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' tJ-J Mticed to-day that yon Lave
a-tlTti jy one cigar out of that box I
3 OB your birthday nearly six
All. do von think I can smoke
ixjarf I want to keep them as
of your affection.
VtftMaf ataure you I would feel just
M WaJlifyou woulil imoke them.
umauf But 1 fear 1 wouliln t Hmg-
- D. T. Hntax Brehmkr, an eminent
Qtnm authority, says: "Consumption
fa always due to deficient nutrition of
tta bfl, caused by bad blood." At
tha Beoaapton Hospital for consump
tive, London, England, a statement has
bra paUiahed that 52 per cent of the
patieata of that institution have unsus
pected kidney disorder. This explains
why tae propriotore of Warner's Hafe
Cais) elatin that they hTe received
taavr taatimnnials which they have not
pa bushed, because of the incredulity
with wliieh they would be received were
it ehUmed that Warner's Safe Cure cures
COUKuantioii. Iiutthe fact is that if
TOW Udneys be cured and put in a
Maltbjr condition they expel the uric
acid aad poiwinoun waste matter, and
praramt toe irritation of the delicate
substances of the limprs, thereby remov
iac tha cause. When the effect is re
movad the symptom of kidney disease,
which ii called contiiDiption, disappears,
and with it the irritation, which
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. The Kvolmlon of Kara.
At araeent metii)fr of the Western
4fiaroaoopical club, of London, Prof.
Stawart remarked that while we expect
to Had the ears upon, the head in the
larger animals, we look in vain for the
aama arrangement in the lower inverte
brate oreaturtK. Many of these, like
UteaeaUop, have no head, others, like
eraba and lolistcrs, have their ears
plaead On their horns or antenna?, otli
ere, like the f'reen grasshopper, liave
the ear on Hie fore lc; others, like the
fresh water shrimp, have it on the tail.
Ia foot, it would s((!iu thiit in those low
er forma of life, whose origin was Jong
anterior to the evolution of man, nature
waa feeling Jier way and making experi
ments to the future position of the
aenae organs.
- Amu rain follows sunshine. Stop
tuat cough and cure consumption by
Warner's Lop Cabin COUGH AND
and you n ill find the sunshine of health
soon following. Two sizes, $1.00 and
80 eents. -
' lu tli Wrong Offlr.
Feddler"5fy dear sir, do yon know
how much time you lose dipping a pen
into the ink? 'len dins a minute means
600 dip an hour or 0,000 dips in ten
boors, and each dip consumes
Bortness Man "Yes, I know: I have
fcUWdit all out."
Peddler "And vet I find von writing
is the old way."
Badness Man "Yes, I am using the
fowtain pen yon "old me about a month
go using it in the old way because it
ml write in any other way."
Jeddlar "Meg pardon: I'm in the
jwgj office. Good day. New York
A Luoky Haul.'
(Tei.) Ball, Feb. a.
Learning a few days ago that lot
tery lightning had struck Marlin to
tit tune of $5,000, and that Messrs.
'J, E. Johnson and Matt. Walker were
"the lacky individuals, a Ball repre
sentative proceeded to ascertain the
truthfulness of the matter. We met
Mr. J. E. Johnson in town last Satur
day. There was nothing unusual in
Ma countenance or demeanor, and he
did not hesitate to state the facts.
Mr. Johnson is a young man engaged
fa the service of Mr. Walker on his
ranches, for two years he has been in
vesting a small sum in the Louisiana
State Lottery, but the fickle goddess
dl not smile upon him until last
month. On Saturday before the
drawing Mr. Johnson and Mr. Walker
Wit up $25 each and purchased 50
imcMonal tickets. Hie money was
acnt by Wells Fargo Express and
reached its destination promptly be
fore the drawing, in due time the tick
eta were received and on examination
it was found that they held one-twentieth
of ticket No. 64,100, which drew
ihevecond capital prize of $100,000.
The ticket was placed in the Bank of
Martin for collection and was prompt
ly cashed on presentation, Mr. John
aon receiving $2,500 and Mr. Walker
(1,600. Mr. Johnson says he pro
peees to continue investing a small
fctnount every month. Mr. Walker
hyjji been twice lucky, having drawn
$900 in August last.
i -
. A medical aid society for self-supporting
I has opened rooms in I'lulsdslplua.
'"Ybe further extension ot the Tien Tain
railway in China has been prohibited.
r Tbs situation that has not its ideal was
yet occupied by mnn. Carly l.
w.et -.
Sir? I
SS. - i
"iaowN's Bboncbui- Thocuks-' are
vleaty known aa an admirable remedy for
Bresjchitis, Hoarsenesi. Coughs, and
Xikt troubles. Sold only in boxes.
'Kothing is so strong as gentleness; notb
B(W o gentle aa real strength
1 I . U. WftlZS."
Oai and alUr March 17th, 1689, Fin
tjamBD Hoi.id Vestibulk ExrRcas Traimb
a,iiltraa daily over the Orkit Rock Island
BeVTC. leaving Umaha, 4:UU f. M.; coun
til Koffs, 4:30 P. M.; Kansas aty, 6:30
t.U.; and Kt. Joseph, 6:30 P. 11.
Maes I Brent equipment of Palace Day
COMM. Sleepers, IHsIng Cars, and (be
tifSa St. Joseph and Kansas City and
Ai l C... 6..lll.. Ck.l. Can Hln.
aat-Limlted through trains between
and Pueblo (vlaCoiorarioHprtag,)
Chicago. 'J heee trains are Vkstibui.kd,
ad bv steam froa tbs locomotive, and
have all modern improvements that eoa-
dmm to safetv and comfort, liirnUbkng ua
fMeased accommodations to paaMoger
I fewest rates.
"fWmpt Union Dvpot Conneetlons ia 061
with outgoing Past Trains for De-
Jt, - Cleveland, Buffalo,, Pittsburgh,
.adslphia, Baltimore, Waahlngton, Bos
5l.w York and aU points East. Save
tend money, and set that your tickets
f Ksst read via unciao, noes ibi-akb
The Doable Doers at Tlptea.
Going into Tipton, Ind., by rail, I
shared my seat with a man who ex
hibited a spirit of friendliness, and
we soon engaged in conversation.
Noticing that he was very nervous,
I finally made bold to ask if he was
skipping out with the funds of a
bnnk or had lately chopped up his
family, and he at once relieved his
mind in a measure by replying:
"Bless you, boy, I am as harmless
aa a kitten! I own up to being
nervous, and you could never guess
the cause. I will tell you that I am
on mv wav to Tipton to null off a!
"What do you mean?"
"I've been learning tlie undertak
r business in Indianapolis. Served
two years at it. Have helped the
old man out on thirty or forty scrub
funerals and three or four rirst-clas
affairs, but this w ill be my first job
all alone. It's my starter. Rich old
brewer died yesterday and bis wife
telegraphed for us to come down and
pull off the business?"
"But why are you nervoust,:
"There's hall a dozen chances for
a bad break. The parlor may be a
small, tucked-up room, the minister
may be late at the house, there may
be a miscount as to the number of
chairs and carriages. .I'll lie held for
any plunder, you know. If the wid
ow is rich, and I kndw she is she'll
be watching me like a cat. She'll
shed tears with one eye and watch
out of the other. There'll be flowers
to arrange, pall benrers to coach,
the driver of the hoarse to instruct,
and a dozen other things to lookout
for. Ever in Tipton?"
"Wish you had been. Wish you
knew tlie house. I'm dreadfully wor
ried about the front door or doors."
"Why, if there's only one door, I
can't guarantee the job. Sure to lie
trouble lieforo we got out. If there
lire double doors, I'm all right, and
will show those Tipton undertakers,
who'll be on hand to watch and criti
cise, something to be remembered
forever. I'm iii a sweat over those
doors, and you'll excuse me for any
lack of interest in the Samoan ques
tion or Harrison's policy."
"I hope there are double doors."
"Thanks. You exhibit the right
spirit, and I can assure you that I
appreciate your words. There ought
to be a law that every house should
liave double lront doors. If there
was the undertaking business would
become a work ot art inside of five
Two weeks later I met him in
ilianapolis, and ns he gripped my
linnd, 1 asked him how he found
things at Tipton. -"El-egant,
beau-t.iful!" he exclaim-
?d. "Largest double doors in the
State of Indiana, and Ipullod off the
job so satisfactorily that the widow
lent me an extra $50 as a present."
The Grain of Bait.
A lady finding a bepr-boy at her
door gave him a meal of coffee, meat,
and bread and butter, which he eat
down in the area to eat. A moment af
terward, however, he rapped beseech
ingly at the door apain, and on its be
ing opened remarked with his hand
upon his heart, "If I had but a little
salt 1 should be perfectly happy."
Of course he sot the salt.
Human nature is always lacking some
thing. Oftentimes it were better off
withont its wishes, yet it is universally
conceded that no permanent enjoyment
can be had without the savor of health,
which keeps good cheer fresh and pre
serves and sweetens life for the future.
The gnat, ruddy farmer pines be
cause he has not won fame or position.
The famous man longs for the lusty
health of the sturdy farmer.
1 he grain of salt is wanting.
How to secure and retain the savor of
health in the midst of this rushing,
nervous, overworked generation is a
problem worthy of our closest attention.
It cannot be done with stimulants.
which but spur on the over-worked
nerves to fresh efforts, only to leave
them more jaded and shattered. Nor
with narcotics, which temporarily
soothe, but to create an unnatural appe
tite, the terrors of which a De (juincy
has so graphically portrayed.
It may be asked, what is the cause of
this extreme nervousness, lack of appe
tite, lung trouble, deficient heart action,
falling eyesight, apoplectical tendency,
etc. We reply, poisoned blood, caused
br diseased kidnevs. and the troubles
indicated are aftsr all, but symptoms of
advanced Kidney Disease, which is but
another name for Bright s Disease. Un
less remedied there will be a complete
breaking down of the great blood-puri
fying or?ans, the kidneys, and they will
be excreted piecemeal, through the
Now, in the spring ot the year, owing
to the extra work which has been put
upon the hidnevs and Liver, through
meat diet during the winter months,
these symptoms are more pronounced,
and the danger to the patient corre
spondingly increased. It is therefore
imperative that the poisoned blood be
eradicated, and that the Kidneys be
put in corupleto health, which can be
speedily and effectually accomplished
by the use of Warner's Safe Cure, a
tried and provod specific in hundreds of
thousands of cases.
Pursuing the path we have marked
out vou will poskpsh the salt of content
without which life's banquet is "flat,
stale and unprofitable."
A Century.
New York Herald: One hundred
years is not much in the history of
a nation. But three generations
have passed away since King George
concurred in our declaration of inde
pendence, and we are therefore at
the very beginning of our career as a
As the direction which the bullet
takes when first it leaves the gun,
liowever.determiiies its course toward
or away from the target, so the be
nign or evil influences political,
social, commercial which control
our country to-day are a kind of
prophecy of our future.
II we may judge by the longevity
of other governments we arc still in
the halcyon days of our national
youth; nre indulging in the visions,
and perhaps the follies,which are
incident to that period.
We havesimply begun tomakepi-e-parations
for a work to be finished a
thousand years hence. We have
millions of acres waiting for the
hardy courage which will ultimate
ly subdue them. Our magnificent
.dreams are growing impatient to
turn tho mill wheels of factories yet
unbuilt. The western and southern
hills and valley hold unmeasured
treasures which our children's skill
will force from their hiding places.
Sixty millions of people are but a
handful in comparison with the
population which will crowd into
these large areas of waste and wiI-
derness when we shall have lieen
"silently laid to rest with our fore
fathers. Thestatesmnn'sdrcam of the future
republic goes even further than this.
To his mind our manifest destiny
will not reach its glorious comsum
ruation till with our right hand we
grasp tho frozen north and with our
left the torrid territory of Mexico and
Central America.
How to Keep Lent.
The true forte of the emancipated
mind is to self denial and self-sacrifice
for others. The man who goea
withont what he wants and denies
himself of needed comforts to meet
his obligations and help the poor
keeps the true Lent. The woman
who turns her bock on some great
temptation and sacrflces her pride
and time and cares for the sick and
destitute is the true Lent keeper.
Long faces are no longer in order.
People have no liking for tho nisty
that makes one look as though he
had the colic and talk as though
there was a grave stone in his lungs,
ftivdnees is no part of sanctity, and
the Lenten season should bo aa
cheerful as great hopes can render
It, and filled wieh overflowingjoy.
worn obuckbw ciomi.
Frozen Iflllk.
The agricultural society of France has
been shown by M. Gueriu that fresh
milk may be easily transported to the
most distant places in a frozen state,
the freshnexs being retained for an in
definite period. When thawed, though
days and weeks after freezing, the milk
is said to equal new for cooking, yield
of cream, production of butter aud
cheese, aud in all other respects.
Time Rolls Its Ceaseless Coarse.
Invention see been eacoeeded bx iaveatioa,
leading U Uia benefit ef mankind; till Terjp
lements bare beooaoe aabeerviest te his wtU.
Witness the winged lightning; trained to become
a fleet and trait meaaeager, the plaeid water
converted into a power, the Ilk of which aor
oaeaea the.anderetandinc
The conning, craft sad ingenuity ef maa hare
achieved weadera (er bia amelioration, eomfsrt
sad reootramente.
Under this cannectiea it mar not be oat at
place to note at what aervioe Dr. Had war has
been to hta fellow man in diacovering and com
pounding, aate and reliable Hedlcinee for the
Belief of pain, and for the enre f diaeaae.
Dr. Radwar'e llediclnea ae long and favorably
known to the public, have never been mere pep
alar than at the preaent time. Their exoellence
xtenda all over the world. They are alike wel
comed b the rich aa by the poor. In all proper
ly ateretl homea Radway't Keady Relief, Baraa
parilliaa Resolvent er Radway'a Pilla are Bore to
be foand. Dr. Radway'a Hedicinea caa at all
times be relied npon, each to perform its proper
Radway'a Ready Relief ia a sore antidote for
pain, isqnickerin ita operation, end more pow
erful than any other preparation; while it ie en
tirely froe from the daugerone effect ef many
which numb the aeusee and clog the escalation.
Radwny's l'esdy rlolief ia safe, reliable and ef
fectual bocaae uf the stimulating action which
it tiertt over the nerves and vital powere of the
body, adding tone to the one, and inciting to re
obw.'iI and increased vigor the slambering vital
ity of the physical structure, and through thia
healthful stimulation and increased action, the
cause n f the l'ain is driven away, aud a natnral
condition restored. It ie thus thst the Heady
Relief in so admirably adapted for the core of
psio and without the risk of injury which ia sure
to result from the use nf muuy of the so-called
jicin rni'tiiw of the day.
ltMiwey'a Utrssimiiljian Resolvent Is the great
Mcfiiral l-Hscuvery of the age for the cure of
chronic dinfasw, such ns Scrofula in all its forma,
Kyohilis with its Iruoirnduus traiu uf evils, aud
t maneotio diarnsr-e of all kiuOs, often to diffi
cult to cure ami yet so formidable sn antagonis
tic to good haHii end to good looks.
Had amy's Pills the only reliable substitute for
Crtlorricl or Mf-ri-nry, are ftill the people's favor
ite vuiKtivi'S; and ft sure cure for costiv-nes,
indiK.iion. pnipitation and ttie kindred die
chss of the bow-Is, liver and atomach ihut re
mit from over eating or one of improper food or
improper nee of stimulants, or overflow ef bile
in the blood, aud ail cases where a purgative
cathartic, aperh ut or laiative Medicine is re
quired. Dr. Itariwaya Slodicinee can be had ot any
Lruiicist or at most of the country stores.
Add a little boiling vrnter to the bog
swill ho as to take the chill off.
For two twn-cent stamps we will send
vou one ol the handsomvet Hlinitmic in
the country. "Homestead," Uuiaha, Neb.
For the Hike ot one good action a hun
dred evil one ehnuld be forgotten.
Mrlv-lly Rllelneee.
Old (lent "I understand, sir in
fact, 1 know you and my daughter are
edging very rapidly toward matri
mony." Penniless Suitor "It is true, sir; and
although I am obliged to confess it will
have to hn a case of love in a cottage, I
hoe "
"Say no more. Love in a cottage is
tho true ideal of happiness. Yon have
ny consent "
, "Oh, thank y oil!"
"Providing you can show me the deed
for the cottage. Good day. "New York
Bcwara cl OlatmeaU for Catarrh That
Vonaalai Hercarf ,
As Mercury will certainly destroy thssens
of smell and completely derange the whole
System when entering it through the mucus
Surfaces. Such articles should never be
used sxcept on prescriptions Irom reputa
ble physicians, as tbs damages they will
do are ten fold to tbs good you can poesi
Mr derive from thsra. Hall's Catarrh
Curs, manufactured by F. J. Carney & Co.,
Toledo. 0., contain ae mercarr, and Is
taken iaUraally, aaa acte directly npan
the blood aad, mueas surface of the sys
tem. Ia baying Hall's Catarrh Cure W
sure you get tb genalas, it ia taken In
ternally aad mads la Toledo, Ohio, ky
F. -T (scy & Co.
TdeU by Druggist, pries 7Se per hot
Us. '
I tceammsnd
est lure S,
Via, bar. U,
I have aasd
St. Jacobs Ofl au
with frees sae
eeas. Every fowl
eaTeeted with
the disease we
eweC by a aa4
tt as a sat can. It baa saved
. A. KCEfNB,
laser as Pin Powta
Diamond Vera-Cura
An all avroaUia iftotii.n stc i.t
licVffeatiB. bar btoanici. Ueartbara, Nsuv. G'.l
dlufaa, Comtlailn. FnHne-i aft-r faMnf. food
RlatnaT Id ttof Motif ti tad Liasrreiija) tuaie .ttT
fttlDf. ISercoutDeti mitd Low tplr.u.
0ficts. 5 bojce (1 Otii in tiainpt. san.pU teat un
rtctipt qf 2-Cernf Siamp. j
THE CHARLES A. YtK.hl.r.P. CO . lialilmorr, Md. '
er J liaSTv rtTX. It
4ji,!So dilfuiMd that the mott
dalicavt atomach cab tike it.
i-: v Kemarkable aa a
'Persona rapidly
Is acknowledged by Physlclsn to be the l iutU
and lint preparation for the roller of
aix D.oaoiaTs. g00tt 4 owne, New York.
ip uaio aiFoaa CONFINEMENT.
OK TO "Votmsrs ' alirxiDOlTRas.
Ely's Crtam Balm,
Price 60 Cents.
Apply Balm fito a h ooatrit.
KI-T BROft., fie Virtw Ht.. N. Y.
1 J caav ffcistmiu rasa.
TT IWlresrster's Safety tletn
Holders OIVIN AWAY le Iftre
dnce theOL Svery horse ewner haye
rtesa 1 to e. Maee sever aecer eeree'e
f "et. SeeSKente Ie stamps to ey
Ptaee aad peeklaf lor Nlcalc
latea Ha pie that sella for et
nnu. Address,
Brewitor Mf g 0o., Hall j, Mich.
Baby Carriages;
We naaufactn-.a to sell
direct te private sar
tlea. and Uellver free of
chare within 700 mlle of Ohlc-niro. Snd for CUligi.
CUA. KAISEU. Mfr.. SI 4 UrWe i. talesa.
the most car
fain and safe
In the world
that instantly
stops the most
pains.lt istruly
the great CON
PAIN, and has
done more
good than any known remedy.
For Sprains. Bruises. Backache,.
Pain in tha Chest or Sides, Headache,
Toothache, or any other External Pain,
a few applications rubbed on by tha
hand act like magic, causing the pain
to instantly stop.
For Congestions, Inflammations
Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Colrl in the
Chest, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lum
bago. Sciatica, Pains in the Small of
the Back, eic. more extended, longer
continued and repeated applications
are rtt cessary to ettscl a cure.
In&tantly relieves and quickly cures
Spasms, Sour Stomach, Nausea, Vom
iting, Heartburn, Nervousness, Sleep
lessness, Sick Headache, Diarrhoea,
Colic, Flatulency, Fainting, Spells.
Sold By Druggists. 60 Cents a Bottle.
Percherens and French Coachera,
On Sale March 25, 1889.
Tim fUIliont we Prtte WtnDervaltbe lhr
frvat Hnrt Gbowiot Fraec?, ISA.
1 have found each year that a number of my
ufltTBBri could not coDTuintly buj uutil lat
In lavntjaioD aud It waa to acronoiodat tbesa
that 1 lut fTtsllraada a reaarra of Twii of sir
ft ialllwB01 Old eaaagh for Jtar;.co. nbUh
will ba piucKd on tala March tt being my
determination to eontrol my la.portatioiia tkal
I ran offer aurcbaaen a flrflUclau Moraa aay day
1m the year.
A alltfB.etwry Irudlig JBa.raal
flvea, wltb Baci Ailaal Saldt.
M. W. DUNHAM, Wayne, Illinois.
Tkirtv-Sve Miles West of -bteaeo no taa
Chteasa k Nurth-Weilern KaUroed.
by return mall,
fall descriptive
draulaxa of
mm i
vaiiaa tnrtii
Aaj lad of ordl
aary lntelll(ance
can easily and
ulcklj leara te
cut aad aaaM
aav (araseat, re
aay strle te mmf
tenor VCQ.
Ciaelaacti, 0.
J Wu tit
1 I
Have made Z f t.m minute with the
Send Kc. for maUlna;
aavaae Catalogue.
F. C. Austin Mfg. Co.
W. N. U., Oinaba,
Tlie uiciu who hats inrrteii (row tbrre
to Are dollars in a Rubber Coat, and
hi his first half hour cipt-rience ia
at itxinn finds to hi sorrow that it it
hardly a better protection than a m
quito nettinf, not enlr feels chafiined
at being so badly take a ia, but alto
feels tf be does not look exactly Ilka
AJk tor the "FIHH It HAND" Slicker lllBaV 111 and take iiootlier, if your storekeeper
doe not hare the fimihrand, scud for desrriptfTecatalojrae. A.J.Towkr, 20 Simmons St., Boston. Mass.
We rlt-r Hit' muii who wm.lf .ervl
(not tytvie) a Karuieiit tltvtt Mill keep
' aa aa m aaaaj ffaajB him dry in ttif hardctit Pturni. It in
1 flff mm I tailed TOWKk'S hl.SH I'.kANl)
UU CL I SI.K'K KK,' atiametuimilartoc'vtjry
m Cow-boy all over tlie land. With them
ft. tlie only perfect Wind and Waterproof
mm WLm 111 Coat is " 1 ower s Kinh Brand SUckej.-1
That dainty lady trippins; by.
How )iht her step, how br1ht her eye.
How fresh her check with healthful (low,
Uke roses that In Msytlme Mow' .
And yet few weeks have passed away
Since she was fading, day by day.
The doctor's skill could naufht avail;
Weaker she grew, and thin and pale.
At last, while in a fcoprlces frame,
One day she said, " There is a name
I've often wen a remedy
Perhaps 'twill help; 1 can but try.'
And so, according to direction.
She took Dr. Pierce's Favorite PrescrtptioBa
And every baleful symptom fled.
And she was raised as from the desd.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prew.rlrvtlon ie the world-famed, lnvijtoratinp; tonic and
nervine, carefully compounded by an experienced aud skillful physician, and
adapted to woman's delicate organization. It is purely vegetable mid perfectly
harmless in any condition of the system. It Is tho only medicine for the dis
tressing weaknesses and deranfrements peculiar to women, Hold by dnircists,
under a potitive guarantee, from the manufacturers, that It will rive satlitfactioB
in every case, or money will be refunded. This guarantee has been printed on
the bottle-wrappers, and faithfully carried out for many yean.
Copyright, IMS, by World's DisraisAKT Mbdicai. Association, Proprietors.' "
Dr. Pierce's Pellets, or Anti-bilious Granules, are
Laxative or Cathartic, according to size of dose.

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