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ic PWt Office at Caldwell as
Entered *t
second «hé bu
PetUlebed every Thwredey by the
Omi Stet« Rural VvMbhkig Co., Ltd
generali j to a
of the Bute of Idaho.
devoted to Horticulture, C,ive Stock,
Poallry md Bee Culture, and
nee the Agricultural interests
....... Business Manager.
In Advance. . .$1.00 per year
When not paid in Advance.fi.SO per year
Sampla Copié* Furnished Free Upbn Application

advbrtising rates
Owing to the growth in the circulation,
ceaaitating the closing of forms early in the week,
all copy for display advertisements intended for
Insertion in the Geth State Rural, must be in
the hands of the Advertising Màhàger at the op
ening of business on Monday morning of the
same week. '
accordance with the established custom of
leading class papers the Gem State Rural will
he seat, and collected for, until notice is given
for discontinuance. One such notice will be
Communications to receive prompt attention
should be addressed to the Gem State Rural,
Caldwell, Idaho.
Having received an inquiry about the
scope of the eapenment now bein* conduct
cd m Montana in the matter of inoculating
wild animals, with a view of destroying
them, the same was referred to Prof. F. B*
Linful, director of the Experiment Station
™ e '. n 1 P o"
Editor Gem State Rural,
Yours of he 12th .ns. received. The
Experiment Station here has not made any
experiment, in inoculating squirrels and
!ln n!„' H ! -° iDf0r -
mat on upon the point of your inquiry.
Last winter the state legislature oassed a
law im r&c'mrA tn at » ; , • e P assed a
n j ' , 8
State Veterinarian, Dr, M, VTInowle,'
whom you could reach by writing to thé
state capitol, Helena.
Inquiry Answered.
work was placed
Very truly, F. ß. Linfui»,
Has Redeemed Hb Promise.
Thomas W. Lawson has completed the
first section of his exposure of "The Crime
of the Amalgamated" It has necess.I
been a wordy, long drawn t ff ■ J
wn out affalr . and
«.ose who have followed Mr. Lawson may
not have fully digested all that he ha, had
to say. But this much will have to be con
ceded. He has redeemed his promise to ex
pose the men and the methLTey have
used, in perpetrating the most colossa, rob
benes of modern times.
with the m „.
with the master
peop e may
as a promoter, they
will believe and do believe that he has made
markable array of figures, giving dates and
The astounding disclosu
in bis story
of "Frenzied Finance," have been told by
one who has been on the inner circle and
who has "touched elbows
manipulators, and whatever
think of Mr, Lawson
places, and has challenged the accused to
to disprove them. When men have
been set on bis trail to break the force of
bis charges by crying "stop thief," he has
shown his readiness to meet them on the
platform, or through the public press, in
maintaining bis position. He has fought
hard and in the open, and has given those
whom he assailed ample opportunity to dis
prove his charges. They have failed to do
so, and the people are pretty generally of
the opinion that they canuot do so. Hence
the verdict—"Guilty."
Mr. Lawson's revelations have done un
oughly arouse the people of this nation to
the determination, not only to make it im
possible for such crimes against good gov
eminent to be repeated, but if possible to
apprehend and punish those who arerespon
sible for their perpetration.
Not only are H. H. Rogers and William
Rockefeller, and their co-conspirators, on
trial before the country, but the "System"
which makes such things possible.
"A fp» LaWSOn WC l f yS :
ew men cannot deprive even a few
thousands of so great a sum as $36,000,000
without working untold injury upon the
entire body of the people. Such a stupen
dous sum looted from
speakable good, and they ought to thor
of the
many and piled in the vaults of three
four men unbalances the whole
structure of the nation.
"The consequences of that act do not end
in the series of dpfnlrati , d
cies, imprisonments and suidde" in th!"^'
ed home, and wrecked c e !' Irf T'
j D its wake. ' th * f ° Ilow
"In the win of tu** i ^
H in tïe
these filched militons becomes T" eaCh ° f
on of oppress! Because Of ,h • W " P '
Amalgamated everv oound e cr i me of
goes to sustain life in the Amer
every shingle on every A r ' can P eo P le .
the American Ip e L " T
potlation for »! „ ire Ihfin f °' ,ranS '
fact every oe cessïtv ant 5 Ammca = in
a y necessity and eve ry luxury of the
American people has had *. •*. tÜG
the a £gregate tens and tensnf m ;ir S °
t™""« W t hiC "' into «he cofes!
7 S J stren lT tb en and extend its
stupendous grip on the property of the „
tion." * 1 tae na -
ommercial PoulLry.
everal interesting articles have recentl
erem-pT the Gem State Rural, with reL
a ° hG profits in commercial noultr
a " d cost of producing it. The! J
hay e embodied the views h Id pa P ers
Roberts, the dealer • t 16 d b ! J oe R.
try, of ba dwell l" faDc ^ d ^ed ponl
on the one h a 0thers by him
P av ^t. ,7 d ' atld Ha rry T. Lewis nf
pi' ' alle J- the breeder of hiVh i
P1 ~ «ocks. on the other ^ ^
i Ji a inT!T T b v an cd
^ ^ «.ate H„„. based ^
claim wa l! . ' Robertsin which th!
so a ZZ madet " a 'an active, careful !
son could make ?lu00 in nin ' refHl per
h 3 poultr y incubators of ^ ' me>
Uy each "and not »77 ° *** ca Pac
Mr. Roberts told how ver 3" hard either,"
?ave a how it could be done
breeders! e * PeneDce of »me extensiv!
by r U ca0bb ' " done
at 13 P« dozen." The
contention of Mr. Lewis has been direct»)
against the "llOOO in nine months" clàj
it would seem, rather than against profit
in raising poultry at prevailing pr i ces j?
is not strange that Mr, Lewis, as a *
of fancy, high priced poultry and ev
with the extra care and skill required '
their management, should entertain differ"
ent views as to prices and profits f
what Mr, Roberts does, or others who
handling the straight,
cial article. That, in fact,
every day, conuner.
£ oes
saying, because the one who breeds to •
or ami points," and who has
view the "Standard of Perfection
get better prices , as already stated
constantly in
" has to
even for
his 'culls,' to compensate for the greater
outlay and expertness required. Conse
quently, it is natural that he should look at
the matter from a different point of view
The average poultrv raiser on the farm
however, can often grow his chicks with
very little expense, with or without the in
cubator, because he produces his own feed
a nd can utilize in their keep what would
otherwise largely go to waste. He does
not require expensive poultry houses,
furnishings, and,
a matter of fact, fre
quently looks upon his surplus chicks as
just that much saved, or pretty much "clear
As the farmer is the one who is at present
most directly interested in the market for
C °"" erdaI p0ult P'' we have been consid «
in £ * be question from his point of view and
"°"™ m the P osition of the P°ult r J special
^ Hundreds of farmers •>«*
less P oultr J to market and we believe many
of them can afford to raise broilers at $3
^ d ° 2eD ' * Hd be ^ lad t0 **
th ' S P " ce Spot cash - for the 3 'oungsters, at
6 ° *° 90 da ? S - ° f " the, would need
to have more for older birds, and would get
The abiIi 'Y find a ready cash 1
ket for what he has to sell is one of the
thin ^ ' ba ' appeals to the farmer, and this
is "* tbib ^ b « is too seldom able torelyo.
with his poultry.
° 0 ' wblle we do not feel competent to go
d ir" f-*" iZ '"n
°| Vlew of the poultry specialist, or to ad
Iny oth° Whe ' her a thousant dollars ' "
any ° tber su ®. can be made from such an
^ ncubator proposition as the one which has
been referred to,
more or
we are inclined to hold to
the view that there is a safe margin, for
* be aver age poultry raiser, in spring chick
ens ' to Wa pounds, at $3 per dozen,
Wlth the usual pound quotations for hens,
roaster s and turkeys, which will necessarily
va S., witb different seasons of the year,
Where one is located to command a
specially good local market better figures
can of cou« be depending «*
cu "sta„ces, but this would not aflectlbe
proposition. Furthermore, theRu
ral heheves that those who are endeavors?
°^ ab 'f' b e commercial poultry bnsine«
much' Zete d S
and shouid^^entnÄgeT n^tb^ undertak
^ Idaho sb "«ld be producing vastly
" 0re ^ a «i poultry than she ha,^
done, and will do so when people con»,»
a® 3 .' 26 more full T «be importance of the »
d "stry to the state.
... tield is good, therefore, for breeder 5
llke Mr. Lewis, who are specializing wit*
^ eat - dual Purpose Rocks, or other pop 1 "
|° t "£ e of ««venue to the farmer, of*

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