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Tm Northwestern
uICO K. liol'lr.lt.
Kdio/r and PubSiihir.
*K..r. ar . t artist --»;ai»a
Til* At 50 *«f Tiif U ,» AArm-a
But+r»i •» (hi lni|! C% fnsMftss Ur (nil
aaitaluu through tfci </.it!» u
HIM IfeltUf,
OilF BepoMicai NewsDaoer li SSemian COBilr
It |* now claimed that the mjftelng
link between man and the monkey
baa been found, and the claim
Keen)a to give aome people « great
deal of phuaurr. dual why a man
abould feel proud that Ida aucchtor*
were monkey* I* a profound my*
tery,* Kx.
What conhtitnte* a water right in
a atrearn for water of domeatic pur
,.u ... ,1 Si. t si. nil* t .t f i. n, i. i i
' ’ ' ' ' —J •
In aueb righta? o, u V., Montroae,
Colo. Anawer. Tbe right to dl
> vert unappropriated wuU-ra of any
natural atream for licnefldal n*e*
ahall never he denied. Priority of
appropriation givea the better right
h« between tboae uaing the water
for the aatne purpose, but when the
water of any natural atrearn are not
aufflcfcot for tin; aerviee of all d -
ai/Ing the uae of the aatne, tboae!
uaing the water for domestic pur
poae* have the preference over
tboae claiming the water for any
other purpoae, atui tboae uaing tin
water for agricultural purpoae*
have tin preference over tlioae uaing
the aarne for manufacturing par
pooca, Hoover Field and Farm.
mowr. i o* tar coon
Would it not be well for the Hupor
Viaora of thia county to built one or
more auliable bouaca on the county
jroor farm and thereby furnish a
home ami employment for tboae of
our eili/.eiia who are unable to get
along without help from the county
There la enough money expended
every year to aid thia daaa of people,
to bmld a good aultahle houae on tbe
farm nnrl f/.r e. i I tlila ti/.l t* //,»*♦ la
realized to re-imburac the county
except the paltry aurn received for
rent for the jroor farm which ia leaa
than $300, which aum ia inaufflclent
to pay the intercut on the inveatroent.
Therein a large amount of farm land
now under cultivation and employ
ment could he furniahed for quite a
large number of people. Huch aatep
we believe would be highly commend
able by the tax-pay era of the county.
It would materially benefit them In
many waya. The elaaa of applicant#
far aid who are jndustrioua would he
glad to earn their owu living if pro,
vided with aorne kind of employment.
There Ia another elaaa who are too
Mhiftlcaaand lazy to work if they cun
get aid au flleut to carry them “long
until a auappreaeuta itaelf whereby
they can earn it without too much ex
ertion. If we hud a poor bouae and
could furuiah employment tliia elaaa
V of people would not become eoun
ty chaigee. for two reaaoua, flrat be
cuuac they do uot care to live in
a poor tiouao aud hucauae there U
aorne hind work atariug them lit the
face. Again there la another cl»»->
«>t people who ara well to do hut who
will take aid under tuoat any clrcuiu
•taucca It 'hey cau gel it It takca
all kind* of |M*op|e to make a wurld
aud every community liaa her aharc
«d the full variety, Mherman conn
ty ia uot excepted, There la atauit
90O a< tea muter cultivation now ou
the conntv farm, aud nearly a baud
red more can be broke out. The
•oil la of the heal quality aud all lull
a little "«>fue» ilea under the ditch
Krery f*eil Id it eau U> InigatiHl
to (imh| a-ii ullage \S a believe that
b * IUi' I'latr r .uid iw hit u|w<u where
by .tun only a largc aieowut of u>ou
ey iambi tie waved yearly (o ike noun
ty but a great iuemne cretUI la* real
laad from the luvaaitoauh Tt**
Noai tl aatraax luvite* a dtaeuaabm
el rbt# otlijwi through it# column*
tiik mi m Minima,
A full day waa apeut by the noun
ty board Tueaday and VVedneadat
conaidering bida f<«r county printing,
Allbida were putin at flrat for b •
than .'/() per cent of legal ratoa.
From tlic fira'. it we* aaeertalned that
(he Monitor** bid, ao far an I wen',
waa the cheapeat, toil lea bid Wn
vert incomplete, in fuel jt lacked
aeveral Important ilema and for Unit
reaaoti abould have been thrown out
and the next Joweal hid ahould have
l«;en entertained. There waa not
lliuell djffereiiee ill the NoRTII.
wKvraHR and Timea bida, but it ul-o
appeared that the Timea bid wo*
incomplete, the editor (ailing to
atate hia price* on ao®# item# of
aietiouery, Till# being the «#ae
there waa only one of two thing#
left for them to do, and that waa to
either award the eon tract to the
North wjcaTXHjr or aak the editor*
Ur put in new bida, Alt! fatal *tej>
they cliooae the latter and that atep
will co#t the tax-payera at leaat
$*00.00 more than it would have
done hail they awarded the contract
to the NoRTUWKaTKR*. New bida
waaa»k«d for and the reault waa
that the Monitor man got mad aud
went home, and both Benschoter
and Brown raised their bids to the
full limit of the Jaw on all legal
work, and Bro"». was awarded the
contract, but of course this was all
right since popdom reigns and
Brown run* the “reform paper.
Now Pi give the readers some Idea
of the difference between the
Nor?iiwbstkk*'* first bid and the
one under which the contract was
awarded we make the following
comparison. The North wnsrKir. s
bid for printing the court do)fMt
was twenty cents per page and, as
footsd up by ICte supervisors them
selves, tiie work of the year at these
figures would amount fioO.OO,
Thgy contracted wl'li Brown, to dp
tiie work, allowing him 40 cent#
per page of $120.00 per year. Our
bid for printing election ballots was
per thousand; they contrasted
with Brown u> print them for $4 00
per thousand AH other item* of
ntationery were given him to print
at the Mine proportionate advance
in price* The Noktbwk*tkk» of
fered to do all legal printing for 47
per cent of legal rate* arid thi* dan*
of work was giver, to the Tune* at
full legal rate*, fin thi* da** of
work mere will be a difference of
nearly tiro hundred dollar*
I* thi* the kind of “reform" that
the pop party advocate*. In thi*
in*lanee they have certainly prac
ticed it whether they advocate it or
It wa* evident from the atari that
the hoard wanted to award the eon
tract to the Time* but could oof un
der the etroumHtai.ee* because of
the blunder it made in Ita bid. A*
a result they ask for new bid* and
thereby bleed the tax paver* to the
tuue of at leaat $400.00 to keep up
the “reform" (taper.
The lieuver Field and Farm pub
li*he* the following eloaaly estima'
ed average of crops raised on an
acre in Oliro county, Colorado thi*
year: Wheat twenty-six bushel*,
oat*, thirty seven bushels, rye tbit
ty bushels, barley forty bushel*,
corn forty-oil* bushel*, beau*twenty
I wo bushels, potatoes |UO bushel*,
sweet potatoes 110 hnshtd*. peanut*
I ,)0 bushels, loittulue* Ino-h« Is,
sugar beets twenty two tons, alfalfs
,]%u tons, cabbage sold at two cent*
pound, tight tons, eaulaloupes, sale*
fur an acre nil $vo4,jju,
watermelons, sales for au nu*
It it 10, n**t,$nn, to, |u writing a.
le nt tits crop* Frank May < f f,a»
Junta says -My wheat averaged
thii'y sevenbushels, oats font tit*
ami corn thirty om Mi swat po
(aloes were the it>m«t ui the tik.oi
•a* valley and ran over «•»!. bushel*
to the m re,11 || J titiwn ul It,, kt
Fold **,« - i <nt i -1. t ( |
netted #jim an a* to Hear of ail rv
pt-ns, • of raising t lo «o coiie|,
has certainly distinguish* t iruett
in the way of aginulmral develop
When I commenced trying i
! tion eight year* ago I made a# i
blunder* a* it ixp<**«ible to ma
: 100 acre* of land, A man win
• l ever bad experience in Srrig
will si wav* gne*s wrong My
i* on< oiuart r of a mile wide
have a main ditch running
each aide the entire length o|
ranch, with a good wagon road
iiing rigid down Mm center, pa
with the ditchc*. I run my lr
ing lateral# out from the*"
mu/ndit/die* a* far a# the road,
ingjn*< tall enough to make tin
| er move, My small furrow* at
t,y feet apart, but where the f«
)«**, the dltehet could easily b<
ed 100 fact from each other,
preparing the land in Mil a way
surfac/ft between the tlikluw ca
fund" perfectly ftmuolb
i find that *ix hundred hurra
water will Irrigate one acre of
A alreatn three feet and alx il
deep, with a current running
mi lea an hour i* a good head o<
ter for one man Mr bat,di# and *
rlgate about ten acre* in twelve I
My crop* go very nearly ti
day*from one irrigation to am
but every fifteen or sixteen
Wouhl be b' lder, ()f course I
Urate after cacti irrigation,
keep up our community ditch
•n a reran c 01 one ooiiar eacn
Irrigating is not near the ex
that some <:<•((» to think. It
me fifteen cent* an acre to ir
each time, I notice that in
localities it i« Mill the practice
rigate both day and night. I
roerly did no bdt now bare a
reservoir into which i run the
at sight in order to have a
bead for the following day, A
cannot do good work in night i
Farming by irrigation with a
water privilege (/eat* farming U
rainy countries for many ret)
Wc get better price* for what
produce and the harvesting is
disturbed by rainfall tfpet
from my own experience, fari
in the arid region is a profl
business. I have cut as mac
2&5 ton* of alfalfa hay from set
acre* of land. I cut slfalla
time* during a season. Moat
pie cut alfalfa when too greer
bold that first-ciaas hay should
tain some matured seed. In
opinion the further development
the Rocky mountain reglou can
be accomplished by means
storage reset voir*. In our *c<
we have a twelve-acre reservoir
Is a successfully store snd u
the flood water* in the mou
region. They some with
violence and carry so touch sedi
and drift-wood that a reset voir «
soon be (tiled up.
There are many mountain str
that run a good hnad of water
early winter until May ami <
The** arc the streams l woalil
led to feed storage reservoirs,
concluding I will say that the
offers good locations to enierpr
and industrious farmers who
nceupl the leaching* of others a
practical irrigation and who
enough common aunce to prolii
i he mistakes and the ■iiccasm
those who were here before t
sugagsd In the glorious scisuci
IrrittMlIiiit I rtlii uliiili fuMtiiio,
»»MHB«.( <n l#uHtl(! ttgrnullura
U* tfliirioii* n»ulU now jwwlify
trriut'inl"it* * iu ( »jnul. In
KtiiCHi ami Ulwir, (ml fnrili liy
1 irrigation piua««r«, Ku I’ani
liiin.i Field uni Fano
¥>t»m fi«p t.e.fc,
Wnll*W «irm.
T II' 'h»t» I. »i h«««« iImIiIhi I
iwith It o»t*«l*
Krn tt 1 uirPM al l fatm U II
It'Hi u*t» <.milis|i *»•.<«*
Mp MpIiI* IpniiIIni *H*r tin pi an
ml til* alt
Mr. M!•*•» lt**##Mr«| • aval t. •<«<■)
amt alii |tptl la tie* |pilm<• «•(
«lMla» *HI<i* 1*0 Ih' II A M.
WN lid' ••• matrix! V at '
•tar. M«v M* (Mill m ii« w a
Hurray*, litiuhioM
Almost everybody takes some laxative
ni< n- me to clean e tlie system and keep the
til ,-id | 'e. those who take SIMMONS
| IVI u BliHJf.ATOf' (liquid or powder)
L t ail the. benefits <>1 a mild and pleasant
I-, alive and tonic that purifies the blood
» d strengthens the whole system. And
more than this: Simmons l.iVl k BM.U*
I MOi' regulates tl»e Uver. keet-s It a- five
Si d I jI'IiVi and when the Uver Is In ,
i ml condition you find yourself free from
Malai la. Biliousness, ie,digestion, Slck
lleada-he end Constlp n--n, and rll of
that worn out and debilitated feeling.
') (ire are all caused by a sluggish Uver,
irod digestion and freedom from stomach
trout !' s will only be had when the IIv«r
Is i r . ’ i!y at work- It troubled with any
) ,.f |) -nplainf trv SIMMON', I-IVI U
, I'M, / 'Ihe King of Uver Mcdi
cine - - 1 Better man Bills.
’ iv-r'KAOti'
- $(„ li t" -I oil *-r
i,:i,tv in.i /♦ Co., I'lil1' . / .
L>r. Price's Cream Making Powder
Most Perfect Mode,
i A cliol-e half *ei:Mon of highly I'Ul
*lv*t*<l land f»r -4 «. rrico wwvjm,
, Vor l utl ' r j’.irtii ular» cull on nr a<l
<lr< Haifr.if A uurkH.
ut lump Dltv.
I>r. Price'* Cream Baking Powder
World'* 1 air 111*1 - »l *Wd»l *nJ Olploms.
Smut All partlea knowing them
»e)v<« Indebted to in" will plea*" nettle
Uy i i |i„ note We have carried you
a* long a* our clfcuti>*t*fie"» will af
ford aid Ao utu*' make »" dement in
fall to Dirt of year, Please attend to
f tM*- at once, f>«peetfnlly,
J I, Dv.PftW,
4 -- -—
(| Hill* UoloilMMl'* Motion,
1 bat “There i* nothing new under the
1 mi" doc* not always convey the truth.
J>peel»lly i* thU true a* regard* the
4 tew composite ear* now operated dally
,. Iu Hu- Lblcagt, Union Pacific and
geri.bwtiu-rn Line between Halt Luke
iL' ty and Chicago The** handsome
jbiufl’et Hmoklng and Library Car* are
ifiiitlr<-ly, tiev/ throughout of latent
kiV'Un, contain all modern Improv
nil ilcii». and are well aupplied wild
. I * riling material, the leading daily
p per*, Illustrated periodical*, tuaga
I i i< *, etc. The fact that the*e cara
t'1 rut dully via “The Overland Limited'’
di aid that (he Union Pacific wa* the line
p w*m of Chicago to iriugerate tin* aer*
vice *hould commend Itself to all. Hi-e
that your ticket* read via “The Over
* land Itoufe "
f -----
M04>UK«10kaT NOflCK,
la l»l*lrlct Court of Mliermiui County,
Of N«l,l»*ka
lloratlo *niel»"r ani"l*er, Plalmiff

. John Hay<*«, —— H»ye*. wlf« of
I'i .John H*V‘». fli.t name unknown,
VI II SiiKimt, rlllseii'* National
'* Hank of at I'anl Nc.niaaka, to-u «e
... M To- key, Sarah A 'forli n,
II* Ad*ll« rl .( Scott. Kulak and >or
. i-unasn,Tiioma* Murphy, ftefan ,»nt*
II Mala of «»l,i»»ka. ,
Ml nborman County. i
Tim wvtd defendant* John ll iy«» and
UJ _— lluya*. wife ol John Ifaye*. flr«t Mill#
unknown, w) take notice ll>at on the >#th
<> day of Itccion'c/ I'M. tl>" »md plaintiff
filed III* pat I non In ilm duitrlct floor! of
■liuroi.ui county. N«‘ir«»ka uaauml »ald de
land ,ui*. ike oiijHfit arm prayer or witmii
911 bj« k> rorealoae .t certain inonpatfu eneeut*
«*l i»v lll« delandailt, Tliomua Murphy to
ft t ha defend ant, utorgn M Turkey upon tha
foll.iwinji n a* r I bed real eautla, aitualn In
Ip alter limn ii.unly aipl atal« of Naliraaka
Inwn Tlia ettai halt ol keotlnn IWeiilV
oae >klr lit Townahlp aiateen (l<h norilt of
Marian foul Men ill) weal of the Alii (irinclpal
marI<1 Iran to aeeure ihe payment o| two
|,i ti,i,. ,i nolea, dated April 1*1 taut, on*
w no me buui of #*<* e due and lutyahlr on
April la', l Ul, and one lor glMdi doe and
la payable uti tprtl lat, ixMi that on April
lull. Ini *ald lii„rga M Turkey *oid and
V a.irf o-d paid ne •< ludai* In plaintiff, I ha»
Ilefenduula nave failed to pay aael note ol
* f an. inel I lie lao,< aaaeaaed 4IMl levl* d ii|eni
. aahI land lot the yum# l-Hl and law and
|| plaintiff Ilf* ah elad in daelara the whola
nun unit aeeined hy ***ld inurtK*lf» t« »*»
i I'iiiio llniidy due and |*ou>'|„1 mid there
i* now due thereon the iam m f»»niai with
I IliWor.l Al .even luo mill pail annum Irom
, April l*t, Uhl plaintiff prat # for a decree
B< that del"iidanI • la, nu|UUed to |M»y the
xuiueur that **!d premia** Us auhl to ant
I 1*1/ ih*aiiioitui fount! due.
Ton at* ie,,niled loanawei aald itatlHon
on nr l«lw*IM MHliday of January, I**.
Iiatad III!# Ini It ilay of liincii.mi, iib
» liouat pi aukiaatt, !,la|iiHff
""*1, fry >tt,iiria,,ai • Hum hi* Aliya
|t i.ot ia It AIN, thark ol lira Plat r 1*1 Court.
MUM hi 11*1 A |a hnTIlk
May M. Youujiand l.aai* C Yuatrtg, lie*
i lauduul*. will taka not tea that on Hi* ami
day ol January Seal tin calm* ol llltaiw
Marker, dc* ***■!, i* miMM. herein Hied •••
peltlluti |,t the dlaltt* l * nirl ol alt* nuaii
hiHidr, ffei,rti*k# *i(.«iit#i aaij datendaala
iltio>i,|ni And |n»>*r of a bleb are Ip i**r#
el*.*** a i*i loin bniM*##* * o= ‘‘**1 hi lh*
tit t, Hda t» to M »■ ,1.1*110 U,»n» I taailly
tao.ej*. tint) IBM" .11 and airly lout mo
'• la but Mii.tt lour in. ib lira otiainal
Iowa flip of lump City, Ahurnmn ,«MtWtf,
ttei.ra-a. pt **,, Are the ol tl <»#
i rflla'H yimalf dl .ili a *i*ted taaart na,
l««*. ire, lot Mo hub el A * title and (a*.
al l, t >dU*l Mb, lew Mu# |m f * *1 •*
letnaoi. t'•*<!*• '<t* ■ ** tM* l«f I* w
I line m l iMrahra * ,* ,#t Hk. i*tll Teal
1 bare ta wo* due , t-1 * .aid e, * I * * ana u, -,t
» tl,a> *nw ol hM r* lot a no h » •“)
,, a uh tnl. • I ir* •** HU* '•»*. t*»a»a»>w
too a to, a dec •«« that defendant* ha* re,
Wl* t *U MI the aalpatrf that aald MaffM
.. i may (a a- l t Mttaff the an* net
lotted due Van at* rv ,met to *b*a«(
, wtl putithMok m beloftt tin* i Ah day el
ra i*.» nary * *•
„ »t#t,d Ihi# * d*l •<« January• If*
* lut kaf *!»**• Mlkt A ft »*»»k. WfHMd,
by M 1C t .<«UAM 4» ••»»*»
i, , nos A.P. OULLSYf
Vlc«-l'r«-i*ld*iit. Owhier.
General Banking Business Transacted.
Capital Stock, $500,000.
ljOM.au on Improved farm* at If IMS p* oant. Bat Company aad bat Um
to b. bad la feb. amt.
CJonaa.ro*D«mi —Cbomksal national Sank, Row York Oif, R. T4 Omaha
Oftiun*4 U.U. ijuiah* nihrahfc
Attorney an<J Notary Publlo. Publlabor I/OUP CITY NobthwMYKHN
Town IiotH, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigated Lands for Sale.
1 I utiWAun I is the whole story
" | <rl ImIUUm trad* I , ,
4 | m«rl»* a"d Ufcrta. | JUXHlt
' KtH\ AND m m SODA
• Coill Mmore than other packagtaoda—oeverv ol!*
ill Pdtl\d^Cb. flour-univcrjaliyatk;iwlalt;c'ilpurc»Un the world.
< Made only by CHURCH k CO., Itcw York, sold by rrocert everywhere. I
< Write tor Arm ami Hammer Uoolt of VMlaublv ItuetfM)* i f
v yy ^ryayv»yT,.-Tir tr yrry- - «* sr«®
time tami.k,
hobi.inoton A hi*»ouhi kivbk u, b.
1 Aft I'. M. Iaivw V- M
A. V. Wekt», Agf.
0,1'. BAII.WAr
Beginning Honday, November 17tb.
train* will arrive an«J depart at tbli
atatlon a* t dlowa:
J,e»»*i L“»V«*
Monday. i.«0 I Tuaaday, )g wo
1 T.i:S‘7' I*
Arrira* at Loup City daily 7,IBp. rn.
Clot* t-onneelloo at Grand i*Umi for
all point* ■art and Went
r, yf. Cube, Agent
All Kxpre** or rrelglil order* promptly
attended to
ay j.kihiii.it,
* Attarneu-Bt-Law,
W‘Id and improved laud* for »ale And
money to loan on real eelale.
loup an, • • iiBiuu
Or. Price’* Cream Baking Powdar
A Pur* Urspe Creaai el Tartar Powder.
$ioo ileward%loo
We will pay tbl* *uiouut lor each an'I
every him) ol ( a iamiiii that
Iv»cky Mountain eutarru euro
fain to euro,
II la iilmumiii Mi ubn l» aiipllad direotly
lo ilm luteriml imrl», (ibwoalmf wait ijun-biy
realorluu ilium loImaiiv a>lion
Him ut.xilha Iiaalmunt mily bin or trial
tailllu lor Ui ii»nl< lallvar or alulU|M.'
1,001*1 *bl*« Uaavar. Out.
In aouu ty court, wlllilu and l«r ulmrmaa
aouuly, babraaba, lu Ibu inaltar of Iba
aalalaol M«iv ‘l fnlwi dMMMd
to Ilia I'leililorawf aabl aalala «ou ala
Imialiy mil mud, Dial I will all al Ilia
iHHialy town itaita iu i nn|t ouy' iu «i>i
auwulft, on ilm *lb ilaj ol July, I, I* I* lo
rmalva au4 aiawlua all alaliua awamat
hi IkU'H, «iHi a t law lo limit a>tju4l
Uo al anil alioaama 1 Ha Hina lliuilaal
fix Iba lOtauulailoM of elaima analual aaltl
aalala la all luonlba, from iba (lb day of
Jauuary I II. l«Ml an I Iba Ulna tlwtlad
ho lb« |u>) want of llama la uua year 110141
axi l uu day ui January, Ubd.
* u,ni u) bawd ami iba warn at aa(4
i ml) iomiI, Ibla alb lar-’l Jannart. I II
urn uboawb Uaaf, l owuty Judgu.
(HU » ll, fc
YbMulb w baa a 4*xo|4ala Ml |«iua4 lunl
uf (uaiaiil liialw MlttkMn Hwlw< of
Wbtcfa I* abxwu In Ibla nabob Katun* lot
wlllbd la Ibn wa bar a jeat la«aal«4 lu a
UM*» lion i •» f.1*111 a didarawl manta
fa< lute f ba Hal I* t«xn|4lete (Ml a >••••
awmxxi Ol Ua-Hua aaada a«4 afawa. ll la
do . lea* In ■mi luMImUi and «»« ba
u..1*111 |.X alwaaal belt Iba iMbaa uf a n»a
foul wf Iba *au»a ai*a «44r«na
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Grain Dealers
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