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contest™ ii. m.
Deciding Battle of Three Game
Series Goes to Payne Field
by 9-4 Score.
Payne Field's ball team made
another clean up in the game
against Mississippi A & M. College
last Saturday afternoon when it de
feated the Starkville team by the
score of 9-4. If was the “rubber
game between the two teams and
one of the most interesting contests
to watch that the Payne Field boys
have figured in thus far this season
As in the former games the
Payne Field team made the trip
over in the ships to Starkville under
Lieutenant Duffey s direction. Six
teen ships were taken along with
sixteen players as passengers. The
players were dropped in a nearby
landing field and then were taken
by autos to the ball grounds. A
great reception awaited the appear
ance of the aviator ball players on
the college campus. Enlisted men
as well as many of the fair sex
turned out “enmasse" to make the
nrpspnr-p of I.ipnt. Colonel Heard’s
men most welcome. That all the
members of the Payne Field aggre
gation appreciated the reception of
course goes without saying.
Promptly at 3 o’clock Umpire
Levine called the game, Tracey and
Callahan composed the battery for
Payne Field while Kitchen and
Keller held down the corresponding
positions for the Mississippians.
The outstanding features of the
game were easily the pitching of
Tracey for the Payne Field team
and the all round playing and
stickwork of Jackson. As in his
former games Tracey was slow to
get into his regular form but as the
game advanced he showed rare
judgement in serving up his offering
and held the whip hand over his
opponents in the closing innings.
Jackson’s work also stood out
prominently and his playing called
forth much applause from the
grandstand. He secured three hits
and scored three runs for his team.
For the Mississippi boys Croswell K
Keller and Schreiber performed
The score:
Kenney, 2b 111
Houlihan, 3b 2 11
Cook, lb Oil
Tracey, p 111
Jackson, cf 3 2 0
Merkle, If 10 0
Callahan, c 0 0 0
Johnson, ss 0 11
Pugh, rf 10 1
English, rf 0 0 0
Total 9 7 5
MISS. A. & M. C. R. H. E
Crosswell, ss 111
Herrick, cf 111
Dickerson, lb 0 0 0
Keller, c 10 0
Schreiber, 2b 0 11
Farris, rs 0 11
Harkness, If 0 0 0
Briggs, 3b 111
Kitchen, p 0 10
Total 4 6 5
Stolen bases, Kenney, Jackson, Pug!
and Screiber. Two base hits Jackson
Houlihan, Harkness and Keller. Horn
run. Crosswell. Umpire, Levine
Payne Field.
I Goldstein and Gambecosta
Feature Monday Night’s
The weekly boxing program drew a
large crowd to the Y. M. C. A. quad- ]
rangle again Monday night. Last
, week’s bouts have been the talk of the i
j camp and everyone interested in sports :
; turned out to see Monday night’s show. i
| Promptly at 8 o’clock Lt. Duffey, the l
I refree, stepped into the roped arena ]
and announced the opening of the pro- ;
! gram, the first number was a boxing ! i
! bout between “Shorty’’Goldstein, of11
the Medical Corps, and “Steeplejack”
Gambocorta, of Squadron A.
The bout afforded the chief amuse
ment of the evening, as the men danc
ed around very much like two game
cocks and kept the crowd in a constant
uproar. At the outset the Italian
seemed to have the upper hand but
Goldstein was saving his strength and ,
before the first round had ended was '
carrying the fight to his opponent. In
the second round the hospital man
came in strong and had Gambocorta
stepping lively to keep away from him. 1
At the end of this round Squadron A’s
representative complained of a pain in
his side and Lt. Duffey called the bout
awarding the decision to Goldstein.
The second number was a wrestling 1
match between Pvt. Nielson and Pvt. 11
Kidd, both of Squadron B. This bout | (
proved to be a very high class perfor- j
strength from the start and soon had
Kidd on the defensive. After one and 1
three quarters minutes Nielson secured
a head hold and put his opponent’s!
snoulders to the mat. In response to
appeals from the crowd the match was
continued and Nielson obtained a sec
ond fall in about the same length of
The next to step into the ring
were Pvt. Comstock, of Squadron C and
Sgt. Nardi, of Squadron A. Nardi de
{ serves a great deal of credit for enter
ing this boxing match. He took on
i his bigger and heavier opponent to save
the program after many huskier lads of
the camp had declined. Nardi was
not a match for the lanky Comstock !
but kept things interesting. In fact
! the Sergeant made such a good show- (
ing that his backers think he can easily
obtain a decision over Pvt. Whacker1
when these two meet again.
The Williams and Kelly wrestling
bout was not up to the expectations,
since Kelly was too light for the heavy
nightworker. The little lad fought
gamely however, and it was only after
two minutes hardwork that Williams j
pinned him to the mat.
Williams challenged any man in the
camp at 1SS pounds and the challenge
was immediately accepted by Nielson.
These two will wrestle next Monday
night. The next affair was a boxing
number between two bantam weights,
Allen and Webber. This fight was
full of pep but Webber’s superior ability
soon began to tell and before end of
the second round Allen was forced to
close the evening by taking off his
gloves to his hardy opponent.

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not be rushed unduly. Thank
ing you for the favor, I remain,
Yours very truly,
As It Was Transcribed
Dear Sir:—I have the fever
and in a pile I sit, but I except
the offer in yours of resent
date. I wish to say forever
that under no condition can H.
, Ford think of your free lunch
proposition. Material of this
' nation should not rust, N. Doo
; ley. Thanking you for the
. fever, I remain,
Yours very truly,
Jackson and Hines Win Places
in Southeastern Department
Track Meet.
Results of the Southeastern De
lartment athletic meet held July
1th have just been made public by
he Y. M. C. A. headquarters and
inal check showed Payne Field in
lixth place. Considering the large
lumber of army camps in this de
lartment and the fact that nearly
ill of them are much larger than
his post, the showing made was
Monday night at the fight pro
*ram on the Y. M. C. A. platform,
nedals were presented the point
vinners of the Payne Field meet by
secretary Marshall of the“Y.” The
nedals were furnished by the Payne
F'ield Athletic Association.
On July 4th, meets were staged
limultaneouslv at all the camps in
he Southeastern Department and
he times and records were recorded
iy Y. M. C. A. representatives,
rhese results were sent to the De
jartment office of the association
vhere, by comparison, the winners
or the entire meet were selected,
sergeant Jackson and Private Hines,
>oth members of Squadron D (252)
if this post, were included in the
- TaaI.aar
>oth the 100 and 50 yard dashes
ind Hines winning second in the
nile run.
The meet at Payne Field was
von by Squadron D (252) with 34
joints; Squadron A (175), second,
12 points; R. M. A. officers, third, 6
joints; Squadron C (239), fourth, 4
joints; and Squadron B (238), and
squadron 500 tying for last place
vith 3 points each. Squadron 500
las since been transferred from
his post. Sergeant Jackson was the
ndividual point winner. The tab
ulated results of the Payne Field
meet that were telegraphed to the
Y. M. C. A. headquarters follow:
50 yd. dash: 1st, Jackson, Sq. D;
2nd, Ade, Sq. A; 3rd, Little, Sq. C;
Time 11 sec.
220 yd. dash: 1st, Jackson, Sq. D;
2nd, Levin, Sq. D; no third taken.
Tijne 29 1-5 sec.
880 yd. run: 1st, Kelso, Sq. D;
2nd, Howard, Sq. C; 3rd, Kearns, Sq.
D. Time 2 min. 43 sec.
Mile: 1st, Hines, Sq. D; 2nd, Krae
mer, Sq. 500; 3rd, G. S. Thompson,
Sq. D. Time 5 min. 15 2-5 sec.
Broad jump: 1st, Wince, R. M. A..
2nd, Krevetsky, Sq. A; 3rd, Levin,
Sq. D. Distance 15 ft. 2 1-4 in.
High jump: 1st, Jackson, Sq. D;
2nd, Kinney, Sq. D; 3rd, Wince, R
M. A. Height, 5 ft. 3 in. Later in
the day, jumping for a record, Jack
son reached 5 ft. 8 in.
Don’t forget your
old friend when in
Art Lewis and his Klondike
! Bells, featuring Billy Finnegan and
; Billy Lewis, the two boys from Ire
[ land—such is this week’s bill at
j West Point's Star theatre. Manager
' William Deal intends to feature each
week with musical comedy.
Three performances a day, a
matinee at four, and two shows at
night, are given all during the week.
At every performance so far the
house has been comfortably filled.
Zooms’ “dramatic critic” was the
guest of the house the first night.
He was given a chair behind the
footlights just off stage and he en
joyed the show. The company has
been traveling thru the north play
ing near army camDS and the trip
south was made only to include
those towns near military posts
One of the best features of the
show is the male trio consisting of
Art and Billy Lewis and Billy
! Finnegan. The snappy girls chorus
[ and the leading lady are also at
tractive additions to the company.
The Klondike Bells remain at the
I Star thruout the week and Manager
[ Deal is fortunate to secure a musical
[comedy company of this character
to introduce that type of entertain
ment in West Point and to Payne
Concert and Social
The Band Concert and Social
Hour given last Sunday at
West Point by the War Camp
Community Service proved a
success to an extent beyond
the expectations of those in
charge. As the initial attempt
it was very encouraging and
justifies the Service in extend
ing their plans so as to make
possible something of the kind
each Sunday. After the band
concert, which was held at the
Monument Park at 5 :30 in the
afternoon, the men were all
invited to attend the social
hour in the Khaki Clubrooms.
Here had been prepared light
refreshments of home made
cakes and iced-tea, which were
served by the girls of the Pa
triotic League. Then followed
an informal good time. Lieut.
Ralph Grey was there with his
steel guitar and those who
A. G. DuFOUR, Proprietor
West Point, Mississippi
Sunday, September 15, 1918
, Celery Olives
Pressed Chicken Green Peas
, Baked Chicken—Dressing
Stuffed Peppers Butter Beans
a Roast Beef—Brown Potatoes
Tomatoes Candied Sweet Potatoes
Panama Salad French Puffs
Drip Coffee Milk Ice Tea
Ice Cream Cake
have heard him know that he
understands what that instru
ment is supposed to do. The
two hundred or more men
present then sang all the songs
that they could think of with a
spirit that indicated that they
liked the opportunity. Each
Sunday evening will undoubt- j
edly find many of the Payne
Field men at the Khaki Club.
Watch the bulletin boards at
camp for details of next Sun
day’s affair.
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other to look. Sometime when!
you can stay long enough
come out to see us. I want to
go to school next week but
I’m here till 8:15 morning and
3:30 afternoon so you and I
both can see each other. Ask
some of those with cars to
bring you out. I don’t know
what else to say but thank
you and thank you and thank
you for kindness and goodness
and I never will forget you.
Love to every one from
Wardie Gragnon Dawson.
A five room furnished house
or a four room furnished
apartment for an officer. Ad
dress'Discouraged, care of
TShe Star
West Point, Miss.
All This Week With Daily
Klondyke Belles
Musical Comedy
Cieneral Admission 25c
Reserved Seats at Night Only
10c Extra.
Children at Matinee, 15c
rhree Shows Daily—Matinee
at 4 o’clock.
Seats can be reserved for
either night performance by
nail or telephone (Star Thea
:re Phone 503)
First Night Show_8:15
Second Night Show_9:15
L. B. Divelbiss
15he Columbus
*BooK_ Store
Military Manuals Typewriters
Books and Magazines Novelties
Stationery Account Books
Prompt and Courteous
Columbus, Mississippi
West Point’s New Skating Rink!
Every convenience afforded to patrons. A clean place of amusement for ladies and gentlemen. Will be i
open every evening at seven.
Opening Night Friday, September 13-“Skating FREE on This Night!

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