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The Commoner.
v ,
Use Thomas Huskers
It. IV. THOMAS, Slicimndonli, Iowa.
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T. .. . . booklet, 692 I Street, Washington;
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Mr. Bryan's Western Trip
The, Helena Daily Independent,,
in its news report, says: A crowd
which filled tho auditorium to over
flowing, waited patiently for two
hours for Mr. Bryan to come and
then sat as if spell-bound for two
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hours more while they, listened to
the greatest political speech ever
delivered in the state of Montana.
The special train which brought
the great commoner to this city was
late and it was 9:30 o'clock before
he arrived and began his speech.
But, although many of those present,
desiring choice seats, had gone to the
auditorium shortly after six o'clock,
none left their places until the
speech was finished, and then a
monster ovation was eriven tho three-
timo democratic leader.
Colonel Bryan spoke from the
same platform upon which two weeks
ago Colonel Roosevelt had addressed
the progressive state convention; and
while the Nebraskan devoted some
attention to President Taft and the
regular republican party, his speech
was in reality an answer to the pre
tensions of the third term candidate.
He characterized President Taft as
a man who was "constitutionally dis
trustful of the people" and Colonel
Roosevelt as a man who was "un
constitutionally over-trustful of himself."
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The Helena Daily Independent
prints the following extracts from
Mr. Bryan's speech under the head
of "Bryanlsms":
The chief fault of Mr. Taft is that
he is constitutionally distrustful of
the people.
The chief fault of Mr. Roosevelt is
that he is constitutionally over-trustful
of himself.
I will speak of Mr. Taft. first as the
president who Is; of Mr, Roosevelt
next, as the president who has been,
and of Mr. , Wilson third, as the
president who will be.
I have made it my business to
know what is going on in the United
We have applied the pure food
law to our newspaper diet, and if a
trust buys a newspaper, it will have
to put the poison label on the out
side of the can, so that the sub
scribers to the paper may know what
,they aro reading.
It is a very unusual thing that a
,man should go into office by a ma
jority of over a million, and go out
ofirit by unanimous consent.
-While Mr. Taft thinks that the'
masses of the people have not sense
enough to run their own govern
ment, Mr. Roosevelt does not. know
Of anv Of.hfir hiimnn lialnr -r.,u-. 1
sense enough to be president.
otjuuuse ms judgment failed him
wnen he picked out Mr. Taft, he
seems to have renewed confidence in
his, own judgment when he picked
out himsolf..
,0n the initiative and referendum,
Roosevelt is right now, but four
years ago lie sent Mr. Taft all the
yay to Oklahoma to oppose the
nitiativo and referendum.
PnnSfi1! not an mce t0 which
Rqosevelt ha& oyer been elected that
?&.8wQ, b?en lected to with the
intrLI0-11 street and the Predatory
interests, never an office to which
he.has boon elevated that the bosses
have not helped him.
Mr. Roosevelt's position is now
Well-known, and I say to you with
deliberation, and yet withimphlsis
that no man in the history of ! thte
nation has ever taken a position on
the trust question so hostile to the
peo'pl WGlfai;e f th0 Amrican
relnin? Jou that fpr seven years
52? a ?alihe Was PWBldent and h
not only did not control the trusts
but they controlled him. '
Shi? 7 8?uWS great commoner
still has the good opinion and affec!
years; Mr. Bryan has been before the
people of America as has no other
man in its history. He hafc been the
pioneer of all the progressive movo
ments for tho betterment of the
people and they have been adopted
largely by the republican party and
especially by Colonel Roosevelt
When he was first a candidate for
president, in 1896, the people did not
know him. He was abused as no
other an had ever been by the oppos
ing party. He has grown in the esti
mation or tne people until ho is to
day universally respected and ad
mired by the peoplo of all political
parties. Ho was in fine form last
night and made one of tho greatest
speeches of his brilliant career. It is
printed in full in this issue of the
Independent and should be read by
all who are interested in the affairs
of the nation and the pending cam
paign. Long before Colonel Roosevelt re
tired from the presidency he had
taken on many of Mr. Bryan's poli
cies. He transmitted these to his
successor, Mr. Taft, who pledged the
people that he would pursue tho same
policies, and because of this he had
the confidence of the country, but he
did not prove faithful to his pledges,
yet the republican platform adopted
at Chicago last June, and upon which
Mr. Taft stands as the candidate, is
unlike any platform ever promul
gated by the republican party in the
Mr. Bryan has always ' been pro
gressive, vet in beincr nrocrpRsivp 1m
has at the same time been conserva
tive. Ho has never' advocated a
policy that was not for the benefit of
the masses. Ho has ever been the
enemy of class legislation and the
trail that he blazed -beginning in
1896, is today tho pathway of the
opposing parties. The peoplo of the
United States owe a debt of gratitude
to Mr. Bryan far more than they
will ever be able to repay. Ho has
mado moro political speeches than
any other ten men of his time, and
not in any of them has he ever
uttered, a word for which )he had to
apologize or offer an explanation.
Mr. Bryan is an iip-builder of the
human race. He stands4oday without
a. peer in American pplitics. While
not folding, an office he is 'the first
citizen xof the republic,. Ho, is today
championing the ., -rights, of the
masses, the same as.vho has. always
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New Yeris Cklca
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The Holena Daily Independent
printed tho following editorial f The
speech made by Mr. Bryan in Helena!
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