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August 20, 1895.
Cyclone Season is Here.
-. . - . - ---- M i v .
$3 for first $l,0O0, 10c. for
each additional $100 in the Cy
clone department. Same in Fire
Time expires in 1SS6,
G. A. FELTON Angus
W. J. EYESTONE Rising City
J. A. SMITH Cedar Rapids
Time expires la 1S97.
M. DALY Elgin
J. F. ANTHES Sutton
O.HULL. ; Alma
Time expires In 1898.
J. G. NEFF Raymond
Wm. YOUNG. Palmyra
S. LICHTY, President.. Falls City
I. N. LEONARD, Vice-President Lincoln
J. Y. M. SWIGART, Secretary-Treasurer Lincoln
Over $800,000 Insured. Have paid $640.00 in Losses,
had but one assessment. 10c. per $100. OO.
J. Y. M.
Agents Wanted.
llj r- '.m WS' m rrvm aa it
Celebrated Female
Powders never fail.
aft and rare rafter llw.
m. u. i. iu. wwk aw. n
h. s. ALEY, m. a
Office 1215 0 St., Lincoln, Neb.
W Write (or termi and question blanks.
Great Rock Island Route !
Outing Excursions.
First For the National Educational Meeting
at Denver, opening July 6th, the rate will tie one
tare plus $2.00 (or round trip. Tickets good to
return and time op to and including Sept. 1st.
Second The regular Tourist Car to California
Tla Kansas City runs once a week, and leaves
Chicago ever; Thursday at 6 p.m., Kansas City
at 10.60 a.m. every Friday. Tickets based on
second class rate, and car runs on fastest trains,
and known as the Phillips-Hock Island Tourist
Excursions- Car arrives at Colorado Springs
Saturday, 7:85 a.m.
Third Home-Seeker's Excursions to Texas
and New Mexico. Next one June 11th. Kate, one
(are (or round trip. Tickets good twenty dnyB.
Fourth For Mexico City the Kock Island
runs a through sleeper (rom Kansas City daily
at 8:40 p.m. via Topeka, McFarland, Wichita and
Fort Worth and Austin to San Antonio. Two
routes (rom there are International 11. R. to
Laredo, and Mexican National to the City ot
Mexico: Southern Pacific and Mexican Interna
tional via SpoHord and Eagle Pass to City of
Connections are also made at Fort Worth via
the Texas Pacific to El Paso, and over the Mexi
can Central to City ot Mexico.
Fifth Send to address below tor a Souvenir
called the "Tourist Teacher," that gives much
Information to tourists. Sent tree.
Burt mr f drawer walnut or oak lav
Droved Hkeh Arm &tfriwior machiaa
HnelT tiniahed. nkk.l plated. adapted to licha
Iaatonatle Bobbin Winder, Bir-Thrd.Dg Cylin
der Hhnttli,8rf.Hltliif Ntwdloandacompleta
wt of Btl ittacfaauBtat atatpped anf btn on
and bear work: raarantead for lOlaarat with
SO Du'i Tria'. No motMT required in advance.
fl,000aow fo World's Fair Mtdal awarded mac b toe and attach
bents. Boy 'rnm factory and aavt dealer's and agent's profit,
rnrp Cot This Ont and send to-day for machine or lanrt fret
f It C C cetalorue, testlmonUh unit Glimpse of the World's Fair.
Erery farmer to be his own painter
and absolutely pure puint for sale by th
Standard Glass and Paint Co., Cor
ner 11th and M St., dealers in paints,
oils, painter's lapplies, glatt, etc., Lin
coln, Neb.
No Fire Insurance accepted
from terrttory covered by local
SWIGART, Secretary,
Oregon Politics J
If you want to keep
posted on Populism in
Oregon and the Pacific
The . . .
People's Party Post,
per year.
For Sale
at a Bargain!
Lease of 640 acres school land (im
proved) all enclosed with six-wire fence),
180 head of nice young hogs weighing
from 100 to 200 pounds to go with it.
This is in Custer county near Broken
Bow. Price, $3,000.
FOR SALE Good 5-room cottage,
barn, corner lot in good neighborhood.
For sale cheap. E. T. Huff,
236 So. 11th St., Lincoln, Neb.
i North-Western
F., E. & M. V. R. It. is the best to and
from the
Coal and Oil Regions
Now is your time to see the great San
Lnis Valtey, Colo., the great garden spot
of the West. The Great Rock Island
Route will run excursions on May 21st
and June 11th from Lincoln by way ot
Denver, Pueblo and Salida, over the D.
& R. G. into the great San Luis Valley to
Alamoosa, Colo. One fare for the round
All persons desiring to go should writs
us for particulars.
Colorado Land & Insurance Co.,
1025 O Street. . Lincoln, Neb,
In the District Court of Ioincoster
County, Nebraska.
The Woonnorket Institution
(or Savings, Plaintiff.
Flora E. Grimes. Richard B.
Grimes, Carlos C. Burr, Mary E.
Burr, his wile. The Haiiou Ntats
Banking Co., John Frass, ln-
Ida K. Holmes, Korsmeyer &
Co., Cudtthy Packing Company.
Notice to
r Non-ltesidenl
a corporation, the Lincoln Up
bolstering Company, a corpora
tion, Kainnel Maxwell. Charles
E. Maxwell, and Edwlu E. Max
well, partners doing business as
8. A. Maxwell & Co., and Joxepu
To Samuel Maxwell, Charles E. Maxwen ono
Edward E. Maxwell, partners doing business as
H. A. Maxwell & Co., and the Ballon State Hank
ing Company, non-resident defendants, you will
take notice that ontb2Ktb day ol June, A.D.,
18115, The Woonsocket Institution (or Savings,
plaintiff herein, filed its petition In the District
Court ol Lancaster County, Nebraska, against
the above named ded-ndants, the object and
praverol which are toloreciosea certain real
estate mortgnge executed by the defendants,
Flora K. Grimes and I Ichard 8. Urlmes on the
(ith day ot May. A.D., 18W, to the defendant, th
Ballou State Banking Company, upon lots
lots number one (l). two (-'), three (3) and tout
(4), In Lincoln Land Company sub-divlBion ol
lots one (II and two (2). In block number on
hundred and (our (104) in tbscltyol Lincoln,
Lancaster Comity, Nebraska.
To secure the pavment o( one promissory nots
dated Mays, IMS (or the sum ol S7.6O0.0O, dm
and payable May 1, 184, with interest at the
rate ol'tlVb per cent per annum, payable semi
annually accordlug to the terms ol ten Interest
notes thereto attached to ths sum el S243.7J
dollars each.
That there is now due and payable upon said
notes and mortgage f7.74M.75 dollars, and ten
per cent interest thereon (rom May 1, 1NU8. and
alBothe lurthersum ol Siw4.43 dollars, as and lor
the tax and assessment paid by the plaintiff on
said premises to protect its security, and the
(urther sum ot $00.00 (or insurance paid by plain.
tiB on said premises, under the conditions In said
mortgage, with interest on said sums Irora data
of payment. Suld mortgage was filed (or record
in the ofllce ol the lleglster ol Deeds ol Lancastei
County, on May 22, A.D.. 1HS9, on Bonk 62 ol
Mortgages, r.t rage D65. That said notes and
mortgages and the moneys due thereon was on
June i. 10,9. dulv assigned by the Ballon StaU
Banking Company to the plaintiff herein who
ever since baa been ana still is me owner auu
holder of the same.
Plaintiff alleges that all of said defendanti
claim to have some Interest In said mortgag
nrumlses. Plaintiff asks to have said Interest
decreed to be subsequent and junior to plaintiff'
mortgage, and that sutd mortgage be foreclosed
and said real estate be sold tosatisiy ineamoum
dun riliiintift on said note and mortgage, and fol
taxes and insurance paid, and an attorney's fe
for foreclosure and tax lien, and that a receive!
be appointed to collect the rents and profit ol
said premises. That defendants be foreclosed ol
the equity of redemption or other interest in said
mnrtirmred oremises. and tor a deficiency judg
ment and for such other relief as equity and jus
tice may require.
You at e hereby required to answer said petition
on or before .Monday the 23d day of September,
9t4 .Its attorney.
Sheriff Sale.
Notice is hereby given. That by virtue of an
execution issued by the clerk of the District Court
of the Third Judicial District of Nebraska, within
nnrl (nr T.nncnstar CoBlltV. in Bn BCtlon wherein
Hans P. Law is plaintiff, and C. 0. Boettcher is
defendant, I will, at 2 o'clock p.m., on the 10th
day ot September, A.D. 1S93, at the East door of
the Court House, in the city o( Lincoln, Lancas
ter County, Nebraska, offer for sale at publlo
auction the following described real estate to
The undivided one-seventh (1-7) interest in and
to northeast quarter ot section twenty-tour (24),
township ten (10) north, range five (5) east of the
nth P M In Lancaster County. Nebraska, said
property to be sold subject to the life estate o(
Wlineimine noeiicner.
Given under my hand this 5th day ot August,
A.D, 1895.
Feed A. Miller,
Sheriff Sale.
Notice Is hereby given, that by virtue vl ai
execution issued by theClerk of the District Court
ol the Third Judicial District of Nebraska, with-
in and for Lancaster County, In an action where
in the Columbia National Bank is Plaintiff, and
Theodore Kauris defendant I will, at 2 o clorl
p.m , on the 27th day of August A.I). 1895, at ths
liast door of the Court House, In the City of Lin'
coin, Lancuster County, Nebraska, offer for sale
at public auction the following described real
estate to-wit:
The north half of the southeast quarter of sec
tion tnirty-tnree (33), township nine (), norti
range six (6), east, in Lancaster county. Ne-
Uiven under my hand this 22d day of July A.D
7t5 Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale,
Notice Is hereby given, that bv virtue of an ex
ecution issued by the Clerk of the District Court
of tie Third Judicial District of Nebraska, with
In and for Lancaster County, In an action where
in Western Glnss and Paint Company is plaintiff,
and Theodore Kanr and Mrs, Sarah Kaar arede
fendants 1 will, at 2 o'clock p.m., on the 27th day
of August A.D, 1SS5, at the Eat door ol tba
Court House, In the City of Lincoln, Lancaster
county, Nebraska, offer for sale at public auction
tne following described rial estate to-wlt:
The north half of the southeast quarter of sec
tion thirty-three (33, township nine (9), north,
range six I6),east in Lancaster county, Nebraska.
(iiven under my hand this 22d day of July A.D
7ta i SheriB.
Sheriff Sale.
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of an
execntion Issued by the clerk of the District court
ol the Third Judicial District of Nebraska, within
and for Lancostercounty, Nebraska, In an action
wherein Levi C. Sloan is plaintiff, and John FIH
gerald et al are defendants 1 will, at 2 o'clock
p.m., on the 10th day of September A.D. lf95, at
the East door ol the Court House, in the City ol
Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebraska, offer for
sale at public auction the following described
real estate to-wlt:
Lots Two (2) and Three (3) in Block Sixty-one
(61) in the City of Lincoln, Lancaster county.
Given under my hand this 5th day of August,
A.D. 1895.
8t5 Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale,
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of an
order of sale Issued by the clerk of the District
conrt ot the Third Judicial district ot Nebraska,
within and for Lancaster Connty, In an action
wherein John W. Dorland is plaintiff, and Lizzie
P. Davenport et al are defendants I will, al 2
o'clock p.m. on tue 10th day of September A.D.
1S95, at the Eest door ol the Court House, in
the City ot Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebraska,
offer for sale at public auction the following de
scribed real estate to-wit:
Lot number Twenty-one (21) In Cumberland
Heights Addition to the City of Lincoln, accord
ing to the recorded plat thereof on file in ths
office ol the Register ot Deeds of Lancaster
county, Nebraska.
Given under my band this 5th day of August,
A,D. 1895.
9t4 Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale.
Notice is hereby given. That by virtue of an
execution issued by the clerk of the District
court ol the Third Judicial District ot Nebraska,
within and for Lancaster county, in an action
wherein James A. Mlngee In plaintiff, and William
F. Stntheit and August W. Stutheit are defend
ants, I will at 2 o'clock, p.m., on the 10th day of
September, A. 0. 1895, at the east door ot ths
court house, in the city of Lincoln, Lancaster
county, Nebraska, offer for sale at public auction
the following described real estate, to-wit:
The northeast quarter of section twenty-nine
(29), township eight (8), range six (6) east. In
Lancaster county, Nebraska.
Given nnder my band this 6th day of August,
A.D. 1895.
Fbid A. Miller,
9t6 Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale.
Notice is hsreby given, That by virtue of an
execution Issued by the clerk ot the Dictrlct Court
of the Third Judicial District of Nebraska, within
and (or Lancaster Comity, in an action wherein
George G. Freeborn is plaintiff, and William F.
Stutbeit and August W. Stutheit are defendants,
I will, at 2 o'clock p.m , on the 10th day of Sep
tember A.D. 1895, at the East door of the Court
House, in the city ot Lincoln, Lancaster County,
Nebraska, offer (or sale at public auction the fol
lowing described real estate to-wlt:
'lne northeast quarter of section twenty-nine
(29), township eight (8) north, range six (6) east
in Lancaster County, Nebraska.
Given under my band this 8th day of August
A.D. 1896.
Fbbo A. Miller.
ttS Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale.
Notice Is berebv given, that by virtue ol as
jnier ol V Issued by (lie Clerk of the l)ltrl'l
oiin of the "1 bird Jull la' Dliitrlct ol Nebraska
within nml for l.auciister Comity, In an actm.
)i, ren Everett I' liim-v U plaintiff, and John D
K niu lit is tlefeiiilnut I will, at i o'clock p. m.. o
the 2Mb day of Anunst. A.. 196, at the Ens'
lour of the Court House, In the City t l.lnrol
l.incHxter coitntv. Nebraska, offer for sale s'
public auction the following described real entat
Lot six (fll in the southwest quarter (s.w. Vt) ol
s,rtiiu thirty-six l-Wi. town ten (10 range sir
(Ui, East, aecordiug to the recorded pint ol sal-'
sprilim, thirty -six Cltl), containing ten 1 10) acre
inure or less, in Lancaster county, Nebraska.
l yen uudor my baud this 22d day of Jul;,
A.D. 1MI5.
Tt5 Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale.
Notice is hereby given. That by virtue of an
order ol sale Issued by the Clerk of the District
Court of the Third Judicial District of Nebraska,
itlitn and for Lancaster counly, iu an action
wherein 10. J. llurkett Is plaintiff, aud John
Strlue, et. al, are defendants, 1 will, at 2 o'clock
p. in , ,on me-.mil nay oi eptmiier, a. I), mm,
ut the east door of the court house, in the city
ol Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebranka, offer
for sale at public auction the following described
rem estate to-wit:
Lots numbered eight IS) nine (9) and ten (10)
in block lour (41 lu Madison Square addition to
the City ol Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebraska
Olven under my baud Hue .1st day ot August,
A. D. 189j.
Fkiu a. Miller.
11 15 Sheriff.
Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Va.Ia 1 I, i..,.V n ,rv,n li n t. llV vlrtllA fit A fthflt-
tel mortgage dated July Until, 1891. and duly tiled
tt, i.u ..ta..A ..r ti. f,mntv clerk of Lancaster
county, Nebraska, on the 30th day of July, 1M1.
and executed uy jonn i.nuuain iu .ua.na
Chowlus to secure the psyuieut of the sum ot
Three Thousand ;1000.00 Dollars, and upon
which there is now due the suat of Three Tliou-
i .)jtuk iiai li.illua diiH ..III tnnrr.a-ilire bav-
I.UU IfUllU.VUJ wunaini ' - -r i-
Ing been assigned to Fred A. Miller, suerlff, by
order or tue uisinci i.ourt oi .nun..
county, Nebraska, and default having been
made in tne payment oi sum iuu, .
n. ai i nthui. ttpmAilinira at law having
been Instituted to recover said debt or any
part thereof, therefore i win at ijnuuoui
Asylum Brick Yard situated about 3 miles south
west of Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebraska,
.. i. unth ,i,iv inirniir.. 1S05. at 10 o'clock
a.m. of suld day offer tor sale at publlo auction
the goods and cuuiteia uescnueu m .am
1?.?ot(LtL'In iTnirhm One Holler. One Brick Ma
chine, Eight Wheelbarrows. Twelve Shovels, Two
Picks, Three Houses, unree email inranw,
all and singular the brick yard tools of and be
longing to Lanhnm'a Asylum Brick Yard In Lan
caster county, being and constituting the tools,
fixtures and appliances used heretolore aud now,
at sum yarqs.
vateu August oiu, w.
9(5 Assignee ol Mortgage.
Sheriff Sale,
Notice is hereby given, That by virtue of an
ixecution Issued by the clerk o( the District Court
of the Third Judicial District ot Nebraska, within
and for Luucaster County, In an action wherein
rrank Sigourney Is plaintiff, ana wiiiiam r,
KMiihAlt. unil Aniziiat, W. Stutheit are defendants.
1 will, ut 2 o'clock p, m., on the loth day of Sep
temher A.D. 1895. at the East door of the Court
House, in the city of Lincoln, Lancaster County,
Nebraska, offer for sale at public auction the fol
lowing described real estate to-wlt:
The northeast quarter of section twenty-nine
(29), township eight north range six (0) East in
Lancaster County, Nebraska.
Given under my hand this Bth day of August
A.D. 1895. .
Fbkd A: Miller,
9t5 Sheriff,
Send Us Two New
With fi2, and your own
subscription will be ex
tended One Year
Free of Cost.
la the SHOUT Line
(operating its own tracks)
;jsi'ifcrMjisi to Marahalltown, Cedar
Rapids, Clinton, Chicago, Milwaukee,
Madison, Oshkosh, Fon du Lnc, Sioux
City, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth. In
Chicago connections are made with 22
diverging lines. In St. Paul, Union
dtpot with 10 lines unsurpassed time
made to eastern and nortlieustern cities.
For tickets, etc., call ot city office 117
So. 10th St., or depot tJoruer S aud Bth
Knight Templar's Excursion to
Boston Half Kates,
The Knight Templar's official train
having on board Grand Commander
Finch and escort will leave Omaha via
the Burlington at 4.45 p.m. Thursday,
August 22d, going through to Boston
without change, making a short stop of
several hours at Majors' Falls. Sleeping
car reservations should be made at once
at 15. & M. depot or city office, cor. 10th
& O St. G. V. Bonnell,
10t2 G.P.&T.A.
Good News!
Governor Larrabee's great work, "The
Railroad Question," is now issued in
paper covers. It is the standard author
ity on the subject and has just been
adopted as a text book by Vasser Col
lege. Every reformer should have a
copy. Trice, cloth $1.50; paper covers,
60c Address,
Wealth Makers Pdb. Co.,
Lincoln, Neb.
Ball and Steamship Ticket
Vnr rati nrl atan.mHh.in tickets at
lowest rates to any part of the world
call on A. S. Fielding, City Ticket Agent
Northwestern Line, 117 8. 10th St 49t
What It Costs to Protlnce an Ounce of
The Independence mine, Cripple
Creek, CoL, declared profits in 1895 as
follows: January, S159.000; February,
f 105,000; March, $130,000. Making for
the first quarter in 1895, 304.000. The
number of men employed is twenty-
eight, four of whom are stoping. A
simple calculation will show that it
costs less than 60 cents to produce an
ounce of gold from this mine. If the
cheapness of production, as urged by
the opponents of silver, from such
mines as the Mollie Gibson and the
Granite Mountain, is a reason for the
demonetization of silver, why not de
monetize gold? White Pine News.
Yes! why not demonetize a metal
that can be produced for less than four
cents on the dollar. Where are Eckles,
Depew, Carlisle, Preston, Cleveland
and the rest of the gold-bug pirates
who yell "intrinsic value?" Vhere
does your "intrinsic" come in on the
above propositions? One ounce of gold
costs, on a general average, the same
as one ounce of silver and therefore
should be worth intrinsically the same,
or instead of having the ratio 10 to 1 it
ought to be 1 to 1. Denver lload. ,
I.ouls Hammond and Ills IrlU Dl Only
After Repeated Cool Attempts.
P.osto.v, Mass., Aug. 27. The sui
cides of Louis Hammond and his bride
of Pes Moines, Iowa, in the American
house here last week were most re
markable in many ways. Before at
tempting to end their lives, they signed
their names to a letter addressed to
the coroner, telling him of what they
contemplated, and why they sought
Tuesday the two took chloral, but
neither died. It is supposed that they
took an overdose, which occassioned
nausea and saved their lives. The
day following they made a second at
tempt, and on this failing, Mrs. Ham
mond swalled morphine, while her
husband ttood by and waited the re
sult. She died at 10 o'clock that morn-
in?-. . . .....
Then Hammond endeavored to kin
imself. He took morphine, but this
failed to do its work. Then he drove
a hat pin, several Inches long, into his
breast, until ho could move liis heart
with it, but this also failed. Then he
took morphine and chloral sgain, and,
thinking after waiting several hours,
that this agent had failed once more
to do its work, he locked his dead
wife in the room while he went out to
purchase a revolver, lie died some
time Thursday night. It was probably
the chloral and morphine which caused
his death, as the revolver was found
with all its chambers filled.
Hammond was about 35 years old.
lie was formerly in the' perfumery
business at 68 Maiden Lane, New York,
the firm being Hammond & Brittner.
In New York he met and wooed his
bride, Miss Kathryn Sawyer, and,
after dissolving partnership in July he
went on the road for G. M. Ditner
& Co. of Dcs Moines. He has a sister
at SU l'aul, Iowa.
Simply an Exhibition of Cruelty Wit
nessed by 0,000 People.
Cripple Cheek, Col., Aug. 27. An
other bull was killed in the arena at
Gillett yesterday, in the presence of
6,000 people, and the work was done
in Hhe regal splendor of Spain and
Mexico. The first bull turned into the
arena was an exceedingly tame animal.
Even after the darts were in him, he
refused to fight, and the multitude
cried for a new animal Arizona
Charley appeared to be equally dis
gusted and.headed the bund of cowboys
that drove the bull into the arena.
The next animal made a fight
for his life, but its fight was, quickly
over. Chireta, the king of the arena,
in nnt nnlv Mexico, but Soain. made
two stabs at the animal, and then
, . -a 1 . A a. 1. AT
praotlcttlly left him aeau, out me Mex
icans with the red cloaks tossed the
nrmiiir. and mnile him dart at them.
One came within an ace of losing his
life and there was greas excinsuicuv m
nnnacniipr.in. nsneciallv anion? the lit
tle company to whieh the individual
belonged. JNot a lew women juiumu.
it wi. etmniv an exhibition of cru
elty and was not enjoyed at all by the
crowd. ,
rlemitv sheriffs were
in attendance and the management
. 1 A. lv 4 v
was again placed unaer arrest,, uuu u
attempt was made to stop the proceed
lngs. -
Boston Receives the Templars With Bands
Great Crowds In the City.
Boston, Aug. 2'. Knights Templar
and their ladies from every section of
the United States and visitors from
every nook and corner of New Eng
land have been pouring into the city
to-day by the thousands. One hundred
cammanderies,including over 3,500 Sir
Knights, arrived at the different rail
road stations and before midnight to
night fifty more delegations will ar
rive. Among other delegations which
came in were fifteen commanderies
from Illinois, including Chicago com
mandery; the grand commandery of
Colorado, two from South Dakota, two
from Indian territory and Oakland
commandery of California.
The beneficiary of the Mora claim is
now 87 years old and in feeble health.
Plans are being completed for the
great American university at Wash
ington. The government is pleased at recent
action of Indians in favor of allotment
of lands in severalty.
Secretary Bayard, in a speech in
England, spoke proudly of the home
life of Freaideiit Cleveland.
Attention is called by friends of the
administration to the vigorous foreign
policy being inaugurated by Secretary
Olney, Spain, France and China hav
ing all been "called down" in a short
All Western roads are making elab
orate preparations for handling a tre
mendous crop this fall.
A buried treasure, consisting of 830,
000 in gold, is said to have been found
at White Pigeon, Ind.
The steamer Kosedale struck a snag
and sank near Shawneetown, Til., with
1,200 bags of corn.
The labor commissioner of San
Francisco wants congress to exclude
Japanese from America.
The petition of James Peralto Eea
vis, seeking release on a writ of habeas
corpus, was denied.
The United Societies for Liberal
Sunday Laws will have a "Liberty
Day" celebration in New York.
General John C. Black, Senator
Palmer and others conferred at Spring
field. 111., presumably to boom Morri
son for president.
The Flag Law Opposed.
Bloomixgton, 111., Aug. 27. A con
vention of school directors of McLean
county assembled here to-day to con
sider the new state flag law to the
provisions of which strenuous objec
tions have been made. The conven
tion was decidedly animated, a large
majority of those present being op
posed to the new law. Resolutions
were offered declaring the flag law
"unamerican and despotic."
Among the representatives elected
to the Chickasaw legislature is a full
blood named Yellow Wolf, who is
almost 114 years old.
We thought we had abolished
slavery a generation ago; but slavery
will never be abolished while interest
is permitted.
Census reports show that the aver
age size of the farms in this country is
growing larger. Land, like every other
form of property, is concentrating in
fewer hands. Star and Kansan.
"When wheat is cheapest," Eev.
Mr. Passmore says, "most people go
hungry." The more you think about
that the more certain you will be to
agree with him. Star and Kansan.
The farm mortgages of the coun
try did not eqttal those upon city lots
in 1890, according to the census report.
The figures are: For the former, $3,-
COli, 148,419; for the latter, 83,810,531,554.
They say some of the silver demo
crats in Kentucky really have manhood
enough left to break ranks and refuse
to be led captives into the gold-bug
den, and quite a bolt is in progress.
Can it be possible that honor still ex
ists? Farmers' Tribune.
If, as reported, the Bank of En
gland proposes to hang a portrait of
Grover Cleveland upon its walls, it will
do a most appropriate thing. President
Cleveland has been far more English
than American in his every policy, ne
ought by good rights be made a peer
of the British realm. Inter Ocean.
The bank of England is supposed
to be one of the most sou lless of corpora
tions, but it cannot be accused of in
gratitude if it hangs the portrait of
Grover Cleveland on its walls. The
United States never before had a presi
dent who formed his policies with an
eye single to the interests of Great
Britain. Kansas City JournaL
"The populists must be sup
pressed," is the sentiment that is crop
ping out all along the line of the old
purties. Seems to us the same thing
was said about abolitionists; but you
know how they were suppressed. The
best way to suppress populism Is to
wipe out special privileges and restore
equal opportunities. That done, pop
ulism will suppress itself. New Char
ter. It looks now as though many of
the southern states, relied on by the
reform-within-the-party democrats to
send 1(5 to 1 silver delegations to the
next national convention, will fail to
do so from the fact that the masses of
the party are rapidly aligning them
selves with the people's party. Espe
cially is this the case in Texas. Mis
souri World. ,
The suggestion has been made that
people who have a few dollars saved
up for a rainy day can avoid danger of
being robbed either by bankers or
burglars by buying a post ofllce money
order. Have it made payable to your
self, and uncle earn wiu ue responsi
for your money when every bank in
the country breaks. This is already
being done to a much greater extent
than is generally supposed. Chicago
Express. , ''
It may be that Sovereign's boycott
circular was a ruse calculated to make
the gold-bugs and their idiotic follow
ers rush to the support of the bank rag
money, thus demonstrating that it is
not so much the intrinsic value of
money as it is the power to corner and
control the volume of money that
causes the opposition to silver and
ni-een rtalra ' ft fin it. turn ft VArv R1irOAaR-
K - 1 - ' J ------
ful. Topeka Advocate.
The Associated press the other day
announced that Senator Peffer had de
clared in a recent New York speech
mai me silver question was lumag in
terest in the west. At Fort Worth,
Tex., last week Senator Peffer denied
that he had made any such statement
or that he favored a new party. Pef
fer's all right, but the Associated press
as usual is all wrong when referring to
populist policies. Nonconformist. .
Notwithstanding the great wave
of prosperity that is sweeping over the
country, two Denver banks, the Union
national and the Rocky Mountain Sav
ings bank, have closed their doors re
cently. The latter went under when
a demand was made for $28,000 of
county funds it was holding on depos
it. Best banking system the world
ever saw, you see, but still not the least
security in the world for the duped
depositor. Star and Kansan.
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toms, such as Faint, Weak or Hungry Spells,
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ferer from heart trouble, which got so bad
I was obliged to sit up In bed to get my
breath. 1 bad to abandon business and
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Julius C. Voght, one of our leading pharma
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