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vol. v. ' : - .. - " ' iSco '"ZT ' aB""r"-"w - , no.' 52" ; ;
; . 1 ,, , , , , zr jz: - r ,,7 ' . , , I
Inthttlnw intorvenlnjf between now and
laedate of the l'eople'a Independent State
(invention thin and nuicewilnx columns win
hm open to the Populist of the state to pro
pom candidate for the lU ket of w. and for
Unlifd 8tat (Senator, and to ehow reason for
inilivtdnrtl preference. We auall not have
pw for anything more than names and hrlef
rngsont for the choice made, became we wleh
le huar from a rat many. Lkt no man dk
koh. If any ceadidatflH wwn o be leading
whom our readers cannot xonwleattonMiy sup
port, by all meanH ka u know why they are
xtreniiouHly objected to. Hut let lis respectone
another' views, avoid anything tendlnif to
disharmony If It be possible without nacrlflce
f principles, and hear wlllliiiriy those woo dlf
VrwHhus. "in a niultUwie of counselor
mere 1m safely." llut with many to hear from
each must be brlef.-EUlu.? Wealth Makehh.
A Neighbor Want Galirn.
, J, N. Gaflln wlil be a sure maa to
nominate for governor for many reas
ons: ,
, 1st.. His record is known to all par
ties to be for justice and the best good
of the whole state.
o.i ilia notnhVini-u vrhn have had
dealings with Mm for a dozen year
will endorse him.
,!d. fits i ducatlon is up to the times,
his heart broad enough to lake in all
classes and their needs, his habits tem
perate, his mind quick and bright
enough to see things as ate, and not as
they seem to be.
Let us have Mr. Caftin.
Mr. Wolfe i'or Governor.
Alfobd, Neb., May 14, 1804.
Kditor Wealth Makers:
Here is a partial ticket for next fall:
Governor, J. V. Wolfs; treasurer, J. II.
Powers; attorney general, Jos. W. Ed
gerton; sentor(U. Judge Ilolcomb;
congressman Sixth district, Judge Ne
villo. '-,'
The prospect in Boyd county 1b quite
good for an increase in our vote, if we
nominate an attorney we will elect bim.
but we have no candidate yet. We ex
pect to have Boyd county men nominat
ed for state sonator and representative
and to elect them. Our county is the
battle eround of the Thirteenth sena
torial and Twentieth representative
districto; but only money and fraud can
defeat us. Yours for reform,
N. H. Blackmeu,
Mix Old With New.
Oua, Neb., May 22, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makers:
To mo one of the most entertaining
sts well as instructive departments of
our e xcellent stato paper Is the exchange
of views.
While I agree in part with Brother
d' Allemand as regards new men, yet it
seems to me a little unfair, and I believe
unsafe, to wholly pass by some of those
who have Identified themselves heart
and soul with the party from the begin
ning. I particularly refer to such true
men as J. V. Wolfe and O. Hull. I be
lieve the Populists are few indeed who
are not thoroughly convinced of the
strict honesty as wt 11 as ability of the
above men. Since our past conventions
new men have shown forth just as true
worth, howevtr, and It will be suicidal
tf their names are not used. Probably
J. N. Gaf1ln is the strongest of these;
but in my opinion no truer or abler
man can be named than W. F. Dale for
tome place noon the state ticket.
Yours fraternally,
Another Ticket I'mpoeeil,
Krutson, Neb., May 27, iwl.
I have received notice that my sub
crlptlon to your valuuUe paper had
expired. Hut If you will pkae keep
n tending it I will try and tend in to
newal fee at m early a data at poU!e,
Selng your paper U own to an tt
t-hangeot view on good and romp
toot mea that are to be elected In the
coming campaign I klieve that good
true men thoul.l In nomlua'ed whohnvt!
ttiwai proved truw to any public truM
thai hat to p'.avd upon them. And
lev mo my right hure that whoever tt
noiulnaUd. little potty trouble h uild
nut Ui ftttil!oBtl In thi eimp!gtt U
t; m'rt VUi are iHunlnated have l
wavtprovrd tt'ie t th varlo u Uutt-
.hat ha 1 . -u p' 4 .i ujHn thmi. M.f
. holiii f.tr ticket i: lor gcm-rntir;
"A. A. iVjn't'f f Itt'M:; fur MeuUant
f ivuraoe, J. N, Jm of rtv-tadiTt.
tcea-iurcr, Jotin H, l'ow r tf Jh'ih
etn'k; atati amiur, K V. lUL-k tf
l.ni ior; a"t.nn y fvt!, .Kwruli
flk'tr4''t k( Hall: x-crotary uf U
H. I. I(n-.)K'I Ya'l7;upf!'isti.a.(i!
'I'l! , Ifr'r.l. '.."I, I W , Jv'fi.v
Adams; last but not least is lion. V II.
Barry of Greeley for commissioner of
public lands and buildings. For U. 8
senator, Silas A. Ilolcomb of Custer,
J. M. Rsgan of Adams. ,
Yours for justlco,
Wanta Judge Holcomli for Governor
Btockvill, Neb , April 37, 194. j
Editor Wealth Makers:
I am so well pleased with the able and
fearless manner in which you have
advocated the cause of truth and right
that I cannot possibly get along with
out your paper, though times are very
hard and money scarce. As long as
you keep In the middle of the road I
shall stand by you, and do what I can
to increase the circulation of your
valuable paper.
As so many have written and propos
ed names for the governorship of this
state, t will mention tho name of Judgt
Ilolcomb, as a man fully qualified, and
one that we can place before the people
without making any apologies for his
past record, and one who is in hearty
sympathy with the party. He made a
good fight, was elected by a hundred
majority as circuit judge, and made a
brave fight for supreme judge against
the Demo-Republican ccmblne. I think
he Is as good a man as we can find. I
am sorry to say that I am not able to
send you the dollar, but if ydu caa send
the paper I will send remittance as soon
as I can. It is looking rather dark in
this part of the country. We have not
had any rain to do any good In months
small grain is about gone, and the corn
that is up cannot survive many days
without : ala.
If it does not rain soon we will orga
nize and start cn masse for Washington
to join Coxey. Yours fraternally,
John P. Greek.
Wanta Gaflln for Governor.
Editor Wealth Makers:
I have been reading with Interest the
opinions of various members of our
party, as to their choico for tho various
oflices of the state.
Now, I don't for a moment think that
my opinion on the subject would be
worth much, as I am only a high pri
vate In the rear ranks of the People's
party; but I will speak my little ploco
and then retire until the ball is open.
I am very proud of tho fact that the
name of one of our honored cltl.ens has
been &o prominently mentioned for gov
ernor. I have known Mr. Gatlln as a
private citizen, and- he is highly re
spected. I ha.ve known him as a repre
sentative, and ho has boon always faith
ful and true to his pledges. And I
would be more than happy to know him
as governor, for I have reason to believe
that every measure passed by our legis
lature looking toward relief to the
overburdened peoplo of the state would
receive his hearty approbation.
And there is Honest John Powers,
whom the Independent voters of the
state will remember with prido. By all
means give him something substantial
this fall, (lod knows he has earned It.
We have a host of able, competent
men to select from. Let us tee to It
that no mistakes are tnado in putting
out a ticket.
Saunders county will do her share of
fighting when the battle U open.
Your for victory,
Mead, Nb.
A Kearney Mm' Tit ket
KE.vKxav, Neb., May 23, l"W,
Kdiur Wealth Makkus:
la mpon to your Invitation to the
PopulUttot tho UU to ttato their
preference f r oiHjor. e would submit
the foitowlng: lor gowrnor, Hon. J,
N, tlartlo: for lieutenant govrraor, IUoi
1. II. lUraer of lUatou, the lvjuier f
the !mlndunt In the Ut Ule a
a'o; (or H-rwry it ttale und ui rtu
tind nt of tntbilo ImtruttUtn, any good
''rnljuto uf the ruad"mrn IU dm This
will aU i apply to Uo jimoi.l nr t
pnhki land and butMlmr. ror alt -r-in-y
t nrl!, John M. UtifHO of lUt
Itii. fur tn-Kurer Hmrnt ' Ji!i
Pw r, K-tf a ul'.tcr we ti d .rsa pf
our I '.'t uu u, a nun n I,! poeUl.
w! d a:i ant 'V-ratla p . r In fcU
J prtin rit. VVUiis th iUvi!.4 tU
i!rut! n if the -V.1H-tM l'tUfi th
!'irhB('Oi., Kv Au4;ir 'it.'nvn- W
j tvimld lU n, Uv1 Mvilt'VB.iU'
jof t'h.y fdiinty, fof this tr t,
Tn c?i?r half i f ths v( !NV
braska has never had a representative
in tho United States senate. The east
ern part has always bad this honor.
We' have a man In this section that is
honest, capable, informed, of imposing
presence, with personal magnetism a"d
great popularitya man who would be
fitting comrade for Senator Allen.
Such a man is our last candidate for
supreme judge, Hon. Silas A. Ilolcomb
of Broken Bow. For congressman from
the '-Big Sixth" we are enthusiastically
In favor of' W. L. Greene, tho leading
I'opullst orator in the state.
While these are our preference we
will vote and work for any "middle of
the road" Populist who Is nominated at
our state convention. Wo want to see
the government banks in the hands of
the great common people, and we be
lieve the only way it can be done is for
the people to bring about a revolution
by an avalanche of ballots, in favor of
the demands of the Omaha platform.
, Very truly,
Art lieu G. Whittikr.
Norman Cowdln Nominates Mr. Pow
ers. Stoddard, Neb., May loth, 1894.
Editor Wealth Ma kkbh;
I am at a loss somewhat to account
for drift of men's minds. Three or
four years ago John Powers waseleoted
as governor of Nebraska. No man can
truthfully sot up a better claim to the
nomination as governor by the l'ooplo's
party than honest John Powers.
He should be nominated and elected
gain, and will be if nominated. This
Is not a personal matter. I do not
know tht Brother Powers will thank
me for saying this, but all the same It
is public matter.
If we want justice In this state let us
put up men that are known to be just
and honest; then, If elected, you will
know just what to expect.
Now, I do not wish to detract from
any other man that has been mentioned
for governor in our paper. But I do
say, without fear or favor, that there is
not one among any of them or all of
thorn oomblned that has as much claim
to our suffrage as Mr. Towers, not so
mv.ch upon his account as the poople's.
He is our man, and should be nominated
and elected.
Here now, Is my ticket: John Powers,
governor; Clem Dcaver, lieutenant
governor; J. V. Wolfe, treasurer; J. A.
Edgerton, secretary of state. The rest
of the state ticket any good Pop will do
mo. For representative ot the Fourth
district Dcch is all right, if he will run.
If not, how would Mr. Gaflln do?
For senator, Joe Eugerton (our Joe);
be Is the ablest man to place In that po
sition I know of.
And now let the ball rofl, I am ready,
These men are my choice. If I cant
get them, I will take tho next befit.
Yours clear through the fight,
Norman Cowihn, Ulgh private
la tho front rank.
Dr. Aley rropoae a New Man.
Lincoln, Neb., Juno 1, ISM
Editor Wealth Makers:
Ir. looking for a candidate for gover
nor in this state to head ihe PopulUt
ticket this tall none but the most ad
vanced thinkers la our - organization
should be considered for a moment.
Those who at any Urn or la any
place during the pan two years have
shown the whlto feather on any prln
elpla laid down in the Omaha platform
should not be considered eligible for
that petition. We want for a leader
one who hat the eimrg of M cenvlo
Uqm, and whoendortetnthuiatlca!ly
very word, clsunc, and paragraph In
that dovutarol. Such a maa, It boat'
dialed, will sutcr Uui tltfht with an en
thuUui that will !ien up the .cX
hoima dI the weak and faltering la our
own ranks '! ht will t ry t'oavlitioa
to tho h r W an.) tiitn J nf thuuAndt ot
d iitiwrata and rtpuML ant who ate now
on lite poUtl.)! frruM imt knowing
which way to jump, We wtni f r a
'.anJar.l lcrr in who. (hJ that h
ha a mlKtea U pvtonn and h w;
ci.U'f uj'oo U ai tn'iutiia with a!) tr.i
e nwrgy and vuUuulsum f an anuUnl!
trvnautl, nu li wt'l ru willing tj
Uke tvturuvt and av pi a M, of lb
p.'UL-Al Uirt nil hi jstUlW!
ciuMiJ ' and wt.'H It iln'U'd, wi, mil j
i nl.U r Hin.! M .-ef U.ari it..- j
I ti 'nthlhith;ud h!tu itv prmul j
ii.:.i. V 6t uu i;tir i' ticliMuh!
tt Maf U'it'wr In r ii"k. W4 da tu.l
oa.it o wh, will i-or tt.e rrytut
' I f. a;'.iiint , tn w !'.!' ..rty t .
by his veto defeat th9 will ot the peo
ple as expressed throngh their repre
sentation. Neither do we want a our
nominee for that position one who is
over apologizing for the more radical
utterance! of tho National platform and
who considers many of the utterances
therein exposed as impracticable and
visionary, Such a roan, If elected, will
pit his judgment against the united
Hontlment of tho'orgunlzatloD, and In
fact will become tho Cleveland of Ne
braska, and the rank and file of the
Populist party will be forced Into the
humiliating position of being com pollod
cither to repudiate or apologize for the
aof, orjralhcr none-acts, of this gover
nor, Jn tin; state are hundreds of com
petent men woe have stood for years as
the advanio gua.d in this Industrial
reform I movement; they have done
picket duty day in and day out, year in
and year out; have always been found
in tho thickostof the flgV.t. With thorn
our principles have counted for every
thing. They hav e courted defeat when
success could have been bad by a sacri
fice of the principles ihoy loved dearer
than life. These men neither sought
nor received official portion. They
have stood for our cause when to do so
meant business, social, religious, and
political ostracism. For one, we be
lieve now is the time to recognize the
services done by these pioneers in the
reform movement. Our candidato for
governor, and In fact all the nominees
on the state ticket, should be selected
from this class of patriots If this bo
done the Populists of Nebraska will
never have cause to blush for the acts
of their standard bearers.
Atone of these pioneers we would
name Joseph LaMaster, of Tecumeb,
at our candidate for governor.
Respectfully, Hit. H. II. Alky.
Porter's ltr ply to Haver,
Clakks, Nkii., May 25lh, 1H04.
Editor Wealth Makers:
In looking through your paper of the
24th I see In tho columns devoted to an
exchange of views, among others, a let
ter from Brother liaver, of Marsland,
which to me is very amusio;;.
Brother Raver wants to hoar from
"our leaders," by way of having each
man, as his nuuie U mentioned as a can
didate for ofllce, come out and tell the
peoplo what he will do If elected to
such ollice. Now, while 1 do not con
sider myself a "leader" of the populist
party in any sense of the word (I am
and always expect to be one of the rank
and file of the great reform movement,
now calling Itself the populist party),
yet as my name has been frequently
used by friend of the movement for
various places on the state ticket I will
take the .liberty to reply to Brother
Suppose that I was a candidato for
nomination on the state ticket (which,
let me say, I am not), and seeing my
name mentioned for suob ofllce by some
admiring friend, I should come out the
next week In a letter telling the popu
liitj of the state how I hid left tho re
publican party tn ycurs ago, and had
been an independent since tbt time
and helped to organize the populist
party in this state, and had sacrificed
both time and money for the ciu--o, etc.
( All ot which would bo literally true.),
and what I would do if I were nominal
ed and elected to eald ofl'.oe, etc ; would
tt not look jul a little like bidding tor
the support of the delegates to our con
vention and at the tame time boasting
of mym If and what 1 had d-me, and
would It not plana mo In a rv deU'at
portion, lo ay the Uat I would not
dolt tor any ortUw wlthla tho gift ot
i,u pt-ople, for 1 do not Ul: !u a tuuo
a.ngiovr. hu oa pr!ji.
However, t have no V'it!i H
j'ektnj wgrdt of eomiuundation far
my JrloiuU, and aa ! w on t( the 6rt
l i i-uilun Iho oaiueof hi akr U l,a
lor gavprnur and A, J. Jut!a aad
liar a writ a elhvr h t th va'loUi
'othr pU'.-et the tUket . I UI say
: ut wiird U Khalf of Vne
nttmsl goiiti tiu n
Mr t liHrvd'.a'' ur
: uc'.iniiHttdatla at my t a th
. wl U h he did la lh lt m
l! a ij oa v'. i.di. t i!d, 4 l
ir'v'r -uarntit u! h'
anjlS'.pt; r I 't!d
l f.O vl .
limtSu U n.1 to will kimi'
I k n oaly ly h!t i llln .
li i . s i a ' U
, mm iimiiiiiii iirlT" an.
Mr. Watson, Chairman Addresses the Stats
The Populists Punctuate with Great
Laughter and Cbetrs the Periods of
'1 heir Ktt n Sarcastic Ltader,
The Key-Note of the Gonventlom
Comrades, I am deeply moved by this
oompllment from the most notiiblo po
litical gathering which this state has
known since the sounds of civil war
died away from her borders. (Ap
Goorgla is reprebcutod hero today as.
never before. The farmers are prcwent
to Bpcak for themselves; the mechanics
are present to speuk for themselves;
the professions are prrnent to speak for
themcolvei; and the colored people are
present to speak for their own race.
You are tho men who guide the plow
and swing the hoe;' the men who make
the anvils ring, the spindles humthe
men who feed and clothe the world.
And we come here to give emphasis
to the just demand that those who pro
duce shall more fairly share the pros
perity they create, (Cboers.)
We meet under strange conditions,
One year ago this country was being
daintily fed on the ambrosia ot demo
cratio expectations. (Laughter,) To
day it is gnawing the cob of democratic
reality. .(Great applaua4- cries
"The com is gone.")
One year ago wo almost trembled to
think what would become of Tom Used
and John Sherman when our rampant
democrats should convene In congress,
Today the mighty energies of the
democratic majority In the lower houoo
are chiefly devoted to the purpose that
the character of Tom Reed shall staBd
forth Vindicated and endorsed -"re
deemed, regenerated, and disen
thralled," (Great laughter and ap
In the upper house the abuse of
twenty years Is forgotten, and old John
Sherman enjoys every day of ht life
the luxury of wiping his feet upon cow
ardly, recreant, and corrupted demo
cratic senators. (Cheers)
Catering ofllce pledged to free silver,
this administration has done the cause
of bimetallism more harm in ten
months than tho republicans hod been
able to do In twenty yoars
(Croat an-1
Entering ofllce pledged to tariff re
form they have concocted a wonderful
conglomeration ot the oddo and ends of
protection; and It tho McKlnloy bill
were the fiery furnace tho democrats
describe it, tho Wilson bill could pass
through and get no smell of tiro on Its
garment. (Cheers.)
Going Into ofllce pledged to economy
they have vnt all the money within
the reach ot their greedy hand; have
thlnglcd the country over with more
bonds and more taxes; have indirectly
increatod their own salaries ucongre
men; and have deuiontlratcd that their
chief concern was to bank In the sua
hln of governmental favor, while
they Siicredly guarded from unholy la
truthm tho louder blades of the na
tional gra-s. (Great Uughlar nd
erlm of "ke-p oil the g.a.M Cmlm
umt cheering. )
if ll were at all iwary for me to
atnail tho rrpublicaa parly, I w u!d
knw now to go at l, We know whr
thy Hand. Iluy ar for loUctloe,
lavlth nditiir, national bank,
ttioro bond and gtIdhiijflm iriral!y.
tlulheii ileut lualiaukte,? the
l ouhvau I uerJiy kuow where- o hit,
fUauehtef.) Tty M i n principle
WkU; whk h thy did not it "i ytei-
Th 'y dviioiHM-d a.Uhiti.' ia't ear
hU-U Vu f ). not pra, lU--!d this
) r. ii'her )
Wh.it protnJi t pi!fct :rK t tupy tmy
hue nt .mi G.M kar.irf
t hn.'h'. r !
ll Ui old dap of i.li f n ta
rri'W vfiie tha grV. lvi-'ttt-
il' tt i tlo"" t;l.'4 ttij i
laU . 4
'! -Jn isiai, t up.,'i-v.J rj j
Hr. .k.l t. di f
H ) t !r.
', I tay it
was republicanism tempered by an oc
casional fishing frolic and snipe hunt.
(Great laughter and cheera.)
By what they have done since they
got into power, it baa boen shown to all
the world that the democrats of 1892
were merely republicans out of office.
(Cheers.) "
In all this confusion of principles and -broken
promises, in all this cloud and
uncertainties and dlscouragera-int,
there is one party which knows its mis;
slon and its creed! . ''
The people's party, true to itself and
its principles, stands llko a atone moun
tain amid the storm, and wbilo it
strong foundations are laid deep In the "
confidence of the people, its serene
summits are bathed In the sunlight of
God! (Cheers )
Other parties may cut and trim and
stretoh their principles to suit the
voters; the people' party stands un
flinchingly by Its creed every plank of
its platform-(Great cheering.) and if
arij stretching is to be dona wo propose
that the mind of the voter shall be ex
panded till It can grasp the splendid
truth of our platform. (Great applause. )
We come here with no malice in our
hearts. To the interests of our great
state we are s true as ail men are who
love their homes,
The rancors of the past no longer
dwrll with us. We are ready to lay,
"IM tho dead past bury its dead."
We come here to invite all good citi
zens to give us their help in restorlsg
tbe welfare of our country.
We are not enemies to law, order,
and property.
We assail only the law which Is un
just; the order which rests upon sup
pression of right; tbe property which
is wrung from Its produoer by the rob
ber bands of class legislation, (Chesrs.)
We have no room In our party for
the plutocrat nor the anarchist!
(Great applause.) .
We oppose the man who grows un
justly rich by reason of spoolal privi
lege; and we likewise oppose the man
who hates every citizen whose honest
toll has been rewarded by a legitimate
accumulation of property. (Cheers.)
We are not enemies to society nor to
private property; nor are we reckles
radicals whose only aim is to tear down
and to destroy. No! We simply favor
moderate, reasonable, necessary, and
legitimate reforms; and by the blets
lngs of God wo are in this fight till we
get them. (Cheers.)
A Keen Criticism of llryau.
Representative Bryan in his Utter
declining to be a candidate for ro-elec-
4l ll... .1... YV,-..lf ... - ...
uirc luai. vuu lupuusta are
i J K"i uu uiu iuuuuj nuwiion unu uu inn
principle issues of the day, but to ap
pear conservative and Impress the peo
ple with his wisdom, he qualifies hi
confession of faith, by saying that be
thinks some ot the principles held by
tho 1'opulUU are impracticable. He
places himself la a position where ha
can remain a Democrat or become a
I'opullst as best suits his personal ambi
tion. He evidently has a very exalted
oplulon of himself, and would like to
mtke (he Populists believe that their
succsxi depends upon his leadership
From hit lofty position ha looks down
upon, and not up to the People's party,
and it Is juit this over-estimate of hi
own Importance which weaken hU in
fluence with the lVpuUntt. The pea
pie have hail enough ot brilliant mea,
the country has been curbed with them.
The ucoe of the Populist cause dee
not depend upon the brilliancy ot lu
kadumhip, or uKn the old style l
dom of ambitious politician. The I'w
plo't party U not a man-womhlpp.ag
tnnli'.utlon. It hat a thoutaad Umu
mufi fall!) la ht prlaciple than la any
mm Th politician itiut oome lo the
Omaha platform. The p t'w; cau
Bnvwr N ncxsimmndjUd to thm
Cedar Itapldt l! ip'lUa
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