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The Commoner.
Entered nt tho postofflca at Lincoln, Nebraska, as sccond
lelaM mall matter.
One Year $1.00
51 Months 50c
la Cfti bs of 5 or more, per
year....... 7BC
Tbree Months 35
5lngleCopy 5
Sample Coplea Free.
Foreign Postage sac Extra.
SUBSCRIPTIONS c&n bo Bent direct, to Tho Commoner.
Thoy can also bo sent through newspapers which havo adver-,
llsod a clubbing rato, or through local agents, whero auch
agents havo been appointed, All remittances should bo sent
by postofflco money order, express order, or by bank draft on
Now York or Chicago. Do not send Individual checks, stamps,
or money.
RENEWALS. The date on your wrapper shows when your
subscription will expire. Thus, Jan. 81, '05, means that pay
ment bas been received to and Including tho last issue of Jan
nary, 1005. Two weeks aro required after money has been re
ceived before tho date on wrapper can bo changed.
CHANOE OP ADDRESS. Subscribers requesting a change
f address must glvo OLD as well as tho NEW address.
ADVERTISING rates furnished upon application. Addrcsi
all communications to
Tho high price of moat serves as an excuse
for many a man to go fishing.
Port Arthur has heen falling so long that
it will certainly make a big deni wnen It hits.
Besides, tho habit of eating meat in hot
weather is very bad and should bo severely con
demned. 1
Governor Black wants a man of "granite and
Iron." Tho country will prefer a man of "brain
and heart."
Tho sudden virtuous indignation of several
European nations is ample proof that some very
juicy spoils aro in sight.
"After tho war, what?" queries the Philadel
phia Public Ledger. Hoisting ino tax rate to
pay tho bills, of course. ,
Thoso dark red contusions upon tho anatomy
of Governor Cummins aro merely tho trademarks
of tho "stand patters."
The war in the east will not rea,ch tho real
danger point until one of tho comoatants calls for.
tho help of tho Missouri mule. ,
Most of tho republican newspaper supporters
of Mr. Folk have bolted his nomination, but doubt
less Mr. lolk expected as much.
."Wouldn't it be fine if Guatemala could pro
Vide us with any kind of colored ant that would
attack and destroy the trust weevil?
Chairman Taggart used to bo a restaurant
waiter. Perhaps ho was selected because of his
oxpertness in handing around the pie.
Governor General Davis of Panama wants
100,000 yards of mosquito nettings. Wouldn't it
be cheaper to discover somo kind of an ant?
There is no argument against government
control of tho railroads that will not apply equally
well to government control of tho mail service.
The less Mr. August Belmont appears in evi
dence in the management of the democratic cam
paign, tho better it will bo for democratic pros
pects. Lieutenant Haight is to be punished for not
bearing in mind that this is a campaign year and
his commander-in-chief a candidate for tho presidency.
The Commoner.
It is time for somo self-sacrificing republican
to let himself bo captured by a bandit. The need
of spectacular advertising is being keenly felt
in tho vicinity of Oyster Bay.
"The republicans of Missouri," snouts the St
Louis Globe-Democrat, "will offer something dif
ferent." This is ample reason for giving Folk;
about 75,000 majority.
Tho Chicago Chronicle announced that here
after it would bo "allied with the republicans."
One more "1" and a space would maxe it proper"
"all lied with the republicans." ,
It appears that tho Northern Securities de
cision cut about as much ice as tno injunction
against tho meat trust, and tho latter didn't cut
enough to frappe a glass of tea.
Tho report that Mr. Addicks has sold a gold
mine for several millions may be taken as an
indication that Mr. Addicks Is again about to try
to break into tho senate.
The Chicago Chronicle could havo explained
Its becoming a republican organ in considerably
less space than it really did. It might have said:!
"Tho Chronicle has dropped its mask."
Itopublican organs greatly fear that tho nu
merous strikes will endanger republican success.
According to republican logic laboringmen "should
meekly submit to any and all klndn of injustice
lor the purpose of keeping tho g. 0. p. In power.
The Kansas City Journal declares that Mr.
Bryan has no sense of humor. Ana yet Mr.
Bryan is highly amused every time ho tries to
read a Kansas City Journal editorial.
"Looking through the index of The Com
moner Condensed, I have been surprised to find
how valuable it is as a reference book." This is
tho testimony of one of our readers.
Tho Chicago Record-Herald reports that the
"electric mule" is a great success. This portends
a shock to the g. o. p. elephant wnen it collides"
with the, democratic mule on election day.
Speaking of tho recent sharp advance In tho
price of meat Secretary Shaw says: "We pay it
ourselves and therefore so much the richer." Mr.
Shaw has the reputation of being a great financier.
After a man has been forced to a breakfast
food diet for two or three weeks on account of
tho packing house strike he can see very little
that Is humorous in tho porterhouse steak jokes.
It may be that the Bussian press correspond
ents would liave us believe that" it is the ghost's
of those SQ,000 Japs slain at Port Arthur who
are now chasing Russian forces across the country.
Uncle Tom Piatt announces that he will spend
the remainder of his life upon a farm. There
are indications that a great many g. o. p. lead
ers are about to embark upon a life in the tall
The statement that the packers have used
the strike as an excuse for an advance in the
price of meat must not be taken seriously. The
packers have never yet had to go that far for
an excuse.
The worst feature about the Russian seizure
of that British merchantman is that it Is likely
to provoke Rudyard Kipling to grind out some
more poetry about Adam Zad, or something else
equally suggestive.
Isn't it about time for the meat trust to have
Its general attorney appointed, special commis
sioner of the government and issue a call for
troops to break the strike under the pretense of
guarding property?
Russia's rejoicing over the capture of prizes
by the "Vladivostok fleet somehow or other calls
to mind tho story of the little boy who thqught
he had captured a prize when ho closed his
hand over tho wasp.
Mr. Lawson's expose of certain high financial
deals explains why certain patriots sought to
suppress the magazine because it had a flag on
the cover. Tho financiers claim a monopoly on
the use of tho flag for financial purposes.
When Mr. Carnegie said he wouia give a rail
lion to tho republican campaign fund he may
have meant that ho would hoist tne prlco of
steel rails another notch to American consumers
and divide tho proceeds with tho committee.
"Wrinklo smoothers" is a derisive term ap
plied to democrats by administration organs. Be
fore tho campaign progresses much further those
same administration organs will bo talking to
themselves and calling democrats "furrow fasteners."
September 5 will bo Labor Day in many if
not all of tho states, and organized labor is pre
paring for tho greatest celebration in Us historv
These celebrations of labor's holiday are well and
good, but labor will not succeed in getting w.
deserts until it votes as solidly on election dv 0
it marches on Labor day. yas
Mr. Thomas Larson has figured as a finance
several years, but it is doubtful if ovr ?
of his financial operations
LowWSQta s aroused as much interest as tho
Hints Aro series of articles he is now wit
Astonishing, ing under the caption of "Fren
zied Finance." Mr. Lawsoa
claims that he was basely deceived into en
tering a financial plot having for its object tho
plundering of the people, and his first two articles
would seem to Indicate that when he went Into
it he went in deep. At any rate he seems to
have intimate knowledge of some of the most
crooked and desperate financial aeals pushed dur
ing the halcyon days of watered stocks and get-rich-quick
grafts. If Mrf Lawson can make good
some of the dark hints ho has thrown out, tho
people would better prepare to build huge addi
tions to their penal reformatories, for he hints
at bribery, corruption, graft, perjury and grand
larceny on the part of men now pointed to as
captains of industry or political leaders.
It was announced prior to notifying Mr.
Roosevelt of his nomination that "should tho
weather be inclement the noti-
Alwaya ficatlon would take place "under,
Under' Cover, cover." It was not inclement,
Now. however, so it -was not necessary
to notify him "under cover."
Had it been necessary doubtless it would havo
been properly managed,' for the gentlemen who
manage the republican party are experts at doing
things "under cover," Indeed, that seems to ho
their favorite way of managing party and na
tional affairs. "Under cover" is characteristic of
the republican party now. It cfared not advocate
the gold standard, but worked it "under cover."
It dared not advocate imperialism, but worked it
"under cover." It dares not advocate tho ship
subsidy graft, but is working it "under cover."
And while it dares not -advocate asset currency
and branch banks, its leaders aro working them
"under cover" and hope to bring 'both about by
keeping the people misinformed as to their "under
cover" intentions.
The?- indications aro that Mr. Carrol D.
Wright, chief statistician of the government ia
general and of. the republican
How Wright party in particular, will bo tho
MaJces busiest man in the country for
His Figures ue nex tliree months. As chief
juggler of figures Mr. Wright
will be called upon by the g. o. p. management
to show that labor is better rewarded and has
more left after paying living expenses than ever
before in its history. If anybody can juggle tho
figures so as to make a showing, Mr. Wright is
the man. Not long ago he proceeded to show that
the average cost 'of living was lower how than
it was ten years ago, and did it by showing that
while such things as bacon and flour had in
creased something like 40 per cent, nutmegs and
spices had decreased something like GO per cent,
showing a clear decrease of 20 per cent in tho
cost of living. And in his estimates of the cost
of living Mr. Wright forgot 'to include the im
portant item of rent, which takes fully 19 per cent
of the average workingman's income. Mr. Wright
will have to work at a desperate rate if he would
do what his employers expect him to do for tho
g. 0. p. campaign.
"Beau Monde," a Dallas (Tex.) journal de
voted to music, art and society, takes occasion
to refer to the political suc
tion and after paying a high
compliment to Mr. Bryan says:i
"He has no business In poll
ute no lift Tina f.nnvIctionS and
is honest." When '"Beau Monde's" idea of the kind
of men who have no business in politics pre
vails, it will bo a sorry day for this republic Al
ready there is too much of a disposition on the
part of some men to ignore politics because, as
they say, "politics is dirty business." If politics
is dirty business it is because clean men aro
not doing their duty by taking a more active
interest there. Men who have convictions ana
who are honest should, of all men, be interestea
in politics. It is difficult to conceive how a man
can be a good citizen and refrain from exorcising
his suffrage in tho Interests of good government.
There is altogether too much of a disposition to
refrain from taking an active Interest in tno
political affairs of the nation. Its fruits are seen
in tho wdirespread reign of graft and booaie.
Honest men of stern" convictions owe it to tnew
solves, to their, neighbors and to their country,
to take a more active interest in politics.
; i.

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