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Ihe AtfttMjr £o|ii.ilian
Saturday.April 15,1870
Preaching in the Presby
terian church in tliisplaceon
Sunday; Rev. AV. B. Bing
ham pastor.
Preaching in the Methodist
church in <his place on Sun
(ia\; ituv. !. M. Weems,pus
Sheriff Cook has a new ad
vertisement in this issue; see
for yourselves.
- * « • 4 -----
Ranger Akin gives notice
in this issue that .1. Bay ley
has taken up as an estray,one
black horse mule.
The Gleaners propose giv
ing a Strawberry Festival on
tbe 18th inst,and respectfully
solicit the patronage of the
Mrs. A. L. Morehead,
Mrs. E. E. lN8LEE,'Sec’y.
Special-Xotice.—A call
ed meeting of Hazlelmrst
Grange Xo. 22, is ordered for
Saturday 22d day of April to
confer degrees and to consid
er other business of special
importance to the Grange.—
The lady members are ex
pressly invited to attend
promptly. W. J. Rea,w. m.
Floyd Ford, scc’y.
Dr. Jesse R. Jones, the
great medicine man of Crys
tal, was in our city on Wed
nesday, and called to tell us
W. W. King and John R.
Griggs, two handsome young
printers, were in to see us on
Thursday; they aie now dea
lers in improved stencil plates,
key tags, etc,and are on their
way to Texas. Johnny Griggs
will he remembered by Ha
zleliursters as the orphan boy
who was for a number of
years connected with Mie Co
pialian. We commend our
young friends to the favora
ble consideration of the press
along their route.
Personal. — Our young
friend Dr. Sexton was in to
see us the first of tho week
and deposited a few green
backs for the Pet.
Marion Higdon, like his
daddy, always pays his sub
scription in advance—thanks
for cash.
Jo Horne Catching, of old
Georgetown, was in to see us
on Saturday, and in accord
ance with annual custom,left
cash for the Pet.
P. H. Davis, our late can
didate for supervisor in the
third district, has thanks for
cash favors; he always pays.
Our old-time friend,W. A.
Wade, of Gallatin, always
comes to time with the cur
rency; many thanks.
John C. Wade, another old
time friend, has numerous
thanks for many greenbacks.
Mid Beasley, of south-east
Copiah, was in on Tuesday,
and said that notwithstand
ing the tornado ruined him,
he still had a little left for
the Owl; thanks for cash.
Major Ed Brown h is again
placed us under obligations
for cash favors.
Judge J. K. Stanley,one of
our old-time neighbors of the
lower White Oak, was in on
Thursdiy and deposited aY;
many thanks.
Whew! now we come to
our friend, J. W. Sandifer,of
north-east Copiah, who came
in on Tuesday, and squared
up for nine years. Honest
men, though scarce, are not
all dead. Long live J. W. S.
Wanted.—To hire for the
season, a good farm horse, or
mule ; enquire at Co|)iahan
office. 33
J '* , .
■l/« -v,- ■: ' >-■
[ • *
The Lady Gleaners of tho
Presbyterian church will give
a strawberry and ice cream
Festival, in the basement of
♦ lie Methodist church, next
! T uesday evening at 7o’clock.
I Our old gentlemen should go
j and take their families; oui
! young gentlemen should go
and take llieir sweethearts.
Those who fail to attend will
miss a great and interesting
treat. Charges will corres
pond with the times.
Not Sake.— We are re
quested by Hon. Thomas J.
Catching, president of board
of supervisors, to state that
the Bridge across the Bayou
Pierre, on the Port Gibson
road, is not sate for a team
and loaded wagon, nor can it'
be repaired until the waters
in that stream go down. Per
sons residing in the western
part of the county, and oth
ers, should take due notice.
J. W. Anderson, the great
boot and slioe manufacturer
on Greene street, lias tliebest
and most complete stock of
material ever brought to this
place. Gall and see him when
you want any thing in his
line; his terms are reasona
ble. _
That good old reliable pa
per,the Brandon Republican,
is now printed with new type;
we are rejoiced to see this ev
idence of prosperty. Every
tax payer in Rankin,especial
ly, should stand by the incor
ruptible Erantz, for he has
stood by them during the
long dark years thro’ which
we have passed.
Copiah Circuit court com
mences next Monday the 17th.
Judge Millsaps will preside
at this teim, which perhaps
will close up his official ca
reer. The Judge is entitled
to the honor of having been
at all times and under aU cir
cumstances, since he joiucd
that party, an uncompromis
ing radical; he goes down
with his party without any
regrets ur apologies for his
political course. We would
like to see men of his grit en
gaged in a better cause.
Dr. Ben Catching has re
moved his Dental office to his
building at the corner of Rail
road avenue and Greene st,
where he would be pleased to
see all persons wanting work
in his lino; he is a skillful
and reliable Dentist.
The editors of theCopiahan
return thanks to the Lady
Gleaners of the Presbyterian
church of this place, for the
compliment of having been
made honorary members of
the Society.
C, W. Birdsong has moved
to the Roberts place 2 miles
west of Hazleliurst, and we
wish linn abundant success
as a tiller of the soil.
Col. John Dampcer, anold
and for many years a promi
nent citizen ot Simpson coun
ty, is dead.
A Boston dispatch of the
8th says: MrsB.E.Butlerdied
in the Ma ssachusetts General
Hospital, where she had been
taken for an operation fox
cancer of the throat.
We republish the following
order made at the April term
of the Copiah Board of Su
That the order made at the
March term 1876, allowing
W W Cook, jailor, $34 50,
for feeding prisoners, be and
the same is hereby revoked,
and the warrant issued on said
order cancelled by the clerk,
because said allowance was
improvidently made, said ac
count not having been allow
ed by the Circuit court as re
quired by law, in such cases.
13P* Go to Rogers & Bro.
for Stock well’s patent Wall
Hoover’s Chill Tonic.
The old favorite agaiu in the field.
A never failing remedy for chills
and fevers. A speedy and certain
cure guaranteed or money refund
ed. Price one ($1) dollar per bottle.
April 15, ’70-41 Sole Agents.,
A meeting of tlie Execu
tive Committee of the demo
cratic-conservative party of
Copiah county,is hereby call
ed for Saturday, the 15th day
of April, 1876,for the purpose
of calling a County conven
tion to elect delegates to the
State convention, and for the
transaction of such other bu
siness as may be considered
necessary. A full attendance
is roquesled. The committee
will meet at 10 o’clock, a. m,
in the committee room over
the store of M. Paler & Co.
Tim E. Cooper, Cliiu’n.
Hazlelmrst, April 1, ’76.
Wo a>’e delighted to find
the Sunny South, published
at Montieello, by C. N. Jones,
among our exchanges, this
week; being published in an
adjoining county it affords us
pleasure to place the South
on our exchange list.
We have been requested to
announce that Hazlehurst
Academy will on next Mon
day the 17th, commence as a
public school. The Academy
is one of the host schools in
this part of the State.
Excursion.—The Legis
lative excursionist passed our
rown in line spirits Wednes
day to visit the great maim
factoring establishment at
The Jackson Cornet Band
gave «is a stirring tune as they
The learned body of Law
Makers was welcomed to
the town of Wesson by
Col. Wesson, tbe founder of
Mie town. The Col. was fe
licitous in his remarks—
among other good things, as
suring the visitors that “they
were extended the privileges
of the floors of the House and
the Senate, during their stay
in the City.
Hon. Amos R. Johnson re
sponded ably as usual, when
tbe party took dinner at the
expense of Col. Richardson
and afterwards were shown
through the Mills, w ith the
magnitude ot which they
were no less astonished than
delighted. As the train hear
ing tbe excursionists passed
north in the evening, Brit
tain’s Cornet Band played a
stirring air from the Hotel
Crystals. — The Monitor
of the Oth comes to us enlarg
ed and well filled with inter
esting reading. Success to
our iron-clad neighbor, from
which we take these items:
Geo. H. Appel hasfinished
an addition to bis store, on
the south and on Jackson st,
which is a great improve"
A. O. Middleton has receiv
ed his spring and summer
stock of men’s and boy’s clo
thing,which he offers torualo
at. his clothing emporium, on
Marion avenge. Middleton
keeps nothing but the best
goods— and the bestgoods are
always the cheapest.
The Rhymes Brothers are
continually receiving addi
tions to their always complete
stock of goods.
R. B. Mims & Co. havead
ded to their large stock of
staple dry goods and groce
ries a complete stock of eve
ery thing needed by the ladies,
such as trimmings, ribbons
embroidery, buttons, gloves,
white goods, artificial flow
The Brookhaven Ledger
has manifested a cormorant
ish disposition and swallowed
the Citizen. Good luck to
you, Henry.
New Goods.
I desire to inform my friends and
customers that I have just re
ceived a small but beautifnl stock
of Ladies’ Trimmed and Uutrim
rued Hats ot the latest styles. Also
an assortment of Ribbons, Trim -
mings, Scarfs, Silks, and something
of everything usually kept in the
millinery line, all of which I am
selling very low for cash. Call auu
examine my stock before purcha
sing elsewhere. Soliciting a liberal
patronage, I am, very respectfully,
mrs. katb m. redding.
April 15, 1876.
The Port Gibson Reveille
says: In the case of Bell vs.
The Oily of West Point, the
Supreme Court of Mississip
pi have recently decided a
question of considerable in
terest to a large class of liti
gants. The court, decide that
J ustices of the Peace have
jurisdiction in all actions for |
the recovery of debt, or dam-1
ages, or personal property ^
This settles the question ofj
jurisdiction in Replevin in
favor of Justices of the peace
which had been heretofore
unsettled by the ruling of
J udge Millsaps.
Hon. Geo. W. Harper, of*i
Hinds, in a cominmiication
to the Hinds County Gazette
makes the following state
ment, of the w ork accomplish
ed by our Legislature :
1. A reduction in the sala
ries of all State officers, and
their clerks.
2. A reduction in the
ries allowed all Judges,
cellors and District
3. A reduction Til
ber of all the clerk! w
departments at Jaclftftn.
L A reduction|in the num
ber of Circuit Judges, Chan-'
cellors and District Att’ys.
5. A reduction of one" half
in the rates heretofore paid
for the State printing, and a
great reduction in the amount
of printing ordered.
0. All power taken from
the Governor over the Peni
tentiary management, and
that institution made self
supporting, by being leased,
of being a tax of $75,500 a
year on the State Treasury.
7. The repeal of the Mili
tia Gatlin gun law, which
authorized the Governor to
send parties of armed raiders
through the State to intimi
date and influence elections.
S. A new, cheap, intelli
gent and efficient registration
law, instead of the expensive
Radical law.
9. A very considerable gen
eral reduction in the expen
ditures, State and county,
provided for.
10. The passing of the ne
cessary resolutions for a pop
ular vote on an amendment
to the Constitution for bien
nial sessions.
11. The same action look
ing to the abolition of the
unncessary oflico of Lieuten
12. The virtual abolish
ment of the Commissioner
of Immigration, with its an
nual expenditure of from
$15,000 to $20,000, which
was useful only in supplying
Griggs and his carpetbag
companions with rine salaries
and fat stealings.
13. The repeal of the ini
quitous Equalization law,
which was designed by tbe
Republican managers to rob
the people of Mississippi of
their lands under color of
11. An apportionment of
the State for Congressmen to
take tbe place of the district
ing bill made in tbe interest
of the carpet-naggers.
15. The formation of new
Circuit and Chancery court
districts, to conform with the
reduced number of Circuit
Judges and Chancellors.
10. The repeal of the ini
quitous Judicial Printing law
which was designed to break
down every legitimate news
paper in tbe State, and sub
stitute a press subservient to
Ames and his party bench
17. The election of Lamar
totbe U. S. Senate in place of
Ames who was the candidate
of the Radical party.
18. The removal of Cardo
550, of surprising fame, from
the office of State Superin
tendent of Education,through
articles of impeachment.
19. The impeachment, tri
al and conviction of Licuten
nant Governor Davis, for
granting pardons to peniten
tiary convicts for money, and
his removal from office.
26, The removal of Gov
ernor Ames from office, un,
der articles of impeachment,
thusthrowiugthe entire State
Government, with the ap
pointment of all the Chancel
lors, J udges, School Superin
tendents, etc., in the hands of
the Conservative Demo racy.
-- — —- . .
To-morrow, the 16tli, is
Easter Sunday; look out' for
your gardens.
ISFCall at Feet’s drug store
in Beauregard for Halman’s
fever, ague and liver pad.' 31
_ ....
Mrs. 2J. J. Hooker keeps
one of the best and most, plea
sant hotels on the road and
we cheerfully commend that
house to all visiting Beaurie.
As many of our readers do
tlicir trading at Beaurie, we
commend those wanting fam
ily groceries and confection
eries, to call at the house of
M. A. Janes; soda water and
temperance drinki always on
Bloom & Co,of Beauregard,
have a fresh and complete as
sortment of drugs,medicines,
and everything else, usually
kept in a first class drug es
tablishment. Physicians and
farmers invited to call and
examine quality and prices.
Do not forget that drugs,
medicines, <fcc,are very cheap
•at the drug store of S. A.
Beets. 31
The best beer, cider,wines,
brandy, whisky, etc, for sale
at ‘Our Saloon,’ in Beauric,
oif the cheap for cash plan
that’s the place for thirsty tar
heels to get the worth of t heir
shim lusters.
When you have occasion to
go to town call upon some
poor man of your acquaint
ance, makes no difference
whether you respect him very
much or not; call, especially
if he has been unfortunate
and lost about all be bad by
tire, water or tornado; makes
no difference bow many of
vour friends and children are
with voujust step into where
his wife is trying to prepare
a scanty meal and tell her
you’l be round for dinner,and
be sure to be, and carry all
your company,and if the poor
fellow happens to hare a stall
or place in which you can
stable your horses, stop with
him all night with all the
horses you hare,he’l treat von
kindly; and if ho is a man
trying to make an honest liv
ing follow him to his office,
and don’t foiget to ask him
for a bit of his best tobacco,
and then out with your stink
ing pipe and smoke the poor
man out of bis office; ov oth
erwise, while lie is writing
and trying to arrange some
little thing that may bring
bis poor wife andeliilda mor
sel of bread, do you just set
yourself to work, either walk
around the room and pry into
every nook and corner, or
pick tip his tools and cut the
counter or any thing that
happens to be lying round
loose; or, while one of your
party does all that kind of
pleasant business, do you set
down and maliciously tell lies
upon the man whose b'-ead
you have just swallowed to
till your capacious stomach.
Do this for the amusement
of the by standers and to the
mortification of him who has
just spread before you (at the
labor of a weary wife,) the
best lie bad; and when you
sting him to the heart, take
your leave without saying
good day. But don’t forget to
call again w hen yon return to
town, and don’t cairy a mess
of poik, rice, beans, potatoes,
or anything to feed your hor
ses upon; just call and do as
you did before, and get all
of your friends to do as you
do, and you will always be
well entertained when you
visit your old friends in town,
especially if you have the
brass to keep it up. People
in town are ever happy to see
any of their old acquaintan
ces of the above stipe, (in a
born.) Artemus, jr.
The New Orleans cones
pondent of the Handsboro
Democrat: Mrs. A. M. Hol
brook—our ‘‘Pearl Rivers”—
has become the sole proprie
tor and literary irbitress and
editor of the Picayune—a pa
per so blended with the past
glories of New Orleans, and
which still shines a beacon
light in these days of strug
gle and vicissitude. I know
that every reader you have—
that every Mississippian will
now regard this sterling and
ably * conducted paper with
renewed interest, and will
wish its fair and gifted owner
unbounded success.
Go to the Gleaners’ Festival
next Tuesday evening. It,
will be in the basement of the
Methodist church.
We learn from the Clarion
that the following judicial ap
pointments have been made
l.y Gov. Slone,and confirmed
by the Senate:
.1. A. I*. Campbell, to the
Supreme Bench, to succeed
Circuit Judges:
J A Green, 1st district;
J W C Watson, 2d dist;
B P Trimble, 4th dist;
Win Cothran, 5th dist;
J S Hamm, 7th dist;
S S Calhoun, Oth dist;
J M Smylie, 10th dist;
Chancellors :
L W Houghton, 1st dist;
Gen ('has Clarke, 4lh dist;
B W YV illiamsun, 5th dist;
Geo Wood, 7th -.list;
« ♦ * » »— --
Circuit and Chancery court
First—Tishomingo, Alcorn I'ren
tiss. Itawamba, Leo, Monroe and
Second—Tippah, Benton, Marsh
all, La fa vet te, Yalobusha, Union,
Pontotoc and Calhoun.
Third DeSotn. Tale, Panola, Tal
lahatchie, Grenada, Tunica and Cn
Fourth— Bolivar, Washington. Is
saquena. Warren and Sunflower.
Fifth- L< llo:c, Carroll. Montgom
ery, Choctaw, Sumner, Holmes and
Six th-Koinper, Lauderdale,Clarke,
Wayne. Perry, Green, Jack-on.Har
rison, Hancock, Pearl and Marion.
Eiglitli-Rankin, Leake, Neshoba,
Scott, Newton, Jasper, Smith, Simp
son. Covington, Jones, Lawrence.
Nmtli-Y’azoo, Madison,Hinds and
Tenth-CIaiborne, Jefferson, 'Wil
kinson, Adam*, Amite, Franklin,
Lincoln and Pike.
•T. L. McCulIuin, 1st Vice
President of the Mississippi
Press Association has issued
the following circular:
Owing to liis absence from
the State, Hon. H. D. Mon
ey, President of the Missis
sippi Press Association, has
requested me, as First Vice
President of said Associa
tion to proceed to do all and
singular the things which he
would have to perform were
he in Mississippi, in further
ance of the interest of that
Pursuant to that request 1
hereby make it known that
the Mississippi Press Associ
ation will hold its annual
Convention for the year 1870,
at Holly Springs, commenc
iivg on the first Wednesday
in Juno. A full attendance
of the members is particular
ly desired,as the meeting will
be an interesting and impor
tant one. The annual oration
will be delivered by the able
and scholarly Major W. C.
Capers; the annual Essay
will he read by Major E. G.
Wall, of the Fanner’s Vindi
cator, and flic annual poem
by Capt. C. E. Merrill, of the
Greenwood Valley Sentinel.
At the last Convention
Mrs. Annie T. Clark, of Kos
eiusko, and Miss-Down
ing, of Raymond, were reques
ted to write poems to he read
at the Convention of 187G.
All the appointees will doubt
less be present and discharge
the duties assigned them.
The very finest of chewing
tobacco at. the drug store of
E. C. Williamson. Also fine
Havana and Domestic Se
gars. 32-3t
Port Gibson Reveille ofthe
8th: We lour irom Mr. Hen
ry Marx that on Wednesday
last a negro woman, who was
hoeing in afield near a church
on the plantation of the late
Win K. Vance, in Jefferson
County, suddenly struck a
pile of gold. She picked up a
handful and called a negro
man, who was plowing in the
same field, and showed it to
him, asking him if she could
buy a dress with it. “Sharp
er” said no, and told her to
“give the stuffto him,” which
she did. He immediately com
menced “grabbling” in the
ground, attracting others to
the scene, and the crowd got
the slim of five hundred dol
lars in shining gold. And
thus it is that many reap who
do not plant.
We are told the Vicksburg
Herald vigorously pronoun
ces against llie idea of reap
pointing Chancellor Peyton
in this district, andadvocates
the claims of our fellow
townsman H. C. Fair man.
Xiaw.-Time watches, clocks,
jewelry and silverware of the
latest styles at Oarstarphen’s.
His stock is complete. 33
FTazlehdrst, April 10, 1876.
Editors Copiahan .-—Below you
will find a list of the Public Schools
within tlio county, the names c.f
teachers and the Supcrvsors Did
trials in which they are located.
Respect lull v,
W. B. Binoham,
Superintendent of Education.
First District.
Huzlchurst Peabody-'V 11 Thump
IJazlehurst Acadeniv—
Gullmnn—Mr N A Stewart and
Miss M G Lackey.
Pleasant Ridge—J C Wade.
Brown’s Well—Miss Delia Stuart
Second District
Bethel —
Pine Grove—W II Dixon.
Th'i'd District.
Pine Bulge- R E A Stuart.
Fourth District.
Oak Hill— Mis M R Goff.
Uni in Ridge—
Crystal Springs Peabody—C R
Monison and Mrs Lya'l.s & Taylor.
Fifth Dish ict.
Piazzi —J L W i In>n.
Old Crystal Springs—Rev J W
Fair Pluy--W B Stott art.
First Di. trict.
j w UniotT -
Ridge Farm- Miss M G Jones.
Gum Springs —
Martinsville -
Welch's— Miss M A Purser.
Long Creek —
Clea; Check—Miss T Kilpatrick.
Oak Grove - Miss Kate Norwood
Oakland Chapel—Miss S GSlay.
Rose!) ill—
Second District
P en-ant G-ove (1)—Mrs E East.
VVe.-son -M rs Wilkinson.
Third District.
Starnes’—S H Slir.w.
Pleasant [Jill (1) — A .J Foster.
Fourth District
Oread — .Miss V Motley.
Trim’s—Mrs .1 aiircholl.
Pleasant Hi I (2)—
Pleasant Ridge (2)-.1 Jacobs.
Fifth District
Providence —
Evans—Mrs E Ueuuington.
Crown’s Hill —
i County Line—
Dye’s—0 .1 Dye.
Pleasant Grove (2; —Miss F E
j Pleasant Hill (3) —
Shady Grove
First District.
ITiGc eimist Peabody—W U Fin
St Peter’s Rock -S D Mynor.
Mt Canaan- E E Simms.
Lynchburg—J J Lynch.
Mcihbin Hill—
Chapel Hill-.-5 D Mynor.
St. Maurice—
Now Salem —D P Smith.
Nlw Salem (2)-E W Jackson.
Second District.
St Peter’s Rock (2j—J W Wash*
Sa dis—R J Wilkinson.
Wesson—Henry Doyle.
Third District.
Mercy Seat—R H Porter.
Fourth District.
Holly Grove—
Union Ridge -W S Rums.
Lucky Hit—
White O ik—C J Foster.
Sion —
Ml Pleasant—J H Davis.
Fifth District.
Crystal Springs—.Win Overton
Brushy Creek — Win Key.
Red R me -
New Hope—J E Cotton.
Sr James—H Huff.
Uiitle Rock—D P Smith.
Clear Creek—J J Clay.
Worm Springs—11 T iReaaxmaa.
Pleasant Hill
New Pisgah-M H Pevton.
Editors Copiah an: Please
insert the following for the
information of School Trus
tees and the Overseersof pub
lic roads within the county.
Section 14, of the Laws of
the State of Mississippi (of
1873; in relation to Public
Education is as follows:
lie it further enacted, That
no School Trustee shall re
ceive any compensation for
His services, nor shall he,dur
ing his continuance in office
[teach] in any public school
in this State. Every Trustee
duly elected or appointed,
shall be exempt from work
ing on the public roads.
W. B. Bingham, Sup. Ed.
Hazlebnrst, April 13, ’76.
ISP The best lot of pocket
cutlery in town is kept at the
Drug Store of E. 0. William
son. 32 3t.
When yon go to Beaure
gard, be sure and call at the
Beets drujj store,and getyour
drugs, medicines, etc. 31
I^Boschee’s German syr-'
up for sale at Beets’ drug
store; cures all coughs, colds,
&c. 311
I^Wou will always find
tliebest at E. C. Williamson’s
Drug Store, from a match
can to a bottle of snuff. 32 3t
EsF° BosoheesGerman Syr
up and Green’s August Flow
er at wholesale and retail at
E. C. Williamson. 32 It.,
Supplemental to an Act to
establish Circuit ami Chan
cery Court Districts in this
State,whichjpussod the Home
of Representative?!. March S,
1S7<». and passed the Senate,
Marc h IS, 187«.
Section 1. lb; it enacted
by the Legislature of the
State of Mississippi, That an
Act entitled an Act to estab
lish Circuit and Chancery
Court Districts in this Stale,
which pass’d the Home <>r
|Representatives, March 8th,
187b, and passed the Senate,
March 18th, 187b, be and the
same is hereby so amended
and supplemented that said
Act shall not be soeonstruod
as to prevent the C'rouit .L tl
I ges of the respective Districts
j as they were constituted pri
or to the passage of said Act,
from pcrformingtliedisties of
I heir respective otliecs until
the expiration of their res
peetive terms of office, ortill
the 1st day of July, A. !>..
187b, nor to abolish said of
liees belore the expiration of
said terms of office; and (lie
terms of said (jourts shall be
held at the times now provi
ded by law for the respective
ner. '1- lie it fur(her enac
ted, That the commissions <>i
the judges appointed under
and by virtue of the act to
which this is supplemental,
shall respectively date from
tlie day when the term of of
fice of any judge now acting
in any county in the district
for which theincoming judge
is appointed, shall cxpire;and
said newly-appointed judge,
upon the expiration of the
term of such retiring judge,
shall assume and perform the
duties ofCircuit Judge in the
county or counties of his Dis
trict which are vacated by
the retiring judge.
See. 3. Be it further enac
ted, That all laws and parts
of laws heretofore enacted
and now existing in this
Stale, designating and fixing
the time for holding the terms
of the Chancery Courts in
the several counties of this
State, be and they areliercbv
Sec. 4. Be it further enac
ted, That hereafter it shall
be unlawful for the Auditor
of this State to issue warrants
in payment of any part of the
saluiies of persons heretofore
appointed to the office of
Chancellor in this State,
which may he claimed to have
acciued after the passage of
this act, and said offices are
hereby declared to be vacant.
See. 5. Be it further enac
ted, That this act be in force
and take effect from and af
ter its passage.
Approved, April 4, 1S7G.
0'ir esteemed friend, A. R.
Cranberry, lias thinks for
Minnesota papers.
Boston, 31 ass., April S.—
31 rs. B. F. Butler died in the
Massachusetts General Hos
pital whither she had been
taken for an operation for
cancer of the throat.
New York, April 10.—A.
T. Stewart died to-day of iu
Hanmiation of the bowels.
3Ieni|)liis, April 10.—Re
ports from Xapoleon and
Chicot, Ark., state that con
siderable damage lias been
done there by the flood.
St. Louis, April 5.—Tho
municipal election resulted in
the success of the Democrat
ic and Independent officers.
The Senate bill fixing tho
President’s salary at $25,000
passed the House without
Stock w rs ll’s patent Wa 11
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Bro., for one.
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E. Parker, deceased, will be
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