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feet for dairy products is certain for
all time and the beet price«.
Stock Raising.
The stock industry of the Lemhi
county district has wonderful past
history and a better future outlook.
The valleys are narrow, and they
ara surrounded by mountainous
meadows of the most nutritious
grasses. The ranges never get dry
from drouth. There are wild mead
ows sweet with bloom and rich In
green color for all the Spring and
bummer months. The fields grow
clover and many other rich meadow
and pasture grasses spontaneously.
The most rugged ranges grow
grasses equal to a ton of hay per
acre in feed value. This range is
free. It is the back g He of every
farm to supplement the meadows

Business mm and present County Commis
sioner of Lemhi County.
and fields to fatten stock and keep
It fat all the year round,
combination turns out the biggest
and fattest beef cattle in the West.
The climate and all other conditions
favor the production of meat as well
as dairy products,
so even
can be fed without shelter,
aro no wind storms, not even
breezes—to chill stock in open yards.
Under these favorable conditions the
feed value of our big hay crops is
loss than $15.00 ton, when
The winters are
In temperature that cattle
used for meat production and twice
that as a dairy feed.
it m
merchant of Junction,
Idaho, and
of Lemhi
i ' .'j
Member of constitutive vl convemion of
Ihi State of Idaho, has Lien a resident of
Lemhi County for years. One of the
most active business men of the county.
Meadow Lands,
Our timothy and clover meadows
in Lemhi county produce the great
est tonnage known to this class of
records of over four tons of baled
hay per acre from one cutting. Our
alfalfa records are not the greatest
in tonnage per season but the qual
ity of hay is the very best. Six
tons per acre is a conservative esti
mate for extensive meadows. This
product is lacking only in the
amount of woody stems which make
the bigger tonnage of the boom lit
erature of other sections. For feed
value no place in the great North
west grows a better alfalfa crop than
the valleys of Lemhi county. These
meadows grow perpetually, without
reseeding. There are instances of
25 years of continuous cropping
without any reseeding or cultivation,
in timothy, clover and alfalfa mead
ows. The only requirement has
been rational methods of irrigation.
Large meadows have
Grain Crops.
The commercial grain crops of
Lemhi county are wheat, oats, bar
ley and rye. No fertilizers have
been needed to produce the biggest
yield of these grains. The applica
tion of water seems to release the
very and only elements of fertility
required to make the best possible
of these The only
danger presented is too rank a
growth. The oldest fields in the
County seem to be the most pro
ductive. Oats to the amount of 100
bushels to the acre are grown every
There have been more
crops of 100 bushels to the acre
grown in this valley than in any
The Old Reliable
Choice Chicken
and Fruit Ranches
ia specialty» Farms
and City properties.
P. J. Dempsey, Mgr
Salmon, Idaho
other whole state In the Unton.
These great crops have not reduced
the fertility in forty years of con
tinued cultivation. The artificial ap
plication of water to the soil which
had been descicated for ages re
leases a fertility which seems to be
perpetual. It may be that the water
carries with it just the chemica
element that is required to make a
complete fertilizer.
Soil ; Conditions.
The soil of Lemhi County is of
It holds chemi
sedimentary origin,
cal elements not found in any othei
section of the great Northwest. U i»,
surely the most prolific soil in the
world, when irrigation water is sup-i
The volcanic ash which
makes extensive fields famous car
ries a few of the properties of the
highest requirements of
The sediments of centuries and the
deposits cf glaciers and floods are
deeper and richer than any ash bed.
The fire test surely would not add
We want the wet pro
to our soils,
cess cf fertility.
The climate of the Lemhi County
district is suited to all crop produc
tion in the highest degree. Our sea
sons are well defined.
There are no
- -1
» ;
. .i
Oldest pioneer of Lemhi County. One of
the party of five which discovered the gold
camp of Leesburg in 1865, which discovery
resulted in the production of thirty millions
oj dollars in gold and brought a population
of 10,000 people to Lemhi County in onei
B. C. d ' E AS U N
1 /
•' ■■■
delayed winter blasts to come along
and blight the life that is started by
a premature Spring. When Spring
comes there is no more frosts to
blight the fruit and other crops and
the hopes of the farmer. The snow
lingers in our mountains and holds
down the temperature till perpet
ual sunshine wins a complete vic
tory for Spring. Winter never re
news the attack. The feeble efforts
of man to fight the elements with a
pot of oil would be most ridiculous.
' While the orchardists of other dis
1 tricts are frantically trying to tem
i per the north winds our fruit buds
are dormant in sleep. There is no
instance of serious damage to any
crop from Fall or Spring frosts in
the valleys of Lemhi County. The
Summers linger till all of the com
mon crops are ripened,
make definite estimates of our sea
sons and we can control the growth
of our crops to a definite season by
the correct use of water,
are an absolutely certain
and the quality is uniformly perfect
in the highest degree. All the ele
ments of uncertainty in crop produc
tion are eliminated in this district
where seasons are well defined and
the fertility of the soil is perfect.
We can
Our fruits
ifmn-snhPrL Crmrlitions.
Atmo phene C „actios
The Lemhi County district nest e
: jn the protecting shelter of tll8 Ma'Q
1 f fh RockV mountains,
ÜL L110 . , •L,. n ,,r
| There are no winter blizzards, uor

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