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OCTOBER 11, 191J
The Commoner.
Tho atatement of Colonel Roose
velt, frequently reiterated, that tho
money powers aro fighting against
him exclusively, and are satisfied
with hoth Taft and Wilson, is no
doubt a perfectly candid statement
of his belief, but it seems to us
grossly inaccurate. The president,
from some source to us unknown,
has recently got plenty of money for
his campaign. We happen to know
that Mr. Perkins, while making it
clear that he can raise all the money
needed by the bull moose if he wants
to, has held back and indicated that
he might step out, if things did not
go according to his wish. Wo state
this not as a surmise but as a fact.
It. doesn't -mean anything against
Colonel Roosevelt's Independence,
which, is well established, but it does
seem to us to constitute a reason
for not making charges of probable
subserviency or helplessness against
Governor Wilson. Whether or not
big business men would care to help
Govenor Wilson financially can be
scarcely known, as he is so particular
about who contributes to his fund.
Our guess would bfc that Mr. Jacob
Schitf's support Qf Governor Wilson
might be founded partly on the be
lief that he was "going to be elected,
as- Mr. Schiff could scarcely take
much satisfaction in tho governor's
intense feelings about the existence
of a money trust. We mention this
instance, because Mr. Roosevelt has
chosen to emphasize Mr. Schiff as an
indication hat high finance fears
only him. As a matter of fact, the
Morgan interests in general will
probably be backing the colonel even
more heavily than they are now be
fore the campaign is over. On the
monopoly issue the principal ex
ponents of the colonel's position are
Judge Gary and Mr. Perkins, On the
tariff 'issue, the eld republiqan gag
of Mark Hanna's day is served up
anew, in the idea that the govern
ment will see that the tariff graft
stops In the pay envelope. Work
ingmen have heard that stdry a long,
long time, and meantime the price
of living goes up, huge fortunes
swell, trusts are created by tariff
favors, the city grows at the expense
of the country, and "prosperity"
means plutocracy. To 01 r best be
lief, Charles It. Crane is the nly big
business man in the country who has
thrown his whole heart into the
effort to elect Governor Wilson, to
the presidency, Collier's Weekly.
DITURES The frank defense made by Senator
Penrose in the United States senate
as to the charges of receiving moneys
from the Standard Oil company, and
his explanations of the transactions,
will certainly open up a Pandora box
of troubles for many public men, pos
sibly not all of them allied with tho
republican party.
It is seldom that parties who turn
state's evidence in such transactions
subsequently enjoy the confidence of
their associates, or are forgotten or
'forgiven by the electors of tho coun-
try, and in view of the fact that re
, publican politicians of the Pennsyl
vania school have so markedly fol
lowed for the past 40 years the
maxim of Kemble, "addition, division
and silence," these latter-day confes
sions are very surprising.
The remarks of Senator Penrose,
his disclosures of collections for po
litical purposes, the evident control
of public men by "big business" in
terests, can not fail to produce a most
'. profound impression upon the coun
' try at large, and to emphasize the de
"mand for complete publicity of all
campaign expenditures.
This demand should not be con
fined to the sums expended upon cani
- paigns after nominations, but should
be insisted upon in all cases in which
expenditures havo been made to se
cure nominations by candidates for
There exist many reasons why
publications of contributions and ex
penditures for nominations and elec
tions should be made weekly, during
the progress of tho contests, and it is
proper and right that before a candi
date Is voted for eithor for nomina
tion or election, the influences which
are active In his support be known to
tho electors, who aro to choose be
tween candidates for position.
Tho various contests for presiden
tial nominations this past wintor,
spring and summer would havo boon
better understood by tho voters of tho
United States, more clearly compre
hended In their support and purposo
if tho laws of tho United Statos and
of tho various states had compelled a
public exhibit weekly of tho sums re
ceived, tho donors' names and how
and where the funds were expended.
Sonator Penrose's admissions and
explanations will prove quito a Jar to
several gontlemen who havo been
gifted with convenient memories.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
The motto above tho great editor's
desk read: "Accuracy, Accuracy,
Therefore, tho story turned in by
the cub reporter contained this state
ment: "Three thousand nine hundred and
nlnoty-nino eyes were fixed upon
tho spoakor."
"What means this fool statement?"
asked tho great editor, as ho pre
pared to uso tho bluo pencil.
"One man was blind In ono eye,"
explained tho cub. Tit-Bits.
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