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UKO. E. IIHNSCHOTEB, Editor* I’ab.
York is still agitating that baat
angar factory.
Kmaniiki. Lapp of (Jage county haa
adjudged innane and will be taken
to the asylum.
Thk 2-year-old daughter of H. R
Schultz, Grand Island, fell into a pall
of boiling water and died from iU
Bradshaw's oreamery. destroyed by
fire last May. has been recently rebuilt
much more substantially than for
A. Tyson, one of the oldest and most
respected settlers of ( ass county, died
at hia home near Elmwood last week
at the age of 7.1.
Buy home mr de goods and build up
home industries, is a good policy. Far
rell's lire Extinguisher, made by Jar
rell A co., Omaha
Thk Lincoln committee has nearly
raised the #50,000 necessary to secure
the next annual reunion of the Grand
Army of Nebraska
A CONSTAKl.K urrlvad in Ashland from
Council Bluffs, la., for the purpose of
arresting .1. O. Kelly, who was wanted
in that place charged with disposing of
mortgaged property.
A fOUMU Bohemiuin girl from Wyo
ming recently landed in * hadron with
the object of inducing her betrayer,
who lives in that city, to right aa far
as possible the wrong he had done her.
Thk mill and warehouses of the Alii
ance Milling company ware lovanjr
stroyed by lire. The property is valued
at about 336,000, and together with the
contents was insured for about 313,000.
Atkinson had a mad dog scare. The
dog run through the principal streets
of the town snapping at every thing
within reach, fc number of dogs were
bitten, as well us some horses aud cut
Frank Perky, while working in an
irrigation ditch twelve miles nortii of
Hpringview, was caught under about
two tons of frozen dirt and crushed in
such a manner that lie died from his
In Beatrice while <\ A. Jackson was
engaged in waiting on a customer in
the front of the store, someone entered
from the rear and stole two money
drawers from the safe, containing
about 375 in cash.
The Bank of Wauneta, H. C. Henry,
cashier, failed to open its doors last
week. The failure is euused by com
plication with the Hank of Stratton,
which failed recently. Assets are said
to be $38,000; liabilities, $13.000.
Ho far this winter butchers of Spring
view are taking their befef cattle off the
prairies. ( sttle that have never had a
pound of grain or hay are in good con
dition, and horses and sheep grazing on
the dry, brown buffalo grass are very
Thk old hedge fence in ( ass county
is fast becoming a thing of the past.
Where a few years ago a farm was
thought to be more valuable with a
hedge fence, it is today considered dam
aged by being surrounded by a growth
of osage.
Thk Masonic fraternity of Nortii
Platte has decided to cover the walls of
their hall with patent steel siding,
pressed in imitation of brick work,
thus not only making it fireproof from
without, but greatly improving its ap
Rkv. OroROF. W. Crofts, the preacher
poet who has served the Congregational
Church of Beatrice as pastor for three
and a half years has tendered his resig
nation, to take effect Easter Sunday
Delicate health is the reason assigned
for the step.
Tub January term of the district
court oi uouge county conveneu mm
week, Judge Marshall presiding. The
civil docket contains ^10 cases, forty
nine of which are suits against the Elk
horn for damages caused by the fire at
Dodge in September last.
Thk dwelling house of liee Shoe
maker, three and one-half miles south
west of Chadron, burned to the
ground about 1 o'clock in the morning.
Mr. Shoemaker and family escaped
without injury, but lost everything,
not saving even their clothing.
A picnic in mid-winter is what oc
curred in lleatrlcc last week. I ne (am
dies of O. K. Welsler. I. tiardnrr and
II. K. Norcross took advantage of the
pleasant weather and enjoyed a picnic
in the woods at the mouth of Hear
creek, four miles cost of the city. They
had gotten out thair parasols, fans ami
hammocks and eujoyed the day in true
A i*anti who has recently gathered
statistics informs us, says the tdbbou
lie aeon, that about SsikiKH' sheep arc
being fed for market in this state ihi»
winter, and at least #00.000 of the
number are along the line of the Tmoe
I'aeittc between tdbbou and Kremuut.
and tbal nearly oae tbird of the latu-t
number are In the immediate elclalty
of Shelton.
Hi sissss has been rushing thr |iasi
sis mouths In the Tatted stales Ism!
office at O'Neill Keceiver tWIIlaun
ears that the receipts of the office foi
the first «U months or the fiscal year
from July I. l»t*V to January I, l« “
were #**,074 M There were seven!,
homestead entries and ‘bo him. proofs
The receipts for the |«ast eu moa>h<
are about fw,um la es. ess of the firsl
sis mouths of |suv 'the register aa«i
iceelver ami their clerks ere kept vert
bung attending to their duties ami tht
ladmattoas are that at the sad of u..
(■reseat fiscal year. June the u Nell
office will he up near the head ot th<
I let,
Joaern KlUUi t«»al manager a
t.read Isiaad for the IsStswr Muse)
drawing aasoctatton my stermusly ila
appeared the day after t hriatmas a a.
ids wife sad family hate reemnl si
word fr»m him since. No cause ran it
aaerthed tor the act and fears are en
le* tamed for his safety
J tl |i st. ms a, oaeof Sewards now1
(Moatmeat eittaee* died last Wees
X I. Mottsi of Hebvwadmd of hear
la,>ar* I It-mgh he has m<l beea u
Ed health f«*r years, he had lotah
S fwsltag better haw usual amt hk
ih was a suriw se to ever»owe II.
wets! *w»l ml., the yard aad Wad label
bal * few Slavs wbeU he drowned .lead
fc’&i1 m lafr’rfii’tfi n
stay In Nebraska.
“How does New Mexico compare with
Nebraska?” was asked of W. I). Mes
senger, formerly of Oage county, who
wasted a year in searching for a better
place than this state. Here is hia
“It cannot compare with Nebraska at
all It raises nothing that Nebraska
does not raise, except a little fruit, and
does not raise half what Nebraska doea
The soil is not as good aa Nebraska
soil and the water Is not fit to use. The
Pecos river is a large stream, to be
sure, but It is fed with alkali springs
and its water is very bad. There ia
some water obtained from wells that ia
fairly good, but all the water must be
boiled before it can tie used safely.
They have no grains or corn, the
country is not suited for stock und
there is no stock raising there. The
climate cannot compare with our Ne
| braska climate, and Nebraska is a far
better country than the Pecos valley.
Pozens of families that were attracted
there by the wild stories circulated by
the company that owns most of the
lund, have moved out after losing all
the money they brought there. I.aml
sells for #35 an aero at the lowest ami
this includes a water right. If a man
buys forty acres and only wants to irri
gate ten acres he has to pay 81.2’> an
acre for water for the entire forty
acres, whether he irrigates all of It or
only one ucre. , What is more, this can
never tie paid out. and this tax of #50 a
year on forty acres for water goes right
| on for all time. He may pay up his
i land, but he can never escape that #50
I a year. I went into Old Mexico and
I Texas, but things are even worse there
I I have seen this southern country, and
| I am prepared to say that when a man
I leaves Nebraska and goes there he
makes a grand mistake.''
To Test the llnnnty l.aw.
Fremont dispatch: A second meet
ing of small beet growers was held at. j
the court house for the purpose of j
takiug further action against the Ox- ,
nurds for what it is claimed is unfair
treatment received at the hands of the I
factory. There was an attendance of .
I forty or fifty. It resolved itself into a i
! sort of an experience meeting, many of
1 those present relating their efforts at (
| beet growing. It developed that the
I — >1. . _ mau rlooilln/l I tr i n '
i favor of beet growing. The only boa
1 tllity was for whut la claimed to l>e un
I m*t treatment by the factory. A reso
lution waa paaaed declaring in favor of
tht; sugar beet industry provided it re
liable market can be hud for the pro
A written opinion wus read from
Judge Maxwell as to the legality of the
sugar bounty bill, lie stated that it
was illegal for the reason that it pro
vided for a bounty for both sugar and
chicory In the same bill; also that the
warrants issued for the payment of the
bounty were not good because they
could not be legally issued until after u
specific appropriation had been made
for them; also that the Oxnard* could
not be held for damages if, in making
their contracts, they gave the growers
to understand the sugar per cent had
never fallen below the so. 12 test and
was not likely to fall below that stan
Omslia anil W'luehagn Kesarvatlous.
Washington dispatch; The Nebraska
delegation members have been receiv
ing letters from parties in Nebraska re
questing them not to let the matter of
the proposed congressional investiga
tion into affairs at the Omaha and
Winnebago reservation in Nebraska
drop. This the delegation decided to
do at their meeting in Senator Allen's
room at the Maltby building at the be
ginning of this session. They cannot,
however, move in tlie matter until the
evidence taken by the committee dur
ing their recent visit to Pender has
been forwarded by those who have
it in charge to the delegation here,
i Upon receipt of the evidence it lias
been agreed by the Nebraskans in con
! gress, Senator Allen will introduce a
' resolution in the senate and Kepresen
1 tative Meiklejohn in the house, look
ing to the appointment of a congres
sional investigation committee.
Irrigation bv Artesian Well*.
One of the determined movements ii.
Knox county this year will be irriga
tion by means of artesian wells. Cap
1 italists of that locality have decided to
make it possible for every owner of ltlO
1 ueres of land to have an artesian well.
and siuee this is almost always a sure
, discovery at a depth of from 650 to T.'.o
j feet, less than fl.OftO thus invested in a
j well, a reservoir and necessary laterals,
1 i* considered the safest security that
' can It* found for capital. Tills is no
' longer a matter of experiment, wells
having been found in many parts of the
1 north half of Knox county and as far
west as old Fort liandali. The Nio
! hrara wells are wonders in their powar
1 and supply, the eight-inch well liuving
i a pressure of ninety-five (rounds. and
| tlie one fiiiishetl this winter lim ing |0?
! pound* pressure Olliers are in con
! temptation during the year.
It is believed by all who have made
' this a study that the insurance of crops
| in means of artificial moisture will »n
I aide that community to prosper more
effectually than in any other way
Nebraska *i W«.lo. <i„„
Washington dispatch Adjutant lieu
,-ral Harry of the Nebraska national
j guards writes to the Nebraska delega
lion urglag that they secure an appro
p alioii fur the arwtaf of the guard
j with the new government rifle
Me stale* ih*l the arm* now m use
I ate obsolete and of different calibres
, and that the money available from tbe
j covet timeui appropriation for tbe vaatit
. ns t* barely >a«n <Htl for tH|iui MlM* u l
A lit I t-itllfeiftif
litter | i rttB ftOi! I W#A
' i rr of llttr*«’)t SrU, Itilt twr«‘M mp \
|r. <iH|at| a t»f iKt* I im*% IttrUttfl J
» .t* aitUiUr t iiwriniioM Tilt ;
1 * WlU It# 1M (*•' 4«| §|4 j
4ft V 1H•
'•llUft H«t Hfftl #««|
( ' v|t%|HIIt’ll VlKA(tfl l(«4t
I \ ltd k r#il#h| 1**1#* t||m>4 |#l4f JT ait i
■ Iluf Ilalvrw»r ti*»A# HmilA #M4if#f A iHf (A#
iMtir *%■ >m iHdllyr, 4 K$v
t vlt |#fi«r# lh|l tiHttl
(of A iatt|f Km# I it« dfMUtr %|i4
i (|it# illtw ft#hi IImaI ktf 4 41 tiUlfi)
* | #4)4 <444 II*# yiififtl %•}•#*% #1 |i«#
t«it# til# wU'm um # Ilk# Ui«v rti
i lAip.'ii Hilt 4t*4|4i#«i |v 4 in
u* m«i«« III# 4Mmrf»t# M*#t iA# A#* l
«ft!>r■#•41 nf iA#i« 1141# fiill m*% k#
Him A Ni4i4t#4
It la Adopted by the Manila Foreign Ha
1st Inna Committee an tha Stand of tba
United Htat.ee — Acquisition of
Amarloan Territory by au
Altaa Power Will Not
He Permitted.
Wahiiinoton, .Ian. 20.—The resolu
tion drawn bv Senator Davln and
adopted by the Senate committee on
foreign relations yesterday, will prove |
to be a clear and strong enunciation
of the Monroe doctrine when its text !
is made public. It is a more forcible i
declaration than any that has been in
troduecd in Congress on this subject,
and Its terms are so explicit that they
cannot be misunderstood.
The maintenance of the Monroe
doctrine itM set forth in the resolution,
is held to he vital to the welfure of
this country and the countries of the
American continent. The doctrine, it. |
is asserted, Is now in force, and has
been in force ever since It was es
tablished by President. Monroe. The
resolution declares it to mean the
acquisition, by purcliuse. aggression
or otherwise, of any territory on the
American continent, by a foreign
power is an unfriendly act, and such
acquisition will not be permitted by
the United States
The most important feature is that
which touches upon a new phase of
the Venezuela question—the report
that England and Venezuela mav
reach an agreement and that English
money will settle 'lie boundary dis
pute. The resolution declares that
when boundary disputes on the Amer
ican continent between foreign gov
ernments and American governments
are decided by arbitwition, agreement,
purchase, or in any manner whatever,
tlie United States shall be the sole
judge as to whether the Monroe doc
trine has been violated in such arbitra
tion, or agreement. In fact, it means
tiiat arbitration or agreement between
foreign governments and governments
of tlie American continent as to bound
ary disputes cannot become binding or
effective unless sanctioned by the
United States, and this government is
satisfied that no part of the American
continent has been ceded to a foreign
power by such arbitration or agree
ment. This practically makes the
United States the arbitrator between
foreign governments and tlio.se of the
American continent in all boundary
This portion of the resolution is con
sidered most important and far-reach
ing in its effects. It caused misap
prehension among some uietptiers of
the committee, as it is claimed tiiat it
may lead to manv entanglements. On
the other hand, tlie supporters of the
resolution say it leaves everything in
the hands of the United States, where
the final decision should be. and that
the United States will interfere only
when the Monroe doctrine has been
The resolution is drawn with a view
of covering every possible contingency
that may arise in boundary disputes,
. .1 _- _1 _ i A.__
by one foreign government to another
on ttie American continent, or islands
that are considered a part of the
Western hemisphere.
Fifty Day* A licit, i of Any Fret Ion* Pen
sion Appropriation Kill.
Washington, .Ian. t!0.—The house
yesterday passed the pension appro- |
printiou bill, to the consideration of
which it has devoted the entire week,
and then adjourned until Monday.
It was announced in the debate that
the bills covering the amendments
ruled out would be reported from the
invalid peusious committee. The pen
sion hill as passed carries $141,3 li.SjO,
about JSO.liOO less than the estimate.
The bill wus passed tifty days ahead
of any previous pension appropriation
Ths 4 luanctal situation t onslilrrality Dis
turbs the slat* of Trails.
Nkw York, -lau '.‘0 K. U. Hun A
Co.'s weekly review of trade says:
••The situation could hardly be more
perplexing for business men. Practi
cal merchants, manufacturers or wank
ers can have little sympathy for those
who minimise their itiltlcuHirx No
uue doubts that the government will
raise money to meet obligations, but
huw far the money market will lie die
turbed or the treasury reserve Ural
tltuiiuUhed. uo one ean say. The Wus
iness world cannot know as yet how
far foreign i|uesttou» may upset calcu
lations. though there seems to be
every reason to expect peaceful settle,
"It cannot know what may be the
■luties on au> important aitiele in the
important class of imports a month
hence, whether liuiut t% are likely to
exceed vaport* and draw away y<dd.
whether the iieNeit of revenue will
eontlNwe or »ha> other taxation will
be levle I failure of the Vsstv to
lake any action upon Kuew.lal
measures |WtMeraevtfhy the pi vs .lent, or
those passe I si the ll .Use llfvc uU
favorahlv all blanches of bw« , ,.**
I utter tacit adverse eycttinstahc* || IS
actual. V encrwtmg'ng that shnusaga
la Hansa. .Ions and resulting w.suasf
■ al disasters hare not hex greater.
Hat four large failures w ithitt a day nr
twa indicate that lb. same eondlton
cannot continue without waeh am
ttarmena x t*.*v|vms«l !«-..«■,■ 4
St* Sous dan Lx t*rv. |eut
liar*isis s private u. rvlxiy has tan
ally annoua-d *he cuis age meal >1 the
tteneval to Sirs l .owi a, ami that
the wedding wilt not take place uatll
• ft*.v I.«at
Oenrntl I’mImtIJI, Hated l»y I titmii*. Now
In Command —A Cruel Man
Madrid, Jan. 20.—The cabinet has
decided to appoint Oeneral t’olavija
to replace Martinex Campos who Is
111, as captain general of the Spunish
forces in Cuba and governor general
of the island.
When the Spanish government wus
organizing its forces to oppose the Cu
ban Insurrection last, year, Oeneral
Polavija was slated by public rumor
for the position of cuptaln general of
the Npanlah forces In Cuba to succeed
Oeneral ('alien. It being doubtful at
that time whether Campos would be
willing to undertake the task. Hut
hia success as a pacificator in the
former insurrection led to the selec
tion of Campos, and a reliance upon
the more conciliatory policy which he
avowed it wan iiis Intention to pursue
toward the Cubans, witli the hope of
winning them to peace,
Oeneral Poluvija, according to all
reports, is a very different character.
He Is commander of the Spanish Sixth
army corps, and has not been without
experience in Cubs, where his name
seems to be hated and feared by the
insurgents, llu was on the island as
a subordinate to Martinez Campos at
the time of the Virginia affair. ■ u
ban patriots tell iruyiy stories of his
inhuman methods during the lust Cu
ban rising. One of these stories is to
the effect that he once sant a company
of soldiers to escort some Cuban
firisoners from the interior to
all. On the way uli the prisoners
were shot, it is said, by order of
Polavija. It has been claimed by the
Cubans, when previous rumors of Pol
avi ja's appoint merit to succeed Campo<
have been circulated, that Ills appoint
ment would drive inuny residents of
the island into the insurgent ranks
who had hitherto refrained from join
mg, owing to the confidence that Cam
pos would adhere strictly to all th
rules of warfare in his operation
against the insurgents.
Would-II* AmmnmIii Kill*.I by HU St
t*u<l*<l Victim Ml Oilmt I lly, Mo.
Jeff*;iikon City, Mo., Jan. 20.—One*
killed, four hilled. one escribed. Minn
marizcs the present condition of u
gang of toughs who invaded Cedar
City yesterday afternoon, and whose
apparent design was to visit Jefferson
City. It is probable that the dead
man and three others were profession
al cracksmen, and that the others are
simply plain, everyday tramps who
fell into bad company.
All six went into a Cedar City sa
loon and after drinking refused to
make full payment More drinks
were ordered, but the barkeeper would
not serve them. Then trouble began.
“Hliin/'one of the gang, undertook to
do a little barkeeping on his own ac
count. Citizens of the town appeared,
and “Slim” whipped out his revolver
and began a furllade. All of the
toughs retreated out of the building.
One of the men, who was not so drunk
as the rest, made his escape, and has
not since irtsen captured.
“Slim” walked backward, firing as
he went. Other members of the gang
were too drunk to act with him.. Citi
zens. armed with shotguns, riflos and
pistols. gathered rapidly. Charles
Gilbert, of Cedar City, emptied a
double load of shot into •‘81im,” killing
him instantly, and then the other
members of the gang weakened. Con
BLaUiU uuili auu .uainiiat i khi luirnwu
them and succeeded in protecting
them from tlie now thoroughly ex
cited people. Cries of “Hang them!”
"Lynch them!” "Let ropes!” etc.,
were very common, but better counsel
Died Out of Consideration for His family.
.Maksuai.i., Ma, Jan. 20.—Intelli
gence reached this place to-day of the
suicide by shooting through the head
of Allen Ilobvos, aged '10, a farmer, in
the eastern part of this county. His
farm was mortgaged for$J,lKH), and he
had life insurance for the same
amount. He wanted to leave his fam
ily the home plaee.
Kansas l it*. Mo , .Inn. H) I'ln-r,- was an un
locked for iiicrSHse in I lie roesipU of wheat
h«> p to-day VI ,-srs lint few or no more sain
pies than usual were displayed on the tallies.
Demand wn. bride, owing to the s|ieciibitivo
adva nc#, ini i price* were a cent higher. A car
of choice upmig wheat hold at cenU.
Hard wh<*Ht No. 2, tflc; No. A. V7t; No
4, 4mc rejected. 9-74440); no grad*, 80a Soft
wheat N«*. /, 70o No ». tto No. 4. r»Vi
reject*!. *»w. Sj»r»n/ wheat No. 2 Mtn; Nu
8, j c; reject* I, £44 Via, white «pn ig wheat,
M'« bttc.
i orn -Sir J. Si'+oi No. t, 21'.jn, No 4, 21 <42 Cj
white corn, No 2, - c.
Oats No. 3, 1*4*17o No 4, l*'4c; No t. 14!,
»i Ite; tio giade, 1441 lie; No A- whit*, ike,
No X white* 17c.
Hym >o 2. 91c; No 4. Aki No 4, We
Hraa »2C| 4o 4a UM-tb mscW* hoik, ne In**.
||ay Timothy, clone*, Ili.Vialt.tfi, Nu I
•luuofUt ; No. ?, I . *r No ii.tiUMliki,
faav.y prairl*. 97, choic*. Nu I
No I, li xmi.au pecking hay,
98.UM4 I >*J
Hcmm 1 ore rthort tool common tiHfli par
toe. *>17 work»ug. fair to g***l 9 &<#*>'» per 4*m;
s M a L . Si., .til . ... .. . .A *
eur». »<»«**> p*’» I.M«, all hurl. par *un
Mtutillim Ui uualll*
Kpp» klrklljr ||>«|| rai.llol ah ask. IM par
|‘uultrr l.l«a lamllti !!«••, »H«. itrllNp.
»H*I (.«•»'••. IW > >•«*»<. H'*a Turkan.
krnr. Ittl't#. |p444«wkTv- I'kka. I iNV U»m
Itl l'i ■ k ria<H«t« .lull. a>a par .ha. Dt. aaarl
hour *'r«i •tutu*. 1 »w; lutkan law*.
»H* pubbiora, aai iltiaka, iH»bi pooka. Ml
Ihiiioi I h wwai. nln utuukii tb tnb
IV, . I*.. k'i lau'i •• U»r. la. ih»
packa l >r< .1. I" Mr .< I «•• !«•. w. autuiWr
m4I, torn I * ahtaao Mr.
kpt'b-a *l«4l • hkttol *ol. aa Mak a* M li.
hwi *j*;« (a>« baml. a halva M .1 »J.
«Mt*«..« • •*'«» « M#t but*«4
l*a«at>- ■ Hw it •«■»«* MuM bir I ima
«,*»«.« a.» >b..l» u*k* pat Whit
ko* lata t. II ttW put bu
lit* Marb
k *«**• • Ml, k t, Jot* it t*Wla ■•»«»*•
Ip .«l«« t|, .h it'-l p.itaki lib #4
Hat tta - •ttaok IW uuirk I aaa ho*.l«>Ut
iHttw I ka 1 atal . apatt »ia»«* UblM
(m« oo4 l*lu» tU»» .. fS.'tki
lat Mol bath.. • .. 1 •»»*»
Utaakar* ar l b> 4a<< t.io *«k*A W
Ik taai t.lpiT
II «• 4*aa»pka. I s* •h**pa<4 r..l.<4at
LP« fW aplrl ••• a* lira «a4 M klabor
Ik, krn mI ka k* • 4kI Ik awih al mbM
Inaa ba b» **
.taa». k-a-lph •* .htpparl < ••> -lot,
pk Iha miM kka * a4»
flat MW a tap PM taproMklaWta 0k>»»
K V»**o M
Wt'IK ‘ . J *'
Ml *Wap (i * • *
The Document Referred to the tommli
tee on Fahltr I.himU—Mentation tn
nted bf ■ Fervent I'reyer for Ntrai
|lln| Culm — further Consideration <
the Pension Appropriation Hill.
ft pedal Hmmiii to i ongre
WaaniROTOR, Jan. It.-Tho Praa
dent to-day sent a special niessage t
the House urging the necessity to
immediate legislation to extend th
limit of time within which suite ca
be brought by the government to an
nul grants of publiu lands
He called attention to the nnmeroti
complications that hud arisen betweei
railroads as to grants that overlapped
and the necessity for adjustment
The time in which Mills can he brougli
expires March 3, I Wirt, and if the tlm
limit were allowed to expire then i
portion of the adjustment act wouli
bo rendered nugatory. The govern
ment, tlie president nays In conclusion
j should not tie prevented from goini
i Into the court* and righting wrong
! perpetrated bv Its agents.
1 he message was referreil to th
committee on public lunds.
There was a most unusual demon
atration at the opening of the sessloi
of the House to-day. The blind chap
lain, whose ardent Americanism ha
frequently occasioned remark, prayei
fervently to-day for "strugglini
Cuba'' and the "success of her hattl
for independence" and when he eon
eluded the sentiments lie had express*)
were given a hearty round of upplausc
On motion of Mr. (Iambic of Noutl
j Dakotu, Republican, a bill was passe<
grunting to the city of Chamberlain
H. D., tiie right to use American islum
in the Sioux Indiun reservation.
The House then went into a commit
tee of the whole for the consideratioi
of the pension appropriation bill. Th
Senerul debate on the bill closed to
ay arid the bill was opened to amend
ment under the five minute rule,
It Gets llie National Democratic ('olivet
tlon After a Hard tight
Washington, .tan, is,—The Demc
cratic national convention will b
held at the city of Chicago on July i
That was the decision reached by tic
national Democratic committee afte
an interesting, and at times exciting
session, which continued until 1
o'clock last night.
The main interest, of course, cen
tered in the choice of the conventioi
city. For this honor there were fou
applicants. Chicago, St. Louis, Cincin
nati ami New York. Thirty minute
was allowed each city in which to pr«
sent its claims. The speeches, mail
bv distinguished citizens in each in
stance, were of high order of excel
lcnce, and, at times, aroused th
greatest enthusiasm. The bailotini
began about 0 o'clock ami, from tb
first, a long and bitter atruggle wa
Kx-Hovernor Francis, lloverno
Stone, Mayor Walbridge and Senato
Vest spoke for St. Louis.
The first ballot resulted: Chicago
6; Cincinnati, it; St. Louis, 19: Nev
York. H. There was practically n<
change, except a light fluctuation of i
vole or two, until the tenth ballot
when Chicago began gradually to in
crease her vote at the expense of Nev
York At the twentieth ballot Nev
York’s strength was rapidly diainte
grating, her vote going almost bodil;
to Chicago. Hut St. Louis, wiiich hai
tenaciously clung to her nineteei
votes, also captured several of Cincin
nati's votes, and on the ballot befor
the last led Chicago by one vote. Oi
the last ballot, the twenty-ninth
which was taken shortly before 1
o’clock, the four remaining votes o
New York were thrown to Chicago
and she obtained liie necessary plural
ity. Senator Hrice voted for Cincin
nati to the last.
t An examination of the vote bi
States shows that St. Louis had prac
i tlcally ilie solid support of the frei
silver votes in the committee.
Tlia House Will 1‘ass the I.aoay MU
Hllglltly A iiif mle<|.
Washington, .Ian. lfb —The "fre
homes" bill, which was prepared b
| Mr. Lacey and which differs from th
; Flynn hill only that it is general il
| application and not restricted to Okla
i homa, will be fuvorubly reported t
! the House with amendment. That wa
(j•*< h1i hi lu im v » mvruui; ui ui
! committee nit public lands. Flynn'
bill, It will be remembered, was 01
dr red reported without amendment
N|ieaker Heed liaa completed Ilia uo
otlieial eonalderaliou of the latter bil
and declare* privately mat lie favor
it. winch la but kindlier way of saylii,
that it will pane the House, tiu tb
otheHiaiid.HecretaryHmilh said he wa
opposed to the measure aud the whol
theory upon which It la baaed. II
has not vet prr|iared the statement u
bis view* which the House retjuesiei!
aud may not lie able to for aevera
days, but when it la received it will b
found to he an uncoiupromlaiug con
demnaliou of the hill aud ItsprinclpK
t'nder ihe hlymi bill, none of th
tattlers who have purchased lauds n
Ilia government In Oklahoma, wbl*
Include* the great bulb of the setllvn
will he required to pay a dollar of th
purchase money he has ag reed to pay
Nothing more than the custumar
land n#L . fees will be eaucted
I udvr the Lacey bill Ihe n lease * i
tenets to all such settler* la every alal
aud territory
tbs tireul tlousus r«IS* Me UraUl
Him tale i.wl t coot HUMS
Hi* V«*h .*a« l* Tb# I'reaa tbl
ai.outng says Nicola Ivsla. the elm
tm iaa has la seated an uppaiatu
which be believe* will sure any in
taut* disease '* •«** year* ago, wbe
Ir fe*t# made public an outline e
the ««r*. au tuatrlan doctor applied I
la a crude way to lb* cure of sevara
patients suite ting from tubereuluat* c
the lung* the apparatus h »omm
thing like iba nwediah movement ears
|t give* it** abuwh* a *e»omt It rate
e* Mayor Musa *• Hewitt of hi* live
trouble in one day. Hr I esta aava
The Throne Speech—To Establish Co
* Operative Grsnarlee.
HER?.is. .Ian. Id—The Prussian diet
was opened at noon to-day in the
White hall of the schloss. The speecit
from the throne was devoted to do
mestic affairs. Mills were announced
for extending the railroads, for im
* proving tlie position of school teachers,
I to extend! lie establishment of cham
I Iters of commerce, etc. It was added
j that the government will employ
I every means to remedy the condition
. of husbuudrv and that it intends to
' propose furnishing financial assistance
9 to those shown to be in need of it, to
r establish co-operative granaries and to
' legislate in regard to the tenure of
1 leasehold land.
* | - ■ .— .
Hslllnglon Month Strut Resign.
» ■ New Volta. Jan. 16. Salvation fol
1 lowers received a violent si dick last
* night whun it was rumored that an
‘ order had come from General Month in
1 London to the effect that hi* son and
’ rlaugliter-in-lii w, < omniandcr and* Mr*.
| Halllngtou liooth, must relinquish
their American leadership at the end
, of March. It, is supposed that the
' London authorities object to the atren
' iinull efforts made by the leaders to
* I Americanize the movement.
•Isnisson Will Mr Trlrrl In tinglaiiil.
■ ' Pretoria, Jan. 16. -The final agree
i ment between President Kruger and
' Mir Hercules Robinson, governor of
J Cape Colony, regarding the disposal of
prisoners captured as a result of Hr.
f ' Jameson's raid into the Transvaal,
’ was completed yesterday. Hr. Jmiie
r I son and his officers will fe tried in
j Kngland
I l Nineteen Hrowneil.
I '
| DovKII. ilao. lb, — The steamship
| fesgar of Barcelona was sunk in col
■ lision with the Herman ship Nereus,
. during a fog off Ramsgate last even-/
I ing. and nineteen of her crew were'
s drowned. The Nereus. which left
• Iquiqite October M for Hamburg, lias
• been towed to a place of safety.

A Crook***! Hank I miflit
I’kiikv, Okla., Jan. lb. — News was
’ received here tiiut J. V. N. Uregory is
1 under arrest at Hexter, Mich lie was
I president of the defunct First Ntate
" bank, which failed here (September 17
5 last and left a hundred depositors io
the lurch.
J ! -
r ( An Hawaiian Caliln Project.
t | Washington, Jan, 1C.—The Senate
1 committee on foreign relations granted
a brief hearing to Representative Me
" I Cormick, Admiral Irwin and others
• to-day in favor of the Pacific Fable
p i company of New York, for the eon
i struetion of a telegraphic cable from
’ the Pacific coast to Ha wail, Tfievrep
I resented tiiat this comoany would un
5 dertake to construct the line provided
i for within three years, upon the con
i dition that the United states would
5 pay the company annually for iO year*
I a sum equal to 8-’-r< for each nautical
5 mile of the line.
i -
TIis Nicaragua (.anal Krlirmc.
r Washington, Jan. lb.—The Nicar
r cgua canal scheme received some little
attention yesterday from the House
' committee on interstate and foreign
, commerce, when Chairman Hepburn
designated a sub-committee of seven
to have special charge of ail proposed
l i legislation for building the canal.
, | It is intimuted tiiat a special message
, 1 giving President Cleveland's views
upon tlie canal and transmitting the
r ‘ report of the canal comml-skm... will
I , i>e sent to Congress within a mont h.
i •
. ; Talmage Slay Keslgn.
• i Washington, Jan. Ib. — It would not
i surprise the members of the First Pres*
. 1 byterian church to hear within the
1 next few days the announc -mcnt. that
' the Uev. T. DcWitt l'aliuagc lias re
’ 1 signed from the copastorate, of tiiat
I ehurch. The former Brooklyn divine
has, it is said, staled to several mem
bers of tlic board of trustees his de
sire to withdraw from the field lie
dislikes to be a party to the trouble
‘ .. I.nu tt.,. ..1.. ..
tutul Knw Mill ruplonlon.
• I 8TBWAHTSVILLB, Mu., .Jan. Hi —The
boiler of a portable saw mill, belong*
I in# to Fred Ihtbner, ten iniler, MHith
! went of here, exploded last evening*,
8 i instantly killing two of bin children
~ and badiy injuring the proprietor.
1 -
. (^notations I rum New York, 4 lileago. *1.
j I .out*. Oiimliu and I Ua where
1 itutter t’reamery separator i« ««4 :<»
9 , butter--l air to good country 11 on t«
■ u'g* I'rvuti 14 ss Ij
< iiii'ken* Mreeaed, per t» u us 7
• I link* IVr* * *•»
I urkey* Perl* II & 1
I'rali1erhleken* I'ardos .... 0 »4i <14 v#»
• tiWM1 IVr t- 7 «<«. *
i ! I.ettioti* I'liolce Mi kklliiu 4 <W P t *"
» 1 »’rauge* IVr Inn I <1/ # t *
Apple* IVr util '1 11 **
f vital potatoes liiHU'l. per I'M 1 1ft ^ A*
b 1 1‘utauir* IVr bit 4k u 4»»
k ] lieu us Nmvv bund-pie ed.bu I 40 # I St
I < runiwrrie* * ap*' t od. pr.bld li fti tdlu •••
9 Hay I iduml per ton H«i *• < »*
0 ; “n on* IVr bit 14 O *
« broom t orn tlrwu pur t J si >4
i Hoi* Mtsed packing » *0 <*4 4 A.
• ! 11 ««e» heavy Weight* u 44 # • Vi
1 *t.-cker* ai»U feeder*. .‘40 4* .1 O
. t**»*UMet*f* Ip a 4 ^
9 1 frail* . Ilu • t
• I *tag» .. ....... 4 *4» *4 t o
l» t <*l«e* ............. i I • W »
p it sea .* ........ ..... I p u 4 .V*
; t mu* .. 1«* a n
1 1 Heifer* ..... I 7. US 1 ¥*
I Western* ......... » it %4 * 4*
beep I littlu if* • 4 V*
' *keep Mttednulite* 1 U W * n
1 | » tilt AtiU
Wheat No I, spring *Hg%l ,
' »"ii |ViUi . , *», ** JP .
» *»• rat bu ...... l«Vw ,’dg
, I'ttrk . ... i * Im
V atd I 4ftpft A 4 <
1 < utile tom men to at luitfk 4 W - t *.*
hog* bn*n« ! A # 1 *
*ne»p | and* ... 1 # y§ t J %
I Shaep Wrdkii* I SI git
t MW | tilth
Wheal So , ted titht «?hd tl
o# n S p t u ■ .»,
§ t*a»* So 1 M # > «
fas ts
• It Lul l.
», .*•»•« V* 1 I. • • *1
„ I •<**• *•». b«* •« .« .
| . ... IV. ku ll ^ |, ,
*<>•#' kj**4 mkMm, . if • *
I . «i!w .M 11 f I m 1
• Vel"**- ill;? |
StMMkt • «, M. m
i usi:/ .. 11 t
t »*.• «•» .Ml t> .4*.. I N It |k
» h.*. I
W*f /*<•«* I Fl i t k s

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