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nnnu. n* nmu l. r 9 ow .
t'HAl'TEH IH H otrim urn
"You will not have failed lo obaerva,"
b« l«g*n, "that our paat attampta
now Hr* In number -Hava all practi
cally owed their failure lo one and tbe
aam* raua* We have nc»t hitherto
raoognlred which la the atronger and
which the weaker of the two l<arr|era
that cot,fine the object of our devotion
Mc aua* there are but two < rulaera
guarding the eeahoard cif Ht Helena,
while a lontlnuoue cordon of armed
aontlnala le ported around I ecu g wood
Hotia*, another at the cortflnea of the
domain and yet a third along the eoaat,
w>- have made th* mlalake of auppoa
log that cur chief clltficultl** would
meat u» on 'and Hut cKp*rl*ne* haa
ahown that by relying on the corruption
erf aervant* and the atupbllty of aen
trier th* path lo the ahore ran alwaya
be niadi annex th The really Inatir
Itiountat la ol elecl* baa hitherto been
th< vigilance of the Kngllah men-o'
war They are, ae you know, warned
or in** .*»( ! f"*»'o *»* *
from tin lookout on the peak, which
he a a proepecl ‘f over twenty league*.
(’rulalriK. « r>* to windward, one to Ice
ward, they allow no ahlp to enter tha
road* without being eearelied, no one
to land without permlaalon from I he
admiral, and even after dark their
guardboatr pulling round tha laland all
night, prevent any communication with
the ah' re
*'A prlaoncr, then, who ha* gained the
landlng-atage. la none the lea* a
prlaoner wt>11, for he can by no poaal
filllty auneed If, paaalng over the half
league of water which aeparatea him
from Hie veaael waiting to hear him
away to freedom ."
M. Carnac alghed again "It'a quite
true,” aaid Mr Molmea; "I found that
out myeelf ”
"May lather that you Bent othera to
rlak their ner k* In finding It out for
you,” growled the count.
The colonel haatened to divert their
attention from each other. "Fortu
nately,” he continued, "an Inaplratlon
came to me "
Camilla glanced quickly up In aaton
labmenl; and tie went on rapidly, aa
If I" retrieve a falae atep "An Inaplra
lion from a aource not unknown to you,
Madame de Montaut, who haa apoken
with ao much eloquence to-rilght. waa
In fact the flirt to auggest that It might
he poralhh to paaa under that which
w>- could not pH** over "
The three vlaltora atnred and were
dumb. Camilla looked anxloualy at
their face* to gather their probable
Ye* aaid the colonel, ”a auhmarlne
bflat la whal la needed; and If the Ide*
w.i* another a. I may at leaat claim
that the execution of It na* been mine.”
* Execution? naked Holm#*, with
tranaparent Jealouay. "What do you
mean’ The thing* Impracticable1
"Oh! it la a poor machine," aaid the
colonel, with great deference, "and nnt
In any way one aueh h* you. Mr
H'dinea, would have been aide to de.
algn hut I think It will aerva lia pur
poae and that la enough,”
M I’arnai ahook Ida head ”! hope
It may,” h« aaid dcapoitdentl}
’ Tin* aaid the colonel, unfoidi.-g a
di awing and holding It up, ”la a akeleh
of the te hi It I* eight feel wide aeven
deep, and alxty-flve long, and la made
In a number of aeparitte purl*, each
capable of being concealed In a bog*
head i aak 1 e whole can be put to
gethci In l w hour* 1
i|i.ud (lied lhe count, with n aide
glaTu c ul ll( line*. "M»d Ina.uiloual
And In w do )t>u propoga to U*e II
••Only an un auxiliary. •»» onurar ra.
|d|t*d M it* M Maul. for II" flfridlvn
tango la very llmllod H I" sunk i>v
admHUbtf auli'i Into iunk» a< Iht* two
tints, ami raint-d liy pumping It nul
r.iialu Tn« propnlllng pnwar • onatala
of two t.road paddloa worked from in
alii* l>y l and, and ntavlna mu< li UK
lh. . IIon o» a Hall Tin ab«|;«,- of it*
li. i.tt it* SI I an la Iiol uilllko Hull of
mi i.ntii.af> ‘anal Iona' with i*>i:-i
Halit antla Mtill tkltli III* nMlIial apiti'f
cov.itd In hi an oblong orat'llmt, bat
inu pant a of aluaa In Hit’ front and
"Idea fir |ut|«««a of at •■tut ns and at
Ilia top « h»t<b or lrnp itoi*i f it ln«iit*a
and ngrtnn
It all) ta tail latiorloua to a na '
aatd Ho fount
pit. |. aatd Ilia rational anil I
pfttpoat |halt ft ta to uati It unit aa fat
.ta It l* ala lultdj nttvcaaai i Mt Ida*
I* llda A in.» bant vaaatd «a III atrlta
off Jam.altar. Hi llrtona on it da*
ah'-adt appointed ami will uMallt par
m last up l> htn hoi In tba toads pul of
t'ltUfgi outnlrtr Iks i It'd* pultdl.d b|
It., auai'l t ' ala X" *■ on a« It la daik
tp. tnliokilnt boat Will •■* flllntl In
• ■n,.. and I..no • ■ I ond. i Ilia ' htip
.f a allltlod tntl I « oia aaaliian II"
w d ii. a a- Ihi paa*..«. I" and from Ho
an on undnt wain and wh.n on.a h*
b in PiouaM H*« r.nu'U' i on board our
ft.asm' Iba aubn «Mi* b»wt mat l*» aunk
and aluMtdi nt d and wa an mak« sail
'or r«t* l « a ilh' Ul *» twoffu nl a dt*»ar
XI l'atrim nan an obi Man Mini fttrt
alilulbmallk timid Iba Morally of lb<
II I •«. ah ts» auffli lattl In alailta him
It. IP bi t • an IP* I mp* i i a u
rhtllhil aa*hl in hngland and tumid
ff.tl hi nob that .lodbt i al.oultl tuba Hi
bad In «< impi Haiti a mail'd
dha luitKl was lb* M4mH and mml
•nmtftdp f Ho tbr*» and Ht» »«« m mi
alHatlrd bt lb. a- P«m* Pul ha kn»W
lit lie >i lod bitty of 11** a»n and wan
li.aidta aliaady undwt twapl Pm Mil m
iHiunt of a praxh'un aboriixa atiampi
|n tba avanl of amdbai failura ha
would uh«rutdn4t» auftai lb* mIimm
pattally Ml Ibr hand* •< h|g awamlna
fit irhatl wbu fcw»« *ha«i all bad
no dlfh-ulty In reading thalr ln»»nMona
. or tl any rata th*ir Inclination#
I upon thalr fa<*a. I»ut ha waa not with
out ho pa of gaining from tham what
maaaura of aupporf waa abaolutaly
ne< aaaary to hla plan
"f am both flattered and atrangth
an»d," ha aald, eddreaaing tham all.
! "by your hind approval; Iba mora #o
aa our ahare In originating thla
echrme la but amall compared with tha
aaaiatanc* whl-b 1 hop* to racalva from
I you, who will thua **rn tha largar part
of tha glory and rawarda which attand
"From Mr Molmaa. to whoa* honor
and Judgment have b«*n c./mmlttad »ha
vaat fund# of tha Imperial houa*, I
ahull hop* to re< *lv# a grant of a aunt
of motiey to defray th* agpanaa of tha
egpadltlon, which, howavgf large, will
h* inconaltlerabl* whan wa|gb*d agalnat
. th* magnitude of tha reault
"M le ('unite, who litre h*«n endowed
tiy nttlure with th* atrength and cour
age of it hero, will, I Iruat, think thoaa
uuMhtha worthily employed in the a»rv*
h* of on* who apprec|a<*a th*rn an high -
ly. I look to him to work the aubmartna
boat, which will h* fatnoua In htatory,
and In which he will receive tha Aral
greeting from th* Krnperor In freedom.
"From you monaleur," If* continued,
turning to M t'armu who waa await
ing hla turn In vlaitd* trepidation, "I
at.ail nek a t*aa datigeroua hul not l*a«
difficult aervlcc. ttur pretended m*r
chant-vaaacl rnuat he commanded by a
captain of drat raft* ability In aaamau*
•hip, and of tact and reamirec gufflclent
to *nahla him to aatlufy th* Imjulal*
ttons or trie tuitun nmc*r wno win
board the ship In the usual pours* on
h»r arrival. You alone of us havs still
free access to France; you will, 1 am
sure. And us such an officer among the
neglected marine Of the empire ."
He had hoped to lessen Hie risk of
refusal by asking them, In this way,
for a simultaneous assent to his rs
uuests. but an embarrassing silence
followed bis appeal
Camilla flushed angrily, and he hast
ened to anticipate hsr
"Wsll. Mr Holmes," be said, "may 1 >
rely on you, then, for my licit' million?''
"No, you may not," returned Holmes,
rudely. "It's oul of the (|U#Stloo/'
M da Monlauf peraeverad with
patient suavity "I understand," he
said, "you have many calls upon you,
we ran perhaps supply a part from
other sources. How much, then, Is the
most you can give us" '
"Nothing, for the present," w*s th*
reply; "possibly next year I may have
some small sum to spare,"
"Next year"' cried Camilla, rising to
her feet, and looking superbly down
upon the little agent "Before next year
you will have lost your place; the
Kmperor leaves Wt, Helena on the 5th
of May!" And sh« turned liar back
upon him.
Th# colonel looked at the other two,
He saw that the count was wavering,
and to give him time he turned to M
Carnac next
"My dear friend," aald the latter,
“you have altogether mlataken my
poaltlon. I dar*- not return to France
upon auch an errand I know none of
the Imperial marine, and your scheme,
however Ingenious, appears to my mind
too unreasonably audacious for me to
recommend any one to embark upon
II "
I am of the game opinion as M. Car
nac,1 added the count, bealtallng no
longer "I would dare anything In
reason, but this Is a forlorn hope '
"Then, gentlemen," broke In Camilla,
with a commanding gesture of dis
missal. ’ we nave but to thank you for
yout attendance this evening, and to
abaolve you for tie- future As for tide
paltry million, ate- added, mining to
hrr IuhIIht III law. I will *•* In Mini
Yotl ahall lliid our i-i*|>tmIn. and Mm *i
ll' i- narvli-i' wwill laid' ui»m our
»*lvia, if all Mn world Him ravpiH"
Ho iiutlllM all* riimwl Hir loom and
w ant mil w llli a »w*'« |i of him dladaln
Tim mdorml who r*i <>aii|t*d more
oh-Mil) Him ld« ••iilft|.rlai- mid ull run
i • i n* d In d wt'i'o at Him nmri ) of thoa*
lo whom lm had I'omillHHd hla mural,
noio.lin'd Imhlod lo aiHdlm llo- lrani|il«d
f-- lln«> of lh>< Hi 1.0 IH. iiinlll«i| * .-nil*
■ iiai’Tkh iv
M K N l> | •' K
iwoi». n«ii morn
Ilia Hit' fttht If uga
III III lit .0,1 ll
mid hi waa hlmarlf
aaain. uiila in*
*i'i*» f. i .4 call of
aiiff alioiiMwia mid
a f. a ill a U|am Hi*
Tha «UI*<o|| •
all > all m |i « 4 ad
Mill* toah of half
HI a wh)*M lalllad
him UC*"* hi. aanattlk alma* lo calh ll*
• Cm* f Ir.mt ahl. h hftin*hi th*
M. .1 Mil ha> h min hi* ii|i**h* *ad
aa»* I h*M ill'a Hi'if a Ih* hfoiitai) glow
of li*allh Id h w.mid hav* •Ivan mm h
In l.i aid* In < t|dalH Ih* Hup i'mh of
hla a*tl*l*d * m llllun . n Ih* |.|»vt out
$ all*,III m hul io» I la l'.*ai a* *1 Ih*
Adiuiiall ii mid (** 11 suit *i.i*4ii d a
filltl* 1***0* lo "11*1 I' 1 ai| I. M«*klo *•
m|i<4 l«ll| lo ah luu dan i whoa* »*#*
w«u alt** Ik latnaltt.* alih a tu*
CC Cm f Ih* lunit Iwhlnd
*• ■ h. lym d »h. i. • i * * i !• i i a*k
In* w i h* oii*i i * I. Id. ma
lu d*k
iih k»l 1 dal* *aI i m h.i#M ati
Ih* **|d| hul ah| hnii»* I u »*
iiittifi'ilahk* h*t* ai«h I imu ‘
II Hi l|i, |)llllf a*11 aald Man
with tkana|Ht**Ml *fl« tail o
IV*II kill kald Ih* dd man |m.oi
Madam. I M miaul dl l h*t h*#l i hi
biioia Hul you m«» * ha i imllhuad
•nahlH* •'* Ih* dmif with * hom.'iuaa
Cl. c iia* of i.odllk f»*i »ou mil *,<
In da* hul I k I *•! lillmiM an I
dim I h* »*Ui aflat auaaal Hmnl h»»'
k«d ha flail h.|. hlln*
lu a •** l*fi tauahiw* and auaatiu*
lu hit*** if «‘.m*.mii| ir «hi am I a.
etmple Kvtrr casual strange* «Hi a*'
round and round mm, and stars 1n*o at/
gallay window*' " (Ini ha *M <Ol
half displeased, TMa llttU bwuf Iutf
warmed Mm efigr all, and ha Ul4 IV
| senguln* «wrr*nt of hope and Ml»*
•bought running through Ha Vain Hh <
a mill race In tha apr.og eun-IIgM, Ma
! had ee> epad tha dreaded good fortun
•hat had threatened him will) l*nme
dlata banishment, and ha ba>l begun
»/i find hia bargain with ',‘amills sear,
more profitable than ha nnvld have
ventured to ttpwi whan ha made It,
It wag nof until oloaa upon I n'clesb
• hat Camilla returned However, whan
aha did eonie, aha came alone, and tha'
waa a con eolation worth waiting lor,
flha Joined Dtali In the innmlng room
downetalre, and aattlad herself by the
fire with porfeot aaga af manner, Me
fait that hie court dense might feraaln,
him If ha waited, and a/tar ho had re
piled to hat ingutrtoa ha took a plunge
at once.
"are you regJly Irteh, and not French
at allT" ha aakad
"frtih by birth," aha replied) "French
by breading and adoption. Oh. It la no
secret " aha want on, with a amlla, aa
Irt'k haaltatad to preeo the Miulry;
"and I would gladly tall you all about
It If I thought It eould tntereet you)
but your eympathiec lie. aa I told you,
In another direction altogether."
"everything Intaragtg ma that onn
lerna you!" burat out Dick, "I am
longing to toagr more "
"It la true that tha more I tall you,
the more completely you will acknowl
edge ma to ha In tha right," aha replied,
"and that consideration would tempt a
woman to even greater Imprudences
• ban this "
Hh* lmnrhft/1 ansi him franklv
In tti* face, M» felt (hat this was not
an opportunity for sentiment, and
caught gratefully ai (he camaraderie
sh* offered him Instead
"(flood!" he said, smiling hark at her;
"then I will abandon tuy sympathies
sod own you to be right; end It shall h*
simply a story that you tell me, If you
Ves; but I shall claim on* from you
In return And now listen, i was
born," She began, "In the year J7iH. In
lit* county of Tipperary. Mv mother
died when I was but a f< w week* old
My father, Anthony iJonoghu* of Castle
Carrol, waa wrongfully suspected of
being concerned In Wolfe Tone’s con
spiracy, and when the rebellion broke
out in 'W7 the Orangemen were upon
him Ilk* tigers. Me look m» a child of
|e*s than a year upon the saddle In
fiont of him and rode for bis Ilf*.
II* succeeded, after many narrow es
capes, In reaching llantry ^Hay, where
a number of patriots under Fitzgerald
end O'Connor w*r# mat to receive Oen.
Mocha and tha French troops which he
was bringing over at their Invitation
My father, who had previously held
aloof, was now tempted to Join them
for tha sake of revenge.
M* sent m* over to France In obarga
or a deserter's wife, to whom be waa al
so obliged to entrust tb# realized pari
of hi* fortune and th* Jewel* wbloh you
have sometime* seen rne wearing. She
proved worthy of his oonfldanoa. and
when h* cam* to I'arts after the final
collapse of tha rebellion h« found both
his daughter and hla diamonds safe In
the house of (Jen Ilona parte himself,
to whose protection I had been com
mended by a latter from Houh*
“'Ah!' aald Napoleon, whan my fath
er want to thank him, 'here comas Meta
bus In search of his little Camilla.' It
appears that tharo Is a story In Virgil
of a warrior pursued by hla vnurolas,
and encumbered by th* burden of an In
fant daughter named Camilla. Mopped
In his flight by a rapid stream, he binds
tha child to hla epeur, and with a prayer
to Ideria hurls her across, and hlmaaJf
swims Urn flood, to find her safe and
ai.iiiui iifi/.n Ihu fmlhar aldi, In sea • I
i ii>1« he vowe tier to the lifelong ser
vice of the goddess who has answered
his prayer. It was to this adventure,
then which our own so rnuuh resembled
that Napoleon was referring.
My father, who bad all the wit of
Ms race, took up the allusion at onoa.
Krom this moment,' he said, She shall
i,e culled Camilla, and I dedicate her to
the great protector who has saved us 1
"Napoleon was pleas'd with the read*
Inc** of the reply, and took him into
high favor Me afterward gave him a
Mgh command In the Irish brigade, and
heaped him with rewards. He remem
bered me. too, and after my fathers
death h* married me to M de Munlaut.
u gentleman of an ancient mid wealthy
house, and entirely devoted to the mii
peror In whose service he met an honor
ut>|e death In 1114 I wta hut IS then
and I have been an estle ever since,
f.,r neither iny brother-in-law nor I have
stooped to make our peace with the
to as i<>N‘ri*"Si> j
UHAVE flint.».
I wu laetaaeee Thai heft Ike ifereMoe
In IMubk
The Is an odd saying that one never
knows a womans true character till tie
sees her In a moment of danaer and
-eldom than might well he added a
ouple of young ladles were oil top of
ihe Mills building »eeterdej says Han
Kralc Iscu Post tine walked boldly to
the vary edge of ltie roof wud gaged
eleadlly Into Ih* street below wtlheul
the thrill of a nerve or (he inlrer of
e muscle "Hrav* gltl. that." "IsmvwI
On dsnal officer Htout hearted and
feail'sa Hhe II mah* some man a g>a>d
sift Molt l.o. h at that other <>k*v"
he «sv!*lm»d In |li»guet as ik* atotiE*
bvarled girl s companion shrank l-aek
end 'list hysterically
>ih, hold inel I want to lump .%•>"
What a little fool eelJ the etgaal
•ffi wi “A baby to t* pet«*d Waata
to lump .•!ft Yuu t uldn t puil he* cl*
there with an d team
I lie i v. rv )u*l slat ting Jo * u tk* Her
r >* elettwei when ***■»• abouted
th.iv a a mow
the btaee gtit ski bet Hiwil on
HIP Mug el the .d#* *1 a high l.tof Wt
oil a wild So re km acJ foiled to the lad
t in | Ik* alette white her companion
laughed till elie we* elietoat hotel, el
wule at* all fwolg, de-iet-d Ih* • *n
tel signal officer
ttmao Are kattee A*«* Mt* Kwt)
J .hit Htkii, a fetmer lit tag In |tla*h<
I .vim i tad i* affiltt*4 ae
hii i we* kefirs Th oeande of i«J
w on,* eboul Ih* A)*- t * loHiio n pin
teal shout In hi# n..*b end a* yet #>i
J.,*loe has Jevieod e ■ uta nm even .iteg
n s#I in# ip they enviia tram
all parti of the hull, lha •am ft y*e an
In Mg *»■#!•• and Hr aria body la Pag
ftokr bead i« fowl Tha weaaa <f Mg
hand* ere eaposed tha Hash ha*M|
tark'4 away
, iiihv or oidhon* mattl*
*4e4 the llnaa I na»|nnla< *l*« Itfl
Irawyala, anil Manb* lb* rilaheai
■ aid Held Ilia laiiai|a* lai I liela ball
Haaida dml**», *M, 00 *1.
5 HAT la lh« •Iran*
eat hail la tftI
j fought God In*']
r told Gideon lo at
/a down and tbra»li
! T _\ the M I d I a n He*
but bla army l«
| /<*' J Urn large, for the
V'o/ glory m u a t t>»
given lo God, and
not to man, And
ao proclamation U
made that all tboae of lb" iroopa who
ara cowardly and want lo go borne may
go, and Iwenly-two tbouaand of them
•- ampared away, leaving only lan thou
•and men. Uut Ood mya the army la too
large yet; and ao he order* Iheee ten
tbouaand remaining to march through
j a atr*am, and command* Gideon to no
tlce in what manner tl*e«e men drink
yf the water a* they pa** through It. U
they get down on all foura and drink
then iliey are lo !«• pronounced la?.y and
incompetent for the campaign; but If, In
(>.t**lng through the alreom. they acoop
■ip the water In the palm of their hand
and drink and pan* on they are lo lie
I M»* men I for th« w#ii,
* he ten thousand men marched down
In the stream and the most of them
•ome down on all four* and plunge Uieir
mouth*, like a home or an ox, Into th<
water and drink; but there are three
hundred men who, Instead of stooping
! just dip the palm of their bands In the
vvater and bring It to their Ups. ’lap
png It as a dog lappetb." Those three
hundred brisk, rapid, enthusiastic men
ire chosen for the campaign. They are
••jch to take a trumpet In the right
land and a pitcher in the left hand and
1 i lamp Inside the pitcher, and then at
, i given signal they are to blow the
I trumpet* and throw down I he pitchers
md hold up the lamps. Ho It was done.
It Is night. 1 see a great host of Mld
j ; miles, sound asleep In the valley of
lessreel. Gideon comes up with hi* three
hundred picked men and when every
tblng Is ready the slgnul Is given and
they blow the trumpets and they throw
down the pitcher* and hold up the
lamp* and the great host of Mldlanites,
waking out of a sound sleep, lake the
•rash of the crockery and the glare of
the lamps for the coming on of an over
whelming foe; and they run, and cut
f.jemselve# to pieces, and horribly
The lessons of I his subject are very
spirited and Impressive. Till* seeming
!y valueless lump of quartz ha# the
pure gold In It. The smallest dew-drop
on the meadow at night has a star sleep
ing In Its bosom, ansi the most Inslg
ullhant passage of Scripture has In It a
shining truth. God’s mint coin# no
small change.
I learn In the first place, from this
subject, Gie lawfulness of Christian
stratagem. Vou know very well that the
greatest victories ever gained by Wash
ington or Napoleon were gained through
the fact that they came when and 111 a
way they were not expected some
times falling hack to draw out the foe,
sometime* crossing a river on unheard
of rafts; all the time keeping the oppos
lug force* in waice-ruicur «* "tm.
would be don's next,
Vou all know what atr ategy la In mil
itary affair*. Now I think It la high
time wo hud thla art aanctlfled and
aplrliuallced. In the church, when w*e
,u » about to make a Cbrlatlan a**auli,
we *<>nd word to Him oppoalng force
when we expect to come, bow many
troop* we have, and how many round*
of ahot, and whether we will come with
artillery, Infantry, or cavalry, and of
tourae we are defeated. There are thou
r ind* of men who might he aurprUel
Into the kingdom of tJod. We need more
tact arid lug.•unity lu ChrHtlau work
|i !» iii aplrltual affalra u* lu military
that aucceaa depend* lit niiacking tha
part of the caatle which la not armed
.tu I Intrenched.
For in*tam •#, here U a man all artneil
on the doctrine of election, all hie
troop* of argument ami prejudice an
i . parti ulai nil t m M
tor away Hi that aide of llie caatle fiN
Ilf . y,,, i (iml you wilt not lake it, leu
I wheel your troop* to the aide g> .
if the heart a affection* ami in tt*e uttu
you can capture him I never knew
a man to hi aaved thruuau a brllHnn1
iraom -in Vou cannot hook men mu
11,,, mug him of flod by the horn* «i a
I lemma There I* no gri* In *yt u
g *nti Here la a man armed on the *oh
i »-l of petaeverum-e of 111' #allli*, h*
,l„, « mil lielleve In It \ll*. k Inm al
that point and be petaevete tu tm
rerv !*»t In ant hrdleving it Her* ta i
man armed *•• the aubject uf hapium
h« twileviM in -.pi inkling or lutmef »ion
All your dl* o«#lon nf eeckwlaaiica
hitli ipaihi will hot change him I re
iU*iM'ier a hen I **• a le>> that arltt
other hoy* I Into the river on «
I • immer lav In hath* and a* need u
i t«»h water on each uthei hut never go
I xni raeult ev.cpt that not eve* aen
hllu »> I anil »M Ih * »pU»htng of aate
> i-n Itagilata and I'edo hagtlatt
i iinver teeolta in anything hot the him
I i la* of (he aplrltual eye night In othel
* u ymr can never capture a man i
• nyl at the point at whhh ha ta to
tally latfeuvhed Hut there M It
| ev at i man • heart a h*»H that can le
• i lv -hove I t I ttl# child foul > *
| all hmi lim it that twit and It all
| ,»rlng twch and tha door alii audnr
•r-H and t'hrlet will MtW« In
I I think that tha nneal of all the Am
*'ta ta tha art uf doing good *» I »•
| thta att ta the leoat aultuted "a ha»
ta tha htugdaat of (tud today euoual
troop# t« vorguer the ehoh* earth fo
* «‘fcllet If we only hal ehtllful me
no*o*c#fng f W'Mild rather have tb*
• hf*e b'lniltii) Itniiu and pll<’b#ra of
t'hrlatlau airuiugeoi than on* hundred
thon«und drawn aworda of Dietary eud
er/'|e<sl»»Ucal com hat
I learn front ihl* aubjeet, *l»«, that
a amall part of the army of Mod will
have to no all the hard lighting Mid
eon'a army waa originally compoaed of
thirty>1 wu thouaand men, blit they went
off until there were only ten thouaand
left, and lhat waa aubtracted from until
there were only three hundred. It la
th** aame In all age* of the t'hrlatlau
Church; a few man have to do the hard
lighting Take » memharahlp of a thou
aand and you generally find that fifty
people do the work, Take a member
ahlp of live hundred and you generally
find that ten people do the work. There
are ncorea of cburchea where two or
three people do the work.
We mourn that there la ao much uae
|e*a lumber In the mountalna of I/iba
non f think, of the ten million m#m
berablp of th« t'hrlatlau Church today,
If five million* of the name* were off
the hooka the Church would he
atronger, Vou know that th« more cow
ard* and drone* there are In any army
th# weaker It la, I would rather have
the three hundred picked men of Mid
eon than th# twenty-two thouaand un
alfted boat. How many Chrlatlaua there
are ainndlng In the way of all progreaa'
I think It la the duty of the Church of
Mod to ride over them and the quicker
It do#* It the quicker It doe* It* duly.
IH» not worry, oh Cbrlatlun, If you
have to do more than your ahare of the
work Vou had better thunk Mod that
he hue called vou to he one of til# uicked
men. rather thun to belong to the bout
of straggler*. Would not you rattier be
om of the three hundred that tight than
the twenty-two thousand that run? I
suppiste those cowardly Oldeonltes who
went off congratulated themselves.
They said: "We got rid of all that fight
ing, did not we? How lucky we have
been; that battle costs us nothing at
all." Hut they got none of the spoils of
the victory. After the battle the three
hundred men went down and took the
wealth of the Mldlanltes ami out of the
cups and platter* of their enemies they
feasted. And the time will come, my
dear brethren, when the hosts of dark
ness will he routed, and t'lirtet will say
to hi* troop*: "Well done, my brave
men, go up and take the (polls! He more
than conqueror* forever'" and In that
day all deserters will he shot!
Again: t learn from this subject that
Ood'* way Is different from man's, but
I* always the best way. If we had the
planning of that buttle we would have
taken those thirty-two thousand men
that originally belonged to tlie army
arid we would have drilled them and
marched them up and down by the day
and week and month, and we would
have had them equipped with sword* or
Mpcurs, according to the way of arming
In tho*e times, and Mum we would have
marched them down In solid column
upon the foe. Hut that le not the way.
Ood depletes the army and takes away
all their weapons and give* them a
lamp und a pitcher and a trumpet and
tell* them to go down and drive out the
Mldlanlte*. I suppose some wiseacres
were there who said: "That Is not mili
tary tactic*. The Idea of three hundred
men, unarmed, conquering such a great
host of Mldlanlte*!" It was the best
way. What sword, spear, or cannon ever
accomplished such a victory as the
lamp, pitcher and trumpet?
Ood'* way Is different from man's
way, but It Is alway* be*t! Take, for In
stance, the composition of the Hlhle. If
wo hail had the writing of the Bible wu
would have said, "Let one man write It.
If you have twenty or thirty men to
write a poem, or make a statute, or
write a history, or make an argument,
there will he flaws and contradictions."
Hut Ood say*: "Let not one man do it,
but forty men shall do It.” And they
did, differing enough to show there had
been no collusion bet ween them, hut ,
not. contradicting each other on any tin- :
portant point, while they all wrote from
their ow n standpoint and temperament; |
.... tliui ilia matter -of-facl mall bus 111*
Mo. tliii romantic nature hi* Ksieklel;
the epigrammatic hi* Solomon, tin*
warrior hi* Joaliua; the *allor hi*
Jonah, the loving hi* John, the logt i
clun III* I'aol In-1"Hit of till* Itihle.
which now I can llfi In iu> hand in
riti-Mil of the Itihle the child can can
lo Sullit*) School In. lead of the lltt'e
Hiiiie the Mllnr cm put in It it* jacket
when he gw* to *ea if it had been list
to niun to write It would have lieen a
thou-ind volume judging from the
•utouui of aeolnnla-th al cun trover*)
I which ha* *rl»eii (lod i »a> I- dlf
feretit from mag'*, but II i» hot, In
| nillicit heal.
No It I* In regard to ih* • hnaiian'*
life If We had had Hie planning of <t
ChrUtlad'a life ae would hove *anl
i "la*l him have eight) yeai* of non
abut*. » Hu* hone* 10 liv* in lei btaaur
rounding* all he agieeahle. Inf him have
1 wound health let Itu chill whivm
through hi* llui'iw no pain *'h* hi*
brow, or trouble ahadow hi# aoul “ I
enjoy the proa petit) of other* •*» much
I *oold lei ever) man have •* woi h
money *a he waul* and rate* for hia
ehlldren'a cheeh* and fnuni*l«» *f *!*'••
new* glancing In Ihwir large round •>**■
Hoi that la not tlod » wav It »e*m* a
If man moat lu* cut and hit. and pound
•d joat In gropufttoti a* h« I* u**ful
1 HI* child fall* Hum * thud »t«rv *ln
da* *nl ha* M* life tlaahed out, hi*
moat I’onhdeni inve*tmvni tumble# him
Into haukruptet hi* friend* on *hom
he d (tended, aid the natural fur** *f
gr*%i*aiIon in uh>n* him d»*u. hi*
Ilf* I* • Hull Hon defnnl Intte-td of
I went v two th i tain I tdvant tg* u he ha*
anly ten thooumd a* only Ihrv* bun
1 died «y non* ai all How mam peopi*
(her* at* at ihelt #-u out an* at ihet*
Hvellhoo-I about Ihelt reputation l*u*
that *IH Hn4 out It I* Ih* hear *ar *••*»
awhile tied will ahow Ih •-»» ihei ha 4*
pleina ihelt advent «*•« |da» f*» Ih*
earn* teoao* ha lha nttni *1
flldson that they may he Induced t»
throw thomaelvrx on hla mercy,
A grape vine any* In the early spring
"llow glad I am to get through the win
ter' ! ahall have rio more trouble now'
dimmer weather will come and the gar
den will he very beautiful!" Hut the
gardener cornea, and cute the vine here
and there with hla knife. The twlga he
gin to fall and the grape vine crlea out,
"Murder! what, are you cutting rne for?"
"Ah," eay* the gardener, "I don’t m*i«
to kill you. If I did not. do thle you
would be the laughing atock of all the
Other Vine# before the aeaeon la over.”
M nfb* go on. and on*day the gardener
come* under the trellle and the grape
vine aaya "Thank you, sir; you could
not have done anything ao kind ae to
have cut me with that knife," "Whom
tba’larrd loveth he chaateneth." No
pruning, no grape*; no grinding mill,
no flour; no battle, no victory; no croae.
no crown!
Bo Hod’a way, In the redemption of
the world, la different from oura. If we
had our way we would have had Jeaua
stand In the door of heaven and beckon
the nations up to light, or we would
huve had angel* flying around the earth
proclaiming the unxearchable riche* of
Chrlat. Why I* It that the cauae goes on
so slowly? Why la It that the chaltir
stay on, when Ood could knock them
off’’ Why do thrones of despotism stand
when Ood could ao easily demolish
them? It la hla way. In order that all
generations may co-operate and that all
men may know they cannot do the work
thsnixclve*. Just In proportion as these
pyramid* of *in go up lrt height will
they corno down In ghnalllnos* of ruin.
Ob, thou father of all Iniquity! If
thoa ran»t hear my voice above the
crackling of the flumes, drive on thy
projects, dispatch Ihy emissaries, build
thy temples, and forge thy chains; but
know that thy fall from heaven was
not greater than thy final overthro'J
shall he when thou shall be driven dls-)
armed Into thy fiery den, and for every
lie thou hast framed upon earth thou
shall have an additional hell of fury
poured Into thine anguish by the ven
geance of our God, and all heaven shall
shout at the overthrow, as from the ran
somed earth the song breaks through
the skies, “HallelujahI for the Lord God
Omnipotent relgnetb! Hallelujah! for
the kingdoms of this world have be
come the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus
Christ!” God’s way In the composition
of the Bible, God's way In the Chris
tian’s life, God’s way In the redemption
of the world, God’s way In everything
different from man's way. hut the host.
I learn from this subject that the
overthrow of God’s enemies will be sud
den and terrific. There Is the army of
the Mldlunltes down In the valley of
Jezreel. I suppose their mighty men are
dreaming of victory. Mount Ullboa
never stood sentinel for so large a boat.
The spears and the shields of the Mldl
aultea gleam In the moonlight and
glance on the eye of the Israelites, who
hover like a battle of eaglea, rendy to
swoop from the cliff, Hleep on, oh army
of the Mldlanltea! With the night to
hide them und the mountain to guard
them and strong arms to defend them
let no slumbering foe man dream of dis
aster! Peace to the captains and the
Crash go the pitchers! up flare the
lamps! To the mountains! fly! fly! Troop
running against troop, thousands
trampling upon thousands. Hark to the
scream and grocn of the routed foe,
with the laird God Almighty after
them! How sudden the onset, how wild
the consternation, how utter the de
feat! I do not care so much what Is
against me If God Is not. You want a
better sword or carbine than I have
ever seen to go out anil light against
the Lord omnipotent. Give me God for
my ally, and you may have all the bat
tleuicnts arid battalions.
I saw the defrauder In his splendid
house. It seemed as If he had conquered
God as ho stood amidst the blaze of
chandeliers and pier mirrors. In the
diamonds of the wardrobe I saw the
tauru rtf tilt* WIllllUH tfcilfltll lit* h i I
robbed, and In the snowy sal I it I lie pal*
lor of the while cheeked orphane whom
he had wronged. The blood of the op
pressed glowed In the deep crimson of
the Imported chair. The mimic item
hied with the sorrow of unrequited
toll Itoi the wave of mllTh dashed
higher on reefs of coral ami pearl The
days ami the night* went merrily Nu
sick child dttred pull Hist silver door
hell No le-ggar dared alt on that mar
ole step No vulce of prayer flouted
amidst that tapestry No shadow of a*
Judgment day darkened that fresco. N.q
tear of human sympathy dropped upon
that upholstery Hump strutted the hell
ami ItlsHlp.ition Ailed her rup. and all
seemed sate aa the Mtiunites In the val
ley of Jeareet Hut tlud came 1'alamUy
•mute the money Market The part
ridge left Its egg* nnhalched fresh
went all the porcelain pitcher*' Horn
rout, dismay, end woe in the vnlley of
Jeer self
\tne for those who heat against (tod'
Only tw« sides Man Immortal, which
aide er* you on* Woman Immortal,
which aide are you on* IM you belong
to the Mu*# hundred that are going fo
win ibe day or to th* great boat of Mid
lanlies asleep in the valley, only to be
roused up In consternation and ruin*
Suddenly ths gulden bowl ef life will bo
bruksn and the trumpet blown lhat will
startle our aoul Into eternity The day
uf the laird cometh as g thief In the
night and at the tlod armed Israelites
upon th* sleeping foe IUT ('anal thou
plu« h up courage for the day aben the
trumpet which hath never hewn Mown (
•halt apeak the toll call of the dead
and the ■ .mu dusking againrt • lost
meiear. have Its mountain* acattsred
to th* stare and eoau emptied in th*
Mr tlh, then what will become of
you* Whet will become of gr*'
I'rm-e iteurge of h'nglend la an In
tolerate ciga.vl amwher Me conaumse
Mem forty to gfty o» the little rail* ef
pgger end tehee.*, aa«h day

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