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Guthrie, O. T., March 18. Forty hd
tt horsea were stolen and run oft three
weeks ago by three thievea near We-
svoka. In the Choctaw nation. A posse,
headed by Deputy Taylor, atarted In
pursuit of the robbers and surrounded
Uiem thla morning. They refused to
surrender and kept firing. The posse
pressed them closely, and the fight was
continued for three hours, one of the
posse receiving a bullet In his arm,
causing him to fall from his horse.
Finally the entire party massed and
charged the criminals, forcing them to
take refuge in a cabin. There the
thieves barred themselves In and de-
bantly proclaimed that they would not
be taken alive. After repeated ertorts
to Induce them to give up the house
was. set on fire. Still the men Inside re
fused to come out, although the roof
waa a mass of flames. They still threat
ened death If any of the posse ventured
near. At last the frame building fell
a burying the desperadoes In the ruins,
and they were roasted to death In the
building. One of the thieves was ident
Hied as Charles Cate, a former pal of
"iiiir Uoolln.
Beannaut of the Hand Hold tp m Bec-
tlon Force at Washita.
Outhrie, Okla., March 18. The section
men and their house at Washita were
held up last night at dusk. Ueorge
Woods, the foreman, refused to hold up
his hands and was shot in the cheek,
the ball coming out under the ear. Mrs.
Woods was. also beaten over the heud
with a revolver and her wounds are
- pronounced fatal. The booty obtained
consisted of nearly $1,000 In money and
railroad checks and three gold watches.
A posse Is after the robbers, who are
believed to be a remnant of the Cook
gang. ' " '
Incredibly Inhuman Treatment of m
Convict at tanon City.
Denver, Col., March 18. Henry Ty
eon, who was tried yesterday for In
sanity and found Insane told a pitiful
story on the stand. He was convicted
of murder six years ago, but was not
then sentenced, as he was found In
sane at the time. In 1889 he was sent to
the Canon City penitentiary. On his
arrival, he says, he was placed In a
perfectly dark cell where he was kept
In solitary confinement for three years,
during which. time he saw and ppoke to
know one, and had absolutely no exer
cise. He passed though a living death
and on being released from the dark
. cell In 1J92, had. to be carried out, being
unable to walk. He was deaf and his
fyes so swollen he could not see. After
being placed In a lighted cell and al
lowed exercise, he slowly recovered par
tial sight and hearing. Tyson will prob
ably never be sentenced, as the laws un
der which he was convicted have been
sice altered.
Wlwankee Murder Mystery Still Cn
Milwaukee, Wis , March 17. The mys-
tery which surrounds the murder of
Stock Buyer Ferdinand Morlts Is un
solved. The police last night arrested
Herman Loeber of No. 536 Thirteenth
street. His wife admits her husband
-was arrested, and Says the detectives
searched the house, and found, the re
., volver In a clothes basket ani there was
:"' t!;cl on it, ' y -
5? post-mortem showed Morlta waa not
only stabbed and beaten but that he was
phot.,. Three bullets were' found em
bedded In the brain, The body shdvVs
there was a desperate struggle. When
found It had the appearance of having
been carried some distance and thrown
upon the ground, as the head lay down
ward with the feet ' slightly elevated.
The police believe that the body was
carried In a wagon to the roadside and
then lifted and carried to where It was
found, '
Case to Come I'p To-day at Omaha
New Charge Filed.
Omaha, Neb., March 17. Over 100
Catholic Poles filled the police court yes
terday when the church riot cases were
called, but they were postponed until
to-day. A new complaint was sworn
Out against Priest Karminskl, charging
him with an assault with intent to kill.
Another warrant has been Issued on the
complaint of Joseph Inda, who Is the
man who withstood the charge upon
the side door of the church when the
Irit' "upporters were entering. He
waa badly beaten about the head. His
complaint charges assault with intent
to do great bodily harm, and is issued
against Simon Netxel, Jacob Netzel. Au
gust Netzel, Frank Szczcpanlck, Frank
Redwelzkl, Adam J. Przanowski, Val
lenty Kula and Valenty Gulllk. All but
Simon Netzel, Kula and Galllk have
been arrested before and are now out on
$1,000 bonds. To the latter charge they
pleaded not guilty and were released on
bonds of $1,000 each.
Fire lu a Texas Town.
Devlne, Texas. March 17. An early
morning blaze destroyed ten buildings
comprising the business portion jof this
town. There was no water protection
and the flames swept every house on
the 'west side of the International &
Great Northern railway track. vLoss
f Court-Martial at Vancouver.
Portland, Ore., March IS. A general
court-martial has been called at Van
couver barracks, and it is understood
one of the cases to come before it is
that of Lieut. E. L. Loverldge, 14th in
fantry, United States army, on a charge
of drunkenness. Lieut. Loverldge was
recently promoted from second lieuten
ant in the 11th Infantry to be first lieu
tenant In the 14th.
Batavla Entertains Endeavorers.
TSatavia, 111., March 18. The annual
Christian Endeavor convention of tht
Elgin district is being held here. The
city Is decorated for the 300 guests.
Eminent speakers are present.
Survivor of Ih MrlMah Milp Veomaa
Tall Their Klorv.
Portland, Ore., March !ft. The follow
ing dispatch conies from Mamhneld,
Ore.; "IXiniel Clark and Thomas Moore,
supposed to be the only survivors of a
crew of thirty-one passengers from the
British ship Teaman, arrived here lnnt
night on the schooner Leeds. The Teo-
man sunk Feb. 23 In latitude 34 N.,
longitude 45 W. She was bound from
Antwerp to Redondo. Clark related the
details as follows: 'While shortening
sail a sudden squall struck us and a
heavy, swell-like tidal wave capsized
the ship. As the seas swept the deck I
was carried overboard. A lull followed
and the ship righted; I got on the ship
again to find no one on deck. The cook
was lying In the galley with his head
spilt open and hardly alive. Capt. Fer
guson and the mate 'were drowned. As
the ship was sinking I decided to aban
don her, and rutting loose a lifeboat got
the cook Into It and pulled away. We
were fourteen days In the boat before
the schooner Leeds sighted us and
picked us up, during which time we
suffered more than language can ex
press. We had to fare all the time on
sixteen biscuits, without a drop of fresh
water. We became so hungry that we
ate the uppers of our shoes and each
drank the other's blood.' Here Mr.
Clark exhibited his leg, which showed
great red blotches, certifying the truth
fulness of his story. Continuing, he said:
I have been around the horn nine times
but this was the roughest Jtrlp I ever
experienced. We Inst four men over
board In a gale off the horn, and Paul
Hesslng fell from the topsail yard and
was killed.' "
Priest's House Kroken Open by a tiang
of Fiend.
Cincinnati, Ohio, March 17. A special
telegram from Haxleton, Pa., says the
parochial residence of the Greek church
at Freeland was broken Into last night
and the priest, the Rev. C. Galovltch,
his housekeeper, Mrs. Lehatog, and her
assistant, Mrs. Zacharias, were murder
ously assaulted. It was midnight when
five masked men Jumped from a wagon
before the house and with a battering
ram broke in the front door. Suppos
ing the house was on fire, the Inmates
rushed down stairs In their night
clothes. They were met at the foot of
the stairs by men holding drawn revolv
ers. Mrs. Lehatog screamed, but was
knocked down with a club and beaten
nto Insensibility. Father Galovltch was
attacked by two ruffians. He fought
desperately and succeeded in locking
himself In. The doors were battered
down walls torn and windows shattered.
The study-room door was perforated
with bulets and a piece of dynamite was
exploded on the safe. Mrs. Zacharias,
who remained upstairs, jumped from
the second-story window to escape, but
was captured by the bandits and carried
Inlo the house. She sustained serious
Injuries by the fall. The townspeople
came to the rescue and the robbers fled.
(Southern Man Left 9100,000 to lllsj
Colored Housekeeper.
Atlanta, Ga., March 17. The effort to
break the will of the late George. Wash
ington Dye of Elbert county failed In
the lower court. ; Dye left an estate
worth $100,000 to his negro housekeeper
and her six children whose father he
was. His relatives attempted to break
the will, but the Jury have rendered a
verdict sustaining It. This is In ac
cordance with the. decisions of the state
Supreme court. After Dye died,' $40,000
In cash was found packed in an' bid
trunk. He owned 7,000 acres of land In
one body, and was known In this county
as "Gov." Dye. . , , , ,
Two ' Hundred Thousand Bootmakers
Idle Employer May Use .Machine.
London, March IS. The bootmakers'
strike has been extended throughout
the week until to-day there are 200,000
Idle operatives in that branch of the
Industry. The strike effects all the fac
tories In England except those in. Staf- i
ford, Norwich, and Bristol. Some of the j
London iraues unions are graining l.y
shillings a week to the strikers. The
employers are not In the least anxious,
declaring that they have enormous
stocks yet unsold. Nevertheless they
are preparing to protect themselves by
the employment of American labor-
saving machinery. -
Heart anil Refer to Committee Several
Measure of Interest.
Salt Lake City, Utah, 'March 18. Tn
the constitutional convention yesterday
there were introduced and referred to
the proper committees bills providing
that no Judicial opinions, shall be copy
righted; requiring the justices of the
Supreme court to give legal opinions.
when called for. to the governor or leg
islature; making It unlawful to pay
female laborers less than male for the
same work; prohibiting trades unions
from preventing workmen from ac
quiring a knowledge of any trade. Sev
eral petitions favoring female suffrage
were Introduced.
nelme's Estate Valued at 8,000.000.
Charlottesville. Va., March 18. The
will of George W. Helme, the founder of
the town of Helmetta. has been made
put)lic. The estate Is valued at $8,000,000.
With the exception of a few bequests
the entire estate was left to the widow,
Margaret A. Helme, his daughter and
I.yon 1 Found Guilty.
Colorado Springs. Colo., March IS.
The Jury In the Lyons case has brought
in a verdict. Lyons was found guilty
on the first count of assault with intent
to murder Sam McDonald, Charles M.
Robinson and J. M. Goodhue.
flood man Set Free.
Cincinnati, Ohio. March 18. A special
Jury in the trial of Conductor Goodman,
charged with the murder of Col. Par
sons of Natural Bridge, Va., brought In
a verdict of not guilty this morning.
I.I Hong Chang start Out.
Tien Tsin, March 16. Viceroy Li Hung
Chang, China's peace envoy to Japan,
left Taku last evening for Japan. It is
reported here that the Japanese are rap
idly repulsing the Chinese generals,
Sung and Ju.
The Money Market I'ndlsturfoed t'olton
Trice, la Higher and Wheat II aa Klsrn
One-Half Cent Failure! 6Jor Slight
New York, March 18. R. G. Dun A
Co.'a Weekly Review of Trade, says
"Substantially all Indications of the
state of business are rather more
favorable. Farm products are a little
higher, railroad earnings a shade bet
ter, clearing house exchanges a emalll
percentage larger In comparison with
February, and most of the industries
show a somewhat beter front, though
their gain is not large. The money
markets continue undisturbed; the
operations ofthe syndicate still prevent
exports of gold, and withdrawals from
the treasury have of late practically
"The higher price of cotton, which has
risen to 6.06 cents, resulting from the
belief that the acreage this year will
be greatly reduced. Wheat has risen
one-half cent because the government
reports only CO.000,000 In farmers' hands
March 1, though practically nobody In
the trade thinks the estimate correct,
and the accepted estimates are about
60,000,000 bushels higher. Corn has risen
one cent, following wheat; pork, $1.25
per barrel, and hogs 10 and lard 30 cents
per 100 pounds.
"The output of pig Iron March 1 was
156,979 tons, a decrease since Feb. 1 pf
6,412 tons weekly, and the Increase of
unsold stocks was 62,900 tons In Feb
ruary or 13,225 weekly. Since Jan. 1
the weekly output has decreased 11,435
tons, and the accumulation of unsold
stocks has been 125,513 tons. Prices do
not rise, and, except in Chicago, there
seems to be no general increase of de
"At Philadelphia prices are no firmer
nor Is the demand larger, and reports
of coming advance in coke and ore do
not stimulate buying. Tin Is a shade
stronger, but copper lower at 9.37 for
lake. In the cotton manufacture there
are signs of Improvement. Sales of
wool were 4,63,200 pounds, against
5,151,700 last year, and markets are
quiet without change, though It Is easi
er to sell at quotation because prices
have advanced abroad.
Failures for the week have been 266
In the United States, against 264 last
year, and 57 in Canada, against 53 last
Governor of Indiana Will Appeal to the
Supreme Court, '
Indianapolis, Ind., March IS. Myron
thing now points to a long and bitter
struggle in the oourts between Gov.
Matthews and the new appointing
board elected by the legislature, and
Marvin Power to name the directors for
the two state prisons. The governor
refuses to recognize its appointees for
the northern prison. While the legis
lature made the governor a member of
the appointing board he refused, to at
tend, the meeting with the other state
officers. The new directors cannot place
a warden to succeed Warden French at
Michigan City until their commissions
are properly signed by the governor.
He will appeal to the democratic su
preme court end hopes to block effectu
ally the republicans from gaining con
trol of the prisons. The same tactics
will be pursued with regard to the di
rectors to be appointed for the prison
south. Roth Wardens French and Pat
ten will bold t their offices unless com
pelled by law to quit.
The fire insurance companies doing
business In the state, It Is announced,
will test the one insurance law enacted
by the general assembly, the antl-SO per
cent clause act, on the ground that it
seeks to make the state auditor a judi
cial officer.
Come from Italy for Revenge.
Duluth, Minn., March IS. Arcangelo
and Nicholas Christiili, brothers, yester
day entered the small general store kept
by Ben Jennette and his wife at Mc
Gregor and riddled them with bullets.
Italians In McGregor say the bad Mood
pemeen tpe jeijnette ana. cnstiin ram
ilies was engendered in Italy-,' where a
brother of Jennette stabbed In a street
row the brother of the Cristillis. The
Crlstillls, the story is, followed the
Jennettes to McGregor for the express
purpose of revenging themselves for the
stabbing of their brother.
Bold Hold-I'p In Oklahoma.
Guthrie, Okla., March 18. News of t.
bold and daring hold up and robbery
comes from Washita. Near dusk, the
section house and men were robbed by
two highwaymen. Section Foreman
Woods was hit, the ball entering the
right cheek and coming out at the right
ear. Mrs. Woods was also beaten over
the head with a six shooter, receiving
wounds which are likely to prove fatal.
The booty obtained consisted of $722 In
money, railroad checks, and three gold
Wiman Granted New Trial.
New York, March IS. Erastus Wi
man will have another trial. The gen
eral term of the Supreme court has re
versed the judgment convicting Mr.
Wlman of forgery In the second degree.
The decision is a voluminous one and
covers many pages of closely typewrit
ten paper. A second conviction is not
looked for.
King Ilaa Another Relapse.
Indianapfilis, Ind., March 18. Every
D. King, the governor's private secre
tary, suffered a second relapse yester
day similar to the attack that occurred
the day following his injuries received
In the fight at the wind up of the legis
lative session. His condition is again
regarded as precarious.
Spaniard Attack a Newspaper
Madrid, March IS. An attack was
made at midnight by army officers on
the otilce of the newspaper El Globo.
The manager and other employes of
the paper were wounded.
Demand Expulsion of Jesuits.
Toronto, Ont., March IS. The execu
tive of the Canadian Protective Associa
tion in session here yesterday issued a
strong manifesto demanding the Imme
diate expulsion of the Jesuit order from
Canada. It has caused a sensation in
political circles.
Michigan Senator Will Make a Deter
mined Effort to Have It famed.
Lansing. Mich., March IS. Early in
the legislative session a bill was in
troduced by Senator Jewell providing
for taxing parlor, palace, sleeping, and
dining car companies. Yesterday a
motion was made to take the measure
from the general order and refer it to
the railroad committee. This was op
posed by Jewell, who asked that the bill
go to the Judiciary committee and such
reference was made. The house killed
the bills amendine the state live stork
law preventing the spread of infectious"
diseases among animals; providing for
a state tax statistician; and providing
for the assessment of all maritime
property at the place where the head
quarters of the firm or corporation own
ing it is situated. The senate killed
the bill allowing employes to go into
particular Insurance organizations
where employes and employers are
mutually agreed. The objection to this
bill was that corporations form insur
ance organizations and compel em
ployes to pay exorbitant rates. If an
employe refuses to Insure he ., takes a
chanqe of losing his situation.
Talal nf the Roliinsnn.
Buffalo, N. T., March 18. The most
dramatic scene of the Gibbs murder
trial occurred yesterday while Deputy
Sheriff Abbey of Cleveland told how
Clarence Robinson described the killing
of Gibbs by his wife Sadie. He said
Clarence declared Sadie's alleged con
fession was a lie and showed how Gibbs
was held up. During the examination of
Detective Cusack the defense tried to
prove Sadie was coerced Into making
her confession by threats and intimida
tion. Cusack swore Sadie confessed
she fired the shot that killed Montgom
ery Gibbs. Sadie herself took the stand
and declared Cusack told her Clarence
had another wife, and In that way tried
to induce her to testify against her
husband. Cusack positively denied hav
ing ever held out any inducements to
Sadie to obtain her confession.
Anti-Pass Still Alive.
Madison, Wis.. March 18. In the as
sembly yesterday the Hall anti-pass
resolution ror a constitutional amend
ment was reported from committee for
indefinite postponement, tut' the as
sembly voted to placj tt on the calen
dar, and 11 will be consider nnd de
bated next Tuesday. The defeat of the
measure is freelv nrerilnterl Tt to
claimed that the woman's suffrage bill
has strength enouarh to nass hnth
branches of the legislature and eo to
the people for ratification.
Warships Go to Hnndnra.
Washington, March 18. Cart. Davis
cabled the navy department last even
ing that he bad sailed with the Mont
gomery from Trujillo for Brewer's La
goon, Honduras. This movement is in
pursuance of the inquiry with which
the captain Is charged in the circum
stances surrounding the killing near
Brewer's Lagoon about a year ago of
Mr. Renton an American citizen, for
have a salutarv effect on the Hondu
ranian authorities.
Harvard Ask for a Priest.
Minneapolis, Minn., March 18. Harry
Hayward. for the first Hni: vpan?i!v
requested the services of a spiritual ad
viser. He made the renijpfit to Ms jailer
and In the afternoon Father Cleary of
St. Charles parish called on him In his
cell, spending a quarter of an hour In
earnest , conversation. Neither ay
ward nor Father Cleary would talk of
the conversation afterward.
Three Men Deail In the Woods.
Chippewa Falls. Wis., March 18. A
party of men hunting In the neighbor
hood of Ingram yesterday found the
dead bodies of Ed Duffney, John Han
son, and another man in an old lumber
shanty. From all appearances they
have been dead a number of davs. the
bodies being frozen stiff. It is thought
they were accidentally poisoned.
I.ad Confesses to ltnrnlne Chnrih.
Boston, Mass., March 18. James A.
Doherty, 17 years old, lias confessed to
Fire Marshal Whitcomb that he set fire
to St. Feter's Catholic church the even
ing of March 6. The marshal said he
had not finished his Investigation and
would not make known the details of
the investigation until be had.
Treasurer Taylor's Extradition.
Washington. March 18. The Mexican
lesratlon here has not been communicated
with concerning the extradition of Tay
lor, the defaulting state treasurer of
South Dakota, who has been apprehend
ed at Vera Cruz, though action Is ex
pected to be taken very soon.
St. John' Ranker Placed Under Arrest,
St. Johns. N. F.. March IS. Ex-Man
ager Cook of the Commercial bank was
arrested yesterday and will be exam
ined to-day. Many grave charges are
preferred against him This Is an out
come of the recent financial panic in
Money for a Rig Distillery.
Terre Haute, Ind., March IS. The
largest distillery ever built will soon be
constructed in Terre Haute. The new
distillery will have a capacity of 10.000
bushels a day and will cost over $300.
000. A ten-acre site has been purchased.
Kansas Wheat Not Injured by Cold,
Wichita, Kan., March IS. Advices re
ceived to-day by grain men here from
various points In southern Kansas
agree that the cold wave has not In
jured wheat fields, and that the crop la
generally In an unusually promising
The Largest Manufacturers oi
On thil Continent, havs received
from the great
Industrial 2nd Food
Id Europe and America.
TTnlikr th Dntch Vwctn, no Aft-
...mA 4n tnt rtf thr rrr ration.
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cloth, $l.;,0: paper covers. 50c. Ad
dri'tu, W ealth Makers Pub. Co.,
Lincoln, Ntb.
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