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The Oglala light. [volume] ([Pine Ridge, S.D.]) 190?-19??, April 01, 1918, Image 29

Image and text provided by South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives

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"a good time." And to them a good
time means dancing all night for
many nights, gambling, drinking, and
carousing. Then they wind up be
fore the Indian court and get sen
tenced to jail for ninety days. Now
what sort of a good time is that? It is
not a good time at all. It is a "bum"
time, and the fellows who follow it
become bums very soon. Look at
them. Just count up the Indians who
spend so much of their effort having
this sort of a time. How many of
them have good homes, good team,
plenty of food, hay for their stock and
money in their pockets? Instead, they
let their horses eat snow all winter,
live mostly on camas themselves, arc
in debt every where they can get
credit, live in poor houses, wear a
blanket instead of an overcoat, and let
their children run about ragged and
hungry. Isn't it the truth?
We are told the Lord looks with
favor on the man who tries to help
himself, and we believe it. A man
has to show that he has the nerve to
tackle hard work, and the backbone
to stay with it. This means planing
your work now, so that you will get
an early start to raising crops this
If you need to be shown how to use
farm machinery, or do not know best
things to plant, or when to plant, or
anything at all about your work, ask
the government farmer in your dis
trict. He will be glad to help you.
He will not do all of your work for
you, while you sit on the fence, but
he will show you how, and will aid
on every way he can.
There is an absolute necessity for
our Indians to produce all the grain,
vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, and food
products possible this year. Many
families got through the past year in
a careless way, living from hand to
mouth. They have beep just about
one jump ahead of actual need, when
a little exertion on their own part
would have made them comfortable.
It should be different this year. And
it will be, if you make it so. It can
be done.
Every American's Duty.
To work, economize, and lend mo
ney to the Government is the duty of
every American.
Hunderds of thousands of our men
have been called to arms and taken
away from the productive forces of the
Hundreds of thousands of others
have been diverted from producing
things used in peace to producing
things used in war.
In the face of this lessoned pro
ductive force and production a great
and unusual drain upon our resources
is made by our Army and Navy and
our allies.
Work and speed-up production to
make up for the lessend production
economize in consumption to lessen as
much as possible the drain upon our
resources lend your money to your
Government to prosecute this war
successfully and make our soldiers
powerful, effective, and victorious.
Every American can do an indivi
dual service to his country by work
ing, saving, and buying Liberty

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