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Weit Point Ladies in Charge of
Activities. Y.W.C.A. Rooms
in Town Always Open.
The hostess house, which is
being erected by Jones & Co.,
of Memphis, Tenn., and which
is scheduled for completion
about September 15th, will be
a combination of beauty and
utility. It is a one and one
half story bungalow type
building, with a wide screened
in veranda on three sides. II
will be a real home, having
living room, dining room, bed
rooms, kitchen, closets and
bath rooms.
The purpose of the hostess
house is to furnish a place
where relatives and friends oi
the soldiers may stay while
visiting them at the camp,
Mrs. B. M. Ho worth, of Wesl
Point, is chairman of the com
mittee of management The
scope of the work outlined bj
this committee is very broad
This committee which include;
a large number of the ladies oi
West Point, is subdivide intc
the following sub-committees
religious, social, recreation
flower, residence and visiting
committees. Men from the
ntill in vn
tation by these differenl
groups. When possible the
men will be taken to the lake
for a picnic and swim. Any
thing which pertains to the
welfare of the soldier’s mother
father, sister, sweetheart 01
friend will be handled by one
of these committees.
The West Point office of the
Patriotic League of the Y. W
C. A., corner of Jordan Ave
and Commerce St„ manager
by Miss Lena Easley, is a con
necting link between the hos
tess house and the soldier's
friend. Everything possible
is done at this office to enter
tain the soldier and his friends
while at West Point. A large
room is set aside for this pur
pose. nicely furnished wit!
chairs, piano, tables and mag
azines. If a number of soldiers
wish to meet friends in the
evening at West Point, ar
rangements can be made wit!
Miss Easley for the use of this
club room. Saturday evenings
are reserved for flying officers
All other nights will be open
for enlisted men and theii
friends Mrs. Howorth says
“Tell all the boys if there is
any way the Patriotic League
can be helpful to them do nol
fail to let it be known. If any
of the boys are lonesome, cal!
up Miss Easley, tell her the
number of your party and she
will arrange for some of the
Y. W. C. A. gills to meet you
some evening at the club or at
a private residence for a pleas
ant evening.”
Mrs. H. L. Quin, of Wesl
Point, the State President ol
the Daughters of the Confed
eracy, will be the representa
tive of the Patriotic League at
the hostess house. Everything
will be done at the hostess
house to make the friends oi
the soldiers comfortable while
at the field. A cafeteria will
be run at the hostess house
where meals can be obtained
for the visitors.
! Bu^BSASua&oiaait&asftaaB
ttnae.ii wmaummMWMuaxeaiaUttttim

A temperance Ford; a mid
night hike; a danceless dance;
all this and much more feat
I ured the last trip of the all
wonderful Payne Field Jazz
Orchestra to Columbus.
The five members of the or
chestra: Corp. A. R. Sims, vio
j lin, Corp. J. J. Muilaney, pia
! no, Corp. Jesse Mathews,
drums, Corp. Larson, trom
bone, and Pvt. James Sehmick,
j cornet, with their Manager,
Pvt. Rimer ihiel and six other
men oi the post left the field
| early Saturday evening on a
Fonl truck bound lor the
dance at Columbus. The or
chestra was to furnish the
| “jaz.z'' tor tne aifair and it was
; aii-impotani that they arrive
on time.
■fuzzie’’ had heard prohibi
tion rumors and five times sne
I voted ury and a stop to re-lill
I tne Lank was necessary. Har
assed as she was by me inces
sant pounding of friend rocks,
sne cast a nut Horn the left
rear wneel into the ditch. 1m
! mediately me left rear wheel
; gained its freedom from the
axle, the axle dragged the
ground, the right wheel caved
jii and me axle bent. A
stalled landing was the result.
Was the orchestra discour
aged.'’ Seizing Larson’s trom
bone, Manager l’hiel waved
it wildly in the air, pointed to
ward Columbus and shouted,
“Onward, my brave men!’’
; onward the brave men did
! trudge. The six boosters soon
outdistanced the orchestra,
the latter handicapped by
their instruments. After live
miles of real hiking, the bells
tolled ten-thirty and any
chance of arriving at Colum
bus in time to furnish synco
pated dance-inspiration to the
dancers seemed to have sim
, mered.
Strategy won the day—that
is, the night. A friendly
house was reported to be in a
nearby grove. It was stormed
and ice-water stayed the halt
s ing steps of the “jazzers”. Di
plomacy won the use of the
good resident’s Ford for anoth
er try at Columbus.
This “Lizzie” was human—
it carried the panting orches
tra to the very dance-hall at
Columbus at which they had
been booked to appear some
three hours before. A few of
the dancers still remained in
the hall. The hall-manager
pulled out the soap-box, an
nounced the arrival of the mu
sic and the reasons for the de
lay. A terrific round of ap
plause greeted the report.
Music was furnished—and
it was “some” music. For
twenty minutes the dancers
danced—and then midnight
stopped the frolic. The Payne
Field orchestra will play again
at Columbus on Saturday
night, September 7. They
guarantee appearance at
schedule time.
o o
o Aberdeen, Miss. o
jo Soldiers: This is your o
o home when in Aber- o
o deen. Special service o
o and courtesies to Uncle o
o Sam’s boys. Phone 244 o
o *J. K. Baker, Proprietor o
o o
I __'
Three Per Cent, of Enlisted
Personnel Selected by
Promotion Board.
Following is the list of men
who will be recommended to
attend the Central Officer’s
Training Camp, if this field is
ordered to send any. They
will be chosen according to the
order in which they appear in
the following list. It is not
known when these men will be
1 called, if they ever are, or how
I called, or how many will be
called at one time. The squad
i ron letter is given after each
man’s name:
Artillery: M. Oates, D; G.
A. Chapman, A; H. M. Hor
ton,C; M. E. Hessel, B; E. H.
Warwick, A; O. Bauhan, B;
L. K. Strong. A; P. E. Sauer, B;
Jos. W. Camp, B; O. W. Gil
bert, B; Sidney Johnson, C; J.
H. King, A.
Infantry: J. J, Cassidy, B;
T. H. Ja kson, D; K. B. Gooch,
Jr., C; E. A. Johnson, C; T. C.
Langford, B; H. W. Lyle, A;
C. W. Gates, C; H. W. Clark,
B; H. H. Warren, C; • G. W.
Bush, D; Chas. Simms, D; C.
B. Schweppe, C; C. B. Conner,
C; F. T. Young, B; J. L. Hav
ens, C; P. V. Sammet, C.
| Machine Gun: T. P.
Vaughan, B; A. W. Engle, B;
P. A. Peterson, B; T. L. Etter,
R: R_ G. Ortt. Cadet: E. H.
, Connick, B.
1 These men were selected by
; the promoiton board of Payne
I Field, composed of Capt. C. E.
! Cotting, President, Lieut. Earl
F. Stewart and Lieut. Neff.
It is a good many miles from
Squadron A to the battle front in
France, but the incidents of war are
brought close to hand in an inter
view with a veteran of the Belgian
army, Pvt. Alexis Joe Adams of
Squadron A Payne Field, who was a
member of the 10th Regiment of the
4th Battalion of Belgian Infantry,
at the time that war was declared by
Germany on that gallant and brave
little nation, through whosi martyr
dom France and her allies were
saved. Like several other countries
before the war Belgium had equip
ped her armies with guns and am
munitions of German manufacture
which proved to be defective and
inefficient weapons. The (first en
gagement of Pvt. Adams was at Na
mur, at that time thought to be im
pregnable, consisting of a series of
forts constructed of steel and con
crete. However, the long range of
the German guns enabled them to
bombard the forts from a distance
of 25 miles while the Belgian guns
had a range of only 16 miles and the
Belgians were forced to retreat to
Rouen. Here they were reorganized
and sent forward to the defense of
Antwerp in a futile endeavor to
stop the German hordes. After a
brave defense of Antwerp they
withdrew to Termonde where they
were reinforced by British and
French troops and a bloody battle
followed, in which 75,000 allied
troops held back three German di
visions, numbering 135,000 men for
nine days; after which they retired
to Dixmund.
While fighting at Dixmund, Pvt.
Adams received shrapnel wounds in
the leg and stomach that sent him
to the Hospital at Calais, from
there he was transferred to a conva
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1 ud ii
lescing hospital on the coast of Eng
land, where he finally recovered and
received his discharge from service
He then entered the transport ser
vice between New l'orl: and France, i
carrying guns and ammunition to
the allies. Desiring to live in this
country he left the transport service
and went to work in the ammunition
works at Haskell, N. J. When Amer
ica declared war on Germany Pvt.
Adams immediately reported to the
recruiting officer and after many
ditliculties succeeded in enlisting in
the Aviation Section of the Signal
Corps as a mechanic. He is a mem
ber of a large family but has not
been able to learn anything of their
o o
o For Everything o
o To Wear and Eat o
o Phone 98 West Point o!
o o
West Point
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