs. M. H. and J 0. hmtt,
Manaclng rhysiclan.
Great Rock Isujid Roorr
Cm r t"
r to I
lite H! eland Is orvroitta adopt
ing any advanuce calculated, Ui ltt.
i-rove iHid and give ttat Uiury. tafniy
amt (Hiinfnrt tliot popular l atroaage !
maiule. lie equipment U thorxn'ghly
c iin'lulo with vesilbilvd train, inaf
nlllivht ulhlng vara, .rvior and c'.al
(Hattiee, all Uo mi-t I-gitat, and t4
rw ally Imprtivtd aUorn.
r'aUbful and vaiaMw riatvient
wnd Killl, hiHteet .irVe frota
li') v aro luiairUnt lU ni. They are
aUvtitil dtiy-t4 the t: iniiny anJ .
ravolreand It is eoituiiluice a iag
u'rt.i'til t 'f rMootttIUntotittl l'aeeea
gro.i title ilne wiil dnl UtUo taueo Im
tnnila!nt on that ground.
I'ur f .ill 11 l!ourt aa k lUkrt, tnM
raloa, anp'y to aay cvuikia t'.uktt bftte
in tin United ctmWe. 1'ana.U or tcikt
or a.ldrrtt JNU. KMI4HTI AN
f' o, r
P lj?' llnublu AiilliigWvV l
a Vif 3 KuwIaiurniiMr X:v 'Isr
!" ty. I 9ltigOimii.pf.ivnt IT
t ! " 1 I emit, Iuiiri n iwnf ' I
If tll-i of all I'nJt rniiiS" 10
f jr Vegxteiil er..M, 1lwn.'
u I (nlii In iie. Hi.d4'' f.-r Av ISr
i u I l v"ietul.ue aod full troatlne f i
r n ! '1 eelyaia. tli'euMtrty, 6 9
f tV&ilne WM.STAHL,QuineyM I J
gi 6 'iiSLSio
l i. V " -e-

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