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Jcne 7, 1891
tie turo anil Attend to the Tiny Center
Bangs hhonld )m thoroughly washed
twice a wnek in a solution of one part
alcohol anil three parts soft water and
dried. This keeps the friujre free of the
oily matter that hinders the claying in
curl. All hairdressers moisten the fringe
with diluted luty mm and divide the
hang in three parts two kuIo parts aud
the center (which should again be divid
ed in three) and curl it backward, hold
ing it lirrnly for fully 00 seconds. The
next part also curl backward. Allow a
tiny piece in the center of the front for
a "Lillian Russell" curl.. Curl the center
part downward; then curl the side pieces
hack toward the coil.
Carefully attempt the tiny curl now
that you have left until the lust in the
...,'.1.1 1., u. t... ri.i. n, -I...:. . i ii
wioibieneu; upon n not iron, curling it
toward the left, and nlowly loosen it,
pressing it while hot into the interroga
tion point closely against tho forehead.
A little practice will result in success.
The alcohol semiweekly bath, the hot
iron, the direction either backward or
otherwise, as given above, will keep the
bang h:iped flufi'y and curled, with "the
little curl right in tho middle of the
How to llruiih Velvet.
It is ruinous to velvet to brush it with
anything save the softest surface. Homo
careful women make their own whisks,
which they employ for nothing else, and
which are constructed of a very tight roll
of any soft threaded cloth frayed out for
two or three inches. A lierfectly new
hare's foot, such as is sold for the appli
cation of face powder, ought to serve the
same purpose, us it is very stout and still
very wilt in touch.
How to l'remsrvn Hi Natural Color
- 11mm em.
Take very fine sand, wash it perfectly
clean, aud when dry sift it through a fine
sieve into A pan. When the sand is deep
enough to hold t he flowers in tin upright
position, take some more fitted sand and
carefully cover them. A spoon is a good
thing to take for this, as it fills in every
chink and cranny without breaking or
bending the leaves. When the pan is
filled holidly, leave the flowers to dry for
;veral days. Jt is a good plan to warm
.the ;md in the oven before using it, as
khe flowers will theu dry more thorough'
y. In taking the sand off great care
must lie taken not to break the leaves, as
they are now dry and brittle. I'ansies
reserved iu this wuv will keen their
,ftliapunu liriJIiancy of color all winter,
many other flowers can be equally
ri-iiccossfuny treated anything, in fact,
where the full pressure of the sand comes
on both sides of the leaves; otherwise
they will shrivel. To fill in flowers with
cnpliko shapes, it is better to lay them
on the sand and with a small spoon fill
m and around each flower. Ferns, when
preserved in this way, have a more nut
ural look than when pressed, and the
maidenhair fern looks almost as well as
when it is freshly gathered.
, Hew L)i JapiieMi Aif I Counted, ;
Japanese ago is counted in a manner
very peculiar to our ideas. At whatever
period of the year a child is mini, wheth
er in January, the middle of tho year, or
December, it is said to be 1 year old on
the 1st of the January following, Theu
a'ii succeeding year of 12 months is, as
with us, another year.
How to Hake German Cruller.
a cup or inicK, sour cream, a cup or
sugar, 3 cups of sifted flour, 2 eggs, a half
teasjtoonful of salt, a heaping teaspoon
liulof baking powder, a teaspoonful of
vanilla,' Heat the eggs until light, then
add the sugar; beat again, add the sour
cream, mis; add the vanilla and salt.
Put the taking powder into the sifted
flour and sift again. Now add this to the
other ingredients, mix, roll out on a
board, cut with a large round cutter;
theu with a small cutter take out the
centers. Drop them quickly into boiling
lat; crown on one siue, turn and brown
on tho other. When done, drain and
dust with powdered sugar. To have
Ih.'Rrt a. lwrfW.t flili'i'Prti tlifl il.iiiirli timut
. - - - t
Iu: fit! u-kfr oa v,.l. oun ruuil.lt. li.i.iillik it
How to Clean Ulan Carafe.
A very wniple thing to do is to tear a
newspa-jier into small bits and nearly or
quite till the carafe. Then pour in warm
HoapMHls, vim a little ammonia added,
and shake well. The jmper will soon
cour the bottle thoroughly clean, and it
dfady remains to rinse it out well lx foro
Vving it again,
Mow la Boot Komi end Shrub.
sioiiw varieties of roMS will not grow
from cuttings. To root them pass the
branch wlected through a 4 Inch flow
r ist. Let the end of the stem ex
tend an Inch or beyond the nm; then
till the Kit with wind Hiid dry earth.
Keep it warm by watering two or three
turn a we k, aud win it the h ave Iwgiu
t grow cut the stem at the bottom of
til- jar about half off. The wh- le may
lm ktpt upright by lyiiisr the t,Ht to tit
in mi t,!k wuli a utilug. In a short
tune ) will Mel lu:ill l,l.r.nn root
uud i;u cut it oil Hrtuely, and uIm-h
TtTUujiii it .-n im ii imomii ciuidii
tl' snutU pot and ti.iu- i-Lulnl.
Fituw 14 t Ut t 111. ulltig I law the I uit,
litl toHiiiis,' friu the luet bright
and frt tliv, Mi mpt I'M m k by giving
hilt i f r m h-1 he, limping ti e t'lunl
Mil IumiI t l'Mll.'d ami tilt Mill lit Very
t4ui t, Vlai Wrtttlng fr h plivni Un
ttlt lu I cult U gtVi'll til liulf lei.
I tifut 4new i vi ry half uur.
lt lu t lotfti a Mete.
t Ii t U' U t u a to Wan ir i.!s.U
1 .. it.).. I t . 1 a lit ll turK'itliiui ti
Urn WnvetH. jtut elioiiistttu H it, i,r
i l'.ili it, Ii r oulii oil U t.ui l"iutf
nd hA t'i.it' r tlmu Mlitii i It It
II WW 14 Hill. I-I..11I..
I e A fcitt iii,sti 1.1' i r i!..n li ii
t - - I
a h U t ) tuti m Ii i titty
u buth u r mi.! tu. liv Tt-t
thi mj a), ,V ( trii!i It
l 1.... i . ... .i. I.. . . -1 .1..
kJ'H'ii'iri l"ii e u IMKIII,
No. H I.-I lorul Atiufjram.
Knell M-ntncc, when the letters of the
words font aine'd in it have Imi-u projieilf
f raiiKMiM-U; will Iir found to form t he name
of a flower;
1. (ret me not in.
-. Dii- on laud.
3. Not i ii a car.
Lit up.
5. A big one,
. s t. .Tears.
' 7. A nicer air.
". 1 1.1. - TrMUNMMtitilltl.
Whi'ii the letters of the following words
have been Ii'iiihjio(1, the Initials read
don invard will give t he name of a curims
Australian animal:
(iOI'l'HI.AT A country in Kurope.
AXLIMJO A nhent of water.
in iltOAl' A fruit.
OXKtiUT A part, of the body.
t'tiONV An Knglihh poel,
YKl'SULA-A vegetable.
XIU'M'IO-Afahled auimal.
LAt'isKg-Tocryour, '
No. 11(1. NlMiiei'leal r.iilfc'iim. '
My ;i, 'J, T is to piueh.
My H, 4, 5, it in not fat.
My H, 2, 4 is to recline.
Myt), 'J, C. Mistering.
My I, 6, H, 4 is wan.
My H, it, n. 1 is a hound in the air.
My wholu is a sweet tropical fruit.
No. 1 l7.MetiigraiH.
Iain to burn. Change my bead, and 1 ani
to raiKe up; again, and I am a fruit; again,
ami 1 am afraid; again, and 1 am dress;
again, and I am to lihten.
No. 14K,-- ISflirttilfd Yl'orilx. '
1. I am part of a carriage. HcIichiI me,
and I In-long to a boot,; again, and I am a
2. I am tu blame. Behead me, and I am
chilly; attain, and I am not young.
;i. I am a useful article at niealt.iine. 15o
heail mt, and J am not early; again, and I
have eaten.
4. I quench folks' thirst. Jielicad me, and
1 am 1 1 ici I far skating; again, and 1 am
used for writing.
Xo. 1 40.-- SiiKKChU aa Old Nuking.
Mo. 1 M. Central Arrmlle.
0 o
o o
0 o
o o
o o o o
o o
O 0
o o
o o
o o
o o
. ...... 'p o o ;h..., ... .. i ..
Crosswords; 1. In monument. 2. Congre
gated. '3. A fruit. 4. A figure of fpeech.
5. A portico. 0. To wink. 7. To wish for
earnestly. 8. Mude into bundles. II. An
cient. 10. Inclosed with palisade. It.
Sportive. The central letters (indicated by
stars) will spell a holiday.
No. 151. A Uueer 1'oresl.
1. One tree is a domestic animal.
2. Another tree Is the covering of an an
imal. 8. One tree is trodden under foot at the
4. One tree swims in the water.
5. One tree is pulverized by burning.
0. One tree is an old joke.
7, The last four trees were a wild animal
last winter.
No. 15S. Word ("kiuare.
1. Tender to touch. 2. Spoken. 3. A kind
of bird, 4. A feminine name.
1. An ediblo fleb. 3. Surface. 3. To give
a sit ting to. 4. To surfeit.
1. Familiar conversation. 8. An ojieu sur
face. 3, Abandoned. 4. A girl's name.
No, 153. leallutlon amlCiirtttllniciil.
1, liehead and curtail thirst and leave
3. To slip aud leave a cover.
S. To toll and leave look,
4. Wily and leave an animal,
5. Iron bars and leave to tax.
A Hrlght Millet. Irl.
A Utile girl wrote a composition emitted
"The Cow." It had two gnat merits
brevity and truth. It ran thus: "The cow
Is a very useful animal." Thai afternoon
the lulnlsti-r called at the lniu and the
little girl's mother (ikketl her to read her
ciimM,ittiu to him. She trad It with
aiiii'iidntloiiM and Improvement, "Thccow
Is the iiu.t vijk fiilaiilniul except religion."
Hv to the utrr.
No, 137.-Cross word rHiigina; Crsnd llui-
Xu, Quotation From Longfellowi
"I-nrii to lalsir and to wait."
Xo. l;a,- Xuiioiriiul Kiagmai "Xo inter-
tuiunii'til in an cheap a rending nor ney
pleaurn h) hi! iuti."
Xi HUlhiolite I llaiimiid Square;
,H S
A T : A T K
S T A X r 8 T I L I.
K X l K I. r
1 I.
l Ii
A T 1: U ti A
H T I I. 1, II O C s
1; 1, r a r i
1. v,
, ID A Hid.ll.-i M.tr.,1.
Nn 1 11 !i us .'id.; I '.(,f (i,ii.
tnii.tt.tett, H. tVii) !'. we aioHii tag
liiiuI'My irr ti.e Hiiili Hi, mi IjAI
r rl.' .hi li e (tie I UU i.r n. pseMiU-f, 113
Mlttii f.l, "1 tirr aie enr " J A -
tfnii .l ierse sIiI"V-.h. 1 i t
tu the - of tl' t l.tii.t Mai
UUUtllig 1. 1 .1. U (lul.nH ttl IvlMf ,
Kin .f.., ttimU- )ul 'le vit Mte l',ll .-t s
rtiitKr, I Aliwii. .l t, ' lliit.ui
an luUl.ot. t.t in i a. " i. A tuifl i'H t Ihf
(VclaiaiUirt i I i.d. i a I. lite .,iul J'l'jf
, It tit liH4 !, ' t 'll' tlltk.''
lit mt Wiltilw Went.; tt.it
lt, 1 1-!, IVifl, Mil, ltvnr,
Tbe People's Party Platform Adopted
at Omaba July 4,1802.
Assembled upon the lloth annlveraary
of the Declaration of Independence, the
People's party of America, la their first
national convention, Invoking upon
their action the blessings of Almighty
God, puts forth in the name and on be
half of the people of this country the
following preamble and declaration of
The conditions which surround m
best justify our co-operation. We meet
in the midst of a nation brought to the
verge of moral, political and material
rnin. Corruption dominates the ballot
box, the legislatures, the oongress, and.
touches even the ermine of the bench.
The people are demoralized; most of
the states have been compelled to Iso
late the voters at the polling places to
pre ventunlversal intimidation or bri
bery. The newspapers are largely sub
sidized or muzzled, publlo opinion
Uenced; business prostrated; our homes
covered with mortgages; labor impover
ished and the land concentrating in the
hands cl capitalists. The urban work
men are denied the right of organiza
tion for Belt protection; Imported pau
perized labor beats down their wages, a
hireling standing army, unrecognized
by our laws, is established to shook
them down; and they are rapidly de
generating into European conditions.
The fruits of the toll of millions are
boldly stolen to build up colossal for
tunes for a few, unprecedented in the
hostory of mankind; and the possessors
of these, In turn, despise the republic
and endanger liberty. From the same
prollfio womb of governmental injustice
we breed the two great classes'-tramps
and millionaires. The national power
to create money is appropriated to en
rich bondholders. A vast publlo debt,
payable in legal tender currency, has
been funded into gold-bearing bonds,
thereby adding millions to the burdens
0! the people.
Sliver, which has been accepted as
coin since the dawn of history has been
demonetized to add to tho purchasing
power of gold by decreasiug the value
of all forms of property as well as hu
man labor, and tho supply of currency
is purposely abridged to fatten usurers,
bankrupt enterprise aud enslave Indus-.
tries. A vast conspiracy against man
kind has been organized on two conti
nents and It is rapidly taking possession
of the world. If not met and over
thrown at once, It forebodes terrible
social convulsions, tbe destruction of
civilization or the establishment of an,
absolute despotism.
We have witnessed for more than
quarter of a century the struggles
of the two great political parties
for power and plunder, while griev
ous wrongs have been inflicted
upon a suffering people. We charge
that the controlling influences dominat
ing both these parties have permitted
the existing dreadful conditions to de
velop, without serious efforts to prevent
er restrain them. Neither do they now
promise us any substantial reform.
They have agreed together to ignore,
in the coming campaign, every issue
but one. They propose to drown the
outcries of a plundered people with the
uproar of a sham battle over the tariff,
so that capitalists, corporations, nation
al banks, rings, trusts, watered stock,
the demonetization of silver and the
ppresslons of the usurers may all be
lost sight of. They propose to sacrifice
our homes, lives and children on the
altar of mammon; to destroy the multi
tude in order to secure corruption funds
from the millionaires.
Assembled en the anniversary c.f the
birthday of the nation and filled with
the ' spirit of the grand generation
which established our independence,
we seek to restore tbe government of
the republic to the bands of "the plain
people,11 with whom It originated.
J We assert our purposes to be identical
with the purposes ef the national con
stitution: "To form more perfect
union, establish justice, Insure doocea-
tio tranquility, provide fer the common
defence, promote the general welfare,
and seoure the blessings of liberty to
ourselves and our posterity."
We declare that this republic can only
endure as a free government while built
upon the love of the whole people for
each other and for the nation; that it
cannot be pinned together by bayonet.;
that the civil war U uter and that
every passion and ree otniunt which
grew outfit It mutt die with It, and
that we must be la fact m we are In
aame, the united brotherhood of free
Uur eountry flnJs lUlf confronted by
condition for which thr it nu pro
dentln the hUtory ef the world; our
anauil agricultural productions arni.utii (
to bltlloDS ct dollars t vlu, wUK h!
must wlthU i few neck or month te
etvhangvd Ut billions 0? dolUrtu,' '-. a
modules ion jru .id la tanlr production;
thetiUtluf cjrri-aoy supply it UoUy
Invln'i' td ttift'e this hat-i; tht
rttulw ate uniim p-U C MmaUon
of comtias eej f!at au4 th iu
lrlt'iuoal of the rt ela.
We t!iie eur,iti thai, tf gle
pwwer, we ll UWr Id coirnl ths
!! bv te aad NumtUt Ufl
tloa la ctrUn.e 1U the Wttm
of ear platform, We b'.W
the powttt tit fumemeat -U ether
words, t the pt4f -shiM1 b
iiatld(MU !- m tt the iw-s'!
service) as rapidly and as far as the
good sense of an intelligent people and
the teachings of experience shall justify,
to the end that oppression, injus
tice and poverty shall eventually
cease in the land.
While our sympathies as a party of
reform are nr.turally upon the side of
every proposition which vlll tend to
make men Intelligent, virtuous and
temperate, we "nevertheless regard
these questions, important as they are,
as secondary to the great issues now
pressing for solution, and upon which
not only our individual prosperity, but'
the very existence of free Institutions
depend; and wo ask all men to first
help us to determine whether we are to
have a republic to administer, before
we differ as to the conditions upon
which it is to be administered. Believ
ing that tho forces of reform this day
organized will nover cease to move
forward until every wrong is remedied,
and equal rights and equal privileges
securely established for all men and
omen of the country, therefore 7
ist That the union of the labor
forces of tho United States, this day
consummated, shall be permanent and
perpetual. May its splritentor into all
hearts for the salvation of the republic
and tbe uplifting of mankind.
Second Wealth belongs to him who
creates it, and every dollar taken from
industry without an equivalent is rob
bery. "If any will not work, neither
shall he cat." The Interests of rural
and civic labor are the same; their ene
mies identical.
Third We believe that the time has
come when tne railroad corporations
will either own the people or the people
mus own the railroads, and should the
government enter upon the work of
owning and managing any or all rail
roads, we should favor an amendment
to the constitution by which all persons
engaged la the government service
shall be placed under a civil service
regulation of the most rigid character;
so as to prevent the increase of the
power of the national administration by
the use of such additional government
We demand a national currency, safe,
sound and flexible, issued by the gene
ral government only, a full legal tender
for all debts, publio and private,
and that without the use of
banking corporations; that a just, equit
able and efficient means of distribution
direct to the people, at a tax not to ex
ceed two per cent, per annum, to be
provided, si set forth in tbe subtreasury
plan of the Farmers' Alliance, or some
better ystem; also by payments in dis
charge of its obligations for public im
provements. We detuand the free and unlimited
coinago of silver and gold at the present
legal ratio of lfltol.
We demand that the amount of circu
lating medium be speedily Increased to
not less than 150 per capita.
We demand a graduated income tax.
We believe that the moneys of the
country should be kept as much as pos
sible in the hands of the people, and
hence we demand that all state and
national revenues shall be limited to
the necessary expenses of the govern
ment, economically and honestly ad
ministered. We demand that postal savings banks
be established by the government, for
tho safe deposit of the earnings of the
people, and to facilitate exchange.
Transportation being a means of ex
change and a publlo necessity, the gov
ernment should own and operate tbe
railroads In the interest of the people.
The telegraph and telephone, like
the postofflce system being a necessity
for transmission of news, should be
owned and operated by the government
in the interest of tbe people.
The land, including all the natural
resources of wealth, la the heritage of
all the people, and should not be mono
polized for speculative purposes, and
alien ownership ef land should be pro
hibited. All lands now held by rail
roads ir i other corporations la excess
of their actual need, and all lands now
owned by aliens, should be reclaimed
by the government and held for aotual
laUW only.
Use Northwestern line to Chicago
Low rates. Fast trains. Offioe 1133
The Uoolt hotel i headquarter of
W. 11. lVch, Division ConimauJer of
the Ancient Order of Loyal America
KmroS, W. IM)EClt.
T the land of lied Apple via the
MU.0111I lltlo route Feb. Ut, for one
far for the rou ml trip gu"d 30 day,
t'al on I'hlt lUnleli. C V. A T. A, Uut
O Ueet Lincoln, Neb.
Tounsu bom MiBntsou feints.
Coiouttnelnff October Rth, a TuurUt
far leaves MlnnaapoHa evry Thurtday
tooraittg nt ruu to tvtlI and la
Ailwrl l tt Culumtiu JtiacUon, ar
rUlj at tl? ! in. ao4 then conucct
ltti our C, It. I. A 1. tr.la No. U
htwtt will bold at (hat point fur.ar
rlvi of the II V. It, A N. train carry,
in that ear, and via KantiM City arrive
at ruenSti second tnoruti(,
IWflttBlBi tcubwr loth, TourUt er
will laru Albert l entry Tuetttaf
morale1 and run via MiuiKaixiU & fct,
I.00J11 U through AHifui vi IVs Malaas,
arrhia; at bight, anj thorn lav over
and tn Uka wt o "Hig five" )l
day morning, and run la Omaha, Lin
cofa an4 IMtavUta tu t'uvbltx
Get these books and our paper as fast
as you can into the hands of the people,
friends. Buy, read and circulate.
Address all orders to the
Wealth Makers Pun. Co.,
Lincoln, Neb.
Civilization's Inferno.
Studies in tha tonal cellar. A olmple, thrilling
ieiyrtof whatTba Arena editor looked upon
wlili hU own eyea In tbe f nempnt dlnlrlcu of
Mixtion. A book wbtcn mum greatly itartle
and arouse men. Uloib ll.Ou, paper W cent.
Looking Backward.
A book no onecan afford lorn las reading, "It
baa revolutionized tbe tboiiKbt of taecoantry
aanootber book baa ever done." Translated
Into nearly all European largutgei. a moat
eutertalulugatory ibatlftHin the lull llrtat of
heaven on thaio'cat itoclal problem. Mil I lone
bave already rettJ It. a loth II. lu, paper SO
The Duties of Man.
Tbe great Italian, wboee heart embraced the
world and whoxe thought will never die. He
lived and suffered tor lite indUHtiial and politi
cal emancipation ot tae tuatute. P oatpald, IS
Ten Men cf Money Island.
Another book to ncaitsr everywhere. It is the
money aud money quextton ruarienimple Moat
lutereHllngly Iiintruclive. Klgbty-elghtpages,
Poet paid, 10 ceatu, 4 (or 3S couie.
Errors in Our Monetary System and the
25 cents. We bave not yet meed this book,
buttbe editor of Tbe Coming Nation very
strongly recommend H,
"The Dogs and the Fleas."
This book in the trogwfr plere of satirical
Ed allegorical writing which baa yet appear
ed acaiimt the force of oppremloa and evil.
The iiogn represent tbe worker and tbe flea
lite bloodsucking monopolist. The elblnal
force tbe nary In great and drepotlo power
and greed get a fearful ehaklng up by this to
it prevloiiNly unheard of author, Douglas Mo
t'alliiiii. The book in finely Ulioarated With
nuiuorou cartoons. I'rlcean paper, BO cents.
Al; A Social Vision.
A new beok by a powerful ethical novel let.
CharleH H, Daniel, of Plillldelpnla. publlebed
by the Arena i'nblltbtng (:. hhould be In
every true man' library. Full ef the new
tbouKbt of tble time of anclal awakening and
questioning. In psper.M) cents. Order tbrougb
London Money Power; tbe Great Red
By L. B. ooifoik, I). D. New and rsvitod
edition, Prlco in paper, U) cents.
Tbe New Redemption,
This book by Rev. fieorge D. Herron, O, O.,
ProfenHor of A milled Cbrlntianlty in Iowa Col
leen la virtually a new dlecovery of both tbe
law and tbe goxpel.an uncovering of the truth
from accumulated temple rublilnh, the truth
which alouo 1:40 j.vh tbe individual and
ocleiyr It la tho icoepcl of love In action, tbe
Indiwlrlal, comiueivlal goxpel aedletiiiKUIebed
tram a Hunday gospel. In cloth binding, lit
pagi., 76 cento.
A Plea for tbe Gospel.
Tbla book, by tbe aame author aa the preced
Ing. lnamoHt twarcblni; eunilnatlon of lbs
preaching and work of tbe church, Saute
price as above, ?S cent.
CTOCKWEIXn HAD BOY. Twenty-three ilda.
V plllUng dliiloKUCf. 1HtiKb and grow fat,
Iotu'T, lno and I ruuporttlon In brolen do.
Warrauted to uioke more fopultt to the tquare
Inch tliao anytbloif In print, i'olnu for Thicken
kiiockdlieO.0. 1'. Rlllr. Uovernuient Ownurablp
f Kullroad paralriui 'em. 10 cent eachi thel
nailed, postpaid, tor tb cent from tble once. .
Co-operative Commonwealth.
A book for all who believe the competitive
commercial Hiruiurle, Nhoulil be enpunwded by
Unit wcouoinic NyHtem of production and dle
trh.uilou. a book alno for tboiie who believe
ccimiwtition ueceMiary. Postpaid, paper outers
The Kailroad Question.
The matter presented in tbe M pages of this
book, drawn from all the Amerlean and Kure-
pean literature iiearinif on the railroad tirob
tern, In moht valuable. Read this book and
you win be thorouubly informed on one of tha
great over-enaaowuig questions 01 the day.
Cloth i,to.
The Seven Financial Conspiracies'.
This little book, which has bad largest circula
tion and Influence la the Farmer Alllanc,
nbowe how tho Money Power baa gathered its
vaot plunder. A book to tow broadcaat over
tho land. Post paid, 10 cte 1 for 25 eta., 7 tor
10 cent.
Six Centuries of Work and Wages.
Abridged with chart, and eummarv. Tha facta:
and tbe thouKbt enmmary of alx large volume.
A biHtorio collection of inoat valuable fc for
mation bearing on the prenent criale, by Rev.
,iy of the State University ol VTlacoaala.
aper. 9 centa.
u. r. ohm. 1n1.rouuc1.10n oy toi. H. T.
Peopl'ea Party Campaign Literature.
We have received from Headquarters
at Washington the following list of
campaign literature which can be ob
tained at prices Riven by writing to
Headquarters for it:
"Analyiof tbe Money
yumuon"-y iwua
tor John P.Joiie...,
.sr. i for It 00
SI Ul 11 w 1 IU
,W id 1t I 00
W tit I 15 J 00
Of & I to I SO
.04 M' I Hi I JO
.(h is 1 a 1 so
M! to t 100
IH1 Hi. I I k
y M til 1 iv.
TtiM Sciem e ol Money-
II y afiMtor nil), ai
Clntu the Kfutorage
ilyiHiuat.tr vu.nru
Ikaue ana sale 01 noii.i
iiy twoator n. v.
Money yum.il.li fiMW el
tt:ai emrmiuii'
Hy twoaiur YY iu
1 1M Money ,niwlKui-
11 y K. ii4i..r in. a
ll.n lu..m 1u-liy
lale ivn.e, M v
tflOi.' ut
trftfe IS nce, U 0
tioi.ml 414.1 telie
M.'ii)F Mv JtU
Tin, Mouy iv .ttiiii
o J 1 r y hin i-.u.
TU abovo t only a artial lUt.
Other will W aJurd as eiMin as out,
Thm iHx h arw f trnlhrU a' ce.
and we o.rnol!jr r i-ivat that al) state,
county and local cvn.tultua, alea all
IVhii-'.o s l artjt VUm, l'Uin, and ,Vo
lU' art totes aet la drcutattof
this llUiut-u. It U the boat !a tu
alaBtvuf taijet aUoUtd,
A vataloa J tonMtUitig a couiplote
lilt of rvtorut took, awiihleU, Bw
Pfr at..-., will t eoal out from hail
quarter at aa r: i ilay S nd on cnt
I'.amu f r (.. SraJ all tMlrs ta
S.frncd J, U, Katia,
4.'k fmn, Ave.
II. il TiVutsKK, Cs strata.
J, It. Tinf ti, SecrsUrv,
I Rational ...
' Mont Practical Bnalnem Collnc In tbe
Went, bbortband, Tyiwwrltlng, Kook-11
kiMtplng and Tnle(rraphy. Shorthand K3
by Mall. Three mm free. Hend for b'
The Leadlnv Can.irv.torv AlAmrlca.
Founilcd l.y ir, V.Toatit. Cakl Fakltim, Director.
lilulriHMt Calendar diving full Inlnrnutiufi fre.
New KnvUnd Cuaaerralitry of Mude. Bo.tiin.
l' I 'lft, lawirt hmvf,
ytffkl of nJi 1 riilt nuii
(T in MM, hwiif rti'i.'W
OftU...wiiM nttfi full trtutf
b i')tvi'ii v"f'fi' i.r'iwi
XffM WM.STAHLMuincy,
Pearl Steel Mill
and Tower.
WIM run 20 years without ell.
Will wild thmn on to teat Wst.
und If not natlafuctory to the pur
rhuHRr it inn lm returuod to us
und w ptf fretoht both Mt.
WHKlve tlio drimyfiiumramtiotmr
coiiipuiiy in IIj.i bualniaa, tb.tro
by prouictlnif you and yourcua.
tomnr nguliiMt loos in case of an
Write for full particulars
pnuica matter,
BstaWs, Ksns Co., III.
Steel o Wlni Ecgics
Baa been In uae sloes 1383.
Ja the fiomm 8ren mill.
ba BWTV, mfttQTH, DUt
flUTY, POWiiti b the bt
nce the mill for you to bi
Tltoioiaud bavs tiiem I
Our Otssl rriowarsv
Iiave 4 angle tel corner poMls,
iiiDtatlI Kienl Kirui ami
bracee; not fence wire, They
COH&JflUCTIOH, intlCU cliuapel
tha wood and will but a life
time I Our mills and lower am
A IX 8TKK1, and are KUU-Y
(tL'AIiANTKKU Write for
urliet and circular. Addreai.
Arkansas Olty Kanaaa.
Corner 14th and H HtreeU, Lircoln, Mh.
Open at All Hour Day and Night.
' 1 "vriax?:a
All Forms of Baths,
Tnrkisb, Russian, Rooan asd Electric.
With apodal attention to tbe appllcatlos ot
Natural Salt "Water Baths
Several time atronirer tbnn aea water.
Rheurnatlxm. Chin. Blood and Nefvtuia Dta
eaaea, Uverand Kidney Tronble ;i:iU Chruere
Aliment are treatea uocuiuiiy.
msiir m Aft trtVHil Sit All UMSkeirtri in tt.m UhBtrM
8tLT WIMMINU PuOU. AOxMSfeet, a Ii It
eet ieep, beatetl to uniform leiuperattfnt ot
8U degree.
Drs. M. H. md J 0. Ewett,
Managing Physlclaoa.
Great Rock IsuiiDRcoi
Lnatefriua J?"
That tfitrtaf l.lstti.1 fit tittsitttWMl tu lilnnU
asw w. aa trwae v ' " - r-
Inff any a.lvtitit eluulaU'd to lm
prove tumid and gUii ttiuluurjAuy
nd ctimfort thut Kpular l-atnuiagt d
ui ami )u rquipmenl U .hoaioghlf
coinplfto with vt.iltmU'd tralu. max
BlnofDt dlnlni car. 1'Iht and C'lalf
vmk'he. all tho i't tli Rant, and
ro'bily Improved atU'ro.
I'.til.ful .ii.I i-;ti..l l. uiana.'t amaat
and tillW, homrnt rvtct Iront em
I'lnyva ar luiHirwnt tsotsia. 4y arj
Utublduty-tii theCtwtasy and M
travul.ir au.l It la aiiHKttlllUMI a llM
dlttkmU of atHtBt'Uhtent I'a.
Iters on this line 111 tl UttU c4n law
iMttnulalat tin that ground.
ivr UK mriiou are as hi nvi.ui
ral, apply ay eH.a llvkvt fttsst
la the) CuIUmI rltstM. I'attatl r W.'jtaw
or a4dre: J.MI. HKHASTIAN,
u t Ti f Aa t ktMfc.v HW
a ar in, m i . i tu.
t hd ohvaintat iua4i for tuoauaicats U
attK'O. NaiUirmaa. 813 ovita Mats)
tit , Mo..ula.
f f; i T o..l,U A .1 In. v fljf
f iir 1 litigOiiiBiiirrr'.nt fi - f
r a V
1 i
y ..v v-t

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