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DECEMBER 22, 1905
iiy of maintaining'a press bureau, pay
ing the head thereof $10,000 per year.
Senator Hale, republican, of Maine,
while generally defending the admin
istration agreed with Mr. Tillman that
there was no excuse for a press bu
reau. Senator Culberson proposed an
amendment providing that no part of
the money appropriated should be
used for a literary bureau or anything
of that nature. During the course of
Hie debate SenatoV Tillman asked if
any republican senator could say that
ilr. Shonts, of the canal commission
had resigned as president of the Clo
ver Leaf railroad. None of the sena
tors could give Mr. Tillman this information.
In the house December 15, Repre
senative Cockran of New York made
a speech criticising the life insurance
magnates, declaring' that they were as
bad as robber barons. He said that
congress through its taxing power
should confine, all insurance compa
nies to the state in which they are
organized. Representative Williams,
the minority leader, held that control
was possible, but not through the tax
ing power.
The senate on December 15 sent
word to the house that it had passed
a bill removing disabilities from the
canal bonds. Representative Payne
offered a resolution to the effect that
this senate bill contravenes the con-
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The Commoner,
Rtlfllflnnol 1. ii .
v-MwUC41 umuBu mat revenue legis
lation must originate in the house
Payne's resoWfoh .was unanimZly
of Ken-
Representative RhfnW
tuckjr said that all of the startling
disclosures recarfiw Hfn inn..l"i
SSd -?n? b? sta.te ies, and
" """' umpnasizmg the import
ance of state supervision in prefer
ence to national supervision. The As
sociated Press report says that "this
defense of state- sovereignty was
cheered on both sides of the chamber "
the New York Tribune, "and ho ha
? u 5? cnou8h lo conceal his lack
nLi r,cmmds nio of an incident
that took place in a barber shop the
other day.
"In this quiet, busy shop a man who
was getting shaved suddenly uttered
a loud oath.
"'Hang on! he exclaimed. 'You've
a limll
cut ray chin twice now, If you can't
Bh&ve better than this every regular
customer will leave you.'
"But the young barber pushed the
man's head back on the velvet rent
and laughed.
" 'Oh, no he wild. 'No fear of that
I'm not allowed to shave regular cus
tomers yet. I only shavo Htrnngors.' "
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A Holiday Suggestion
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Referring to Bourke Cockran's
speech in the house on the Insurance
question, the Associated Press report
says: "Mr. Cockran's remedy was to
confine insurance companies to the
State in Which thev were nrtrnnlvod
the same as savings banks are con
fined. It was an awful spectacle, he
said, to see these men mount the wit
ness stand and boldly confess their
misuse of the people's funds. There
is now the spectacle in New York, he
said, of the district attorney working
day and night to prosecute those guilty
of violating the purity of the ballot
box, which was commendable. But at
the same time the insurance officers
did not go to jail but back to their
offices after their confessions. He
said it was a deplorable confession
to make, bht he would assert that it
would be absolutely impossible to put
the possessor of $10,000,000 in any
jail in this country. Mr. Cockran crit
icised Mr. Ryan, who purchased con
trol of the Equitable, 'and character
ized his action as being the result
of his philanthropic ambition. He al
so remarked at length on the trus
tees "who were named to care for the
company's interest, and continued:
'And in order to make effective this
reform 'a gentleman is selected who
may have been a good railroad man
I believe he was and we have the
uuiuuruy ui uiu president xor it mat
he was an excellent cabinet officer,
too good, in fact, to remain (laughter)
and this gentleman, who in the walks
of life where he had proven his effi
ciency I do not believe could com
mand over $25,000 or $30,000 a year,
gets $80,000 in a calling for which he
has had no qualifications or prepara
tion whatever. In the Mutual we have
the very same board of trustees who
had themselves either been active
agents of these frauds or been privy to
them, choosing a new head, and that
selection is generally attributed to the
influence of a gentleman who had
leaped into a peculiar fame through
magazine articles and which seem to
describe him as the triumphant and
successful hero of a hundred larcen
ies. (Laughter). In the New York
Life, the third, we find the vice presi
dent, after avowal of crime, after
swearing on his own oath that he had
purchased bonds one day and sold
them the next day, to the-same com
pany, at an advance of 2 per cent,
driven out by the indignation of the
community, finds himself, followed by
the adultation of this hoard and com
plimentary resolutions complimentry
to his efficiency in plunder- have
been spread through the public press
as advertisements paid out of the
funds of the policyholders whom he
robbed.' Mr. Cockran paid his re
spects to Mr. Perkins and Mr. Mc
Curdy, saying they doubtless were
surprised at their own modesty.
'Rockefeller's fortune is a monument
to crime,' declared Mr. Cockran, 'and
he does not deny it. 'It is time we
should consider the awful effect of
criminals still holding offices they
have abused,' Mr. Cockran added. 'Mr.
Cockran, in conclusion, declared con
gress was bound to take action.' "
t TCfiwmvi Adritaks was condemning
Gladstone Said :
"Books arc a delightful society. If you bo Into a room and find It full
of books, without even taking them down from their shelves, they
seem to speak to you to hid you welcome. They seem to tell you that they
have got something inside their covers that will ho good for you, and that
they are willing and. desirous to impart to you.
"Another purpose of books is to cnlargo the mind, to brace the mind, to
enable the people to find pleasure, not only in the relaxation of literature,
but In hard work, in the stiff thought of literature. The hard work of
literature, conveys to those who pursue It in sincerity and truth, not only
utility, but nlso real enjoyment."
Under Other Flags"
By WiliiamJ. Bryan
This book Is a compilation ot Mr. Bryan's reports,
describing his European tour and a number of his
most popular lectures. His European letters aro four
teen In number, descriptive of the tariff debate In
England, Ireland and Her Leaders, France and Uer
People, The Switzerland Republic. Germany and
Socialism, Russia and Her Czar, "Tolstoy, the Apos
tle of Love," together with other and equally Inter
esting accounta of Mr. Bryan's trip abroad.
Under Other Flags, Neatly Bound In Cloth, 400 P. Octavo,
Postage Prepaid $1.25
With The Commoner' One Year $1.75
Address, The Commoner, Lincoln, Neb.
L riJttf-''rtt'''-fc,Alf.
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