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Ônbscriptions taken for all periodi
E. H. Adam, Caldwell.
car loads of fat cattle, belong
ing to Messrs. Banks, Fuller, Hayes
«ifd Martin of the Payette Valley,
were shipped to Kansas City last week.
Coolest place — Finest flavors and
eream —
Newest and most elaborate
Adam's, Caldwell, Idaho.
Makes digestion and assimilation
perfect. Makes new red blood and
what Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will do. A tonic for the
aick and weak. 35 cents, Tea or Tab
lets. Porter & Stone, Caldwell, Ida
-lio. '
bone. That's
||| State Veteriuarian Dr. Noble has
announced that sheep, whether clean
or diseased, including both farm and
range animals, must be dipped by Ju
ly I
Tired out, worn out woman cannot
sleep, eat or work; seems as if she
would fly to pieces. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea makes strong nerves
*tid rich blood. 35 cents, Tea or Tab
Porter and Stone, Caldwell, Ida
Candies, fruits, nuts, fresh goods of
éuperior flavor at Adam's Caldwell
Messrs. Willis Young, A. L. Perry,
$nd Mr. Johnson, of Longmont Colo.,
été in town with a view to locating
ând making heavy investments.
«r substantial people from the same
locality are expected daily, also with
4he oject of locating.
Insurance companies represented by
Lowell & Madden have made a reduc
tion of 25 per cent on the insurance
rates of dwellings in Idaho. Can you
afford to carry your own risk?
If you want a pretty face and delight
ful air,
Rosy cheeks and lovely hair,
Wed ling trip across the sea,
Put your faith in Rocky Mountain
Tea.—Porter & Stone, Caldwell,
Missouri has an apple tree, so they
»ay, that is ninety years old, 10* feet
in circumference; a peach tree fifty
four years old, 7* feet in circumfer
ence; a grapevine 120 years old, 2*
feet in circumference,
all bearing
Some large Royal Ann cherries have
been in the Caldwell market from the
Orchard of R. G. McFarland at Pleas
Fine ice cream soda at Adam's,
Caldwell, Idaho.
ant Ridge. Mr. George, of the same
locality has also had some of the same
fruit on sale.
Old papers for sale at this office; 20
cents per hundred.
Hood River marketed fully 100,000
caases of strawberries this season, ac
Cording to the Glacier, and the returns
averaged between $1.40 and $1.50 per
crate. The man with the early patch
rralized the most money. The total
money received by the growers was
about $140,000, and the marketing was
done through the strawberry grower's
A buyer of cherries, at Hood River
Or.,A. C. Butcher, of California, is re
ported as advocating the planting of
the Bing cherry in preference to any
other, He thinks the Royal Ann is
overdone. Mr. Butcher says that
a trouble with some of the cherries is
that seme of the growers will irrigate
a cherry tree after the fruit begins to
take on color. This will mane the
cherries soft and have a tendency to
turn them black in a few hours after
picking. ''Water cherries only while
the fruit is small," says Mr. Butcher,
The Markets.
Reported and revised weekly for the
Gem State Rural by Plowhead's
Market Grocery, E. H. Plowhead,
proprietor — Wholesale and Retail
dealer in farm products and grocer
* es » Idaho St. Boise. The prices
quoted are those paid by the dealers
for the items named.
S 1/ per lb
^ " "
25 " doz
10 per lb
1 50 " cwt
1 **
IZ " «"
' w
T 00 >l "
Cheese, per lb.. .
Butter, creamery,
ranch,. .
Honey, comb,
Hay, alfalfa,,
Chickens, live,
i i
10 " lb
12 "
4 4
** " "
Prunes, evaporated,....
Popcorn, shelled.
10 44
4 «
Bacon, domestic,.
4 " lb
Cabbage, lb.
Apples box best varieties...
Lettuce, pound.....
Potatoes cwt .
Onions cwt.
Onions Green doz bunches
1 25
2 50
Rhubarb lb

New potatoes per lb
Cucumbers each
Currants, gal.
Raspberries, box...
Cauliflower, doz . .
Sweet cherries per gallon
Pie cherries per gal
. 10
Revised and corrected weekly for the
Gera State Rural.
Groceries, etc., selling price.
Sugar, cane, per cwt
Sugar, beet, per cwt..
Honey, comb, per ft>
Honey, extracted, per Sets to
Butter, ranch per &.
Butter, creamery per fib.
$ 7 00
6 85
9 to 10
Eggs, fresh, per doz.
Wheat, per cwt.
Oats, per cwt.
Hams, retail, per fib.
Breakfast Bacon; retail B>
1 50
1 60
12 *
Lard, per fib.
Barbed Wire, per cwt. Black.... 3 65
Barbed Wire, per cwt., Galv.... 3 90
Alfalfa, ton....
Clover, per ton.
Flour, per 50 lb
Prunes dried, per lb 4 to.
Apples dried per lb
Apples per box SO to
6 00
6 50
8 00
$1 20 to 1 50
7 to 12*
.... 1 00
Corn per cwt.,.
Chop corn.
Potatoes, old, per cwt
Potatoes, new, per cwt
Cabbage per lb.
Chops, retail per cwt..
Whole Corn per cwt...
Bran per cwt.
Green Peas, gal.
1 45
1 55
Specially revised<and corrected week
ly for the Getn^ßjate Rural by Joe E.
Roberts. Cast) Poultry Buyer, next
door to City Hall Caldwell.
1 50
4 00
1 40
1 50
1 35
Spring Chickens 1* to l*lbdoz$ 3 00
Hens and roosters alive
25 to .50
Frogs Legs, per dozen .
Steers per cwt
4 4
Caldwell Butchers pay for
9 3 iO
Dealers are paying for good clean
see d t i n seamless bags.
Altalfa, per lb. (9
Clover, per lb. C9
Hides.13 cents per lb.
Pelts 11 " " "
Cows, good, per hundred
Pork, on foot, per cwt..
Pork, dressed per cwt. 6 60
Veal, hog dressed, per lb... .5 to
2 26
6 26
From Portland Union Stock Yards,
Wm. H. Daughtrey, Mgr.
The best 1100 to 1200 steers are sei
ling around 3.60, while lighter and
medium steers aell from 3.00 to 3.25:
stock steers form 2,60 to 2.75: old shel
ly cows and light half-fat stuff 1.50 to
2.00: stags from 2.50 to 3.00, and bulls
from 1.50 to $2.00 per hundred.
There is some demand for good fat
hegs, weighing from 175 to 250 at Ô-00:
lighter china-fats and blockers 5.50:
stockers and feeders sell from 5.00 to
$5.60 per hundred.
The demand for fat mutton sheep is
some better and the price on spring
lambs is a quarter better. Best fat
wethers weighing from 90 to 110
sre selling from 3.25 to 3.35: mixed lots
3.00: good fat spring lambs at $4.25
per hundred.
Best 125 to200 veal calves sell at 5
2 qo
cents: anything weighing over
will se l* a t from 3 to 4 cents, owing to
Receipts of cattle totaled only about
49,000 for the week yet the trade was
the most disastrous that has occurred
at any time during the past year. The
supply of 23,663 received on Monday
was entirely too large for the demand
and prices dropped 20c to 40c on near
ly all grades of steers. While this
number is not so excessively large for
this market yet bulk of the arrivals
consisted of steers and the outlet in
all directions proved very bad.
ping orders were exceedingly small
and local packers claimed that their
coolers were full of beef and they
could get along with very small sup
plies. Consequently the market was
dull and draggy and large numbers of
steers were held over for Tuesday and
Monday ma rkets. Top steers for the
week reached 6c, which is the lowest
claim that the poor market on Mon
day should be an example in favor of
Common or half
fat steers were particularly hard to dis
pose of due partly to the large number
of grass and corn-fed Texans which
were on sale. Present values are
since late in March.
strong to a dime higher than Monday's
low prices bnt the market is still in a
very unstable condition and requires
small receipts to maintain anywhere
the present prices. Sellers
the Five Day Market.
would do well to send their light steers
and butcher on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Fridays, while heavy steers find
the best outlet on Mondays and
Wednesdays on which days shippers
fill most of their orders. Two or three
days before shipping cattle that have
been corn fed on grass should be tak
en out of pasture, putin dry lot and
fed on nothing but hay, corn or oats.
If this is done the cattle will shrink
less j n transit, make a much better
appearance on the market and sell 15c
to 20c higher than if shipped direct
from grass. Butcher stock formed &
very small proportion of the week's re
ceiwts and sold well in consequence.
All g ra{ j es Q f CO rn fed cows and heif
ers are 10c to 15c higher than a week
and find ready outlet at the ad
v* 06 *- Grassy stock held only steady
a nd with anything like large supplies
would undoubtedly go lower. All
classes of bulls met low sale and
the better kinds are fully 25c lower.
The very best reached $3.75 to $3 85,
while a good class of export bulls
bring only $3.50. Veal calves held
about steady, bulk of the good ones
selling at $5.75 to $6.25. There wà»
very little variation in stocker and
feeder circles although most grades de
bad market on beef cattle. However
there is no glut of supplies on the
market at present and trade is ifi
fairly good condition.
been mostl y on the do " n ff rade in
One surprising feature of the market
was that prime heavy have been in
greatest demand during the greater
of the week. should
dined 15c to 25c in sympathy with the
Receipts of hogs were 150,000 for the
week, which were largely in excess of
those of last week énd values have
Prices reached the low
point on Wednesday when bulk of the
good hogs sold at $5.20 to $5.25 with a
few loads of fancy Berkshires at $5.35
avoid crowding the market as much as
possible as many dead hogs have been
received during the late spell of hot
weather. Many dealers predict that
receipts of hogs will grow much light
er when the haying season commences,
in the country. With 15,000 on sale
today bulk of the good hogs sold at
$5.30 to $5.35, with top at 95-40.
Receipts of 65,000 sheep show but very
little variation from those of last week
and during the early part of the week
values held practically steady on all
classes. Later, however, a strong de
mand for lambs of all kinds caused a
good advance on those classes. Best
shorn Iambs reached $6.55 and the
good grades of spring Iambs now sell
to 97 .50. Buyers discriminate
n P
sharply against coarse heavy sheej)
°id ewes which have been arriving of
l a -e.
a B grades
readily. The trade is closing for the
and also against the large number of
Choice handy weight muttons of
are in demand and sell
week in good condition and values will
probably hold up well in the immedi
ate future,
Good to prime wethers.. .$4.75 to $5 00
We quote:
Good to prime yearlings.. 5.00 "
Plain to fancy ewes
4.10 " 4.8S
Good to choice shorn
Good to choice spring
675 7.5D
Clay, Robinson and Company.
Cnicago, June 23, 1905,

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