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The Trap Nest System.
Farm Journal has repeatedly re
ferred to the value of a reliable trap
nest system, so that the cream of lay
ers might be detected and bred from
and the drones or "unprofitable
boarders" gotten rid of.
Trap nests are patented devices;
they close after the hens enter, and
imprison the fowls until the attend
ant releases them.
Each hen wears a numbered leg
band, by which number she is known.
As the nest is opened the hen's num
ber is taken and marked on egg.
For instance, "6-25." This shows
that her number is "2 5," and that
she belongs to pen No. 6.
After the eggs are gathered at
night, the proper credit is given on
a record sheet gotten up for that
This record at the end of the year
not only shows how many eggs the
hen has laid, but also when she be
gan laying, and the number of eggs
produced during the cold months of
the year, when prices are higher.
On the farm of the writer, next
year's breeding pens are made up of
hens that as pullets gave us the larg
est number of eggs from October 1st
to June 1st. By thus selecting our
best winter layers each year, we are
increasing the winter egg capacity of
This method has been followed by
the writer for the past ten years, and
has resulted in creating a strain of
hens that lay more eggs during cold
our flocks.
weather than they do in summer.
Hens do their laying, as a rule, be
tween the hours of ten o'clock in the
morning and three o'clock in the
If the houses and nests
conveniently arranged, not more
than five or ten minutes will be con
sumed each trip in attending to twen
are opened up, and when the fowls
fed and watered the attendant
takes a glance at the traps, and if he
finds any closed the hens are releas
Occasionally there will be an |
Then regularly every
ty-five nests.
In the morning, when the houses
early layer,
hour during the time mentioned, an
inspection is made.
These trials gave us the following
One fine-looking hen laid but thir
Out of
teen eggs the entire -year.
172 yearling hens eighteen began
laying in October; twenty-six were
NOTUS—The New Bam
Driving Horses
Driving Teams
For Hire
Livery Stable
Feed Stable
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Rigs and Horses
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1200 laying- hens.
Send for catalog.giving full
laying and show record.
1422 N. Chestnut St., Colorado Springs, Colo.
75 per cent fertility guaranteed.
Orders filldd promplv.
We rear over 3000 yearly.
laying in November; fifty-nine in De
cember: sixty-five in January; 115
in February, and 165 in March.
We further found that of the 172
hens mated seven did not have a sin
gle egg recorded to their credit the
entire year.—Farm Journal.
Practical Advice on Care of Bees.
(Written expressly for the Gem State
Rural by E. F. Atwater.)
The average farmer gives his bees
less care than anything else on his
place. It is true that bees do not
need much care, but a little judicious
attention at the right time will be
well repaid. At this season, if one
has not already done so, he should
make certain that mice cannot gain
access to the hives. If the entrance
to any hive is over three-eighths of
an inch deep, there is danger that
mice may enter, or be tempted to
gnaw into the hives. Nail a strip of
tin or wood over the upper edge of
the entrance, clear across the front
of the hive, so as to leave the en
trance just five-sixteenths of an inch
If the
deep and no mice can enter,
hjveg are not in a sheltered location
bgtter stand some
^gm on the north and west side, or,
sti u better, cover the entire hive ex
tailed paper, folded down and fas
tened with short pieces of lath and
sma n nails. This keeps the hive
(jry, protects it from cold wdnds, and
every sunshiny day the black
boards around
cept the entrance, with a piece of
tarred surface absorbs heat to a sur
p r i s i n g degree. This protection should
be applied as soon as possible and
should remain on the hives until
some time in May. Try this on half
your bees and see if it does not pay
well for the time and little material
Now, while work is not
so rushing, is just the time to pre
pare your hives and supers for an
other season.
few' nails can be repaired and made
Old hives needing a
ready, then when your bees do swarm
you need not put them in an old
soap box, nor see them fly away be
cause you haven't time to go to towm
If the bees are notiJ
worth caring for, then better get
some kind of stock that is, and give
the bees to someone who will not
neglect them, nor leave them to be
come a prey to mice or disease, nor
"taken up" with sulphur.
and buy a hive.
Barred and White Plymouth
Rocks, Buff Orpingtons
and Brown Leghorns. &
Ranch 2 mites east and <25$
miles north of Nampa.
Eggs ft.St) for 16.
r p D No .2
Box 3
S. C. White; Leghorns,
from extra laying strain.
Prize Winners. Big stock
of Cockerels $2.00 each.
Prize Winners,
fine birds $2.00 each,
heavy laying strain.
The largest Belgian Hares in existence.
Prize Winners. Pair, not related, from
$2.50 to $5.00
Practical Bee Keeper
Box 21 Notus, Idaho Ind. phone
Otto Geise
We are fully equipped for the manufacture of bee hives in large
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Call on or address
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Un Furniture Ordeied for Holiday Trade
T. F. Bridges
Successor to E. C. Layering.

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