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August 9, 1894
Large Preparation! for n Inrrenned
Trad Arc lifting Mad on th lSIlef
That at Tariff BUI of home Kind
Will Be Iaert lira lUreel'a
Beport The War Not Ma
' serially BeneOHne; Vs.
Nw York, Aug. 6. R 0. Dun &
Ca'a Weekly Review of Trade says:
An Important change in the state of
business i near at hand. Congress
will act on the tariff question one
way or the other, in all probability,
within a week. If it pause the pend
ing bill, or if it fails, in either case
the definite basis for future business
will enable many to act who ara now
waiting. Whether the one course or
the other would stimulate the greater
increase, it is certain cither would
give relief from present paralyxing
uncertainties and cause some increase
in business, at least for a time.
io much business lias been deferred
during the punt year, and merchan
dise stocks have been so reduced,
that the mere approach of a decision,
without certainty what it i to be,
has thia week encouraged large prep
arations for increased business. in
spite of outgoing gold and linking
treasury reserves, small railroad earn
ings, some injury to crops and in
creased trouble in the coke regions,
the tone and the outlook are more
The injury to crops by hot winds
and drouth, if as great as some re
port, will effect all interests, but at
this season it is never easy to distin
guish between local and general dam
age. Western receipts of wheat were
6,400,254 bushels, against 4,002,VJiS
last year, which does not encourage
notions of a short yield, and exports
were only l,SUU,A(t3 bushel from At
lantic ports, against 3, 18.'), 404 bushels
last year.
Corn exports were only, 1 10,438
bushels, against l,ii9D,:8l lust year,
and receipts 1,1)52,843 bushels, against
2.832,176 bushels, but it seems undeni
able that the crop has sustained con
siderable injury.
.'' Sales of wool were 8,522,000 pounds,
against 3,742,0f0 last year, and 9,3311,
400 the year before, and for tlve weeks
ending with July were 30,882,7-'5
pounds, against 14, 438,r,0 last year
and 38,680,750 in 1812. It seems a large
part of the sales this week were to fill
orders actually booked, and the rush
of belated clothiers and dealers to get
goods for the fall trade gives most
manufacturers more than they can do
for a month or two, though there
seems to be no demand for (spring
goods, and manufacturers are making
no effort to get orders. Wool has been
advanced for many kinds 1 cent and
the average about half a cent after the
decline of IX cents from May 1.
Commercial liabilities thus far re
ported la failures during July
amounted to 18,016,778, of which ,
500,220 were of manufacturing and
4,231,470 of trading concerns, and
the decrease for the month, though
great in comparison with last year, is
hardly as muoh as has been expected.
The failures this week have been 219
in the United States against 130 last
Braditreet'e Kevlew.
New Yon, Ang. 0. Uradstreet's
review of the state of trade says;
While little significance is attached
to the moderate improvement in the
state of trade at San Francisco, Pitts
burg;, Baltimore, Augusta and Atlanta,
when it is added that clearing house
totals for July report twenty-nine
cities with larger aggregates than in
Julv last vear, contrasted with the
June report, which contained only
eighteen cities witn aggregates
larcrer than those in J une a year ago,
it is Dresumed there are influences at
work at the interior favoring an in
oreased volume of business.
Wool remains steady at last week's
advance, speculation having been
stimulated by differences of opinion
a to the tariff outlook for the staple.
Wheat has advanced In sympathy with
corn and increased orders and reports
of crop damage from abroad, while
corn's sharp advance is due partly to
exaggerated notions of damage from
drouth. There is little likelihood of
the corn crop being smaller than
either of the two preceding years,
notwithstanding our advices of 2. per
cent damage in Kansas and 40 per
cent in Nebraska. Southern crop
nrosDects generally are i Xoelteut.
War between China and Japnn has
not affected the price or tea here yet,
although a pronounced demand is
noted at New York, Itoston and t'hl-
cairo. Wheat export. United States
and Canada, both coasts, six day
ending with August 3, amounted to
I.8U7.0O0 bushels, against 3,33.000
bushels last week, as compared with
5,622.000 in the week one year ago,
l. 083.000 bushels two years ago, 4.0J0,
OOO bushels three years ago with
. lftivooo bushels four years ago. San
Francisco wires that two wheat car
goes have been shipped to the Uuttn!
Kingdom this week, after the lng
cessation of such exports.
rtaah tiaarlac.
Niw Yok, Aug 6 The following
table, compiled by Uradstreet's, gives
the clearing onus return l.r the
week ending Aug. 3. l.l. and the
Ixrontaa f lucres or decrease a
compared with the ewrrpoudiog
weK of ItuJ:
ti ii t'fsr
IHtuih ,.,,
1 . ,
I. Iftv !..,.,
'. !,..
V k ilU .....
Mr. llatsid Irate l.alisi for ino
on Atittti 11, with the tntrntluuof
Ml v'n,r a few week' vacating in the
Mdlt'rTiten. Mr I'stvard will re
turn l i.mditu before having for the
L uitcl Mali-
A Kaasaa Girl Kills I ha Maa 8h Arcane A
of m ftrava frima.
St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 6. A dispatch
received here last night from Norton.
Kan., gives the story of the killing of
Eugene McEnroe by Miss Ella Lunney
at the Thuma school house near lie
nor a.
Miss Lunney had McEnroe arrested
on a charge of outrage. Her story is
to the effect one night last week
McEnroe criminally assaulted her:
McEnroe's preliminary hearing on the
charge was set before Esquire Thuma
at Thuma school house. When
the time set for the trial arrived a
large crowd of neighbors had gath
ered to hear it Miss Lunney arrived
with her mother. Seeing young Mc
Enroe sitting at one of the desks, she
Immediately went up to him and fired
four shots into his body, causing in
htant death. The youthful murderess
was arrested. Her mother and John
McXeffe are also held as accomplices.
McNeffe admits furnishing the girl
with the revolver with which she did
the killing.
, McEnroe's friends claim he was in
nocent of the deed leading to his
death, and boldly charge that Mc
Neffe is the guilty party. Public
sentiment is decidedly against Mc
Neffe, while a few believe McEnroe
Miss Lunney is a well educated
woman of 18. who Is well spoken of
by all who know her. Her father is
one of the substantial farmers of
Almilo township. The parents of the
young people have been neighbors
and friends for many years.
lie I fnly Mn Years Old Vat II Burns
Horn and HtmU Horses.
Mn.wAiKKE. Wis., Aug. 6. A small,
tow headed boy with big blue eyes
and freckles almost as big, sat in the
central police station last night sur- j creek
Tanner Secure!
for Ills Persecutor.
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 6. After
having secured the necessary requisi
tion papers from Governor Stone Gen
eral Tarsney left last night with Jo
seph K, Wilson handcuffed to the seat
in one of the coaches. Wilson
is being taken back to Colo
rado to answer to the charge
of attemotinir to kill Thomas
J. Tarsnov. adjutant general
that state. On the night of June 23
General Tarsney was spirited away
from the Alamo hotel at Colorado
Springs by a gang of ruffians and
tarred and feathered. Wilson is be
lieved to be the leader of the gang
that perpetrated the outrage. De
tective Peterson of Denver and Gen
eral Tarsney are with the prisoner.
While at the depot last night an
unsuccessful attempt was made to re
lease Wilson by a man named Collins,
who, it is believed, was also a deputy
marshal with Wilson in Colorado, and
connected in the assanlt on Genera)
Chicago and Eastern Illinois to Ramov
It Hhop From Uracil.
Hrazil, Ind., Aug. 0. Excitement
prevails here over the announcement
made by the Chicago and Eastern Illi
nois road officials that they would at
once remove their repair shops from
this city to Momence, III.
A committee oi leading citizen.-.
called upon Superintendent Ilrough-
ton, who is in the. city, ana insisted
that the officials allow their shops to
remain here. Mr. Hroughton said
that the contemplated moving of tho
shops had been brought around by
the road oelng constantly annoyea
by the strikers.
In case the snops are movea it is
probable that the city will bring suit
against the company to recover the
820,000 substdly voted it when the
road was built, as it claimed that the
contract by which the company
secured the subsidy it was agreed by
.1.... it 1.1 1...M.4
tne company uiui it wouiu uuiiu nuu
maintain the shops here.
nnaj Us ixa
.........." i.:T.yTe"i..
i,v t ft ...
, n H
,. ,, i nw u.ut ..
...... ...... i n
...... MU ..... u
lil ... ( .
rounded by a group of happy poace
Oi.icialsaud detectives. Ilia name is
Murcus Kronberg.and the officers were
p.'ad to see him. Marcus is a trile over
j years old, but he has made an
o mount of trouble that could scarcely
be expected of one so young. He
came near burning up a portion of
Milwaukee on several occasions. It
in .Marcus' idea of a good time to burn
barns and steal horses. He has caused
six fires that he remembers of, and
has run away with something like a
dozen horses. In the horse stealing
line he was an adept. He would
jump into a buggy, drive ou,
into the country, turn the
horse looe and trudge back home.
Twice he sold rigs to men for
fifty cents, saying he bad just found
the horse straying down the street.
His latest was to steal a purse con
taining 835 from a Mrs. Fain. Steps
will be taken to place him in some
charitable institution.
"That kid has kept the West side
police on the jump for a month." said
Inspector Eeimer. "There were sev
eral Arcs up there, some of them bad
ones, but beyond learning that they
were set by boys we could make no
Captain Vrleticb of Milwaukee Will Start
Ac roai the Atlantic In Her.
New Yokk, Aug. 0. There is an
chored off the Battery sea wall one
of the strangest little crafts that has
been seen in these waters for some
time. It is the little flat bottomed
schooner-rigged sail boat, the Nina,
in which Captain Adolph Frietsch,
her builder and owner, intends U?
start to-morrow on a trip across the
Atlantic alone. The vessel has a
sharpie hull. She is long and narrow
and her hull is 40 feet, 47 feet over all,
while her width is only 9 feet. She
Death From a Snake-bite.
. An eleven-year-old son of William
Kuwitzky of Nebraska City died Satur
day night under peculiar circumstances.
Last June the boy, with several com
panions, was wading in North Table
While playing in the mud
young Kuwitiky was bitten on the
great toe by a snake. The fangs of
the snake were so deeply embedded in
the flesh that it was necessary to pull
them out. The boy could not shake
the snake off. Ten minutes after he
was bitten he was playing around as
usual. A few days afier leing bitten
he complained of "pains in his left leg
and right shoulder and was treated
for rheumatism, he having neglected
to tell his parents of his mishap. He
continued to grow worse and Satur
day night death relieved him.
Little Boy Accidentally Killed.
Friday morning little Arthur liriggs
of South Omaha went to his papa's
store and out of curiosity asked his
aunt, Miss Rose Cooper, who works in
the store, to show him a revolver that
was in the show case. The little boy
stood on the top of a powder can on
the outside of the counter, while his
aunt went behind the counter to show
him the revolver. Miss Cooper, not
knowing it was loaded, was attempt
ing to show Arthur how it worked, it
being a self-acting revolver, and pull
ing the trigger the gun was discharged
and the ball, a thirty-eight, going
through the glass in the showcase,
struck Arthur just below the heart
ancf the little fellow expired in a few
moment. The family is grief stricken,
and Miss Cooper is prostrated with
grief over the sad accident.
Tickled Over It.
Culbertson has been the busiest tows
in the state for the last week. Every
man who owns land, if it is not imore
titan a lot in the city, has been irrigat
ing. The water has been running day
and night and so eager are the people
that not a particle has gone to waste.
la WJ V
. i y m
Sena r
pom i. bitt.
t - to.
Dr. WW.IAflS
Schenectady, N.Y.
Brock vine. 0ot.
Pearl Steel Mill A
anrl TnvApr C!!!i j :
Will run 23 years i!hiut nil.
Will send tbem on 3i day' tesj trial.
' and If not a mat u iorv to u.i- uur
chnser It n le r't!irne-l to us
and w pay Ireiqht both ways.
W irtve the annul' iwi' of an v
company In tue bu8tne. there
by protectuiK you und your cus
tomer atfuinst 1GB8 in ras or an
Write (or full particulars
printed mutter.
ooaess i
Bttivls. Kant Co., Ill
DoublaActinf -.(
in Outritu orevent
Le.lBlmht Wormr
Fruit. IonurM beTT,
viaM of all Fruit indi
VexHtabla crops. Thons?
aihTii in um. Send 6 eta. lor
71 oautlotfua ana mil hhhh
' i. ; a
uil mt . 111., v.. t-vawr .
K1PANS TABI LES are iaa sort Medl j
iac kaawn fur J udluwtl.a, BlllaBMiaia, J
Headacke,CetiDatloa, ljr.peia, I'araala
Liver Trouble. ItUalarM, Uaa Caatnlexlaa, a
Ujaeatvry, OnVaai.e Urrata, aiit aU ala. J
rdera or the Stsaiarb, Ller aaa Bawds.
Rlpans Tftboles contain nothing lnjnrioos to
the rr'Htt deHcalo conntitution. Are plvnmuit to fl
take, amfe, eirertual, and gire Immediate relief.
Hi(--a.,x(6Tial),76a;iiMi Paokmre (4 1kxX J
St. MaT be ordered through neareat (lrUKUt j
or by malL Sampb) fres by mail Andrew J
WAHTEDA Ut man or woman in esry
i II county when w. ban not already aecured a
ireieolatire to Mil our "llMaaa ailwnr"
L. Knira, Fork, and Spoon, to eon.
I time acenti averafnt from $.
meet wun reaaj hio.
I deinsnd for our Solid Metal
Inuneni asDlid metal while a. ulnri no plat, to I
wearoff good, guaranteed to wear a lifetime cortl
I aboutODe-lenththatof dlTeM theehanoaof a life- i
w to tun ner weak, and
meet with ready nlea aeenrwhare, so (Treat if the
i uooua. uw una Mil '
I lion OoUan' worth in daily i
I Free. Addrew Ktandsrd Mllvc
Cm of aunplsi i
i IfaMlai
; 'Medal and Diploma JWni?gSRv
onourlflCUBHTOR and
!. OHOOlitB Combined. t&-rZ2SS&
i OM Di:M Leads 1151SS2EI
. iiu I'BllnUIC laeaiaii. r-fwyirtMr um
i U j,wt ini.r,i.id m P.iiltrj. It .illr.- X --;'rri yl VXu
', t. itM to cnd 4 ttmv I. .(win. tar iwir .-1 ' - 1 Vjl fU.
I'wglfry CultuM. Atrl,M, ' 9
5 Haiiable Incubslorand Bi-oodrCo. OuinV, HI
ii I MIXED Paints.
I It tTBOLKSALB PKIt!K8, Dllvnred Frea.
for Hourten, Marni, koois, ail colors, a, bav
Middlemen's proUtu, In use 61 years. En
darned by Granite & Farmers' Alliance. Low
urlceg will Hurprlne you. Write for samples.
. . . ,1 i
oraws two xeet oi waver ; : xhecity now ha9 some assurance that
irrigation will trow and those who
L forward. The boat was built in Mil-
wauitee ai a cosi oi p.w uy vauwu
Freitsch, who sailed ner through the ,
lakes. The captain intends to go first
to Queenstown, thence to Stockholm,
Tha Vigilant Won Again. ' "
Cows, Aug. 6. George Gould'i
yaoht, the Vigilant, has redeemed the
promise of her sailing master, that,
given deep water and a strong wind,
she would defeat the prince of Wales'
crack boat Britannia. The race to
day was fifty miles, twice over the
queen's course, from off the castle of
Cowes, westward to and around East
Tepe buoy, leaving it on the starboard
hand and then westward, passing neai
the West Bramble buoy.to and around
the Warner light ship. The prize was
8500, and the race the fourteenth be
tween these two boats, of which the
Britannia has won ten.
Tha Kaota Fa to Borrow Money
Topkka, Kan., Aug. 6. Judge C. G.
Foster of the United States district
court to-day issued an order authoriz
ing the receiver of the Santa Fe sys
tem to borrow $1,500,000 to pay wages,
taxes aad expenses at terminals, lie
ceiver s certificates to be nrst lien on
the property will be the form of the
security. Judge Foster says $750,000
of the money is to pay employes and
the other half to pay taxes. ,
Youthful Colorado Lyncher.
Ckntbal Citv, Col., Aug.- 6. Three
lads named Thomas Maroney, Fred
erick Belcher and Harry IL gnes have
been arrested for hanging 11. A. Mills,
a playmate who offended them, to a
tree until he became black in the
face. Mills is in a critical condition.
A Young tili l Moat, Inliuiuunely Treated-
KeM'uatl Sin Hour Later.
C0NNKM.8VIU.K, Pa., Aug 8. A
strange showing of the transplanted
customs of the Slav element in this
region was made nfrur Leith last even
ing. The victim was a young woman
who had violated the moral code that
is suDoosed to irovern thene people.
A party or Slavs toon ner irom ner
friends, stripped off her clothing, pin
ioned her hands anil feet, lashed her
to a stake and whipped her savagely
for an hour. She was reviled, tor-,
mented and spat upon by any body
who careil to. She was left at the
stake and remained there six hours,
as the case is stated to the local au
thorities, before anybody dared to re-
rease her. A young man offered to
release some of her cords and was
beaten off by the mob. When the
girl was taken down she could scarcely
move. County Detective Campbell nas
the case in hand.
,.tnj , ,, ,i 1, lj I
Fla Persona Swapl Away In Colorado
Trimpap, Col., Aug. 6. Last night
there wa a cloud burst in the hills
above Berwiml and the water oame
dowu the cauyou leading to thai
place in such a volume that a
party of live persona, who were
caught, were swept away and
drowned. C. Cando, the mail
carrier 1tween Chlcoaa station
ami Her wind, on the arrival of the
(iulf train front Denver at Chlcoaa, a
cured an Italiau miner, wife and two
children, a Uy aud a girl, as pauea
gera for Berwtud. They had )ut en.
tered the canyon when the storm
came upon them, and m quickly came
the ruaii of wator that they wens un
able to raH. A searching parly at
one started out and hi evening moat
u( the Unite a had Wen recovered.
-" ' ""'
Osur,s Uwl4 Valla ft" a 4.aa Pleas.
Cowra, Aug. -Oeorfa OouU had a
narrow varan from drowning y ester
day when he met the Vigilant In a
team launch off the ttplt Hf hUhtp,
As he was walking serosa the plank
Iteld between the two teasels the
launch gave a lurch ami he fell Int.)
the sen, Mr. fhmld we wrlrtg
luaeUlittoah over hia head and tr a
time lilt situation was critical. How
ever, he kit cool and treading water,
threw his rtr and aueeeedad in
reltlM h klfttoah clear wf tits
heed Jail m he lnk'.iif liihtir
fr I rratlt hn Ma hauled on hoard the
shhip and Him he t none tha war
; far hi ImmaraUiii.
France has signified her intention
of being neutral in the Corean war.
Deserters from the Chinese army
who have been caught will be decap
itated. It is believed that the Kickapoo In
dian lands will be opened about Sep
tember 1.
Dr. llerz, the famous Panama lobby
ist, was sentenced to live years in tho
It is estimated that the gross earn
injrs of the Kock Island for July fell
oil over 8500,000.
The river and harbor bill, carrying
an appropriation of over 811,000,000,
has been agreed upon.
J. J. Shea, nominated by the Demo
crats of Iowa for" supreme court re
porter, has declined to run.
George Smith and Edward Sheei
were killed by a bridge caving under
an engine near Delaware, Ohio.
The Presbyterian church has taken
steps for the protection of its mission,
arles in China, Japan and Corea.
Sometllngof a sensation was caused
in tha house by the inti-oductiou of ft
resolution directing sweeping Inquiry
regarding lynchings.
An oil car on a Pennsylvania train
caught tire at ltueyrim, Ohio, aud four
tramp were burned to death in other
cars that were burned.
Au uuknown woman died in Chicago
in April. A man in Philadelphia and
one in Arixona are now claiming the
Uly aa Oat of his wife.
Ltghtaing caused considerable dam
jre ta St Louts county, Mlaaourl, one
man being perhaps fatally injured
and several barn burned.
General John 8. I rick, the million
aire railroad and bank nreatdent, died
at hla home in Vlncawitn. N. J. to
day, the ld anniversary of hi birth.
The poatoRlc at Ncreaton, IV, was
robbed of 1,ikm There U no clue U
the robbers Two postal tnectors
(root Philadelphia are working on the
Thedes.tfock la the I'onrtH Tea
dUtrtot Demoeratie eoB(relunal ooa
veutioa I unbroken. When au adjourn
ment vea had iMtJ,baliuU had Urea
The auditor of Illinois ha ordered,
the attorney grneval to wind up the
(fairs uf the Mliaui Uulldtnf aud
t4a ataociation at l'lttnttgton on
aceouiit of detlmiueiicv.
ft Northwest Une to Chicago
Low rslcs. Kaat trains. Office I 111
0 8U
have been discouraged are now en
thusiastic and are making preparation
to beautify the city insofar as plenty
of water will do so. Those who have
never seen any practical irrigation
are greatly delighted with it, and those
who have seen irrigation in Colorado
have great hopes for Nebraska as thia
state has a much more fertile soil.
Honda for Irrigation.
The prolonged drouth about Lex
ington, Neb., has been a blessing in
stead of a curse to Daweon county.
Three years ago a company was incor
porated to bu ild an irrigation ditch,
which would have irrigated 75,000
acres of this Platte valley. Several in
junctions were served on the company
which discouraged the projectors and
they abandoned the idea. This contin
ued drouth has opened the eyes of the
people and Saturday Lexington pre
cinct voted 910,000 bonds to aid and
encourage a stock company to build a
ditch which will irrigate 30,000 acres
of the valley. The bonds carried five
to one. '
A Dead llrotlier.
Joseph Munn of Redington, Neb.,
received a telegram Saturday from
the coroner of Merrick county telling
of the finding of the body of his
brfther, Elbert Munn, beside the rail
road track near Lock wood, Neb., badly
mantrled. Young1 Munn had been at
work at Clarke, Xeb., and started last
Monday for his home at Kedintrton.
According to a letter he had written
to his father before starting he had
about $1 1 on his person when he left
Clarke and as none of this was found
on his person when the body was found
there is a strong suspicion of foul play.
The first Fir..
The store buildings belonging to A.
II. Davis and E. E. Bebout of Wellfleet
were totally destroyed by fire Satur
day night about 12 o'clock. C. A.
Glaze occupied the latter with a stock
of merchandise. The A. O. V . W. oc
cupied the upper story as a lodge room.
iO insurance on buildings; $;,0ton
stock. The total loss is probably
95,500. Origin unknown. This is the
first fire ellfleet has had.
In spite of the long continued dry
weather, Kearney's water supply is as
abundant and apparently as inexhaust
ible as ever. During the piistmontti
the register at the waterworks station
shows that nearly .1,000.000 gallons ot
water have been pumped daily, and
yet the streams fail not and the sup
ply r nuns full at the fountivin.
l'nstniatter list!l -art.
The postollice at Clay Centre is now
In the hands of a government inspec
tor. H was known Friday evening
that an investigation wan lieing made
and at aUmt 4 o'clock p. in. Postmast
er S. 11. I nrnelt disappvtired aud has
tint Well seen since. The shortage re-
porU'd is so:i. A lartre crowd of peo
p have U'cn scnrchiiii: the vacant
imihliuif and ud.iitet-nt cornfields on
le strength of the fuel that he had
luit't hued an onm e of luiiiluninu just
before ' aviiif augyexting suicide.
Mr. uri t was aiuMiinted by the
present d i'liit ration one vear iifov
Attorneys-at-Law, 1026 O bt., L ncoln.
Notice Is hereby given, that by virtue of an
order of sale lHSued by the clerk of the district
court of the Third Judicial district of Nebras
ka, within and for Lancaster county, In an ac
tion wherein the Nebraska Saving Bank is
plalDttfl, aud Walton U. rtoberm, et al, are de
fendants. I will, at 2 o'clock p. m.. on the 14th
day of Augut, A. O., 1H94, at the east door of
the Court House, in the city of Lincoln, Lan
caster county, Nebraska, offer for sale at
public auction the following described real
estate, to-wit:
Lot number three (3) in block cumber six
teen (10) in Peck's Grove, according t i the re
corded lat thereof, In Lancaster county, Ne-
Given under my hand this 10th day of July,
A. D 1SD4. FttsDA Millkh,
Notice Is heieby given, that by virtue of an
order of sale lamed by the clerk of district
court of the Third judicis. dictrlct of Nebr As
ia, within and for Lancaster county. In an ac
tion wherein Trie Clark and Leonard Invest
ment Company, et al., are plaintiffs and
John Green et al defend ts. 1 will, at
2o'elocl' M .on the 14th day of August. A
D lst-4, at the East door of the Court House. In
the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebras
ka, ' Her tor sale at public auction the follow
ing described real estate, to-wlt:
Lois number one (1), two 2), three (3), four
4 and nve (5) in Benedict's Hubdlvislon of lots
number one (1), two (8), three (8), four (4) snd
five (5) In block tlve (6) In Hull' University
Addition to Lincoln, Nebraska
Given under my hand this 10th day of July,
A D , 18M, iTrcoa Mim.bk.
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of an
order of sale Issued by the clerk of the d 1st riot
court of the Third judicial district ot Nebraska,
within and for Lancaster county. In an action
when In Kebecca A. Weber and John M Weber
are plaintiffs and Char.es 0 Munson et al are
defendant, I will, at 8 o'clock p. m , on the
4 ib day et September, A. V. 1HB4, at the east
duorof the court house, 111 the city of Lincoln,
Lancaster county, Nebraska, offer for sale at
public auction the following cescrtoed real
ex ate to-wK:
Lot number one (1) in block number nine (9
In Mount H'orest within the corporate limin of
the city ef Univemity Place In Lancaster
county, Nebraska.
Given under my hand this 27th day of July,
A D. 1894. FKBO A. MiLLBK.
Si Sheriff.
W want fifty thousand new sulwcrl-
berato Tn WlALTH MAKKK3 Ui
each one Of our preaent subscribers
heln us by sending two re en- r u
you are unable to gel yrarlf euhacrl-
per. s-na tnem in ior tore r i
mon'hs Hm out special oil. r In
another (sdumn.
W5 w.
-) MlHI Wst . IttlM
M- ar'! V. I
. ' . S.. ' .'
- . ' . i. .. . ,...r,.,i.4ll''".1
1 11 n
The New Commonwealth.
MIKrl l'wiiaa rtr twr ot
1 Sit, aiul Ufs 4B l t'tMuf4ll
tuuvstiisu ta I si'.! -tsis. au4 I anata.
Prloe, 50 t Pt Year.
ample Coplee free-
5tw Coinniaau.ltti,
Mtlt4' t-
IPtooklia, N V I
Notice of Tax Sale.
To whom It May Concern:
Notice Is hereby given that on the following
dates R. R Osgood bought at public tx sale the
real estate described below, all situated In
Lancaster county, Nebraska, for the delin
quent taxes for the year 1H1, and taxed in the
names of the persons following each de
scription as set forth below, and that
the time of redemption of same will ex
pire on the dates as herein below stated.
The following described lands were pur
chafed November luih. IH2. and the time of
redemption will expire November 10th, 14:
Lot 13, nw i s 14. 1 10. K ft, J H McMurtry .
-w s 3. 1 11, r6, Flora K Runyan.
S e ' s 3, t U. r fl, Flora R Runyan.
8 uH a 14, 1 11, r 9, Rosa M i randall.
te 1 nw s 14, 1 11. rfl, V L Crandall.
The fotlowlng described lands weie pur
chased November 12th, 189ii, and the time of
redemption will expire November 121a. isw.
E H bH s 8, 1 8, r 8. Timothy Austin.
8 H se s 4, 1 11. r 8. W G Houtz.
1M u nw U a 9. t II. r 8. D M Walter.
The idllowlna described lota In the city of
Lincoln were purchased November 14tb. 1892,
and the time ot reoemptlon will expire No
niiihar 14 INU4:
l.t iil subdlvlHlon north half block 34, J G
Lot 17, subdivision north half block 84, J O
Ijl1 hlivk 39. 8 11 MeCandless.
Tka following described low In tha city of
Lincoln vara uureha-HHl November 15. 1SW4,
a d the time of redemption will expire No
Teuiimr li. 1KS4. . . ..
Kasi 34 feet lots 14 and U block 9. Mitry A
Weet 1DU feel lota 14 and 15, block 9, Thoma
Carr. . . .
Lots, lilk IIH). rannie a uaggaru.
I ha foiliiwliitf drsertlml lots III t'ook'a ad ill
tton Ui the elty of Lincoln were mm hasea
November l.lll. Ir. ana til" lima i leurmji
t i,ui will finite November 17.
lot ti. bliH-s I. Mary h Pynchoo.
t.ot rl, bliH k 1, J. Ik Uoiilug.
Lot blis k A A M Miller.
Lot . blk I, Jowiphlue fsk.
The following d, rlbmt lou In ttawmti a add
toiherltvof Ll cilu wera purehaaed Novem
ber I". Iwnt. and the timaotriHlempllon will !
ptrw Novemlwr I HhM.
Lot . ttliH'k J. John Htoiuiru
l.4l 4. bl.a k M. W It Noll.
Lot a, blurs . Mary f MeSalr.
I be olloli inkarrlb.d (oia In hlnney t
at addition to tha ity l.lnet'ln era imr
rhaml N vemiwf SI. aud the Mm l t
dftiipil'xt will ni'lre N'mir 1. !"
...! hail u.t li, i-iis k ' MiMi.r.y.
l ot II. bioi s f, J M MeMmtry
t bl. k. I.yiil A AM:
ut I. bl. rk l. Il)h utiliard
I ,.t . b In A i) H'bfra
lots hlmk It. J II MoWultry
1 h bIUitn d rl"l !' la He,,ii4 t'aai
rra a..iu.iti ti ikeeltr t Llm- tia inir
rlia.t Notintr si. !, and lima ul rav
latiti4 tt.n wlil ielr Nov"m"r .'4 mn
Kuuih 4i lt lot lUM-a . U A lluljurouk,
los, r.l.. Maine M ly.
a..uia ( li ti. k J Twiwr
I ., i'. m a Momaii
i i ll iii. I" Joiia tiui a
1 hm otl las' ilmi ritHMl lot la s,mU tlnrola
a-Ulttoa to ihs my t I lui'.-a pir, a,l
.StitMir , ). and Ike Um tl rduittoii
WtU ! MovtS4r i
l i4 I, t' i 'inly ui
I l Hl k I t,-rite 11 Mtltiar.
lot k II J 4 J..io,-.a
I ,,l a, a 4s-s it I
I .tat Vis H.J H ('Sua,
.i k ItJ H ttilhiu.
t ula, ttu l 4 HV.ni.He
lyn, N. Y.
taxdubs eaaTBaJ ntta
Arrival sad departure ef train earrybu t0
encers at Unoola, Neb. Trains markas
Daily; T, wauy except sunuay; iuauy Jr
Monday: I, Dally except Saturday i " Sunday
anlyi Tuesdays, Thursdays and Baturoar
Jseaaay, w eaneaoay aaa u riuaj nw
arUagtoa MUwoari Blv.r.
fa, a. ).. -
Ticket eSoes at deoot, Seventh aad P sta; aae
eeraar'ieni ana u ata.
Plattamouth, vta Se. t
Hena ana Lemiviua i
Waboo aad Schuyler.. .
Omaha and Chic-
via Ashland cut-off..
Ashland, Omaha and
Crete, HaaUnca aad
Lowell and Kearney. .
St. Francis sad Ober-1
Hn I
Holrok a Cheyenna....
Uurllngton bpeulal"
to Denver and ooaat
Crete, Beatrioa aad
Washlngtea aad Co
coral a
Endloott as Red
Bennet, Syraou, Ne
braska city ana east
Brand Island Broken
Wow, Alliance, New
eaitle, Sheridan and
Dead wood
Seward, York, aad
Urand iiland.
Atchison, Bt Joe,
Kansas City, bt.
Louis and tooth....
Tecumseh sod Table
Mtlford, David City,
sad Columbus
til: II a. Bs.
t 4 M. s.mi:Ml a
w a. m.
t:l . .
tlO: 10 a. m.
4:68 p.m.
tI2:20 p. m.
:80 p. m.
11:61 e. m.
t t-U p. BJ
t l:Mp. at
4:10 a. sa.
t :.
i :86p m
t :40p.m
t f:16a.m
lii Ma
ip t
it 8:30 p m.
it l:Wt 4ft
T:4a at.
kj :40p s
: T:4 a m
7.40 a a
l:40p a
10:00 a.
t 4:40 p. B
t p. av
t 4:41 p. m
11:66 a a
I.Kp .
I lia at
tlO ttp B
t 7:80a nt
tll:85a 4ft
Chicago, Raok Island Paolflo.
Peaeeafar statios corner 0 and Twentieth (
Ulty omoa, luto u Bireev.
Fast express le Tope-
ka, Kan. (jity, ana
all point In Kanaas
Oklahoma, and Tax
a. West
Local freight accom
modation, east
Local freight accom
modation, west
Fast exp tor Omaha,
Co. liulffn, D.Molne
St.Paul.Chlo, east
Fat exp to Denver,
Col. Springs, Pueb
lo and west
Local pas for Omaha
and Council Bluff.
t l:Ht.B.
tU 8 p.SS.
9:61 p.aa.
4:01 p.m.
An lea
tM:U p. as
tll:t la
til Mi as
4 Up as
t Hp.m
t I Ni a
Calon HaclBa Railway.
Depot corner O and Fourth street. City Uekst
offl' e 1044 O street.
Omaha.Co.bluSs. Chi J
cago, vaniry, easi. r
aud Went )
tieatrlce.utue hprgs,
Maubalian, east &
west, Topeka, Kan
sas Civ. east, south
David City Strojisbrg
siouxui.y.Daviiii ity
Columuus. Denver,
Halt Luke, Helena.
han Francisco aud j
Portland J
Ueatilcc. Cortluud....
1 9:20 a. m.
1 8:00 a. m.
1 9:00 p. m
1:10 p.m.
4 7:30 p. m.
1 7:30 p. m
1 8:25 p. m
tl0:40a. m
4:10p m.
1 1:20 a. m
MlMourl PaclHo Railway.
Tioket oOca at depot and corner el Twaiai
and U aireeta.
Anburn aad Nebraska l
fit t Kipres
St LouUday ezprrss.
Auburn and Nebraska
t'itv lpre I
ht. Loul night tip ...
11 60 pi
U:Up I
1:00 p. a
t.Wp aa
K M (a.., t
remaat, Flkaora ) MUsoart Taliay
toaioaaa a no is turiu tin J
Ikepot earner t'.ltfhtk and S atreeu. City Ttetv
l efni.e ll.U O street.
Laava. Arrive
I'lin ak'O sad t
I tiii l Omsha. Sloui
I'Hv st Pad.lHiluih
Mriiiailiiw, Lsilar
H.iil.('liiua, lMa
Muln I'lrrt Abar
Oake .......
Wshoe Frament, Ner
1) Nalll, IrfiH4
pin ( ttadrea. I ti
If llt .r l Ki.
i I'll?, la.lwno4 .
rvftonl a'nai 4l ..
,, I fr- tslit,,..
t ap at
I 4p
tf m
I 4lp as
t I Mp at
M ea a
11 Mp a
'II M p as
'f I at
tdtp a.
t u at
Via the Miteowl Pacific Home.
t Use wh!4)hI Tuewlar In IWemher
11.1,1, January, r'uhrturv, Matih. April
and May. Kl ta Mlsaomi I'acKlq
fti.viut will il i-iiuml trip tickets to all
tatloii In Texa with final limit to re
turn in thirty days from date of tale.
..top over are allowed le Ark an.
To a and Uklaboma, New Mcxlo and
nd!aa Territory. tNxne ant take
trip ttt the south. Tim, DAVirui. V
V. T A. 131 UttmeV.
Mt'UMiitA rr.
ru ia. "ut real a tiiia
I. MiW r.i
At ail driti

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