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* / Tr f ’ v j ft. O f ' / N
L( >up City Northwestern.
" X|[| _l,»[|- CITY. 'Ill UMAX I'lll'.vr V. M-llUASKA. I'lilDAV. J A M'A It V IHW._NtJMHKK 47
at IHI', < ’< f UNTV HK AT.
uk<i ic. iii;n»< iiu rt'.w.
Kdit'ir and Puhllahar
TtfcM'. «l 60 pat Tasr II Paid n Advaaea
at _; —— -r-r-r-——.- ■ -ssrae
ktM. I at tba I/Otip Cl*y I oav.mra for traaa
aalaaiou tbroagb tba walla aa aa-»t.<i>
•laaa wa'lar,
mr -rtm-rnmnw WdHMH
fjBir KepiDiiCBB Hewipapir u Skeriak Coootr
kiipmli»r i l*i ••i i't tliMK11
bmpl'ity, .Nab, Jail \4. IdWJ
County Hoard lii ■•aaltin tbla day i» l>y
la a provldad.
On motion Jwim vim,non wa» mown
a* chairman pro tern
The following person* prewnt and hail
died ihelr cer'l<a(«* of election a» anper
htaore, to wit:
Prank Haditra, Ul»irlct No, I
J P Bhiolnger, " "If
Henry Heck, *• " A
f//ill* ilechtoid, ' ” 4
Henry Hunker, " " ft
Peter McKeon, *' " <<
Mln*hiill, " ** 7
end ■ipoll examination o' the certificate of
iim. Kent, Bounty Judge, showing that
the oltlclel hood of each of the foregoing
pert*one tied been duly died, oj proved
and record/ d, aaid p»r»oo» were, on mo
tion declared cnil.led to alt at atipervl*
On motion tli« Board proceeded t«
elect a permanent chairman and it wa*
reaolved fin/!, sudi cltalriiiai, he elected
by ;; majority vole end that the drat vote
taken t/c informal and that *uch election
he l,y l/allot
Informal voi# rnajlted In *lx vote* for
J P Helnlnger and one vole for John
M ii/ahull. The Informal vote w»i then,
on motion, made formal, and Mr f/dnlti
ger declared the |,eru/»nent chairman of
the county hoard and it* organization de
i he board (hell It nisocteu the follow
log business:
The < half nun was nuthuri/ud to »P'
point standing committees for thw year
The following list of sixty person*,
possessing qualification* of juror*, were
selected by the board lor the next jury
term of the district Court In Mh*rmo»
county, Nebraska:
Oak Creek Tp -Woclaw Hewollnski,
Anton Kwlatkofskl and Joseph ZuksZew
Logan Tw| John Cbllewskl, Fritz
Johansen, K K Tracy,
Washington Twp—If H Bristol. Jens
Christensen, Win Oollen
Klin Twp —K B Wall, Itlchard Baker,
Christ Zwink.
We lister Twp— (I W Zlmruermau, f^>r
In Crawford, George f,ce
Loup illy Twp -Christ Johansen, W
T Owens, H K Osllawa/, Is-wls Beehtold
Jr„ Mike Mulbk, Win Cramer, W T
Gibson, Charles Itiedel, it Cri*», F
Kornrumpf sr.. John Onlsen
Ashton Twp—Andrew Gorstkl, Philip
Iteln, John G Badura, Paul Cheiewski
John Zeehol, le-o Klein.
BockvilleTwp— Frank Bydalek, Las
renee Peiers. Peter Gliosmsuu, C F Neu
maun, Henry Gliusiuauu, A J If Fair
bairn. Jobu Tockey.
Clay Twp- Hiephen Hweetland. Jobu
Htewart, Joseph Hsddow.
Harrison Twp A J Wilson. O l> Kat
un. James K Murray, Austin V Ferguson
J A hievens, fa I) Torino
Heotl Twp—Clark Weston, Ansou I.
Fletcher. James W Hanualord.
Hazard Twp- -(‘harles Kraus, JusepL
Itebhan. Paul Haissuer. Henry Capellen
^ifrislol I'wp l> B Fowler, John Meyei
Joseph Karel, Albeit llolub, Willlait
App icaiput ol ( F Johnson cmiuij
siiperluiendeiH, asking lor allowaiics ol
salary, taken up and on motion a salarj
of *#IHf Is Used for and allowed for llo
year lab i
On motion county clerg is insitm led u
strike from ilia lak list all Illegal lai
charged on the |iersonai takes of h I
(sallawuk, ol l.oup i Ity township
I'lie Bond, oil ItpUlfin, ordered Ilia
the three r*NOt|s lu Him Poller Block
heretolore leplad by the enmity lot Ih*
tuperlulendeuls otfl> ». be again reuse i
fm the same rauisl of fin pey uaaiim
piovlded the lisle is causa lbs larg> s
of ssbl neons lo Iw pr-iperh papsie-l.
The to.ml* *<l fluey |a app* *n*e-i I
unmiullle In a#* •■•Islli whether then* an
any me t*tm»J !«*>• in Hi* h«mU of < >**>•«
I) Mf oHist Hill. S i * till h fee* sh mid le
turned «**«■» in the iimniy »ts|i
•Ulukl I Mr 1- tiU Jj ltd V*• | f
AKi Ikl* iki! f» b ill nt ih )i ip«f f k 4
lk« t*rM (htHIhi
Ik* f * *» I* * H »•*!* Ifi'MMm «%*• Ills I g|i 11
M k»i| r ^Ut* Ilk, t^f*)
ft* *k** M>»4*M|g|k|t» I 'tHiik ktmiil *•
MlHNiMUM ••i*«*l) Ni>l?dl||i|
M»*» T**i*«i*kl|i *»l
k»*l (wMIIhii )fHV Ih
lt»t * ••»***») M' 4*l > it**4 !•*# Ik
benefit of Ibakvllb* towtiahlp aufllclerit
money fo pay tl»e damage* allowed or
which may hereafter be allowed no the
public road No llf*v known a* the Ko*ch
road, there being 00 money In the W'ld
fund of Mint No :W, a- I an Inaufllclenf
amount In towuatilp road fund of Honk
vide fownahlp
Aigued ihle 7th day of January, IWtfl.
Ilea my ItlMKgM, Clerk,
HJ Kaiw, Chairman, J I'
W C Dimkiim aa, AcaewMir.
Upon < <malder*tlon If waa, on motion,
declared that aocli aaalafancn «a prayod
In* given to Kockvllle townxhlp, to the
extent of $C>, that being the amount of
damage* allowed bv the county board on
•aid road at a prior meeting and tha
county clerk l» ordered n> draw warrmt*
In payment of aald damage* on foe
county road fund, for the following per
•on# and amount* I*, H Kenyon, f*fff,
N r» itaat'xoa ♦'*!<>. Chaa C Herck *,*», au*l
It I* further ordeled that *o allowed
•ad otderail paid to Chaa 0 Herck be
deducted from Ho* delinquent peraooal
tax of aald Hi a* C Iterck
On motion board proceeded »• com
mitt*)' of the whole to conxldcr bl<l* for
county printing and furnlahlng of atitdon
Hoard adjourned to it a in of January
loth, lent;
Atte*t■—l/oi i* Ifi'.iM, County Clerk
Jan Idih, Jm'mi
Hoard In *e»*lon puraiiant to adjourn
t he bid# of county printing and »iat|on
ery taken under conatderatloo
i A motion to reject all bid* on printing
1 and matter that rau be fnruiabed In the
! county, fo wit l^'gal blank*, bar dovk
| ota, ballot*, note and letter head#, < nve
’ lope*, and county pilntlinr, mat Aye*
* . . , . , . t 1 K ’
Minsbull, McKeon. Hrck »n<l tlm Chair*
I matt
On motion the bid of the Omaha J'rlni
i mg eonipuny Is accepted ori the following
I'vrns to wit: Lead pencils, pen holders.
Ink, pan*, blotters, rubber bunds, inucl
lage, legal cap, record books, tu* receipts,
cbut'ei mortgage dies, poll books and
court wrapj ers and the county attorney
la instructed to prepare contract and
proper bond for elocution by said Omaha
Printing company,
A motion was lost P< a"Cept the bid of
0 Llttl*t1*ld for envelopes and printing
I delinquent tax list, road and bridge
notices; to accept tbe hi I of K A Brown
lor legal blanks, note and letter heads,
treasurers financial statement and super
v|.or* proceeding* and to accept the hid
of Oeorge K BeUschoter for full wheel
bl„nk* and bar dockets
On motion permission given to C
Littlefield, L A Brown and Oeolge K
Benschoter to flic amended and more
complete bid* on tin* following items:
1 000 *4 sheet blanks,
.1,000 54 "beet blanks,
if <Xl0t,4 sheet blanks,
1,000 full sheet blanks,
if (XX) note beads,
0,000 letter beads,
4,<XX) 0'4 XXX envelopes,
2,W0 JO XXX envelope*,
H*r (locket*, mm per specification* In e*i|
mate, H,000 election ballot*, publishing
delinquent tax Jl«t, county treasurer*
statement, proceeding* of county board,
' road and bridge notice* and all other
notice* required by the county. Huch
attended bid* to be tiled by 4 o'clock p,
' m , of thu day
The chairman reported the following
appointment* of committee* for 1H!W:
Finance;—lisdnf a. Heck, Hechthold.
Claim* Hunker, MinahulJ, McKeon.
Hrldge; — Hunker, McKeon, Mlnsliull.
Hoad: — Heck, liaduia, Hechthold,
The following letter and the written
apinlon of the county attorney were tiled
and read :
Omaha tfehr, Jan 8rd, 1HW1,
I M I'oUkl. K«q, County Treasurer,
letup city. Hear Hir; VVe have deter
mined to test the legality of the following
j b«ud« III your county for the year IWift,
namely l lo wolef-Work* blind levy of
twenty Mevett mills lii Jemp t’llv and Irrl
gallon bond* of ten mill* each m Hogan
and l oop t 'liy tow nship*, a* oor attorn
»,* advise U* Iha' same afe Illegal, H III
you plewse I*) this It tlrf W hite ),»ur
Itoald of I oiiiit) l IlIHUItsvImier* at lh*df
ftfsl II.ting and Nt* them aUtiiort/C
you lo accept oi.t tales for the year 1*04
|e,s these levies* AH we ,*k I* a r*o etpt
for what we pay It thl*Is tc>t done we
shall la* compelled to <u ,ke a lender nt
what weiauisider Hie pi> to r ,uoc ,.i *,4
enjoin the 4 date e I hi* ‘i wild * >4 a
1 hard* lip i ll Hie rvst » I out takes In 1 *i r
j cotinit for the year |*al as it wop J 1 e
j same up l*ih Itliil ly and Hit* We * »h to
j alwi.l |t pogsilde
\ min ‘I taly
f tl I n lo* Aipjl'or
♦ >» >M * >1 * I » « I \
fll Il'MltkfIf «Af*t »t| 4|| fl llllll,
j til Hlawfii* ill Sctffdflu
I lt«> • ha*) It* #•# I M
1 Hit ||| (*l» M**» irllatf |t»f«ri t it
4n| |t 1 It At' Alt ( tJvilA* | f M*»f **> f •# lit
<t* l*» * Hp'Imh H* i 4H1 w
r«|il 4 ^ of I|m ‘ a4i»# «tf lH« M 41 M
f «|lf VV* | «9* 4 III Mi l M
Finn m in! Statement of /. M. t'otski. Treasurer of
Sherman t'ountu. XehraHka, from./at n 1st, 1806. to
January 1*1, 1806
t »
Sum** of Kund*: jllttl.luh Irnoi nl Tr*n»M 11 ur fil I>i»liur» Coin. Hu I l«n
i-t, iw>3»ouret I n Krnm mml» l 1 WM
.. ....'.hi:::.
County lifin-ntl..,, a,ii77:11, 2 .’137 ” I 42,000 oit . .. H.1W0 30 02.4*4.711,7.
County Intwt liond H,210 20 11,307 4u. “-HO <»;' «•»■« W;*-2l ;
County Ho,. 1. 1,007.81 <141'..1 .. '.*•>,Hl 'l?'1 1• fj
County I'ol.tyf. sum Mil 1,1*040,... *2.000 on <m<u ' 27 40 2,7.1.1,17 |
County I'oor. W2.HH 77. :|1
County .ludviio-ot, HO 24.1* . • ...
.Hold*..', • IWI-f. 241 33. 110 oi. 3 00 2 (M) ; 44 .VI
IMitrl't Hrdtn d 4j0*IW* 0,444.11*. 9.H5I.H* “4 4. 8,114 83
Hrhonl Ju«lytoynt.... 1,030.33' 201 .11. m™] 2081,03. 7
Hrhonl Hood . 4,003 02 l.0«« 22.... ••• * >{
ro#n*M|. Fund. ... 2.04204 11,101.70 . 2 4 •. . . «' <* 271* .
IMntrl. t.-Komi. I2.H3 It 00. “"O o. 0.0
I'ownohip Bond. ... •••! 21 HI • ••• ...
i,.,ui. nty viiuir**. *12 2*010.. 2!; ? *1’
|,nu(i city llnnd. 04U2I 2*2.. r»7u00 4 7.1 804 711
A*Mnn . .. OH.HH II2.30. ,,MW' *£
Hoi kv llli- . 177 1H ill .. 2* 3.40
Inntltntv . 30 3* 0*.00 . ■ ... 1 111 02
.‘rintlr*::::. 4..0 .. ■«**: »*> ««;“*
Klnr» mill I.Hrnr**. 21.00."J"* |0,H’
23..'.117.71 84,3113 n.l 2.000 <»u onnoo '21,:*HH3 H80.40 83,302.H0
HTA'I K, OK M,I1HA*KA, / r
hluTroun tluiinty, (i
II, M !>i,|i<kl. Triuinir. i nf mdd ruunty dn *nli*inny *wimr tb it thn
•bnyi7 find fur*g'tlnil »l»t«'rn«nf I* furni t it* I tftily btdtwv*.
I M, I'tiJ.MK I, Ciiiinty rr*'»*uri*r
Kulwu rlbi'd In my |>r. M-ni i. nnd »wi>rn t« Mnr* m* Mil* Htb d»y of
.1 m injury. A. I). 1*1*1 l.ol IH HKIN, f.lnrk,
[tr.ht,j By F. Hun*, Deputy.

ter mid to whether • r llmiornhlc i: art!
could authorize »lich accept t flee I >,■ > Iy'<
After an examination of itu'lorlllii {toil
the auhjei t, | am of th« opinion,
Kit et Idle Treatttifer may io r. oily
Ivxuc a receipt pro tati’o, tIjfit i» lot lint
ttpecofic amount paid, and that U will not
prevent fhe county treanuri r from •-«- t
forcii- liy )«*al pro ' the collection ,
of tile fun mile re 'railed from m> <lo- i
log by order of the Court
Hei rei l lie County Hoard iuiva |
tuipervivory authority over the affair* of |
• lie county and I *e« no legal iv i-on why i
»u order »hould ant euiioate from Mil* i
Hoard a* to the action of the county upon
tbl* matter of accepting or rejecting the
tender of *aid li *V M railroad company
taxe*. John W f/OMo,
County Attorney,
The foregoing letter and written n| in
Ion were taken under coiodderatlun and
on motion the county trea*ttrer I* author
ized to m cept from *ald HA M railroad
company the tender for th»f part of the
tax a* indicated In the letter of ,1 0
d'aylor, Auditor, and to i un a receipt
therefore, and that lot proceed to collect
the balance of the tax of said company
according to law, unless enjoined (rom
*o doing.
On motion, Hunker non YlcKeon are
authorized and Instructed to cause to tie
made wliat repair* ur« required on bridge
across Middle Loup river at Hockville
Kstlmale of Kxpeiise* of Sliermaii louiiiy
for Hi* year IHWU.
As male l>y County Hoard on January
I (Kb, IWPi.
For Hoads.$1,0(10 00
For . .. 3,50o tto
For books. Idanks and stationery 400 oo
For furniture and incidentals... 2bo oo
For expense* of election...... 1,000 00
For anility repairs.,.,. ISO On
For office- and ieuts.d,SOo 00
For court, including attorneys.. 2,500 00
For bounty on wild animals.... 200 <0
For illegal tax.. 2b0 00
For Agricultural Association . 200 00
For county priming... 300 00
For It It bond Interest. 3,000 00
For Ox It Y' It It bond sinking
fund . 3,800 00
For refunding bond interest. ... 3,500 o0
For funding and refunding bond
interest.... . 1,5tt0 00
For bridge bond refunding iust 2,ooo oo
For Hussiau thistle.3,'Hltl * Ml
rnr « unuiy 1111(11 n ii'wi * iiiu. .
(Will) Lol l» ItKIN,
atjliutw County CM lk.
Almost fvarytunlv UMet twin* lasativi
RMsluine tuvk.tMs#t)m*y*t«»n ami k«*t> tlta
tHjta, | liona WI to l.m* SIMMON*
t is t w in oft MOM tNtml 01
art all Hi* Nnatita of a mlkl am! | ka*anl
tasaliva ami Mtk that tin Hm*l
au4 (IfMHttnan* Hi* sstiota »v*i*m. An4
! mot* titan litis. SiMMt iNs I l\ I H IOoU*
! | AloM i*duUt*s tit* Uvat, M#*)s it *. Uva
i ao4 Itr.tiiFiv. an4 na**»•» lit* I iso is In
i £.Mt.l .umiimm sou i.nj yminwll !>•* tf«n»
; Maistia, Hllmuana**, J* (,,• -slum, sole
lir a I*. h* anJ » ■ fit »lt««, amt J “I
•Hal u*»tn ool ao4 .kcitnal#*!
I l.rsa a t »li tatlsavl I t 4 *■ < • • •< I !»«• •
' ( a».,| 4lyi< 'ton ami H**.l *tw I * > *»* *• ostii
Inasitea Mill oi.ly I* U»| nUot la* »n*«
! it |'i >iaf|y at tt»fk If to.<i ml atw any
of lit.- a .•••tifUint* If V SUM Mi 'S' l It IW
Ml.ltllAflH' lit* km/Of 1.1»V # tldsii
fctorm ao I FWIW IlMt lm
• Mint r Acts toe
Has tMo If «SIH|| In l*»l on n
4 II. Asltln * Cm. 1*1.11* . I's
Or. Price’* Cream Making Powder
Most Perfect Made.
A eliol-l* ll.’llf M'CtllMI of III gil 1 V I'lll-I
tlvnli'il .ii. l lor .ill**. Price d'2400.00.
I-in f on her pin tli nlura i'uII on or ad
rlri a- I-inn mi ift IIknui ii.u kk.
ut I.oup < 'itv.
Hr. Price’* Cream Making Powder
World'* i’alr lllalimt Medal and diploma.
MoTi' i, All parties knowing them
*e|vi'M Inilehteil to me will please settle
by e i'li or note. We liave carried you
a* long a* our elrcumstanoe* will af
ford and wo limit make ae .Moment In
full to Hr*t of year. Please attend to
tklaat once, eapcetfully,
J. J. OKi’KW.
M/if loo la lid. re* lit/ o hill that V liuvdk Ml lid
day emancipated my son llarry sawyer
fnill liH minority. ami given him f Mil right
to tranraci business III hlsowu right free
from Mav elsliu liy me ii|miii his | roperty or
Hated iHi hih'lay of January. Iskn,
W. m. haw lag. i’n rent
unfit i: to crkojtorh
In eonn ly court, within and for Hherman
comity, Nebraska, in the matter of the
estafeol Mary M Fisher deceased.
To the creditors of said estate: von are
hereby noiifled, that. I will sit ul the
* minty court room In Loup City' in said
county, on the nth day of July, A. I>. 1h!M to
lecelvc and examine all claims against
said estate, with a view to then adjust
ment 11 ml allowance. The time limited
tor the presentation of claim* against, said
estate Is six moulhi), from Hie Bill day of
January A. 1). IHfW. and the time limited
for the payment of debts Is one year from
mud mil day ot January, ls:ni.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
eonnl y court, this lit h day of January, AO.
IMM. I,holing IffcST, County Judge.
state of Nebraska, t M
slieriiian County, I
William Hash, nun resident defendant,
will take notice that on the kill day of
January, IslSi, lluck h. Ogden, iduintltf
tiled Ills petition in the Hlslrlet Court of
Hherman County, Nelirask: against
William Cash. Union Trust Comnauy,
Henry T. Chuke, Rcclver Uni >u Trust
Company, Armt*llu» I’. Outlay, the object
and prayer arc to fordo*# a certain nort
gage executed by tint defendant William
IsHsh by the defendant Union Trust
Company upon the following described
properly, to-wit: The Northeast Uuarlor
of Section Twenty tjO) Township Killeen
(IS) North Range Fifteen 11 .'•) westilth I’. M*
in Sherniaii County, Nehraska. to sec tiro
the payment of * certain bond dated April
mb Pv-7, tor thesuiuuf Thlrlucu Hundred
Hollars iSldai mil due and iHiyulde on the
first day ol April. lMk», anu that there Is
now due upon said Isold and mortgage and
for mi'* upon said property paid by said
llurk h. Ogden the sum ot Thirteen
Hundred Hi xly-four Hollars and Klghty .one
cents(•13114.at 1 and internal tuereou rlani
tilf piays for adeeree that defendants he
required to pay the amount due uu account
id suld bond, lourtgage and taxes so paid,
■ i I list suld premises may lie sold to sal 1st y
ibe • mount found due
louaie required loauswer said iH'tuion
on or 1 adore the Slid day ot tlaieu ll'.si
Haled January !*dh RIM.
ill < a K. Ilonas, I'lalutld
by llAMt l-K'l I , Hw.nklok. Dk It*ini*
and MloliriNUAl.S linos.
Altvsl III* Allotn* ys
loti* RKik, clerk"! District court
NOT 1* L UK 4(11 To NON IU.sIHKNT |
■illir ui tat ,»n*«a», i M
Mini malt 4 utility, I
Joltu J |<tiut.|Mrk«r aivl Mail Ittt A l*t’ita |
IMi’kor. mm raauliml I. I. ii'Ui.i- a til laao ,
noli. •- il.ai tm lit" k>l>'lav <•( January, '«*,
Itu. k.t Ha l. ii |.,*n.ltl» ltl«*«l Ina ia ilium
hi lliu llialr H I i uui t n| Hliarmaii r.muly, I
ki'Uitak*. atfaiual J'ltin J l*« iH’|»».*ki r. ,
Martial A I’.ui.umkar, I iilim Tluattimi
i a1.1 amt Mi*in i I t laiki', »«*i*»l l ni»m !
I ., ilm«|bj«tl kil l |*ta,*r «il aki. li
air In Inlilai'l.allllu MMuM
■ I Ilia ilrli M.laula Join. J kn a»4
Mkiriai A |>giwia> l«l •« Hi* 4a#a«4*«l I
I'M,... l.u.l 1 oil.|*ali| a|».n III* I,>4 j
lira.-'tit*.I |.fM|*olll, t*l All *k» kiirlll ■
Aral (juaiiri 11I aarli.m lum ill luamhla I
i|||*.ii|i*i tmiA «l Itauk* iaulwa tilt
knl «l Iliv klk t* M Ik aiirtmaii I’otiHly
kauimaka, aaakia Ik* km* kianl «t a tail
iam 1*1*4 .t.irl Way »> la*) lw <ka auk. uI
t aalta llu,i,til l lk.lt ii* 1*** -tfi >l«a a»»
MtlUliw III* Blal »l»l -I Wa . I«, aa)
ll.*i 1 Hal* la mma 4«W ajam aakt t»>*4 ami
MOI •. *«r AI..I l« l UlM utkaaiM |M«*^arl|
Mt.i |i«, a • 1144am, 4ka auk. ul
A •«!« v Mmu.Mr I f till >«k* ttnllara au l *1 ,
II la,, r«ul« .'«!■ **• ami •aimat »k,*»an . F
ytklMi* M«|il»l a tana* Ikal 4alamia»l*
la Kai.lli.na Ml »i.a ««..««! 4m* tm *<
• I ami,I amt, l«~*tl«k4*a a»4 la AIM au
tall), 1.4 I km. a*i*l i.raim.aaa mil ka a.44 i
•all*, t Ik* »»•*«»' l>.«mt 4a*
tua iiami.ii.iltaiiiMJ mai l t-alllum
i>Aih twin*, *k* ia*l a*l »l li*»*k
l*kl 4 JkNuaiy l*tfc I am,
ill, a I, lwi.il, rtilAtld
I y li ic • 1 a 1 1 Hu *kwi tla l»mu
... i k.-.mik,, it * tka
All.al I la IIMMIA I
I 1*1 if yin, 1 lark *4 l*alll*Uwnl
I), c. l)OK. A. t. (Jiiii/M,
Vlce-I’realilent. Cashier.
General Banking Business Transacted.
Capital Stock, $600,000.
Loans on Improved farm* at NINE per cent. Beet Company and bee* tm
to tie bed la the weet.
OonaMPoeDanw:—Chemical National Bank. New York (Sty, E. Y.| Omaha
IH*.tonal Bau«. umaha. Wghr—ha.
Attorney and Notary Public. Publisher LOUP ClTT Noktii wkstkkn
M'WUj £ STrnt TB •iitUJYTS.
Town Lots, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigated Lands for Sale.
j I beware I is the whole story M 1
‘ I ol Imitation trade I t
4 | marks and labels. | abOllt W
• - unpfr-irrnr Coats no more tlian other package soda—never soils E
t .1 pdLHcl^vj, flour—universally acknowledged purest la the world. •
4 Made only by CHURCH L CO., New York. Sold by grocers everywhere. F
t Write for Arm autl Hummer Hook of vulaublo Ur. ijjou i■ ’.'.Kil. w
jjp ^ ny--r-rr-T-z-—..-r ri-r-^rr—- -~ r'lSr*m
1:45 I’, M. Leaves <1:50 I*. M
A. F. WKins, Agt
U, I*. UAI1.WAV.
Beginning Sunday, November 17th.
trains will arrive and depart al this
station m t > I lows:
Leaves ‘ Leave*
Monday. l,,n Tuesday, 1 u. ,ui
Friday, ) aiurday )
Arrive* at Loup L'ltv daily 7.i5p.m.
Close connection at lirand Island for
all points East and West
F. W. ClJNK. Agent
prop, ok EXPRESS ani»
All Kzpress or freight order* promptly
attended to
W‘ld and improved lands ror sale Anri
inouey to loan on real estate.
Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder
A Pur. lirape Cream of Tartar Powder.
In District Court of alierinaii Oouuly,
llonitlo smelscr smelter, P.annul
John llavos. ——• Haves, wife of
Jul,li lUyiu, nial Iliinti It ilk lint* II.
II II Num'til, I'lli*i'ii’» bal n.nal
I!,,uk ul *i l*.»nI KnUmaka. limia*
M Torbay. ".mil, \ Tnrhiiim,
Mnllivri J «d«I. brink Mini Jm
M< mu, Tliwiua* Murpky, iinftmihiMU
Mtaln ul SmI.ia»ka. I_
MliimiHii I’liOllly I
Tim Mill .laifuii.lant* Jotiu ll»in» ami
— Hum, wtfnul Juba lltynt Ural maim
u.ikuow n. will »ak« MultwMlUwl iih Urn Will
■lay ,it liirviulMir, I-an Ilm <a»l |ilalnlilt
II ml Ilia |«IMI«II In lh» illalHcl luurl ul
kt.oriuaii . .inulv kv'nxaka ayamal taltl 4a
lauutaM*. lb* ub)*rl ami |.iaya-i ul wltlvk
•I« III |*»i *■» ,aaM iwrimu iiumiua ann ul
*4 liy Ibi, 4. irmlaul, t'lwiimu Mui|iby lu
III., ilali.ii 4aul. tiaufgn4 Timk»l u|mit III*
|..III!will* .li ai ilUaU tvat nttala. aitual* in
abuiiaum i uuwly ami mala ul Nalilaaka
lu nil | ua nal ball «l amtai.i.i iwniily
uti* .tli in !••• »abl|i mlaa* ilay Hi.nb ul
Honan luuiimiit,U) Waal >.l Hit alb|>tlnal|iai
u.,iilia.. In »«*»»# Urn |aiwa«l >4 law
|ll tllaaMI tl.lll*. ,t»!r«l I (.ill ial >aui UM
|u> |t.* a’lui »**»<« In* ami IMyaWa .in
ti.n |al l**i. ami tat tut #»«■• U<*» taut
inai aUla ,>n t ••*>• >t«, I w Ibal un lyMlI
lMhi**l*i >1 iiiiuta V Tuukat awl tail
.4 tad «■«• I m-u Wau*. t ' yalalbll* H al
.blwaltau baa* lailaal lu (any *ui4 aula ul
*ii.l |b* lata* aa ana at. I . a*l In* l«>l ii|nu
•at.I ami (*• Hi* y wait ! a awl iaut an!
HiaitMt lltatlaaltu la .tw itlt lit wbwla
an .•• • •. i If MM Hm|t*«tf« lu hw
m.iai. Ii«i»n 4m ami ynaabt* ami tbnfa
I. mi a ,lm i b.n.ui lb* iaa ul HaMWWtth
lalaml aa mau am* a. bl l«#a ttutw lt*uaa
aim ial, wt> yiaitim Hayi lu* a 4a*taw
Ibti 4*i>a MiiU na t -44111.1 lu t**> Ik*
MWa ua lb*a tai4 ytawawitna bn awl lu aal
jab Ik* • wiuui luuawl ■!*»
Tun ait iMaHail I* tattat iml w»|m**ai
,ii. ut bnlwta lb* anfc lay “I iaaaatf, Wt,
I *»(*■• I bit intb 4a t 4 IktttlMt, #1
ll.mtim bwatakb, ^btinll#
***' Ha blMkllawtll na.M bu kllyt
y ttnat
f ..tit Hkia. i #tk a* iha Muliwi ptil,
Dr. Humphrey*' Mpedflcs are wlraUfloaUy
and carefully prepared Itemed Im, wad for yaan
In private practice and for over thirty yaan by
| the people with entire tucoeea. Every tingle
Specific a apodal care for the d Irena namad
mo. ^anrir ton raws.
1—Ferera, Conaettlona, Infiammattow.
Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic... a ;
3- Terminal Colic. Crying. Wakafulnan a i
4— Diarrhea, of Children or Adulu a I
D-Dysentery, Griping, Bilious Collo.... a l
•-Cholera Morhue, Vomiting. a i
9—Coughs, Golds. Bronchitis. a as a a n,,aare lit
8— Neuralgia, Toothache. Facaacbo.... a
0— Headaches, hick Headache, Vertigo, a
i 10—Dyapepala, Blllouanore. Constipation a
If—Muppreeaed or Pnlufnl Perloda. a
13—Whites, Too Profuae Periods. a! i
13— Croup, Laryngitis, Hoaraeneaa.... . ;
14- Malt Hbeum, Eryalndaa, Eruptlona. a (
13- Rbeuma t ism, or Hheumatto Patna.. a i
i 14-Malaria, chills. Fever and Ague.... a i
1T-PIlea,Blind or Bleeding. . a 1
IN—Ophthalmr, Bore or Weak Eyre...... a I
14- Catarrh, Influents, Cold In the Head a ■
40-Wrhooping Cough.
1— Asthma, Oppressed Breathing.. a i
9- Bar piachargea,.linpalred Hearing
9N—Nervous Debility.•••»A«I 1
94-More Mouth, or Conker ............. a I
34-Urinary Weakneea, Wetting Bad. a l
Sl-Palnful Perloda.. a l
33—Hlaeaaeaaf the Heart.Palpitation 1. i
33— Bpllepay,Bpaama, Bt. Vitus’dbmo.,,la >
34- Diphtheria, Ulcerated Bore Throat., a i
33—Chronic Congest Iona 4 Eruptlona. .93
“77” "*• HUWgiW ro, SHIP, 28°.
• “ •m.'xsxs&sr •***•
go* krhreaawa. ar seat peat-reM aa reeetH tigrtaa
I Ua Uuareasie Ua.u.l. tUala,|#4a BevleeSo oiaUritMe
I uLaru**wa»a.iw,mAiiiwuaea»t.,gi»i*a«
M ky •KMMdO <Ml
mwiin1 u».(d..tu nm— is. ibdli.
yy I. MAH* Y.
ul» It’ll-Is MwmI suit Msrvy IhMt, ImI
did* |*ubll« (must*. I.»u|« ('111, «•*>
ll.v W «*. VWMM, 4ds
t **l.,i« ..14 d* Hi Ml ■ ill W l*«t MU IS* »«<*
| d*y .4 * •■!» »»> »«• lb* •«**»« u| ■l*"Mb
HiMii'i, uiilHMl. rtl#4 II#
.mhiium is >b« .luUivt suttyl *1 »d*»H4*«
( iiuiili NvImimS* «*4IM4| *»I4 >l*l»*4d*td
inn.J*. i <.*4 pf*y** >4 ilSlMf S’ httm
* wtldtn UMMiddd* *»*vdi*4 by lb#
4«i. * Usi« u> ib* |4*>nii« >*»»*« b*i* •til**
I»U s\ .1111 IM*t dk»*l .till Ml M
im b,.«s isi.it |.*mi Mi, Is lb* ditfisdl
!..*« *it«ul i lly, *iwi*»«
*«t,Id mil* Ib* Mld*«l dl lb»«d
**.♦«»* i«.**»i«*»» »••«** 4*i«*4 Id*d«*Mli.
ltd US* M Ib* sun. a! Is W 4dd ***4 M< «
•I.I.- | ,..ri Mb, IMS »M»* hM #*« 4‘«d
*s4 ssidbl* .»# ••! db IM tl«* hd •» •
4m* * -4 pdfs*.* I-•#*•* Mb. WN dbMI
!*«■« l« s*d tid* ***»« *d>4 MM*** «*4 Mw*l
«s*> ‘S* *«d> m| MU*. Im* • •*»* *«M
dilb imi*.*.l I ism. 1st* 4d*s. |4d.*Md
u.llla. • 4*. . *4 I Mil 4*l**4*sl4 bd 14.
•.mi.*4 Im M*y lb# mmm m Ibd* **b* imi
4** SMI Cm t*s4 Im ddlldly Ibd lkw*b§
f*.Mm4 4m« Im« 41* I. .41.4.1 IM df***f
4* • 1 |H4*li IM* MS M* d*|M4d ibd SMI' *11 M#
r*Ms*iy. Id*.
1*414.1 Ibid **4 4*1 Ml #*»*•». PI _.
m* fc.l »!».•. Il.d.d IlMII I’ll'MdSt,
by I* *4 ts.dutb. *1 M»**f,

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