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llaSioux County Journal
HABBISON", USTEB., MAY 16, 1889.
3STO. 35
" N . i
i. R. S&IITH,
To MO WW to fM the
d Cia Stock Of Goods
(1 3 . CTt offer among Special Bargains
fttfaCSNbIrt,t(3.fr pair.
I fU UMbCf3EMM (Jyod- Just Receired.
"Icavy Qvgflls at 75 cts.
iT7whto $1.65 per
nor. Sack Winuid It kaoaka out all competitors.
Md low priooa to MOrtt your trade. Come and see us
1 afreet, Harrison, Neb.
r ,'
I' !
K i
I! s
Feed G Sale Stable.
to & Thornton Prop.
To VMM at the
era. act
8 W He-
l tlA TON, If S BASK A?
t p yn Bom ia Business Here Long Enough to
IMP -!?bfi Trndfl TWrmtiHa
C3A.CJ3.W0 carry the
4. c: j Dest Stock
tC Oottrty.
-0 '
as Cheap as the Cheapest.
IVan & CO,, Harrison, Nebraska.
t CoMftl office F. C, SILKEN6EN, Secretary,
,1BEH CO.,
H -Dooioro in-
r, B:l Grain, Lath
And Ciffles,
' r n a t 8
cA Y C 0 N HAN D ,
'4- 't 6, nmMI& Manager,
W. E. Patterson, Proprietor.
Time Table.
F. E. & M. V. Ry., Passenger.
Going west leave Harrison at 10:35 A. M.
Going east leave Harrison at 2:51 P. M.
Harrison Market.
Butter, 15c.
Eggs, 6c.
Poultry, per doz. $2.40 to 3.
Oats, per 100 ft, $1.00
Corn, per 100 tt 90c.
Bran, per 100 ft, $1.10.
Feed, chopped, per 100 Bj $1.35,
Potatoes, per bu. 25c.
Sorghum, per gal. 60i
Onions, per bu. $1.50.
Beans, per bu. $1.00.
Cash for corn at the lumber yard.
The spring round up commenced yes
Secure farm loans of Conley, Reidy &
C. E. Verity visited Chadron, the first
of this week.
Satisfaction GUARANTEED at Ranch
Supply Honse.
C. F. Slingerland and Ed. Weir spent
Sunday in the valley.
f See the elegant line of carpets at
Ranch Supply House.
Crawford is doing the wind work for a
system of water works.
Mr. Otto Munson has gone to his claim
on Antelope creek to put in a crop.
S. 11. Jones writes that he will start
on his return to Harrison this week,
Mr. L. A. Dorrington of Chadron, was
a visitor in our city the first part of this
Muses Ashenfelder, of Indian creek,
gave this otlice a pleasant call last
LWe can sell you any kind of a carpet
you want at a VERY low price. Ranch
Supply House.
Mrs. Weir and daughter Emma paid a
visit to Cook's ranch last week returning
the Urst of this week.
John Pfost went up the road Monday
intending to try for a job of cattle
punching, at Wendover.
The people of Crawford are going to
have a system of water supply; the wind
work has been in full operation for some
Mr. W. F. Shepherd arrived at this
place from Ottumwa, Iowa, and started
the same day, Saturday, for his ranch
on Jim Creek.
' A town by the name of Evergreen City
is being platted about 11 miles south
east of Crawford, at the southern end
of the tunnel. .
" Michael Ruffing and Miss Wonder were
married at Montrose Monday. Mike has
secured a Wonder sure. We wonder if
he will ever wander from his Wonder.
The Hamilton Loan and Trust Com
pany are anxious to loan f )U,uuu in
Sioux county, in the next sixty days; in
sums ranging from $300 to $800. Con
ley; Reidy & Pollard; AgeDts.
The farm inspector for the Hamilton
Loan and Trust Company was looking
over the county last week and approved
loans to the amount of $11,875, for their
agents, Conley; Reidy & Pollard.
A fight to a finish occured yesterday
between a work animal belonging to
Will Moore, and a range critter; In
which the bull belonging to Moore came
out second best. His hide is on sale.
Mr. A. R. Kennedy returned to Harri
son last week after a several months ab
sence. He is residing on his claim north
west of town and improving it by plant
ing fruit trees and plants of different
Mr. Lunnie Suiton, formerly of Adair
Co; Iowa, arrived in Harrison last Friday
bringing with him a carload of cows and
calves. Mr. Sutton's two brothers are
enroute for this place, overland, and will
probably not reach here for two or three
weeks yet. His wife and children are ex
pected this week by rail.
Wj M. Alexander of Rushville, Special
Examiner for the Nebraska Loan and
Trus Co. was viewing Sioux county real
estate this week, and is well pleased
with it, He traversed this country as a
soldier, along in the sixties, and he re
marks the great change in the country
since that time.
A New Deal;
Arrangements lately mode enable
Jones & Verity, the Pioneef Loan Men,
to loan" hiouey on farms at rates hereto
fore unheard of, and to discount all com
petitors. They do thwir own examin
ing and can tell at once wliat you can
get. They never disappoint applicants,'
and make no' prohiises they cannot ful
fill. They can close a, loan fu twenty-
four hours,' and the" bprrowei1 does not
have to wait several' week's' for an' e'x'ai'n-
incr ttfotriVtf
Mr. E. E. Iivermore and another gen
tleman arrived in Sioux county last
D. P. Davis has received the appoint
ment of postmaster at Harrison and has
moved the office into the room former
ly occupied by Griswold's hardware
Messrs Eli Armstrong and brother,
and Mr. Amos arrived here from Custer
county last week and have taken claims
south-east of town and are building
haggy Items.
The war on Boggy last week was not so
bad as represented. No one was choked
black, but a certain young man's coat
tail fanned the breeze behind him, while
he made tracks for the valley and left his
poay, tied to a tree, which was liberated
some hours afterwards by some of the
mill bands. All is agreeable at present.
1 Stone Wall Jack.
s what we all want,
But is hard to get
Unless you go to
At Harrison.
They make '
And on .
Than any competitors.
Come to "Headquarters."
Jt is reported upon good authority
that two men were killed at Collins, the
new town on the B & M. at the Chey
enne crossing, on last Sunday. The par
ticulars have not been learned but our
informant ttates tliat two "toughs"
filled themselves with "booze" and then
took to shooting, using each other for
targets. This becoming more monoto
nous than effectual they commenced
firing into the crowd of bystanders that
Imd by this time gathered, whereupon
one of the aforesaid spectators shot both
of them and death was the final result.
The men had wounded each other sever
al times during the shooting just pri
or to their death.
1 Boggy Items.
Death has again visited this part of
th) country and taken Georgie, a 11
e&r old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bow
ser; and a son of Mr. and Mrs P. K. Mur
phy, aged seven years. The former was
buried at Montrose on the 12th, and the
latter on the 14th. When the Master
calls we all must go.
Mr. Hill has traded for John Gibson's
pre-emption on Boggy. Still they come!
Come on there is room for more in SioUx
Three more young ladies to grace the
valley. There will be less bachelors if
they play the right card.
William's oxen are all right one does
the work and the other goes along for
T. Holley has got out to farming once
Ginger has an acre each of potatoes and
sorghum planted.
The Beans family is on the sick list.
Wild west.
Five Point Items.
John Gibson traded his claim to Mr.
Hill for stock.
Every one in the valley is busy break
ing prairie and planting it to corn.
Une of our old time bachelors, Mich
ael Ruffing, was married Monday; at
Montrose. We wish him luck.
The one that said Mrs-. Conley was in
the valley didn't know it all. She will
stay at the Post this summer.
Mr. Meinhart was just going to show
the people how ,to break and he broke
the beam out ofc' his plow. That's the
way he breaks.
Another man scared almost to death
on the Boggy.
When Mr. Greger is plowing with Han
ley's mules he says he can cast quite a
When fence law and herd law men
come together, they make things hot.
I noticed awhile ago that some one in
speakmg of the Boggy school house said
tliat there were neiuier Beats nor black
boards in it. There is no use for them ;
all the scholars want to know is, how
the cows tot into the cabbage.
Wm. Corcoran unyoked his cattle
Monday night lor the Urst time since he
got them.
Estrdy Hiotlce.
Taken up by me at nry residence on
sec. ax, ip. do, it. oo, on May 1st, law'J;
two Uui-K bay geiamgs. uiit branded
Willi UiauiouU on loll mp, and the other
wan L. J, L, uuu n, on ielt lup, and
8 Willi a iioniionuil f over it ou lelt
sliouuiur. iuicli supposeu to be about 10
years old.
tto Xm kicKAita
Kstray Koliue.
Taken up by me on Muxvix 2lst, 188U:
at my place oil section oi, lownauip U.i,
range ou, in Uioux county", xNeoiasKii,
one roan tieiir wan slit m unsket, sup-
poseu to be 4 yean old.
For God, and Home, and Native &ud.
Contribution by tbe Woman's Chris
tian Temper am Union.
There will be a meeting of the Wom
an's Christian Temperance Union at the
school house, on Wednesday, May, 22ud,
at 4 o'clock, P. M.
"Do you really believe that it is of any
use whatever having children join your
temperance society?" was asked some
time ago. "Indeed, I do," replied a wor
thy minister of the Gospel; "I liave had
more parents reclaimed from intemper
ance and added to my church through
the zeal of these little ones than from
any other agency." We liave known of
parents becoming earnest devoted Chris
tians, all through the efforts of their lit
tle ones. Surely, "a little child shall
lead them." Temperance Banner.
"Don't go out to-night, dear husband,
please," beggod Mrs. Morely, as her hus
band rose and opened the door.
Mr. Morely had lately been introduced
to some frienda;vlio, his wife felt sure,
were doing h.l'no good. Evening after
evening he siieiJt with them, and seemed
to care 1 ess and less for the society of
his wife and child. Mrs. Morely also
feared he was getting to like the drink.
Sometimes he came home excited and
unlike himself, and she longed to save
him before it was too late.
Mr. Morely stood with his hand on the
handle of the door, as he said half impa
tiently, "Why should I not go? I can
not stay in to-night."
"Oh, but do," she urged laying her
hand lightly on his shoulder; "do stay in
to-night for Florry's sake."
Florry was Mr. and Mrs. Morely's only
child and her father was devotedly fond
of her; so, after a moment's hesitation he
turned round and sat down again. His
wife's face brightened, and she poked up
the fire to a blaze and chatted away
cheerfully to him.
Then he asked, "You said, 'for Florry's
sake;' what did you mean?"
"Have you forgotten that to-morrow
is Florry's birthday? I am preparing an
album for her, and I want you to help
me finish it; she will value it much more
if there is some of your work' in it. .
Mr. Morely liad great taste, and the
album rapidly improved under his hands.
His wife continually talked of their
child, and her devotion to her father, and
of their own responsibility as parents,
till new thoughts came into the father's
"I will give Florry a treat to-morrow,"
he said at last, "I will come home
early to tea, and spend the whole even
ing with her."
And so he did; and from that time he
broke away from his evil acquaintances,
and greatly through the influence of his
wife and Florry, he became a Christian
man, and lived a happy and useful life.
Harrison, Neb., May 9, 1889.
Board met pursuant to call of Clerk.
Full Board present and Clerk.
It was ordered that the Clerk adver
tise Tor bids, for the construction and
furnishing of material to construct a
bridge oil the White River road, to be
built five rods west of the quarter cor
ner of section 32) on the south line of
township 31, range 53, to be built with
an 24 ft. bent and two 16 ft. bents. The
24 fl. bent to have supporters and the 16
ft. bents to have railings. Specifica
tions oh file with the Clerk. Bids to be
in by June 10th, 1889, at 12 o'clock M,
A "petition for the opening of town
ship line to commence at the south-east
corner of section 33, township 33) range
54 and run west five miles and end at
the sontheast corner of seci 34 Tp, 33,
R. 55; (supposed to be consent petition)
was upon motion laid over with there
quest tliat a new petition be presented,
with the names of the land owners at
tached, and certiiied as such by one of
th"- petitioners. The following claims
were allowed on the general fund:
Don. M. Weir, County Commiss
ioner and mileage', - - $41 00
Peter Henry, road commissioner, 24 00
J. F. Pfost, Sheriff, - - - 31 75
3. V. Pfost, coal, - - - 12 08
James H. Green, road work, - 2 00
T. Trimbur, road work, - 6 00
Herald Publishing Co, printing, 35 08
Ed. White, road work, - - 12 00
J. W. Hunter1, Co. Judge's lees, 5 15
F. L, Morrison, spec, constable, 4 50
Olhclal bonds 01 Samuel Tebbet, rood
overseer ot hive Points Toad district,
and Uia's. K. "Sclntt, road overseer War
Bonnet VoiUt district, ibjijiroVod. Esti
mate nioue by boftrd, of work and mater
ial on court House of 2,789.95, and or
derlssued to Aimphy & Whitney for
same. Adjourned 16 'meet "May 20th,
Chas. C. JFxmeson
Job work ol oil kinds miftty and
numy VXeVuteil ut the Htnmxl MM.
For Sale-Pure Millet seed at W. K.
Estray Notieo.
Taken up by me at my residence on
section 9, township 34, range 5fi, Sioux
county, Nebraska, on March 29, 1988,
one sorrel gelding, with white strip )
forehead, white left front foot and right
hind foot, brand on left shoulder circle
around J and dim brand on right hip
supposed to be M or 3. Age unknowa.
J. 1L Warm.
Legal Notice.
John Culp, defendant, will take notioe
that on the 17th day of April, 1889, the
Buffalo Gap Lumber Company, plaintiff
herein, filed their petition in the 'iistrict
Court of Sioux county, Nebraska,
against said defendant, the object and
prayer of which are to foreclose a cer
tain mechanics lien upon lot No. 2, block
No. 8, in the village of Harrison, Sioux
county, Nebraska, for the sum of $187.67
for which sum, with interest from the
3rd day of September 1888, plaintiff
prays for a decree that defendant be re
quired to pay the same or that said
premises may be sold to satisfy the
amount found due.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 27th day of May,
Buffalo Gap Lumber Co., Plaintiff.
Geo. Walker, Attorney.
Legal Notice.
The Board of Church Extension, a cor
poration organized by the legislature of
Pennsylvania; and O. W. Fiedler, non
resident defendants; will take notice
that on the 17th dav of April, A. D.
1889, The Buffalo Gup Lumber Com
pany, Plaintiff herein, tiled its peti
tion in the District Court of Sioux
county, Nebraska, against said defend
ants, the object and prayer of which are
to foreclose a certain mechanics lien up
on Lot number twenty-eight in Block
nunilier three, in the village of Harrison,
Sioux county, Nebraska, for the sum of
two hundred and fifteen dollars and seventy-seven
cents, ($215.77), for which
sum, with interest from the 14th day of
April, A. D. 1889, plaintiff prays for a
decree that defendants be required to
pay the same or that said premises may
be sold to satisfy the amount found due.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 27th day of May,
Buffalo Gap Lumber Co. , Plaintiff.
Geo. Walker, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Contest Notice.
U. S. Land Office, Chadron, Neb. )
April 6, 1889. f
Complaint No. 1471 having been entered
at this office by Charles L. Tubbs against
Henry G. F. Junker for failure to comply
with law as to Timber-Culture entry
No. 5334 dated March 8th, 1886, upon the
northwest quarter of section 27, town
ship 81, range 56, in 8ioux eotmty, Neb
raska, with a view to the cancellation of
said entry; contestant alleging that the
said claimant has failed to cultivate any
part of said tract during the third year
after entry, and that he has failed to
plant either trees, seeds or cuttings upon
said tract during the third year after
entry, and has failed to cure the defects
up to the date of initiating this contest,
the said parties are hereby summoned
to appear at this office on the 10th day
of June, 1889, at 10 o'clock a. m. to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning
said alleged failure.
Testimony of witnesses will be taken
before C. C. Jameson, Clerk of the Dist.
Court, at his office in Harrison, Nebras
ka, on the 3rd day of June, 1889, at 18
o'clock a. m.
Albert W. Crites, Receiver.
Will practice before all courts and the
United States land office.
Business entrusted to my care will re
ceive prompt attention.
boot & shoe maker.
First class goods
First door north of Bank of Harrison.
The Barber Shop.
First door south of the court houee.
E. L GALPlN; Proprietor.
Here yoil can get a clean shave,
first class hair cut or a
Aoate Springs Ranch.
Brand c on left jaw. Makes asiecmUy
of breeding Roadstei-s, LTaft and Saddle
Horses; ulso red and black Polled cattle.
Range on Running Water. Post
Vi. ,
I ft.

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